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Learn Web Design By Building a Web Page – HTML and CSS project

Ricky Wahowa, Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

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13 Videos (1h 33m)
    • 1 Intro to html for beginners project

    • 2 HTML css tutorial Add a logo in HTML

    • 3 HTML CSS Tutorial Add header item

    • 4 Working on the body of HTML elements

    • 5 Html CSS tutorial create body section

    • 6 Html tutorial fix images not displaying

    • 7 Add header image in html

    • 8 HTML CSS Tutorial fix header with css

    • 9 CSS tutorial style header area

    • 10 Stylling Css buttons and hover effects

    • 11 css tutorial styling images and sections

    • 12 css tutorial styling images sections and display

    • 13 Finishing up and styling the Footer and adding copyright setion


About This Class


This is a HTML and CSS tutorial for those with a slight understanding of HTML and CSS. If you know a little about HTML and CSS then this class will be very easy for you to follow.

This HTML project is sort of like an update to the HTML tutorial, which can be found here. Provided you are at least familiar with HTML and CSS, you need not to have watched that class to join this class.

If you don’t have any HTML or CSS skills, then it would be a good idea for you to join my HTML and CSS Tutorial for beginners, which can be found here.

This class will show you how to create a simple web page using HTML and CSS. If you want to improve your design skills, start watching this class today.

This web design class is very easy to follow. I will show you how to build every element, step by step. In the end you will be able to grasp how a simple we page can be put together. Your CSS skills don’t have to be very advanced. With the little skills you have, you will be able to implement a web page. You will create a simple page with a header, Menu, Body items and so much more.

I will be here to assist you should you need any help. If at any point during this class, you get stuck. Feel free to let me know. I will be here to review your code and to help you rectify any errors you may experience.

After watching this class, should you feel the need to improve on your web page, feel free to add any other HTML and CSS elements on your page. Remember that the more you practice, the more skilled you become. Keep practicing and trying out new things.

If you have any questions , at any point feel free to reach out. I will be here to assist you.

Start watching this class right now,






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Ricky Wahowa

Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

Web Developer and Trainer specializing in WordPress and Front End solutions. (HTML, CSS , JS, PHP, WordPess Dev) .

Notable skills in : SEO, Email Marketing (GetResponse, MailChimp etc), Usability.

You will learn step by step.


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