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Learn To Read Hebrew From Scratch: Modern AND Biblical - Read With "Ah" Kamatz, Patah, Hataf Patah

teacher avatar Ivrit Simply

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction Video - Learn to Reach From Scratch Series

    • 2. Learn vowels Kamatz and Patah and the letters (bet)ש,ת,ב

    • 3. Read with Kamatz and Patah and Learn the letter מ

    • 4. Read with Kamatz and Patah and Learn the letter כ,ל,ה (kaf)

    • 5. Learn Shva vowel and the letters ר,(haf) כ

    • 6. Learn Hataf Patah vowel and the letters ב (vet) ,ד

    • 7. Read with Letters א,ו

    • 8. Read with Letters ק,צ

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About This Class

Read Hebrew fluently from the Bible or from any modern book. No prior knowledge required!

In this class you will learn to read with the vowel "Ah" which inclues Kamatz, Patah, Hataf
Patah and Shva. You will learn to read this vowels with various letters. 


Reading Hebrew directly from the Bible, prayer book or any modern Hebrew source might sound like a faraway dream, but in fact it's really easy and can be mastered quickly EVEN WITH NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE!

If you want to unlock the original language of the most sacred books, or learn to read modern everyday Hebrew, or even are just planning a visit to Israel and want to know to read a little this course will help you achieve your goals in no time.

In this course you will find a FULL ON HEBREW CRASH COURSE where you will get to learn the basics of Hebrew (including the Hebrew Alphabet and the Vowel System) AND ALSO you will get AN AMAZING IN DEPTH HEBREW READING COURSE which we guarantee you will love. 

What you’ll learn

  • Read from a Hebrew Bible or a Hebrew prayer book
  • Read from any Hebrew written source that has vowels
  • Write, pronounce and identify the Hebrew letters
  • Pronounce the Hebrew Letters
  • Identify the Hebrew Letters

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No prior knowledge required

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone that want's to read Modern and/or Biblical Hebrew
  • It's great for anyone that wants to learn the Hebrew vowels and how to use them
  • It's awesome if you want to get an overview of how the Hebrew language works

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Ivrit Simply


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1. Introduction Video - Learn to Reach From Scratch Series: Hello and welcome to read Hebrew from scratch. Modern and biblical, most highly reviewed Hebrew goes on you to meet. We're gonna learn to read Hebrew in no time. My name's Daniel. I'll be leading three. These close I'm a certified favorite already read with years of teaching experience have taught thousands of students in classes and online, including here on you to me without talk and most rated every closes on YouTube. Okay, great. So this causes for you. If you want to learn to read modern and or biblical Hebrew, it's great if you want to get to know the basics of Hebrew alphabet knowns, how to write them, how to identify them. And it's perfect. If you're planning a trip to Israel, you want to brush up your because his in depth, and it's very clearly explained by the end of it will be able to read full length Hebrew texts modern, biblical, even popular Hebrew songs. In addition, you'll find a Hebrew crash coast inside of which will guide you through all the basics of All right, so has the cost structure. We're going to start off with learning the Hebrew alphabet. Letter by letter sounded at. Write it down, see how to write every letter. Then we're gonna learn to different Val groups. What sounds They are what 1000 named have their pronounced. So what's invested that we can go into actually reading a letter by letter fail by fell until you could actually read a group. We're gonna practice it together on biblical text, prayer books, modern text and even on Hebrew songs. And as a bonus, you'll also find MP three files. In the course, you can download it, listen to it on the go. So if you want to learn Hebrew at the price of one Hebrew lesson joint asked for an amazing experience. Have fun too face it. 2. Learn vowels Kamatz and Patah and the letters (bet)ש,ת,ב: Hi. Welcome to lesson number one. In the course, read Hebrew from scratch, Modern and biblical. And in this lesson, we're gonna learn three new letters and two vows and would. So let's that to the first letters we're gonna learn. I let his bet. So this is a letter bet over here. The first letter. The letter. Bet it's pronounced. Lack the English Be. So this one over here bit the next letter. Is the letter tough? They can see two versions, one with the 10.1 without a doubt. Now, really, it only matters in ancient Hebrew, but in Hebrew today, both modern and biblical, there really is no difference in the way pronounce these tough in this stuff. So the roads pronounced tough, which is like the English Clarity. The last letter is the letter Sheen. Sheen. So this is the letter sheen. Now I know this letter is pronounced differently. That has the dot here, or if it has it here. Now we're learning the one with the daughter. The right, and this is pronounced like the English. Shh. So that's the letter sheen. So again, we've learned three letters so far. Letter bet the letter tough and the letter sheen. Soon we're gonna raise using these lists. But before we do, let's learn some vows. So the valves we're gonna learn now in this lesson are how tough this is this valets, Just a line. Basically, under the letter, the circle resembles any letter you want to put here. So this first values called tough and it's just a line hot stuff and it's pronunciation is like like in the word Khar. Uh, so the second letter on the second ballot Sorry, he's combats and it's really the exact same was tough, so you might be asking. So why is there how tough and combats well again? Ancient Hebrew had different pronunciation that it has today. Even if you go and you reading the Bible or, you know you have professional Bible Raiders, they still read it in a different dialect than it was read a long time ago. So today, how tough income outside pronounced the exact same. So they both make the sound says I like the A in car. And finally, let's let Anu would so a new word for now is Shabbat Shabbat. Using these three letters and the 2000 lead. So it's shop because it's the letter sheen and it has the valve tough under it. So you connect the valve to the sound of the letter. So the letter is sh and the valleys. So it's shop. Say it with me shop. The second letter is letter bet so but an under it has a combats. So again it's book together with the valve. So that makes back so. So far we have shop back. The last letter has Novell, so it's shop backed again, Shabbat and Shabbat in Hebrew. It's the Sabbath. It's the seventh day, and it also means rest. Okay, great. So we've learned three new letters. Bet tough and sheen. We've learned the two vowels have tough and come acts which both make the up sand. And we've loved a new word using these three letters and the two vowels shop backed, which means rest. Now that we know a little bit of Hebrew, we can actually start rating. So let's do it. Okay, so let's start with its practice page. Let's start from the rights. Get used to going from right to left to the course will be structured from right to left bank mainly. So that's that. And basically, I'm going to read it together with you. And you have your practice sheet, you can download it, you can print it out and you can practice on your own. But here, we'll do it together. So let's look, but but the but but the All right, So you should be reading it along with me. And after we do one ran together. You should use the print at page, or you can even just pause this page as well. And you should be doing any on your own. And if you want to make sure that you're getting a right, he also have an answer sheet with the English pronunciation underneath, as you've seen. Let's continue, Teoh. Uh uh Teoh. All right, so now we're gonna go toe to letter combinations. These outwards, they're just random combinations. Most of them, at least in the end. There are some words. Jeff Sha'ab, Shut Shasha, Shabba shacked up, bash cash, But shacked up Basha. But all right, so now we're gonna go on to three letter words, all right. To read it with me and you'll get along. All right, so let's do it shop Batch Yeah. Shop bash Tap backed bash shot Next line Shabaab backed up Tak tub that bat Have that tab at Shabbat by shut by shash by backed Sharbat. This is a word. Shabbat, the Sabbath. Shabbat, Shabbat, sharbat, Shabbat. All right. Great. So that was the practice page. If you want, you have the answer sheet as well. Which you can use here it is. So here you can print out both versions and practice on your own or you can do it along with me, whatever you prefer. So I hope you enjoy desist lesson and you found it useful season. 3. Read with Kamatz and Patah and Learn the letter מ: Hi. Welcome back. We have to lesson number two in a course and we're going to start off with learning this time. The letter mem the letter men is like the English letter M So it's a meme and we're gonna learn a word. Shamash. So it's using already the letters we've learned Sheen, That's this letter over here Shin and then a meme and then a shin. And you can see also the valves and has a pack off we send. So it's shop, then it has letter mem with combats, which also sounds up. So it's Emma and then at the end is a shin without any Val so together it sounds Shamash Which much means helper in Heber. Okay, so for this lesson, we're gonna learn any new valves. But we're gonna practice the two guys with Blood Combats and PETA with four letters that we've now learned, including the new letter we've learned to Letterman. So let's try it out. Let's do this together. So again, just to remind out the best thing to do is to read it together with me, right? And then try Practice it on your All right. Let's do it. I'm reading from the first line and let's go shop MMA mesh meme Sorry, My mistake, Mama mesh Shamba But mash on the second line Mud met moment matter member Bama Shamma Tambor Back Bama Tell me Mass Sha'ab Matt Cash My bat man Matt, about mash When you go to the second side, tell mash Shabbat time. Matt Matt Bash Master Chef Sharbat So Shabbat You should identify already. We learned that in the previous lesson That's the Sabbath, The seventh day or it means to rest. Keep on going Shamash met cash myself. Shamash! Shamma Shamash Shot back Shot back Shamash Sharbat, Shamash, Shabbat Shamash and last word Sharbat. All right, Great. Tonight taken either posed the video and try doing it yourself. Or you can get one of the P. D. Efs. So of course you have the answer sheet as well. With the ricin pronunciation for everyone in the woods. Okay. See you soon. 4. Read with Kamatz and Patah and Learn the letter כ,ל,ה (kaf): Hi and welcome back. We're up to listen, number three. So this lesson we're going to keep working with the combats on the data, and we're just gonna learn some new letters and practice reading with those lettuce. Okay, So the letters we're going to add in today the first letter is the letter limit. Lamb. It's so it's like the English el lahm, it saying with me, Love it. All right. The next letter is the letter cuff. It's like the English letter K. So it's cuff and notes that this is cuffed with a dart inside. Later on, we'll learn what a coffee is with at least dark inside of it. All right. And the last letter for this lesson is letter. Hey, so the letter hate is equivalent in English. Letter h. Well, sometimes when appease at the end of the word, it's the silent letter. Hate. Okay, let's now learn. And you would as we doing every lesson. So the word for today is color. We trains bride, Let's break it down. So the first letter is tough and it has what, Valentin eighth. That's right. A tough so together and make the sound and the next letter is limit and it has a combats underneath. So it makes the sound left on the hey here is silent. So the world is cholera. Say with me, Qala. All right, You ready to practice reading? We're gonna do that with two vowels combats but tough. And the three extra letters with just lit. So let's start reading. All right? Starting from the top. Let's go. But huh Uh uh huh, uh huh, Uh huh. Hi. Help that. Yes. Hat. Uh huh. Living on back. I noticed this whole line is practicing the silent letter. Hey, so hes at the end of the words here. And it's really in our pronounced because But even if I would have taken this hey off, you would still say but and so it really makes the same sound. It just extends it a little bit. So without the hey, this will be back and with Hey, it would be back. So you really probably can't tell the difference. And my dad, Israelis on native Hebrew speakers could tell the difference. It's very, very subtle, but it's there. Let's give guy so back. Uh, shut Le ma. Uh huh. Tele Bama Last shot. Come on. Shabbat Allama America! Some, uh, Qala last shop. How about hash out mush? Hasher. But how much shell? Hakala? Kala? How Qala mccaf. Cama lama Last year Shabbat How? Kayla Shabbat McCullough Shabbat. All right, so pause it, trying on your own. And as always, you have the cheat cheat, which you can use if you forgot how to pronounce it or if you want to see that you're doing all right. All right, See you soon. 5. Learn Shva vowel and the letters ר,(haf) כ: hi and welcome back. We're have to listen for in our costs. So in this lesson, we're going to start off with learning to new lettuce. That is the letter race. So that's the first letter, this one over here. It's the letter race. It's equivalent to the English letter are, But the pronunciation is slightly different. Instead of our it's so fresh back. Usually English speakers pronounce it rish, which is also fine. So that's the letter. Erase the second letter you might identify. It's similar. It's the letter cuff, but this time, without the doctor in the middle called in. He rode the dish so with at the dot, instead of being pronounced, cop cuff lacked English Letter K. It's pronounced tough, like in the name bus, so you can usually write it ch. Sometimes you'll see it reading within H and a dot below the H. So it's pronounced, huh? There is no English letter that resembles it, so that's why you'll see different versions of writing in English. So this is a letter huff, and if you have a hard time pronouncing it, then you can just say half just with an H. Don't say chuff that's wrong. It's closer to say half just with an H. That's blesh and Huff. Okay, we're gonna learn a new Val. Now. This valve is the Shiva, and it's an actually a silent, though it's a bit like the sound after the B in the word bull. So it's bull and we'll see how to use it in a moment. But as usual, let's let any word using the new Val and the new lettuce. So a new word for today is Baja Blaga. So let's go. Letter by letter foul live out. So the first letter is letter bet and the Val under it is the Shiva. So it's just But the next letter is Roesch. What's the Val under it? You recognize it? Come on, that's so it's Ah, The next letter is a huff with a comeback, so it's hot, and the last one is the silent A at the end of the wood. So all together we have Blaha Balaka, which means a blessing. So let's practice what we've let you ready. Let's do it. All right, so we'll read it together, try and read it along with me. If you feel that you've already gained some experience enough to try it on your own. Then this is a good time to pause or to go to the print at materials and print this page at and trying herself. But if not, let's do it together. And that's fine too. All right. Messa Bath, huh? Cafa laughter. Tessa. Uh uh So this is using the silent a right to the silent A means that even with at the hey, it would still be the same. It would still be hot. Just the huff with come acts under it, it would still make up But the salinity is accustomed when it comes to the end of the word . So it's hot Massa, if I add a silent A at the end of this world would still get the same pronunciation. It would be my hot cafa fab cut Hush left, come shut cul thefa bow. So just note that in this life in this one over here hush it would be the same is not having the show because the show is silent. So the shot is more relevant when it comes Not as the last letter you won't see it should ever on the last letter of the word. But here it is, practicing the different vows. That's what's it up here. These aren't actual words. Most of them released. Let's continue, Botha. Which means cry Cassa. Lhasa Matthau shot, Huh? Qala, Remember what that means? It means bright. Uh huh. Comma Makkah. Hush. But that in fact Caza again this work using the Shiva. Tough but that Hi! Tough, huh? Uh huh. Messa Hi laughter. But how? You know it's blessing again. Hi, Laugher. How did I thought? Okay, great. So that was some practice. Now this is, as usual, your cheat sheet. We fully and this lesson. I just wanted to talk about the letter. Hey, So the letter hey is similar to the English letter H. Now, when it comes in the beginning of the world that it makes a sound like in the word higher, which means mountain higher. Now when it comes to the end of the word as I mentioned before then it's silent. So like in the word career, Qala. So you can see that if I even take off this letter Hey, then it would still bring pronounce the same collapse, right? Cuff with a tough and lemon with a comeback. So the pronounced color. So the head. The end here is really silent, so it's color, which means bright. That's pretty frequent in the Hebrew in the Hebrew language. They will see a lot. So how? It's clear if you have any questions, of course, feel free to post them in the question area with the discussion area, and we'll see in the next lesson. 6. Learn Hataf Patah vowel and the letters ב (vet) ,ד: Hi. Welcome back. We're up to lesson number five. So in this lesson, we're gonna start off with learning to new lettuce. So the first letter is letter vet. Now, you might recognize this letter because we've already learned it seeming leads. Letter bet. But this time it does not have the dot in the middle. So a bit with at the dot is pronounced vit that so it's similar to the English letter V. Now, the next letter will loan is a letter del it del it. So that's like the letter d dull it. Okay, now we're gonna learn a nouvelle. But really, it's not gonna adding a new sound because tough, tough, which is these Patton with Van next to it really makes the same sound which is like the up in father. So again you might ask. So why do we need three vowels that have the same sound? Tough, tough, But Duffin commits Well, the answer lies in history, because in the past there were different pronunciations for the Hebrew language, and today they're not really relevant. So for historical reasons, the Val still remained, as they are meaning three different valves. But the sounds of the same both for modern reading and also for biblical rating. Okay, so that was the new valve. A tough a tough. So again, if you see it, it's the same as combats and Esparta. All right, so the new world we're gonna learn now is have data. Let's see it again. Break it down. Hey, has a data Hana. So that would make huh sound. This is the vet. The bet without the doctor with Shiva. So it's so far. What have then we have the Dalit now Dallas. You see it dot Here the docking, the dollar. It makes no difference in the sound. It's only for specific kind of reading in the Tora based on different origins like Yemen Night Toe. Have they used these dullard to pronounce the letter differently? Really? In modern and biblical reading things, the guests this dark does not really make a difference. So it's have duh love have the have Della, which means separation to separate lab D. So have that. That means separation in Judaism. The word have that is used to call the blessing at the end of the Sabbath day because then you you separate The Holiness that the day of the Sabbath to the week days to the regular days. That's why it's called Mandela separation. All right, so this time before we go into practice in reading, we've learned your any quite a few letters, and some of them are similar to each other. So let's learn a few tips and tricks to recognize the different letters that a similar. So let's start off. So lamb id lemon, you can remember because it's long, so long remind you of lemon. See, it kind of goes like long love it Now Raisch. It reminds a little bit like a backwoods, our so races like a backwoods. Our race now vet as opposed to bet is vacant off the dot, so vacant starts with that same sound. So the vet is vacant. Now the cuff. What do you do when you have a cough, you take a drop right to the cuff has this coughter So this will help you remember the letter cuff with the duct that it's cough drop. So that's like the sea in cough Cook cuff. All right, then we have the bit. So unlike the vet, the bet has a belly button so its belly button so that would belly starts with the Hebrew sound off a bit. No tough has this tiny little toe tough looks a little bit like hit, but it has the tiny toe so tiny toe. But start with the Hebrew tough sound, tiny and toe. So the tough in the tiny toe and the men will. The men looks a little bit like a mountain right now. Has these job geeky calling in Heber this little edge here. So that's the man on the mountain. So the men mountain M m his letter men Now finally del it, which is a little bit different to race. It's very confusing because it's they look almost the same, but the Dalit looks like a doi. You see the shape it makes. It's more like a toy, so the races, like in our and the doll it is like a toy so you can open and close. So dough I start to the letter Dalit. So again, let's do a quick recap. Lum. It is long races are vit vacant cuff has a cough drop bit, has a belly button. Tough has a tiny toe. Meme has a man on Mountain and Dalit Looks like in Norway. All right, so let's practice actual reading and let's dad Dow. But that about dash cash. Dutch that die. Yeah, go dove Mad cut. But that shut down hod id Diala devil Vash Love mad had down vied. Duh! The rush Should that that shop have mother de member laugher handle, huh? Captiva Love ASHA Lambda The doctor have Della the shop I left for and the last word. But, uh all right, so that was that practice Fage. And of course, you have the cheat sheet. Now, if you wondering why I show you this Teaching every video is just in case you prefer. You can just pause it here and read it out with with explanations of the pronunciations. So I have you enjoyed yourself, and it's important to us. I have fun. And I just recommend to stop trying to read Hebrew words in different places where you come across Hebrew and that will definitely get your motivation up. All right, so let's see you next lesson 7. Read with Letters א,ו: Hi. Welcome back. We're after lesson six in our course. So in this lesson, we're gonna learn to new lettuce. One is the silent I left. So it's an Al if that makes no sound. And in the second letter is the letter buff. Survive is equivalent in English V. We have a left with no sound involved. Equivalent of English, right to the new Ever been alone? He is one of the fundamental principles in Judaism. Have that it comes from the have a ha ha, which is the golden rule. Love my friend, as myself. And let's break down the word. Do you have the valve in the beginning with the Shiva? So it is. Then you have the Aleph with combats, so that makes the sound. Then you have the hay with a tough which makes the hot sound. So so far we have a hot the Uh huh. Then we have the bet with the shura. Sorry, vet with the shockers that has no daughter Yvette. So they have finally the tough with the comments that top So the world together makes that they have there, have the unusual of All right, So this listen before we go to practice at reading. Let's talk a little more about the silent lettuce. So in Hebrew there were two silent lettuce. There's the silent Aleph and the silent I'm I live, and I know they might send that make the same sound. I listened. I'm really in some pronunciations. The I in comes from the throat of I'm So I left and I'm all right. But you can really say them the same most Israelis do. Okay, let's continue. So, like we said, there were two letters in the Hebrew alphabet. There silently, elephant the line. Now when the silent when you see a silent let up that it takes place of the valve under it or before it. So the first example is with the word Schumer, which means here, let's break it down. She has a sheen with ish with the Shiva that's and then men with a company. The data. That's my So even if we pronounce it like this schmuck, it's still the same as this would schmuck. So the I'm here, as you can see silent and the next example is the word rush. So there's a valley we haven't learned to this dot above the race, which makes it an so it's a wash. Now, if we read it like this with happy I left the race with the whole armies whore and the shin Together they make bush So wash over here without the Aleph and wash with er life actually make the same sound. All right, so let's practice some rating. So starting from the top. Ready? All right, dive. Shove that. Have that she Valya? Uh huh. The of that that vow Vada that, uh, love my vat Have, uh, I have above Duyvil Sheva have, uh, have love Have, uh I tell Deva have Shiva Silent Aleph Vallon Vash I show up. I developed a lot of that that they have of the show that the highly I love it I love it. I had the devil the hell after I have the the amount of llamada vellum Aditya again of lamb Aditya All right, so we're already dancing and see you next lesson 8. Read with Letters ק,צ: Hi. Welcome back to lesson 17 Of course. So in this lesson, we're going to start off with learning some new letters. And the letters were going to start learning are proof. The Hebrew CUF, which is equivalent of English. Later kay Same sound. It's the cook sounds. So it's CUF, and the next letter will look is study sometimes also pronounced Sadiq. So what if you prefer either Sandy or Sadiq? So there really is no English equivalent to this. It's been like in the word pizza or in the world waltz so like pizza. So that TZ sound so in Hebrew that its letter Sadiq and the New Order gonna learn using the 1000 letters have learned to already is the word stuck up? It's Decca, so let's break it down. We have to study with the Shiva lists. Then we have the Dalit with the combats. That's then we have the CUF cook with the commits that cup, and then we have the the end. So it's the cup. Snuka again stuck, so it means charity. Or it also means justice. Because Zika comes from the Hebrew word technique, which means justice. All right, so we're not gonna learn in new valves. It's less than gonna practice the ones we've already learned with a new lettuce. So let's try it out. So it's have so said so so so. But that's, uh, Metsa cuts up. That's up, said Duck said. But, uh, that's up Santa. It's a, uh, it's about Catto. It's that back style matzo. Matt's up set Cuts of Matt Self hat. So, uh, so Metsa Saleh, some mud matzo, that stuff cinema, That's a that's out. So, um so vote. So, uh, it's the but so look. Satya Sam, Adele. If Matt's Satya said, Dr, it's that all right, so the was getting more and more complex and more or less being added in on. Actually, many of these words are actual words in Heber. So just a few examples and the guys charity Matt Satya is you found some of his will. Travel is the neck soma his thirst. A tower is kicked. Let's have estate cuts off his butcher. Metsa is matter. They read on Passover. Saleh is roasted. That's up. Isn't he wanted? And so so There were quite a few words here that we're already reading, and I hope you find a useful. So see you soon