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Learn To Read Hebrew From Scratch: Modern AND Biblical - Reading with "Ei" - Hirik

teacher avatar Ivrit Simply

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction Video

    • 2. Learn Hirik Vowel

    • 3. Read with silent ע

    • 4. Read with Letters נ,ן

    • 5. Read with the letter ח

    • 6. Read with the letter י

    • 7. Read with the letter ם

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About This Class

Read Hebrew fluently from the Bible or from any modern book. No prior knowledge required!

In this class you will learn to read with the vowel "Ei" which inclues the vowel 'hirik'. You will learn to read this vowels with various letters. 


Reading Hebrew directly from the Bible, prayer book or any modern Hebrew source might sound like a faraway dream, but in fact it's really easy and can be mastered quickly EVEN WITH NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE!

If you want to unlock the original language of the most sacred books, or learn to read modern everyday Hebrew, or even are just planning a visit to Israel and want to know to read a little this course will help you achieve your goals in no time.

In this course you will find a FULL ON HEBREW CRASH COURSE where you will get to learn the basics of Hebrew (including the Hebrew Alphabet and the Vowel System) AND ALSO you will get AN AMAZING IN DEPTH HEBREW READING COURSE which we guarantee you will love. 

What you’ll learn

  • Read from a Hebrew Bible or a Hebrew prayer book
  • Read from any Hebrew written source that has vowels
  • Write, pronounce and identify the Hebrew letters
  • Pronounce the Hebrew Letters
  • Identify the Hebrew Letters

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No prior knowledge required

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone that want's to read Modern and/or Biblical Hebrew
  • It's great for anyone that wants to learn the Hebrew vowels and how to use them
  • It's awesome if you want to get an overview of how the Hebrew language works

Meet Your Teacher

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Ivrit Simply


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1. Introduction Video: Hello and welcome to read Hebrew from scratch. Modern and biblical, most highly reviewed Hebrew goes on you to meet. We're gonna learn to read Hebrew in no time. My name's Daniel. I'll be leading three. These close I'm a certified favorite already read with years of teaching experience have taught thousands of students in classes and online, including here on you to me without talk and most rated every closes on YouTube. Okay, great. So this causes for you. If you want to learn to read modern and or biblical Hebrew, it's great if you want to get to know the basics of Hebrew alphabet knowns, how to write them, how to identify them. And it's perfect. If you're planning a trip to Israel, you want to brush up your because his in depth, and it's very clearly explained by the end of it will be able to read full length Hebrew texts modern, biblical, even popular Hebrew songs. In addition, you'll find a Hebrew crash coast inside of which will guide you through all the basics of All right, so has the cost structure. We're going to start off with learning the Hebrew alphabet. Letter by letter sounded at. Write it down, see how to write every letter. Then we're gonna learn to different Val groups. What sounds They are what 1000 named have their pronounced. So what's invested that we can go into actually reading a letter by letter fail by fell until you could actually read a group. We're gonna practice it together on biblical text, prayer books, modern text and even on Hebrew songs. And as a bonus, you'll also find MP three files. In the course, you can download it, listen to it on the go. So if you want to learn Hebrew at the price of one Hebrew lesson joint asked for an amazing experience. Have fun too face it. 2. Learn Hirik Vowel: hi and welcome back and welcome to the next section. In the course, we're going to start a new valve group, which is the sound e e. So I'm gonna start reading with. So let's begin. So the sound is called Eric. This is how it is. It's induct. And if you have just the Feyerick than it's pronounced kind of short, like the I in bit so beat, it makes the east amber. It's a short one. It's a bit if it hasn't you right next to it. So it's a longer It's like an E, like in sheet, so the sand is the same, but really you're just makes it a bit longer. So let's see. Word meets that mitzvah. So let's break it down. We have the meme with Tariq Tariq. That's me like a baked to show what? It's not meat. It's meat. Then we have the tannic with a shiv. App lets we have the valve with combats. It's on the hay. So together it makes meets the mitzvah, which means commandment. All right, so you ready to start reading within you vow. Let's do it. All right, Meek said. The V a v Davi but a she shot. He cut beav me, see a happy he if he's shut Eema. I see, I believe lobby ville the vid Bheema that he teak Sheetal here Zima clear that i z za cut seeing It's a dick. Really at cut dish of these Killah Mick C seat beat I mean teak of up Hattie Cova mitzvah. How meets of that about mitzvah, but mitzvah. All right, so we're done with practice page eight Now again, most of these on the left side and even some of the right are already words. A few examples. Sadiq is righteous. Sheila is also a name. But also she locked me in singing. But after his creation bleat me Luck. Two words mean circumcision. Tikva means hope. Mika means writing Katzir means to cut the harvest and bar mitzvah. You might know it's a celebration in Jewish religion at the age of 13 when a young boy turned into a man that's about meeting. All right, so just a small note. The reason why I'm not translating the words as we read them along is to not confuse ourselves, but with a focus on mastering reading, which is different than mastering a vocabulary. They're both important. But if we do them both in one garden will be confusing. If you want to focus on your vocabulary, then we have a separate coarse focus just on that, or in the end of this course, you can get a taste of it. But it's better not to confuse two things together while we study. All right, so thank you, and we'll see soon. 3. Read with silent ע: Hi. And welcome back to lesson number nine. So, in this lesson, we're not gonna learn any new valves. Gonna continue with uric e sounds, and we're gonna let a new letter. That's letter line. So it's an I'm with no sound. And you were gonna learn. Is she sure? Let's break it down him with the Shiva Makes the sh sound Men with a man on the mountain Rimba and the data maker Matt Sound on the in here is silent. So it's the eyeing with no sound schmuck, which means here or listen. All right, so there are really on too many new lettuce or new 1000 in this lesson. So it's a good lesson to just practice that reading. So let's do it as she, uh, t have. It's a no. That, uh, I of the ID. Yeah. Here. Oh, vod that, but, uh, slash, but I Advil schmuck that have so here. Tak up, Emma, She, uh, like here I did by sheer Oh, but a tick evenly You've licked. I live Kia. I mean that que Allah shot of that vanity. She Attica. I mean that. Sure. Tishman, Show me clearly at schmuck. All right, that's it for this lesson season 4. Read with Letters נ,ן: hello and welcome back. And we have to listen. Tenneco's So in this lesson, we're gonna linton you lettuce and a new one. So chin you letters are known known, which is similar to the English end known, and also the next letter is really the same one, but it's a final version of it. It's the final moon. So in Hebrew there are five letters that when they appear at the end of the word, they're written out differently. Known is one of them altogether. The letters Air Man, SEPA meme known Sadiq pay and cuff. So any one of these five letters when they appear at the end of the word they're reading differently. So the final loon is written like this, all right, and the new world we're gonna learn to. The session is Novik. Let's break it down. We have the noon with the combats. That's not We have the vet with Eric, that's V and we have the you'd after the Munich, so it's a longer sound like sheep, so it's not V no VI, which means profit. All right, let's practice some reading. Let's go. So we have none Nuff eight can being I mean, London? Done, Man Sheen. I'm Dean beneath on me. Neki on me. No sh No, Sorry again. Shut up, Shan Now Le van Enough. The not I'm not. No vi Dina and Chama. Misha Allah. My I mean, we know cover now. No, he loves my being. I'm done. Mish con have in can can I'm done. No vi Medina Ma. Miss Donna In the last word is no v which we've learned is a prophet. All right, great season. 5. Read with the letter ח: hi and welcome back to Lesson 11. In this lesson, we're gonna know new letter and a new word. So the new letter is checked. Perfect. So it's like the sounding buck. It's very civil and sound to the letter Huff. So huff and correct actually make the same cell, so it's picked. Sometimes you'll see it marked in when you write in English to understand that it's a friend to the hook and not to it to regular. You'll see a dot under the H so you'll either see it duck under the H. Or sometimes you'll see a C h. So both the sounds referred to the letter checked. Now the new World we're gonna learn is the word. Saleh. Let's break it down. We have the foot with a tough That's hot. We have the lemon with combats. That's luck. And we have the hay. So it's holla, which is braided bread. All right, let's practice some reading where you're getting pretty advanced means you'll see now longer words as well. All right. See, Harvey Factor. But oh, so he'll hud hush. He me cut. So no laugh. Uh, seek God. She? Uh huh. So we've Havel site 10. I love Finally. It's a hawk. Ah, Hut! That's here. Find none means from the shop, shall, Huh? Unique. Behold last month how the common show? How it Fatima, Hide that shop. Half lap, Have? Uh huh. I love Shabbat. How common. All right, so, as usual, you have practice page The chief painted would have looked at it and use it to read it with some help. All right, good job season. 6. Read with the letter י: Hi and welcome back to lesson number 12 in. Of course. All right, so in this lesson, we're going to start off with learning. And you let up the letter. You'd So it's your It's like the English letter. Why? Saying we've made pronounced you'd some people pronounce it yard. All right, so that's one letter we're gonna learn today. And the new world we're gonna learn is Aaliyah again. Aaliyah, Let's break it down! So you have the eyeing with a tough but, uh so it makes the up sounds from the groups of Then you have the lamb it with a few weeks , so that slowly So we have Ali. Then we have the you do with the combats that makes the yeah sound. Then we have the hand the end of the world which connects to the U. So it's a Leah Aaliyah, which means going up it also. It also means if someone goes to live in Israel, then it's called that they're making Aaliyah. They're going up to Israel. Okay, so let's practice some reading and let's do it yet! Yeah, he yang Yummy! Yeah! D Yemma! Yeah! Shun me Odd neo lie! Hi. Bite Yeah. Show. Yeah, Yeah, I'm yes. Shove yet that I You have? Yeah. He'd Yeah. Co my young It's here. Hi. Yeah, You have fun. Hi. Yet So I'm dying. Yeah. Yeah. You tuck? Yeah. Bash up CRT? Yeah. Cozy. Yeah. Ive Aha, Yes. That your idea? Yes. Ive up. He stepped back. Hate, Uh, I mean young. And the last word is on the young. All right job. So, as usual, you have the cheek, Chief. You want to go over it with the answers, Then you should do so better, obviously, to try it first on your own back. It's good to have this as well. All right, see you next lesson. 7. Read with the letter ם: Hi. Welcome to lesson number 30. So, in this lesson, we're gonna learn Final it up. Final letter men. So just a reminder. There five final letters meme known Sadiq pay and half. And when one of these letters appear at the end of a word, then they're simply written differently. So to see an example, let's look at the letter at the world. The height. So as you can see, that ends with the letter mem behind. So therefore, the men is a final member, but the pronunciation is the same. It's still the same letter, Mamet's equivalent to the English. So let's break down the word high. That's that's off with a lamb it with the Shiva. So that's look, then we have a fit with the back tough. It's so then we have you'd with Tariq. That's he. And remember, if we have a few wreak followed by you and it makes it longest sound like she so here we have you after you, but it doesn't matter. It still makes the longest on high, so it's time, which means toe life. But it's actually the equivalent to saying cheers. So if you wanna have a drink, and you want toe raise a cheer so you would raise all behind. All right, So let's practice and rating the new lead of Blunt with current values that we already know . Alum A theme. Lim, You're young, but, dean, you it's name but team I don't the Kim. So, um yeah, I mean of being I am by name mine. I don't staying. I believe no machine. Shumei do Valium. Yeah. Dying Come in of uh huh. Never the I mean, she's in evening. I mean, yeah. Ledeen said the scheme. Avedon, It's the act. Meet sign And the last word left time. All right. Sees it.