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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction to Learn To Lucid Dream: 101

    • 2. Why You Should Learn To Lucid Dream

    • 3. What Does A Dream 'Feel' Like?

    • 4. Strategy 1: Increase Awareness

    • 5. Strategy 2: Dream Journal

    • 6. Class Project: Dream Journal

    • 7. Strategy 3: Reality Check

    • 8. Strategy 4: Induction Method

    • 9. Further Resources

    • 10. Quick Recap

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About This Class

Gain Control Of Your Dreams!

In this course you will learn how to lucid dream - that is the ability to recognise that you are dreaming, and then gain control of the dream.

Once lucid, you can freely explore your subconscious mind, stop nightmares in their tracks, practice for real life events and of course, engage in all kinds of wish fulfilment in a completely safe, internal environment.

This course will cover four basic strategies designed to get you lucid dreaming as quickly and proficiently as possible.

: Raising Awareness - The act of engaging with lucid dreaming material (like this course) will itself increase your chances of becoming lucid.

2: Dream Journal - Recording your dreams increases your ability to recall your dreams, as well as increases their stability and clarity.

3: Reality Checking - By asking yourself ‘Am I Dreaming?’ you are checking reality. This will translate into the dream world and promote lucidity.

4: Induction Methods - Learn a specific night time induction method that (in some people) instantly gets them lucid.

For the class project, you will do a 7 day Dream Journal, this will get you started and hopefully help you to implement it as a daily habit to assist you in continued lucid dreaming.

Contact Me:
Website: zachary-phillips.com | Social @zacpphillips

Further Resources: 

Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life - Stephen LaBerge

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self - 
Robert Waggoner

Reddit Dreams 
Reddit Lucid Dreams

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zachary Phillips

Meditation, Writing, Self-Improvement


Zachary Phillips is a mental health advocate, author and mindset coach. In these roles he has helped thousands of people move from a place of barely surviving to passionately thriving.

He is the author of eight books including: How To Get Your Sh!t Together and Mindfulness: A Guidebook To The Present Moment, and the creator of the Depresso Espresso web comic.

He is also an instructor on Skillshare and Insight Timer, teaching mindfulness meditation, personal development, and creative writing.

He is a qualified school teacher, personal trainer, martial arts coach, and disability support worker. Working in these industries has given him a depth of experience teaching across multiple topics, to learners of all ages and ability levels. It has also enabled him to con... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Learn To Lucid Dream: 101: Welcome to the course. Learn to lucid dream one I want. As the title suggests, this is the first in the series of learning to lose a dream Courses that I'll be presenting for those that don't know lucid. Dreaming is the ability to first become aware that you're dreaming and then to take control of your dreams. If you think about how much time we spend asleep, this is a very useful skill. Tohave in this course, all present you with four connected strategies that will help you to up the vividness, clarity and amount of lucid dreams that you're having. I want to provide you with some extra racehorses if you want to dive deep. My name. Zachary Philips Let's get into it. 2. Why You Should Learn To Lucid Dream: What would you want? A lucid dream in the first place? This is an interesting question, but it's sort of answered when you're Stop Alicia dreaming, I'll explain. The act of becoming lucid itself feels amazing. It's like discovering a secret truth. You're all of a sudden during your life and then bam on My God, I'm dreaming and this revelation feels great, and that feeling alone is something to worth strive. You just You just wanna have it. Once you've got it, it feels great, but there's deeper and more levels to it. You can start to explore your subconscious, So if you like me, you want to sort of know what's going on. Behind the scenes threw lucid, dreaming You're literally in a dream world. That means you can start to explore what's going on in the subconscious. Everything you see is a representation overview or something that relates to your experience. So that's just something that's so satisfying to the curiosity. If you struggle with nightmares, it's a way that you can cut them off. So if you train yourself to lose her dream and then you recognize that you're in a nightmare band, you get control you realize that this is a nightmare. None of this is real, and you can stop to gain increasingly levels of control and then stop the night man or a list. Just ride it and see it to the end. With that feel, you could also use the platform of lucid dreaming to practice different things. Life skills. If you get stable enough, you can start going okay in my life. I need to practice this, and you've now got extra time that you can start working on different things on coordination, on progress, on speeches, on challenging interactions that you might wanna have with a boss or a co worker or a spouse or friend. You can brainstorm stuff in that state. And because the lucid dreaming of the draining state is very creative, you'll find that solution stopped coming out of left field. And I suppose the obvious one of why people want to lose a dream is just wish fulfillment. The more control you have, the more you can do in the lucid dream. And there's some obvious things that you might want to try now the 1st 1 But I would suggest if you do become Lucid is to just try and fly. It feels amazing. So the next video we'll talk about my personal experiences of lucid dreaming. And then after that, we're gonna get into the strategies. Let's go. 3. What Does A Dream 'Feel' Like?: pollution dream feels distinctly different from reality. It's like it's gonna turn flavor. Or it's like sort of watching the world through some cellophane. When you become lucid and start getting more lucid, you'll be ableto sort of spiral into a cycle off more lucidity. Why? Well, because you're starting to recognize and become aware off what the dream worlds that feels like it's luck being slightly inebriated, you know, the slightly inebriated you know that things feel slightly differently. This isn't to say that it feels like you're drunk or your high, but it's to say that the feeling of being lucid has a different sort of layer off mind frame to it. Now I can explain this to you, and I will in late, of course, is what it feels like in more depth. But the point to be aware of is that once you sort of get a taste for that taste will help you get more of it. So that feather do. Let's get into the full strategies 4. Strategy 1: Increase Awareness: so the first strategy is called awareness, and it's a little bit of a cop out. But it is probably the best strategy, literally by watching this video by talking about lucid dreaming by contemplating the process off lucid dreaming, you are upping the percentage of chances of having a lucid dream. For whatever reason, talking about it having having it on your mind, anything like that will cause you to think in a dream. Am I dreaming and you'll become lucid? 5. Strategy 2: Dream Journal: the second strategy builds upon the first. It involves making a dream journal. Now, in all practicality, it can be done in any way. I found having a pen and paper beside my bed just soon as I get up, writing down what I dreamt about to be the best method. Some people were for a dedicated, like sort of structured. What did I dream about this? Things you could buy online. Other people use their phone. Other people just You've got all different approaches. The approach to the journaling isn't the issue. It's the act of doing it now. If you don't think you can dedicate yourself to writing a dream journal, you're probably not gonna be out a lucid dream. And there's two reasons for this one. You're not aware of it. You know Constance constantly thinking about it. You're not sort of giving it any importance enough to even write down your dreams. So in a weird way, your brain works. Your subconscious is one value lucid, dreaming and to you might not remember your dreams that well. So in order the lucid dream, you need to actually be able to increase the vividness and clarity off your dreams. You might be lucid dreaming without remembering it. And you might need to improve that recall. The act of writing down your dreams gets that upped. Why? Well, because you're focusing on it, telling your brain I need to think about this and you're going. I'm gonna commit this to memory and for whatever reason, that just forces it to stay there. And, as you know, from prior dreams, when you wake up, if you don't get it down, it just disappears. That's okay. But now that you want to develop the skill of lucid dreaming, you need to capture that. So when you wake up, do whatever you can to get the crux of that dream onto the paper, and I know the incident response will be. But I don't really remember my dreams or I'm not too sure that's fine. Write down whatever you can. You could even just write down the fact that you dreamt, or a color or a word or the turn of the drain. Get something down, and I guarantee you, over an extended period of time, that Dream Journal will get more complex and you'll be able to remember the plot lines, and you're able to increase the vividness some dreams of very sort of shallow. It's like you're watching it through a fuzzy screen or, if I just not really dead, defined its low definition. But the more of a dream general, you have the higher clarity. It's crisp, it's solid. It feel secure. From that secure base, you'll be absolutely drink far easier and far more consistently so started Dream Journal. And in fact, the next video will be about the class project, which will get that dream general started for you. 6. Class Project: Dream Journal: so the Class Project is a seven day dream journal. As described prior, All I want you to do is every day from now on for the next seven days. Soon as you wake up, write down what you dreamt about and what you're doing. The class project section is upload that little snippet, obviously edited. If it's something private personal, you don't want to share, uploaded, edited and just get that seven day journal tracking. And the idea is that after that seven days, you'll be able to continue it on your own time, and you have instilled the habit of dream journaling, and your lucidity will increase because off the fact you're doing the project. I also want you to use that project space to ask questions and to sort of troubleshoot anything that you have on that way, you get the project down, you instill that, have it, and we can engage on any trouble shooting for this video that you have in regards to a lucid dreaming. So get a pen and paper, put it beside your bed, do it on your phone. Don't care the method, just upload it, and let's stop that conversation about during journaling and based on strategy one. The fact that you're writing it down the fact that you're talking to me about it the fact that you're journaling will increase your awareness off lucid dreaming in general and that itself will up your ability to lucid dream on the amount that you're dreaming And there the duration of the dreams Give it a try. 7. Strategy 3: Reality Check: The third strategy is called reality. Checking a reality check involves you questioning reality. Are you dreaming right now? Ask yourself this. How do you know if you're dreaming? Okay, that's what you're asking now there are many forms that reality checks can take. I'm going to do an entire video on reality checking, so I'm gonna give you the broader overview off what a reality check is. It's literally just asking yourself and mindfully looking around. Am I dreaming? There is a total signs of a dream. It's got that distinct feel that I was describing earlier. There are certain things that happens in a dream that don't happen in real life. For example, if you want to do a simple reality check, try this. Now, block your nose and breathe in through your nose. Try to you won't be able to give it a try. You can't. But when you're dreaming, you actually can. From most people just aside out on reality checks that I'm gonna describe, sometimes they fail. So the real reality check is just asking yourself, Am I dreaming? But let's try this. You can't do it. You can't breathe, but in a dream you can, because your body that's asleep is still dreaming, right? So when you do this and you successfully breathe in that society itself to go, Hey, am I dreaming? Right now? I can still breathe. It must be some other reality checks to look out for the simple ones. For a lot of people, when they see writing on the wall or numbers or the time or sort of a patent on a wall or the ground, you look away. You look back, it changes, right? So you will see some riding. You look a why you look back. It changes. That's a sign to go home. I'm dreaming. I have some risk tatters, right with words. Now in my dreams, I look at my wrists and those words have changed. So that's a reality check. Sometimes for some people, when they look in a mirror, the reflections distorted or they have nobody or they have no head. That's a sign for some people. When they turn a lot often on, it doesn't work in a dream for me personally, some of those work, but the main when I get is this feeling off an inability to do maths if someone asks me like a simple equation like three plus seven in the dream. I just struggle to coordinate that maths right? And that's a massive sign of, like, What? Can I do this? I'm dreaming. Another sign is in a dream from May. I'll be sort of grappling or finding someone to do a lot of martial arts. And in a dream, I'm super weak and super uncoordinated, way more than I am inverted life. That's a sign so you'll start to develop your own reality checks as well of those ones. But the main reality check, like I said, is to ask yourself on a daily basis, and I'm dreaming. So I described it earlier. How can you? How can you instill this in your life? Get a friend to text you back and forth sitting alarm on your phone, or just trigger yourself every time I step outside of my house or into the car through a doorway. What if that trigger is ask yourself by madre me? Yeah, so I ask you right now, are you dreaming? Answer the question 8. Strategy 4: Induction Method: the fourth strategy to improve your chances of lucid dreaming is an induction method. What you going to do is lay down in your bed at not when you're going to sleep hands beside you and close your eyes and you're not gonna move. You're going to be repeating the phrase to yourself tonight. I will lucid dream just as you fall asleep gently. Don't force it. Just have that just thought in your mind and lay there and don't move. What's gonna happen over time is your start feeling Each is on your body. You might have in each head or itchy foot. Well, just a bit restless. Don't move. These are signs that your brain is trying to test if you're awake because if you're awake you would scratch it, don't respond. They would disappear and move. They'll disappear and move. They'll disappear and move. You've just gotta keep repeating to yourself calmly, slow, deep breaths, that whole thing. Because you're not you're not Forcing. This is you need to relax. You wanna fall asleep just a scratch, and then eventually you will find that your feet, you interstate off sleep paralysis. So moving from your feet up to your chest and up to your head. You'll start to feel paralyzed now. For some people, this can be quite scary. So if the thought of this terrified she don't try, that's fine. You don't need this. This is just a option to try. For some people. It will come to your chest and you'll sort of stop feeling like you're paralyzed. You stop feeling like your body just isn't there anymore. And like you can't move it, that's fine. Eventually, that paralysis feeling will rise and you'll sort of be encapsulated by it. When that happens, you'll start to see and hear things realize that this is the stop off the dreaming process . So it's like you're sort of tricking your brain into thinking that you're asleep when part of years and, um, and you can sort of jump into a lucid state. No, you can sort of backtracked this process. If you stop freaking out about the feelings, you wake yourself up. That's OK. I don't really have a problem with this method because I know what I'm doing. I know that and I'm expecting that I will get the scratches, any chips and stuff. I'm expecting that the paralysis will slowly creep up the body. I'm expecting to see and hear Thinks, however, when those things that I see in here not nice, I can pull myself out of it. Like I said, this is a method to try, and for some it will just work. And others It'll freak amount. Okay, so whichever one you are, that's OK. Like I said, there will be more videos on this topic, including other inductions and other things that I'll go through. Give it a try to see how you go, and this is one to really troubleshoot. So, like I said with the class project, if you have a question about this, you need more explanation asking me that. Give it a try that you'll you'll find that the act of doing this is revealing all of your mental state, even from a outside of a lucid, dreaming perspective, will start discovering itself about your mind, and that itself will help you to get David into the lucid, dreaming self exploration, saying 9. Further Resources: I want to provide you with some further resource is these are things that people that wanna go deep into the topic can and will help you to improve your lucid dreaming. Like I said, I'm going to be releasing another lucid, dreaming course very shortly as well as a specific course in reality checks. So stay tuned for them, but you're wanting some more. Resource is now. Like I said, check out the Reddit links below because that's a very useful resource. Obviously get a friend on board helping. But if you wanted a book to go deep, I'm going to suggest to The 1st 1 is called Lucid Dreaming Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Wagner. I'll put the link down below. Now this book gets a little bit trippy in a little bit esoteric, and if it goes down a part that you know quite happy with persists because there's a lot of useful skills and tricks and tips in that you don't like the wuss out of it. That's fine. Disregard it. There's a lot of the usefulness to be gained from that book. The second book is this one by Stephen Laberge. This guy was the pioneering researcher off Lucid dreaming, and he developed different methods that he was able to transmit to other people and test and challenge the concept of lucid dreaming. So if you want to look at the science of lucid dreaming, this one's one to start off with. I'll put a link down below, but any of his work really will help you. 10. Quick Recap: Okay, so just a quick recap The strategies to lose a dream Become aware of lucid dreaming Talk about it, Have it in your life. Just think about get a friend jump online Engaged with the concept of lucid dreaming on the topic of that. The second strategy is Start Adrian Journal And this is the class project. I can't stress enough. If you can't remember your dreams, you're not gonna be out a lucid dream. And if your dreams aren't clear or concise or sort of structured, you're not gonna be able to lucid dream. So started during general. Do the class project upload? The third strategy is reality checking asking yourself, Am I dreaming right now? And if, for whatever reason, one of those reality chicks tell you you are dreaming confirmed, try and fly, do something And then you know you are in the lucid dream And the fourth strategy was the induction method lying down. Ignoring the little scratches in each is and letting the dream come over here, you'll see the thoughts. You'll see the visions, you'll hear the sounds and then you're dreaming. I strongly, strongly strongly suggest that you get a friend or someone you can engage with this because that really does help. It feels like you're doing it together. You can talk about it. You can talk through it. Like I said, I'm going to be releasing a follow up video to this lucid, dreaming to overturn as well of a video on reality checking. And then if I get some feedback and people are asking a bunch of questions, I'm not doing a loser dreaming three or three just to sort of make sure that I've covered all of those bases. So, like I said, connect, engage. And well, while I've got you here, please. You got a thing up there saying you want to review this class. Please do. It makes a massive difference. It really does help to raise the awareness, get more people lucid, dreaming, and that'll sound a little community. And that will help you because you can talk about lucid dreaming. And finally, if you want to connect with what I'm doing following me on school share, check out my website Zachary Huffine Phillips dot com. And if you want to follow me on social, I can be found everywhere at Zach P. Phillips. Thank you.