Learn To Draw Girl&Pugs With Watercolor!!! Step by Step to Beginner Level | Comic black rainbow | Skillshare

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Learn To Draw Girl&Pugs With Watercolor!!! Step by Step to Beginner Level

teacher avatar Comic black rainbow, Cartoon&Anime drawing educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. 1.Color basic layer

    • 4. 2.Color second layer to some detail

    • 5. 3.Color Last layer to finish it

    • 6. 4.Decorate it with watercolor pencils

    • 7. Suggestion and thanks

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About This Class


Do you want to learn how to draw pugs with watercolor?

Hey, cuties, I am Comic Black Rainbow, I am a visual creator, graphic designer and anime drawing educator.

Pets are people’s friends so people always like to draw an illustration of pets. Lately, I like pug so much so I draw a character with pugs in illustration. If you also like to draw an illustration with pets or dogs, this class is for you!!! And now I will share with you how I color a girl hug many pugs with watercolor.

In this Skillshare class, you’ll learn to color an illustration with watercolor! It’s ok if you are a beginner to color with watercolor because I put a link to you to download the line draft in “Project Description” so that you can keep up this class. You just need to print it out, prepare the supplies and follow the step in this class.

After you watch all of this class videos and drawing with me step by step, you’ll finish an illustration that a girl hugs pugs!!! In the end, don’t be shy to share your final result in the Project Gallery of this class to inspire others after you finish your work! You also can share your beautiful painting on Instagram, if you do this, please tag me @comicblackrainbow and @skillshare, also add the tag #skillshareproject, for the chance to be featured on Skillshare blog.

Again, thank you for watching my class, I can't wait to see your beautiful illustration!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Comic black rainbow

Cartoon&Anime drawing educator


Hey, cuties!!! Welcome to my skillshare.

I am Comic black rainbow.
I am a visual creator. As a freelancer, I am also a graphic designer and Cartoon & Anime painting educator. My work includes video, graphic design, and painting.
If you are interested in cartoon and anime drawing, you can check my blog for more information and learn something back.

In skillshare, I will share how I draw cartoons and anime with watercolor. You will learn and draw with me. So if you want to learn anime drawing or watercolor, don't miss my classes. I can't wait to see the work you create and share with people. If you have any questions, don't be shy!!!!! Please comment below the class or send me a message through email or social media. 

Let me add some color... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm coming back. Rambo. I'm a visual cradles graphic designer and and may joy and caters pets People's friends. So people always like to join, You know, stray shows about lately I am like a park. So much so I draw a corrector wave back in your station if you also like to Joe Oh illustration. With pats or docks. Lacey's crossed for you because now I will share with you how I called a girl. Hawks many parks in illustration. We want the color cost. You will learn toe called her an illustration with one cover. It is okay. If you are a beginner toe, cover an illustration with water colors because I will put a link to you. Toe Daniel, the life jacked in project description. So what, you can keep up laced class. You just need to bring it out pre pale of spies and follow those steps in this. Okay, so I start 2. Supplies: before the class. You need to prepare all those kind of things first. Water you didn't used to cops off water. I will put the water cargo pants in here after love. I will put in here. So lots of the water wheel now 30 to watch and power tissue while the college paper and all thes paper. Or what color paper. It's OK because it's just that do trial of collar you mix and what they call a pan. I will call a brand and size to project and restarts so long you will know what kind of friends and size off while the color pants I used. What color pants and Carla pencils. Okay, possible eyes. You need to prepare 1st 0 my. I just forget. The most important thing is the light jacked off girl and parks. You can download it from the legs in project and results and bring it out. We want to call the paper. So what? You can joke. It's directly after we prepare all the things we need. Let's get started 3. 1.Color basic layer: Okay, Now we call the bass IQ layer. I always Joel scheme first. If the hair is light color, I also Joe, it's beginning way. Have to put light color first when we Joe What the cover? Because, like what? Cover is hard to covert Deep cover. If you joke, brush less situation is upset. Pocks, skin hat and coat also need to be Joe with Pasic color. 4. 2.Color second layer to some detail: Okay. Now, after Labasa layer is dry now I want to add shadow on ants, so I add a little water on the wrench off shadow. First, when I poised little brother cover, it's You can seal a color just spring out. Little fat will be burned and soft. This is a way I Joel soft shadow. After I finish the soft shadow I Jones a little deep color of parks and add shadow on hat and coat. The videos are hat and coat will be less and color ways the shadow. So I joined them in the same time. - Hair can be added. Deeper color, it's now and vehicle read fast there? Asked a little wretch off. Pox is dry. I can add a deeper color on them. 5. 3.Color Last layer to finish it: now. Look, hair is dry, so I add a deeper caller toe Jola detail gets and actual a ski shadow, nose and mouth with radish orange you Steve Braun, toe Joe, pox face, eyes and the shadow on their skin. Now I don't makes any color. I just Joel the background way Simple color because I want to. Mac, the background is simple. So lots we will focus on the girl and pox After I finish the cover off background, I want to join the vast with deeper green. Okay, No Joel apart. I love So watch it. ISS eyes and you can see we almost finished it. 6. 4.Decorate it with watercolor pencils: before I finish it, I will deck Rhett. It's We've called the pencils. You do it. I like to act. Lies on hair and little red on fast The hate Colt M park Small. I used deeper color to increase low shadow, so lots a still looks there. Now I want to add a little details on its. Okay, Now you finish it. 7. Suggestion and thanks: congratulations. You finish your work Now you can share to your family, your fans, even your cough mats. If you put your work on the grass, don't focus. Attack me. Coming back Rambo as Gil shirt, You also can add tech skills Share project The love you have the chance to be. Ah, figured on skew share block and don't be shine toe. Put your final results in the project. Carry off police class. So what you can in the bar your cough man, I'm so happy. Watch these gods and learn something back. If you want to know about my works or love more of our panting, you can check my fast books. It's the grand and YouTube I also write Broke about Pandey in my website. Comey back Rempel dot com Check and really and thank you for watching my cloth. I can't know where to see your beautiful illustration