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Learn To Create Featured Graphic For Your Android App

SNP Bharadwaj, wherever you go, go with all your heart

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    • Learn to create featured graphic for android app


About This Class

Welcome Friends,

I am very excited to have you here, In this course you will learn to create a featured graphic for your android apps using a free online tool and later try to create a photoshop template, which you will be using as a base for all your apps.

Google Play Requires a Featured graphic for all apps being uploaded to it,

So lets look at Ways to Create One

Use Online Tools :

Advantage: Easy to use and very fast.

Disadvantage: Very less customization options.

Using Photo Editor : (Photoshop, Gimp)

Advantage: Totally customizable and we need to create only once and can use it n number of times.

Disadvantage: Requires just a little bit of editing skills and few minutes of your time.

You Can Visit:


Over here we can create a featured graphic in seconds.

Specify your apps name and upload an icon if you like.

You can change the background color, but if you want a custom image as backdrop its a bit difficult currently.

But you can only customize upto a level only.


Using Custom Designed Template

I will teach you how to create a featured graphic template in photoshop which you can use ‘n’ number of times whenever you need.


App Title

App Tagline (if any)

App Icon

App Screenshots

Lets start what are you waiting for hit on enroll button and see you inside.





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SNP Bharadwaj

wherever you go, go with all your heart

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