Learn a Language the Easy Way | Philippa Gillström | Skillshare
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8 Videos (47m)
    • 1 Introduction

    • 2 The Why

    • 3 The When

    • 4 The What

    • 5 The How - Study Skills

    • 6 The How - Vocabulary

    • 7 The How - Learning that lasts

    • 8 Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class we are going to discover how to learn a language the easy way. We are going to set up a study plan based on how our brains work when learning. We will also take into account human nature and the patterns of our current daily lives. So we will look at motivation issues and that ever-challenging factor: time.


You will learn how your brain works when learning and from this we will find out which methods are best to use when studying. From this information you will create a study plan best suited to your needs and fitting into your daily life patterns. You will learn the best way to set up goals so as to increase the likelihood of you succeeding. This includes really getting your teeth into WHY you are wanting to learn a foreign language. Finally we will use the Skillshare community to kickstart us into our studies by publishing on the project board your goals and study plan. It is the WHY - HOW - WHEN - WHERE recipe for your language learning.


No prior knowledge or expertise is required before taking this class. However, as all of you have learned at least one language (your mother tongue) and most likely a second language at school you will all have prior knowledge and expertise we will unearth, dust off and use on our path to language learning success.


Welcome to this course and I look forward to following your progress!





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Philippa Gillström

Artist, Illustrator, Teacher, Coach

Hello fellow Learners and Teachers! I'm Philippa. Born and bred in the UK I am now living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Until recently I used to say "I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up." (Note, I am 48 as I write this). But things changed earlier this year and I decided to let my creative talents level up from hobby-mode to professional "I am going to make this my main source of income" mode. So I now call myself an artist, illustrator and surface designer. And I am loving it....

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