Learn To Play By Ear # 1: Get to know these 7 Tones | Rosa Suen ♫ | Skillshare

Learn To Play By Ear # 1: Get to know these 7 Tones

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Play By Ear # 1 - For Everyone!

    • 2. Music has ONLY 12 UNIQUE Tones!

    • 3. Listen to Chromatic Half Step Tones

    • 4. Listen to 5 Types of Scales in Music

    • 5. Western Music - 1 Major & 3 Minor

    • 6. Listen to Major Scale: Only 7 Tones!

    • 7. Final Thoughts & Thank You!

    • 8. Bonus: Let's do this FUN project together!

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About This Class

Learn to Play By Ear # 1  - Understand Most Songs use 7 Tones!

Playing By Ear is a Fascinating Topic.

LEVEL:  TOTAL BEGINNERS!   Everyone can join!

Play By Ear is not for musicians only. If you ever wanted to start tapping into your creativity and get the musician INSIDE you to come out, do it now! You will be surprised how musical you are.

In this series of classes, there are no pre-requisites:

  • no need to read music
  • no need to have any music theory before hand
  • no need to play any music instrument as I will give you a virtual keyboard link you can use especially good if you think you are tone deaf
  • especially good if you think you are hopeless when it comes to music
  • especially good if you have a passion for music, love music and love to sing!

Is it your dream to be able to play your favorite song by ear?

Many people struggle for many years to read music. This series of classes is going to free you from the traditional musical score sheets such that you can play by ear using my Number Method.

My Play by Ear Method is based on a 7 tone Number system.  That´s how simple the system is. You don´t believe me? Tell me about it after you learn the system from me in this Series of Classes. 

My Testimony: Never did I dare to think that my DREAM would come true: I can now play many of my favorite songs by EAR. It's happening and HAPPENING every day. It took me 20 years to find the path to play songs by ear. I am so EXCITED that I want to share these easy-to-follow instructions so that DREAMERS like you can start playing your favorite songs by ear. For you, it will only take a few hours to finish this series of classes in the coming weeks.  

This is the 1st class of the series.  I am going to lay a GOOD foundation for you, so that you don't need to get nervous about learning to play by ear.  We always thought there are thousands of sounds for us to memorize. No.  There are only 12 uniques sounds and as the series goes on, I will zero in on only 7 sounds!

Although my demonstration of these classes are on the keyboard, this Play by Ear course is suitable for everyone who want to learn to play by ear. If you play piano, guitar, ukulele or violin, and you want to learn to play by Ear, this course is also for you. My demonstration is on the piano/keyboard, but you can use the same principles to apply to your musical instrument.

Playing By Ear Part 1 - Total Beginners - Listen To Sounds!

  1. Music has ONLY 12 Unique Tones - Good news!  WE thought there are 88 sounds!  No only 12 Unique Tones as the Foundation.  I will use the Circle of 4ths to Identify the 12 Tones for you
  2. Listen to the 12 Chromatic Tones - Half Step Apart
  3. From these 12 Unique Tones -  5 Types of Scales 
  4. Listen to Western Music:  7 Tone Scales: Major; Minor - Natural, Harmonic,& Melodic 
  5. This series of Play by Ear Classes - Concentrate on Major Scale!
  6. Many Songs in Major Key - Only 7 Tones: W W H W W W H  

Join our happy and fun music class together in this Part 1 of the Play by Ear Series!

Follow My Play By Ear Series:

1.  Play by Ear # 1:  7 Tones in Music

2.  Play by Ear # 2:  Pick out Melody Tones of  Songs

3.  Play by Ear # 3:  Twinkle Tones: High, Low, Same

4.  Play by Ear # 4:  Find the First Tone of Songs 

5.  Play by Ear # 5:  7 Quality Tones & Compose Your First Line of Music

6.  Play by Ear # 6: Coming Soon


Enroll into the course, and I'll see you inside,