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Learn Watercolor Basics With 5 Minute Paintings

teacher avatar Bianca Rayala, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. About the Class

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. About The Class Project

    • 4. Know Your Brush

    • 5. Know Your Watercolor

    • 6. Project #1 Brush and Paint

    • 7. Project #2 Cup of Cofee

    • 8. Project #3 Sailboats

    • 9. Project #4 Winter Nightscape

    • 10. Project #5 Cosmos Flowers

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class



Have you ever felt unmotivated to start because of fear of trying? I did because the hardest thing to do is to start. But you kow what, when we realize that we are not alone in the journey, it gives us that sense of courage to begin and achieve endless possibilities!

Let us not be paralyzed by fear. Join me in conquer our fear of starting through this 5- Day Watercolor Escape! This 5 day watercolor escape aim to ignite our passion and creativity, to help us make time for painting everyday and ultimately to help us take a break from our usual day to day routine and escape to a place where we can be free and creative!

We will be painting small loose paintings that will definitely inspire you to create every day. It wont take much of your time as you can definitely finish the paintings in less than 5 minutes. I will be sharing step by step tutorials from simple sketch to painting process that are recorded in real time and a daily encouragement to help you keep going.

I invite you to set aside 5 minutes of your time to paint along with me every day in 5 days and together let’s keep the passion burning knowing that we are not alone in this watercolor journey!

Meet Your Teacher

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Bianca Rayala

Watercolor Artist


Hi friends! I'm Bianca and I'm a watercolor artist. My purpose is to inspire people to discover and pursue their creative passion. See full profile

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1. About the Class: Have you ever felt unmotivated to start because of fear of three? I did because the hardest thing to do is to start. But you know what? When you realize that we are not alone, integer ni gives us that sense of courage to begin an achieved endless possibilities. Don't be paralyzed by fear. Joined me in conquering or fear of starting through this five-day watercolor escaped. I'm Biafra Rayleigh on watercolor or this entity there from the Philippines. And welcome to my new skill, shark glass. These five-day watercolor escape aims ignites PAR, passion and creativity to help us make time for bathing everyday and ultimately to help us take a break from our usual day to day routine and escaped Oh please, where we can be free and creative. We will be painting smallest paintings that will definitely inspire you to gritty everyday. It won't take much of your time. As you can definitely finish each beam theory in less than five minutes. I will be sharing step-by-step tutorials from simple sketch book bathing process that are recorded in real time and that they the encouragement to help her keep going. I invite you to set aside five minutes of your time to paint along with me every day in five days and together let's give the fashion burning, knowing that we are not alone in this water color, Jamie. 2. Materials: We will be needing just a handful of materials for water colored challenge prepares small side pieces of watercolor paper. The one I'm using is five by seven inch size paper. This is 200 GSM cellulose paper, but you can also use cotton paper. If you have one. For the brushes, feel free to use your favorite brushes at home. I'll be using some Ron brushes most of the time and also flat brush for washes. We will be needing a mixing Fallon, And of course, are watercolour beans. You can use any kind of watercolor that you have at home. Prepare also a glass of water, pencil, eraser, masking tape and some tissue paper. 3. About The Class Project: For our class project, create the five building exercises that I will share in the videos. You can paint each subject one day at a time. But feel free to being more. If you get extra inspired and motivated. In the project section of this glass, you can find the reference photos for your guide. I encourage you to watch for as the fundamentals that I shared about the brush into beans. As this principles are very helpful to understand the relationship between what their end pigments. Second, I also encourage you to finish watching first the painting process, observed my strokes and listen to my explanations, and then rewatch the video for the second time while you paint with me so you can better understand the process of each exercise. This glass covers the basics of watercolor and will expose you to different paintings, subjects like seascape, landscape, Florio's, and still life, which would help you also discover your subject interests. Remember also that our main objective in doing each exercise is to relax, have fun, and conquered the fear of starting. So just kept going and don't worry if each work takes you longer than five minutes. I wish you a wonderful watercolor escaped with me in the next five days. Let's get started. 4. Know Your Brush: So prepare us for this exciting challenge. Let me review the you first. Some important what their color V6. Many people see what that color is a difficult medium since its main component, which is 1 third, is uncontrollable. But let me tell you that we learned how to play with water and pigment. We can unlock and appreciate the beauty in uniqueness of water color. Let's begin by knowing our most important DOI, which is our brush. The brush is a vehicle that translates what's in our hearts and minds into an artwork. And it is very necessary to get to know very well. The brush is usually made of wooden handle, a metal for rule that holds the handle and the hair together. And there are different types of hair, natural, synthetic and a mix of both. So this is negative. And this part is the belly of the brush, which is responsible for holding water in figment. You can hold your brush the way you hold the pen for more control, those creating more precise strokes. Or you can also hold it at the far end part of the handle for less control and more loose strokes. We grow a thin strokes. But you seeing light pressure with just the tip of the brush touching the paper. Maker aids stroke with a very light pressure. The critique of very thin line. Make sure that your brush doesn't hold much water. The aid that Chris stroke. We will do the same. We in the wing curve in strokes. Apply very light pressure using your brush with minimal water. In the. Next, let's do some fixed ropes. This time. Holger, brush up 45-degree angle and low, then THE are barely off the brush with much pigment in water. Maker a thick strokes by letting the entire belly thought the paper. Okay. 5. Know Your Watercolor: Next, let's understand the basic watercolor mixtures compared to other fainting medium. What that color is transparent. You make like dawns may adding more water with the pigment and the darker dawns ME having more pigment and less water on the mixture. There are four basic mixtures in watercolor, namely the milk, cream, and butter. For this activity, I want you to choose just one color so you can better differentiate the tonal values of this form mixtures. Let's start with the mixture. That created the mixture. You create the mixture, read more water and very small amount of pigment. You imagined the consistency and gather the do this on your separate mixing plead. The mixture should be very transparent in what three. Now you see a gleam and very light wash. This is the mixture. Next, let's do the milk mixture. Now, milk mixture is flowing and still has good amount of water, but the pigment is stronger than the mixture. Now let's move on to gray mixture. For the cream mixture, we create a creamy mix with controlled amount of water and a generous amount of figment. You can now see the difference inconsistency between the milk and cream. Seeing did the theme mixture has the lightest Goan, while the greening mixture has a slightly darker bone. Lastly, what their mixture that create this kind of buttery mixture we dreamed the author from our brush by having it on at the issue and get that pigment straight from the fog. The loop should be very thick and dry. In application. We use D mixture in painting background and elements that we don't want to get more attention. Milk mixture we use for middle grounds are elements supporting our focal points. Grieving mixture is often used four main elements, which is also our focal points. And water mixture we use for fine details and highlights. We will appreciate this principles even more as we apply them. In the challenge, we will learn brush control, what they're figments, racial and loose Being thing using different techniques. I'm sure you're as excited as I am, so let's get started. 6. Project #1 Brush and Paint: Welcome to day one. For first challenge, we've obtained every painters thresher a brush and the paint. Let's start by doing our rough sketch of the brush. And it doesn't have to be precise. But just make sure that you have all the parts that the brush has to handle. The fair rule. And of course, the hair. This brush is silver rush Bolden natural, which is made of mixed natural and synthetic hair. It comes with a very nice pointed tip, which is perfect for fine strokes. Now let's draw this watercolor to start from the gap. And then followed by the true. Remembered the draw loosely. I actually just copy how I see it. Remember, our goal is to relax and escape from the stress of life. Erase some unnecessary lines, and now let's begin painting. I think Brinch end up in a premium mixture. Remember, or watercolor mixture studies from the recent video. And carefully paint the handle at the thicker shade here at the bottom. And use the same color to paint the hair. Next. Next, I will get great being like neutral tin doping rule. I leave the highlight on the mental part unpainted. I'm softening that edges. And then now we've seen the Walker color too. I still use the neutral theme painted. I lift a colour on the lower side to show a bit of two-dimensional and just loosely theme my interpretation of the tube. The shadows on the whiteboard, John, of the tool. I just use a mix of great color. I love seeing how the unwatched third, because it gives such a noose feeling into BMD. Now let's add some details on the brush handle. Since it's dry already. I just faint dots instead of real text. Since I'm aiming for a loose effect. If I do the same as I've been, the details of the true. Now, I want to lead a beautiful color from the drawing using a wet brush. I thought of the brush. So a small corner of the ongoing and let the paint flow. I also dropped some figments on the wet surface for more vibrant colors. 7. Project #2 Cup of Cofee: We can always find inspiration everywhere, even with a cup of coffee that you had this morning, sit today, we will stop with that. They for an easier sketch, I'd take a round object that will serve as my guide in growing the saucer. Now, I'll draw a smaller circle for the cop. I draw the top view of the handle, and I'm good with a sketch. Let's start being thin and get the milk and mixture of yellow ochre with the bits of Shanna and news NetBeans. Then that thing. I will leave white gaps to show an impression of the latte art. In our call. Again, when we say milk and mixture, the consistency of our mixture should be what theory? And the faith was more vibrancy as compared to the mixture. While this layer is still wet, I've dropped a milk and mix up the same color with the bits of dark brown for a free theory. Now, let's paint the saucer. I use a milky Barclays and painted around the hop. I leave a theme gap, are on the call. In wildland layer is still wet. I will drop darker shades of third voice to bring contrast. Can they mentioned there is sunlight and need. A tiny bit of white gap around is to avoid the brown color of Dallas from lending or leaving or color often don't saucer. I wouldn't leave the upper left part of the saucer. Life in news. And then a drop, some darker pigment. One zone areas for ponderous. Now, I'm being this small portion on the handle. And then with the watering mixture, I'm doing an outline with the saucer. I won't be doing a complete outline of the saucer. But broken lines would be sufficient to define a cheap. Let's dark and also the inner call using a dark brown father. And these lean down brush to blend the haller. So here's our cup of coffee for date, the, I hope this being theme would always remind you to paint for your own happiness. 8. Project #3 Sailboats: I'm glad to see you on our V3 challenge. Did they will lead an easy seascape. And let's begin with a very simple sketch. Just draw the horizon line somewhere above the center. And the row sum sea routes on the horizon nor theirs that they, they've decides if my paper to get the Chris border and we will use the dry brush technique for this project. Let's begin painting using a milk and mix of ultramarine blue. I create a gradient wash for the sky. I make the upper part of this guide darker. And then there were barred, lighter. I use a flat brush to create an event and the weeks through for this project. Next, i being the ocean using the same color, but I remove the excess water from my brush. To achieve this dry brush Effect. Repeat the stroke from left to right, and then from right side to the left. I also leave white gaps to show glare on water. Meet the lower parts of the ocean darker light, adding indigo your mix. This will show an atmospheric perspective in your work. Repeat the same dry brush stroke for ocean fragment until you achieve the depth that you want to see in your work. Just remember it though. There's one part of your paper that has wife and painted WPS fresh and clean so that few would have layer on what there. You will notice that the concentrated white spots here on this side represents the glare on the walk through for this white spots, so your seascape would shine. I just add some more indigo on light ultra Marine to get a very dark, creamy mixture. For my foreground. When you're happy with the tonal values of ocean, you may proceed on bathing the sailboats. The band disables. We use a premium mix of neutral theory or any gray paint. And that's carefully pain the CEOs with bright red color. I started with the milk and mix of red seals, and then later on, I will be adding a darker in Premier mix of red seals. For file.js. Let's add some rigors and also some birds flying on this guy. The birds may be small, but it definitely gives some interest in our composition. So once your work is completely dry, you can feel off the theme to get a nice border. So this is our day three exercise. And just like the sailboats following the direction of the wind. Remember that as you paint, always follow your heart. 9. Project #4 Winter Nightscape: Welcome to our fourth challenge. And now that's being some pine trees on a winter Netscape setting. And let's start with the gradient wash off, pull purple color. We do this by creating a milking mixture of purple and faint from top to bottom. Magnet thought barred, darkest intone, and gradually get a lighter dawn as we reach the bottom. We need to work fast to avoid having the initial Lear get drive before we achieve the grieved him. We can also deal with your paper to help the beam naturally flow down. When you're happy with your ingredient, we need to let the background to get driver's before we beat that bind. Nice. So while we thing, I will show you how to simply paint pine trees on a separate paper. We started with a straight line that serves as the throne in our died for me. Next, we'd do some small dabbing strokes using the depth buffer brush to show an impression of leaves and branches. Then just great big thick strokes for the base of the duty. You can practice on a separate sheet of paper strokes to prepare you for the final word. Now that the layer is almost dry, I get big, creamy makes up verbal and some pine trees on it. Since the background is, I get a blurry and miss the kind of image. Very, the height of the trees for a natural, for the base of the trees. I just grew big, thick strokes and then use the tip of my brush strokes for the trees, leaves and branches. When it's almost dry, darken some parts of the dummies. When it's almost dry, darken some parts of the tummies using a premier makes. It went up from the Batman. The foreground should have the darkness dog food that we could put all the emphasis on our main focus in the foreground. For our last step, using a whitewash splatter, some white being an illusion of snow. If you don't have a whitewash, you can also use a white opaque marker or a white Ben who do this effect of snow. So this is our painting for day four. And I hoped is painting remind you to me, unstoppable in your creative journey. 10. Project #5 Cosmos Flowers: As we end our challenge, let's be beautiful and loose flowers. Let's begin with a basic sketch of the cosmos flowers. I'm doing just a rough outline of the flowers in some leaves. For a mythical position. I will please this bunch of flowers on the right side of the paper, rather than in the middle. I'm growing one flower facing this side and Bill Flowers facing me. Now add some Neves, indifferent their excellence, but following the direction of the flowers incense, using a nice pinkish red pigment in milk and mix the petals using the belly of my brush. I follow my base sketch and just being asleep. And I hold them a little bit higher position. So a dead mice roles are more news and has lesser control. While still with, I also drop some more pigment in the, in the eighth grade. In Goan using a blundering mix up orange. I will be in the middle part of the flowers. I just let the bleed. But since I use a buttery mix of orange, the veins would not leave so much. The reason is that there's only a little amount of water in the mixture. With a small brush. Stems and leaves with the links thin and thick strokes, strokes with a light hand, so it would not harsh. And for our last but very helpful step, I add some details under, but be careful not to overdo it. And I will also split. There are some things using my left over pigments from my palette. This is a good way to enhance composition. And now we are done as we complete day five. Always remembered that we can always get inspiration from everything around us. We just have to pause and escape from our daily routine to appreciate the beauty and everything. Keep the boom via freed to start. And I hope that you will have a wonderful what they're colored journey. 11. Final Thoughts: I hope you had the wonderful 0.5V watercolor escaped with me. I hope this helped you build confidence in thinking your brush and just painting out of the overflow of your heart. I'm so excited this year works individ, liked to NTU, this daily watercolor escaped with me. Please do share your works in the project section. And let me know if you'd be interested to see more five-minute projects from this glass. You may also want to join my other classes to help you expand your experience in painting different subjects in water color. Hope to see you there.