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Learn Thai by Reading | Learn Thai Language

Byu N., Online Language Teacher

Learn Thai by Reading | Learn Thai Language

Byu N., Online Language Teacher

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10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Easy Thai Reading Course Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1.1 Cooking การทำอาหาร

    • 3. Lesson 1.2 Vocabulary List

    • 4. Lesson 1.3 Explanation

    • 5. Lesson 1.4 How to Use “เพราะว่า” prór wâa (because)

    • 6. Lesson 4.1 Hobbies งานอดิเรก

    • 7. Lesson 4.2 Vocabulary List

    • 8. Lesson 4.3 Explanation

    • 9. Lesson 4.4 How to Use "การ" gaan (Gerund)

    • 10. Conclusion: Thai Language Learning Tips

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About This Class


This will help you build much more confidence in your Thai reading comprehension through funny short stories about various everyday topics!

If you've been learning Thai for more than a while now and feel like you are ready to start reading things but you find Thai novels and news  are too difficult to begin with. This Easy Thai Reading For Beginners will be a great tool to start! 

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to read and comprehend short and easy passages in Thai
  • Build much more confidence in your Thai reading comprehension
  • Be able to form simple Thai sentences at ease
  • Develop your tones and pronunciation by listening and repeating

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Students who are interested in Thai language and culture in general

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Thai learners who have been learning Thai for a while
  • Absolute Beginners both who cannot and can read Thai alphabets


This course is a part of this video course "Easy Thai Reading for Beginners" which can be enroll at

[40% OFF] Thai Reading Comprehension : Video Course + eBook ▸ https://byuschool.thinkific.com/enroll/429131?price_id=448784

Meet Your Teacher

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Byu N.

Online Language Teacher


Hey there ~ I’m Byu! I’m a language practitioner and an online language teacher from Bangkok, Thailand. I make videos and content about language learning, cultural, and lifestyle related contents. Enjoy learning! :) Virtual hugs for even taking the time out of your day to watch my videos!  

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1. Easy Thai Reading Course Introduction : so have you car Everyone will come too easy Time reading for beginners And you're now here with Thai language instructor View I am on online language teacher based in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been teaching on life for many years and now I'm probably to present you this Thai language learning cause Easy tie reading for begin ISS I intentionally develop this cause to facilitate Thai language learners. If you have been learning time for a while looking for language learning materials that help you to build much more confidence in your tie and want to step into another level off child language in his cause, you villain Drew aid, Funny shot stories and you will learn more than 100 vocab. Really. I record my wise in slow, medium and fast speed so you can listen and repeat to practice your tones Edion on the cause. You will be ever to read shot and easy passages in Thai and also you can They will love your tone by listen and repeat. Moreover, you would be able to form an easy tie synthesis on your own. Who is this cost fall? This causes for board beginners. Tyler knows who have been learning Thai for a while and those absolute beginner who cannot retire at all can also learned this cause because I also provide you with the Roman ization I worked out and explained you in detail off each sentence Here is some pretty well on this cause Grande said, walks a team ease in ka ka you mark my conch in a wry kind et So Branson talks Ooh t me seemed Ha chi Yu Mei mei conch in awry Tidy t suit Ban Sadak Zoom easing Taka You mark my cantina. Right? Haidt? So I will show you a script. Listen carefully. Once again Branson talks. Ooh! Teenies in car. Hi. You Mark my conch in a ry ky d t suit Sidewalk sue Done mean shop. Okay. Shop done like I think you have ever heard restaurant. For example Restaurant bran Han Chop that sailing food ban Ah ha Bookshop ran Nancy. So basically we put bran in front off shop Bad sat doula said a lot said, Look, we learn in our previous lesson said walks abi wish mean convertible convenient con remand and blam said walk sue So is to buy to buy so convenience store in Thai languages. Brand said Walk Sue the shop net. We are easily to buy things t t that. Ah which that on which Okay, Vance and walk sooty me me is to have I also develop another learning material that I'd like to introduce to you which is easy Tie reading for beginners e book that you can download on my website Beware. You know, and I don't come see you in the cars happen half 2. Lesson 1.1 Cooking การทำอาหาร: Lesson one Canta Mahan Tony Zantop Tom A hand in Tibon prophesied work LeRoi back in Tirana Han come a hand Low sun gods a cheroot han t socio network Hongshan send get well, ropes away there Why make Jaime Khan got light? Rouco tear When ni san Gullit's at home a new my Tina Pa han Duty Duty Let aroma bunny Santa Tom a hand in tibon Proble Sadullah let awry Quack in tear on Mahan Tom a hand low son Got a cheroot Eoghan t socio network Comes on Sanchez Watt Troops away Ella, my car unicorn Good light brewed Got there when me san gallery dot com A new my Tina ta Han duty duty last arema bunnies and shopped him a Hankin Tibon prophecy do on our I got in Iran, Tom a hand. Laos and goto Shahrukh Ah, hand he saw show network connection Since you were roofs away the llama comi con got likely co chair when you send dollars at home a new my pena Behan Doody duty That aroma Okay, now this time I'd like you to look at this grape. Listen and repeat after me Barney's and child come a hand in Tibon paralysis A doer let awry guac in tear on Ahan Tom Eoghan Lo chang gotta share through a hand he socio network function Senti paratroops away that Why my comic con godlike Do go tear when Miss Angola It's a Tom a new mine Tina Pa Hand doody Duty last Arema. 3. Lesson 1.2 Vocabulary List: syllabi cow will come back to lesson one. Canta Mahan. Here's the vocab really list. I want you to listen carefully and repeat after me. You can pass the video. Tom Lee Ton I feel female speakers top to like Tom Hann to cook Bran Han Restaurant said do up convenient at all I delicious nail already, uh, through four. Tell going to press the button, Uh, but really are God, Lily and end may new May new my Neil not the appearance duty look good. 4. Lesson 1.3 Explanation: Hello. Everyone will come back to lesson one. And now I will explain to you in detail. Um, let's have a look on these page if you have my able easy tie reading for bigness Ah, let's turn to these page and checked the meaning together. Um, Lesson one, Don, Come. Ah hun. Okay, um I don God, gun is how we make the world into now Tom mean to do something, okay? And I don food, OK, and only come Ah han mean to cook and we put down in the front. Mick, this work became a now. Okay, so can Tom Aha mean cooking. Okay, you can go now cooking so change. Um well into now. Okay. And now let have a look at the first sentence. Bonnie tan shop Come hand in. Tibon now on me now. 10. I fall. Female speaker. Female Speaker Tom, can you tell me job to like, Okay, Bonnie son shop now I like. Come on, hon. To cook gin tibon I didn t eat So is a tom. And in cook and eat tibon t at specific place At T ban is home. Okay, there's the first sentence Bonnie Sand job come our hand in Tibon Now I like to cook and eat Thoma Handan ti bon at home Let's have a look at the next intense together Prague Wah said Dura last awry Guac in T Ron hon Okay, In these sentences brought wa brought. Why? Because Okay, um we start this intense. Um And explained reason we start this intense because prat wa followed by the reason No Why Sadullah Saidou up is convenient Comfortable? Mm convenient comfortable and let connect with left. And are I? I'm sure you know these would awry tasty, delicious Guam This clock is modern on then then so, um Morden Mm Throw on because Sadullah convenient and Delicias Dan didn t Rana teat teat At t at Ron Uh, Brad Uh huh. Ban is chopped on food. So food chump restaurant Miss strong pressure. Okay. And next sentence come. Hello, John. Gotta carew don t socio network is on his quite long Tom Ah ha Definitely iss to cook Lau now is passed in already deep in action Lele already So cook already and end nail already and in son I gone Got this one used together Gone Mean also Okay, also stop future hints. Well, do something. Okay. I will also sun gods on, uh, using from English the word to share. We use the same word from English share John, God's at share rule A hand rule is picture our photo photo photo off the food room. Ah Han she food for till t again at socio network. I guess you know the meaning. Socio network is social network. Okay. Instagram Facebook, Twitter All we call socio network call position off composition Sudden called Ton My off me . Okay. Next engines Shan Victoire. Oops Oy Sun wah wah is too to think. I think that why is that? I think that John keep watch groups away. The picture group picture is so way Pretty beautiful. Pretty okay. One a LA but mm. That watch and connect to contrast sentence. Okay, I watch. But my kind my eyes Negative. No, Kaine is quite not quite not that much. Not that much coy also mean that much? Not that much. Mike, I me me to have Do you have so Mike, I me not have many. I don't have many people. Cordon people. Good goat is to press a bun. I don't We called good. Got to press a button like so to give you a like to keep you thumbs up. We call God. Like is like is to like from English. So good. Like brilliant. Oh, brew brewed isn't true. Ok, Do mean all. Yeah, good. Right through good share. I think you can get got to press share Sham Bun se so entire to press Lightman could like to press Shabba and co chair. Good. Like go chair. Okay. When me Today. When you today. Today it's Hadn I gone duck? Go on. God, that and God. Lolita. Actually, the meaning is the same. Carletta I also also will do something and we put low here. Okay, The meaning is low. It is when you want to emphasise? Definitely, definitely, definitely So I also will Definitely Tom may know much to do. I'll make make May new is from English May new. Okay. We used to call, uh like a new dishes. New may new may know my my name. I will make a new mania T ok t this one this intense t modify May new My Okay, This tea is not at doesn't mean at on location anymore. this one is relative cause that modify may new. Okay, which may know mine t which naphtha? Not that he's appearance. Appearance, appearance. Okay, now, actually, now is face Face, please. Uh, is I so face first and eyes become appearance, appearance nat'l Not just only, um, people Napa, but reuses with to describe things as well. So now by ah hun the food appearance, food appearance. Okay. And food appearance duty duty. Whoa! Yeah. Mm. Let's be broken it down. Okay. Doody at the back is due to look out to sea. Do DVD is good. Duty is look good. Something look good. You say duty like today. You look good when me couldn't do the math duty locally. Okay. And normally type people we want to emphasize. We want to saturate like Oh, you're extremely looking Good. Duty. Duty. Okay. Duty, duty replay with the sound. Okay, we change the last. The last syllable with this falling tone. No de duty. Like if you more example. Um, the wood. Uh, ma, for example. And we want to double it. We say my my You like this My momma very, very marked MMA another example. So why? Ok, so why? And we want to express the feeling extremely beautiful. Very beautiful saying to falling Talon and put in the front. So I So I So I So I all right? We use it a lot when we speak duty. Nudie And all right, tasty. Okay, guys, I think not pretty much. Four. Lesson, one explanation. If you have any questions, you can email me T Schaub, you act email, not come. I'm happy to answer all of your questions. 5. Lesson 1.4 How to Use “เพราะว่า” prór wâa (because): we'll come back to lesson one And now I like to teach you how to use Brought wa are because in sentence When you want to give reason why you duties brought while we placed proble in front off the sentence that give reason If you have my book Easy type reading for beginners to now to these page How to use Prat while Okay uh put Prat Wow before sent in that give reasons Let's have a look at my first example when me son my by roam free and proud wife for both Okay one meat is today ton I for female speaker My negation no by is to go roam free and is school Okay so first part of the sentences when me son my by Rome Brean today I don't go to school. About where? Because I thought Wow phone fun Rain, rain and Thai people say phone Oh Rain fall rainfall! Okay Raining is for rainfall. Okay, let me repeat once again when me son my by wrong re and proble fun though today I don't go to school because it's raining Okay, let me show you more example This example son, My stopped in some time brought Why Munn pit my 10. I again I for female speaker My No, don't. Okay, make a *** teeth my Tom to like something So my Tom I don't like didn't to eat. Okay? I don't like to eat. I turned myself in. What? Some thumb someth Um is type Papa? Yes, a lot. Okay, Pop Alya Saleh, If you come here, you should try some gum. Oh, he has a lot super spicy. Why? Because proble munn money is pro now it okay? Eat munn mean sometime, Ok, pet. Spicy, spicy Pitt Ma ma Very, very Okay. Varies by sea pit MMA sudden, My top in sometime Brought while Munn pet mine. I don't like eating sometime, Pepe as a lot because it's very spicy. Okay, so if you want to explain reasons, place Prat Walk in front off the reason 6. Lesson 4.1 Hobbies งานอดิเรก: Hello. Everyone will come to lessen full Nana DeRay hobbies. Listen and repeat after me. Yana dear, A function could gone on Dung Zoo san Charmed Exoo, Pass a tie Lap pass on Great Jen and wingsuit took one. What last Sam? Sweet, nutty Sandra six and no clap on cli will are handling Sue Thank Sumi Breglio Mark Nana dear a Kong Shun to gone on dung Zoo san top Nung Su PASAT highly Let pasa hungry Shan on young zoo Took one one lot Some sleep 90 sudden grew six and no latte upon ply well are ongoing Zoo Nung su Me yours my No, I did a conscious uncooked on banning zoo. Sen Charming CPAs a tie lepas on Greek shouldn't arming. Sue took 11 last time. Signature tea turned Bruce it part Imply you alarming Su Ling. Sue me. Pray your mark. Now let's have a look at this creep. Listen and repeat after me, Jandi A comes on Coogan on dung Zoo John Charming soup asset high Let pasa angry 10 on Jiangsu took 11 latte Sam seep nutty Sandra six and no lap on ply will are ongoing Zoo man zoo me regular mark 7. Lesson 4.2 Vocabulary List: we'll come back to lesson for hobbies. Here is a vocabulary list. Listen carefully and repeat after me. Non on D day pon cli nung su pass a, uh took one, not knotty drool suit Send pon cli but I yield 8. Lesson 4.3 Explanation: so IndyCar Hello Everyone will come back to easy tire reading for beginners and you are now here with your instructor BJU. This is lesson for non Andre Non moderate means Hubby's Now let's have a look of the meaning of a sentence if you have the book bc tie reading for beginners Open Tootie's page lesson full Now on Andre So non any day is Hubby Hubby Non a d d hobby Calm Okay, calm is position off Nana did a calm son Are you for female speaker off me So now I need a commission Basically mean my hobby my hubby cu gone and now sue cooties on east Be work Be work cu ease my hubby is Can I sue on is to read to eat and we learn how to use gun before put gun in front of work in front of work Make the work be team And now so gone on Exude is reading reading normal Sue is books All right On a deer A calms and cools Gone on Jiangsu My hubby is reading books mix interns Some job among zoo has that high son again Ton I for female speaker Satin Okay If you are male speaker, you can change a poem Home charm some is to like something like so I like Sanchar now LSU Books, books, King Books I like books Pass that time pasa languish So has a Thai Thai language Now he on language Thai Thai language Sen John Monk Soup as that high Let connect to now together with Latin and pasa Angry, angry Is England all right? Hungry is England so pasa I'm great England language English language machine pasa hungry So Sanjana zoo pass at high pass Hungry I lie Thai language books and English language books. Okay. And we don't have to double Nung Su. Okay, Instead, off saying 10 job Nung su Passaic High Latin lung soup as angry We omit Nancy here. Just say Nung Su in front. Just one. Okay. Niang's oupa Zach, I left pasa hungry. Okay, guys, Next move onto the next sentence Shan and Yang Su took one son again Eiffel Female speaker I on is to read I read Nung Su again Nung Su Books So I read books I read books An animal zoo took one total is every every one is day. So every day took one son on Long Sue took one one lot Sam C 90 one again One east day they lap These lap is each So each day this day Ah, a day One day east a one lot, some zip, nutty. 30 minutes, minutes, 90 minutes, Minutes. So I read books every day each day 30 minutes John amongst took 11 latte Psalms. If not he San Bruce six and no black pon cli sudden. I again I I rules Rosa is feel ok? I feel saddened Brews it poem. Lose it. I feel I said no said no is enjoyable. Enjoyable. Okay, enjoyable. I feel enjoyable. And that and upon climb on ply is relax, relaxing So I feel you enjoyable and relaxing. Son Drew six and lap on Klein well are on me. But your mind, he will. I will. I is when? Well, I am in time, basically. But we put in front off the sentence mean when? Okay, so dis intense me went and then you do something something Well la plus sentence Well are on Nancy When I read books. Well, our ongoing sue When I read books long sue me, but are you mad books books me is to half book have But I you But I you know what is Ah, usefulness. Okay, Ambrogio radio is used Fullness Regular is now Kia So basically type people say something is useful. We say is half useful names me But I you me But I own ma Very, very, very useful me about your mark Me bring up man. Okay. Something me Pray your for example. Magenta ball. Um is very nutrition Very useful wearing nutrition Me. But your man pap me Breglio looking is has a lot of nutrition, so it can be useful. Nurse can be having a lot of nutrition as well. Um pass at high me that your so Thai language is very helpful. Very useful Me Your Okay, guys, this is an explanation off lesson for if there is something not clear Are you want to have a price? Wait one on one. Listen with me on Skype, check out my website BYU and then I not come. I will see you in the next one 9. Lesson 4.4 How to Use "การ" gaan (Gerund): I saw again we'll come back to easy tie reading for beginners. You are still here in lesson four. And now I would teach you how to use gone. Don can place before world and then chain that work became now in English is basically like we, um making work to be a JaRon. Okay, um, in English we put i n g rain les to e became eating walk became walking he list turned onto these page how to use a gun. Um, let's have a look at the first example I give you here, Dean gin to e put Don in the front. Done Then it's became eating Gan Dean Dan Dean done to walk put down into front Gondo And God knew and became walking Easy, right Brean study three and place down in the front Can Brie and gone three and studying steadying Oh, come lung Oh, come lung is to excess i to work out eggs I gone Welcome lung can all come along Make him exercising exercising So if you want to, um, change the function off the work into now less gone in front. Off way 10. Conclusion: Thai Language Learning Tips: Hello, everyone. Congratulations. Is this the end off our Listen easy. High reading for beginners. I hope you and try and learn a lot from this cause I'm really proud to introduce you Another material that you can study along the side with this deal. Listen, It is easy to reading for beginners e books that you can go on my website study along the side with is trying to read, allow practice reading many, many times you make sure you are toned Correct but also review all those grandma hats that we study I hope to see you in the next video cause And also if you interested I am studying with me one on one on style Check out my website Me Why I don't you in the next listen open .