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Learn a Foreign language: How to speak any through the art of mnemonics

teacher avatar Dam Sd

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 10. HOW TO USE ANKI



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About This Class

Have you ever wonder how to learn English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or even Arabic, but you wanted to do it fast?

Where the classical learning approach puts the emphasis in a step-by-step foundation that involves learning all aspects of a language at once – vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, etc. this class focus on a pyramidal approach, combined with a fun-friendly attitude towards learning.

The final purpose of learning any language is to be able to communicate, and doing that as fast as possible should be any student's first priority.

When you finished this class you'll be able to:

  • Effectively prioritize tasks for a fast-learning approach
  • Understand the significant role mnemonic plays for learning a language
  • Build the essential vocabulary 
  • How to make your own mnemonic rules
  • How to organize your study and review system 
  • How to use Anki software

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dam Sd


Hello, my name is Damian and I'm a professional music composer and sound designer. I started travelling around the world as soon as I could land a job, and that's how the interest in languages woke in me. 

15 years ago, for a while I started trying all sort of methods for learning different languages, such as courses, individual classes, videos... unfortunately without great success, until I stumbled with the world of mnemonics. 

Mnemonic rules have an incredible power in helping people retrieve any kind of information. They are supported by many award winners as Katie Kermode, as well for a number of different studies.

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1. INTRODUCTION: Let me tell you, a horror story is any good. I mean it. Who could water air? Is she talking about? When am I supposed to say now? Somebody Uh okay, I have to check on my phone. Okay. It's it's relatable to you because it happened to me more than I would like to admit. High on dimension, Their animal language enthuses. I've been learning and teaching languages for a while now, and I would like to share this experience with you. What you have seen in the intro video is the typical situation where you were studying language for several months already. When you want to put what you've learned to some use, you fail miserably, by the way. Well, we will address the issue there in this court as well as how to shoot it out. This will not be your typical class with grammar and such because it is not focused on any particular language. It is more like a method to successfully learn any of them. The class is built in two pillars. Priorities many. Would you shoot? Learn first the way to do it, how to organize yourself, etcetera and the Monix, which are basically tricks to help you remember things. So if you're curious about how all of this works, bear with me on, let's jump into the first lesson. 2. PRIORITIES: priorities, right? One of the things which could be very long to realize when studying languages was how known sensical The classical learning approaches You get into your first classes so motivated and they teach you how to introduce yourself. As for directions divert to be etcetera on by the end of the month, you are all like Sally Sever If avoidable, do we are school someone whiskey Ship it to Milica on. It leaves you with the impression that you know what you are doing that you actually don't . You are more like some sort off program parrot on Lee, talking through basic patterns and biting the dust as soon as anything goes differently from would respect it. And why is this? Well, it is like this because the old fashioned courses don't focus on anything. They try to make you learn everything at the same time you learn vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening all at once. And of course, that's the recipe for disaster. Too much to the just The alternative to this is separate things to do only one thing in the time ones. You know enough about that one. You move onto the next one. So where should I start? Front? You may wonder on the unserious of course recovery 3. VOCABULARY IS EVERYTHING: the most important thing when studying a language is to communicate on doing this as fast as he can should be your number one priority. Then, how to do this fast through the cavalry exclusively on a can't distressing off the word exclusively Because in order to succeed in this method, you must give up drama on listening at the early stages. You should do absolute zero there in the recovery learning face. I'm focused completely on the camera. I know it might sound crazy that Think about it. Could you actually have a conversation using just for cavalry without grammar? Absolutely. Look me want water. You know how go Museum it doesn't sound, were impressive but imagined. You can talk like this, knowing around 1000 words in only 2 to 3 months of study, some extraordinary people doing giving in a month that definitely sounds better ones. Recovery is not a problem anymore. You could learn the grammar basics, practice your pronunciation and listening skills on that would be it you would perfectly manage in a totally new language. What about listening? You could ask Well, when you know the words, listening is so much easier. Most of the listening problems are just the result of the rain not knowing the words that you're hearing. So I'll need you to take the leap here. You either do it like this or it won't be us effective. You need to have faith, trust this method and give it a try. Just the city's. I assure you the results can be amazing. Well done. To summarize their right learning order would be first calvary in pronunciation. Around 900 essential words with the congregation will basic Virts Deng grammar on, then listening. 4. ORGANIZING THE VOCABULARY: Now that we know that vocabularies, our first priority will need to figure out which words to learn first. Lucky for you, I have a ready to download list with 885 words and basic congregations for the most common burbs. I found this list for free of many years ago on the Internet, but I can't remember the person who made it. So if you're watching this, thank you very much. And I'm really sorry. I cannot credit you properly. This list it's so amazing. It contains the vocabulary sorted by different categories such as verbs, noun adverts, you name it on in the name category. They come by groups to like a stations, kitchen staff, health the body, etcetera. They're very essential words to manage in any language. All you have to do is to translate their words, and a translator will be good at the beginning, since enemies translation can be self later when you are more advanced in the language. So let me explain how the table works. In the first column used to write the words just a sit is reading in the original language . For example, if you were Russian, we will write it in Cyrillic or candy. If it were Japanese, then in the second you write the pronunciation fanatically. Yes, as you were, pronounce it the most accurately possible with their own sounds. For example, they were pleasure in Spanish. You could write the pronunciation, asked a lot. Yeah, the third would be demonic on this Calling will live in empty for now because he will have its song lesson later in the fourth Column, you will ride the meaning off the word in your native language in this case, beach on in the last one. The story linked to the name Onyx, too. So it will be empty at the moment as well. You could add an extra column for the longer version of the story, but I don't think it's necessary. Since we understand how the table works, it is time to talk about mnemonics. 5. WHAT ARE MNEMONICS?: So we're getting to the second pillar of this course then Monix, First of all, if you already know what in the Monix our and you want to get to the point already feel free to skip this lesson on. Go directly to the next one where we will start directly learning the keys to build them if you don't or you just need a brush up bear with me to guide you through the basics. So what? I'm no Monix. Well, they're just tricks to help your ring to remember things. They are very helpful and also supported by many studies as well. Us by people with the best memory records in the world like Katie Care Mitt This tricks are so effective because of how our brain works. You know, we were talking about a lot about priorities through this course, and it turns out our brain is actually one of the best machines for prioritizing. It is constantly making decisions about what information should be retained or vanished forever. We evolution into having memories to be able to remember things in order to survive. Like once I ate this plant on, I had an awful belly ache for a week or be young. That medal There are killer sabertooth tired because I saw it in several times. So memories air really important part of our daily life. But as important than powerful acid is, we don't have infinite in storage capacity, at least most of average human beings. So our brains were constantly in our hard drives, erasing what it's no longer necessary or deciding for us. Were should be retained or not in order to have more room for important things. So how can we actively helping memorizing? Well, this is complicated because it depends a lot on the information itself. The more a Strat on nonsensical the information is for our brains. They harder to retain it. Let me explain this through an easy example. Imagine you're studying music and you have to learn the order off Sharps in key Signature invitation. This is naturally F C G, D, A, E and B. To memorize that as it is, can be really hard because it is so abstract that are lazy. Brains just don't want it to be preserved. So what should we do? We must link it with something easier to remember like a phrase. What about Father? Charles? Goes down on ends. Bottle much easier, right? If you take the first letter, you will get all the right order for the Sharps. So basically that's it. There is more into that and a lot of ways to perfection this. But since terrorists it's such a big world of denim onyx, we will focus on how to make an improved those specifically in learning languages. So let's see how to do it in the next lesson. 6. LEARNING WITH MNEMONICS: It's time to get creative, so absurd things and give our lazy brains riel struggle. They just refuse to stick around and what It's more absurd than a new language. This is why they are so hard, especially those languages with no relationship whatsoever with ours. Fortunately, we can create this relationship artificially with pneumonic rules. We make up ways to link them with our own language to make them no so abstract anymore, but friendly and familiar. Let's start with the Spanish word stuff, which means to be bad in Spanish. We have several words for Toby, so in this case it will be meaning, position or location to be somewhere. In this case, it would be quite easy for English speakers because it sounds an awful lot like a star. Then start store. That's it. You learn it Well, no, but we're getting close. Once you have the pronunciation language in both languages, we need to associate that with the actual meaning off the word. You might think it would be easy to just mention yourself to be on a star, but that's not enough. On that is the key for mnemonics toe work. They must be elaborated enough us for you to remember, but not too much has to be even harder to memorize than by brute force learning. So here is where the stories come to the rescue. You elaborate a short story or appoint sentence, whatever to associate the pronunciation off the word with this me stories should be peculiar or some How interesting, Even bizarre. Especially bizarre. They're more disturbing the stories, the better. So let's create our story for to be a star. Once upon a time, there was this actor who wanted to be a star in the walk of Fame. He tried and tried, but they would always denied his application. So very tired of it. He decided to go one day in the night, hang grabbing a star he bought. He buried himself in the ground under the other stars. So he made his dream come true. He would always be a star at the work of fame for disturbing and a little bit absurd, right, But way more memorable than this someone wanna start. To my mind, he has the key components to be a good story. The whole story implies the meaning off to be somewhere and the keys a start. So let's see how we would write all of this in our table. First there were in the original language, a stop then the pronunciation is tower now the pneumonic iStar, its meaning in your native language to be implying location and eventually the story. In order to be a star in the work of fame, he buried himself into the ground forever. You know, normally I never write the whole story, but just a phrase that remind me a bit perfectly. You could also write the whole story, just in case that I don't think it's necessary, since experience has proven to me for years that if the source good Desai quit, remember will trigger the memory of the whole thing. Well, this is so for this lesson. In the next month, we will see how to overcome some of the most freaking obstacles when playing around with Disney. Monix 7. OVERCOME MNEMONIC CHALLENGES: we already know the basics to create isn't a Monix like when the word in the new language sounds like one of our own? But what if it doesn't? Let's see how to start it out way have now the Spanish word meet up, which means to look in English. I can't think of a word with the same pronunciation that we have the word mirror, which kind of sound the same then this is important to know. The words don't have to sound exactly the same If they Justin sparse on how the actual work on, Help us remember it. It works, so mirror will work just fine. Now with this story, these is would be to imagine myself or somebody else looking at a mirror. But that is quite a very poor image to remember. So let's buy things supper. Later, When I was a child, I had this a stupid fear of being scared of mirrors. I thought that the reflection could be some how an actual person trapped in there forced to mimic all my movements and that in the first chance he could, he would swipe places on. Leave me there. There is a looking at the mirror story. That is hard to forget, right? So let's just summarise it in a sentence. When I looked at the mirror, my reflection trot me there on took my place. Let's go to the next case where that word just doesn't sound like anything at all in our language. For this, we will use the word shinier. She knows it's a Japanese word which means to die. Apparently there is no connection whatsoever with English bed. It was split it into two syllables. We have she and Newt. She knew she knew from the moment she opened that message on her phone, she knew she was going to die. You might think that all these stories are quite weird that again they should be a shocking as possible. Were always works in our favor. So take advantage of it. If they articular enough, they will stay around in your head. Now we will try a tough one based on a Spanish word, which means eyelash. This particular one is quite tough because it has a Spanish sound, any which doesn't even exist in English. In this special cases, it is very handy to create a new ingredient for the stories. Something that would disclose it for this kind of tough sound. An element that will represent the sound in our story. It can be a character or a place, whatever you want, but the most recognizable is for you, the better. This sound. Yeah. Totally reminds me off the Japanese nanometer payoff for the cats. Yeah, I think it got quite famous. Also view to the viral in Young Cap many years ago. You can look it up if you don't know what it is. So the thing would be that every time we see the sea level, yeah, I know where we want to learn. We will use a cat in our story to know about it. It doesn't necessarily have to be a cat for me. Name reminds me off a cat, so it works perfectly for union. Could be the sound of a baby crying. Yeah. Yeah, well, you could use that instead. Whatever comes to your mind first. So now could be a cat in our stories. We will just put a cat and we will know it means Nia. Another important thing to have in mind is that if you do this You shouldn't use any more cats for the rest of the stories, or you will end up being confused. So we have to study best blocks. Yeah, which is her cat. Since I can think of any worry, including pastime in English, we could use Pastor, which kind of sound the same to Basta Vllaznia, meaning eyelash. So let's go with the story. They say there is one incredible pastor restaurant in Italy that it's one of the tastiest in the world. The secret ingredient. The Dow is carefully needed by cat with their eyelashes. Nothing tastes better than Pastor made by Niaz eyelashes. Castagna Best Tanya. I understand all of this can be overwhelming if you never tried it before. So during the next lesson, we will talk about some tips to make your job a leader bid is here. 8. TIPS FOR MNEMONICS: during this lesson, I will give you a number of different tips to help you with the effort off creating so many stories first, Don't spend too much time in a word. If you are stuck, go onto the next one. Maybe later or tomorrow demonic will disappear like magic in your mind. This happened to me so many times. Second, the more you do, the easier it gets. As they say wrong. Wasn't building day on the art of creating stories this has killed? You need time to develop as you make more and more. He would would kind like your second nature. They will just float third, make stories modern. If they are good, the chances of you remembering them dramatically increases. Don't settle for a media Chris story. In order to make them good, you will spend more time. But it will save you a lot off more on the long run. They won't always be very witty or cool, but they must do the job. Four, if it doesn't work, changes sometimes. And you have to change the stories because they just don't help you remember in the words. Well, then you look for something new it's OK. Just make sure that the problem is the mnemonic. Sometimes it is just the structure used or the phrase to summarise the story. You need to make sure to know what is the problem. Fifth, let your imagination run. Wild stories are for yourself. Nobody else will know them so you don't have to filter anything. They can be us in polite, distasteful or gross as you can imagine And actually encourage you to do that. Because this way they will be in your head for a longer time. Sometimes I didn't even have to study a world. Once I made the story, it was just perfect and they would never forget it. Six. Don't change this syllables order. You need to keep the elements of the demonic in the right order. It displayed a word like she know. For example, don't invert the order of the story you couldn't make new and then she it must be she first and then knew otherwise you will get confused trying to remember it. However, you can introduce the meaning wherever you want, but never forget to put the emphasis on it. Seventh highlight a day imports always remember to make the meaning on demonic the most important part of the story. If you make all their limits important, you will remember those instead, and you will end that confused about what is the word in it. 9. AFTER YOUR LEARN, BURN: Once you've learned the word, you need to burn it into your mind forever. And for that you need a system to study all the words you know until we never forget them. However, contrary to classical methods of studying ison, realize they're remembering the words through stories is so much easier than just memorizing absurd things which don't relate to anything for us. So how to organize it all well, although you can go at your own pace if you want to follow mine. I usually learned the 885 words over three months. This would be 15 new words every day, using Saturday and Sunday on Lee to study what I learned. As for the everyday started, I follow the Flasher Leitner system, which consists basically, in reviewing in a frequency that is directly related to my ability off recognized them. Basically, you make cards on one side. You write the word on the other. Inside the meaning. You have different boxes, one for every day, another for every two days, every five etcetera as many if you wish, then you move from the everyday box to the other ones. Every time you review a card and you still remember it. If you fail, then it goes back. Everything. Fortunately, no a days. There is a lot of So we're out there. And in my case, I've been using for more than eight years. Thank you. It is free to download. I'm not a sponsored by them whatsoever. High wish. It is just the one I used. I'm sure there are many more. Feel free to use the one which is the best for you. You're in the next lesson. I will get you through the basics so that you can't a lot this summer. Install it on Bill up your own language thick. 10. HOW TO USE ANKI: So here we are in the Yankee website. You just need to press download and you will see all the platforms. In this case, I will choose to Windows 64 pits because citizen when I have. But you could have smacked the receiving for iPhone 100 even for developers. So you press the bottom and then they don't know automatically starts. Once it's done, you just need to install it. It's just any typical programmed your press install and that will be it. Then you go to the icon on your desktop. You opened the suburb first. Stop that. You see, it is for their profiles. You can have one. So you have all your desk and you share with other people through a home. In this case, mind will be Damia. Then you will see their default interface. First thing you have to do, it's going to tools and press. Manage no types there. We will configure how our deck will be. How many fields will have on everything. We will leave everything ready so we can import all our words into the program. In this case, we will press happen and then had basic. Then you have to treat the name for us will be the 885 method. Then you're going to the fields so we can choose how many fields we will have in the front . We will have the card that you are reviewing. We will reserve this one on Lee for the world. We want to learn the back. However, we will change it and we will at all the different fields that we will need like pronunciation, the meaning that demonic the star etcetera. You're pressing this one rename so we can Abda pronunciation and then at all the rest ones with done. Then you press the button close and then we go toe cards in this that who will have a preview off how the things will be displayed in this case, it will be up there from the word that we want to learn and on the back we want to see all the other columns. So now we will have to add them by pressing the at field button. Who will go one by one at a demo one with done, it will close everything. And then we will go to our except top to export all the words in this case, I put this Thomas an example for learning Spanish. All you have to do is to save it in a unical text. Then we'll have to open the note that on export a file in a version that can be read by Yankee. In this case, choose encoding ut f eight. Once we save our new txt file, that is the one we will importing and keep. We come back and then we choose file import. We look for our file and double quick. Then you will see that everything will be ready, Toby in its place. And you just need to click import. Our new deck will be ready for us to study. You can press a study now and we start. As you see. You can see up there There were in Spanish because in this case, we're supposedly learning it. We will see, sir. And then we will have to think off the word before we show the answer. This case we know it is to be We opened it and we check if it was on. Yes, You see, you can see there, right? Pronunciation, then Domonic the meaning and eventually this story Then you will have to choose between again food or easy. If you didn't know the word, you will press again and then they will show you in a minute. If you knew, you press good and then they will show you in 10 minutes. If you are absolutely sure that you know it, you can press easy and they won't show the word onto four days. You can also change all these perimeters from the sentence in options, you can change a number of different parameters. Like how many cars today? How many days will be the easy interval, etcetera? Also in the review stop, You can choose how many cars you want to review every day. Since I don't want to make this tutorial too long, I think you can handle with the basics. If you want to know about the somewhere more deeply, you can check their manual on their website. 11. GENERAL TIPS FOR A BETTER LEARNING EXPERIENCE: in this lesson. I've told you some tips for a better learning experience. First, never miss a day of learning better 20 minutes a day, every day than several hours to three days a week. Your brain needs everything to settle things down. Otherwise you will forget the things often. Also, it is very important to practice as soon as you know around 100 words. How much just you can. You can start by just thinking about daily stuff you do in your new language. For example, you're making breakfast and you think about all the words you know already. Coffee, milk toast, mark spoon blades all you can name. The more you use it, the better. You don't even need a partner. You can also have a conversation with yourself. Imagination is the limit. I wouldn't recommend to start from the very beginning with someone unless they are learning to, because native people tend to get tired. Easy of your labor list too low anyway, if you have the chance try. Of course. Another thing is to use YouTube video or whatever Internet platform, where you can find people talking in the language. For example, when I was learning Russian. It helped me a lot to watch kids cartoons. They use basic words and grammar, and they are really graphic when you have a better level. Start watching YouTube vloggers. I didn't used to follow any. You compare because it is just not my cup of tea until I stumbled with the video of a guy and I just realized so perfect for learning languages, the Euskal local language, the rial words and expressions people using their daily life, which surprisingly frequently differs from what you learn in cross courses. They talk about their life culture trends, so you get a solid base about the people and places where your language is used. My French improved so much thanks to it, I strongly recommend it. Also very good is to have a pimple. Friends. There are pimple websites. Were you 10 share messages with other people trying to learn a new language just like you? They are fun if you want to meet new people, and you can also learn a lot and last but no missed. The typical advice everybody knows, read books in the language you're learning or comic books. The lottery been better because they are more graphic. You can follow most of the actual, even without words. Original version movies with subtitles in the actual language is also very good. English subtitles can work in the very early stages off your learning to get your year used to the sounds, but it won't do much for your ing actual learning the language. 12. FINAL THOUGHTS AND FAREWELL: before we finish, I would like to address some typical concerns and questions that people keep asking me when I teach them this way. Most freaking one. It's about having to remember always the story for the work. Well, once you memorized, they were Well, you don't need the demonic or the story anymore. But it will always be there in case you needed currently in the language there influence already. I just know the meaning. Like with your native, you don't need to translate it anymore. You just know the word and what it is. Also, some people think this is so much effort that they are no shooting. Police force it. I think there is not a method for everyone. So I said yes. You try and see how it goes. If you don't like Well, then you move on for me. I love learning like this. I think this way more fun than traditional methods. On thanks to it, I could learn around 1000 Japanese works in just three months. Once you've done that, the rest come so much easier. So when you've learned the words, then what? Once you know so much about recovery, you just need to work on their areas to actually master the language. Such a scram are speaking, listening, etcetera. At this point, any course will be helpful and you will see what a piece of take it is. I'm with this. We reach the end of the course last night. I'd like to say that learning a language takes time on effort. You need to persevere. I know it sounds like the typical anti advice. Everybody knows that it's actually true. It works for everything big that you want to start. For example, making this tutorial took me a great deal of time and effort. But I persevered, and I'm really happy I did. If you don't believe me, I'll show you a tiny bit of how hard it was at the end of this video. I really hope you enjoy this curse. As much aside is making it for you. I wish you the best lock in this tatty off your new language. I see it. They are very health. Um helpful, Healthful, helpful, Helpful. Help! Help! I think it got quite popular during the popular Also, I think he got quite popular. Purple, Popular, popular. I think it got my famous You're in the due to perfect for language language. I think I didn't used to follow any YouTuber because it is just not my gut. My gut is no my cat. It's called the program Be left Your first language desk, son. I will grind you, write you when you have. When you have a better do a little there are it is recorded anything there? When you did that, made a good nothing tastes better than it passed a made by.