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Learn Whammer Jammer today - harmonica monster rock classic

teacher avatar Ben Hewlett, Helping you play harmonica better!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. WJ1 promo

    • 2. WJ2 intro

    • 3. WJ2a Bye Bye Bird

    • 4. WJ3 chorus 1

    • 5. WJ4 chorus 2

    • 6. WJ5 chorus 3

    • 7. WJ6 chorus 4

    • 8. WJ7 chorus5

    • 9. WJ8 chorus 6

    • 10. WJ9 chorus 7

    • 11. WJ10 chorus 8

    • 12. WJ11 chorus 9

    • 13. WJ12 final chorus

    • 14. WJ13 intro and end

    • 15. WJ9 chorus 7

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About This Class

'All the harmonica techniques in one song' - learn this and play it with guitar, keyboard, bass players and singers.

This is your all in one classic harmonica anthem.

You need a C harp - 10 diatonic and ideally an A as well to play with the original.

I've heard it described as 'All the harmonica techniques in one song'

It's a modern day Juke, but much easier.

I've broken it down and figured out all ten choruses with written notation and tablature.

Yup - every note.

I'll give you backing tracks in different keys and I'll explain every technique so you can grasp it and learn to play it.

I think you will find it easy to play with all this video instruction and written resources

Enjoy learning and soon you'll be playing alongside Magic Dick!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Hewlett

Helping you play harmonica better!



Contact me anytime through the site or email [email protected] if you have any questions HARMONICA HOTLINE 07973284366 - If you have any harmonica related questions you can call me. Yes it's true. This UK number is available whenever I'm free so try UK office hours (texts and messages cannot be answered )






*Ben is the Chairman of the NHL - National Harmonica League in the UK

*Professional Harmonica Instructor since 1996

*Ben qualified as CTABRSM in 2002 (Certificate of Teaching - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

*Certificate of Music Workshop Skills (Goldsmiths University of London) in 1995

... See full profile

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1. WJ1 promo: Did you ever want to play this way? Yeah, me too. But I was afraid to try. I thought that was just too tough to play it. However, student mind wanted to do it. So we set about learning it on. We've back engineered and figured the whole thing out. So in this course, I'm gonna give you every single note written down with tablature and musical notation on. I should just say we've got permission from Magic Dick. Use them. The guy who plays this to do this off Bean talking with him and he said yes. You made teach this course I didn't want to do it without that. Wouldn't seem right on DA. Make some backing tracks for you to play along with. So you'll have absolutely everything on a plate. Well, do it will break it down with each chorus at a time. And we'll go through every single chorus, every single note on the A harmonica as he uses it on the sea harmonica. In case you don't have any, I suggest that you get an A for this course, but not essential, because I will be doing every single thing to see as well Okay. Enjoy. Theo. So if you fancy learning this amazing piece of music, it's really is the You know, it's like Duke, isn't it? Is the harmonica, um, equivalent of some Paige in any peace, if you can play Obama Jama, you can really play the harmonica. So come on in. Have a listen on. Uh, see, I think I think you're gonna love it. 2. WJ2 intro: Hi there. Now, when you think off Rammer Jammer, you think Oh, my goodness, I am never in 100 years gonna be able to play that. It's a masterpiece. It's impossible. Well, I thought the same thing, and I've never tried it until a student of mine said he wanted to learn it. So I was kind of forced to learn it and figure it all out. And so that's what I've been doing for more than a month now. So we are now in a position where we can break UAL down and teach you how to play it. So you will be able to play this, I'm sure maybe not all of it, but you'll be able to play quite a lot of it. Whatever level you are, there's something to learn from it. So I'm just gonna try and grab my A heart because that's the key of harmonica he uses in the original on. I'm going to just play along with it. Andi, you know, approximate the song so you can have a listen to me struggling, Have you like Okay, that's how we go showy. So it starts off for the nice little flutter Yeah. Way, way, way three way three. Way way, Theo. - Theo ? - Yeah , you O K So that's all there is to it. I'm gonna break this down, step by step, and you will be able to play a lot of it. Maybe all of it, Maybe some of it. I can guarantee that. So come on in and join me and let's have some fun. Bye for now. 3. WJ2a Bye Bye Bird: So we're gonna listen to Sonny Boys. Bye bye, bird. Which is where the initial riff comes from in chorus one. Oh, way. Oh, okay. So that's the starting point for this. The first chorus. Let's let's see if we can break down what he's doing now. So he's got I don't play this on the A heart first of all and then on the sea I'll do that each time. And then you've got both So it's gonna be, um oh, theme. That is basically the riff right there. I'll put this on the screen so you can see it. Um Ah, so you've got a little bit of, ah, an intro to it. Let's just start with the leader. U tha due to loot. Also, I'm going to get you to just go due to Lou. It'll that's it. 123 So it's after one. So 341 again. 341 on the out breath doodle oodle. But you have to do if you're playing it a high speed, you don't at low speed, but with those anyway sets 341 and then three drawer twice. 341341 So that's the first part of it. Practice. Now, if you want to put the intro to that, that's one drawer. And then 23 23 blowing. 123 to 3. Now grab. You see hope. Uh, okay, that's the first riff. So that's where I'm going to stop and let you practice that do todo doodle doodle blow 33 That's it. Try it. See in the next lecture. 4. WJ3 chorus 1: Okay, so I hope you've got that sonny boy Williamson. Bye bye, Birds riff down now. So most of course, one is exactly that. I'll do this on a heart first, because that will annihilate to play along with the original on YouTube. If you want to, you can slow down the speed on YouTube. Don't forget slow down to 50%. You'll find it dead easy. Um, if you've only got to see Harp, you can still play along or you can sing along but be active The theme That's the riff. So we're gonna play that around until we come to the 5/4 to show you in a minute. So listen, So do it with me. Join in on, um, we'll start. I'll give account of tube one to Theo was right changes Theo. That's a very nice little phrase coughing in their sort, percussive things. And then we're onto the chorus number two so lots of nice ways, but the coughing in you've got that that's Syncopations fit so well due to the the the hey slightly extends the doodle doodle to a sort of car. Doodle doodle doodle doo, Right. See up now, please. After two 12 Um, no getting the complex way after 21230 Theo way, Theo. And that's it. It's a simple is that so? Go around that a few times until you've got it. And then when we want the next chorus, which is much easier, actually. So perhaps I should have started with that one. So the next course is much easier. Right on. By the way, I've left off the intro. We'll do that right at the end, because that's a bit tough. I don't want to give that to the beginning and put you off. Okay, practice that a lot. That's what you need to practice. Practice that a lot. Just get the groove. Go back to the sonny boy thing that Bye bye, bird. Use a D heart for that low D he uses. So it's leaving. Just play along with all of these guys. Okay. Seeing the next lecture by for now, 5. WJ4 chorus 2: now one of the things that Magic Dick tells us in the interviews that he's done on this song and there are a lot of them is that he plays the whole thing. Tongue blocks. Now we don't have to, but he did So tongue blocked or not is really up to you. Here comes chorus number too much easier. Doodle Doodle doo. So lost almost doodle doodle This one is doodle doodle doodle Go with a little out breathable cough there and then they syncopated up dude earlier. Theo, Theo Thes e Nice and easy, easy peasy. Lemons greasy. Let's do it. My see, Harp, Um, we can have a little bit of ah lead into this way. Okay, How's that Practice that. And then let's let me show you that some of the details now it is mostly that, but you've got a few little bits off extra theme. A hop again Now, Theo. So on that second, when he goes up to three drawer Theo five chord, it always changes in the five court, doesn't it? Do it again, Theo. So this is a little bit of tongue blocking their Oh, here. It don't have to do it, but it had something slightly bent. Three drawer Theo Ending is very typical. Ending off this whole song comes up again and again stood on the sea hop. We'll go from the five chord Theo. That last bit takes us into the third chorus, which is a nice, easy one again. It's all easy, isn't it? Yeah, I told you is easy. He lied. OK, but if you stick with it and if you break it down fast music is hard to play unless you can play. So play slew Lee, Play it slowly and then you'll be able to manage it. Okay, that's it. Practice that and I'll see in the next lecture. Bye for now. Thank you. 6. WJ5 chorus 3: Okay. Welcome, backs. And now on chorus number three out of 10. So we're doing very well here. Um, if you can play this tongue blocked, it sounds better. This is it. Without tongue blocking on the A harp, etcetera. If you can play it with tongue blocking, it sounds better. Give me the intro, Theo. I mean, if you can do it, tongue blocks, please do. Um I'm gonna do this just without the tongue blocked right now, just for the sake of clarity so that you can hear So play along with me on the A heart You contrite on the CIA's well or just sing it Singing is really good practice. You can sing a tune You can probably play it if you can't sing it unless you can sight read You won't be able to play it. So singing is really important for practice, I think here we go after two or after 31230 the oh, wait. Okay. How's that? You might wanna pause there and go over that in practice. It you can also play back. If you want to play this back more slowly, you can play this back at heart speed. If you want to. Me do that to see heart, you know? Right? One Teoh Theo. How does that feel? Can you were with that? Slow it down like 1/3. Keep repeating it. I'll give you some backing tracks later. You can play over all of this later on. Okay, practice that you see in the next lecture by for now. 7. WJ6 chorus 4: Hi there. Welcome back. This is now Chorus number four. This is the easiest one of the lot. You see, I told you it gets easier and easier, doesn't it? All the way? This is just simply a head roll where you go from holes three to hold for. That's all. It is so easy. Oh, so you would a measure it. This is This is a tough one to play slowly, of course, because there's so much breathing in at speed that's feed difficulties. Something's come towards you and some things go away from you. If you're playing this at speed, it's harder to sort of get it in time. But it's easier from the breathing point of view, because you don't have to inhale so much at low speeds, is easier to physically play except for the breathing. So which do you want to dio? So here it is, just head row 123 theme, and then you scoop it to get the next two bars. Theo thing. You bend it for the next two bars, Theo, and you release it for the next two bars. Theo, let's just talk about it. Do you move your head or D move the harmonica or both theme up to use. Really, Teoh, I don't care. Whichever you want to do. Just try and get that sound as much you can see going from holds three whole three to hold for You don't want hold two in it. You don't want whole five in it. You don't want this. That is no way want Oh, I suggest you start this slowly. So you really hear the definition between the two notes with your tongue blocking or puckering? The end result that people listen to is the same theme that was tongue blocked. Previously was Puckett. So it's really up to you, Theo, and you try and get it so that it's in time. Theo Teoh, try and get some rhythmic integrity in your head. Rolled is not just a random speed is supposed to be a chosen speed. And then, as he comes out of it on her bar five their standard ending. And this is just a my my my wow, Dad, It added to dead doodle at our So it's nothing very much going on starts on three. You kind of cries it out. Wow! Bit of court there and then that ending. Let me do that on C hop. Theo. That's exactly the same on the CEO. And then so then he tricky be there. Is the ending deeded? A to draw thin. Bend it, then one drawer twice. Okay. How does that does that give you stuff to work on it, but it does. Five minutes a day, 10 minutes a day. Maximum. That's it. You can work on it. You can do this on. That's it So far is being very easy on the fifth courses. Even easier than that. I see in a minute. 8. WJ7 chorus5: now You remember in the last night when I said Don't do this. Well, now I want you to exactly do that. And we know how easy this is, Theo. And that's what this course is all about. Our pages do literally dio so they're in groups of three. So we could loosely call them triplets. And you emphasize the first or you can. You can emphasize the first of each triplet if you want to do it. He actually plays it more smoothly and much faster. Of course, he's paying way. Don't need to do at that speed. That's the first triplet 234 Nodding in one breath sits one inhale and you slide the harmonica through the air flow. A man knew. Do it on the way down starts with 234543 You could just practice that 2344433 And you find you are filling up with there. So be careful of your air management theory, punching the first of each triplet so that I can really feel the rhythm. Theo, why don't you stop here and practice that do that on any harmonica you like sea or a or anything you like. So now let's put it into context. You get this little ramp up on Here's whether Thea Freight starts. Do you think this is very rhythmical? It's very much rock rather than blues. It's not. It doesn't swing. This is straight rock on the beat, Apart from the Syncopation is on the beat. Most of it is not simply the most only thing. So the head roll is just one beat. That's a six and five head roll. Then breathe out which you really want to do anyway again, just for one beat on this head roll on one beat Something will come to in the next chorus the doom and then four draw. Hey, guys again, Thing on. As we approached the four chord, it changes slightly. So you got 1234 blowing No harder is it isn't hard. And then we go back to the original all pages theme. We've got a long head roll over the five chord four chord theme four and five drawer When you went up on six blow the with a run down as is written Let me try the oil on the sea Hop Okay, you ready? Want to join in after 31 Teoh, Theo, Theo, Theo. That ending there always takes me by surprise is not how I would play it. So he's got six PLO thing. Five drawer, four drawer for blow. Theo. Last bar is the same as pretty much every course ends thing. Todo the deed added it. Uh, It's very cool, isn't it? When you start learning these things these different tunes by different people, you getting end up with different phrases on. I'm told that every single chorus on this I think Magic Decker's mentioned this. Every chorus on this peace is based on a particular harmonica player. I'm not sure exactly who they are. I guess we could ask him. I've been talking with him about this. Andi, I didn't want to do this course without getting his permission, but I've now got his permission to do it. So thank you, Richard. So it's Magic Dick for giving me permission to teach his masterpiece, which he and his band put together the J. Geils Band. So a big thanks to all of them for doing this? Um, yeah, that's it. I think that's that's the fifth chorus so practice that. See, we get with it on bond. We move on to the sixth chorus next, which is much easier than the last one. It gets easier and easier every time he lied, right season bye for now. 9. WJ8 chorus 6: This isn't number. Coat number lecture. Eight course six head rolls in high school. Now, this one is the easiest. One of a lot so far. Remember, in the last course we had that, um, so it seems to take that idea. Oh, you've got on the beach is nice and simple. The rhythm is very simple. Uh, so if you were just using single notes four drawer five blow five drawer, five blow, but with the head roll to the next hole above it. Theme. Then on the third bar of that chorus, he goes up to his is a trademark 10 10 blow temblor bend double bed, which is what happens in the chorus. So it's a really nice piece of music. This it keeps coming back and referring back. So his the top part of it is it's a bit loud, so this might hurt areas quite hard to sustain that it's all right. On the A heart is pretty shrill on the sea harp. Um, Anyway, there we go. So do me. 1234 Theo, Theo. And then he stays at the top end on hole nine for a little rest of the next four bars. Well, uh huh. And it's just squirting out that nine on being off. Uh uh uh, with a little girl Sando down off the end of it. You can practice all this as you as you wish. Nice and slow on. Then, for the four chord. That's the focus for the five chord. He drops down to four drawer and then for the four chord blowing and then drops it down in the standard ending. Let's do the whole thing on the on the A hop. 123 Theo. Well, Uh huh. No, Theo. People only with a C heart have been singing along to that. Right? So you should have been learning and practicing as we were doing on the A heart. If you don't have one or go get 1/2 why not? You know you want to. You can't have too many harmonicas. Let's be honest. Sometimes you have to explain this partners and families, But well, probably like golf clubs, isn't it? Apparently, some people don't understand that you need lots of golf clubs if you want to play golf. I don't play golf. But this is where I'm told you always need another. I mean, you can't hit something with a mashie niblick that needs a swish. It you can tell I don't play golf. You could have a lot of clubs. Got have a lot of harmonicas by one a month. That's my advice. Here we go. So let's grab our see harps and play along nice and slow. 123 Theo. Uh ah. Uh uh Theo, How is that? You managed to get your way through it. You can repeat this. You can put it on slow, Mo, if you like. Practice all of that. See how you get on. We'll see in the next lecture by for now. 10. WJ9 chorus 7: Okay. Here's another nice and easy peasy. One dad added his old break. So Okay, a man. You go up to the the top. Just what we did in the last chorus. Said you want to try it with me. 1234 Uh uh uh, uh, No. Then he drops down to the four drawer. But according and then for the five chord, he goes back to what we've done in previous courses. This kind of bone, bone, bone bombs kind of big and then ends up with Here is a nice, syncopated growl on the next by you hits the fourth note in the bar. And then the standard ending. So she retrial Tried whole thing. 1233 Uh, no. Uh, Theo? Yeah, I told you was easy. Try that on the sea hop, Theo. Okay. 123 Uh huh. Okay. Does that give you some way into it? I mean, now we break it down into slow speeds. You can. You can tell that it's actually not very difficult to play. It just needs you to play it round and round quite a few times. Then you'll find it's easy peasy. Don't you do it. So I think I'm giving you enough here. I hope you don't think is any point meat just repeating it over and over and over and over ? Because you've got time to practice this If you wish. So practice it and I see in the next lecture by for now. 11. WJ10 chorus 8: now this is Mrs Let his Chorus number eight. I should tell you so we've got short breaks. Do that. Do that, do that. Do that. Do do do do I do that? This is like big band stuff, isn't it? Can you imagine Duke Ellington or Count Basie having this kind of thing? Buddha by Buddha Do that. But do did. And you do that. Let's try it on the A heart to start with. Uh huh. So let me can you? In 1234 isn't it? That's it, Really? That's the main part of the That's the exciting bit of the chorus. Then we've got this three draw four drawer bent held on over the four chord themed. Then the bit of the Boogie Patent head before Theo. So it's very straightforward choruses. And as to the whole thing 14 Draught starts on Ben four. Drop a little bit of a court 1st 1234 Theo. Okay. And I grab you see heart. Let's try it again. 121234 Theo, uh, again, You can slow that down if you like. If you're finding that too fast, I don't know I don't know what standard you, right? You might be finding this too easy or too hard or just perfect. I'm hoping you'll be able to manage it. Okay, so that's the eighth break. Chorus. Let's try that one more time to see how a bit slower. 1234 A long time in the world for a cup of tea. The timing will become much clearer when you're playing in context with the backing track or with a band. You might want to play this with your band. Who knows can be done all right, practice that you see on the next lecture by for now. 12. WJ11 chorus 9: this is course number nine. This is the scream that he does. No, you can just scream into the harmonica and it will play as well as your voice. Theo, that's what he does. Try to the microphone. Sounds pretty impressive. Another waiting is playing holds six and seven drawer, which is a kind of a nice scream effect, isn't it? So either way, whatever you want to do. Um, that's the 1st 4 bars of this chorus, and then you get to the next four. Bis is nice and simple. Just a three and four slightly bench of growl. 1234 Theo And then the last four bars of these triplet things. And then the drums usually fills in the gap there. So no, not very hard. The triplet bits may be the hardest bit. Four drawer on. The first of each one is slightly dipped. Really, really, really. Oh, Theo, that comes out of this triplet feel into this straight triplet feel. It's kind of a swing feel into the straight feel todo pretty buddy, buddy, buddy, But usually that's drumming, feeling that in, um, let's try the whole thing. Showy one Teoh we owe and that takes us into the last course. So this last phrase that phrase is what he picks up into the chorus. So let's just do that almost see heart and then we'll drag that last phrase into the final chorus. One. Teoh Ready Your Scream one. Teoh Theo. That's it. Try that on the time. 12 Theo, Theo. Then we go into a final chorus. We're nearly there. And the final courses even easier than all of them put together. So see in a minute bye for now. 13. WJ12 final chorus: The last course is the easiest one of the whole lot. It's just doodily doodily all the way through. It picks up off the previous chorus last three notes of the previous chorus or four notes if you like. So it's to draw and then to draw again, then bend it in one drawer and it's that repeated with a little bit of decoration, which is how the whole of this tune ends. Every course ends like that doesn't. So you've done this before. Okay, let's try it. All you've got is it was only three variations in the ending is the standard sort of Sonny Boy Williamson with his trademark 10 blow thing on there. Let's try it. 1234 A big crash, No doubt. Let me just check the ending theme. That's great stuff. Let's do that on the CEO to draw. It starts on to draw to draw Bendit one drawer. Okay, 1234 way. Theo on a big crash ending. How's that working out for you? That's quite tricky, isn't it? On now We need to do the introduction, which, of course, dead simple. So I will do that in the next lecture. Okay, practice that 14. WJ13 intro and end: is the intro. I left it till the end because by now you're gonna feel that's a complete total. If I'd given in the beginning, you would have run away to the hills with your arms moving like running people dio I don't know. So four drawer. And then it's a theme. Say, Sideways movement. You could do it. Stabbing movement thing doesn't really matter, Theo. That's on off on off the tongue going on off or move your tongue sideways so you get whole five flashing theme three and five. I think it is because you got this moving block you're exposing. Hold three. When your tongue it to the right, you expose whole three. When your tongue moves the left like a switch, it exposes whole five. Ho four is never exposed, so it's 353535 You see to understand, in theory, isn't it? Theo? Put the harmonica quite a long way into your mouth. This is really serious tongue blocking here. Or you could just have to say, Daddy, don't know if you prefer. That's just on off, on, off, on off. You could even go ahead roll if you want, and then ended with a two drawer on bend and that you will have that crashes. The band follows you may be And then you got the top end nine bent and then released, uh, and then 10 straight and then bent. So nine drawer released bent, then released than hell. 10 straight and bent, Uh, And then on Lee, crash with the bend Just a nine blow Stab it, bend it down and go Sando away from it. Uh uh. So it goes on this. Yeah, that's it. See how it's gonna be a bit shrill E. And that's how it works. Didn't you Can practice that. Let me try one more time for so four draw. Ah, three. See what I mean? So we'd only intro right of the end of the song. There we go. So I'll stop there. Thank you so much for enjoying this. Swam a jammer masterpiece. Let's see how you get on with it. What do you make a recording and send it to me? How about that, Ben Hewlett at me dot com. Good luck. See later in the next course by the No 15. WJ9 chorus 7: Okay. Here's another nice and easy peasy. One dad added his old break. So Okay, a man. You go up to the the top. Just what we did in the last chorus. Said you want to try it with me. 1234 Uh uh uh, uh, No. Then he drops down to the four drawer. But according and then for the five chord, he goes back to what we've done in previous courses. This kind of bone, bone, bone bombs kind of big and then ends up with Here is a nice, syncopated growl on the next by you hits the fourth note in the bar. And then the standard ending. So she retrial Tried whole thing. 1233 Uh, no. Uh, Theo? Yeah, I told you was easy. Try that on the sea hop, Theo. Okay. 123 Uh huh. Okay. Does that give you some way into it? I mean, now we break it down into slow speeds. You can. You can tell that it's actually not very difficult to play. It just needs you to play it round and round quite a few times. Then you'll find it's easy peasy. Don't you do it. So I think I'm giving you enough here. I hope you don't think is any point meat just repeating it over and over and over and over ? Because you've got time to practice this If you wish. So practice it and I see in the next lecture by for now.