Learn To Read Hebrew From Scratch: Modern AND Biblical - Reading with "Oh" (Holam) and "Eh" (Segol) | Ivrit Simply | Skillshare

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Learn To Read Hebrew From Scratch: Modern AND Biblical - Reading with "Oh" (Holam) and "Eh" (Segol)

teacher avatar Ivrit Simply

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction Video

    • 2. Learn Holam vowel

    • 3. Read with the letter ◊ė

    • 4. Learn vowels Segol and Hataf Segol

    • 5. Read with the letters ◊§ (pey),◊°

    • 6. Read with the letter ◊§ (fey)

    • 7. Read with the letter ◊•

    • 8. Read with the letter (sin) ◊©

    • 9. Read with the letter ◊í

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About This Class

Read Hebrew fluently from the Bible or from any modern book. No prior knowledge required!

In this class you will learn to read with the vowel "Oh" which includes the vowel 'holam' and "Eh" which includes the vowels 'Segol' and 'Hataf Segol'. You will learn to read this vowels with various letters. 


Reading Hebrew directly from the Bible, prayer book or any modern Hebrew source might sound like a faraway dream, but in fact it's really easy and can be mastered quickly EVEN WITH NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE!

If you want to unlock the original language of the most sacred books, or learn to read modern everyday Hebrew, or even are just planning a visit to Israel and want to know to read a little this course will help you achieve your goals in no time.

In this course you will find a FULL ON HEBREW CRASH COURSE where you will get to learn the basics of Hebrew (including the Hebrew Alphabet and the Vowel System) AND ALSO you will get AN AMAZING IN DEPTH HEBREW READING COURSE which we guarantee you will love. 

What you’ll learn

  • Read from a Hebrew Bible or a Hebrew prayer book
  • Read from any Hebrew written source that has vowels
  • Write, pronounce and identify the Hebrew letters
  • Pronounce the Hebrew Letters
  • Identify the Hebrew Letters

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No prior knowledge required

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone that want's to read Modern and/or Biblical Hebrew
  • It's great for anyone that wants to learn the Hebrew vowels and how to use them
  • It's awesome if you want to get an overview of how the Hebrew language works

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Ivrit Simply


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1. Introduction Video: Hello and welcome to read Hebrew from scratch. Modern and biblical, most highly reviewed Hebrew goes on you to meet. We're gonna learn to read Hebrew in no time. My name's Daniel. I'll be leading three. These close I'm a certified favorite already read with years of teaching experience have taught thousands of students in classes and online, including here on you to me without talk and most rated every closes on YouTube. Okay, great. So this causes for you. If you want to learn to read modern and or biblical Hebrew, it's great if you want to get to know the basics of Hebrew alphabet knowns, how to write them, how to identify them. And it's perfect. If you're planning a trip to Israel, you want to brush up your because his in depth, and it's very clearly explained by the end of it will be able to read full length Hebrew texts modern, biblical, even popular Hebrew songs. In addition, you'll find a Hebrew crash coast inside of which will guide you through all the basics of All right, so has the cost structure. We're going to start off with learning the Hebrew alphabet. Letter by letter sounded at. Write it down, see how to write every letter. Then we're gonna learn to different Val groups. What sounds They are what 1000 named have their pronounced. So what's invested that we can go into actually reading a letter by letter fail by fell until you could actually read a group. We're gonna practice it together on biblical text, prayer books, modern text and even on Hebrew songs. And as a bonus, you'll also find MP three files. In the course, you can download it, listen to it on the go. So if you want to learn Hebrew at the price of one Hebrew lesson joint asked for an amazing experience. Have fun too face it. 2. Learn Holam vowel: Hi. Welcome back to a next section. We're going to stop reading with a new set of vows and that's the O sound. So the value gonna be learning now is whole. Um and the whole, um is actually induct. Sometimes it comes over the letter of and that's just the whole, um that's called whole family, meaning that the full love it's equivalents to the Furik with the union. And sometimes you'll see this on top of any letter. But the sand it is it's the O like in the Wood wrote, are in the world fall. So it's That's the sound O. So let's see an example of a work with that. So the word Tora tora, which means teaching or it's the Torah. It's the Bible. What's the depend attack? So let's break it down. So we have the tough followed by the love with the whole, um on it. So these two letters that go together to make the talk sound to to and you have the race with combats. That's Ah and the hay following the race with comments. So it's Tora said with me, Tora! All right, so let's not practicing with this new valve. But before we do, let's just say a few things of that vote. So the letter of up, as you know, has the V sound. Now, when the whole um is above it or it's next to it, then it becomes like a veil. We haven't learned this sound yet the coup boots, but we will soon. And when it's double that, the whole, um then in both these cases, it becomes available. Now if the duct is on top of makes the sound like fog and if it's next to it, then it makes the who sound like cool. But we'll get to that soon, and sometimes you'll see the duct above standing by itself. And in that case, that still makes the or sound so like in the in this World Court could. All right, let's practice in reading corn. No, Can you say here it's without developed? So it joins letter cuff. So it's cold. This is the same here, limited, and then the whole um so it's look, and here you see it with above. So joins the letter. Alice. So in EVC, above with the whole, um on top, then actually the letter valve becomes the valve. So it's put so you don't pronounce it love like a fact or something. It's pronounced hooked. Let's get going, Your son. Good cold, Mont show. So full show more does this one again. So let's break this one down. So it's sheen with comebacks. And then you have the memory, the whole almond talk. So it adds the or sound to the men. And then you have the and with that, with the data. So it's some more your vote. What time that took here again. We see the love with hole on top. So that becomes the valve. That's why it's pronounced that let's get going on Nothing. Come on. A booked May good food that's shown no hole kind Gush toe see on Mullah home look slo mo. We have two columns. One of the limit. One of the men. So it's low more. I have one. Yeah, I called I don't or long how much C show backed So long. Watch, I should know toe. But the foot meets vote. Do what? Call her name. All right, good job season 3. Read with the letter ◊ė: Hi. Welcome back. Worked. Listen, 15. Of course. It's already starting to see the end in this lesson. We're not gonna Adami nouvelle gonna keep practicing the whole, um we're gonna add a new letter this letter tipped. So it's ticked. Here it is Ticked that similar to the English letter t The new World we're gonna learn is the word elite elite, which is a pressure. Okay, let's break it down. We have the tit with a tough That's top. We have the limit with Eric. That's Lee, followed by the Utah. That's Rick. Tell me we have the tough elite elite. All right, let's do some breakfasting with everything looked so fire. Let's do it ton teeth Matt at yet? Not to. Tove. Hi, It d tell Avi Shut. Cut. Mita. What? Captain seats up. Chef act. Nat McDowell Psyched up. May at she backed delete whole I Todd Tatham t e Thomann. Then no at, uh, me Clapped factor in he beat up. Shoot that team 12 in Beat the home neti locked. Yeah. Dying elite should know Tova your own and Frank final would Tove Good. Which actually that's what tough means told means good, so good. And we'll see in the next session 4. Learn vowels Segol and Hataf Segol: Hi. Welcome back to a next section. We're going to start reading with new sound. That's the Eat Group that includes three vowels Teoh say Good and Pepsico. Now they make similar stands on we'll say during this section. All right, so let's get into it. So the value of minutes that with our Citgo and tough single So they're both made to the sound like in the word single, like in the word set And again the reason why they're two separate valves goes back to historical reasons. But today there really is no difference in pronunciation between the single on the tough single. All right, so let's let any word as well, including both of these vows. So the word emet and met with the truth. So the Aleph has hot obstacle that makes the sound The meme has this a goal makes the MIT sound and the tough so together it makes the word emet Emmett, which is truth. All right, so let's do some practicing. It is surely she looks emit a 10 Sure shame ish Yell it. Love him. Oh, yeah, at Tim Nitsa Hood ish hotel. Tell him. Yeah, What's it, Shiva? It is move it next month. Then they came out. Makes a year, okay? Or let half elite small net like or love the ed to let emit minutes of their It's him one. How Cordish kicked him. Tuleh, the yeoman and him Elohim Gamaty left him emit. That's a Bic. Okay, So actually, you've learned enough valves and lettuce that this entire practice page he's built from real woods admit many of which are quotes from the Bible. Okay, so you're basically soon be able to read text that has any letter or any valiant. It's a good job in season. 5. Read with the letters ◊§ (pey),◊°: Hi. Welcome back to lesson number 17. We're gonna keep practicing the newly learned valves, and this time we're gonna to let it is. The first letter is the letter pay pay. So you see, it's a pay, and it has a docking between in the middle. Sorry. That's the Hebrew letter pay equivalent to the English P. And we have this summer. So which is a bit like a circle. So you could remember like that summit like a circle. It's like the English s. And then you know where we're going to learn is the word Tessa so pissed on his Passover. It's the Jewish holiday Passover. And let's break it down. So we have to pay. We seek order in this summit with a tough on the hit. So it's pit, so All right, let's do some reading course. Scylla mess Piso stuff. Stone. Yes, it samba safta the sun. See the that's dope. Sen. Duck mso it. We seem new snuff. Good Steven. Miss Aviv basis. He speed. Then the scope my city subhead. It connects it ni stuff, huh? No sect must speak. Fassa Dim ha! Seeding. Palin s up. Silly, huh? Sydney hooked. Issa Copus. How was it? Mitts out? No last word. We should recognize it. We just learned it. It's piss off. All right. Good job. That's the end of lesson number 17. 6. Read with the letter ◊§ (fey): all right, and welcome back. So we're continuing with the group lesson number 18. In this lesson, we're gonna learn you've out, but we're gonna live in you let up, which you might identify because we learned Teoh previously, except this time the letter pay with at conduct. So the sound of makes is the letter. Say, say the same letter we the doctor makes the p pay sound and made at a doctor Makes the say like an f sound. And the new ever gonna look for this lesson is sure fire. Let's break it down. We have the sheen and divide with the whole, um so love with the whole, um makes it a vow. So it's sure Then we have to pay with the comebacks. That's far sorry sake. It doesn't have a doctor, So it's so far. Say it with me. So far, Michelle Fire is actually a Ram's horn Before we practice reading. Let's see a few tips and tricks to recognize semen Malena's because we already have quite a few of those. So let's start off the letter pay has a polka duct, so polka starts with the word pay. Hey, is a house with a hole, house and whole sound like the little Haiti. So we have the hay with the house. With the whole we have ticked, which is open on the top here. Seat opens at the top of its open and we have a summit, which is like a slippery civil. That's the letter signed. Slippery sickle. So again, pay as the Polk adopt. Hey, has house with the whole Tet is open on top and some it is a slippery civil. So these are some tips and tricks to recognize letters. They're similar. Now let's practice reading. All right, so we have you fit. So see net fish Whole fish so sick we'll see. Confess No fire. That's that. Your theme? Enough. She often f this It's that fun. Chef up cool, Phil, you stick assessed if show si le must. Here she looked. Sorry. So, frame let's a name Sophia Least duct. No flim tough foot. Enough's him. A thick woman has teller. She offed him, commits I look, she'll foul See enough seen Must deal half Tera. All right, good job. See in the next lesson. And as usual, you have your cheat sheet. All right. Good bye. 7. Read with the letter ◊•: I welcome back where? Listen number 19 continuing with the group and this lesson, we're gonna learn a new valve. So that's the valve. Syria. Sometimes it appears with you after it. Then it joins the valve and sometimes without it. So it's Syria, and it's like the e in the letter picked with it just with the units and makes the sound a A So we that the EU it is just And with you'd it makes the sound a All right. Let's learn you would Sorry. And you let it now. So the new ever gonna learn is the final letter. Daddy, Sandy or technique. So this is one of the five. Final letter is the letter study and the New World We're gonna learn Using the new valve on the new letter is its claim. Let's break it down. We have the I we look today, so we have pathetic. That's that's it's which is tree and same is het with Madoff. That's hot. We have you'd we've been following you after it, which makes the longer Herrick sound right. So it's high 18. So it set Same, which is the tree of life. All right, let's practice reading with the nouvelle and you lit up. It's, um it's Mets up. How fits kites? Kutz could seem. Books, pilots cough. It's not sets. Look, let's send hon at sits. Minutes emits. Enter millets, a meats, etc. Leak puts feets up. Come mats whole. It's holim. It fits. We'll fix What's up your pets? See? Point the aim mats pits. Let's your bets. Needs toe millets. Is that him? It's a phone. Hermits. It's same Ham would see left him. I mean, how? It's all right. So that was lesson number 19. We're getting close to the end. So you see you in the next lesson. 8. Read with the letter (sin) ◊©: Hello and welcome back to lesson number 20. So, in this lesson, we're gonna let a new letter that's a letter seem so look familiar because it's the letter shin with a dot on the left, this might be a bit confusing. So the dog on the right, we've learned his machine on the left is a scene like the letter s. So the new where we're gonna learn is yes, which is Israel. So it's you'd e then we have the sin with the Shiva. That's so these. And in a show with combats, that's, uh So it's these, uh, then Al s with its era, Which is it and limit so together makes yeast. Yes. Okay, now, just a few tips about the shooting the scene which were pretty confusing because the shin and the sin they look similar about their different letters. Now again, if the dot on the right that's a sheen makes the sound like in chalong. Shh. But if the doctor is on the left side, like over here, makes like the s sound. It's called a letter sin, and it makes the s sound like in a salad. Now the trick to remember it is with this thing. A scene is never right. So if you see a dot on the right side, it might be a shin because of sin. Can never be right. So that trick helps you remember it. And let's see it does, because we're going to stop practicing reading with everything we've learned so far. All right, so let's do it. Shit. Seem so some suck. See? So, uh, Senate so much awesome. What sick? Sorry the prison was not. Also it's SL, which means 10 sl What? Sick. So, uh, that's very and he's when he's shut up, even I'm confused. So this is shower. So now if we're already seeing this combination of Shadow Sabah So try saying Sarah Sarah, she'll Samir. Which means Sarah is singing a happy song. Sava. Shara. She'll somewhere shot outside a shell. Some astronauts that I shall something. Let's see if he can do it. It's confusing. All right, let's keep during, like, three. So it's Charlotte and Sarah Chama. Okay, Summer Shut down. See how so? How Sefa, Lisa, my cell said there, Shocked Sheva. It's a I saw seem hot to our Monday. It's a I said erect she, uh, he's seem Shalem. What's that? So long? Um, the nay he's and it's Issa it, which means Land of Israel. All right, so that wasn't too confusing. You might wanna have a look at that at this session again to practice the Xining and the singing and let me know if you are able to do the shot up. Sorry. All right, see you the next lesson. 9. Read with the letter ◊í: Hi and welcome back to lesson number 21. Getting very close to the end. In this lesson, we're gonna learn the letter G mill. That's a new letter. What we're learning. It's later Gmail. That makes it sound like English G Good, not Jet. There is no job in Hebrew, so it's the letter. Get like a little G like Like, got it. All right, So we're gonna learn a word combination. That's hard. Some enough, which means Happy holiday. So let's break it down and then we'll see a little surprise here in the end. So we have met with the stuff that makes the hot sound. We have the Gmail. So that's where we have hugged. Then we have the shin with induct on the left because a scene can't be right. So the dots on the left Oh, it's a sin. So it makes the shop sound sorry. The sup sound. So it's a sin with the combat So tsa so that we have hugged Sepp. Then we have the men within Syria that makes the MIT sound. We have hot sauce met Then we have effect with better off. Now you would think that it would sound, huh? Semesta. But this leads us to an ex lied when we talk about a special combination of Hatton but at the end of the world. So with the sound hot and the end of the wood, Usually when you read a lot of al combination than you pronounce the letter first and then the valve. Right? So if you take this cut, for example, you will see the letter fit and the data with a pet after makes, huh? Right. First the letter and then the valve. However, when the letter and the valve het and packed off appear in the end of the word that instead of standing like huh it's the other way around, it's you just flip. Uh, so this takes place at the end of the word only for this letter and Val combination Confused. Don't worry. We're gonna practice it right now. All right, so let's do some reading. So we have here, sir. This is a scene with the commands. May and then we have this head with the butt off. So again, you might want to read it some, huh? But instead, because it's a set with a data, you flip it over. So it's not some effort, but it's some make up. Let's keep doing it. Same here this whole first row and second and third and fourth of practicing this principle . So it's some meta Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, The CIA mania. My Shia book. Yeah. So yeah, put to death. Let's your bear. I mean, that's a sure laugh. My new uh let's Mia Michelle, it's Leah. Look, half machine Guia Has she got stuck? A CIA ceqa miss a myth, he idea. But death to laugh Tell us P care neath cuff bull If live watch but least love Cela Salaita Excuse me or I'm sorry Mascia Thank you, Samantha. Piss up. I get that and last word is megillah. So as you can see by now you're actually reading Hebrew And all of these are actual words. I'm like the beginning when they were just random letter combination to practice what we've learned Now you know enough letters and vows to be able to read Hebrew So just a quick translation cc some map is happy about his moon about his guest attack is opening so lefties forgive But his escape the slow rockets to forgive because he's smart or cunning. Missem l is to make happy seek up his conversation. Hugs a map is happy holiday. Pesa is the holiday Passover, but and what else? If Dia is the promise, So we didn't do all the words, but pretty much you can get the idea that now you can read almost any Hebrew text you come across when has vows and we're almost at the end. So a good job and we'll see you in the next session.