Learn To Sew A Necktie Cloche Hat For Women | Lulu Bea | Skillshare

Learn To Sew A Necktie Cloche Hat For Women

Lulu Bea, Artist - Coach - Life Igniter

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6 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Cloche Hat Intro

    • 2. Choosing the neckties

    • 3. Making the top of the hat

    • 4. Cloche Hat 3: Forming the hat Part 1

    • 5. Cloche Hat3: Forming the hat part 2

    • 6. Cloche Hat4: Adding the Flower


About This Class

The Necktie Cloche Hat is BY FAR my most successful upcycled fashion accessory that I have ever made, and I am ready to pass on my knowledge to YOU. It is an original design that is near and dear to my heart, and I am excited to share in the joy of this unexpected treasure.

In this tutorial, you will be guided step-by-step in the process of making a Necktie Cloche Hat. Included is a pattern for the top of the hat.

When making Necktie Cloche Hats, each one comes out a little bit differently because of the unpredictability of the neckties. I provide general guidelines, but the method is not precise. Once you master the process, you will be able to make these hats with ease.

Neckties are readily available at thrift stores, garage sales and from friends, so finding secondhand materials should not be a problem for you. All of the items that I make are upcycled/recycled, and I hope this will inspire you to find used materials before shopping for new ones.

In this pattern you will learn:
- How to select the neckties when preparing to make your hat
- How to cut, assemble and and sew the hat
- How to add a variation for 2 different looks
- How to style the hat for wearing

Materials needed:
- 3 Neckties
- Sewing machine 
- Serger (Optional, but recommended)
- Cutting tools (i.e. Scissors, Cutting Mat)
- Straight pins
- Tailor's Chalk
- Seam ripper
- Iron

* Advanced beginner to intermediate sewing skills are recommended.
* All videos and downloads are ©Copyright Lulu Bea's 2018.
* You may use this pattern to create items to sell in boutiques and online, but please make reference to Lulu Bea's.
* Mass production is not allowed.





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Lulu Bea

Artist - Coach - Life Igniter

Lulu Bea is an Intuitive Painter and a Life Igniter. She helps women to awaken to their true potential through the art of creative expression. She believes that we are all innate creators who hold the power to craft a life that we truly love and adore. Through the exploration of art, Lulu guides women to mindfully let go of limiting beliefs & behavior patterns in order to live a courageous, fun, and fulfilling IGNITED life.

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