Learn To Create Logo, Call-out, Banner & T-shirt Design Under 10 Mins | Nishit Dave | Skillshare

Learn To Create Logo, Call-out, Banner & T-shirt Design Under 10 Mins

Nishit Dave, Digital Marketing Ethusiast

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7 Videos (33m)
    • Welcome

    • Graphic App Overview

    • How To Create A Simple Logo

    • How To Make Call outs

    • How To Design A Custom Banner

    • How To Create / Clone A Tshirt Design

    • Conclusion & Feedback


About This Class


Have you been outsourcing your graphic design work lately just because you felt it was tedious and time consuming? Well, with this tutorial, you can keep aside your worries and start making your own graphic design. Join me as I create 4 different graphic design with a drag and drop graphic creator and under 10 mins flat.

What can you do with this Graphic Creator App:

1. Create simple logo with icons and text
2. Make custom call-outs
3. Design your own custom banners for blogs and websites
4. Create t-shirt design or clone other pre-made design for fun

Features of the Graphic Creator App:

1. Web Based
2. Simple to use
3. Minimal Functionality
4. Saves graphic in PNG & SVG meaning you can use your designs with softwares like Videoscribe and Explaindio
5. Convert your graphic design to EPS format (optional)
6. Support staff is responsive and helpful (rarely happens for a free app)





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Nishit Dave

Digital Marketing Ethusiast

Hi, I'm Nishit Dave. I'm passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than learning and sharing knowledge. My areas of interest are Digital Marketing, Whiteboard Animation and Web Development.

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