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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. What is the Phonetic Alphabet

    • 2. The Phonetic Alphabet A-Z

    • 3. Create Your Own Cryptic, Funny, Coded Phonetic Alphabet

    • 4. Learn The English Alphabet

    • 5. The English Alphabet

    • 6. Learn The Rhyming Alphabet

    • 7. The Rhyming Alphabet

    • 8. What Software I Use To Make These Videos

    • 9. Watch How Easy It Is To Make These Videos

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About This Class

Hi All,

Welcome to the Phonetic Alphabet Class!

The 26 code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet are assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet in alphabetical order.

In this short Class you will watch one video that covers all the 26 letters and which code words each letter represents.

And then for a fun project, it would be really cool if you could upload and/or share your own Phonetic Alphabet using a theme to keep it interesting and perhaps challenge people to what the theme is to see if they can crack the code.

Here is an example - try and guess the theme and crack the code and post your answers on the community page (as soon as 10 people have correctly answered this easy 1st round, we will move onto the 2nd round where the theme will get harder and harder to guess!):

  • A is for Amy
  • B is for Brian
  • C is for Chris
  • D is for Dave
  • E is for Emma
  • F is for Freddy
  • G is for Gary
  • H is for Hannah
  • I is for Isla
  • J is for John
  • K is for Karen
  • L is for Lisa
  • M is for Mike
  • N is for Norman
  • O is for Oscar
  • P is for Peter
  • Q is for Quentin
  • R is for Roscoe
  • S is for Simon
  • T is for Tina
  • U is for Umar
  • V is for Victor
  • W is for William
  • X is for Xabi
  • Y is for Yvonne
  • Z is for Zac

Have fun with it and if enough people take part, we will vote on the best and funniest versions to which I will then create a video of these versions for the winners to share.

I will also be adding some bonus videos to cover the English Alphabet and anything else that might be useful for those learning the language.

Much Love

M for Mike

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Reynolds

The Explainer Video Guy


My name is Michael Reynolds,

I work full time as a video editor and lead marketing director for one of the leading telecoms companies in the UK, I create their software training videos, sales videos and presentations and also help create and run their marketing campaigns.

I also freelance in all my spare time, creating explainer videos, whiteboard animation videos, graphic animation videos, shop promos, band promos, dancer showreels, the list goes on - I love new challenges, hence the variety of work I do.

I love animals, big lover of dogs and cats, I enjoy healthy food and peaceful walks (to let the brain settle).

I work hard, I am always learning, and love to give back to the community.

Thanks for reading.


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1. What is the Phonetic Alphabet: our guys and welcome to my class. So that's quickly cover. What is the phonetic alphabet? Effectively? It is the way in which the words sound and each word is chosen because it cannot be confused for any other word when said hence the reason that is used to help people spell words over the phone or the radio. It all started back in World War Two, when the British army was using code. In their communications, they used words like able for a and baker for being. But these words were all words only the English speaker could pronounce. So once we joined NATO, it became necessary that people of all languages could pronounce these words. That is when the words such as Alfa and Brother were introduced, and these words are very difficult to pronounce incorrectly. And then, in 1950 free, the official phonetic alphabets launched. That's it for this video. So now jump over to the next video, where we will learn the phonetic alphabet 2. The Phonetic Alphabet A-Z: the fanatic alphabet A is for Alfa. V is for Bravo. C is for Charlie. D is for Delta. E is for eco. F is for folks. Truck G for golf pages for hotel I was for India. J is for Juliet. K is for Kilo. Now is for Lima. M is for Mike. N is for November. Oscar P is for Papa. Que Is Vic you back? It's from Romeo s. It's with Sierra. T is for tango. You was for uniform. He is for Victor. W is for Whiskey. X is for X ray. Why is for Yankee said is for Sue phonetic alphabet. 3. Create Your Own Cryptic, Funny, Coded Phonetic Alphabet: our guys. So let's talk about the awesome projects you're going to be creating now. Will you need to do is download the crack the code document from the Project Files area, and then you can edit this document and upload and share to the community later. Now the aim of the project is to come up with a uniquely themed or coded phonetic alphabet of your own. You don't need to worry about words sounding unique. Just have some fun with it and as an added bonus will turn the best ones into a video for you now just a zone example. As you can see on the screen, I've been working with a thing which you may or may not yet have guessed. But if you haven't, the theme is fruit. So this phonetic alphabet I've created is fruit related, simple yet effective. So what I want you to do is go away and have fun with this challenge, and then once you have created your own phonetic alphabets, please upload it to the community and challenge others to guess what your FEMA is From time to time, I will also be adding new projects well have created thing myself and made it hard off you to guess what the theme is just to keep her but of interactivity between everybody. But this is gonna be great. So I will sign off. Now. As you can see, that's the end of this video or is it just guys? 4. Learn The English Alphabet: hi guys, before we learn the English alphabet has take a quick moment to understand. When it came into play, the English word alphabet came into middle English from the late Latin word Alfa Beatem, which in turn originated in Greek, known as the word Alfa Bitos to help those learning English. In the next video, you will see each letter in capitals and in lower case and be able to hear how each letter sounds. Thanks for watching. 5. The English Alphabet: the English alphabet. Capital letters, small letters A be see t e if g ph Oh, Okay. J Okay. L i m and oh, P que uh huh s See you feed W X by said the English alphabet. 6. Learn The Rhyming Alphabet: my guys. In the next video, we will be learning about the rhyming alphabet, which will cover the groups of letters that run with each other. 7. The Rhyming Alphabet: in this video, we're going to be covering the groups of letters that rhyme with each other within the English alphabet. The following letters run with each other. Hey, sounds a h j k e sounds B c de e jeanne p t be sounds Yeah. Now I m and it s Thanks. I sounds all right. Boy, you sounds cute. You w And then there is our and said all Sounds like a pirate. Our reality said, no idea. Thanks. Watching guys take care. 8. What Software I Use To Make These Videos: hi guys. So just to quickly show you what are used to make these videos to the first program is Premiere Pro Sisi as an adobe product, which is pretty awesome, and you would use it for editing your videos. So what, You filmed something you know you can chop it up on to the right sides and you do that in Premiere Pro. No, another programmer uses Theodore Be after Effects CC. This is for adding things like animation and colors and all the, you know, jazz and pop. But you can add two videos like I Love Jump between the two to make the best failure I can now to do the voiceovers. I just used the voice recorder on my machine with a plugged in mike. So I have a blue mic plugged in and I just record my voice. And then I conduct the falls into Premiere Pro or after fax and then into the video. Thanks very much 9. Watch How Easy It Is To Make These Videos: