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Learn To Play 5 Amazing Piano Songs In 1 Hour - Whatever your level.

teacher avatar Rob Price, Online Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Learn to Play The Scientist By Coldplay

    • 3. Learn to Play Hey Ho By The Lumineers

    • 4. Learn to Play No Woman No Cry By Bob Marley

    • 5. Learn to Play Imagine By John Lennon

    • 6. Learn to Play Let It Be The Beatles

    • 7. A Big Thank you.

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About This Class

This class is designed to allow beginners to advanced piano and keyboard players, the opportunity to lean 5 amazing songs from John Lennon, The Lumineers, Coldplay, and Bob Marley. Each lesson is a comprehensive, easy to follow method and also includes multiple download resources and sheet music for each lesson. Take a look and get yourself started today.

If you haven't check out my other course yet, just head over to My Learn To Read Music Course here


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Meet Your Teacher

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Rob Price

Online Educator


Hello, My name is Rob Price, I teach numerous subjects from Piano and learning to read music to Photo and video editing software.

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1. Introduction: my guys. My name's Rob Price. This is my course called Learned to Play five Amazing Songs in one hour. Why every level? OK, so we're going to learn these five songs just showing on the screen there. Each of these songs carries its own full backing Trap its own Loop Herbal MP three so that you can have practice looped on also the sheet music as well, so you can print it off in practice. To that, it's an easy to follow course. Everything you need is displayed on the screen. Also, with my voice in the background. You're about to see more six fingers on the keys and stuff like that. Have a look at the screen shots of the site there. Easy to follow. Good. Fun it intact in our five sons in the bag. Why don't you try have ago today? Enjoy it. Go onto the next lesson now 2. Learn to Play The Scientist By Coldplay: Hi, guys. Welcome to this course this. He's a course where you're gonna learn five songs all in the original que all on piano or keyboard. So we're gonna learn five popular sons. Our first song is the scientist, and this is by Coldplay. Really, really well known song. If you've not heard it before, I would go over to YouTube. I put a link for you in the description where you can go over and just have a listen to the sun. Listen to what the piano does. Didn't come back over. And let's go at learning this together. I'm gonna make this is simple as I can for you, with some easy to follow steps. Each piece that we learn has got lots of downloads in the resources folder, so make sure you check out that on. There's lots of different practice things to do and practice material. So let's get started. Have a look at your keyboard. Right in the centre. Two black notes just to the left. You've got the all seen. Oh, okay. This is middle. See what we're gonna do on this? Is there a bathroom there that start straightaway? That's good. Let's put finger to this. What are Fsoc de Samos? The alphabet? Number four, Jeep and I, before I Very good. Nice civics. You try see if tonight. This is we're already Oh, Okay. Well, don't you know, left time, We're gonna do a dino again under the sea, then a day next, too. Okay. For Monday. Four base each time. 34 1234 So we're gonna hold them for four beats on my left and one on each beat on. All right? Like this. Easy to times, I thought. Okay, well, don't. This court is called D minor seven. When it's written, it says d M seven. Okay, hands where they are. What we're gonna do is going to keep this note to change their next quarter, gonna move off from just one. And then this number four has been a movil onto the black knight There. So you've got these three notes. Which date? On paper. Okay, so these want ready way be flattened left down here with you. Let's try. They're saying minus before I'm gonna do that one more time. Okay? Where is you're gonna be really glad about the next chord? Because it is actually identical to the 1st 1 we're gonna do keep this afternoon here. I just put it back down to the C f tonight. See what did that. This is a B flat chord. Maybe come down moving them before down toe says that I'm cf in a call to get We're gonna add a f notes on the basis any left before you try. Of course, if you look at the top right hand side of the screen, there are called diagrams. If you forget what you doing also, you can download base from the resources. You can print the French if you want. I want more cord in this section. Really, really easy left and stays exactly the same. The right hand. All the do is just what Number four for number three. So we've got C, f and G. Now this court is called F source to the source stands for suspended andi. Suspended court should have always leads to something else. It sounds a bit weird on its own, but you get the idea when it follows onto something absolutes. Just drive this that C, f, G and F in the left hand, so patterns before after for one to three for two times. Okay, There's our first days and play that through for you way. The important thing about practices, not the speed that you play. It's getting used to the changes between the courts. A suggestion. Do the first court on. Look how it changes. Practice them to get some muscle memory in your hand. Okay, You change back on into this court. People always forget when they're gonna repeat something that they may be going back to the beginning. So with that, we're gonna go from f costo de minus seven. Okay, so I'm actually a practice that as well. So that section number one sexual number one is now completed. Well done. Section number two. Now, this is exactly the same pattern with the four chord in what? In your right hand on the one there in the left hand. Same kind of thing. 50% off this section we have already done, which is really nice. Which is F way. So we have really only God alone. One chord, which is fantastic. So his are middle. See, what I want you to do is already to find b flat. So middle C move down. Move down! One again. Pretty thumb. There. Now, when you're playing a B flat court, sometimes people try and do it like this is really, really awkward. The best thing to do Slide your fingers in between the keys. So you're gonna do a B flat, then a day Ben F with once a went for quite difficult to get used to. A lot of people catch their necks like this, but pillar severe, and it will be worth it. Okay, so getting four. So get with this is another beef. Remember earlier on? I said about me first inversion. Well, this is a B from brute inversion. We're gonna be flat noting the left and ready, same as before. Wait, I thought this is a big, big change from here. So look at the shape of your fingers. Look where one Super 408 A key hands in that show. When you lift off the things like that, maybe some to say Look, what happens straight to the F court. Impressive. Okay, but to be for key and stiff, maybe see thumbs on, see? What do you think? Yeah. Okay, wait. Of course we're going to repeat this section. So we're going back to that beef lack, or this is the biggest jump of the whole piece. So let's go back slowly that we're all ceases. Sorry f source to it. We're gonna go back to B flat, DNF with a B flat bass. These Keyon stiff moved to half court. That's good. Wait. And that's the middle section completed quite an easy section. We've got that one chord B flat and, of course, opened the top right hand corner. There's a chord chart for you to have a look at. You'll see the two different versions of B flat there as well. We've got one last section to do. Good part about this section is again. It's got access to way. You need to go over that big on. We just got one more court, which is probably the easiest cortical. So middle c actually, let's do it this way. Gonna go from FC Studio and they were gonna change. We're just gonna change them before I left. Three sea bass right down here section is just this which three times already on then say exercise. See, Mary. But they have done the whole piece. So have a look in the Dallas Actually, any resources you'll find a busy, full backing track fees plan long to each of the sections are taught you on this class today as but it's home back in track. So theres a loop station way plays over and over so that you can practice to it, you'll find is also sheet music Onda chord charts for each of the songs that we're doing. Some actually download it. Also, while we're talking about what's happening in the resources I'd like to take, go over than ever. Look in the community section. What we're gonna be doing is asking you to upload that video. I don't blow your version of this son, so when you practiced it and you've got it exactly how you want it, maybe you could get some video for you on your phone and uploaded so I can see. I just can't wait to see how everyone's getting on it. So excited. Even better. If you know anybody that can sink or fancies even happen again, why did he play while they sing in? It's all never listen. Let's treat. This is a community project where everybody gets involved. Maybe then, you know, if there's enough people getting involved, you might be able to sort of request songs for me to teach you on. How excited with that day yet? Rob, can you teach us how to play this? Yeah. No problem with you on the next class happen. All right. Okay. So that's it for this lesson. I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. Remember, this song is called The Scientist by Coldplay. If you haven't heard it before, please go to YouTube just to make sure that you know what it sounds like. Thank you very much to watch you. I hope you learn enough in this lesson on If you have any questions, please ask. Are more than happy to help. See you next time. 3. Learn to Play Hey Ho By The Lumineers: Hi, guys. Welcome to listen to this lesson is how to learn. Hey, hope by the Lumineers. Now, this is a really, really love your son. Maybe have not heard it before. But that doesn't matter if you have. Great. If you haven't. I looked at the description for these class in that there's a link to YouTube where you can go. Never listen to the center. Lovely song. Very, very nice to place a lovely story. So what I want you to do, first of all, is have a look at your piano and find middle suit like we did on the last lesson that what I want you to do is put number two on them number four on May, and then go down to Mr Mayor. Pretty thumb on G. What we're gonna do is practice. This thing is a C chord. Second inversion. See? Nice. Try this. Listen first, try out again. One more time. One more. Try this low, C Just with my little finger number five down here. You get the idea now, uh, what we're gonna do is keep number two on the scene. I'm gonna move the bottom of what I replace number four or number five now I, C e and F Now, this can be classed as 1/2 court. But also, when we're gonna play with this sea bass note, we can call it. See suspended Fourth, it'll be written. I see some four. Okay, So what we're gonna do is practice this change. First, we're gonna get from this sequel. And then we made a change to this court just for long. See what happened. Have a look at that change. The change is the most important part to get right to get maybe thermal while on change finger for finger fired. So let's do This is an exercise chart. If you haven't played before this moment, you handed. But believe me, if you persevere, it's well worth it said together he sounds like this se a few more times. Very good. That is actually our first section of the song. The introduction. It's really nice. Very, very straightforward. We've got C's and cease us for all the way through that are Patton. So once you got used to the power of the patterns of sound throughout the whole song, which is fantastic news. Second section, which is the verse and the chorus snack Get back to our seek. Or do we started with the beginning, which was that GC and a very, very straightforward we're gonna do is gonna move your film one about this. It now becomes a minor. Okay, so let's find seat them, beat them. Hey, just like that, Keegan. Okay, very good. Now, to get to the next court, I'm gonna make it super easy. See where everything is there. What are you gonna do? You gonna pick everything up and leave everything? Just one note Dance of left destroyed. I get back and then back to this one. That's a G court G, b and D with Jian left. So watch I think of this as this rides rights. Right? Left, right, right, right, right. Left brides. Yeah, make more sex rides. Rides, right, left rides, Right, right, right, left, right, and get That's just gonna be more gear on the end. Survivalist. I never get to see court. Full body, The O. G again Try. Okay, so the verse and chorus goes like this. That's that section. Don't. So it's a minor, then g c a minor ngn sick one section left to do. We go really well on this already. So let's go back to when we did see source four. Really? Do you remember that? If you can't remember, just look at the court sheet up at the top. There it would be on their ceases for but it's the same quarters f which is that you see, And we're gonna win f base with to happen there. Right, Rise right, Left, right, right. Rise. Right, right. Left right. Thing is the bridge. And then this is a familiar chord. We did it right there. Beginning. See? Court. That's right. Big Org called, Which we did in the previous section this used. This is this'll uses the same pattern as the a minor on the GNC. From the verse, of course, we're just slightly different course. So see, with that rise, right? Right. Left, right. Yet Right, right, right. Left rides. See? See? Okay. So let's go back to the beginning of the bridge. And then we did a sequel. T g I guess what the whole thing will face. I have, of course. WeII done the intro Diverse. The chorus on the bridge. Everything that we've done in the lesser. You've got a full back on track to download in the resources section. You've also got the sheet music, which is what I'm actually using here to teach from it was a right specifically for this lesson. You can go over to YouTube. You can play along with the original track. You've got loops from each section so you can practice over and over. The most important thing about practice is practiced. The changes always practice the changes, the notes themselves. You could get no problem taxing time over that. But when you change from one court to another, that's where most people struggle. So you know, if you know the first corner, practice that quite a few times until I could move on and get used to it. If you have any problems with practice or you want some tips or tricks or anything like that, please feel free to ask in the community also, as we did on the scientists. I would love it. If you learn this up on, you could get somebody to video. You plan it so he could share body on the community. Sure, it is carried, as I say. I hope you do it. Please get that video on their assumes. You can What? You learned something even better if he could get somebody to be on this video with you and sing the words. Imagine how good. Okay, so that's it for this lesson. If you got any questions again, ask. I will help as much as I can see you on the next one. Thanks for watching. 4. Learn to Play No Woman No Cry By Bob Marley: Hi, guys. Welcome to Lessen three. This is no woman, no cry by Bob Marley. You know, heard this before as normal. Going to the description for this class and appealing to the YouTube. Now in with this YouTube song, it's slightly de tuned on the original just a tiny bit. So when you plan on, it will sound a bit unusual, but it's no that far away. So persevere. You gotta get okay. So if you have noted before, go over to YouTube, if you have less, just get started. Okay? So look a middle seat next to the team. But that's not been done before. Let's find the next two black notes up on the keyboard. Appear on. Let's find this. Say, this is just to the left that okay, put number 21 there, but before on a miss one, an image still haven't put a thumb on she. What we're gonna do is this. Now this is Joe. This is C court. Let's go. Huh? Okay. Very good. Okay. Now spotless. See, down here next to the two blenders, Here's middle C just for reference. Okay, What we're gonna do is going to be the left so it's gonna go left, right, Right. Left my hand. Where is Don't planning notes for now? Oh, there's get these two fingers. There's talk to move them down, one like that. Keep them in the same place. This'd G B and D. This is a G chord. But this time what? We're gonna do it on the left and just moved down to bay instead. So this court is actually called G on. Be on. It's written G slash B. Okay, so same pattern here. Let's just start with the right hand. No Sure straps. That's it left and be very good. Now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna move your right hand upon mothers. I say in a This is a minor, right? And the left time video. Okay, so that same thing applies Left, right, Right less right. If you just get used. Teoh Gay Amber is what we're gonna do. This time has changed before. For number five there. This is an F court. We've done this in Hey ho, on the last lesson. But down here, So same ship. That's right. Are you seeing this? Left this? That's right. Right? Right. Very good. They're going back to see that we started with soc in the left hand G c and e on the right , and and of course, I see an F with an effort about us on. Then she don't she on, baby, remember before, which is G B date? I repaired it big in the left before we want to play G this time C b g just there The way she music that's in the resources for this particular class. You be able to see the order that they get. You got Sief Jeon, be aim on a f c f g and N c again. Okay, so I'm gonna put play through that pattern for you so you can have in this night. Sam's okay, that's our introduction there. We've done it already. So get the look for the introduction. Use its practice. It just play through quite a few times so that you can get used to it. Remember, when you practice ooh, the shapes of the most important. So practice changing from 1/4 than do it smoothly. But that's are right on the screen. There you'll see the core chance. There's also called charts to download in the resource is section okay onto the verse on the brooch. Now, this one first to cause 1st 3 cause 1st 4 core words. 1st 4 chords are identical to the introduction. So this is not planetary long. What's the scene? Yes, that is the first. So it just keeps plan over. Never. Never seen Giambi? Yes. See, Jimmy? Very good. That's the first in the race. There is a link for you to practice. That's why which is really nice. So it makes she do on. We're gonna move on to the chorus now you're gonna be super chuffed with this last bit. What's this city? I s So there's only a bit too low. This court. See? Court, this is G Corgi. Being date comes in the same place to see that. See? Best ship on, then see? Then she So let's practice sees then. Jesus. Or say she see then Jake. Thank you, J say thank you. Okay, So the whole of the course And let's just say jump a f c g c g c Gentlemen, I'm on it. F c g c. I had no problems and you can do already. You're doing really well If you're struggling, please feel free to drop me a message. If I can help your will, you can always send the video River on. I can see what you do and stuff like that as normal. This class is all about community. So what were you to do is when she mastered this song. Even if you've only done on those three sections and you haven't done it in the order of the actual song or whatever record on the phone so that I see playing it I'm so excited to see he played this song on I want to show it to everybody else. So please, but afraid. Teoh, submit your videos. I'm looking forward to seeing remember a lot down low stuff in the resource section YSL They're ready for the taken to this court sheets. There is cheap music. There are loop stays, the full backing track. There's all sorts of stuff. So go after there and go and get this. Remember, if he really liking these lessons, please recommend this difference. Thank you for watching this lesson. This one's over for now. We'll see you on the next one. Goodbye 5. Learn to Play Imagine By John Lennon: Hi there. Welcome to Lessen Four. And this five lesson course, this song we're gonna do is called in Magic. It's by John Lennon and the Beatles. This is a beautiful piece of music, this way, way I think everybody's if you haven't heard it is in exactly the same key is the original . Hop on over to YouTube. There's a link Unity, Scripture. You can go and watch the video and have a listen to how the piano is. It's a beautiful piece of music. Really, really lovely to play relatively simple. There are a few awkward sections, but we're gonna get through those. We can do it. Okay, So what we're gonna do is we're gonna start with middle C note, which we know very well right now we're gonna put number one on that. We're gonna put number two on a on before on G. The difficult part about this piece of music is we're gonna do the top two notes on, then the bottom one. So that's up to then the bottom one. Now, if you haven't done that before, that's quite difficult. Let's just say that's nice and slow to start with A and G then C, g and C that speed it up a little bit. That's very good. Let's add this sea in the left hand. Very good. Okay, So what we're gonna do you just exchange at the end of this first section is we're gonna do 123 And they were going to get a little finger on finger threat on this jeep on this big. So what? You get to three on, then back to sick less Francis 23 way set ready for the next night. Okay, so let's say this with our C biases. Well, here. Okay. Number is everything is set now. Number one is in the same place on C number two, and number four are ready for the next two notes. Let's put to sea in between. Talked to about 13 of those. Let's try after night and then one c So 13 let's join on that scale. Backs it up again. Jim Bay changed f and I don to see f any left Jim B f any lifetime f and I mask three famous knows I b flat big. That's just about ready and again. So your finds that the difficult part about this is getting back to that's what practice. So that scare story we're going to D o G and G. And then after I with a see again three years, way back to the beginning Jambi on I three years. So our introduction and our first that's what way. Okay, the idea. Everything, of course, is in the Dallas section. You have a loop for this, Get the loop onto your phone or computer press play. And he plays that over and over so that you've got plenty of things to practice long to where you can do all the sections. You've then got a full backing track, which you could plan until it's also in. The same key is the original, Which means if you try to play with the YouTube version, it would sound the same, and you can play along okay, moving on to the next section is called the pre course. So saying gonna pan again. This'll time. We're gonna go up to the next city next to the two black. Next, we're gonna put number four on that C Maturana, remember? Born on f and again the pattern these top to bottom one This is a and C than flesh is practicing way. Next. What? You just gonna be the thumb down once a so watch you come down. Let's try that. Ready? Steady. Get down this time. Okay, that's excellent. So we're gonna do that with an affluent and your left hand, and I'm doing a in the left, so let's go over that again. F in the left. Don't forget to move your stuff down when you write on Do the A in the left hand. Very good. Now this next section is a little bit more difficult. Still need this sale. People get attracted to little finger number two on F number one day. So it's quite a big stretch down today. Eso another looking at FNC down to date on FNC down today again top to bottom practices with Dino and then back to the first chord in the pre chorus was just the f a A and say this is an F court deal with the sea bass top to bottom one again. So if you download the sheet music for this, you can see how the left and sort steps down. If you have a go off to be, um, resources section Just go Get out So you can see the left hand When the pre course goes f a d say then shape G. So the way difficult way while the video. If you get stuck there, just watch that over and over a little bit. Okay? But to cause to finish this section, this one's really easy. Find Middle C. Maybe it won't be from that. Mr. AB put number three on G Miss one. Output number five on it. We're gonna play Regina in your left hand at the same time. We're just gonna hold this on for four beats like this. 123 for three for Okay, Very good. Now the last court, it's the same notes, actually, D g and B, but just in a different order. So we're gonna keep this g and B, but we're not gonna have the dealer whenever at the top. So some sort of swap around gbn date with the left, and she is Well, change three, two times. Okay, So that whole line are plaque nicer than the normal speed for you said that you can hear it and they never practise. Uh, okay, So now let's move on to the core. Snap the sections in this that we've sort of. I lived recovered first baby in an F court, which we just played a second ago. So let's see that we're just gonna do to that again one more time. I'm gonna move everything up. So it's getting f g this toward his G B and date with G and left again. Very good. Now let's go from the left to the cheers. Sounds like this. Listen, you try. Ready? Steady again, G. One more go. Ready? Steady. Go. Very good. Okay, The most difficult part. The whole piece. Go C g and C Dance eight. Let's do that. First, GNC, practice that again. And then everything just for these next three nights has got e no to the bottom side. Watch. So you see a a, m b a and C J N c a a m B and c this country to see Break it down. Really? Any gods c e bay Sick based one has got sick with e with. Let's try two more times with a c ready. Very good. Now this next section because sharp C d E F G shop, but number two on their on number five Upon this a lot on down to a with try that g sharp in a on dancer either. Are they going to move the little finger down today and do the same against watch? Do that again? She shopping e g sharp intake with a in between that. Okay, so joining those together we've got Wait. So I said I again see way. Okay, so that's the biggest can second bit of practice. I do like this. Look at that big change. Of course, Way that's gonna speed. We gotta get to work slowly, do everything without methodically and you'll get there. So got another section now. Oh, wow. But the good news is that this is easy. Esso watch. It starts the same as the chorus waken already do. So I don't need to give that much more thought so then this last chord. So it's a C court e g and C together. Watch. Let's try f j say wait a little bit of extra left and on this you can If you want to make it easy, just play the see that if you want to make it sound like the original that we need to do. C C lister that first little vigor from every night we play. From now on, we'll have one of these seas in between. So watching C c g c Mr C c g Saying okay, I see Base a down toc so much again C two c on G c E c B c on then see? So when we get this call O K c c g seen say B c Safe. Yeah. Okay, watch. You know. OK, so that's that section under bridge now the last section. We've already done these shapes of courts, but we just haven't played them this amount of time. So this is the ended. We've got an F court, which we do the minute again, but this time it's gonna hold it down. I'm gonna make everything at once to the right. Just this way on, we're gonna do a G. Think back to that see court that we just did in the bridge section. So of course, which is F A C holding down two beats and then before Tyagi, you can just pick it up, move it once the right let's do the C chord, which is e j and C. So I just goes, Uh uh, that's it. Okay. So each other sections as normal is gonna do practice for you so much you download all of those gets cheap music. If we have learned Teoh on, Do you really love it? And you want to show everybody? Why don't you do a video one of your bloated to our community? Why don't we all get talking about stuff? Maybe we've got stuff that we want to do together. Maybe you'd like to ask me to teach you some other songs. Maybe you've got something you want to say. Get a one community, Get that video on their Imagine imagine Imagine if you had somebody that could sing And then you played the piano with more keyboard on any video and then everybody could see it that way. Imagine I'd love to see that personally. I'm sure everybody else What? So if you have any questions, just ask. I'll help you for this lesson. That's done. I enjoyed it. See, in the next one 6. Learn to Play Let It Be The Beatles: Hi guys. Welcome to this lesson five of five in the Let's Play five piano songs in one hour, This'll Song is again John Lennon Beatles Concert. It's really beautiful. It's called Let It Be. It's a really lovely sound way, that kind of style going on. If you haven't heard it before looking. A description is a link for you. Go over and over. Listen on YouTube, it's exactly the same Key is what we learned today. So once you've learned that you be able to play along to that levee really nice again, has lots of resources in the download section going on. Get along those resources, print off the music. I'm burial for you. It's your own sort of version, if you like. Okay, so we're going to start really easy. We're gonna work on middle C am I gonna put number three? You're littlefinger on middle C and in your right hand. And then number five on a number of down on Jay. Mr That when we did imagine on the last lesson within this top to bottom one, I remember seeing a dancer J Let's practice that I haven't done this before. It's That's a little bit of getting used to, but you'll do it. I have full confidence in you. Okay, this is you see, we're gonna do this with a scene down here. Let's make a living. Now. This is a court that we've done before. This is a G chord over. Then it does get these top two notes here. This see any on move them to be indeed you thought stairs and exactly top to bottom one top to bottom. One must say that for a minute. There are genes to the base because it's a gene called. I see just leaving. They say things. Next card is a mind. Everything moves up one. But you think it's slightly changed 174 So I see me top to bottom one e c that the way I left? Yeah, on bof course. Good news is everything starts saying it's for this note here. This big movements if I would do in f in the base Very nice. Some see butts in one again. So again there. Then we get back to the sea that we did it begin seeing a down to G waded G, cause we just move these two fingers down. If you remember. On energy, you may say that's all knows that once f back to the original C did she Okay, so you can practice that you can get used to please download the sheet music. Say that you know what order the cords going. That's in your resources section on, then the last section. Now, that's for middle C. Yes, fine. The next sale, which is that next to to blackness based on that and then stripped out one extra like this . So you have C and I and I'm gonna do is gonna keep that shape. Have you had that distance between those two fingers? We're gonna go see and I move. Move, move. Did you see that? You see? You know, I let maybe down one, maybe down again. Again. Very nice. Let's see. Down, down, down. All nice. And with this, we do effort. Just offer for the 1st 3 on Let's see, on the last one second practice, Mr that you try just right hand if you want down. Okay, so the whole intro verse section way is 90% of the song. There's just a few actually little bits, but we're getting that Use the loop Brats. It loads are kept onto the court snack. We've already done C g a minor and f in the universe we need to do and minor. We've done I e c a with a I that So let's just practice Nice next court we're gonna keep They were gonna swap number three for number two. So see, today I'm gonna move off some damn won t This is an e minor chord e minor written e m too. But look, I'm playing any and left. And this way, if you forget the shape of the cause, look up at the court diagramming. That's not right, of course, which we've done in the previous section. Everything. One. What's this? Everything. Where? Let's practice I can get back to remind it just moved down Let's me what once f about a mile just to practice safe. So now three courts at the beginning of the course. Yeah, it's in the mind GB any any media handle one. So just wait. Get back to our original see court Geico, RGB and day which were doing before against F court again, which we did just earlier on in this section on back to our original C. So if I were you are practices like this mine, then let's move everything about on. Then I'll see. I just play solid cords. Ben J then f then see, Until I was really used to those course, you could actually just do that. I actually wanted to, but this whole top to bottom one of the original. OK, so that's our chorus again. Use the little you do plenty of practice just changing between the shapes. If you get stuck on the court shapes the chord diagram is your best friend. Okay, We're gonna move on to the bridge now. The bridge ticket in the bridge. I wanted to say away three these less and I do apologize. Do you remember really wrong in the interment? Diverse. Where you see a night and they went down, Down, down. Okay, watch this. You're gonna get she down. Down, down, down, down. Wow. Look, I understand In exactly the same shape C e easy. Yeah, see? And I keep it some shame. I suppose when you start, you're gonna be getting a lot of what the gap is looking. How you hand shapes what? That Keep it. So Okay, when you get to this one, you're gonna keep you from in the same place. I'm just really It's up now and then Move again. Watch Just one. You what? And in the last two notes are FNC t and see? You know nothing there. These last three next being D fnc, Andi and see So this time, Teoh, that's a C and I Dan Dan down dance three more on then fnc e and C Why that left? We've got Benji. That's a let's see then, Jay Dancer f But just say don t j ready. Go up to see ready f c j Down to say Let's say that again f up to say J c to say down J down to see. So when you have time to practitioner, you didn't. The two hands is going like this. Okay, that's your bridge section. Now we've got one more section today. Off course. Remember before use the loop de los practice. Okay, last section that ended. Now this is Cienega way familiar with this? We could did already. So now we're gonna do is make it stop one down on, then squeeze these two notes together. What you get So what? Squeeze May g again. Damn! One squeeze left on goes to say Benji down to C f to say down to see Okay, so you stayed right on again. Down, down, down Just a saltwater squeezed together, down one squeeze on together It sounds like this obviously practice a man separately. First of all. Okay, then when you get to their and every time to practice, you should hopefully slowly be able to put the whole song together. Now, if you've got this fire in the course, this means that you've done all five some. So at some point have all of those five with some. Do you have a favor? That favorite son, The one that you practice the most. Police. Please. Please, please, please video that everybody say populated community so everybody can see your progress is really super excited. I'm over the moon that you go away to this point in the course. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free. Teoh, leave some comments and our party assumes I can't. If you've got this far, you've enjoyed the course. Or if you haven't please leave a review. Tell people what you thought of it. I'm interested to know if I could improve as a teacher. If I can have what would make this better for you? You know, leave a review. Tell me your comments. Tell people about this lesson. Also other if you know or don't. If you heard earlier on in the course, there is another class. I do. It's called elementary music. So that explains where all the dots mean where they have been soaring piano. I think that's about two hours 20 so you could go off and do that. That's got some sort of exercise is in there for you as well. I've left a link to that course in the description for this class on the whole course description so you can just head on over there. You're already school share member on Go brief the benefits of your membership. For now, I've had a great time teaching you these four classes. It's been lovely to do it. She'll see you on the next course, no doubt. Thank you very much for watching. That's it for now. 7. A Big Thank you.: Hi, guys. Thank you for going through my whole course. I hope you enjoyed all of the five different songs. Let me see what you've done in the community video, your performances of each of the sons and then put them in the community for everybody to see. I'm sure everybody wants to have a look. I would love to see what you can dio. Let's get it done if you haven't already go over. Never look at my learned to read music course because that's something which will really benefit. You were learning to read the notes as well. There's a link in the description. If you're ingesting them, look about. But for now, thank you for watching my course. I do hope helped you. If you do have any comments or reviews and stuff like that, please feel free to leave them. I'll see you next time. Thanks