Learn UX design from a UX instructor: Create Personas, interview scripts, prototypes & more! | Aaron Lawrence | Skillshare

Learn UX design from a UX instructor: Create Personas, interview scripts, prototypes & more!

Aaron Lawrence, UX Instructor & Product Designer in SF

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14 Videos (4h 51m)
    • Introduction to UX design and about the class

    • Set Goals for your UX Design Decisions

    • Create a UX Design Persona

    • Create a User Interview Script & Research Best Practices

    • How to do UX Research Synthesis and Write a Problem Statement

    • Create a Customer Journey Map

    • Sketching Concepts and UI Sketching Frameworks

    • Create A Wireframe Design with Adobe XD

    • Create a Clickable Prototype with Adobe XD

    • Create a User Testing Script & User Testing Best Practices

    • Learn How to Create a Design Systems

    • Apply Visual Design to your Prototype

    • Do's and Don't's with Design Resumes

    • The UX Design Case Study Outline


About This Class

In this Class, you learn all the methods and techniques to create a UX design case study. 
These are the same materials that I teach at the Art University in San Francisco.
Here's what we will cover: 

How to set goals
How to create a persona
How to create a user interview script
Best practices when conducting research 
How to synthesize research findings 
How to write a problem statement 
How to create a customer journey map 
Sketching templates & frameworks 
How to create a wireframe design 
How to create a click-able prototype 
How to do user-testing 
The basis of a design system 
How to apply visual design to your wireframe 
Best practices when it comes to design resumes
The outline of a good UX case study





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Aaron Lawrence

UX Instructor & Product Designer in SF

Hello, I'm Aaron. I'm a principle UX designer at a company called Pivotal and UX instructor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

I've been doing design for 13 years and yes, you should take my class, whether you're a beginner or want to pick up some advanced techniques, this class will guide you through the UX design process and we'll stop and deep dive into many tools, best practices & design methods.  I've spent countless hours creating easy to under...

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