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Learn To Cook For Yourself - How To Make Oatmeal For Breakfast - Breakfast Basics

teacher avatar Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What To Expect From This Course

    • 3. Rules To Follow

    • 4. Overnight

    • 5. Toasted Cereal

    • 6. Mircowave

    • 7. Baked

    • 8. Stovetop

    • 9. Thank You For Your Time & Hard Work!

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About This Class

Looking for an option other than corporate breakfast chains? Need breakfast to improve mental concentration but you are tired of the same old thing?  Or do you just want to know different ways to enjoy oatmeal?

This course provides an exciting introduction into making breakfast oatmeal. You will learn the basics of making breakfast oatmeal in several fun ways. After finishing this course you will be able to wow your friends and family with different breakfast oatmeal recipes.

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Phillip Dillow

Be Driven!


We are excited to teach you all that we know and build a relationship with you.

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1. Introduction: Do you like breakfast? D1, learn how to make food for yourself. Are you interested in deepening your culinary knowledge? In this course, we're going to be breaking down oatmeal and not just in the plane normal way. We're going to be covering it several different ways, helping you find your favorite way to make oatmeal for breakfast. If this sounds exciting to you and you want a real deep dive into oatmeal and breakfast, then come into the course and let's get started learning. 2. What To Expect From This Course: One of the most common cereal grains found around the world prepared both savory and sweet for early morning and late evening meals, and even found in some desserts. But today, we're going to be covering it specifically in the context of breakfast and how you can make oatmeal several different ways from easy to difficult and help you drill down which way fits your lifestyle best. That way you can start making breakfast for yourself. That's healthy, that's wholesome, and that allows you to have the energy you need to get through the day. Throughout this course, we're going to be breaking down recipes and techniques, specifically involving oatmeal for breakfast while we are going to be covering a lot, this course will still be quick. And the desire of this course is to give you the knowledge that you need without wasting your time. So we will be moving fast even though this'll be a deep dive. But I think you'll find all the information in this course very valuable and very helpful to your breakfast lifestyle. So I hope you're ready to learn. I hope you're excited about breakfast. I hope you're excited about oatmeal. 3. Rules To Follow: A few hard and fast rules for this course. One, every preparation lot of salt, because food without salt doesn't taste good. Trust me, even if it's a sweet preparation, you want to add a pinch of salt to make it taste better to, you can use any liquid you want, cashew milk, Regular milk, almond milk, water. It doesn't matter as long as you keep the ratios for hydration, you're going to be perfectly fine and you're gonna make a delicious bowl of oatmeal. The next thing, every cooked preparation we do in this course, safer one will have equal portions liquid. The only one of those that will be different is our last preparation, which is going to be done on the stove top, which will require an extra little bit of liquid to make sure that the ODE stay hydrated. But if you ever get lost, just remember, equal portions oats to liquid. 4. Overnight: Our first preparation overnight oats is also our easiest. You just need a container and then start off by adding in however many O2 would want to eat. After that, we're going to put a little bit of salt in here because salt makes food taste better, then you need the same amount of liquid as Oates. You can use water, milk, almond milk, oat milk, whatever you would like. After that, you need to think about a topping something to kind of spice this up and add some zags to it. I like a fruit and nut mixture, but feel free to do whatever you would like. Peanut butter is a great choice. Fresh fruits always good. Anything that your heart desires can be a delicious additive to this. Then we're going to lift it up and let it hang out overnight. So say at least six to eight hours the next morning or the next day. Whenever you get around to, once you get open, you're going to find a kind of creamy, a little liquidity, but relatively enjoyable preparation of oats. They're going to be a little toothy just because they're not technically cooked. 5. Toasted Cereal: Now we're going to be making a toasted serial using oats. And to do this, you're going to need a sheet pan and just cover it in however many oaths you would like to eat. And we're going to be putting this in a 350 degree oven. And there's some real time on this. You're mainly just watching for whenever the ODE start to take on a brown this to them and develop a nice kinda row steatosis, the color, the only thing you want to make sure and do is spread these oats out as evenly as you can on the pan before putting them in the oven. Now that we have them in the oven, you're just going to have to check them periodically. And I would recommend not using convection and using bake. That way the old-style blow round after they've gotta good toast tomb and a good smell. You just want to put them into a bowl and they're good to go there or cereal, you can do whatever you want to do them. I like to add fruit, nuts or whatever combination you'd like to put on serial Bananas, strawberries, whatever fits your cereal vibe, and then add whatever milky prefer, almond milk, cashew milk, Regular cow milk, whatever you like, and then just make the mix however you like your cereal. If you like a lot of milk, great. If you don't, that's cool too. Then just around a little bit and enjoy a nice bowl of toasted oats cereal. 6. Mircowave: Next is a classic lazy breakfast microwave oatmeal. To start off with, I need a cup of oats, but really you can do any amount you want depending on how hungry you are. And we're just going to simply put that into a bowl. After that, we're going to add a little bit of salt. Goes food without salt doesn't taste good. I would like mine Sweden, so I'm gonna put it in a little bit of sugar. This is completely optional depending on your taste. Maybe a little bit more sugar, me and maybe a little bit more. Next we're going to add in the same amount of liquid as we did oats. I'm using water here, but feel free to use it ever you want. And then I'm going to add in a little bit of cinnamon. And I'm going to go to my microwave. I'm going to microwave this on half power and then we're going to see how it looks. And round and round. She's going to go, will she be done the first try? Nobody knows. Microwave oatmeal is probably one of the least satisfying breakfast as you can make for yourself. But it's important that we cover it if we're doing a full deep dive in how to make oatmeal for breakfast. Now that we have our oatmeal out, Let's go ahead and give it a good stir and see how sloppy it is. And we can see here it's still extremely SUV. So back to the microwave. And now we're just going to blast it and see if we can get this done. And round and round. She goes again for another 90 seconds. And here we have our finished oatmeal. It's sticky. It looks like oatmeal. It tastes like oatmeal but sadder. I'm sure you've had this a bunch of times. It's the quintessential. I'm running late. I need food though, breakfast. But it's important that we cover this to definitely see all the oatmeal options that are out there. 7. Baked: Baked oatmeal is a great option for those weekend mornings where you just want dump everything in and be done with it. So here we are going to be adding in two cups of oats to a small baking dish. And really, this kind of depends on how thick you want it to be or how thin you want to be, just user or baking dish you have. And the volume of oats is really irrelevant. This is just what I felt like cooking. Next we're going to add in some salt because food without salts not good. Next we're going to liberally add some cinnamon, and I like really strong cinnamon flavors. So feel free to be a little subjective on this. Then we want to add in some olive oil and you're looking for about a tablespoon or two. I know you're probably thinking, shouldn't this be butter? But trust me, in all of all incorporates a lot better into this dish. Then we want the same amount of liquid as we added oats. So we had two cups of oatmeal, so two cups of milk now. And I prefer whole milk for this or anything that's kinda full-fat milk. As it bakes, it's going to congeal and, and some nice kind of sticky Googliness to our oatmeal. After that, we want to go ahead and give everything a good, healthy stir. That way we make sure all of our ingredients are fully combined. And this is where you see while the olive oil was a better choice than butter. Next, we're going to be adding in some sugar and this is completely subjective, but whatever you like, then we're gonna give it another good stirred and make sure everything is fully combined. Once we have everything completely started together, we're going into a 350 degree oven for a 30 to 45 minutes and the time is going to vary on this, depending on your oven, depending on how much oatmeal you use. For me, probably around 40 ish minutes is about right. But you're just going to want to check it and slowly but surely they'll start to congeal until it looks like this. You're going to have a delicious crust on top with soft gooey oatmeal underneath. And this is one of my favorite ways to enjoy old mill on the weekends. This is best served an individual dish. And then Tom puts a minced Apple, creating an apple cinnamon oatmeal, just wonderfulness that's hot and warm and gooey. And some of the milk congeals a little bit to add a nice little squishy byte as you go through making this just a superb warm breakfast for cold morning, feel free to top this, whatever you like. Like I said a second ago, I prefer apples on this gives it a really kind of great homey crunch and jamminess to it. But there are a lot of things that would be good on here as well. And after you get everything topped up, you can enjoy your delicious baked apple, cinnamon oatmeal. 8. Stovetop: Our last preparation stove top oatmeal is also our most complicated. You want to start off with a pot on a burner and add in two cups of oatmeal. And feel free to have more. You're just going to want to work the ratios as we go after you get your oatmeal and we're going to add some salt because food without salt tastes like garbage. Then we're going to add in two cups of milk. And the big difference you're going to find here is we're going to add an extra half cup of water. And that accomplishes two things. One it rents is all the fat out of our measuring cup that when we get all that yummy fan in there too, we're going to have more evaporation doing this method. So it'll help make sure we keep the oatmeal nice and hydrated. Then you're going to add it in six tablespoons of butter. And I know you're thinking That's a lot of butter, but this dish is meant to be luxurious. Now this is not something you're making on a hurried morning. If you have homemade better like what you see me using here, that would be even better. But go ahead and pile it on in there and think rich, luscious, think yummy. After you get all of your butter in. Then we're going to cook on medium low. And this is going to be a bit of a process. So there's going to be a lot of storing, a lot of waiting. We want everything to come together slowly and we wanted to thicken very slowly to make a GUI warm substance. As you can see here, there is a lot of constant stirring that way we don't have any sticky edge. After your oatmeal gets to your desired stickiness, take a bowl and align it with honey, preferably local honey if you can get it. But if not hunting from the bears fine too. Then Pylint as much as you like, and then take fresh nutmeg and gradient over the top. And this is going to make an absolutely superb bowl of oatmeal as the fresh nutmeg and the honey meld together, you're going to get a flavor combination you've never experienced before. And trust me, this is not like the pre ground nutmeg that you get on the spice aisle. It's completely different. The real deal is just explosive with flavor. But this is a deck and it buttery, yummy, sugary GUI experience that is second to none in the oatmeal world, I highly recommend that if you want a killer bowl of oatmeal, this is worth every minute that it takes. After you get everything together, then you can enjoy your fancy oatmeal. 9. Thank You For Your Time & Hard Work!: I hope you enjoyed the course and found new and exciting ways to make breakfast for yourself. In specificly, see the awesome value that oatmeal can have in your lives, some food and enjoy the oatmeal that you.