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Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – Intermediate

Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – Intermediate

Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs Intermediate

    • 2. How To Play Girls Like You

    • 3. How to Play Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl Solo

    • 4. How to Play Metallica Nothing Else Matters Guitar Solo

    • 5. How to Play Surf Music Blues

    • 6. How to play Wolfmother Woman

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About This Class

Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – Intermediate

- What would it feel like if you knew that you can FLUENTLY and beautifully play all of your own favorite songs?

And that whenever you take out the guitar - your friends and family are amazed - and enjoying the great, familiar music that's coming out of your hands...?

This course is for Intermediate guitar players who want to improve their chord transitions, picking technique, rhythm, and muscle memory while also learning hit songs.


*Maroon 5 - Girls Like You

*Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

*Jet - Are you gonna be my girl

*Surf Music Blues

and much more songs


The videos are all straight to the point and clearly broke down for you so you can learn the songs very quickly.


Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

 You can move through these lessons at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you like.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher


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1. Introduction Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs Intermediate: Hey guys, welcome, join new dark core. I have been teaching NuScale line since 2013.5 course is needless or if it is in Spanish. Oh, do you feel if you could have pick up a guitar and you played beautiful and pleasure so well, this is exactly what this course is going to do for you to learn the guitar by learning songs. And this is the level number two. So fiscal course is for intermediate and musicians spores to improve their core musicians eking technique, radon AND muscle memory, and learn songs for sure, oh to step-by-step neutral have in learning guitar, binder insults me Hannah, for this course, several types of songs. You're free to send him your doubts from to fill out the form Schadt. And here you have. Thank you so much and see you later. 2. How To Play Girls Like You: Maroon five girls like you check this out. This is the first part and 50% of this song, and we just have two parts. The first thing is Fred number three, stream number five. You pick one time. Infrared number five, streaming number four, you pick five times 12345. So it's on launching 245. Frack number three, stream number four. In fact, number two. Ok, so 1234512. All right, once and again, 012345 and come back and play exactly the same thing, right? So 355 times. And now Fred number seven is string number four into, okay, and come back to the same note in this example, see fret number trees throwing a number five. Okay? So we have just two plots right now for its part is o, second-order bar number three. Same five times Fred number five. And now you play three to 0 or answering number four to 0-0, Chu Xin entry to come back to the same beginning. Alright, so be careful this, this guitar riff is a kind of trick. Alright, so tragedy started the, the guitar tab. There you can see in the video. So I'm gonna play everything very slowly. Try to play with me and come back. You can play the song with Pam emoting. You. Use some much better, right? So it's like this. You play with this part of your hand string, right? So it's, Oh, okay. My advice for you is try to keep it simple in when you development of this technique. You play with family. We have a court as well. If you are playing with another musician, I'll add to acoustic guitar. You can play discourse as well. So you have G minor and F slash C. So C is finger number one, fret number one, string number two. And your finger number Chu fret number. Choose storing a number for infinite number three fret number trees, string number 5. Second card is a number four in tree Fred number three, string number 12, finger number one, single number to threaten them or choose through number five. And finger number, tooth frack number tree, string number six. A minor thing number one, fret number one, stream number two, single-member tree, Fred number trees during a number tree and figure number Chu Froude number to string number four, you can pick 540 inch. And the last chord is F slash C. So it's I think a number of one. Fret number one. Number two. Number two, frat number, choose three. Number three, your pinky finger number four, fret number trees during the number four and number tree Fred number trees through number five. Can pick 5-4, three-inch. Alright. About radon. You can play on 234123 or to drink or Enron tree farm during the entire song, okay? And you can play like these as well. To treat for fat sets, for fat sex in Bonn. Okay. I hope you enjoyed his song trackbacks. And develop. Od is a skews. Let me know if you have any kind of doubt. I'm here to help you. 3. How to Play Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl Solo: Now I want to teach you and very nice guitar solo for Nostra in a band called jet. So are you going to be my girl? Check this out. So to solve this pretty simple in the first part is like this. So first of all, you're going to play 12 in a string. And number two, it's a band. It's a half-step ban. Ok. You're going to play this Ban, Dao and tan. Okay. You can play like Abu off right here. Okay? And expertise. And in Dan, in the fret number on a string number 12 array. So this guitar lake right here, we are going to repeat several times. So let's practice one more time. Check this out. Alright, so the next part is it's descending guitar lick. However it's data plane frack number can or string number one, you've played to wealth. Okay? So and come back to the frack number can learn is string number two. So we have for his part, second part, and a bar number tree. It's exactly the same guitar lick. Wherever staff played ten or 12, you play nine. Alright, you can play here, or here is the same note. Nine, Fred. And I own a streaming number one or 40 on a String Number two. I prefer right here. Alright, so first spark, second bar, bar number tree. In the last part is you're going to play the same guitar. Lake Ban Dao. Can. However, you play 12 on a string number tray. And pn horn is string number two gray. So last part, more, more time. Be careful we've disbanding To Frac Number two, I want to stream number Chu, try to tune this bn by year. Okay. You're gonna play ever Feet One more time. First bar, second bar, bar number three. And last bar. And after it's barred, you play exactly the same thing. And to the last bar of the song, Let me know if you have any kind of doubts. I'm here to help you. Alright, see you. 4. How to Play Metallica Nothing Else Matters Guitar Solo: Now it's time to learn metallic and nothing else mattered. First Parker Going AAA. It's a Chernoff double began at theta ban on his string number tree in a frac number 14. I've ever put my finger number WAN to wow Fiona's string number two. Okay? So right. There's interplay true times and play Pratt 12, string number three. After disbarred, you play. Next bar is true alpha1, 1112, and now run on a string numbered tree for two. On the streaming over 411 is on the stream number 31240. As you can see on the tablet tour. After D is 2L 42 wells in the fret number Florentine, wifi number one and 12-unit string number of WAN. We careful because humor is not necessarily play stream number two, right? So came once and again more time. Right? After jeez, you have a benthic. Thank you. Get thoroughly GE Soviets 1215, ball off to 1254 to 12. Okay, so very fast. Okay, gotta plate since the beginning. Alright, after this bar. So you have a band into frack number 14. Wherever your pinky is going to be. In a fret, number 15 on a string number to know. Is there, which is bad. So my advice for you guys is booty often you number two key on a fret number 2Ts and to help your finger number tree. Okay, after this mystery number tree and chew, fortune, fortune. And two f, two f does next guitar lick. And you're going to play as light portion to 15. My device is number two, fortune once again. And 12 on a string number two. So during the next time that the second time you don't do not come back to, to fetch wealth, you play slide 15 to 17, known as string number one. Next part is, this part is very fast, so Bentham, sure. They're going to be 54 to MRL into 15 and a pool off to 40. Okay. So and number two, m1g. Okay. So and to have on a stream number two, listen again. Right? There been no fading Taggart, second bar. And the last part, you're going to play 124012. We'd sound one whole stat ban, 1412. And fortunately, we care from because during this band you're gonna play farting tao and blew off. So del bluff. And a force known as from number four, as you can see on the public tour. Okay, in the last part is true every once and again in photonic admire scale. So for to ban 1212, okay. You can play like a buried core. One whole stack ban on a frat enough in a frat 15, 2L 1512152 times in a very nice vibrato Nan. So once again, be careful, tragic tune. And these last bn by year, it's very important. Ok, let me know if you have any doubts. Alright, I'm here to help you think so much. Bye-bye. 5. How to Play Surf Music Blues: Now it's time to learn how to play surf music in blues. As you can see, this surf music is in a, in the song. It follows the blues pattern. So we have a uterus in this guitar riff repeating Tree tons, a, D, any? So let's take a close look at the first part. Here. Number three, fret number five. On a string number six. You can number one, track number three on a string number five. Fret for we've mentioned a number 2B and threat number five with my finger number tree, everything on a string number five, K. This is the first part. So you need to pick two times fret number five on a string number five, okay, so in the last part is my finger number two, frets number for us through number five in my finger number one, threat number three, string number five. Okay, so I create this batter, Alright? So you are going to play this several times into the same thing. Wants string down when you goes to D, Okay? So you come back and play once during gap. Now Sam should go to E chord. So E card, you are going to play the same pattern. However, you need to start in the fret number seven, string number five, and play the same thing. On the fret number five, Wayne goes to D. Alright? And the last part is okay, and you come back and play the same thing, Beth issue, you just have one single guitarist. Alright? And you need to learn these guitarist step-by-step and play in the other tones. Another thing is tragic memorize the 12-bar blues concept is going to be very important to understand when it goes to a even 99% of the blues is this type of pattern. So you need to understand this concept. Scar. Fourth core four score and once and again, fifth core, fourth core. First score. And coordinate with five. Once again. I hope you enjoy this class and let me know if you have any kind of doubts. Thank you so much. 6. How to play Wolfmother Woman: Woman, both mothers. So you begin with disk guitarist. Okay, this is the inter and diverse. So we have appear poverty chord, E power chord. So string number six, open. And finger number one. In the string number five, Fred number to some juice. Drinks, gate V8 juice, juice. We're going to play like blues, alright, so like abuse, read him. So one to two. In after this, you're going to play 57. Ok. So a string number six, big just fret number five in hammer on the fret number seven. And play string number five. It frack number five. Alright, so check this out. This is the first riff. Okay, so 12122, right, going to play two times. So tried to play with me. Why? Chook? Chook. Okay. So we need to play this a few times, three times. And after this point, they're going to play a power cord and achieved popcorn. So a power cord, Parker's others the same pattern. Ok, so he's seeing a number of one. Fret number five, steric number six, string number, that finger number of tree, string number five, fret number seven, nth Turing a number and finger number for string in order for fret number seven. So just three notes. Okay, so pictures, treemaps and does this eight by courts. So GPS coordinates to simply dome-shaped however, you need to begin infrared number tree. Right? So okay, so three times and go. Okay. The chorus is a hardcore Breton. R5. C power chord is the same chord wherever in fret number eight, core. So Froude number seven in Cork. For a number. I'm going to play all the cards. You can play several times, which is one times. The rhythm is really open. Ok, important thing you can play and his song in acoustical adequately tougher usher, however, it might advice is put a little bit of dr or distortion to plague Nessa, okay, and the sun, very nice. Bird number trees or kind of guitar solos. So check this out. You're going to bleed choose 0 and a string in order for Gu Ji, Chu fret number two, string N5. So credential play opens training is through number four. Comeback to the temperatures from neuroscience. So check this out. After disbarred, you're going to play 0. However, String Number Five, Fact number choose trillion over 50 again as trendy number five. So the last part, track number three, string in over six, in open string in District number five. So I'm going to play very slowly tried to play with me. This is a difficult part, but a second part, almost the same thing. However, you don't play the last note in the string number five, you play in industry number six. Ok, so first part, second part. After this part you're going to play a few times. You're going to play like this. So string number 65775, industry number five. So the last note, you haven't played twice K, so fatter and fatter, as you can see in the feature. Three times in the last part. Pretty simple. So 57 industry and number 657, History, number five. Okay. So pretty much like this. In the last part you're going to play the first part of the solar gain. The power cord. In G power chord. Be careful because the song is not an easy socks. So try to learn outport step-by-step and very slowly.