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Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – Beginners

Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – Beginners

Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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9 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – Beginners

    • 2. How To Play Bruno Mars Runaway Baby

    • 3. How To Play Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks

    • 4. How to Play Linkin Park In The End

    • 5. How To Play Nirvana Polly

    • 6. How to Play Ramones

    • 7. How To Play The Black Keys Lonely Boy

    • 8. How to Play Sean Kingston Beautiful Girls

    • 9. How To Play 4 Non Blondes What's Up

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About This Class

Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – Beginners

This course is for beginner guitar players who want to improve their chord transitions, picking technique, rhythm, and muscle memory while also learning hit songs.


The videos are all straight to the point and clearly broke down for you so you can learn the songs very quickly.


Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.


Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

Linkin Park - In The End

Nirvana - Polly

Ramones - Blitzkrieg bop

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

You have the opportunity to become the guitar player you have always dreamed of. The teaching method in this course has been tested, and re-tested, on hundreds of real-life students and it WILL work for you!

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher


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1. Introduction Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – Beginners: Hello, my name's gave her Felix has been teaching music since 2013 and today, I want you to do some my new course. This course was developed for beginners and my main goal on his course, he's teach you how to play electrically and acoustic guitar. Learning selves. Famous songs, songs such as Bruno Mars, runaway with AV, linking bark in dance, tortured people, pump up kicks, new Vernor, barley, the black keys, lonely boy, and several water, very nice and famous songs you can bracket with acoustic or electric guitar auto step-by-step. You need to have fun and developed speeding technique or instrument. In the end of this course, you'll be able to play a few songs and ready for the next level. It's very fair to learn the guitar by learning songs. So I choose, is Pashto songs. For you. I choose this song's according to the musical level. And the most important thing, let me know if you have any doubts, okay, I'm here to help. You can send me a message from the bladder former shadow. So tune up and let's practice a little bit. See you later. Okay. 2. How To Play Bruno Mars Runaway Baby: So now it's time to play runaway baby by Bruno Mars. First thing is tuning your guitar had stepped down, so it's E flat or D sharp, string number one. String number two is B flat or a sharp string number tree, G flat or F sharp. String number four, D flat, or C-sharp, string number 5's a flat or G-sharp, mystery number six, and the same is storing the number one. So E flat or D sharp to first guitar riffs is the base plate the same thing, exactly the same thing. Okay. So it's Albany. String number six, open seven, 5-7, string number five, 55, industry number 635 and its string number 675. And tree string number six. We're going to play very slowly. Check this out tragically with me. Okay? The second part is pretty much the same thing, however, new different octaves. So alright. Fred Singer, number one, fret number seven, string number five. Finger number three, fret number nine, stream number three. And you play 79, the string number tree. Alright, so the last part is Everything. String Number 47757975 and come back. Alright, so that was lonely. Okay. So my advice is listened to music and trash you to use your ears to check how many times he play this guitar race. This is a very nice exercise to develop your ears. Alright, the last part is the same. Guitarists. However, you stop in a fret number seven, string number four, do a kind of slide as well. Okay. Because now it's time to play the cars. Cars, yes. Okay. So power cord, you already know how to play power chords, right? So its finger number worn fret number eight, string number six, single number three, fret number tends to number five in your pinky string number four, fret number tan. You're going to play C Pollock or the same guitar shade. However, beginning fret number seven. Same guitar shaped. Your third chord. So I'll core one string down. Big jazz strings, five. Okay? And the last parkour is eight. Core. String number six, fret number five, big Jess, 654. The red amiss, 1.2245123452345. Tragic provides the rhythm and play very tied with the base, will be very good for proxy. You are going to play four times in the last part is under the second verse, are going to play a little bit different. Check this out. Okay? The base gonna play on non-coupon area going to play exactly the same thing, however, just the second part because you need to add i music interval. Okay? So this second-by-second parked is string number five, fret number 7567, stream number four. So its amplitude times fret number seven, string number one in front, number eight through number two. Ok. Alright, it's pretty much like this. So I think I'd show you all the parts of this song. It's time to listen to music and simulate each part of the song. 3. How To Play Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks: Now sound should play. Popup gets checked this out. Frack number one, string number six, jury tax. So this is the Iridium. Next note is frac number tree Senior no, string number six. And frat number for string number six. So I'm going to play the entire, this entire part. Alright? You're going to play three times. String number seeks frack number four. So o. Okay, next notice stringing number five, tree threaten and retreat. And 60. Alright, so it's OK. string number five and number six is street times as well. The rhythm is very similar. Okay. The next part is tree 11. The string number five. In this last part is 31. Industry number five. For industry number six. And you around is guitarist in the fragmented forests through number six. Okay? So, alright, and you come back and play the same thing. So is this same first note over again? I'm going to play it twice. You can play this reef during the entire sun. Or if you are playing the Fernando musician, he complete courts as well. So at first quantity's F-Major chord. So finger number one, franc number one, few number three, frat number tree, string number five, and finger. Finger number four, Fred number trees during the number four and last finger is finger number to Fred number choose touring. A number tree can be Cavafy. The same guitar shape. We are going to apply the second courts, so G sharp or a flat major write everything as well. Core number three is D-sharp, are E-flat. This quarter can play like this as well. The same card, alright, so finger number one, frac number six, string number five, finger number to fret number eight, string number for tree Fred number eight, string number tree in your pinky finger, number eight, sorry, her for EC Number eight, stirring. And number two, you can play like this or like this, or even like this. It's a varied choir array. You are going to apply the same guitar shape to your last chord. So B flat or HR. However, in a thread number one, I'm going to play every few, check this out. Right? Read and read him. You're going to pick five times. So it's 123452345 or five and worn down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down. You can play this card session during our son as well. Don't ask them to listen to music, breaks a lot and tried to play with and have fun. 4. How to Play Linkin Park In The End: Now it's time to play linking bark Bargh, E and N. So in each learn treat Bart's but is not a difficult song. I'm here to help. So let's take a closer look at the bark number one. This is a bar number one. So we are going to play Froude number one, honest treating number four. Okay, so just one time. We forefinger number tree, Fred number tree, storing a number tree. Chew types, which are peaky Froude number four, string number for one time for offering a number of tree, Fred number tree on a string, number four. Okay, so it's his last note you're going to play three times, right? Nevertheless part this tree and four on a stream number four, okay? And you come back and play exactly the same thing. So tried to respect the fingers. Okay. Try to play with the same fingers and play. Okay. So let's play wasn't again, he arranged play four times. 5. How To Play Nirvana Polly: Now it's time to learn only by nirvana. So there is just one type of chord and the entire song, power chords. So bad. I'm going to teach you play all the records very quickly. Okay, gorgeous. Have want to tar shape 99% of the keys. Okay, so does Paul record these guitar shaped? From this, you have few number one, fret number 5s, string number six, finger number, tree, fret number seven, string number five. And number four for at number seven is string number for k. In this example, you have borne fly or N15 one. H is the same thing as one. But what do you mean with this number's Gabriel? It's 151 off a major or a minor scale. Okay. From this, you can play with your pinky or IT barrier gets the same unknowns. All right? Okay. So in this example, we have a major YZ measure because this first note is a. Alright? So if you count with me according to our tuning is E, F, F sharp, G, G sharp, a name. That's why. Eight bottom chord. Fair play right here. We have a sharp on board, right here, b polygon. And you can keep count like this in a string number six and industry number five, it's the same thing, okay? For these last played in music, the first power chord is E power chord. So if you think like you have another and for at right here is it goes for Act. You have EPA court check does up is the same guitar shape here. Alright, so the same thing. However, you say count, my ghost threat, right? So this is the first chord you can play like this or like this. Right? So just big tree strings, five, 65 fin form, right? So first popcorn. The second power chord is G bar chord. Chord. So the same thing as me, however, and to threaten number tree, the Parkour number trees D. Okay? In this example, I blame the string number five, fret number five. So the most important thing is check the string and the number of the fret. The star-shaped is exactly the same. And as example, when I'm playing the string number five, I placed during snore at five for a tree, right? In the last record of the first part is CPI Card unified number trees during the number five. Alright. So let's think about a reader. You have three different freedoms and it's very important to follow those readings. So the first true chords is the same random Soviets on to tree to drink. Okay, so then I tried to play with me. Take a look in my right hand. Okay. Down at once and again. Ok, so core number 32 times pq times. So that's play everything together. Downward. Alright? So the last chord is born to, okay? So one more into this last one to trees a little bit fast. So let's pay everything together. Check this out very slowly. Down the tree. Once again. This is the first part. Second part. First chord is D bar chord, so threatening or 5s through Miller, 5 second chord C, You already know discard as well. So fret number tree stringing number five, g Froude number trees during Number six and E sharp or B flat fret, number six, string number six. The same darn shaped and the rhythm is right, so it's times entry in the sea. C chord, right? So in the next part is right. So I want to buy very slowly, check this out. Now. Down, right? Once again, Ban De next to courts as I told the same thing. So, alright, so I'm gonna play the entire second part. Down, down, right? So the songs per se, but we just have two parts. So tragic, Brad's very carefully and slowly. You can change the this the dispute off this video and make everything is a for you. 6. How to Play Ramones: Now it's time to play Ramones, check this out. This is the first part of the sun. It's very nice and easy song for beginners. So I'm going to show you all the step-by-step Before we begin, we need to think about courts. So we just have one type of coordinates. Song Baba courts will be like this. Your number one fret number five, string number six, thing a number a tree for at number seven, string number five. And your pinky finger number for string number four, fret number seven. So we need to pick just three notes. Strings number 654, bullet chord. It solves the same thing. You are going repeat this. You're not a frets in, you can play this and not a string as well. So we can play on a string and over five for the first quarter we have a, a bar chord string number six, fret number five. In the second chord is D. String number five. Fret number five in stream, number five in the frack number seven. Okay, last chord is E power chord. Let's talk about freedom. Your hands going to play like this. The entire song. This is a punk rock song. So the rhythm is not so, so it's that, that daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, OK. I think it's not necessary to account. Okay. Just think about that. Get daka, daka, daka, daka, daka that tried to sing with meat and play with neat. You can mute everything okay. A second. And you put the court's, okay. So pretty simple. Might advise you own is Spark does play a game. Don't forget about that. Can check the tablet tour to help you. Okay, this is the first part. The second part we have deep power cord. However, instead of play in the fret number five on a stream number five, you're going to play right here in the fret, number TEN on his training and number six, DNA. So in this part we're going to play two types of the court, the Parkour, if this one is here and the second one is here. So in this bark are going to play like this. Alright? So we have a D chord. And then you're going to play wasnt again. So now it's time to be our courts. So it's a new public art is the same. Guitar shape is always the same shape, right? However, are going to play in the fret number seven on a string, number six, right? And after desirably deep in the public guard owned as String Number five. Alright, so we're going to plate warmer time, check this out. Their rhythms does same thing, the same idea, tried to keep the honest part. You can pick just one time honest bar. Alright. So guys, his song as prairies is a very famous bank Iraq song by Ramones. In hope you enjoyed this glass and let me know if you have any kind of doubts might advice for you guys is tribalism as song, alright? And tried to phi, does two parts. I play on a song. Alright, so tragic, bleak with Dan. 7. How To Play The Black Keys Lonely Boy: Now it's time to play lonely boy by the black keys. The first part is, so you're going to play as lied in the string number five. Number five to 62, sorry, fret number five to seven. However, you are going to play string number six together, so it's like card. Okay? So it's alright. 123455 is fret theory and string number five. Okay? So you can play with your pinky. You are going to come back to fret 77, string number six into a kind of slide into fret number tree. Right? So I want you to 3456789123456789. This is the first part. Very simple. Second part. It's a kind of malady, right? So frack number 12, string number 12 times. You are going to play once and again, so three times and goes to the same string. Frank number tends to number two. Alright, so in the last note is fret number and string number Chu, Okay? The second Park is string number 2979, string number tree. Okay. So and string numbered shoe 979 street number tree. Okay. Principally ever feet. Check this out. There's lawyers tried to play with me. Okay. The next bark is kind of chord, but it's a different chords and much more interval then a chord. So, right, so you play with your finger for few number one, fret number four, strings, tree, infinite number three frets five. Stream number two. The stream number, tree entry. I put my middle finger right here. Gerson makes sure that I'm not going to play my MAY strings number of 45, N6. Ok, so the readme is right. The last part is string number six zeros tree. It's a kinda ban k and 0 again. And this is written as very treat you. So be careful, okay, try to use your years to play this very nice. One advice is you can moot everything and do like this. This is dimming reader, okay? Sometimes I attack the court. So maintain terrible, alright, so check this out. It's pretty much like this. Back, back, back bank, bank, bank, bank. So it's pretty much like this. The second part, diverse bark, is the same region, the same quart. However, I play this same guitar shape right here. Begin threatened number seven in front, number nine as well. So and the last part is the cars. You can play it as if you don't want to play like this, like this funky groovy guitar part. You can play like normal courts where k is the same Armani, so the current is the same thing as well. So you have major, G major, and mainly so he measure, I think the number one fret number wants during the number treat fema number tree fret number to string number four and number two fret number choose to number five, can pick averagely. The second part, the G-Major, single, number 43, strings number worn into frack number tree, thing and number one, Fred number to string number five and fund a number Chu fret number treats turn number six. Ok, now the last chord is a Meijer seeing a number worn. Fret number to string number four, single number Chu fret number, choose three number tree and fret emptying a number tree fret number choose touring number two, so they five more to choose. Sometimes you can play one as well. It's not a problem because one is the same note as number one, okay. There it is like this. 12345 longitudinal, longitudinal from 5.1.2 June for final spring symbol rate on. It's pretty much like this. Church pay to play very slow. Lowest me 452345, G-major. And Mamie, be careful because court after court is two times the samaria. Okay. All right. So now we have no knowledge. Jute bled us sound entire, sang. I divided. It is designed very carefully to harness them. Step-by-step does music. So just listened to music and tried to find each part I'd teach you. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. 8. How to Play Sean Kingston Beautiful Girls: Hey guys, now soldier plays shown in Kingston, beautiful girls, you to kind of hip hop Bob. In electronic music, however, you can play with a latchkey or acoustic guitar. Alright, check this out. You just have one single chord progression. Go to first quarter is a major. Fingers number warned Shubin tree in this track number, do however you play on a string or a number, or three, N2, okay? Who can peak by 43 into point as well because the same note.'s number one. Alright. The second core is a beret quartz, so F-sharp minor. You put your finger number one in the fret number two, inter fund a number tree, fret number fours, training number five in your pinky breath number four on a string, number four, and you need your big era fp. Due next quarter is D-Major. Though. The number one, threat number, honest string number tree being a number of tree. Brad, Number, very honest String Number two in your finger number to Fred number choose touring a number one. In escort, you need to pick or 01. And last quarter is Ethan major with a minor seventh. So E7 is exactly the same corners, E-major, however, without governor number tree, though, in a number of wine frack number of warrants during a number, breathe air, being a number to fret number two or less, string number five. Can pick averaging as well. Okay? In the last card you come back to a major. So let's talk about read em. You need to play this chord progression during the entire song. In my advice for you guys is tragically does redone by ear. But if he is very difficult for you, try to follow my reader. Ok, so I'll check this out. So it's down. Drinks. Drinks brings strengths, okay, though. Miniature played his freedom 2t times each core, or ISOS 2t times to a major, times to F sharp minor. And major chords just one time. So be careful with discord. And E minor. E, E Major seven as well. We'll come back to a. It will play three times, once again. Okay? So be careful because you need to begin this sum if a major, alright? Can you finish this song with a major? So it's a F sharp, D, E, M, a, okay, though a chord you need to play what, four times during the beginning, even during the last part. Okay, be careful with that. You're gonna play once and again, very slowly. Dry. You play exactly the same. Merida is m plane, OK. Another option is tragic cleft the rhythm. Check this out. And you try to pick the separator, for example. Okay? In this example, I'm not picking up, okay? And just speak down. It's your option. The most important thing is develop your ears in tri shoe, develop your own rhythms. This is very important to music, Okay, so I'm gonna play it once and again. I hope you enjoyed his class and let me know if you have any doubts. I'm here to help. Thank you so much. 9. How To Play 4 Non Blondes What's Up: Hey guys, now Sam should play WhatsApp into sunk spirited simple. We just have three courts in one melody that sticklers let, this is the first part. So will have a major core number of wan to entry on as strings, number for tree. And true. However, we are going to play everything into fret number two. So 54321. Alright, the second core, little bits if got so, don't worry, I'm here to help you begin number four. Fret number four on a string number tree in figure number tree for at number four on a string note four. Alright, being a number two, brac number tree on a string number two, brad Number, chew on a string, number five. So 5-4 tree. And in the last quarter is d. So figure number one, frac them or chew on a string number, treat thing a number tree, fret number tree, honest string number two and number two. Brad, number two on a string number one. In this course, you've played just for trees anymore. All right? So we have tree courts, however, you're going to play a B minor, D, innate wants Negin, and a rhythm is very simple. We are going to be 6x seven times. So 1234567123456712345671234567. Okay. Don't worry about your thinking down warrant peaking up. Okay. Don't worry about that. Just count until seven. Trench count. Very slowly. Bleed is correctly, you're going to play discords during the artist's song. Song. Don't worry about the other parts. Okay? Intro verse, bridge is averaging exactly the same thing. You came provides a little bit changing your dynamic. This hooves sound very nice and it would be very nice for developing your years, however, was to have a melody. A malady should place the beginning so there's melody isn't a beginning area. Grinch replay on a string number 394 times. So. Evan, on a stream number four. All right. So 99997. The next part is 77 Watson again on a stream number four. However, the last seven is slideshow for on a same strain. Okay? And we're going to play this little eternal life right here. Or when it's string number four. Chew on a string and number three in four on the stream number four. So I'm going to play one more time. And less part is surface 24 on a string and number of four, chew on a swing. And number three, come back to form the stream number four and finish in a two string number tree, right? So, okay, and the last part is this last ref is choo train shoe, strings. I'm a tree chew entry. So very fast. And you're going to play two notes at the same time. Into account off guitar band and, but it's a half-step dark band. So every venture play for me number two, frat number tree on a string number two and finger number tree Fred number four on the string number tree. All right, so and finish. Your few number one fret number, chew on a string number tree. Alright, so, okay, and the last guitar riffs to come back to this, to the beginning, to the court parts is Okay. So it's atrophy on the string and I'm for chew, chew, chew, and 0 on a stream number five. Okay? You're going to play the entire solo. Check this out. Okay? This song spurred denies and pretty easy. It's kind of beginner slash intermediated song. So practice proxy very carefully in, let me know if you have any kind of doubts. Alright. See you next class. Thank you so much.