Learn The Phonetic Alphabet | Michael Reynolds | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. What is the Phonetic Alphabet

    • 2. The Phonetic Alphabet A-Z

    • 3. Create Your Own Cryptic, Funny, Coded Phonetic Alphabet

    • 4. Learn The English Alphabet

    • 5. The English Alphabet

    • 6. Learn The Rhyming Alphabet

    • 7. The Rhyming Alphabet

    • 8. What Software I Use To Make These Videos

    • 9. Watch How Easy It Is To Make These Videos


About This Class

Hi All,

Welcome to the Phonetic Alphabet Class!

The 26 code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet are assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet in alphabetical order.

In this short Class you will watch one video that covers all the 26 letters and which code words each letter represents.

And then for a fun project, it would be really cool if you could upload and/or share your own Phonetic Alphabet using a theme to keep it interesting and perhaps challenge people to what the theme is to see if they can crack the code.

Here is an example - try and guess the theme and crack the code and post your answers on the community page (as soon as 10 people have correctly answered this easy 1st round, we will move onto the 2nd round where the theme will get harder and harder to guess!):

  • A is for Amy
  • B is for Brian
  • C is for Chris
  • D is for Dave
  • E is for Emma
  • F is for Freddy
  • G is for Gary
  • H is for Hannah
  • I is for Isla
  • J is for John
  • K is for Karen
  • L is for Lisa
  • M is for Mike
  • N is for Norman
  • O is for Oscar
  • P is for Peter
  • Q is for Quentin
  • R is for Roscoe
  • S is for Simon
  • T is for Tina
  • U is for Umar
  • V is for Victor
  • W is for William
  • X is for Xabi
  • Y is for Yvonne
  • Z is for Zac

Have fun with it and if enough people take part, we will vote on the best and funniest versions to which I will then create a video of these versions for the winners to share.

I will also be adding some bonus videos to cover the English Alphabet and anything else that might be useful for those learning the language.

Much Love

M for Mike