Learn WordPress Website Creation and Web Design From Scratch | Rob Cubbon | Skillshare

Learn WordPress Website Creation and Web Design From Scratch

Rob Cubbon, An entrepreneur who wants to help you

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25 Lessons (2h 25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Wordpress Intro With PDF

    • 3. A WordPress Hosting Environment

    • 4. Installing Wordpress With One Click Through Cpanel

    • 5. How To Manually Install WordPress – Recommended

    • 6. Introduction To The WordPress Admin Area – Posts, Pages, Media And Comments

    • 7. Changing Your Website's Appearance Using WordPress

    • 8. An Introduction To WordPress Plugins

    • 9. The Users and Tools Sections of the WordPress "Back End"

    • 10. WordPress "Back End" Settings

    • 11. Creating A Menu

    • 12. Creating Your First Web Page In WordPress

    • 13. Creating More Pages and a Page For Your Blog Posts And A Static Home Page edited

    • 14. Formatting Text And Adding Images To Pages In WordPress

    • 15. Adding A New Theme And A Logo To The Website

    • 16. Adding A Home Page And Changing A Navigation Label On The Menu

    • 17. How To Create A Contact Form On The Contact Page

    • 18. Adding Social Profile Links To Every Page

    • 19. Adding An Email Optin Form To A WordPress Site With A Plugin

    • 20. Changing A Featured Image

    • 21. How To Create And Format A Blog Post

    • 22. Further Customizations Of The Header And The Sticky Logo And Menu

    • 23. More Customization Of The Home Page The Blog Page And The Blog Posts

    • 24. What To Remember To Do Before You Publish A Blog Post (1)

    • 25. Conclusion


About This Class


WordPress is the software behind nearly a quarter of the world's websites! 

With WordPress you can build a site in five minutes with no prior experience and WordPress can be scaled to power some of the biggest websites in the world. 

WordPress is the most successful content management system for websites out there today. That’s an amazing number of people who use it. So it’s an important software to get to know. 

This course starts at a basic level. I go through the administration section and the links on the left hand side in WordPress's back end.

Then I create a WordPress website in front of your eyes. You can create your first website with me!

You will learn about:

  • the WordPress hosting environment
  • how to install WordPress on a host
  • how to create Pages and Posts (and the differences between them)
  • how to create a menu
  • formatting and adding images the right way
  • changing the theme and the logo (and how to outsource log design jobs to freelancers)
  • complete customization of the home page, the other pages' layouts and the website

My story: Over ten years ago I was doing very menial typesetting work in a London office. A colleague who knew I’d been struggling to create web pages with static HTML suggested that I use WordPress on my new website. So I did. 

That one piece of advice from a guy in 2005 set me on a path. I've been using WordPress and blogging on my site ever since. I have also designed and created countless other WordPress websites for clients through my web design business. I started my own business in 2006, left work two years later and now I run a six-figure location-independent business from various places around the world. 

With WordPress, you can not only to build websites, but you can also build businesses!

Literally tens of thousands – or probably hundreds of thousands – of viable businesses exist because of WordPress. Developers sell plugins and themes for WordPress, designers use WordPress as a web design and development tool, and business people power their website with WordPress which is central to their marketing. 

WordPress can be used for just about any type of website. It is free and open source.

WordPress is a great and simple tool with an incredibly supportive and helpful community around it. 

It's great way to get started online. A solid and sustainable website will help you build a solid and sustainable online business. 

WordPress is, quite simply, the most important online business skill of all.