Learn VLOOKUP in Excel and get noticed!! | Pranay Suyash | Skillshare

Learn VLOOKUP in Excel and get noticed!!

Pranay Suyash

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7 Videos (30m)
    • 01. Introduction

    • 02. Excel functions

    • 03. Excel Function structure: VLOOKUP Introduction

    • 04. Understanding the VLOOKUP parameters

    • 05. Practical use of VLOOKUP: Example 1

    • 06. Practical use of VLOOKUP: Example 2

    • 07. Practical use of VLOOKUP: Example 3 & Conclusion


About This Class


In this class, we will be taking a look at the VLOOKUP function in Excel.

VLOOKUP is one of Excel's most used functions (just after maybe Autosum and a few other date functions). It is a lookup/ search function.

VLOOKUP can be used to:

1. Find if values exist

2. Comparison

3. Linking multiple datasets

In this course, you will grasp the structure of the lookup function and through multiple practical examples, covering most use cases, you will become a master in using the function (and maybe impress your boss ;))

I hope you find this topic useful. See you in the lessons.

You can also use the attached project file to follow along or practice later.





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Pranay is a full-time business consultant and part-time art lover.

In his free time, he likes to pursue his hobbies in photo editing, photography, reading, and digital illustration. 

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