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Learn The IPO Process From An Experienced CFO

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, MBA and CFO

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20 Videos (1h 17m)
    • 020IPOPRO Section 01a Course and Instructor Introduction

    • 020IPOPRO Section 01b What Is An IPO

    • 020IPOPRO Section 01c The Pros of an IPO

    • 020IPOPRO Section 01d The Cons of an IPO

    • 020IPOPRO Section 02a The Parties The Company

    • 020IPOPRO Section 02b The Parties External Auditors

    • 020IPOPRO Section 02c The Parties Underwriters

    • 020IPOPRO Section 02d The Parties The Lawyers

    • 020IPOPRO Section 02e The Parties The SEC

    • 020IPOPRO Section 03a Underwriter Selection

    • 020IPOPRO Section 03b Due Diligence and Regulatory Filings

    • 020IPOPRO Section 03c Pricing

    • 020IPOPRO Section 03d Stabilization

    • 020IPOPRO Section 03e Market Competition

    • 020IPOPRO Section 03f JetBlue Registration Statement Review

    • 020IPOPRO Section 04a JetBlue Case Study 1

    • 020IPOPRO Section 04b JetBlue Case Study 2

    • 020IPOPRO Section 04c JetBlue Case Study 3

    • 020IPOPRO Section 04d JetBlue Case Study 4

    • 020IPOPRO Section 05a Course Conclusion


About This Class

Free Ebook Included! Learn the entire Initial Public Offering process from someone who has been through it many times

​** New Course for 2018! **

The Initial Public Offering process (IPO) is a very complex and long one at best.  For the first time entrepreneur attempting to navigate it, there is a lot to know, and not much time to make things happen.  Empower yourself with knowledge of what the process involves, the timing, and what experts you need in order to make your initial public offering (IPO) a success.  By the end of this course, you will be ready to plan out your action plan for an initial public offering (IPO).

In this course we learn a lot of information.  What an IPO is, the pros and cons of going public, who the parties involved are, how to select an investment bank, the underwriting process, the audit process, working with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and finalizing the deal.  As well as everything in between.  As you can tell there is a lot involved, and we will cover it all in this course about initial public offerings (IPOs).

What We Do In The Course:  

  • Learn what an initial public offering is at its core
  • Learn the pros and cons of an IPO
  • Discuss the selection of the various parties involved
  • Take about the due diligence process
  • Understand the book making and pricing decisions
  • Understand the role the auditors play
  • Have a better understanding of the timing of the entire process
  • Review a case study of an IPO
  • And Much More!

If at any point if you have a question, please feel free to ask through the course forum, I'd be happy to answer any and all questions.  

Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO is a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience in accounting, finance, and initial public offerings and IPO's.  Having spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate settings with both large and small companies, I learned a lot about the accounting process, managing accounting departments, financial reporting, external reporting to board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and working with external auditors.  

The following 10+ years I decided to go into CFO Consulting, working with growing companies and bringing CFO level experience to companies.  I help implement proper best business practices in accounting and finance, consult on implementation of accounting systems, implementing accounting procedures, while also still fulfilling the CFO roll for many of my clients which includes financial reporting, auditing, working with investors, financial analysis and much more.  

Thank you for signing up for this course on Udemy. I look forward to being your instructor for this course and many more!

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, CFO & MBA





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Chris Benjamin

Instructor, MBA and CFO

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