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Learn The Basics Of Instagram Ads

BlackBrick Inc, The Ultimate Online Courses.

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6 Videos (36m)
    • Complete Instagram Overview

    • How much should you spend on instagram ads

    • Different Types Of Instagram Ads

    • How To Create An Instagram Ad

    • How To BOOST An Instagram Post

    • How To Use Facebook Ad Manager To Create Instagram Ads


About This Class

Learn The Basics Of Instagram Ads

In this course I will start by teaching you with an overview of Instagram and then I will teach you how to make your first Instagram advertisements. 

You will learn everything you need to know in just 3 lectures.





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BlackBrick Inc

The Ultimate Online Courses.

BlackBrick Training is a company that was formed in late 2015 and our aim is to inspire people to become better at what they want to learn. We will teach the skills that are needed to become a professional.

We have apps on the ios and android app store but we are slowly moving away from app development to focus on making courses and teaching people online so that they can learn more and become a professional and earn money doing what they enjoy.

The Subjects That We Teach Includ...

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