Learn VIDEO EDITING: Adobe Premiere Pro CC TODAY In Only 30 Minutes (Beginner's Guide) | Peter T | Skillshare

Learn VIDEO EDITING: Adobe Premiere Pro CC TODAY In Only 30 Minutes (Beginner's Guide)

Peter T, Video Content Strategist

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9 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction: The Only Video Editing Course You'll Need As a BEGINNER

    • Video Editing: The KEY Concept of ANY Video Preview

    • How to Import Video Files into Adobe Premiere?

    • Best Sequence Settings in Adobe

    • Your Timeline: Your Best Friend

    • Your Workspace: Where All the Work is DONE (TOUR)

    • Tool Breakdown

    • How to Export Your Timeline

    • Now go EDIT some Videos


About This Class

Are you a complete BEGINNER and needs to learn video editing without having ANY knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 and you don't want to spend HOURS learning how to use this complicated program?

This course is for you.

In this course, I will show you all the tools you need to be able to USE and EDIT a video from beginning to end RIGHT NOW without any experience on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. 

Whether you have Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, 2017 or even Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6...

What separates this course from the other Adobe Premiere tutorials is that I get straight to the point. I will show you everything from point A to point B within 30 minutes of your time without all the fluff. These tools will be your building blocks so that you can conquer any video using these fundamental skills that you will have learned in this course.

Through take this course you will learn HOW to:

- Edit a Video From Beginning To End
- Know What Video Settings/Files Are BEST for Adobe Premiere
- Understand the Core Foundations of Video Editing
- Take ANY Raw Footage and Create Content from SCRATCH

I'm a story teller at heart but also a video editor for small to large sized businesses in creating, producing, and editing their online content. When I first started in Adobe Premiere - I had no idea what I was doing. It took me months of doing online research, watching countless lengthy video tutorials; to only find myself frustrated and wondering how do I do this or that? 

I hope this course provides you value and are truly the only principles I wish I knew from the very beginning when I first started video editing.

P.S. This is the fastest easiest way to learn how to edit videos on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 even if you NEVER edited a video before  :)






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Peter T

Video Content Strategist

Hi there! My name is Peter and I have been making online content and videos since I was young. I am currently a full time content creator and want to share my expertise with you. I have had several years of experience in creating online content for not only my personal brand but for professional companies and organizations to meet their video needs.

I am extremely passionate about videos and storytelling. I want to inspire other...

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