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Learn Tarot Cards Online - Advanced Level

teacher avatar Stevie Levar Coard, Founder, Coach Me Stevie

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (5h 22m)
    • 1. Learn Tarot Online Advance Level Introduction

    • 2. What's Your Choice

    • 3. What's Your Mental State

    • 4. How to build an Online Tarot Business Online Series Stevie's Oracle Readings April 26, 2019

    • 5. Spot reading your client before a Tarot Reading

    • 6. How to spot the difference between a fake and an authentic reader with a spiritual gift

    • 7. Cross Tarot Spread

    • 8. 5 Point Star Spread ( Spirit, Earth, Air, Water, Fire) Tarot Spread For Client Readings

    • 9. How to use Similar Tarot Cards for Clients

    • 10. Similar Tarot Cards Combinations for client readings youtube readings Pt 2

    • 11. Tarot Card Combinations Pt 3

    • 12. Creating Spreads Certified Tarot Online Class

    • 13. Card Combinations Five's Major Tarot Cards of Change

    • 14. Card Combinations For The Tarot Aces & Two’s Stevie's Oracle Readings

    • 15. The Magical Number #'1s in the Tarot Stevie's Oracle Readings

    • 16. Card Combinations For The Tarot Three’s & Fours Stevie's Oracle Readings

    • 17. Tarot Card combinations 5 in the Suites are agents of Transformation

    • 18. Card Combinations For The Tarot Six's Suites

    • 19. Card Combinations For The Tarot Seven's Suites

    • 20. Card Combinations For The Tarot Eight's Suites Stevie's Oracle Readings

    • 21. Card Combinations For The Tarot Nine's Suites

    • 22. Card Combinations For The Tarot Ten's Suites

    • 23. Secret Cards in The TAROT

    • 24. I know Learn Tarot Online With Stevie

    • 25. Thank You

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About This Class

This online Tarot course will help you gain skills to use the tarot as a tool for developing intuition, implementing healthy boundaries, and self-care.

Learn Tarot Cards - Advanced Level course is an incredibly powerful Tarot Deep Dive. In this course learn how to incorporate astrology, read reversed cards, numerology, and apply tarot spreads to your readings.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stevie Levar Coard

Founder, Coach Me Stevie



Looking To Tap into Your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL And Overcome Any Obstacles Standing Between You And What You Truly Desire?


Energy Astrologer, Educator, Motivational Speaker,  Life Coach, Tarot Reader

One of the leading certified professional Atlanta Tarot readers & Tarot educators, Steven “ Stevie” Levar-Coard has built his career by creating content across multiple platforms to educate and empower people to take action in their lives. Stevie has helped to inspire and teach Tarot cards to millions of people on media distribution systems such as Amazon, BurnAlong, Skillshare, Vimeo OTT, and Udemy to coach individuals on accurate Tarot Readings, inner wisdom, Spiritual empowerment, and guidance th... See full profile

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1. Learn Tarot Online Advance Level Introduction : Hi. Everyone does Stephen of our coin. I'm so excited that you can come to this course. Thank you so much. Purchasing it and supporting my studio. Now with this course, this is the advance level courts. With that, you're going to get more of a deep dive with the card. So I'm gonna take you on a journey where you can learn card combinations. I'm also going to show you how to build your business online if you want to become a reader or however you want to incorporate your technique and passion for the tarot and go out there and read for people whether you want to teach, so whatever it is that you want to do, I teach you the skills on how to build for your business. And also, I teach you to deeper, um, card combinations. And also i t two other tools and tips that you're gonna need as a skill reader who goes out there with this course. You will get my knowledge from years of doing the Tero and also how I use my style to get the best out of my client readings. And I'm going to show you how to do that, and I want to show you that reading is not just one way that you can create your own style of getting the message is out there because we are all filters with a message. So that's my goal here in this course, and at the end of it, you will have all the tools and tips and tricks that I use as a reader from the beginning level all the way to the events level. And I'm so excited for you to go on this journey. So with that, I will see you in the course and let me know if you have any questions already. See you soon. 2. What's Your Choice : Hello. Hello. Hello, Lulu. So I wanted to bring to your video today on decision making. How decision making hurts us and how decision making helps us. So think about these two energies Here we had the two of sorts and the two of tentacles. Now the two swords says your sword. Here is your thought. You believed your ideas. I communicate connecting this world right? The clarity you have now this lady is sitting here. She's sitting in front of the ocean, right? These your emotions, right? So you see the little ripples here. That's when your emotions a spotty and you need to make a decision or something. It's kind of like the crossroad, right? Stay. Or should you go Now, when you have two different decisions to make too difficult decisions to make you is best to go into the unknown, right? Because in the unknown, you never know what's gonna happen sometime. It could be the best thing for you sometime It may not, but as long as you take that chance, you won't know. And that's why a lot of people get scared because they want to know what's gonna happen before. Not scared, but people want to know our come to readers because they want to know what's gonna happen before they make that decision. But that's not the best use of your power because you're allowing the reader. All of the people to make your decision are like you may ask your cousin a question, and then you may go asked another cuts than the same question. Then you may ask your grandmother another question cause you gather information because you want to make the right decision based on the outcome where this card says other people shouldn't be involved, right? There's no one else here for her. She's sitting with those two sorts and those two, so is the heaviest. How right? But she's doing a balancing that she can't see. But she listens to her intuition, and that's going to allow her to pick which one to the number of choice, the number of options and look how here is old grey and dull right? But you see her yellows, slippers and look. She's gray, too, so she's dull, right? She knows that in order to get color back in her life, she has to make a decision. The decision, based on her happiness, right? You see that yellow? You see the yellow of the moon, the crescent moon. That's happiness. Your happiness helps you to choose. That's why your emotions are your power. How's your GPS? It gets you where you need to go. No one else could do that. But you And when you pick based on your emotions, that's when you can take off the blindfold and release the other one to a tentacles. Tentacles are what we're trying to build here in the physical world. Dreams, a house, a car, stability and security. Right. All of that. Look, the infinite knowledge to pick. You have the knowledge to know which one you want. You're doing a balance in that, right? It's when we started. For one commitment to something, we get a seed. We plant that seed right, we grow our gardener. But then you get another one. What do you do with that? What do you do with these two? That's why you do it. Balancing act, right? Look how toe water is kind of like going up in. And this person here is making a four, right? So that's kind of like to me that represents the emperor stepping up to make the right choice. What a prose. What the cons of your decision that you have to make you pick based on how you're feeling, Not what it looks like now, what you think is gonna happen. What do you feel in that moment? And that's going to help you pick what you need That's going to help you pick What commitment? Because if you have to, you're doing the juggling act, right? Yeah. Maybe I could take this on, but now I give an example. So a lot of you know that's about my film career, right? So I have my independent film career where I do my movies and with those movies. I am at a place where I love doing my terror. So and I talked about this a lot on anybody. Stephen changed the narrative, but I have two different shoes, right? Two different commitments to different commitments. Let's say that And two different troops, Right? So I was struggling. Which one do I pick? Well, I could do the acting because of this that could do the cards because it is. But then I got to a point. Well, okay, I'm doing the balance in it. And I'm only trying to pick based on what's gonna happen once the results I'm gonna get so that this render my attachments to result and surrender my attachments to my thought and go out there and pick Based on how I feel, all decisions are based on how you feel. The best outcome is based on high. You feel what do your emotions tell you? Look out to sea is up and down. That's because you can't get a good Grab some of your motion. But look here, this oneness like almost car because she knows we're trying bay, you know which one to pay. And that's what this is about. This is how they work together. Do you go? And the unknown what you want. Are you okay with plan that balanced on that? Because that palace and that gets heavy, both of them looked looks happy is either should you stay or should you go? How do you feel? Because once you go through that door, there's no going back. There's a card and, um, enchanted maps by collaboration read, Make a choice and I'm a show you that one actually have it available. Let me see if I can find a car. Because that one is a good representation of these two energies. Because we as humans, we get so caught up in, like, what's it gonna look like? What's going to turn now, like is am I going to get the same results as everybody else? And, you know, so we way want to make the right choice. But then a lot of times were we don't pick the right choice because we want to pick based on what it looks like. And sometimes you may pick. And then maybe, though, wow. Okay. You gonna pick and do the same thing again, right? So look at this car you see right here, huh? This kind of weather reminds me of you walking up this path, and you can choose to go into the unknown here. Where's magical looking are you can go here where it's kind of like the same thing. Must a choice. Because when you go to the as yet that you're not gonna choose because it looks good, you're gonna choose because wow, that one will give me what I need. That's your intuition. That's going to give me what I need That feels right to me Where here is like, Okay, let me go to the end. And I could just make this money and be, you know, and the money to get me to where I need to be and I'll just settle. We're here is like, Okay, let me go into this unknown. I feel like I don't You know, I'm not gonna have any attachments to the results. I'm just gonna go down a path, and I know that's gonna work out for my eyes. Good. And you're track so much more That's manifestation. Going through that door and just surrendering the results and the universe being open to what the universe brings me. That's what this energy is making a choice based on how you feel where you're building and your thoughts the action that you take. So I wanted to bring that to you. If you have any questions, please hit me up in a description section below. But I really enjoyed that. And I can't wait to bring you another one for next week. Okay, So if you want to connect to the higher you now is the time believing you because I believe in you. And I'll tell to you by 3. What's Your Mental State : Hi, everyone does Stephen bark or and I am bringing you your Tero video for the week And why did I just scream like I was open hood that let's get into this This energy this week here is about thoughts. We have the thoughts that hold us back, the thoughts that stop us from going for it distorts that keep but keeper playing in our minds, I thought that keep us, stop the thoughts that stop us from living on us and brightest potential because my job as a reader is to help you use. The potential is out of you. Use your emotions the pick where you want to go to know that this is energy that you can use in your situation instead of letting the energy use instead of like, um, how can I say this like other readers, right. They give you the energy and they tell you what to do with it. I use this energy to help you pick where you need to go, what you need to do. Ah, high. You're feeling in this moment because that's going to give you the empowerment. And that's my biggest thing. Is the empowerment the encouragement and the motivation and inspiration toe help You live your best life. That's my job. That's what I do. I'm not here to tell you what to do. But a lot of times when people come to readings, they have this energy. Now let's talk about the energy to the three of sorts, right? Looks harbor these air. So now swords. Let me just preference. That is that thoughts are, believes ideas how we communicate the clarity that we have, right? That's this energy. So and so it's help us connected e causes air energy, air energy in this is that it connects to the next dimension. Right. So you had three sorts. Three swords piercing the heart. But look, those swords, that heart is healed. The heart is not broken. The heart has already been to it. But now that you have done the healing or other things are you know completely Hill This situation, this is when the stores are going to keep coming back. Those old stories never in these stories. Oh, I'm not good enough. This happened to me with my company. I got fired because the days I always think of this as the sympathy card. You tell the same story over and over and over and over that sometimes it just become part of your narrative, right? I'm guilty of this to do it sometime, right? Like here in Georgia. I don't have a car. So it's like a lot of times I just talk about it over, and I'm just like, OK, Steve, no more, no more. Okay. So what do you do? You take out those three of sorts because of not you're gonna have the dark cloud that keeps coming and you're gonna keep replaying the hurt and pain, and you're never going to be able to go for because if you think of the car right after this, which is the force. So it's where you take those three swords and you hang them up and you start a whole new thought Beliefs, ideas. Communication is like you. You take one of them and you take a moment to pause and say, This is what I want and you figure it out and you say yes. Done with that Down with the hurt and pain, the heartbreak done with that I'm not gonna let it affect me anymore. And It comes after the two swords, which is the crossroad, right? And decision causes you to have the heartbreak. You have the 10 of swords now, tennis's look, that looks really bad, right? It looks like this purse wasn't expecting it. And they laying there bleeding out. And they're thinking, Oh, my God, This happened. That happened, This happened that happened. You see, Andy, thes air cards of the stories we tell they keep replaying themselves. This stops us from going full. Weren't because we're always like we're going to get her. Remember when that happened? Niman. My mom did this. Remember when my dad did that to my mom? The stories we have from my challenge now think about that too. This is when you are living under your parents roof and your parents are telling you what to do. And it's like you take those stories over and over and over, you know, into your pattern how you raise your kids. This right here says why Why did I have the happen is like when you keep replaying it when you need to be with resurrected into something new. But you just keep thinking about damn that took me down. His betrayal. It hurts. It's some really bad shit. And I think about us attend. So that's it. The end of the cycle has happened. What do you do after that? You go get one sword. So you see how both of these can help you. I get a one new ace of swords, right? Because this when you're saying Look, I'm done, I'm done with that. This is how I communicate. Now you take out one of those, you take out one of those, you say This is my truth. This is the victory. Tha helps me. This is who I am no longer. This this is it now. And the nine or swords, stress, worry, anxiety. Depression is like thing. I can't sleep because I'm having this, uh, it, like, I'm worried about what's gonna happen. Is it gonna turn out bad? And my fat enough is like you're going to interview and you worry Don't like I did. I get the interview that I get into view that passed. Did I do good? Did I say this right? Are you going to acting? Audition is like the status, right? Did I do that right? And It's like you're worried and you're just like, Oh, am I going to get it? What's gonna happen? That's why you're up worried, stressing. That's when the anxiety takes over. But this is Look, it's not as bad as you think, because sometimes you may be stressing so bad are you may feel so defeated. And then somebody say, Wow, that was great. He like, Oh, what so is stressing for nothing. Do the five so that you get the eight right. The eight is the mental prison that we have for ourselves. It's where we say on fat, um ugly. I can make it. I can't do with the other person, did I can't be strong enough. I can't be happy. It won't work for me. So you put yourself in that box. I know someone who does this. Oh, I can't do that. I don't know. And I met her over the summer, and she just everything is just like, Oh my God, It's like girl, what do you live in like one of those bubble suits and I can't go out there. I can't meet this person. I can't do this. I can't do that because I can't do this. And I have anxiety. I'm worried I'm business and I get it. I understand we as people have our stuff. But Dang, I was a girl. You won't even leave your house. It's the doubts we have that stop us. It's distress we have that stops us. Five swords. This is when you have made peace with the past, sort of because your mind keeps playing it again. It's like the conflict. Now the mind After you go through that four swords moment where your rusting, You see that one truth. But when you get up, it's like, Okay, I don't really know what to do with this. I don't know what to do with this. This new me. It's like fruitless energy when you say stuff like he's pretty saying something to nominate , walked away crying. It's when you are. You want to be done with something once and for all, as like when something gets on your nerves so much, it's just like I like you come out of arrest and then someone says something to you just because you're not a morning person and in that person just like okay that it's the mental conflict that this is some really crazy shit. It's a changing your thoughts. It's like you could hurt yourself. You could hurt on this. This is ruthless. I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna win. I don't care what happens. It's kind of like because Here, look, that person has a three. So dead persons, two swords, right, But he goes to three swords. No, it's like this presented three sorts. So it's kind like you picking back up some of that heartbreak. That's how I kind of think of it is like a u u u rested on it. Yeah, you took a break, but it is like, once you go, it's like, OK about an addiction. If I'm an addict, right and say like, Yeah, go to rehab, do everything I need to do boo And I come out. My mind is like, Oh, my God, this new person now And it's like you're jonesing for that fix because is what you remember . And it's like, No, I want to be done with this non anomaly. I'm gonna stay clean, and then you're like, No, I need to buy weed. No, I need to buy. Uh, I need to buy alcohol. I need to do this. I needed you know me. But you want to be done with that. And then I also bring up before so before here we talked about this. So how do you change all of this energy? How do you change this energy when you're minus crazy stories? That coming from the past when you have changed so much. But you still had a little hatred animosity, a little venom for whatever happened to you For the change that you had to make, you were forced to make stress the worry and anxiety, all that I can be helped with one ace of swords. The truth will set you free. The clarity need will set you free. The healing is all you need. And I'm sorry to healing is going to be done because you no longer think that way. This is why you have a crown. Because you're victorious is the sword that will cut through all of this crap. I was these the sort that comes and the sores like you to fly away are they dissolve into thin here because this is who you are. It's a new beginning. A new thought. But God has given your whole new belief system. Ah, whole new you. What you gonna do with that? Now? Who are you? What do you thought? What do you believe? That's Hadi's play out together. So whenever you get these in the these to me are like the bad cards minus. This is kind of like the bad cards except the four of swords. But the four to me is like, OK, something that's still kind of president. You're not completely done with that. You just taking a pause to get away from it is like when someone's going through chaos, they just turn it that you have a ghetto argument with someone and they just like, walk away. But then later you got to come back and deal with that right walking ways, just going to clear it magically. You have to talk about it. You have to do the healing. This is the healing work. But these are the thoughts and actions that really played on that really make us fear. Others fear situations, fear going out there, making the best decision we need to make in our lives gives the sword and cut stack shit All right. So what? That y'all? That is this video. Please let me know of any questions and I will answer Thank you so much for your time. And if you want to connect to the higher you Now is the time for you to stop believing you because I believe you and I'll see you also, but 4. How to build an Online Tarot Business Online Series Stevie's Oracle Readings April 26, 2019: Hello. Hello, everyone. This is Stephen of our cord. And I'm so excited because apart from teaching you all the tarot, I'm also going to teach you how to build your business. So it's one thing to have a terror business, but it's also one thing to be a business entrepreneur. Okay, So, entrepreneur, someone who grows their business right, they have a niche. They note a target audience, and they have a business mindset that they used to get their potential clients. So, for instance, I know my clientele is females, right? Mostly predominantly females not saying that there aren't mail readers aren't there. But I know that most of my client tells our females single mothers, most of them are women going back into the workforce. Most of them are women and their spiritual awakening stage women who have an interest for terror cards but never like, really took it seriously. And now they're at this point where they are really getting heightened in an intuitive, um, abilities and they want to learn. So I do have, you know, clientele warm in, but predominantly, my clientele are females, so I market towards does clients because those clients is what's going to come to my business, and then it's also gonna go to word of mouth because they're going to tell their friends, because most females I know when they and this is just my perspective. I know most female clients that I have. They tend to govern groups, so sometimes they would venture out and do single things, like loan in the terror learning or cards for me. And then they will have groups with their friends what they would have. Parties where I will come in are they were, you know, coming as groups and and I will teach them in groups because strength in numbers and they like to learn together. So there are other ways. So it's all about honing in on your target audience and how you can make that work for you , because the moment you find your target audience that you can use your knowledge to go ahead. Get your message to those people because the tango kind are card. These are just laminated cards, right? It's all about the message, and that's all about how you react to the message when you get it right, so that's what it's about. So you can teach these, but it's about the message and how that person reacts to the message. So I have a way that I delivered message and they'll like to synchronicity ease most clients that I have a drawn to me because there are a lot of readers out there. Everyone has their own style of reading, right? Everyone has their own way of delivering the message because we are messengers with the overall message. Right? So when I do my readings, those clients that I have a drawing to me. So I sail out to say the clients that you have, they're gonna be drawn to you. They're going to come to you because one you can relate to them to, um, clients come to you because they like to see themselves. Yes, there are in a lot of men client. But if there are black men clients, a lot of times, they will, you know, come to me because I am a black mountain, you know? So I have a perspective that they could relate to. I'm not saying that I don't have a culture that have all cultures, all religions, all races, But I'm just telling you my target audience who predominately come to my experience or Airbnb who book my who booked my services right? Because a lot of times I find that people of the African American community, they will go to the terror shop and they have an interest in this. But then they would just walk around, and it's like they have questions. But then sometimes you're scared as questions and this because they don't have anyone that they could relate to. So a lot of times I get people who will come to me because I can relate to them. Right? And I know about coming from the Baptist Church I know about Christianity. So a lot of questions that they have that I can answer for them, right? Because I'm the messenger sent to give them that message, right? So we all have a different way that we give the message. So there are other readers who are meant to give other messages. So that's what I'm saying. When you get your clientele, they will come to you because you have a message that they can relate to right, and it's the style of how you deliver it the way that you can present the message. Did um right? So that's all it's about. The message. Now what? That said when you know two cards, you know that's great, But taking care of your cards, you want to make sure that you get something that you can put them in me. Personally, I have a closet, so I have them all on a shelf and I have my books back on top of each deck that I used Thies I use every day. So you know, it makes no sense for me to pull away. But if I do go into town or something, if I do go to do reading, I will put them like a baggie. And then I will put the amendment back right. But you can also go to the dollar store and see you have a pencil. Case here is really small. I don't know the diameters Don't get me lying and then you could just take the cards and you could just put him inside of here. Are you want to buy a pouch? They have them at the physical store. You can get more Amazon and see you just put him in here and then maybe if you want to get a cup when I'm a stack on top, you want to make sure that they are protected because these are your lifelines, so to speak. These are how you get the message. So all that a laminated cards you still want to make sure that you are taking care of them and not ripping them, although over time some of the cards likes to hear the edges. I don't know if you could see some of the edges tend to come off, so you'll know when it's time to get new ones, you know. But these I've had for a long time. So I try to just keep him on a solid as possible because these are expensive terror guy. Just be so cheap. But no, they are, like 21 off some decks and hire um, Oracle cards usually tend to be cheaper. You can find some polite 16 the lowers, but they tend to go up to anywhere average. I've seen cards, the highest of everything. Cars like $40 I know they come in, you know, mawr. They day they are a little bit more pricey, but I you know, personally, I won't purchase that pine nuts. And I'm a cheapskate. But, you know, I just Also I am going to do some boxing of cards. Um, for you guys as well. And sure, you two different decks that I use. So I'll do that. Another video. But this video, I just want to tell you about how to take care of the cards and pretty much with your business. We're gonna go into details on how to create your business from scratch and go from there. So I just want to give you the overview. Just, you know, now is the perfect time to buy you some cards. You can get the basic cause to right away. Decks were We're right away. Excuse me. Can find all right, Does the keep my right away. Excuse me? I take my readily deck with me, just in case you haven't in baggy. And then I take these diesel because that I teach with these are the basics. So all of the decks that I have pretty much molded after these cards these I just take when I'm teaching and they just, you know, small. They fit in my bag. Take a lot of room thes however a little bit bigger. So if I do, I will find a baggie that could fit them. Or I will try to get, you know, steady, bigger. But I will try to get maybe a pencil case and these are dollar at the dollar tree and you can get in Wal Mart on Amazon and usually around like September back to school cells. Or whenever specter school cells happened in your town, you can buy you some pencil cases and put him in there and didn't just find, like, a box, maybe and put him in. Or if you want to find the shelf that you can put him on, some people do keep the boxes. But, you know, just like I know personally, when I was moving to Georgia, I didn't have space for the boxes in my luggage. So I like to travel light, especially if I'm going on travel. I like the carry amra light, so that way I can have more room. You know, it is easy for me to go. So what? That said Yes. I just want to give you the kick three kick start, as they would say that we are gonna developed into starting your business how to get your target audience. How to advertise how Teoh do more reading spreads? Because I want to make this channel not I want to make this cost fun I want to give you tips and I want to give you my experiences Do's and dont's that I've learned also how I'm expanding. I want you guys to be a part of that so you can steal, right? So that is just the beginning. Uh, I did get some new card, so I got these ah, wisdom of the oracle which I've seen so many times, and I've always said I wanted to get them So we will go into a nem boxing where I talk about each one of these cards on day. Also, tonight's class we will talk about how to use your Claire's to get the message, okay? And also how to use your intuition to get the message across. So that's what tonight's courses about. So with that said, I will end that they're very short video and we'll go into more details of everything else . All right, so I hope you are having a great day. And I can't wait to, uh, teach you tonight. Seven o'clock right by you have a great day. And if you have any questions, so if you want attacks me, feel free. All right. See later on if you know anyone I'm also having this course offered for $20 for the rest of April, and this is a lifetime membership that everyone will have. So at the April, it will go onto like, ah, for 99 per month subscript membership Are they gonna have to do to 59 88 per per year. So I made just make that 59 88 of one time things, but it's gonna go up. OK, um, I'm still trying to decide, but I know whoever is in its course now, you already had a lifetime membership, So I want to make sure that I'm giving, you know, tips and stuff like there that's not shared anyway out. So that's why it's going to be so high. So if you do have people was interested in learning terror or cards, then please into my way, because I am having especially up until the end of a through. I will have more specials. I will have giveaways coming up soon. So just know that this course I want to make find that we can learn and also have a little community as well. So I'm trying to build up Alam s system so we can have, like, discussion groups and learn for me each other tips and stuff like that. All right. So what does that? That's enough talking. Excuse My candle here is burning bright. These are my crown shocker candles that I created. And, um, yeah, I try to use candles whenever I do that. But we'll talk about that more as well. All right. And crystals. So I will see you all later. Bye. 5. Spot reading your client before a Tarot Reading : Hi. Everyone does a Stephen lumbar cord from Stevie's or cool reading Slash TV's Oracle Group. And I wanted to bring to your video today to help you out with something. So one thing I notice is that the clients who come to me, they always are little scared. So why are they scared? Well, they're scared that they're going to get the death card, right? I've said in other videos. But, like I said in other videos to this is just a laminated piece of paper with an image on it . Right glossy image. So the message that the climate is getting is their reaction to the message. You know, that is the biggest thing. As a reader, yes, you can connect with your intuition. Yes, you can ask the spirit guys to help you pick out the cards. But reaction to the message that's the overall message because they use cards, help the client get the major and the secrets out of minor and the secrets that they are scared, too, Um, to see, you know, and people are scared of the truth. So why am I doing this video? I wanted to do this video one because I wanted Teoh teach you how to spot. Read your client. So you get a client that comes to you. First thing you should check out always when you get your client. How is your client dressed? Because the way that your client is dress is the way that they are with their personality. So are they very relaxed? Are they wearing very loose fitting clothes? Do they have on a business? Who are they? Very uptight. Then pay attention to the hairstyle. Pay attention to the grooming, pay attention to how they talk. Do they talk with the very assertive boys? But a very confident but a very shy and timid. These are ways that you can spot read your client. So that way it's easier for you to use your intuition. So whenever I have a client that comes to me, say, for instance, and they are talking, Hey, how you doing? And I could hear them and they're very assertive and a very confident. Then I know that person is a confident person, so the message is not going to really scare them. They're just there to get the one to see if you are politik and two. They are there to see if you can help them get the guidance that they cannot get because we all have the answers to our problems. We all do. The answer is here. It's then I will go. It's in our intuition. It's like the high Priestess. We all have the answers. So when she appears in the reading, she's pretty much saying Blood, Do you know you have the answer, your emotions. That is how you can navigate through whatever decision you need to make. So whenever someone comes to us, they are allowing us to help them see the troop right to help them get to the place that they need in order to make the decision. So it's very important that you spot lead your client right before you even touch the cards . And I do that just so I can get a feel for the person, because one I can connect with their energy to I get a feel for who they are. And as you do this, make sure you take inventory of the type of clients that you get because that's gonna be the type of clientele that your mind to market your business, too. So check out their clothes, their tone of voice, their body language, their grooming. All of these are very important. Okay, Also notice that that person answers the phone. If they do answer the phone, notice how they talk to the other person on Adaline on a very controlling are very passive these air things that's going to help you notice how, when they talk to you on the phone when a scheduled appointment a day, very controlling. Are they trying to take control of the conversation? The appointment, but a very passive what a very like in between. These are going to help you out when you meet the person. And also is that present very quiet because being quiet comptel you alive. That person's very talking it that tells you a lot. So these are the ways that you can spot read your clients. Once you get them. It's easier for you to connect and to get them the message, because again, the message is the reaction to the message. All right, so what That said, I'll see you in another video by 6. How to spot the difference between a fake and an authentic reader with a spiritual gift: Hello? Hello, everyone. Mr. Stephen of our cord. So I wanted to do a video today. I'm actually gonna let Oh, look a horrible But in case the morning time, I wanted to do a video today to talk to you guys about, um, something that I think is important, especially when you're building your business. This is one of those topics that I really, really wanted to talk about. And this is pretty much when you are doing readings. And how do you know that you have a really good reader front, right? So pretty much a reader is someone who can really go into the message and build the story together. If you find someone who can really do that, you probably don't have a good reader If you find someone who was talking and redos so say , like, I go to someone and that person is like looking at the car has been in the like oh, okay. And then giving you that look of like, oh, have cracked this one because they're filling you out, right? So soon as you walk in the store, they're looking at you, so they know pretty much how they're going to get you write a check out your vibe. They look at the way your dress, and then they're like, Oh, God got this person and their mind A like I got this person. So they asked you questions as you come in and see your mental state, you know, how are you? You know, our hot, You know, sit down from there when you get in front of them. That's how they could tell when it got you there looking you up, their sizing you from the way you dressed, the way you are presenting yourself for us, like your emotional state, the way that you are answering questions. And then that's how they are gaming you. So then, from there, say, for instance, I have a tear a reader, right? And let's say this is the cards that she got right. They may put him out a different way. They may look at it like, Oh, interesting. And then you are such an fries state. You're like what is interesting, right? And then you're like, Oh my God, what? What is she talking about? So she's saying interesting and she's looking at those cards. Then the moment she picks up the eight card like a lot of them will nota meanings, right? They will know the meanings of someone cards, but you'll know a good reader from the barrel reading because they'll talk in riddles, right? Eight of cops. You're walking away from something really bad and they always go to the dark. You're walking away from something really bad sometimes. Got your tears, something that's got you really hurt. And then they hooking on you because they're using their intuition kitsch. And when you start crying their readers that I had when people started crying and I was like, Oh, that they will go to someone else, someone else would Game. I'm really bad at that moment. So when they see you crying there like who? Okay, God. So now that I got her, I could get money out of her. So let me put that down and keep going with bad. But if you go to a reading and you're like in good State and you're like, good at holding your identity, that neighborhood pushing until they can get you really sad, because their goal is to get you so sad so and tears that they can sell you with their crystal service. They could sell you with other services to help you release these curses, right? And then, you know, you may get a palm reader who will look at you and look up like, Oh, I see this. I see that they know they ship, but they know how to gain you, right? And when you're in a state of like, Oh, my God, like you know what's going on because the message is not The message is the message is you and your reaction to the message. That's the whole day. So that's how we use our intuition. I've said it before. We hook in on you and we see your read action to the message. And when we get a really good reader, you can find someone who can. Okay, well, we'll get to that. So pretty much they using their intuition, did a lot of them a good A lot of them are using this stuff, but it's the intention right of how you use this. I said that the beginning of these courses is the intention so they may have the crystals on a neck. They may have the head scarf. They may have whole united. A very eerie feeling that there's a magic was that they want to get that illusion that they're so powerful. They're gonna focus on this, that sadness, right? You walking away, you need to get away. So tell me about that. Why do you need to get away? And then they seeing that you're really sad. Like, why do you need to walk away? What's going on? And then they made try to, like, throw stuff at you like Oh, I see three people or I see a person that really is bring you strength. And then if you're going to about relationship, you butters persons reading they got you because you're like Oh, they see that How did they know that, right? You're pretty much giving your power to that person and their estimation of what's going on the using your intuition. And there there was What's the word on the board there prying. They're asking loaded questions to get your reaction. So that way you can give them this message. For example, when I was younger, I went to a reader remember in Times Square, and they have a more all over the place, right? Like a good reader isn't really advertised like that. Nowadays we had to online social media. But they say like a real good good reader is not going to advertise. Because if they advertise, pretty much you don't need to advertise is like word of mouth. You know what I mean? So that's I've been working through word amount. You know, people have been coming to meet through other people where they'll see me, and then I'll come to me. But I am building my advertisement, my card business. So I have to advertise a life. You know, I'll make do like a special on my instagram 5 55 like a reading for the day. You know what I mean? But you will get people that will, like, have a big green neon lights crystals all around. And when you're going to shop, you're like, Oh, shit, I'm scared because they want you to be scared. They want you to get that filling up, oldest of powerful, that they're about to take you on his journey to clear your life. Then say like you get the five swords right after the eat, right, and sometimes look at the person when they're doing it already. Looking at you when they're doing it, Are they looking down? Eye contact is very important cause a lot of people are doing that. And they make you scare you with the illusion of like, Okay, I'm reading this person, even mawr. But sometimes they may look down at the cards and strategically pick out the cards. Said that way they can come to you. So if I was strategically putting this out, you're walking away from something, cause something has betrayed you sometimes stabbed you in the back. There's a lot of conflict in your emotions right now, right? So then that somebody right? DEA asking loaded questions because your reaction is gonna be Oh, my God. How did they know that? You know, because you already scared to go to a terrorist as this client, you already scared. You're terrified. You like this person knows me like, oh, my God, that they're seeing something, right? So when exiting this r, they strategically put that down the hook. You So it's like you're going fishing there, baiting you with the warm and then you bite. God. Okay, so now we're gonna do more. This is a love situation because you got the lover. So this is the illusion of being together, right? So there's something in your love life or there's someone very close to you. Your relationship that's causing you a lot of pain was backstabbing, using your mind right now, right? Oh, yeah, when my grandmother is doing is that's why you know a good reader from a bad reader, because a good reader will say, Look, don't tell me anything. Let me get to this and then we can talk about it afterwards. This is I do my readings. When I do my readings, I'm going on my intuition. I'm using my abilities to go and my spiritual gifts to go, and most people will Onley use your reaction to get the message So they are asking questions and then they'll go in and, you know, I mean James Randi used to, like, get on mediums because he used to say old mediums asking loaded questions and some mediums can really see, you know, it's like, Well, how will I noticed if I didn't have a spiritual Yeah, he's like what? You were asking them questions and you know that some people will ask questions like, Oh, so this is sadness. What's going on? Did not press. May say Oh, well, you know my grandmother. Okay, so then from there, they got the situation. Now they're going to go to the five. Wants five. Oh, your grandmother is hurting you. Your grandmother's betraying you. She is telling you how you should live your life or she's making you. She she's very co dependent on you and making you feel like you have, You know? I mean, like, they will use it to make you feel to give you them the answers. Excuse the lighting. I hate that. I'm giving these radios with the bad lighting. Then you will have, say to charity, right? So it's like, Oh, you got all this pain and hurt reading your relationship and I see you ready to move. You're ready to leave, right? Aren't you? And then, you know, obviously viewing about relationship, you ready to leave and then look that dark night he's wearing right that dark bodysuit Normally to me, when I'm doing readings, I tell people, Look, this is your Batman moment. You're going to save the day, right? you're going to save your life, Somebody would say, Oh, why is he wearing black? Right? And then they were black old Because you've got all this pain and hurt, and it's a relationship. You're trying to get away. You're working to get away, right? And then you see those three sticks, right? Someone's got magical you, They're they're doing voodoo, you know, because they looking at your motion. Oh, is coming at you really, really fast. You know, you don't know what these cards are. Your sitter you don't know. Then you see the king right here. Right? Someone's coming. Someone else is coming to betray you. Right? So say, like you're having issues with your boyfriend and then you have issues with their mother, right? Your mother in law, your potential mother more right then, of course, to say, Like if I get a bride, right, and she comes to me and she's like, Oh, my God. You know, going through this And if I'm a bad reader, I'm going to say, Oh, you're going to love issue. Yeah. Oh, my God. I don't know if I should get married to my boyfriend. Then that reader is gonna take that King and black. Oh, you got someone else coming at you? You got a whole army coming at you. Are you OK with the mother in law? Because I see the mother war or somebody close to him like a mother figure who was out to get you right? That's how they would do that. And in a was sale, Everything you're working for is not gonna turn in your favour because you are. You're hurt. You betrayed your sad right and did That person's like, Oh, my God, I'm gonna die, you know? All right, They get the death card it like, Oh, you're gonna die. You know, they will write a tower card. That's another thing. People who do spiritual work love. If you're not good with your intentions, they love to get this devil card. They love to get the tower card. Where is it? And this is just the updated version of the right away. But you know right away that they have those old fashioned versions and see if the reader to is using an update deck. Because a lot of deck sector from meanings and like this is the terror, the crystal Tara, right? So, yes, somebody is the figures Look a little crazy. But then some of the figures are really, you know, really great. You know, like cartoonish. Right? So think about it. Are they using the old fashioned way? Because they using old fashioned decks and look around when you go into office. Look around to see how it looks, how it fills, Have you go in there and you don't feel good. Get the hell out. See? Right there. Look at that tower. Right. They'll use that to your emotions. They're scared of shit out. I'm like, Oh, my God. You got the devil to tower. Are they'll strategically picked these out Because they know you're scared of these cards and you're already going to the reading. Scared. So they look and and they got address. I'm a looking scary because of your intuition. That's your powerhouse. Go by that feeling. If you do not feel good, get the hell out of that space point bling. Simple. That set. Just get out of that space. So that's how they would strategically get you. Anybody who knows who had a reading with me knows that when it comes to these cards. I'm all about reading the energy, so I'm like, don't tell me nothing. Just give me your name, your birthday. And be careful about that to some readers will go online and research you. You'll know when you get a good vibe from that person, cause your intuition will tell you it's your powerhouse from leading. You know who is right was right, Right. And you will know you won't know. Think about the reading already doing it in the way that scaring you or are they bring you motivation? Are they bring you hope? Yes. Some of the messages may be dark, but are they able to flip that around? Because when a art not of the best intentions, what they're gonna do is take these cards. They're gonna take these cards and get up cell from you. So once they get you out of that office, are there the place you already scared shitless already? Right, cause it's a message. But once you leave, then they're gonna call you. Remember I said I went to a reading once, and that reader was giving me a reading, and I was so emotional like I was so mad because my grandmother a lot of people were coming to you for readings. Anyway, they're coming to you because they need kite ins. So they will come to you in the state where they're frantic, right? And I guess that's why I became a reader to because I've always wanted to show people with that that the downside of people who came right. So I went there and I had some issues and the lady was ableto pick up on issues because I was telling her, right, But some people are really good. Some people do have the gift, but they use it in a bad way. So if it doesn't feel good, don't continue to reading. Ask them questions if they don't allow you to ask them questions what they give you, like bad answers run because those people pay them believe and they may call you back. But do not let those people get any more money out of you because they only want to use you to get more services. They want you to get like their Christou healing. You know what I mean? They want you to come and I could have one reader who told me all. She was going to take the crystals and put him on me and, like all you know, all right, I know doing crystal healing. I have to put these on people shockers, All right. But the way she was saying, we'll put that on you, and then I get the demon out of you. And I was like, Oh, she's like, I got a demon on me. So I was scared, you know what I mean? And she was able to do that because she wanted to try to me a lot of fucking money to come back and do that ceremony. And then I was at home, and I guess he spirit always worked at me. And they was, like, you know, having me questions like, Do I really want to go back and do this? Like, now I got this demon on me like, Oh, my God. So see, that was how she was gonna come and get me to get more money out of me. Right? And I was a young person. So also as a reader, if you want to do this work, are you notice that their readers out there and you want to, you know, tell other people not to go to them. See, that reader will take someone was 18. Because that that person is 18. I will do the reading. But if that person on 18 I won't do it. And see, I went to a reading when I was like 16. So I was like Shit, That's how she was able to get to me, right? And then, I think, like, wow, she was really trying to take the little money I have from working high school job, then have shit. And it was just like, Wow, why would she do that? Because she did have good intentions. She only wanted the money. Then I went to someone in my twenties and she was able to get even more out of me. You know what I mean? So I was more an adult, but I was still in a fragile state. And you'll know a reader you won't know because the reader won't get any information. They won't get all that they need to get out of you. And then pretty much after the end of the reading, like me, I'll get the information that I need. Give it to you, then I'm like, Okay, you have any questions? Then I'll take time to sit down and answer the question. But before that, I will not get in the information. I just want your birthday or your name just so I could tune it right. But sometimes I don't even need that. I just like I go in. Just give me the first name, and then I can go in and get the message for you. Um, because I work with angels and I work with your spirit guides. But when it comes to some of Rita's, they will work with the dark, and that dark hole is all knowing, so they will give you the information. But then they still use it to game. You They'll call you back like, Oh, well, you know, high. You came here, come in for this service, or come in for that service because it is not sell right they get. But they cannot a moment make you go home, get paranoid, get more money out of you, bring you back. So then that way they can get more. You have her. Rita's have had people flying men, you know. I mean that's like, girl, you flying people. And really? So that's why they don't let any reader and Florence, you don't let them in Florence. You don't let them influence you. Or you can tell a good reader by the reader. Well, no the meanings of the cars because they really take the time to explain the cards and people you know who had a reading with me. I go in details explain in the cards that they do not explain the cards. Then they just read the message. I know sometimes time saying people don't have to going to guard. But a good reader takes time to really explain to you. So I get it cards like this, right? I'm not okay. You got the two of one. So there is a dream that you need to like go off, right. And I know that dream. You want to get the emotional fulfillment, but you feel like you don't have enough support. So that's why you're going with the unknown, right? So see how I picked that up and I was able to go to that. But then I would say, Look, so the two ones means that you had two sticks in the ground. Right? Which stick is more important to you? You can look out and note that the world is at your hands, but which one is more important to you and then the 10 of cups is the end of a cycle. So you have cups, which is so want is manifestation, right? I always tell people Think of Africa diver Harry Potter. You're creating something cups. Your emotional is right. You're You're filling of emotion. So you are in this plate of place of sadness and her, You know, that's what this is about. But this is 10 end of a cycle, right? And all 10 aligned up. What did I say? That right? If you're in this place of sadness and hurt, anyway, cops are relationships. Anything close to you, right? This could be work family, friends, and that people just really going to like a generic message. Oh, this is this is work. Is there something on any work? You go. What I'm saying is there something wrong on your relationships? Like who is who is giving you this party? You know, you give it. I'm saying, like, who's making you indecisive? Um well, the tool sort to be indecisive, but who's who are are you? Why are you having these cup issues with your which you're creating something? You I'm just trying to simplify it. That's what some people do. They were talking. Riddles are they would not give you the indefinite meanings. Right? So I'll say, Look, this is five tentacles. Five tentacles is all about lack of supports to scarcely right, feeling like your dreams on PM, that feeling like you don't have financial support. So that's how I was tired and good read again. Title story And together that reader can get you the information. So you have these two dreams which dream is more important to you and they don't tell you what to do. They offer suggestions. Are they give you energy, right? A lot of times, if I'm doing it, I give my personal stories. So that way they can know that I relate to them. And they came to me for reason. And through that personal story, I'm able to help them see their situation at a different level, right? So I don't tell them. Oh, you need to do this. I say, look, OK, the energy sand. If you want to get to this fulfillment, they probably won't want to choose the thing that makes you more happy. Then we sit down and come to a plant. What will make you happy? I don't tell you. You tell me. How do you feel you given? I'm saying then with the five of tentacles, I'll say, Look, what? Look, you may not have this support, but how can we right now, work together to get you that support? What would you need in order to get to this happiness? And that's how ago readers they take time to really go in and help the clients. And I know there are. A lot of readers now do video reading, so they don't really go into the old, you know, detail. Dale just give you this. But be careful, because are they asking you a lot of questions? Sometimes people send me questions. I don't even like questions. I just like to read that energy and then that they have questions. Afterwards, they can email me, but a lot of people just want the money so they'll have. You sent him the questions and then they'll like going your Facebook page or like you know , I mean, they will really go in. So I personally don't like to do face to face readings unless you, like, paid my feet to go face to face. And that's the thing, too, because of a client comes to you and they just want a General Dannatt clients and I for you because that president never led a to have a good reading. And they're just there for Paula trick, right? And I'm No. One's Polytrack. I'm here to help you get the best for your life. I'm here to help you take this energy to apply it to your life so you can have the best outcome, right? So most readers will take it because, yes, they want to show that they're special and that client who's not willing toe actually, and I know what comes to money and stuff like that sometime. But if a good reader really cares the nail adjusted price because their lifetimes, I'll just the price I give special. So that way, because I love doing this. I love helping people, but they're people just like no $500. That's like $500 but okay. And that's how you know, a really good reader, because they do try to live it more right for my readings in person 1 35 But I'm just not reading these cars. I'm actually working with you. I'm following. Got with you, right? I'm helping you get to where you need to be. And a lot of these people will just take this and give you a message. Be done. And then if you hit them up, they won't answer you. They have, like, okay, 50 more dollars to another eating right. There's times when I have given my $50 service for our $60 service for my 1 35 Or, if I get, like a $5. 55 reading from Instagram sometimes spirit of like, look, you need to get them so I'll really give them a whole reading that I would charge someone 1 35 5 55 Now, is that fair to the person that charge 1 35 But I give them something else whenever they come to that reading with me. Right? So I give them a chance to meet with me for, like, a 101 and other stuff like that. But if you do like a 5 35 I mean nine times out of 10. I'm not gonna do it, You know, it's all about using discernment how I want because I have to eat at the end of the day, right? But also, I don't want people wasting my time. Our company near that just want give you the message. And that's another video talk. People hijacking your readings is like, No, you came to me. Don't tell me. Alright, what I'm giving you, you don't have to implement it. But at least take it for face value and make it so we get to that place, right? Don't come in here. We're like, Oh, and we'll talk about this inside the videos where people are like coming in and telling me all I need to make a change and they want to just vent and then you give them the energy, and then they're like, No, I'm not going to change. So be cheerful about who you bring into your business and be careful about who you allow to read for you because you don't want anybody. Just have access to your soul. You want to make sure that this person really, really is the ship. Check out their website. They don't have a website. Don't fuck with them that they don't. You know, a lot of people going online so they don't have, like, storefronts. And I worry about storefronts to, But there are some good readers out there. Do your research. That's the best thing. Do they have references? Check out their Google, refused check out, you know, other reviews. I know me, for instance. I'm having problems with Google and they took down all my reviews. But do that Facebook reviews Do they have other, like Travelocity due to have the Air B and B experienced, like you will find reviews, go to their website. Do they have a views listed and check out the pictures? Are they like the generic pitches? Headshots are ready. Ro people's pictures. Okay, so that's how did you notice? No. If you have a reader, I am gonna go more in depth into the Siri's and because I want to get it out there, that there are good readers out there and there are people out there who are scamming people and we need to stop them because they one stop business from me, but to they make us all of that. And we're all not that we're all not bad, I'm telling you. So that's today's video. I hope you like this like comment. Share is described following in social media. Sorry that the lighting is bad, but I will fix that. Going forward, I am just trying to build my I took on a new job, so it's like I'm having a hard time getting my studio together. But I'm doing a piece by piece and, you know, when I do get days off, like today from on the job, I'm able to focus on my terror business until I can really grow it. Waited at one. So what? That said, um, light comment she has described following on social media. Tell me some of your experiences dealing with better readers, and there are readers who probably are not going to like this. But fuck you because you shouldn't be hurting people with your gifts. You should be helping people, okay, but your abilities, because that's why we had these abilities to help. And I don't want anybody scamming people and taking money out of people when you know these people are coming to you for help. All right, So what? That said And we will talk about emotional spouses. You know, like, clients will come in and attach onto you because it wants you as an emotional spouse to help them and tell them every single thing in their life. They want you to live the life for them and is like, No, no, we don't do that. So, yes, I would be very honest. This is the new direction that I'm going. I really love this. And I can't wait to do another video, and I'll see you soon. 7. Cross Tarot Spread : hi, everyone to Stephen of our court. And I had your new spread for the week. Right? So this is a spread that I use when I'm on YouTube and I do my weeklies with these. After today, I won't be doing any more weeklies because they just you know, I'm not getting the results that I want from them, so it just takes no time. It takes a lot of effort to do the videos, and, you know, I do, if new customers. But I'm really not interested in doing personal readings. I'm more interested in teaching it. So what? That said, I'm going to teach you a spread that I use. And this is a cross that I use. So I'm using vision Tear up my new deck by Jennifer Glass. Oh, and I'm also going to use the wisdom of the oracle. Michael Barone read. So with that said, I'm gonna show you how I do this. So I was shuffled a car. Actually, I'm gonna do a reading for myself, just so that way you can get there real transparency of how to do this. Reading the light is not too bad because I have all my lamp because still sunny outside. So they go one soc I just put him in. Uh, I just put him in a lines up a beginning, middle one end, then apply to Oracle cards. And then I tap it off with a crystal healing card. So let me show you I just shuffle a lot. I don't know, and I need to do a video how to shuffle. I see. Okay, so top ones Qala many, and then I'm going to also use this one's called my name. So see how have them all three down in a row, and then I'll put that there and then I'll use my Oracle card. And with the Oracle card, I will also shuffle. So if you want to do videos to people, I would recommend you shuffling ahead of time just for the sake of time, because clients like to just get through it. But then put integrity of the reading. You know, you may get people who want to accuse you of not shuffling, so I just try to shut every video just to so people can see the integrity because one thing I want to always have a read is my intention to see that these two dropped. So that's my message. I write some, but oh, my God. It's a weird I I have filmed this earlier. No, I filmed this earlier, and I didn't like the way I explained it, so I redid it. And how about the same to ork records came out. It's definitely like men for all right, So here, at the bottom of the death, ranked as the top. I have one car here I'm going to read, and I have another card here that I'm going to read. Right? So, um, well, actually, I need to read all forties, cause the's air here. When I shuffle sometime, I will get cars that will show up. And then what I do is I just know that that's probably the message. So I'll take the cards dear until it shows the back of the deck. Right. So this is the back of the deck. So all these cards came up, so I know that it's supposed to be read, so I'll just leave them here. Then I'll put the deck here and Dan from near. What I like to do is also capital with crystal cards. I'm going to get the crystal card. Right. So I have my crystal card. I'm so sorry for that. I always like to have it sometime. Is gonna have your books nearby, just in case so you can get, um, I just Whenever I get Orgel card, I always like to just read him. Although I can intuitive intuitively get him. Always like to just read. I'm just to give it that extra kick, you know? So this kind of like a cross it is across. And I could get one more or card, which I never thought about. So, actually see, I'm gonna put this year because it's going to link the two cards together with the cross. Right. So must do that, then at the crystal cards. Just shut food. Okay, so see to just popped up three, actually. Okay, so this is my message. A lot of pain. It's a lot of a lot of Ah, a lot of ah, heart stuff. All right, So before I get to that, I always like to read the bottom of the deck, so I'm going to get to these cards. So what do I have? I have justice, right? So justice is the making and breaking of contracts. It is making amends with the past. Pretty much it is like the six of cups, but this is all about getting that balance back in your scale. So your truth and in your, um, your decisions, it could be comma coming back. Teoh come together, comma complete. It could be making and breaking of contracts. So I had that there and she's holding her scales and she's on his rubber road. It's like she's came out of dark, and now everything is balanced on life. Excuse dog. He is deal walking, while then the seven of cups, which is She's flying on a dragon. And this is all about choosing. You're, uh, you have a lot of choices, but it's like it's a dream state. So some of those choices are really good, and some of them choices are really, really bad for you. And it's like which choice are you going to choose from? Okay, and it's like using your intuition to make the best choice for you. But don't be caught up in the illusion of what you think might be good for you, because it may not be good for you. And then you also have the ace of swords, which is a victory. Car rights was all about new truth, right? And look at the transformation with the butterflies. So this is about you having a solid cases are new beginning. So this is about forward and how you communicate your believes your ideas. And that's what swords are Anything in the men to and how you communicate. Then you have the lovers, so this is the illusion of being apart, right? So the love is is pretty much the head and heart coming together. And what I love about this car is that they're together. So this could be in love. This could be anything that just could be, uh, new partnerships. This is pretty much the heart and head getting together as one, so you can get what you want. So what? This here. I will say this is all about, uh, something you love right now, right? Like your urine. This plate. Okay. And I Marie, for me, I'm in my new truth, right? A men. My new place. I know how I want to communicate. I know what I love I know who I am, right? So this is pretty much how I'm going to go for right. How can I communicate my beliefs and ideas to people right? There's been a lot of transformation for me, and I've said it before I was doing Pallotti's. But you know, it's just not fun. And it's like when things don't become fun any more than this, like I don't want to do it right. This is a new eventual for me. So this is all about having the clarity for what I want to do. Then it's like here with the lovers. So this could be an illusion as well, right? It could be some of the things that I want it for is like my spiritual coaching business, my spiritually business with the classes. You know, I love teaching, but it's like that's not really my truth, where my truth is teaching terror, where really loved teaching terror and also I love filmmaking like I wanted to quit my filmmaking. But I really love filmmaking, and I love editing and telling the story. So it's about the head going to get the heart what it wants, right, cause in that truth. This has to honor what I want. Then it's like now is the time. Yes, there are a lot of choices there, a lot of options. But what is the best choice for me? And that's what his lover car comes from. Because yes, I have an idea blooded. I'm a Gemini, so I get bored very easily. So it's like I have the truth. But now it's about me choosing wisely on how I am going to go for it. Because, yes, it may be an illusion when it comes to certain things that I mean think I want. But is it really right for me? And that's what the lover said. Is it really right for me? Does it match How I really am communicating doesn't match William authentically are Is this just an illusion of what I want? And that's where justice comes and cuts. Now it's like, OK, I had that, you know, im balanced and my choice. It's like I had so many illusions out there like I wanted to do this. I want to do that and it was like, Okay, am I doing this just for the money, or am I doing this for my truth and my doing this because I really love it. So this now is saying, Look, you have your truth, you're finally balanced and what it is you want to do. I love teaching just a Tero and I also love filmmaking. So that's my truth, right? That's what I love. So it's saying now all of the illusions of balance and that illusion of being separated with the with the lovers, the same look, that's balanced, too, because now I am complete. Now hold on what I want, den. I have the cards, so I'll put that at the You know, I think I need to You see how at the back of this deck here, whenever I get a deck and I get something that pops up and then it's the end of the deck, I always feel like I have to read it, So I'm going to actually get to those because I ground off the cards with the diet with the crystals on. Also, I really felt like I was going to read these because they're all up as well. So I am going to actually do this, Okay? I am actually going to read these. So starting off, let's go with the cards. Let's turn him out. So that way who? I don't reverse cards. Okay, so all right, Quality. So now let's see. I have my my oracle card. So what? I like to do some time with your cards. I like to read them. Although I know this is saying, Look, luck is aligned on my side Now all that glitter is you know, not what it appears to be. And I'm blessed because I'm more line, right? So be careful. Remember I was saying here about being careful with the options. Now it's saying that some of the things that I want it and and I read it because I'll be here all day China read empty. So with the serpent deputy car. So this is on the left, So opportunities, aligned with readiness awareness of synchronicity is lucky and fortunate parent as signs assembles and magical alignment of time. My and she's jumping up to catch her four leaf clover. Then we got blessed, which is 22 which is a master. Build the number so end that blessed something wonderful is that is unearned. An unexpected grace that is an unforeseen gift from spirit. And then this servant deputy has one policy, which is nine. So that spirit true number as well, right? So spirit is working to bring me something great, right? Because now I'm aligned in what I want to do, then all that glitters. So I really like this card because just saying everything what appears to be is not really what it is and that that connects the two together. So let's see a need to see beyond a superficial the desire to don a mask address something up to disguise its true nature. Trying to be something you're not chasing at the every sparkling new thing being mercurial . So remember how is saying I had a lot of things that I thought I wanted to do for us, like me having my spirit troop consulting business, which I love doing. But it was like not it's not really my troop. I'm just doing it for the money, and it's just like you get bored. So just saying, Look, now you're aligned with what you want to do it because of that spirit is going to bless you , right? You'll get those gifts because everything is balanced. Everything here is balance we're supposed to be And seeing past that superficial things of , you know, Onley one in them because of money instead of now doing it because I really love it. And that's where you get the blessing because you really love it. So then here it's saying, 24 take a nap. So 24. And I know some time your client me want you to hurry up. But I just really like to read So 24 grass rejuvenation and renewal Temporary non action, allowing dreams to rise. So this is saying that now is the perfect time to rest because spirit is bringing me what I want. To be fair, remember that was that balancing of Kama. So this is pretty much the justice card. But for the oracle, So 38 which is balance, justice and need to consider options, mutual benefit the law of cause and effect. Right then we got the tribe so finding like minded people, my battery is about the dog. It is about finding like minded people. So, eight, I know it gets tedious sometimes reading alum, but they popping up for reasons so It's like a message, uh, then this community belonging being seen and understood by others like minded connections, that sense of family and friendship, knowing your place in the world. Remember, I said, coming into your truth now and then by the book. So this is doing everything the way you think it's supposed to be. And this is also a master builder. Number 11. So I love that abiding by social rules, conformity, respecting culture, family, customs, universal. So that's what I got. So these are the Oracle cards and then just put that to the side. And then now I'm going to get to the terror. So with the tower we got the queen of one's right. She pretty much knows what she wants, and she goes for it right? She's a social butterfly. She's someone who really take action for dreams. She pretty much nurtures her dream. She make sure that she sees it through to the end. She is someone who is an entrepreneurial. She's not afraid to go out and be seen. She's someone who can pretty much put the magic touch of whatever it is. She's grown, and she also has her shadow side so although she knows what she wants to do, she doesn't really let you come in and tell her what to do. She doesn't come in and let you take control, right? She's pretty much like the CEO of a company. They have an idea. They're going to see that project through it to the end. They don't want you to come in and be the boss, Adam, and that's her. And they're well liked. You know, some bosses a well, like she knows how to manage her people. She knows how to get the ideas out there to the people, and they know how to follow her because she's very fun. She's the fun boss. And because you have a fun leader, think about when you have a leader somebody who really makes you happy. You don't mind going to work working for that person right? But it's like, don't tip that person off because of your late. Then you'll see that shadow side or if you don't pull your slack, you'll see that shadow side. And that's what she She's someone who really gets it done, and she pretty much sees into the value of the project. Then you have the higher effect. So member we had here and the Oracle card. We had the by the book. So this is pretty much the Oracle car for by the buff because he's the higher if it he's pretty much like you have to commit to traditions. You have to do things the same, right? So he's like, OK, she's new to the company, right? She's new to say she's entrepreneur and she goes into a company that's already established . She's the She's usually used to making our own decisions, and then now you have to go to somewhere where there are rules in place. She's not gonna like that right. She's gonna try toe stick to her way of doing it, although they have those rules in place for a reason for, like, legal and other matters. But she doesn't really follow the rules. She goes and makes it up as she goes. And with this social conditioning going by, the book's pretty much as we heard shadows, I will come out so it's like she's up for the challenge. But when she space with rules and authorities, she doesn't like that, and he's all about authority. He's all about. You had to do things a certain way in order to get word the the prize, which is, uh, spiritual. Right? So this could be, like, also and my, uh, spiritual work, right? I don't want to do things the same way. I want to do things differently. You know, even when it comes to doing my spreads like here. I'm doing this video. I'm doing my own spreads the way I want. I don't want toe conform toe the way that everyone else does it right by the book. So this is just saying, Look, I'm going to be blessed because I'm doing it my way. And that's how you gets assessing whatever it is you're doing because you follow your own rules and you don't conform to the way that people say it's supposed to be done right. She's all about making change, and then you have the sun card. So the sun card is all about revealing all of those secrets, right? So this is where I was saying everything where it came to my business was like me doing something that wasn't fun because the Queen of wants is all about fun. She's not going to just do something just for the money. She's gonna do it because it's the experience that makes her happy, right? She does it because she loves it, and that's what it is. She doesn't mind working long hours, and that's what this is saying. I don't mind doing the work, but it has to be fun work. It can't be work that I'm just going to conform to doing what other people say. You know, this is about me having faith that everything that I'm working on is going to grow and everything is going to be fun. And everything is going to be successful because I'm doing it now from a childlike innocent , which is me going into my projects with, uh, almost like a child like innocents, like I'm not for the experience, you know, And I'm not four having a good time creating these videos on my terror teachings and having a good time with my filmmaking. This is about me doing projects differently right and not doing it the same. And that's what this is saying is about changing the way that I do things and do it in a different way. That's gonna be fun to me and allow me to grow my business the way that I want to do it. And also there's a lot of butterflies here. You see that child and CDs some flowers. They grow under the sunlight. So the son of the Illuminati, everything. So all those secrets there now revealed. So this is saying, Look, you're here to have fun. You're here toe create. There was a time we and she commits. She commits toe what she wants, right? She commits to the experience and that's what the same. I am now committing to the experience. And you can even use the higher if in as committee. I'm committing to the experience to grow what I want out of love and because of that Now I'm doing in the way that I love it. Luck is on my side. So spirit is bringing me all the gifts that I need, right? And then we talked about these cards. So I was like, Comma is now balanced me out because I thought I wanted to do something. But it's like now have justice is like my scales of balance before was more like on money, you know, recognition. But it's like now I'm doing it because I love it and then you have rites of passage. So whatever you went through, pretty much a san look and led you to this moment you where you're supposed to be at this exact moment, letting go of set that no longer serve you Cayenne out blue, right in her child, creating from that and a child. What made me happy as a child telling stories, being creative. This is what this is about. A relationship healing, right? So this is about me now, being in that place of authenticity and killing the past. Where was like people telling me, Oh, you shouldn't do this all you should do that. And I'm blessed because of that, right? So that's what the reading is saying, and hopefully this reading can help you when you do your readings. So if you have, like maybe two decks of Oracle's, I would suggest getting some crystal cards because I love these cards and also getting you like terror cards. And if you want to clarify it, you can. You can do that as well so you can get you another deck to clarify or like, if I want to clarify what? But I have because only three card You know that work too. So let me just clarify that queen. So can you clarify for me that Queen ones? Okay? Yeah. Okay. So we got the aid of sores and we got the three of one. So the aid of sources saying this is all about the fears. This is all about the doubts this is all about Oh, my God, I can't do this. And that was me like, Oh, I can't be just a terror coach. I have to do spiritual teachings. I have to do this in order to get people are people is not gonna come just petero classes. But it's like people, you know, I have met people through doing things differently, like even putting up my classes on Airbnb, where I get a lot of my students. And it's like I could do it the other way, which is by conforming to society by doing on YouTube. But there's a 1,000,000 other YouTube readers and my readings need toe be somewhere else, You know, because I read differently and I'm not like everybody else. I don't want to be like everybody else. And this three of wants is saying, Look, you put in the work, right? So now you're ships are coming in. You see the sunlight coming up and he's there. She's there with her crystal ball cause she could see she could see into the future knowing that everything she's worked on is there is the motivation. So it's like you having all of these fears behind all of the hard work you're doing, like Okay, what if they don't come while I'm putting in all this work? I'm stepping up and doing something that's different, But what if they don't come? You know what I mean? It's like, but if you build it, they will come then it's like, Why did I get the horrific? This one popped up death. It's a transformation in the way I do things not having to conform to the way that everyone else does that our society and doing my dreams the way that I want. That's a deep transformation right there, and that could be a deep transformation in my my beliefs. Even if it be transformation in my faith, who could have been having a little faith issues lately with some stuff going on, I just could be just like, look, have more faith. I need to transform, have more faith knowing that everything's gonna work out. That's probably with a bit of source. And then let's see, why didn't I get this, son? But I really feel like this is changing the way that I value my spirituality. Yeah, the sun I got the magician. So this is pretty much what action my gonna take now that everything is revealed to me what I'm not going to do to make it happen. I have all the tools I need to grow my crops and then also got temporary. So this is about balance. This is about having that patients having that, uh, justice Pretty much is like a justice card. This is just me having, uh, a flowing of my emotions knowing that they have been transformed and I'm able to communicate better. I'm able tohave mawr happiness. And I may be to have that grounded nous because I know that what I'm working on is coming back to me and spirits blessing. So that's how I would get that message and didn't also look here at the bottom six of sorts . So this is about dropping all of what you thought you knew and going to a new place like she's leaving all those swords behind and she's going into the unknown. She just sees delight, and she's like, I want to go there and that's what I'm doing. I'm going somewhere different on my journey, but I'm taking the experience that I have and then following my heart. So that's how you would do a reading here with the cross. This TV crosses, I will call it. You could use clarifies if you want, you can use Oracle cards are if you just want to do three cards and then to tear up three Tero down and to tell it to decide. Feel free to do that. And, um, that's how I would, uh, read that that spread So I will see you all and the next video. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I will see you soon. Bye. And if you want to connect to the higher you stop believing because I believe you by 8. 5 Point Star Spread ( Spirit, Earth, Air, Water, Fire) Tarot Spread For Client Readings: Hello, everyone. This is Stephen of our cord. And I wanted to show you spread that. I was just laying down thinking about, um and I figured you guys could probably use just for your clients. Okay. So what? That I'm just gonna get right into it. I have three decks. My Jennifer glass. Go deck that crispy vision, tear it, um, de wisdom of the Oracle by clap buried. And also my Christou reading cards by Richard Sherman, which I love these cars, teas and my favorite cards out of all of my decks. So what is this spread? Okay, so I'm gonna push my oracles to decide. Well, you can use disappear during YouTube. Readings are if you have a client, I would just mainly stay for client. You can do this way. YouTube video. Uh, if you want to do like weeklies, because YouTube is like a thing. So and you can get a lot of potential customers from it. So what is the spread? This spread is the Pentagon. So it is spirit. What a spirit Half for you. And in the four elements. Earth, air, water, fire. So we're gonna make pretty much like a star. Okay, so five pointed star. So spirit at the top Earth air, water fire. Okay. And, uh, pretty much What does that mean? What the spirit have for you? What does, uh, Earth? So we have what is in your physic cat like world? Anything you growing like? Money, dreams, house, anything. You're growing in physical air. So it's anything in your men to like What do you What's in the energy surrounding your men to fire, Which is your creations? Your passion. Energies around the net. Water. Anything's rounding your emotional states. All right, so your relationships and that could be family. That's friendships. Were relationships any kind of relationships that's attached to you. Okay, so that's get started. I'm going to ground it up with a So say, look, I've got a client. I'm going to use my oracle cards to ground it. Also, remember, not three times for new beginnings. 23 I'm just a big stickler for that. Just resetting the that are you have, like, a seller night. One can use that in Central Texas. Well, each person has a different way of resetting. You don't have to reset my way, but this is just harmless at its to see right here, the first car that pulled up. It's the fate. So this is all about comma being balanced, and fate is being, uh, turned in your favour. So I just wanted toe get that impression because Member says, You're shuffling. You make it certain closed up, up, up. So that's just telling me there's some kind of, like faith there, right? Fate. That's what's called the fate. So fate and the fate is turning to bring you what you want. And then it's one plus seven, which is eight. So abundance, right? Said Now, Michelle. So if I have a client of like, you know, there's some kind of fate going on here, I think this is probably my reading. So at the bottom of that change in the wind, So this is saying something is coming in major right? It's going to shook, shake up the world and pretty much what does that mean? That means that, you know, it may seem like the storm is crazy, but is it really a bad one and pass It may come May come is more like the Tower energy is going to come in and take away all the shit that doesn't serve the right. And I'm kind of going through that right now. So this is probably my reading last time, right? So, see, I always just take impressions from the cards before I shuffled. Just see that overall message could be so see, right here at the message. Put that down. I was like to look at the bottom of the deck just in case. So we got piece, which is there, and then see here you could see the back of the debt. So pieces on top of it. So I know peace has to do with that. And then two plus three, which is five. So peace is all about having luck and this about having spirit coming and bring you peace in that in the MR to storm somewhere we got the the change in the wind. So the wind is coming, and this is just saying that wind is coming to bring you that piece. And then we got all that glitters, right? So I've been getting this card a lot lately. So this car has been talking about things that you think maybe for you is not really for you. So it's about releasing and letting enough for me to you look great or what other people may have. Just know that you got your own story, your own path so things does meant for you is meant for you. Right? So it's like a person that you know, has a nice car, right? Say, your coworker has a really nice car. Well, you don't really know what that person had to get to get that car and you don't know could have been, like alone. You know how that person got that money to get the car. So it's just saying, Look at your life and be appreciative for what you have, right? And that came reverse. So when it comes reverse, there is another meaning behind. So I'm just going to read that. And then I also re peace since it just popped up months. Open it. So freedom at freedom from attachment. Radical acceptance, right? Best with pieces. It doesn't get any better than this. A quiet mind. The heart fulfilled freedom from one and the soul satisfaction away. A piece is too radical acceptance, everything your world exactly as it should be. Harmony is beautiful, enjoy and then prosperity message, because that's what most people want. Relationship and prosperity. So this is one of those times when you're capable, clear vision about your work and how you can create your prosperity. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. You called by presence to step into your power eyes. Just being as enough for you are in peaceful harmony with spur, and it shows in your work relationship. When two people are in true alignment with one another, they have an intimate harmony between them, right? So that's what pieces So all that glitters came up and reverse. I'm going to go to that. And again, this is a new deck. So if you feel comfortable reading it, that's OK. It's better to get the message. Did not get the message. So I need to see beyond the superficial desire to design the desire to don a mask, address something up to disguise its true nature, trying to be something you're not chasing at the every sparkling new thing being mercurial , so it's only human to want to adorn one cells and trinkets and paint pretty pictures. Oneself is naturally want to acquire the trappings of status or to deny them as a statement of rebellion. But if it sparkles, is it better whether it's a fast car, big house to title or position to stamp of authority on a sparkling of diamonds? Thes icons that you know something about a person places our duty. The truth is that people seek to quiet things because of what they will do for them, how they symbolically will evaluate them and make them more attractive. This car's signals that is timelessly beyond the adornment and probe underneath the surface learn to recognize the mass people wear and the motives underlying them. Imagine that all the glitter is gone. Would you still desired object or person? Right? And then it came over. So I'm gonna read data protection message. This is a signal to walk away from what you're contemplating. There's a deadline veneer ing Wait. There's a thin veneer of glitter and sparkle. That mass come thing writing underneath. Pursuing it will only bring about a difficult situation. You will be sorry you got yourself into Stay away. Isn't it wonderful how spirit protects you? Better things await case I've been going through that late. Set him on the videos. All right, so this is about bringing peace and just knowing that what serving you what you think is for you is not really for you. Look beyond what you what you think and why do you want, right? So what? That said, I'm gonna get the cards, tap it on new beginnings, and I mean that no secret. I have my other two businesses, which I I am questioning. Is it for me? It's like, soon as I try to wake walk away, here comes someone who says, Well, I need your services like I just don't have fun. So when you don't have fun, don't stick with it. And I only use in my experience just so you can get an example. So you under that is the queen of tentacles, As I was shuffling, sort of clean. A pentacle is just talks about how she's able to take something and grow it. So, whatever you're working on your true alignment, she will take that pentacle earthly possessions and grow it. Okay, so that's kind of like an overall message. So we're getting into it. All right, so here I am. Linda, this one more time. I like to shop with three, but it's whatever you hear. Nothing's wrong. So leave me grounded often. You know what depends Leading is going to be about right? So nothing at the bottom of the debt and see what I need to know for dependent. Okay, so the five of swords is for spirit message. Don't leave. God, tell me what I need to know her here. Then we got oh, air. Then we got Are you? Tell me what I need to know for five. Tell me with Okay, What's that? And tell me what I need to know for water. So it's pretty much before elements. Oh, right. Let's see here. What have we got? Just drop its We heard spirits like Okay, Got the message. All right, so let's see here. All right, So the tower popped up and the sun, So I'm just going to take these because that seemed like it was there for reason. And then we got death. I've been getting these cards a lot like somebody that they're put the deck down. Nothing's there. So death is just like the underdog deck. So that's the message. You probably want to give to your client. So we got the five of swords pretty much being stabbed in the back, right? It's pretty much like What's the cause towards its about you winning at all course. And right here in this deck, this woman is being stabbed in the back. She has to sword. So that's where you'd lead the tool swords. While she's trying to balance or to truth, it's pretty much stabbing her in the back, right, cause she's unable to decide. And then you see, right there this guy is walking away. He has three swords and his he's holding three swords. He pretty much hit her with those three sorts because it's pretty much like Come on, girl, you ain't finding your truth so and study You balance that I'm a take off the blond full and I'm going just fabulous there, right? And they look at those crows. Those crows coming because they smell the blood and then just ready. Right? So this is all about you. It is the defeat card. So it's like you feeling like you were stabbed in the back by your truth. That is what spirit wants you to know that look you are not. It's not as bad as what you think, right? This had to happen for reasons. So the reason why you were stabbed in the back because you weren't unable to make your decision, So we had the intervened. So that guy could be a representation of spirit. Just coming in saying, Look, we had to help you. We know it's painful, right? Because he's carrying a three swords, so we know it's that heartbreak. You feel betrayed. But you had to get this. You had to get this so you could see clearly. And those two swords kind of form one. So it's like we're going to take those two truths which you think you workers. You were in chaos. So we're gonna take that sword, and we're going to stab your back, making it one sort so you can see the victory. Okay, you can get this truth. There's real authentic truth. This is your soul's purpose. Then we got here for Earth. 10 of cups. Now, this came in reverse. Um, so I don't normally like the reverse card, so I just turned it up. Right? But this is the emotional fulfillment card, right? This is what we all strive to. This is you being happy. This is you having that just great time. This is you having that, um, that overall happiness that you strive to four. And if you see here is the family. So this is what we all strive for. We all strive for that. Um, we all strive for that white picket fence. The idea of the American dream will for you in America. Um, and it's like using your intuition to find your happiness. You know, it's about how you feel. Assad is not about what's around you. So this idea of having a couple here with the child may be a great idea, but does that really make you happy? And in fact, that he came rivers, I felt inclined. I have to read it. Meaning death, Because you I felt stabbed in the back. You don't really. It's not as bad as you think that this had to happen for a reason. So, yes, you may be unhappy right now and everything that you're trying to build here in the physical world. So, like the dream job that you thought was yours. Your money. Everything may not be going the way that you I think you know, our was going go as you planned, but this had to happen for a reason. So I'm just gonna put that refers because I really feel like I have to do that. Although I don't read reversed. And then we got here to to upend Crusoe. Earth Air. So this is Air energy is our thoughts. I believe anything we communicate, right? So she's juggling two dreams, and it's like she's having a hard time. So what you dream are you gonna pick? Because she's having a hard time deciding, which is pretty much just two truths, right? Aligns with that. It's It's the indecision between the choice she is having a hard time picking. So she's left balancing, right? This could be you having to truce are two dreams and balancing it together. And but what is it going to do? Is just going to leave you with so much work that you're not gonna have balance. So what That air energy and combining it with this card is just saying you have so much juggling from these to choose that you are unable to just pick one so that's what spirit had to come in. So it's saying, Look, why you juggling which dream do you really want? And it's quashing you to pick the dream that really is in your best lineman. So then you got fire, which is the east of sorts. Oasis sources a new victory, right? So spirit, like remember those two sorts that she got stabbed in the back. Feeling betrayed by your truths, right? Had to become one. So this is now disorder that you took out of your back. And that's like, Look, this is your truth, the way that you're feeling the thing that you could look when she's juggling it, she has one high end in the other. She knows that's the truth, and that's how we decide. We know what's best for us because of the way we feel. Just like my example. I was telling you, I have three things right? One of them I eliminated and I have two other things. So I had to pick between filmmaking and being an actor and the director, and also I have to choose between being a card reader now. Yes, acting is my love, and I've said it before and I wanted to choose that. And, you know, I got rid of my Pallotti's business. And it's like now I'm getting people who want requests and this like, but that's not really my true. That doesn't make me happy. So I had the balance, right? Three pentacle is and I'm working hard. No balance. No, no, no work life, right? So then it's like, OK, I had finally come to realization. Why Don't want the acting career? Why did I want that? Because I wanted to for the wrong reasons. So therefore I had to choose what my happiness, which my intuition keeps leading me to, which is my cards, right? In my business, my school. So that's my truth. I had to come to that hard decision but losses a part of life. But something better to come in and here with the water does in my emotions, right? So, yes, the Taliban had to come in, had to strip me of all the B s. So that way I could get to my truth. And yes her. Yes. This is that dark night of the soul wears like God. Why? But and that lost something beautiful will be rebuilt. And then we got the son. So the son is pretty much like everything's now illuminated. So now that I have everything illuminated, I can grow from a place of love. Now that I've been through that tower moment not been stripped, it's like, Okay, now the sun finally comes in to transform my life and bring me the opportunities. This is big energy. This is big transformation here. This is committing toe one thing. And that's what this 10 of cups is, right? All those 10 of tentacles which is committing. But this is like committing to myself in my happiness. And then we got the death car. So the death card comes in cause that's that deep inner transformation. So the fact that you got the tower and the death, right, that's just say, Look, you had to go through this death. You had to be stripped of what you thought. This is just saying everything that you thought You want it. Why did you want that? You can come up with the truth. So spirit had to say, Look, this is what it is. This is why you're here. Finally. Now you see clearly everything. Why you were stripped. Now you see why you had to go to this deep transformation. Now you know your truth. Now you know which dream that pig now, you know, with this happiness, although it seems unhappy right now and that changing wind has to come to Big Storm Now you finally have your truth. And yes, we're taking away the heartbreak because that sword I'm gonna emerge and bring you the happiness that she needs. This car could be flipped around. Okay, so that's how I will read that. Yes, I'm sharing my life with you because that's the best way that you can get it. And when you do, your readings is always best to use your intuition and always best to use your life experience. Because that's what people come to read this work. Because if I had someone who didn't go through this So this is like me going to, uh, like a 18 year old reader, someone who hasn't really been through life right there in a precipice of life. They have a mint dude are the leaving the job. They haven't been through the going through judgment on the dark night of the soul. They don't know what that is. So you need someone who is going to be in that situation. That's not going to give you their opinion. But they're just going to read the energy to you Now Read the Christmas cards and then I'm a grounded, awful warm or cool. Hopefully my battery doesn't die are my storage doesn't do this quick Virago right away. Getting strength from your spirit animal right now taking the time to just come back to the essence of you, That's what Chris Dahlen. Okay, And fertility creation. So now you have the very stone. So it is all about creating this new end with this new beat and having courage during the eye of the storm. And I'm here. I have the tiger is the thrill of the night. And now, But see here what we have we have to ground it up. But to bring it home to go the distance, I think in the other videos a day at the beginning of the week explain the knees are the weekly for the week of May 13 it was talking about co create with spirit. So this tigers was at a standstill. Right, Creating something. So now he's moving. He's moving again. Fast moving energy. Four plus seven. What is that? 11. Yes. And now you're building the life that you are meant to build. Do spirit. Okay, You finally there. And if you think about it right after the hanging man is, uh, the Kama card. Right? So it's about justice. Pretty much call floating upside, wrong car, but peace peace comes in. But we had the fate. Remember when I pulled it out, we had the fate. So this is pretty much four plus 7 11 which is Kama justice now bringing you balance back into your life. Okay, so that is how you were read the pentagram, and I really like that spread. And I think I'm going to use that going for So with that said, I will see you all in the next video by. And if you want to connect to the higher, you start believing in you because I believe you. But 9. How to use Similar Tarot Cards for Clients : Hi, everyone. This Stephen of our cord and I wanted to bring to you a video tonight to show you guys some similar cards within the terror. Right? So this week is all about the combinations and soul about telling a story which we'll get to later in the week. But I just wanted to show you some similar cards, which I did. And Monday's video, I think it was. And this video, I'm just going to show you some, like more similar cars and also toe help you get a reckon ization of what some of the cards mean. So that way, when you see it, you'll know. Okay, well, this card is like maybe a higher vibration, and the other one is like a lower vibration are the economy and the same thing, but one has mawr. Yeah, well, higher vibration, because it's like you've been through it. But then you have to really go through it, right? One is like the major economy, which is like the life story, right? The path about big life, right? And the other part is like the minor economy, which is like the parts that you bring to the story. So Okay, let me just go through somebody's. So these are two cards that I always think of as the same, right? Well, not that same. But they Khanna in that same vein, right? So you have temperance. So let's talk about temperance To Brits is pretty much when you have that feeling right is pretty much when you at that place of head and heart are flowing, right? Moderation, You're in balance because the car right before this is the death card. So that's where you become, um, transform. It's that deep transformation of the mind. So think about like with I want to say, like the lovers, right? Are something you love. Your heart really wants it right is like That's what we feel. This is the center of all desires But then now it's our head who has to go and get with the heart wants so of you Think about Temperance. She's flowing right These cups It's your emotions the balance together they're flowing looks You got one toe in the ocean which is your subconscious mind. And she got her other foot grounded on a conscious mind. So this is healing. But if you look at it. You see those stumbling blocks there on the path so she can easily go to the other side to the Enlightenment, right? Cause that's what she wants to go. She wants to go to the beyond. She has that knowing that she wants to go there, right? That's what she's going where everything is gonna work out. But along the way she gets caught up and like, OK, I want to say like, Okay, think about it like this. You have that transformation. You may say, OK, I'm transforming. You may start to see the signs, but deep down is your heart really really transformed? So this is a place of like, OK, why do I really want this? My head got, But I want. But is this really my alignment? Right? But if you think about those two cups idea those two cups of blowing right, she's not pouring. So she's flowing, she's she's standing in her strength. She knows who she is, right on that strength level. But I really feel like she's still trying to get to that place up ho. Which brings me like she's hopeful and transformation that she's. She knows she got more to go is pretty much what I want to say. She's not all the way fully healed, right? This is the process of healing. So it's like, Okay, now is kind of like justice, right? Where its balance. Right. You have everything now that you need in order to go for right head and heart balanced up. But then you got the sun. The stars Sorry. So the star is pretty much that hope that you have because now you're more vulnerable and the star comes at their um I want to say she comes out that the tower? No, Actually, she comes right before the tower because the tower is no sorries are She comes after two tower because it's pretty much have you been freed of all of the chaos, right? It's that up people is the foundation is gone. So have you think about it now? She's more broner rule. She really knows the truth. We're here. This is about the strip. So this is the strength and true the opposites of that united means they're like, Yes, we're strong enough to know that this is what we want. We're strong enough the balance ourselves out But Is it really our truth? And after the tower comes and cause the tower, what is that? It comes in and it pretty much trips you of everything that you think, right, cause she still thinks. But she knows. So those stars are a wish. You have a hope that you can learn the lesson fully. You have a hole that you can get the happiness right. And here she's not pouring into just her emotions. She's pouring into the conscious mind. She's also pouring into her subconscious, right? So she's balancing out by equally pouring some of her and to the both right. We're here and look see these a large quantity she's pulling out. So she's really aren't true freight. So she's telling the universe This is what I am. So because I know I am now have hope. And I could make wish Know that that wish is gonna come true, where she only took a little bit, right, because she still doesn't know the road truth. So I kind of like always think of this as, like, you're building a patient's, you're building up that equilibrium. You're building up that equal part of your getting the healing. But this is at the you can strip says like your welcoming the healing. But you're not fully healed. And then you come fully healed. So is the hope of the dream. It's the whole what I want. You're no longer a victim to the past life, right? Because with her, she could easily slip back into, like did Apple. You know where she's meant free that cause right here. This is actually before the double. So there is still something that has a hold on you where she doesn't have anything holding her. No more temptation she spent strip that i ego. So she knows more. Now then you have the four cops. So the four cups is about stagnation. This is pretty much where you have no movement. So think of fours, fours, a stillness. But if you think about the four of cops and right away deck, the girl has three cups in front. All right, so that's the happiness she's been through. The happiness she has been through the celebration. She has been through all of that. But now she kind of bored with that. Right? So she's at this place of okay, I need a new love like Think about it. You're in a job, You're doing a job and you get so bored cause you, like this is not bringing me anything, right? I'm not growing. I'm not doing anything. But then God gives you that new cup. And you're like, OK, this is that Love that stare. But you're so focused on the things that it wants. What? So therefore no movement can take place because you don't see that new cup being presented in front of you. So I always think of this card, and this card is wanted in the same. So you have to hang, man. Right? So think about the hanged man. Your world is upside down, right? No movement. This is when you're in limbo. This is pretty much after you've been through that first cycle of life. So you're on our tree of life and you're like, What next? What am I communicating to myself? What do I believe when I get down on this tree? What I'm going to get and see this is the same as like, the four cups, because with four cups, you're not focused on de the new law that's being presented to you, right? There's opportunity. Teoh, have a new love. We're here. You're still thinking about OK while say, for instance, you had a job and say your job, then work out. And now you need to look for a new job in your Sandia's off. Okay. Is this really what I want to do? So it's kind of like that same energy, but I really feel like this is more of a higher vibration because this is where you're like , OK, do I still believe in this? When I get down from mystery, how can I take what I'm doing and make it better? So if he has that three of cups in front of her, he's going to take our she's going. Take that three of cups and work with it, right? We're here. If you get those three cups, you're only focused on it. Three cups. But you're not using that one new love that's presented a friend because it was like, Ok, now it's time to move on. We're here. You're just like okay, do I believe in is like you're questioning yourself, right? You're questioning your love for it. Where here is like so being that you're questioning the love you still have a love for where? Here as like okay, you're done with this. You're ready for something else. You're ready for change. And that's why that one cup is being presented. Because, like Luke Dodd, those is not working for you anymore. It's time to do something new said That's what I think about this. Are you? Good thing about this is okay. Look, it's time to do something new. So when I get in that newness, am I going to bring in what I did before? I am I going to change my life? The fit, the newness right where this is saying, Look, the newness is going to change you. This one is saying, Do I need to change me in order to fit the newness? Then you have the death car. So this is deep transformation of the mind, right? So this is pretty much you getting rid of all of your old ideas of how you were living your life. So say, for instance, you were always used to take in private jazz. You were always used to smoking cigars on Friday. It's like no more, you know, like maybe you meet a new set of friends. Maybe you just, like, wake up Monday and sale. I don't like the way this makes me feel. So it's that deep transformation because you're like, OK, I'm not the same anymore. Maybe you been through something that's caused this transformation where this card is about coming in and free and you villa bullshit. You see those Royals, those Royals of being ejected from the castle because inside it's chaos in May, I'm right. They had to get out. This is pretty much free you from the bullshit as I think it's the tower. It's the dark night of the soul stripping you of that ego where the death card, Yes, this is transformation. But that ego is still there, right? And not saying that, Eagle is that that thing. But this right here says love this one right here, you kind of you can cause that you on yourself by moving to a different state Getting a fresh start are you can change your friends, you know, change whatever you need. Say you're an alcoholic, you need to change going toe a a meeting. This is saying, look, you're doing the same thing, and you don't want to change. But then life comes in and just changes it for you. So that's how to use a like one in the same. But they're both major economies, so these are, like, big life journeys that can happen to us, right? So I think of them as the same. And then also you get judgment. So judgment is pretty much like you have been through that tower moment, right where that tower has come in, stripped you of everything. You're just pretty much like Oh, my God, no, Like, I don't want to go through this anymore. Like I don't want to be here. This pretty much is. Look, now you have a second chance at life. Now you have a chance to do things differently. This could be in the vein of the justice car, but this is deeper. This is you being, like, complete. This is where the tower comes in and takes awake. Everything right? It's a new vision for your life. You're now doing what you're meant to be doing because you see and you feel differently. That's what this is saying. You're more enlightened than who you really are. Then I think I talked about this the other day. So this is the lovers in a devil, right? So think about the lovers, the lovers is what do you love? What will you do to get that love friend? But it's the illusion of being separated, right, because they're not close here, although he's all about, like, the manifestation and building a life together. And she's all about like, Okay, the pomegranates. Right? So that's the sensual fruit. So she's thinking of choices. She's thinking of option. She's thinking. OK, do I really want this? But she's still there, right? And then it's the illusion of separating. But think about it. Arcangel Gabriel is here to bless this union because this is for you. But at the same time, you may feel like, Okay, I'm more into this person, but that person may not be into me. You know, like you may have a job. You may be all into the job, the job maybe, just like dealing with you. You get what I'm saying, where you have the devil the devil is. Look at those two. That's the lovers right there, chained to the double. But he's not torturing them, right? Cause he could be torturing them burning a month. They could be screaming, but look there, standing here, they have the court on on their next. They're not moving because they're comfortable there. So this is the illusion of what has a hold on us, What's keeping us what's tempting us? Because if you think about the devil there that was going to come in with the smile on its face and make it seem like Oh, this is beautiful So you're going to stay there, right? Because you're not scared and you're like, Oh, this is nice. But is it relieved? Nice for you. This is co dependency. So these are where this one is, more like Okay, it's not co dependency. It's like it's a choice. It is not for you. I can leave. So then you also had the hermit and you have the four of sorts. So the hermit is all about like Okay, I have to get empowered by getting solitude. I have to go away, right to really get a my heart to show me the hope, right? I had the religious goal and recharge my battery and figure out. How can I make my dream happen and see right here does four swords is the same thing is what A swords, your ideas, your believes, anything you're trying to communicate. So if you have the three swords right and only in the right away that they're hanging on the wall because that's the heartbreak, right? You're taking no source out of the heart. So 0.3 of swords is all about remembering the heart break from the past where he has the one sword where he's meditating. So that one So it is your truth, right? Your empowered by your one truth and think about that. The harm it you're empowered by your truth and number nine it's the last card before the will of fortune. So it's the last card enough first set of like where you are and power to go forward. So here this is about the recovery where you're resting at being in the battle So now and arrest you're getting recut. You're getting empowered, toe go and act on your new truth. These cars are kind of similar to me because this is the aid of sword. So this is the nine a source. What? Our swords, our beliefs, ideas are truths, anything We're trying to communicate, right? So eight of swords is all about, like you're trapped in your own men to present. So it's the Oh, my God, this is not gonna work out, is to fears this. The doubt is that I can't do something Where the nine of swords is all about the anxiety raised anxiety. It's the pressure is restless nights where it's like, Oh my God, this is keeping me up at night because this is giving me anxiety on a deep level where the aid of swords you can free yourself. It's like if you Onley just move a little bit differently and the right away deck she is bounded and she has covered up by a blindfold. But she could move. The bondage is, and she could move the the blindfold, and she has one toe in the pool, so she's tapped into her subconscious, so she pretty much puts herself in a mental prison. We're here. You can get some sleep because it's really not that bad. It's like you build it up in your mind that Oh my God, this is giving me pressure, but really, it can give you pressure of your kind to yourself. Right? So these are both about, like, just breaking the hold of that meant to prison were in. And the self doubt, if I can't do something when you really can. And I think about that cause today I was actually working with some kids kindergarteners, and we were doing, like, connected dot puzzle. And the kids were calling me because, you know, I was helping them, and they were like, I can't do it And I said, Look, you can do it. You know what the next number is in the sequence. So if it's 19 what comes at the 1920? So it's 1 19 What comes out? The 1 19 1 20 so they would get the answer, and I'm like, You can do it. So stop saying you can. Then you got justice and the six of pentacle. So this is about bringing balance back into your life, right? So the pentacle zehr anything. We're trying to grow here in the physical, right out dreams, our jobs, our careers, my dreams, jobs and careers. Any money this is houses, cars is anything you're trying to bring back into balance. Because the car before this is the five tentacles, which is all about not feeling good enough. Like you're good enough not having enough support financially. Where here is like everything is back in balance. And then you got the justice car, which is all about and looks he does this six here in a major Ghana. And this is six in the minor. Connor. Right. So this is the higher vibration. This is lower vibration. So the higher vibration talks about the making and breaking of contracts. Right? You have your truth and you have your heart. So is balanced out. Now. Everything is coming back into order. Right? So this is the end of calm mystic cycles. This is you. Pretty much making amends with the past. Same thing here. So if you were having luck are bad luck. It's you making amends with the past. So that way you can get everything back in the balance. So this these cards all about justice and, you know, give and take. Then you have the son in the movie. So the sun is all about highlighting your fears, right? Look at that price is. He knows where he's going on a path, right? He's going behind these two pillars, which I think of as visions. Two is the number vision. But those wolves Ah, hollering right, because they're stopping him because they're like odors. Fear There's doubts. The moon comes in highlights. Every single fear and doubt that you have when it's saying look or you have to do is just quiet those and you can go forward. And I always think of this as the pool of knowledge. So you already know where you're going, but you're gonna have light goes off. So think about what you want to go on the bat. But your family is like, No, you shouldn't go down there. Why would you want to do that? Because you're fall. But you know, intuitively through that moon that is gonna be good for you. But it's like you taking a risk. But being stuck in that wrist so that moon comes in the highlights, all of your fears. How are you going to go for it? Then you have the son. So the son pretty much is the opposite, which is it comes in and illuminates everything that you're trying to grow in the world, right? It's like that childhood innocence where you don't have the fear. Where is let go? I want this because I wanted, you know, why do you want to do it? Because it makes me feel good. It's happiness, right? This is you happiness or dismiss fears and doubts. So I always think of that sun coming in tow. Illuminate everything. So nothing is a secret. Everything is revealed were here is only highlighting your fears where you may still have some kind of, you know something. But the sun comes in and gets rid of everything because it's right there before the world and the world does. The completion lesson learned few more, A few more. So we have the six of swords, which is all about you moving right. You're You're calm now. You're going to a different place. So you're not taking any baggage or choose. The only thing you're taking with you is your swords, that your experience and you pretty much have your back to whatever happened in the past. And you're ready to go forward to a new home where this right here The chariot is all about you going forward, right? Anywhere we hear card does is you go into your new home because now your heart and your head is balanced and you're able toe Use that to go for our this could be your shadow and dark side lights are coming together. You using your imagination because you know that you're in light and then you're going to a different place because you're escaping here. So these talked about going to a new place. But this right here is meaning that you're stronger and knowing that anything comes your way, you don't have to worry about it. Could you be okay where this card is saying? Okay. Well, yeah, I'm leaving. But if I go to the new place, what's just gonna cost me? You know, says not you completely giving away your past. Yeah. You can travel to a different place, But are you going to make amends? What happened? Are you and leave that shit behind your you and I start something new, He start something new no matter what. Because right at that. This is the strength card. So you are overcoming any obstacles and being you and I always think of this as the Batman card. He's coming with the Kate to save the day, Right? Saving his life. He's sore, judge. Two more sets. So you got the four ones and you got the night of pentacle. So therefore, ones is all about like you building a structure, right? You're building. Think about your building. A house. You take a moment because four is still in this and you're celebrating how far you come, right? You're celebrating all the victory and you're passionate by what you're creating something . You're able to go to five, which is like, now that you build the structure, show what you really made up, and then you have the nine depend tickles, which is all about like while Look how far. So this is about also. Look how far I've come on a journey because you start a 111 A swan's right. What inspires you to we right now? And in here with the nine of tentacles is about. You have everything you worked for, right? Are you worked so hard that it's here for you, right? This is you seeing a dream. You're almost that completion. This is you having come far and what you work for, right? You put in a commitment you put in the heart. Focus, work. You were diligent. You did everything you need to do to make the dream come. But this is saying okay. Are you going to celebrate what you worked for? And this are is there going to be a gilded cage for you? You're building your sanctuary. Are you on enjoyed at sanctuary? This is saying love. We're building and we're enjoying last one. We have the magician. So the magician is the first start of the cycle, right? If you think of the full worried before this is sandwich, you have all the tools you need to go for it. So what are you going to create? What dream do you want to take action where the will of fortune is like, Okay, you've been through one cycle of life. You've been through 10 right? So if you think of 10 which is one plus zero, that goes the one right. So one on one. So it's two different cycles. So this right here saying, Look, now that you've been through it and you are at that into the cycle before you go into the next set of the major are Khanna The will of fortune is turning because you've created So what action are you gonna take? Feet is there to give you everything you need And this one is a look. Fate is there so you can start What action are you on the tape? So they both talked about the actions enable for once one is success the other oneness assessed because your success in your creation this oneness assess and going through the first cycle of life. And with that, I also have the world card. So the world card to me is similar to these causes talking Okay, now that you have been through everything you've been through judgment, you've been through the worst that wars now successes here You're at a completion cycle, right? This is the last cycle of the Major Khanna. If you want to count the full afterwards. But most times I don't I don't include the pool at the beginning, but this is saying look, this is victory. This a success. You've come out of a part of life through the second part of life. Now what? Actually you're gonna take because you can have the full, which is right at the data. Soc! This is you and three steps of two steps of your life going from the magician all the way to the world. What action are you going to take? And that's what these cars asked for. And they're all successful. So that is your similar cards. And, um, some of those have the higher vibration. Some of those have the lower vibrations, but they just really come in and show you what some of the cards are and how they are similar. So if you want to do readings, you can start identifying your single card. So that way you could bring it towards your message. So what? That said, that is the lesson today. I thank you so much for your time, and I will see you in the next module. Thank you. And if you want to connect to the higher you, now is the time to start believing in you because I believe in you. And I'll see you all next March by 10. Similar Tarot Cards Combinations for client readings youtube readings Pt 2: Hi. Everyone does this Stephen of our cord. And today I have for you a couple cards that are similar. And some of them have, like, uh, opposing meanings. But together, if you have a story, you could put them together. And I thought they were interesting contrast that I can explain to you. And that way you can have going with the theme this week of similar cards and combinations . Okay, so this is going to be a short video, so I'm just gonna go through him. I have a couple quarts here, Right? So the 1st 1 I wanted to pick up which strength card, right? So she is blessed here, Right? Infinity. She's blessed here in her strength, right? This is taming the beast. So think about this. That lion is not gonna let anyone just get close. Toe that line is only one. Get someone who they trust. Right? That lion here is there. Were you for all right, and think about your going to safari? That lion is not gonna let you come near them. They're going to eat you up because that line feels like they're beginning, right? They feel like they are more powerful than a human. And when they're hungry, they're going to tell you up. But she's able to get close to that line because he's a part of her, right? I always think of this is like, um, it was a show. What's the name of the show? Where they had, like, spirit animals. And they're able to What? Power Rangers is one of them, right? How each one of them had a different, you know, suit. So you had the Red Ranger to Blue Ranger, right? And they all had that personality of that, right? So the Red Ranger was leader where the Yellow Ranger was more about, like, the happy 12 Pink Ranger was all about the love, right? So this is like her spirit animal. She's able to control that spirit animal there together. It's you being strong enough to have your heart and your Well, think of this as your lighting. A dark side. You know, coming together to overcome courage is like a lower energy of the chariot. But you're not moving your in this moment of just like, okay, I am not gonna let this take over me, so I'm just gonna calm the bees. And, you know, uh, I guess, for instance, a like of you having struggle with someone You're not going. Just walk away. You're gonna take that moment to just say, OK, why am I feeling like this? Okay, let's talk things out. Let's get through this moment. But the chariot would be like, Okay, well, I got to get away from here anywhere but here. Right. So that's how I think of this car, right? She's blessed because she's able to calm her shadow side and, you know, connect with and beach into right. You having that encourage to overcome any obstacles coming your way. Right? So that's how I think about this. Then you have the magician, right? So think about this. He's blessed to infinitely. All right, this is knowledge. And look, she also has knowledge, right? This is knowledge of how to tame that shadow side. Right? This is here. Knowledge of how to create what you want to create because he has all of the sweets. He has two cups, the wands swords he can create. The pentacle is he can create any new beginning. He want, right? He's the alchemist. He's strong. He's confident. He is someone who is very He has hope, right? He has infinite potential. So when this car comes up, it's like, What are you going to create right on your new foundation? Your new table of life, right? Your new alter. What? What new beginning do you want? So when I see these two cards, it always reminds me of courage and confidence. He has the confidence to build what he wants. She has the courage to overcome any obstacles. Right? So that's how I think of these cards. Then you have the six of tentacles. So this is about the give and take right? This is about you having balancing your dreams, right? Finances in your desires. Uh, think about this. He's rich. So he's given to the poor. So he gets something out of it, right? Cause he gets to help the poor. They get something out of it because they get to get help, right? And it's about, like, okay, because sometimes we so private, we don't want to ask for help. And there's some time we have stuff and we want to give. But then we're scared to give the people because we think that maybe they're going to reject it, you know, because we're kind of having pity on them. But not in this card. It's more like they know that they need each other right, and they enjoy that. They can get from one another. So it's that balanced of, uh, compassion ist That balance of receiving, you know, is the balance of giving and the balance of being able to receive in the balance of being able to take, you know, without pride or ego. And that's what I love about this car. It's talk about luck. This is Ruben Libera. So the scales right? So everything comes into balance because you are able to have that give and take relationship. And this is the lower energy to the major economy. So this is the story that we bring to life, right? These are things that we bring to the major story. This right here is the major energy, right? So it's the justices. The balance is making amends with passes all about the balance of the heart. That's what this is about. So this one is about balance and, you know, being able to give and receive where this one is about balance of the heart. This is the major Khanna. So this is what you bring to the store? I mean sorry, this is a major life of them, right? Because after we come out of the wheel of fortune where destiny brings us what we need and you know what action or we're going to take Then we go through die justice, right? Cause now everything in comma is balanced up. We know our truth, right? I was scales the balance down hard. It's making amends with the past making a breaking or contracts no one that everything now is going back into order. Right? And this is a victory card, right? So if you think of them, they're one in the same one is all about giving and taking one is about of dreams and balancing out your dreams. And one is about balancing out your heart. And if you think this is 11 and then this six so 11 eyes to two and six is nine. So it's about you Add the almost completion of knowing that life is okay, right? That's when we get to that place of Okay. It's the end of a cycle life is what we make it. Then you get the two swords. So she's balancing not to troops like she knows when she's got to take a look at that into wishing her emotions are balanced, right? Promotion This calm, she knows. Look, okay, this is what I want. But I'm sick of balancing and she takes up the blindfold. She conceded which truth is really hurts, right? And then she'll have the eighth victory that Jesus saw it, which is like, I know my truth. I know what I believe in. I'm going for it for that right through victory. But if you think about it, she's holding those two swords. So those two swords, like, probably kind of heavy on her, right? So she said, I just wish I could only have one. So that way, maybe the other hand could be free to do something. Or if she take to hand on one right should be more powerful. Um, so this is all about the balance in that it's the vision. It's the, uh, Clara. It's the choice of what do you believe, right? It's making a decision, and you're grounded on a foundation. You're grounded and knowing that, Yes, I have to make a choice. Right. So it's like, OK, when your world is so chaotic, what do you do? You just take a moment. Read through it. And Dan, you decide. Right? So is like you letting your emotions help you pick your truth. Right? It's the second chance at doing something because you start out with one. But then you have to write because it's like, OK, I start out with this. I want to do this, but didn't along the way. You may be like, Oh, well, maybe this is nice and you're trying to do both. So think about like, you have a career, right? And you're working on that career, and you're like, This is who I am. This is what I want. And then you do something else. Maybe funding. You're like, Well, no, Maybe this is it in your heart is pulling into both. And you're like, OK, now I have to balance out. Am I going to be this or am I gonna be this? Am I gonna live my old life and follow this new thing? Which choice? And I'm gonna make him at a crossroad, right? So it's all about following your emotions, and then you get the judgment cart, right? So judgment is all about getting a second chance at life, right? You're making amends in the past. Now you're going for what really calls your heart. They're getting up from the grave because now Archangel Gabriel is calling them. He's like, Look, you know, now you have a second chance to do something, right. You have a second chance, toe live your life. This is you being through that dark night of the soul and, you know, going through forgiveness and because of the forgiveness. Now you're like, OK, while I messed up in the past, But now I forgive myself. And now you're getting a second chance to do it over and think about it. 20 reduces to play zeros, too. And then look at this. You have a second chance to do something differently. Now you have two truths. Which truth? Which path? Now that you have the second chance, are you going to take What do you believe? This is you being stripped of all of materialism, things that no longer serve you and you just stay in the truth so Which truth are you gonna go? Oh, now, Because you have. Ah, your emotions. That's telling you, this is what I need to do. Then you have the eight of swords, which is about you, fella Restricted, right? You feeling like you're in a cage? She could see herself free any time. She is not in this cage. Really? It's the illusion of the mind, right? It's that men to prison, we hold ourself in like, Oh, I don't know if I could do this, so no, this isn't gonna work. You have been gaining all this knowledge. You have been gaining all this experience in this light. Uh, your fears come out and just put you into this. Men to prison of You're not good enough, are you? Doubt in yourself. You're doubting your decision, right? But if you see, she has memento and her subconscious and 12 on the ground. Right. So this is like that temperance card. You are following your heart. You are following your mind. You are following your intuition. You're following your passion and is not is not really a person because of what she can get away any time. So think about that this is the head. The I can't you know, I don't know if I can do this. This is that change in your mind, right? I mean, oh, you need to change your mind to get free. Change your thinking. This right here is your heart, right? Is like you're done with this emotion. So you're walking away to go to the nine of cups, which is the wish. You're going there because that's where you want your happiness. You want to have something else besides this feeling here, right? You being gained all of these cups, which is heart, which is emotion, which is intuition. You have been gaining all of this, right? You're just done with that. You're walking away. So this is like a change of heart. So change your mind, change apart and think about it. That's what we want. We went ahead in our heart to link up, So the head no heart isn't linking up. Then it's probably not for you. Right? So that's, um that's pretty much what I wanted to bring to you today on some of the card meanings, and hopefully that will give you a little insight into how to put together the story if you have a client and you can just, uh, maybe get a deeper meaning in your message, Right. So what? That said, I will see you in the next module. If you want to connect to the higher, you start believing in you because I believe in you and I'll see you all soon. 11. Tarot Card Combinations Pt 3 : Good morning. Everyone does it. Stephen Workhorse. And this morning, I wanted to bring to you the last combination of the week. Now I am going to do this again. But I've really enjoyed this'll week. I don't want to hit you with too many videos. I just wanted to make it short, sweet and to the point. So this is a combination that I've learned, right? So I wanted to go through this combination with you because I thought it was really, really impressive. So we have the magician, right? So think of a de magician. He is the alchemist. He creates his reality. He has all off the tools of the sweets. He has cups. So what do you love has tentacles? What do you What is your dream? What do you want to grow? Has the swords. What do you believe? He has the want. What do you trying to create? He has his one right here. Right? So his magic one pointed to the top, pointed it a beloved, as so way up high has below. So he channels the information and he has the knowledge, right? He's infinitely blessed with knowledge. He stands strong and his truth. He's pure. He has the outer boroughs, belts that as another infinity sign. So pretty much this is saying that he is the channeler of information. So whatever he gets from up below, or whatever he learns, he brings it down to below. Right? He's happy. He's confident he grows things. Look at the flowers. He is the magician. So he has been interrupted tools, the knowledge he can grow any reality that he wants, he can grow anything. So whenever I get this card, I'm like, What do you want to create? How are you going to create it? He knows how to create it. And also that tape, right. He strong his foundation. So whenever he says his mind to something, he makes it happen. Did you get the lovers? Now with the lovers? It's all about the union, right? What do you love now? Think about these two. They're naked. So they're vulnerable. It's that purity, that innocence. Look at the sun here. So they're happy, right? They are at this place of vulnerability. Arcangel Gabriel blesses disunion. It's the idea of being together what you love. So think about it. They're standing here in the physical real world they have. Uh I was thinking, this is like the wands, right? Says he's able to create whatever he want. She is all about desire. Happiness is to to together and think about that green they're standing on the green soil are green grass. So it's the idea of being born to what you love or like you think about it. Okay, You start off. You don't know what you want to do. But that green, right gives you that renewal. It gives you that rebirth. So when you find out what it was is that you want your rebirth and your ideas So this is, you know, them being together. He's looking at her. She's looking up. She's looking at the angel because she's like, Okay, Is this what I want? Is this my choice? Now think about the lovers. It's your love. This is you. What do you love and how you get it? So the heart knows what the heart wants. Then is the jet the heads job to go about to get it? That feeling right, What do you want to feel? The head goes on and get it. So that's what This is the choice of being in love. So how can you go out there and get the feeling? Is this what you want? Because the head, the heart, may want something. But then head, maybe like Okay. Is this right for you? The head is going to make the decision. How can I get the heart? The feeling at once? That's what this is. That's what she's looking up there. How can I get the heart toe a line with the head? The head doesn't override the heart, right? And then I always see here is like this trees solid. And look, I got the snake there. So this is the temptation, right? So that's why I say, Is this what he needs? It's their separate right? But lovers are together, so it's the idea of being apart. So that's why you have to take time to make the decision. And that's why it says you're being You're being reunited with your loved. You're being brought together. You're being blessed with what you love. How can you create what it is that you love? So think I sent you love? What is the feeling behind it? How you created What is the information? You have to get what you want. And this is kind of like the high yourself, right? You're saying you have yourself How yourself If you don't want look as to Angel, Hire yourself. How can I get what I want here? You know what I want. So can I get the information? So that way I can get what I need then the night of swords. Now look at this. He rushes in one action, right? He rushes in on that feeling. He got butterflies. So there was some kind of transformation. Look at the blue in the card. That's the truth. That's him communicating. He is strong and confident and knowing that his truth, his truth. So he acts on it. Look at this horse face. This horse is kind of like Think about your running forward, right? You're running to the cliff. That night is the fat. This one is the fast is moving action. You're running towards that clip. Not at horse, right? Probably want to stop, right? And then this guy will go flying. But the horses like, OK, I you know I'm going to trust you. Years of the horse gonna go and he's going to jump the horse upon the job because he know that he's gonna be safe. Right? Look at the sword. The sword is your mental clarity. You're believes, your ideas, your truth. Anyway, you communicate here in the physical world. Now he doesn't run on the land. He kind of soars through the land. So that's why I say it's fast. Look at the trees. You see how they like, You know, when the wind comes, these guys are almost like Michael Jordan like, and they have Burti, right? So they're flying in their truth, they're flying in orbit. These birds here, these are like canaries. So it's that specialty writes that special idea. And because of that, you going think of like the town is quiet. I always think of this sleepy hollow. You know how, like how the town is all quiet. But then you get the horse that comes in or not The hot, Sleepy Hollow. Think about it. You're in the western world, right? Are you asleep? Your whole town is quiet. No one is there. Next thing you know, your team do you look outside your door and that's this guy rushing in. So that's he's confident what he knows. And the downside is you cannot. You cannot tell him his truth because he explained what he believes. All right, think about that. I want at the dinner table that aren't You can't persuade her cause she knows what she knows, right? He acts on it. So think about this. You're creating the love, whatever it is you want. This could be job, love, anything. In the physical reality you have information. This is the feeling you have, right? Say you want to take that cups. You have the feeling you have the knowledge that this is the feeling you want. How does he want to feel? He knows it, right? He goes and kids say he makes sure he gets a plan while he takes action on what he loves and makes it happen. He's to create a right he gets it, gets what he loves. This is you. Would you love, right? You get it. It's emerging together. But be careful because there may be an illusion of you guys being separate then because you you create what you love. You know that this is it. So this is like the heart, and this is the head. And he's creating the heart and head together. These are two major connoisseur, these at a big stories. But the path that we're on where this is the energy that you bring to the story so that the heart knows with the heart wants and you're creating for the heart, it's the heads job, then to get it. So that's your creating the love of your life. Okay, Still what that said, That is the video today. Uh, let me know if you have any questions and I'll see you all in the next video. I remember. If you want to connected hire you, you have to believe you because I believe you and I'll see you also, but 12. Creating Spreads Certified Tarot Online Class: going to Stephen and I have for you. You're, um I have video on spreads. Let us spread. Spreads are what really used to interpret the cards. So it's kind of like you reading a book, and you put the story together and you get the message to climb. So spreads very important because you can create your own spread. But if you don't want a creature on spread, there's a 1,000,000 of the spreads out there. So spreads just help you pretty much explain what's going on the energies right now. Me, I used a modified version of the Celtic Cross, and to me it just helps me because my spread helps me with the personal power of the now the present. So my whole spread is about the president, because that's how I read, write, read, to give you D energy of the present and what you do with that and how it helps you get what you need to go right. Using your emotions, empower men inspiration and motivation to get to where you need to go, right Using the energy, most readers will read the energy and tell you how to go for I will never do that for you because we have free will, right? And with spread that I used from the modified Celtic cross because the Celtic Cross will take forever. So I can't sit here and do, like, two hours, you know, trying to explain the energy. I want to do it as simple as possible, cause when you're doing a video, you want to get the message to your client and enough time, right? Also, you don't want to board the client because, you know, the client wants to come to get the message they wanted right away. Now I don't rush the message. I try to get it out as much as I can on die. Don't stop until it's done and you'll know what it has done. So with that, let's see, this is my mermaid cards. And here I have my sketch pad. So I created three different decks for us. Three different spread. Sorry, I'm talk about three different decks. Three different spreads. So this is what I have you You have six cards. This is what I call the single Spread causes pretty much five cards, but wanted on his NorCal card right now we talk about the Oracle cards in the video, and I just get one so we can have so I'll give a good example. This is, uh, reading card. So to rethink cards what I use when I have my life coaching session, it's like I'm therapist without prescribing disorders. So and I hope you go with then. So these are questions that help you think. Right, So this would be my oracle card if I wanted to use it. So how would we do that? The first card. Let me just put this to decide here. And I created this today, So just still knew this is what I'm reading. So we would dio two cards here, so I was shuffling. And this is how I shuffle. I take the car to separate them. And there's any message in between here. There's any card showing like see, here is the back of the deck, so that tells me no message. But if there is cards here, I will kind of read that to the client. Just kind of like a precursor, right? Because as you're shuffling like doing that and say, for instance, as you're shuffling, you get one that flies out right, and it falls out. Like I said before, I'll read that message. Right. So that's just how I read. You don't have to do that. But let's just say a shuffle, then. Usually I would take the first cloud. Always take from the bottom. Why do that? I don't know. And then I'll take another car here. So this is the president. Energy, right. The two cards, President Energy din. We're gonna have one for the past one for the piece of of ice and one but a future. And then we will have, say, like, your card. So this will be a spread that I will use for a client. And plus, you want to make your your, um you and make your spreads easy for you. Okay, so this is here. So number one. Let's see if I was to turn this over. I'm not gonna get the wall three. I'm just go through this one. Um I mean, I can't go through three. I think I should. So we got the night of swords, then we got the two of swords. These are for the president. Energy. So does the current energy. What? Your president energy is about So the night a sort. I would say this is about you having a truth, right, cause the night of sword swords our thoughts believes he rushes forward on Troop. He knows what he believes, and no one can stop right acting on what you know. Then you have the two of sorts. This would be for what this reading is about. So the whole reading would be about this, right? So this would be about making decisions, right? Being at a crossroad. Two sorts picking based on your intuition. Look, here's two guys fighting right in this deck, so it's always important to read your cards thoroughly. And I explained that out the videos because each car has different meanings, so they may speak to you differently. So this would be about OK, your dueling with yourselves. To see here is to see person and the, um, the human. They're fighting right down across room. Which one is gonna win which truth will prevail? It's like you don't know, right? Who's gonna win? Then you have here your past. Then you have your piece of advice. You can turn them over the face you want, and then you have your tower. Right? So this one here, past piece of advice, future. Then you have your oracle. So that's our reading started for 123456 Okay, so number one what is your parent present Energy tonight. A swords brushing in Have fast moving truth. What is this Reading about being at a crossroads, right? Which one will win, which which, uh truth will win. And I think about it like OK. Do you believe in the sea or do you believe in land Which one will win? It's like Dario, right? Fighting with yourself. Should I stay in to see you? Should I go online? Right Then you have here for the past. So this is the taking stock of where you're at, right? Where have you been? Through the tower has already the towers. The funny thing the towers ready are just about the devil has come, right? The not know Sorry. Sorry. That has come. Your mind is transformed. Now where are you at? This is where it saying okay Not have changed. Where do I go for me? What am I passionate about? What? Inspired? What? What gets me emotionally charged up right. Taking stock on where you are. That's the past. This is the piece of advice before, before this is the nine of swords. So the Niner swords is about anxiety. Fear. Right. Saying it's not as bad as you think. Then you get here the tower. So the tower is about the collapse. The tower is about when death has comment. Then you go to the temperance at the temperate tower. Comes in, knows death. The devil comes in to show you where you stop. Tower comes in the free. So you're gonna street from the tout. Uh, temperament, too. The tower. Ok, so now we will put this together, right? So I'm going through this again. Current energy does the energy you're bringing in the undercurrent. This is what this reading is about. This is where you were in the past. This is your pasta, does your piece of ice and this is your possible future. So if I was to read that together, I would say Okay, you have the new truth, right? You're you're you're coming in with this like identity disbelieved, you charging it from making a decision. And that's what I want to say you're making decisions. And why do I say that? Because towers here. So that tells me you are ready. The decision happened, the collapse happened. So now you're trying to um No. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Going ahead. I'm going ahead. This is the current energy. So this is what you're bringing in feed? This is old news to see. I'm learning Teoh with you. My new spread. So this is current energy what this reading is about, Right? So you have this new truth you're rushing in as, like I believe in ice cream. You find out about a new flavor of ice cream you like, um, say, for instance, they tell you there's a new flavor. Coffee. Ice cream has been on the market, but you're like, Oh, wow. I know that this coffee is coming in. I like this coffee. Just coffee is going to change my life. Whatever. Right then it's like, Okay, now you're gonna have to make a decision. You have this new coffee that you like, You know, you don't even have all the facts. You're just like I know what I know. Yeah, coffee is gonna be the best, but Then you had this old flavor that you're fighting against, right? It's like the old versus the new. Which one will you pay? That's what the whole reading is about. Which one would you pick? Because now you're like, Ooh, I have a new flavor. This is mine. I'm gonna get the past. Tells you what leads up to the situation because this comes in to say, OK, the car before this is death. So a transformation of the mind, right? Nothing is ever to saying something was die for something new to be born. So out of this, something that was being born. So pass right, you change. So now you're trying to figure out which one do you like the best? Ah, which one fires you up? This one right here is the fear and worry, right? Anxiety, Sleepless nights, the nine of sorts. Because look in that tent. And this mermaid is down here making all these noise. But that moment can't get up there. That mermaid can survive. So saying look is not as bad as you think. You have these fear and anxiety And could it be the fear of anxiety? Because now you're changing to. This is a piece of advice, right? It's san. All the stress about this, it's like, Oh, my God, I have this new flavor. So now I'm not gonna like what I like anymore. I'm not gonna like Napoleon anymore. I'm just gonna be going like, uh, I'm only going to like the coffee one. So which one do I like are You know, this says OK, well, maybe you I had a place where it's like, OK, well, maybe I could have a balance about this. Says you have to pay. You had to pick which one you like. Which one makes you feel good? This one says, Oh my God, it's worry and fear because now you have to pick which one you like. Can't be noble Balance. You gotta pick one. And this is what the anxiety is. Oh, my God. Maybe I'll never have Napoleon again. I only have coffee this year. Says the future. So what can happen it based on the actions you take, so are if you don't take a right because you're in a state of panic like Oh my God, I'm never gonna have that against I'm not going to choose. Which one do I do which want the tower comes in. This is to know. Now the universe is gonna make a major shakeup. So maybe now you may have in the polling in the refrigerator and say that Amanda Friesen say that ice cream now has freezer burn. Right? Say the new coffee flavor is intact, Still fresh, but the other one is like, Oh, my God, what am I gonna do with this at the door? The way now? Because the universe comes in and says, No, this is the one you're supposed to have is the one you're gonna like. This is best for you, my. Then you have the Oracle cards. The Oracle car would be like, Do you acknowledge strangers with the smile? Why? Why not? I mean, this is just one these rethink cards at play here, But normally I have, like, an article card kinda matching with that. Right? But if you want to tie that into here, you can't, um, are if you want to take this one, what constitutes a perfect day for you? Eating the coffee makes you feel good and you are able to be in a give you go, and I like how you can tie together. And then I always try to look at the bottom of the deck, which is the which card denied tentacles that I'd be like, Look, are you in this comfort zone and beating on Lee Napoleon? There's a whole world out there to exploit. Now it's time for you to eat the coffee and enjoy the coffee and take a chance. Because you've spent all this time, uh, getting Napoleon of working hard so you can get the Napoleon. Now go out and explore something. You. That's what this is. That's how I will read this. So I call it the single Spread because it's five cars was one work. How many minutes do we have? 30. Okay, so from there, let's try to get through. The other ones were quick, so the other spreads that have their pretty short. So I had to love me, spread so a lot of clients come in and they want about love. So I just did a quick spread. The other one was like a general energy. This one love right? You get a client one's love, Then I would say it's It's all shuffled. Then I would take one card here, One card next to it and one card here. Right? So how do we do this? Did not read the bottom. The harm it No articles here. So if I had these three cards say climb has come anyone enough. I love I do have other love spreads in the classroom, So check those out. So flip those over And let's just say here, what's the energy of the situation? So what you're bringing into the reading? I always like to have that what you're bringing into the reading. So in this situation that this is a love reading. There's a lot of fear and anxiety about this proceeding in this relationship because the nine of sorts future baseball, it is based on the future. What will happen? So that's what we have here is stress, right? But this is maybe saying okay before you had hurt pain with people, and then you decided that you wasn't one day anymore. But then maybe, you know, now you're in this place of like, everybody's gonna hurt me. Everyone's gonna treat me like this. Everyone's going to just and you know I'm never going to be able to date again are but a little, you know, I mean, whatever the anxiety do you develop, So that's what you're bringing in nine of sorts, but nines on completion tens are actually happen afterwards. Then here, this one is your piece of advice. What should you do to help your situation? So the nine tentacles, of course, obviously go out to explore because you're gonna have this anxiety. But how would you know? Unless you go out there and explore because you never know whatever happened had to get you to where you need to be in the future. You had to release this looks. He had this 10 of sorts. That person's being resurrected into someone new. So I would tell me if I'm reading for someone, I would just say, Yeah, I know you got a lot of fear and anxiety about going out there and and exploring new this new territory about dating and thinking people gonna hurt you based on what happened. But it's not gonna happen again because you've learned a life. That's how I was saying love spring, right. That money spread, we usually get clients who come in and they want money or career. So let's just say I'm doing a career reading. So from there with career reading first card, I would get bottom desires. Did not take from the top. I'm sorry. What's blocking you then? I have here. Fix says and then in Oracle card. Okay. See, you tried to make him short as possible. When you do general energy, you get more Just because you go deeper into it. So desires, right? What, so at the bottom here, So obviously, just seven tentacles. Are you willing to fight for this thing? You You want you you bring up about inside this job that you have. Whatever. Right? Are you ready to go for it now and create continue to create? Are you willing to do for That's the overall energy was then here. It was a yes, a lot of anxiety. Right, Because if you look at this person, then a new territory, right? They don't know what's gonna happen with those Murphy, but it may be welcoming them are They may be, like, ready to fight. So this could be you. Maybe you're in a new job. Maybe you're like, Oh, my God. would have the old place, you know, fear about, like, not not fear. But maybe it's like you're starting a new job today, right? And as I got My God, what if I don't do good? What? Well, what if this doesn't happen to me? It sure wants and needs of your situation to what's blocking you. So you got here the night of want does it actually became So the king as someone was a risk taker, right? He goes out there and dozens. So maybe you're having anxiety about now starting your own business. But what's stopping you from getting what you want to King? Passion may be impractical going out there taking a rest, then Number three, what can you do to help your situation? Here it goes. This is the higher offense. So she's the teacher. She's d rules the way things are traditions, right? So it's like, OK, maybe you need to take a risk to get out of these traditions. On the way. You've been doing things, maybe want to start a new business and new business model. I mean, the businesses set up the way that you know you are a safer and you're taking over your father's business, and your father did it a certain type of way. And now you know that in order to be successful, you have to take a risk, right? And that was blocking because your skin that No. What if I change it up? My customers won't come back. Do I keep doing things the same and do it, Do it different and write my own story. Look at she's were kind of ready home story, right? And Denver, man, I will read my oracle card. So this share one social issue that matters to you, what? And then we will put that you going out of business not having enough, uh, profit for entrepreneurs. You know, I'm just throwing out the top of my head and then see what the overall energy are you willing to fight for this day? You see, I work together to energies and see. Look, I'm doing this, and I'm kind of getting message, right, So just be open to the messages that you get because you will get messages. So those are you spread and I'll see you back in a classroom by 13. Card Combinations Five's Major Tarot Cards of Change : Hi, everyone. This is Steven Lamar Cord and I wanted to bring to your video. So this is the five cards of the major Connor, right? So with these five cars, when you get these D's talk about real big change So I wanted to talk about them and let you know what they mean. You should probably already know, because I've discussed them before. But whenever you get these in the reading, these are definitely going to signify change. So the will of fortune that will a fortune is pretty much coming in right As fate free fate is turning to bring you opportunities. So what you gonna do? You gonna take those opportunities and turn it into your destiny? Because that's what fate is. Fate is your destiny, right? The universe is giving you this plan, so giving this opportunity so you can go ahead and create what you need in this second part of life. Because the will comes at number 10 which is the first part of life. So you get from 1 to 10 and in 11 to 21 and you could take zero fool as beginning are you could take him as the end. So this right here pretty much is the end of the first cycle and then you go to the second cycle. So what's the first Secretary of the magician? You have the hi piece digit emperor issue of the Emperor. You have higher offend. You have lovers, you have chariot, you have strength. Then you have the hermit and then you have the will of fortune. So this right here is just saying When this comes in, your person is getting a major shakeup. So opportunity is finally bringing them what they need. Because right before that Dee Herman. So in Hermit, you're getting empowered by your situation. So that way you can get the courage to go out there and create a new life and think about the will of fortune. It's 10 which is 10 So it starts again, right? So that is one in the same vein as the magician, which is one. So it's like, What are you going to do to create it? Because now you have opportunity that's coming where the magician is like, you have everything at your disposal to create the life you want. Then you get death, right? So that comes in. And that is a thing of the season. Like the order that they will come. So you would get deaf depth. We talked about this before. Which is that deep change? Right? That d change of the mind is that big transformation of the mind where it's like, OK, you are getting a new way of thinking. It's like you are being rebirth in your thoughts, right? So the way that you think you're not gonna think the same and you can't outrun death When death comes, it comes, right. So it's like, OK, people used to get scared of that. But look, some of these people here in this card, they're welcoming it, right, because they know that death has to come in order for them to change. And I love this because death is pretty much that place of life. Okay, whatever you were doing in your life, yeah, you may think you're invincible when death cons, You know that is changing, right? So if a person gets the death card No, I didn't, you know, die literally. But at the same time, this is deep transformation of the mind. It was like that deep subconscious. Deep conscious. This is a real big change. Then you get the tower. So the tower just comes in, frees you of everything, right. Frees you of the depth. So the devil is that illusion, right? What has hold on you and it's addiction called dependency is anything that you feel that you love, and you just become obsessed with it. So this comes end to just free you of that. And when the tower comes, you know, it's a major shift in that person's life. So it's like the dark knight it is. So will you be free of all of the, um, the egos, the eagle mind? I mean, that could be death Tuesday kind are the same, but death is more of like that conscious subconscious mind. This is like a physical change where, like you're stripped of everything you're like, Oh, I'm not thinking the same. And it's like you are, like, changed our major changes. Coming as a big shakeup in your life judgment is pretty much the second chance to do things again. Right? So you're getting forgiveness, making atonement What, Uh, the past? You are pretty much getting a second chance toe do what you need to do. It's like you are now at this place. Where you been Through the dark night of the soul. So what you gonna do now that you have this chance to come back and do it again, right? It's a deep rebirth. It's pretty much where you have been at this place of like, Okay, I'm regenerated. Have come out the lava. Now I'm growing something really, really great. And that's what this is here in a sweet music. And Arcanjo Gabriel is coming in to say, Look, here is the horn. This is the music of what you're meant to do, right? Because we come in and we think we know we're going to do. But on a soul level that says now, you know you have an opportunity to do it again. What are you gonna do with that opportunity? Then you had the world. So this is success. This is Completions District. Um, you have that lamp ascent, which is that infinite blessings because you're blessed twice. And not only that, this is a reefer success, right? So what? That comes you doing a victory dance? Because it's like lessons are learned Now you have completed the cycle. You're ready to start something new. You have created everything, right? You got that magician One right there. Now, this is saying Look yes, you're vulnerable to a new beginning. You're ready for this fresh start. Everything you needed to learn. You've learned you are. This could be like OK, well, you been through some shit. And now you're really getting the success that you need it because you have endured every test that you needed to in order to get this success. And now it's saying face saying, Look, you're ready for this. You're ready for this blessing. And that's what these cards are there major shakeups to our life path. And that's why I love him. So hopefully that helped you. And I am so excited that I got a chance to teach you some card combinations this week and next week we'll be back to spreads. So, um, thank you. And I will see you all for another round of videos. And if you want to connect to hire, you start believing in you because I believe and I'll see you also 14. Card Combinations For The Tarot Aces & Two’s Stevie's Oracle Readings: everyone. This is Stephen LaValle record on, and I wanted to bring to you a video that I'm really excited to do. It's a Siri's that I'm gonna do here in this group, and I may put it on YouTube later, and that may make it a part of my course. But it's something I really love doing and talking about, and it's de combinations of the terror. And I wanted to do this for a long time, because one I love the terror and a lot of people go. Stephen, why do you love the terror while I love the Tero? Because it helps you to see that big life path that we're on. It helps you to really know what you value. It helps you to see who you really are and how you love yourself, how you relate to others, how you communicate with others and how far you've come in your life. And it really helps you to think. And I had a client this morning Around 3:30 a.m. I. I woke up and I got an email from a guy who needed help. Now he's that he didn't have any money, so he wanted to get a reading. And of course, you got a lot of people want free readings right now. I love doing readings. So, you know, once in a while I'll throw people bone. And if it's something I really feel that needs my immediate attention off, Phil resonated to give a free reading. I will. So I told him, you know, donate. And if you donate whatever you can, I'll give you two reading. Why do I say that? I say donate because that lets me know how really serious you are about getting the information. Because if you're saying, oh, well, I can't donate, then that tells me that you just want freebie. But if you are actively putting in your hard earned money, whatever amount you choose and is coming from your heart, then I know you're gonna take in the information more right, cause I never want to waste my time and I as a reader, that's very important to me that I do not waste my time, that I actually get these messages out there to people and that I actually, um, helped to inspire now what? That I had a reading with the person and I don't want to tell his business, but he was someone who wanted me to tell him what to do with his life. And whenever I see people want me to tell them what to do with their lives, I kind of back up a little bit. And when someone really wants you to give them the future, think about it. Why do they want the future? They want the future because they're scared to face the situation at there em right now they are in a tough, challenging spot where it's like they feel all the options are gone. But really, that's when you don't need a future prediction, because that's when you really need to pull with them everything. You have to change your situation. So during that reading, I told him, I'm not Give me your future prediction. I want to give you what you need the here and now what you want to hear, and I think he wanted me to tell him what he wanted to hear. But I don't do that because I don't use the Tero just to tell you your future, because then that takes your power away. The power is in a choice and decisions you make for the best possible life here while you're incarnated. Now I really left that reading feeling like, Wow, Steven, this is which we love to do. Um, this is who you're meant to be. You're meant to be someone who inspires. And if I inspired through the Tero now that reading I didn't need the cards And I've been getting a lot of those lately, so kind of my readings that has been changing, but I'm happy on the path that I'm going on. But I could still use to Terrel as a a chance to really help people come to terms with their situation. So with that was a long one. I want to talk about some of the combinations now. Each day I may come up with a different video so that we can explore all of the terror from the beginning to the end. And I'm going to go from the aces, which are the beginning. We'll start technically with the fool's journey, which is considered as a friend. Set of mind. It's the Alfa and Omega. So it's the beginning are the right now. I think I've covered the full many times here on this channel on his group. Whatever. You may see this video and you to me skill share where you may see this. The fool is all about the journey. It's all about the risk that you take right It's to start you journey where you don't have any tools. No, not Then look as she is standing on a cliff now, normally in a right away. Dag is young looking person who has does wand in the did knapsack and you know, the feather and hat. And he has his backup with Rose. He or she depending why you want to look at it And this crystal vision deck. I love this debt because I love the fantasy are about it because it really kind of taps into the emotion of the card. Now look here. You have a lady here on the cliff, you see those butterflies? Normally it has like a dog or someone with the fool who is foolish to the journey. Now, you know, it's a foolish in a bad way, like, Oh, he's such an idiot. It's almost like, No, he has a clean slate. He's going forward. He doesn't know what he's going, but he's ready for a journey of a lifetime. So I'm going to save this to the very end and I'm going to start with the aces and then I'm gonna start with tubes. Um, I'm gonna put those two together. And then from there we will go to the threes 456 all the way to the Kings and then to the full. Now I'm gonna mix up the Major Khanna with the minor. The major Khanna people want to know is the Major Lightpath were run from the fool's journey all the way to the world where he learns where she learns the lessons. And then you go, you know, we got with any do that. So let's start off with the pieces now what it aces. The aces are the beginnings, right? It's a gift from God. Now if you see the normal right away that you see a hand and hand usually has something in it like pentacle sword, a wand, A cup. Now what are These? Are the beginnings at the sweet. So you have the pentacle. It's to dream right as deceit. Your planting. It's anything here in the physical world that you're trying to grow its to dream is the houses, the cars. Stability is the relationship is anything you think of here. That's what you're trying to grow. So look at this. I love the pentacle, Zell's because one you see here how it's a tree. So it's talk about it's the start. It's the beginning. You're getting this gift. What do you want to plant now? Inside of there is a star is a pentagram right now. Five point pentagram, which is spirit Earth, air, water, fire. So it's all of the elements mix of spirit to grow what you want. So having fade and then having your emotions, having your thoughts, having your creation and also having your what is the other one. The passion, I think I said, all of them Earth here while the fit to build in the physical right. So that's the earth. Passion is the fire. Water is the cops, and thoughts are the air four elements plus spirituality having faith. And I love Kristen. So that's why I love these dis deck to. So it's the beginning. The East now technically Destin magician. But I've discussed that so many times. I'm just going to put that to the side. We already know what magician is. I've even done videos on that, so I'm not gonna go into that. Do you get these two cubs? It is. What do you love now? When you see a cop, it's almost like what? Those Your cup. Emotionally. What makes you happy now? Cups is your relationships. It's your intuition. Spirituality. For some people, it's that internal feeling inside of you that really makes you feel complete. So people say my cup is full. Some people say my cup runneth over. That's when you overflowed with the motion. That's when you're overflowed with your. That's when you're overflowed with passion. Now cups. Think of that. Aces. New beginnings in love. I always think this is love now. It doesn't have to be romantic love. This could be any kind of relationships of the heart. My some of the biggest relationships I have right now. It's outside of romantic, because those people that's close to my heart and you had the east of swords. So the ace of swords is the ideas is communication. It's how you believe what you believe. It's anything that you can slice through the bullshit. That's how I think it is. Card and I love each one of these, cause somebody's have butterflies and somebody's have dragons. And I love that some. The cups have lotus flowers in here cause it's like, What do you blooming in love? Here is the swords, which is about transformation. Think about your mind. You transform your mind. Look, I that sore comes in whenever I get this sort. I always think of King author and the Sword in the Stone. How King Arthur was the only one who could let the sword from heaven disorder, truth and easy yellow and I knows how to use it. And it's funny. It's watching the sword in the stone this weekend, the whole 1963 cartoon, which has love. And every time I watch it, I see something different. And, um, the aces and ones the East of wants like that are driving this day. That's the passion. That's what fires you up, as would you want to go four and manifest here. In the physical world, passion can be your heart as well, and your thoughts mixed together because is what you believe in your heart that you want to go for. I didn't get a dragon. This fire. It's Dr Now think about this. You have four plus four. That's eight eight plus eight. What's that? Sorry. Apparently I can't go. Ace, Ace, Ace Ace. What is that? Four. What is four numerology? Four is number of stability. It's harmony. It's when you are at a place where you're ready to build a new structure. You ready to build the new foundation? I think of all these cars together. You're building a new foundation force. Think about that. You're building a new dream. You're building new love, your building on new love or you're welcoming. You love your welcoming, new ideas and you're welcoming new creation. That's the magician. The magician has all of these tools at his disposal. What he's ready to create, and he's confident that he can go forward. Think about that if you have eight Ace ace ace in East as 55 is the number of change. Four is the number of stability is when you come to that place of okay, I can build the new structure. Five is the action that moves it. It's to change the agent of change. Now that magician is one number one in a major economy. This is when you're ready to build because you have all the tools inside of you now to create any new reality you want. Do you see how that works? That's why I love the aces. Now let's talk about the twos. The two of swords, The two swords is when you start off with that one ace, the sword. But you have to troops, right? It's indecision. It's when you start off believing something. But then something else comes in and both photos are coming in at the same time. You're like, Oh my God, this is heavy. So think about like if I'm working at a job, uh, marketing company and I've always identified with being a marketer, it's always what I want it right. It's always how it communicated is always how I identified with. But now all this. Suddenly I had this new truth that comes in that and nowhere where I want to be an artist, right? So that's two truce you're fighting with, and that's when it becomes so heavy because it's like the output on my time into the marketing do up all my time into the, um, the artistry when they're both calling you mentally and it's that struggle of which direction do I go in? Because I've always identified with this part of me. But now I have this whole new opportunities. Whole new road. So do I go into the road of the unknown and you won't be able to make a choice until you put down one. It'll sores. And that's when you could remove the blindfold. But until then, you want to keep doing that balance and heavy act, and that's why she can't see now. I think about this. You have the two of tentacles. It's when you start off with the dream dead. You get a chance to wait a pros and contradictory. Where do you want to take this? This is my dream. Could be you having another dream and you're balancing bow. It's when opportunity comes in and you're like, OK, well, how can I make this work? Okay, maybe I can do this. Maybe I could do that, and it's just like weighing you, and it's so happy you're doing a balance in that. It's like Wait a pros and the cons. Which one do I going now? When you put down one of those pinnacles, you're able to commit to that one. Now, you may have a hobby. Say you love crow shank, but you also love, uh, so way I'm just saying that to and it's like Okay, well, crow, Shannan takes all your time. It's your 95. But then you have this passion for, um what is it? So But then you try to find enough time in the day to get so again, buddy, and you're so tired. And then it's like you do that through the whole week and it's like you never get the fully put both equal time because you're trying to juggle boat. Maybe you're cutting into your crow. She any time because you couldn't find time with the sewing Because you were so tired is when it becomes so heavy your dreams that you end up doing this balance and that some people are fine with that, but is about weighing the pros and the cons, juggling too many options. We have two major kinds. We'll talk about that doing that. The two of cops. Now, this is when you love yourself and when you love yourself and you love yourself unconditionally, that's when you're inviting someone in that comes in the matches. Your cop. Now you see here they're pulling into your to each other's cup equally because when you know yourself fully now what itself? Law, That's when you really care for yourself. You put yours out first. You have those boundaries in place, and people may think it's selfish, but it's not. It's when you love yourself enough to know. Look, I am who I am, and I'm gonna do what I need to do in order to fulfill myself and be myself 100%. And that's when New love comes in. That isn't love doesn't have to be romantic. This could be friendship. Is could be worked. Partnership. It could be any kind of matters of the heart. It comes in and says OK as he had his person behaves and I behaved like that. I'm a go. We'll see with this person's about. I would think of this is like you're manifesting your love because when you're 100% yourself, that's when the new person to come in for a situation. I think about that when you love something, that's when you show up 100% and you give it your all. But it's the option of the two people if they want to be together. Although t shared Imagine cops. You may be in a relationship with someone, and that person may have the same She full cup as you. But it's the choice. But that the person being with you are you being without the person. So is two hearts have to connect them flow. But you follow your intuition and that's how you know it's a match cup. Look at that full moon and then you get here due to a once. So this is when you have a new passion you started with. That is one. What do you want to create? What do you inspired by? But, Dan, it's like, Okay, let me take this in a whole new different direction. Let me go into the unknown with this day. Let me go out there on a pad that I've never been on before. It's when you have the world at your hands and you can just say, OK, I'm going with this duster to of want. It's the passion that leads you into the unknown. So think about that. You got two plus two plus two plus two was that four plus fourth as 88 is the number of change. Eight is the number of success. So when you pick a new truth that's gonna lead you to successful now success doesn't always have to be material things. Successes when you have a full balanced life to upend cause you pick one of those one of those tentacles that's going to something you commit to that's gonna bring you long term. Happiness is the big dream. Two of cups is when you love yourself. You love yourself enough that others will come in and match your cup to want. Think about this. You started full creation. You start off with an idea, but you're like OK, I'm taking in a different direction. That's how major ideas air created. Think about that as eight number of change. But then we have that now. These are what you bring to the story. Mine are Khanna Now you had the Major Khanna, the two, which is judgment. This is when you have been through loss you have been to pain you have been doing. Everything is when you get a second chance at life, because think this 2020 reduces to two. So that's why I'm putting it with the twos, because that's when you can turn your back on the past and go forward for what your heart really wants. Think about that. That's changed. Then you get the to which is the high Priestess. Now, this is when you get those hit and your intuition thistles. When you get those hits in your dreams, she is the hold of a theory of knowledge, and she gives you that knowledge when you're ready for it. She only gives it to you if you were the She comes in and says, You know what you know and I want to communicate with you through your doors, your business, your dreams, your intuition is your gut feeling. Think about all of it that you've got filling to move. Turn your back when it has to make amends with the past. If you give yourself that your gut feeling to choose the right sword is you've got Philip to choose the right dream that you've got filling to choose the right person that comes into your life are the relationships are the situation and Mr Got filling to take your creation in a new direction. So think about that. Two plus two. Was that 2468 10 12? That's 12 1 plus two is three. So this is a new beginning. That's how I bring together the energies. Now think about 13. What is 13 in a major economy? 13 is that is a major transformation of the mind. I'm sorry death is 13 but this is 12 which is three. See? I can't count. So 2468 10 12. What's that? One plus two days? Three. Three is the card that comes out to this with just the emperor's, which means that you take time toe, put yourself into your dream. It's saying that every season has a chance to grow its when you know about, uh, abundant spurge e spiritually, financially, emotionally. I don't know why I felt like I need to say 13. I don't know some reason why I said 13. I don't know why. If you think of 13 actually, this is that energy here because one plus three is four. It's when you go through that deep change, you're ready for a new beginning. So you think about this. This is high Priestess. Energy is when you show up and you are inspired by what you love and you will give it your all big meeting. Big big reading here. So five. And once this five and three does eight change change, new beginnings and how you show up. So that's just how I think of the tarot and easy. Just some card combination. Sorry, I messed up there with some of the counting, but this is how I go on a deeper level and some of them have. You know, you can really take these and go deep. You don't just have to use what I tell you, but this is just some examples of how I use this energy. So with that said, I am going to end up there and I'll bring in at the video where we can go into the threes and fours. So I will see you all in the next video. And if you want to connect to the higher you, now is the time of believing because I believe in you and I'll see your next video by 15. The Magical Number #'1s in the Tarot Stevie's Oracle Readings: Hi. Everyone does Stephen of our cord. And I wanted to bring to you your tarot video for the week. Now, these are some of the cars that have been seeing a lot lately. And I felt like it was important to talk about them. So we have the magician now. You know, the magician is the men fester. He is Dement. He's the master manifest. Er manifestation looking knows how to channel that energy down below. As above, um, I need a manicure. And look, he has any potential for any new beginning. He wants, right? He creates. He he I call it the Dazzling The Tree of life. He grows. He uses intelligence, his success, everything he's been through. He channels that his he listens to himself and goes out that he's a charmer. He's Mercury. He's he's communication. He knows himself. He speaks his true Think of a wizard. A very powerful because they know knowledge, right? They have wisdom, spouse and shit. So, as a magician, yeah. You powerful. You can create any world you want. That's how powerful you are. Then from there. So that's number one. See? Number one. You know your room number one room world. If I can't even say it, see the magician? Number one. That's the first major economist major in the secrets to hear the 10 which is the wheel of fortune. So opportunity, expansion, Jupiter, right? This is when opportunities air circling to you because of what you've been through a scene that you have the strength, Asadi, all the answers, everything you need, all the wisdom, all the information, because think about the car before this is denying. Sorry is the hermit. So on the hermit card, no one is there. But that hermit, the powerful nutrition who knows that every answer he has is inside him. So when he realizes that that's one will, a fortune comes opportunity. It's a spending will fortune, but the fortune isn't always just material. The fortune is the price tag on the wing knowledge, strength, your determination. There's no price tag on that. That's fortune that's worth a lot. Think about that. So you go from this the master manifest er, to creating your own opportunities, and especially with the life we live in Now I heard this quote. Children of the future don't know their jobs that they can have yet think about that. We can create any reality. We've want any new potential for any new beginning. First cycle. Then this is after you bent. Do some shape at do you learn about faith? Call us the learning stage cause you come out strong. Then you learn about, um, the high Priestess. You learn about intuition. You learn about the Empress fertility abundance. Then you learn about the emperor how to be a leader, how to take charge from the higher of faith in yourself. Then what the, um what is next to lovers? You pick what you love. Then after that seven, you go on a chariot forward, then eight, you have the strength to overcome any obstacles in your way. You got that tiger that raw. Then, from there you go to the hermit. You realize that nothing outside of you is gonna come. You have the answers for everything in your life. Then from near you get judgment. Now what judgment technically is too right? It's too. So could you take two plus zero? That's to nobody rising up right. The Phoenix rising from the ashes. Bernie getting a new life northeast. Southwest. Here in the music of your heart getting your strength, creativity, getting your love, Everything you need because you have a second chance. Now could you meet the judgment call to go forward? And if you think about this, if you take one and one What is that? People? Hold on. What does that here goes. Justice, Justice. Justice. Oh, come on, light. Don't do this right now. Come on. So, justice, What is justice? It's when you make that judgment call. So at the Guindos opportunities at the realizing that everything you have in life that you started out wanting now you have a chance to really change. So you make the judge the judgment call at UC opportunities. I'm a go for strong in my decision. I have my truth. I know it. I'm balanced. I'm strong. I make fair decisions. That's one part of life right together. If you want to take him as 11 but then a reduced down toe one. So all comes back toe having the information to create your own destiny. And we look at the they all talk about going forward opportunities and having a second chance. Look, magician, you start out powerful. You create the life here. Opportunities, right? That's that that you've been through some, um, some craziness, some disappointments. Look a new best. A right. He doesn't appear in this car from nothing. He's the god of the underworld. So he's there because there's been a rebirth, right? Well, not. It's like a small, tiny rebirth, because when you go on, that's when you really when you make that decision to go on for the opportunities who that's when you get that rebirth. Okay, that's when you see things clearly and you see why you're doing stuff. Why you're going for why you had these relationships. What are you trying to create from them? What opportunities? And President, What decision needs to be made right now? And what do you want toe have healing on? What do you want forgiveness on They all tying together. They all link up one another. When you reduce this, that becomes one, which comes to magician having the knowledge to make fair decisions, having the power to make decisions. Opportunity will afford him one justice one when opportunities that you have to make the judgment call to go for it, having feet than trust justice that reduces to right. It's a decision. A choice judgment reduces to a choice. A decision there has to be made. Stay here and do the same shit and get hurt. Go forward. Having forgiveness, ready for that chapter. Read through. And if you take all of that. And you, Adam, All to God, the 1234 What does that lead you back? The emperor, That emperor. We are all powerful. He's strong. He's determined he's someone was powerful as the world on his hand. He has faith in the South. He charters for his the warrior. He's trend. He has wisdom. He is everything that prepared him the battle. He's ready at any time. He doesn't send his arm. He goes in there with the Army. I always think of him as the guy, um, unloaded the rings. The Return of the King. Look at that Aires here, he charges for he's a believer in himself. His truth that's true. Shuns forward. He knows what his love is worth. He's intuitive. He's all the king's together. That's him. He's the master of his mind. He's the master of creating. He's the master of his emotions. He's the master of his passions. And that's why you go forward. That's why you go through all of this shit here. So you can get to this place wholeness, knowing yourself, powerful knowledge is power. So that is the video this week. I could go on. And I really like this so we can talk about this another time, and I will speak to you very soon. And if you want to connect to the higher you now is the time of believing you Because I believe in you. And I'll see you, sir, but 16. Card Combinations For The Tarot Three’s & Fours Stevie's Oracle Readings: everyone. This is Stephen Lumbar Cord, and I wanted to bring to you video number two on the card combinations. So what do we have today? We have the three of want so, well, the threes and fours. So let's think. Let's talk about what each one does. We have the threes, which are the activity. So you start off with the new beginning for us, like the aces. Then the two is the direction in which you're gonna go. It's division is the plan threes or the activity at the You take that direction. So say, for instance, toe ace. A pentacle is right. Penda goals are what we're trying to grow in physical. It's, um, dreams, the house, the cars. It's our relationships. That's a physical stability. It's a security. And think about it. You get the ace, which is to new seed, then to is which option should you take? Right? It's weighing the pros and the cons. OK, I have the seed. Should I do it this way? I should I do it this way. So you're kind of in that indecisive. So you kind of like juggling ideas and then three is like all right, Now it's time to take action on what we know is going to bring us the value in that pentacle. Think about the wants the ace wants is the new spark that new ideas to new creativity Then twos is which direction as we're gonna take this And so we can take it in a safe way that we know or its new ideas. So won't we taken in a different direction, then freezes? The action is about you put in the work and based on work that you put in, you know that you're going to get that back. Okay, so let's talk about the other ones disorder. You have one sword. So it are communication. I believes ideas, and it's not true for its to clarity. Twos are the indecision because then you have two truths. Which way to go is to cross wrote threes would be the, um, heartbreak from not being able to make a decision. It's the wounds from the past. It's when the heart has healed. But you still have those three swords. Let them here, right? It's the stories of my childhood growing up. You know, that could be surface or anything that happens that contribute you. And let's talk about the so we talk about the ones, the cops. Right. So you get one cup is what do you love then? Two cups is something that comes in matches Your cup now doesn't have to be physical, romantic love. It could be relationships, partnerships and work. It could be anything that matches you up in the heart Space and threes would be the celebrations from that union. Okay, so let's talk about these threes. So here on this debt and I'm using a crystal vision that for this these lessons. So just so you can see the fantasy art cause I love fantasy are And this deck by Jennifer Galasso is really awesome. So I figure, I mean, but the mic closer, um, I figure out we use this because it's really one of those decks that kind of show what the energy is. Now, if you look here at this deck, you will see that there is, um ah, girl here. And she's waiting. She has the ones, right? So she started off with creativity. Then it was okay. Which direction do I go in now? Look. Based on passion, the fire. And that's what ones are. It's the fire is the action that you put into something. Look over the mountain top, right? You see, the sun is coming up. So a new dawn is coming or normally, and it right away deck. It would be the guys down in there and the ships that either coming in or leaving out. But that person knows that the ships are going to come back, right? Whatever they put work in, it's going to go out there and then come back. So I love this because she has a crystal ball. So she sees no one. She sees pretty much of you and think of the crystal ball as the energy of seeing into the future, the future foretelling, You know, the series of events that's gonna happen now. She has that crystal ball. So is the vision of knowing that everything she put her fire into in her courage, her strength, she's going to get that back. And that's why I love this car. Toasty activity, threes, always the activity of what turns the the direction you're going. Then you get these three swords here, right? And I love this debt because normally and right away deck, you'll see a big heart and three swords appear stent. Now you see this deck here? I love this because look, this lady is coming to this graveside. Now, look here. The clouds of clearing that bright, these crows of leaving and there's a Was this a tomb, right? And his roses. Right. So that's passion coming up. I always think of Rose's passion love. Even so, she's coming to this grave to mourn the loss of the old her Because I always think of the death card right, which is that deep transformation. Now I think she has that heart with those three. So it's still prayer Stennett. So whenever she comes here that's dead and gone, when it's going, it's going. You can't communicate it, right? But maybe she's coming to mourn. Think about when you have someone in your life who brings you strife, right? A grief. Yeah. You're gonna mourn that there if it's a love one, right? If they were a terrible person, you're gonna mourn that person because that person is gone. Now, I forgot to turn on the mic, so let me just I always do that So, um, you're gonna mourn that person because that person is going. But at the same time, she's gonna come back to that grave and still remember what happened, right? So although she's forgiven, the person are even that. Maybe she's just coming and saying, OK, goodbye. Look, she's throwing those roses there, which means she's been here before, But every time she comes, it's almost like it triggers her. So why did she come and keep coming back? Because maybe she wanted get rid of what happened. But it's so hard because every time she comes back, it's like, Yeah, I love this person, but it's just my heart has grown with the swords in here, and it's like you can't police sort out. She can eventually in the four of swords. But now it's just things that's going to trigger her every time she's coming there. She's going to remember with the pain that she had, although she's moved on, but she still comes back right because think of that love one that loved 1 may have been it . Asshole assumes that love one leaves here. You're gonna miss them cause you can't see them no more. But you're still going to remember what happened for an example. My father was an asshole, right? My father is gone. My father going. I can't told him again. But I've mourn his death, right? I got over it. But whenever I think about it, I always had the pain that he caused me some time. And, you know, forgiveness is letting go. But sometime when you come back, it could be something that triggers you. Like I was thinking this situation with my brother, my father had another child, but never brought me my brother close to each other. So whenever I think of me and my brother and I tried to reach out, my brother just doesn't really want to have a relationship with me. It's like those memories come back cause it's like them. Why did my father, like, bring us together? So it's that kind of energy. So these other threes, three of ones. And so it's communication, right? So it's the thoughts that come back that pierce your heart even though it's healed. Every time she come back to a situation that gravesite, it's like Oh, another you that pain is jarring. Then you get the three. Penta goes right. So once you get that new seed like I said, then you wait a pros and cons. And then now it's about partnership toe grow. What you want are I always think of the three Pentacle is as mind, body and spirit. The heart knows what the head knows what it wants. The body does it. And then the faith is there, right, the spiritual side of growing what you want. And I always think of taking action on what you know, our this could be bringing in help to get your dream because she's building that thing. But he's there to help her, and they both looked like they're both in tow it right? They're working as a team. What is he doing? He's probably getting the glue together to plant that pentacle on the tree. That sort of energy. So it's moving along based on what action you want to take to get your dream. Get your stability. What are you going to do to make it happen? Fours. Oh, okay. I get to meet your Khanna. So then you got the three of cops, Not three of cops. Look, this is that celebration This is when you know, right that full moon, that's the beginning of something new. This is emotional support cups are love relationships, heart space. So if you got three people, they had three cups. They all have equally matched cups. So they all come together to celebrate the union of them, knowing what they love because think of that is a cup. Why do you love? They all know what they love. So they able to come together and match their cup and celebrate that they found their tribe . They found that people who understand up they found emotional support. This could even be spirit. Choose support threes is Thea Shin of now Wait your heart space united what people who understand you Because the 1st 1 is knowing what you love to is going in the direction of bringing in what you love. And then it's the choice of the two people what they want to be in that situation. But these three people now want to be in the situation. So it's moving it along now that you found your people how to go forward in life are your spirituality are your emotional state. And then now with the major Khanna these now these are the things that you bring to the story. These are the minor Khanna. So these are the energy of what you bring to the story. They're changeable. The major Khanna is the major Lightpath So the emperor's she's the mother. She gives birth to the idea She knows that is going to take time for the idea to come through to manifest. And then when it comes through she puts in the work to make sure she shows up every day to make sure that that dream is nourished. That that dream has the passion behind it. She's ruled by Venus, right? Which is the planet of love. Eso transformation, right? You may start off being so low independent all about you. But And now you have something else that you gotta work for. Think about a baby. She gives birth to that baby. She gotta show up every day. She got to make sure that that baby it's well fed well taken care of. So congrats into something amazing Three I always think of three as new beginnings. So think about this New beginnings, new passions Because you put in the work and you know it's coming back. So it's like, OK, what can I do while I notice is coming back? Think of the ones acted out, which we're going to talk about. So you see how the story comes together. So you have the mother Empress number three. This is the major life path. The full on the fool's journey meets the mother. He meets love. He meets support, he meets care. And then I always think of the world right. One plus do is three. This is when you learn successful, um, lessons. Right now, she's sitting on top of the world. She's meditating, which means she's at peace. There's a butterfly of reefs, right, which is transformation success. It's a lotus flower, which the world is blooming out of. This is when you learned everything every lesson you need. So now you can go on to a new journey and think of one plus two. It has three. The world Now the world is technically the last, Carter two Major Khanna, but then at the debt, which is the full. So it's when your whole and complete and you could start over. But three technically, which is science there, 21 technically is the last. Carter, The major Khanna by two plus one is three new beginnings. So you see how here it's all about new beginnings, learning lessons going forward now then, when you get to this place, so think of the ones now It's like, OK, I know what action I need to take going forward here. It's the wounded past, but it's removing the wounds of the past three pinnacles. I know what actually need to take based on my dream three of cups, which is now I have emotional support now have happiness now have celebrations for unions. Um, I just always think of support, spiritual support, mental support. And then from there you come into the Fords, so I'm just gonna put the Fords on top. Talk about that. So let's start with the ones after you known that your your ships are gonna come in, right? Cause she looks they're not think of your ship. So what do your ships? It's the happiness. So to speak of what you think is going to be there when you're waiting out to sea on the dock and you know that your ship is going to bring you to precious cargo. That's kind of what that means. Or if I'm waiting at the airport, I know that my package is going to be our time waiting for the mail. I know my package is gonna be delivered. I think about that. If you're amazon dot com right, and you're going to go on here, you're gonna pick the product that you want, right? So think about your dream. This is what I want. This is gonna make me happy. You put in the work to get the shipment, and then you know that the shipment is going to come, you know? You see it, you foresee it, you know it's going to come. You expect it. But this card says you only get what you put the work in Fort. So if you go on Amazon and say you want to get the crystal vision deck, you're not going to get the crystal vision that plus, um, on Oracle deck with it, you're gonna have the order in Oracle Deck as well as this so you can get bought. This is not like okay, I'm just going to sit here and not go on Amazon expects a package to show up. That's kind of what this is saying. So then once you get there and you put in action and you get back what you put the action on, that's when you get the four ones. So see, right here his ship has come in. Look, his wife, his beautiful girlfriend, that he's manifesto has come in. This is when you build that structure. This is when you commit to it. Now, this is when you look of how far you've come on the journey. Look how he's like he knew she was going to come. Maybe he was single. Maybe. Look, that crystal ball is there. He knew that if he started building, he can build for his future bride. And then he got it. That's kind of like what manifestation is Do you know you ready for love? You know, you ready for marriage, But it's not. When you show up, you have to put in the work. So okay, he builds the house. Now he works on the cell. Now he probably goes out there and he goes and date, and then it's like, OK, you put in action. Now he knows he found someone. He has to work on it. I hope I'm making this clear. That's okay. If you want to think about like this, you go online, you meet someone you're not going to just say, Hey, you're my person. Know you guys had a talk to each other. You guys gotta fill that connection and damn right there. You guys meet online, you guys meet offline. And then now it's like, Ok, look how far we've come. We built something great together. Now where do we go from here? It's that pause for us. Always. The pores. Three is the action. I drive it forwards or the moments to sit back and say, Wow, look what has happened. Celebrated for Bones. Then you get the four, uh, swords. So this is when you had the wounds of the past. Right? Now think about your heart has healed. But you still have those wounds, right? Those triggers that make you think about it and you're like, Oh, I hate this. Every time I think about it, I gave the example of my dad. I hate this. Every time I think about this situation, it just makes me it brings back the heart It she's probably fun until she comes to the gravesite. And then she's like, Oh, here we go again. Now, this is when you remove those three swords And now you're like, OK, this won't define me because now I have my new troops. So let me take a moment. Pause. So this is when you've been through the conflict and you're like, OK, yeah. I'm just going to chill out now and think about who I am and harm go for it. Four swords, new stability and how you think New clarity Resting on that new truth do you have? It's when you remove the pain and the heartbreak of the past Those triggers four pinnacles . Look how she's holding tight, right? So it's like they sit here and they built all of this, right? They knew what? They just taken action. They build it, they build the drink and look, the dog was trying to get it. So this is when he built the dream. This is when they built what they know. They want it right. They took action on teamwork partnership. They started out one dream. And then from there you get to the four pinnacles. This is when you get to that place of okay, I have everything. I wanted that sound, that foundation I've created. I built that. But look how tight she's holding on. This is when you're controlling the situation. This is when you're like, OK, I have everything. I want it. And I'm not going to, um let go of everything I built. That's what this card is. Say, abs. Stability. Now I have security. It's when nothing is ventured. Nothing is gained. But think about that. You take a moment now it's like, OK, let me pause. Let me think about what I'm gonna do. Am I going to stay here in this comfort zone? Why am I gonna go out there and risk what I have for my dream? Dan? Sorry. Don't. The dog is very co dependent. So then you got the four cups. Now the four cops is when you are sitting here. She's thinking about those three cops. That was the happiness that support. This is when you have people come in your tribe, so to speak. This is when you have happiness. You remember the happiness. Now when it comes to four. It's that moment of pause because you're pretty much done with that. You want something new, You ready for a new cop? It's when you board it's when you are. It's when you have that new opportunity and you. But you don't see it. Look right there. You see that new cup? She sees the load is plant, but she doesn't see that as a cup, and she looks almost bored. She's almost like, Oh, okay, nothing's moving here. It's that moment of light filling stock is the moment of like, OK, I want to get these. She's only focused on this, but if she will only see that she is the new opportunity, she has new love with dinner sometime. This is when you had the new loving you. But you don't wanna do nothing. What, it because all you're thinking about of what was Look at those three cups is sitting right there behind her. That was behind her past, right? She her back is turned to that. There's a new love here, but if she will, Onley realized that under this she will see if she will move just a little bit. She'll see that new Cup. That's the pause. Okay, How do I feel? What do I want? I had to happiness. I think I want something else is when you have a feeling for something new. Your intuition is there. It's done to kick in. But then you get the death card. Think about the death card. Does the desire to mine our kindness two fours and a major pours right? The major pause and everything. So you convert so not really reflect because the seven are when you reflect the fours are more like Okay, you take that moment of pause that rests before you move forward. Sevens are more like a reflection of Okay. Do I still want to do this before? Is that like Okay, let me just take a pours from everything I was doing and then I'll go forward. But think about the death card. Major comment. One plus three 13 which he was four. Right now I think of the death card. It comes right after the, um, hang man. It's when you believe in something new. It's when you're not the same. It's like the old you dies and something new was being reborn. It's deep transformation of the mind, right? Is that pause? It's that, Okay, this is who I am as a transition from the old to the new. Although technically the hangman is the polos. That's the limbo. But it's the limbo off. Okay, I know there's something else, but to me, the death card is like that's the real pause because that's the transformation happening. This is a transformation that's happening. A new truth, a new dream, a risk for your dream, new love and commitment from what you're passionate about. So see, these are the fours and threes. These are the three is the activity, and that moves. What happened? The fours are the pause and then go for it. So it's like a reset in Dingle for it. Okay, so that is the fours and the threes and the minor Khan and the Major Khanna car combinations. And I hope you guys learn something new from this. And I enjoyed doing this. So with that I will see you in the next video when we take a look at the fives and the sexes by Oh no, quick. If you want to connected higher, you Now is the time of believing you because I believe you and I'll see you all next video by 17. Tarot Card combinations 5 in the Suites are agents of Transformation : Hi everyone. This is Stephen of our poured and I have a video today. I know we are done with the combinations from last week, but I really forgot to do this one. And I want to do this one just to give you some more inside about car combinations. And you know similar cards. So what we have here is the fives, right? So two fives of old sweets and then we have the judgment. So I've always said the judgment is part of the Major Khanna. The major Khan is the major and the secrets, right? So it's it's that the big path that we're on right as humans is to journey that we're on the nine are Khanna is what we bring to the story. Okay, so if you think about this you have the five tentacles. So think about the five. Any sweet fives come out with a 44 is all about stillness, right? So the four is where you pretty much take a moment to pause and then you go off to make change. So fives are the change of all the sweets, right? So think about this. The one right before the four the five tentacles is the four pinnacles. It's where you work so hard. You have so much even wanna race your security, right? Are could be control. Um, where the five of tentacles is about feeling left out in the coal, right? It's change. So maybe you made a risk. And maybe now you feel unlike Okay, Now I'm left out in the cold because I made this risk and it didn't turn out. So how am I going to change my situation? To make it way I need to be, Which is going to bring you to the six, which is balance, Right? So think about the four of cups, which is all about, uh, boredom. Thinking about the path, thinking about OK, times was good. It was celebration. I had emotional support. But now I'm not seeing the one new love that's presented in front of me. And because you're not seeing that one, love you come into this place of despair regret, You know, um not no one that now you have two new cops. And if you only look behind cause you're still focused on the story of cops, which is the celebration Happy times. But now you have a new opportunity. Have a new love, a new emotion. So if he will only turn around and see he went had this sorrow and despair cause he will see the opportunity is behind. So think about the four of cops which is you in that place of boredom. So when you get to five, it's like, OK, am I gonna just still here and cry over this bill Milk arm? I wanna turn around, See that? Make the change to get the new emotion I need. So that way I can come into the sixth of tentacles, which is making amends with the best five of one's. So think about five. Want This is friendly competition. This is you stepping up to show what you're made of, right? This is you. Pretty much it. Although daily like them Very aggressive. Battling they're not. It's about like, Okay, you've been through the building of your foundation. The one before There's the four ones, which is you build the foundation. So you have the structure. Thank you. Start out Well, one want what inspired you? You work on that, You build on it. Then you get something After you get it? You take a moment to just pause and celebrate how far you've come from that 11 And then now , after you've acted structuring you celebrate it. OK, now let me show what I made up. So think about it. You say OK, I'm going to get pregnant. Dead? You do the conception, you end up getting pregnant. Then this I Okay, let's celebrate this. But now the baby's here. Now you have to prove that you're a good mother, that you can take care and provide of your baby. It's showing your uniqueness, right? Or that you can do the job. That's what this is saying to five warns is like, OK, now this is the practice. Well, you know, this is the major change that you need in your inspiration to get toe the victory, which is the six of ones which is you coming back showing that you are the king now by the King comes home said this is the king practicing and and, um, planning and you know, not planning. But it's more like you stepping up to show why you're the King Ding. You're taking this to go into battle, so from near. And once you go to battle, you win because you practice because you were Yeah, this could be strategic. But it's like you putting your old to show that you got You can do the job coming home to celebrate, because the one after this is the six, which is, um, that another victory, right? Another parade, because you you proved it in The six is like OK, yeah, that's you having your child's first birthday because you you went through the whole year and you showed that you could be a really good mother of a parent. Then you have the five or sores, which is pretty much you winning at all course this is you standing up the show that you Yeah, five is, you know, conflict of the mind, its transformation. So think about this. He's coming in. He's done with the shit once and for all. He can come in and he could pretty much get them to um he probably said something and they probably walked away from it. Maybe he's coming in to help them out, and he's calling them right. So he's changing their thought process. Are this is him changing his store prices. They're taking way too. Two swords and then he's taking three. Right. Three is the wounds that passed, right? So maybe he's removing 33 sores, which is the wounds and then letting them have their two swords are giving them to sort of that way. Now they both have, You know, a new truth, and they both can use that to go forward, to balance out and become one and fight the good fight. So it's our truths. I believe anything. We're communicating here in the physical. This could also be what's the cost to your truth? You know, he's making a big course, a big risk toe. What? They're what they're fighting for. It's pretty much where you draw a line, understand? It's like, OK, I'm gonna win at all costs. I'm gonna make this happen. Thanks. Conflict could be conflict, right? Because you're changing your thoughts. Think about the ones before this which is four Reston recovery because you've been through the wounds of the past and then I know that you are resting on that one truth. The card out that ISS is D six of swords, which is like, Okay, you're done you're going to a new place, you're taking away all the fighting and you're just like leaving while you're taking your So is because that's the experience you have. And this is changing the fight. So think about that. Five plus five plus five plus five is 20 but his judgment judgment is you pretty much getting a second chance to do it again. That's where you forgive yourself. Give up those, and now you have an opportunity to have a different life. It's rebirth on a deeper level, as like when you get rid of all the bullshit and now you can see clearly. Now you can have this opportunity to have this new life because you hear better. You see different. You planned better. You don't have a greater despair. You make amends with the past on a full deep heart, soul level and head level. Okay, deeply transformed said. Now you can go on to get the world to really get those lessons. You're thinking with a different heart, a different mind, so you can lessons. You're getting success because you're ready for it. So I forgot to tell you guys about that, and I wanted to bring that to you. So five agents, you know, transformation or change, as some people would say. This judgment is that because, you know, judgment is that changed, that transformation that you get on a deep soul level. So with that said added the video, um, I wanted to bring that to you. Uh, let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, questions, concerns. And if you want to connect to the higher, you start believing because I believe he and I'll see you soon. Bye. 18. Card Combinations For The Tarot Six's Suites : Hi, everyone. This is Stephen of our corn. And I have your to Tariel your tutorial for the car combinations for number six is and the terror today. So let's get right into it with the sixes is all about balance and harmony. So think about balance. The harmony is when you have peace and when you have, um, that's saddled, feeling right? It's that heart space of okay, I am not in a place where I'm lacking. I'm not in a place where I'm having men to conflict. I'm not in a place where I'm like, uh, just in my goals trying to make it to go forward. I'm not in a place where, um, I have sadness, bitterness, regret, loss, right? It's when I'm at a place of recognizing new opportunities. It's when I have that settled feeling that piece right? What is peace? It's d, uh, separating ourselves from attachments here in the physical. So there are a few cards in the morning, if you but there are a lot of cards in the tarot that represents the sixes, and I wanted to go through that with you. So let's start with the major economists of the Major Khanna is the major life path we're on right now. We have here the devil, So I want to just turn these over because I don't want to focus on these. We have the devil Now think about the devil. The devil is that co dependency? It's addiction. It's when we choose to be chained to a circumstances. Right is what has power over us is the illusion of what has power over us. Now be. Look here, this figure, this goat like creature, he has these two people Adam and Eve change. And I always think of this as a safe right, cause I was think of like money. Because that keeps you bound, right, cause I feel like here in this physical world, we're all bound by money. And I feel like he's standing on top of this state is black because you're in darkness, right? You can't see the happiness. All you can think about is the misery, the pain. And sometimes it doesn't even come in as torture a pain. It comes in as that. Like old. This is great. I love this. I say is black because you can't see beyond darkness that your life. Is that stuck filling right now? I think about when you're stuck in the mud. You can't really see where you going. You're just in that position at that moment and you're only focused on this moment now I always say that live in the moment. I live here now, but when you're stuck, you on li see the things that's going to get you out of that stock feeling instead of just realising why you start to begin with now with the Adam and Eve here, they choose to be their their chains or lose taken, freed yourself any time. This is Ah, this is when you sexually that you any kind of addiction, anything that says, OK, why go out there and be with the double that you don't know instead of being with the double that you do now? Now, if you think of this devil, which is, um, it's the comfort zone card and it's 15 So one plus five or six, so six were here. When you get out up that stuck filling that comfort zone, then you find peace and balance. But the card that comes out that that is the towers towers going to bring you that major shakeup. The big, sudden change does gonna push you into peace, push you into balance, which is going to bring you into the star. Now, the card before this is Detent Prince. So, yeah, you're in balance and everything comes in moderation. But it gives you a chance now to see where your stuff where you have that co dependency. So when the tower comes at the desk is gonna give you a big change, right? That's going to bring you into the start. The hope for a new future. It's when you're you're vulnerable and vulnerability is that balance to me? Because that's in a place where you have no attachments to the outside world. Now you get the lovers, the lovers six now look the same. Adam and Eve. Right now six comes before the devil. But I felt like I need to talk about the double first because mostly here in this physical world we had that co dependency. We had that a comfort zone feeling. And I feel like with this card this talks about yet picking what you love. Now you see Arcangel Rafael, He's there. He's blessing issuing is two hearts right now there's the obstacles separating these two same Adam and Eve right now. Look here. They more into the goat here. They're choosing now. Adam isn't to eat, but ive is looking up because it's the choice. Right? Uh, being with your heart, it's picking what your heart wants. But do you choose to have this? Now? This car comes into size and look at six in the major economy because the car before this is when you have faith, the card act that eyes when you get in the balance, which your head in the heart. So the heart figures out what it once in the head gets on board and takes the way you need to go and is the willpower and drive that takes that chariot forward. Now, if you think of these two cars together, they're one in the same because this is about what has power over us that gives us the illusion of keeping us was stuck, keeping us with what we love. This is the illusion of what keeps you apart from what you love. You see how one plus five equals six and then Essex, that's that balance and harmony Have you taken together? If you want to go deeper, That's what six and six was that 12 1 plus two days. Three. So all to get this a new beginning in love, freeing yourself from co dependency addiction, whatever Anything that has hold on you. Now we had the minor, Connor. So the major Connor, what is our con? Is the secrets, right? So this is the major in the secret. Does the Huskies be light path of the full? Excuse me. Let me get some water. It's the light path of the full. Now you get to six pence costs six. Semantical is concerned for the squeaky tape. Six tentacles is when you had that Dallas look. The scales of balance. This is Liber energy. So what you give out that you will get back now His scouser balance. He's able to give to those, and they're able to give him something right, cause he's able to get now six balance harmony with your tentacles. Now he's at a place of peace because the car before this is the five tentacles where you are lacking, you feel left out. And Cole, you feel like there's no help available. But then you finally come into a place of balance when you have enough to give and you will get that back. Now, the six of sorts not pinnacles, is anything he and physical. It's our dreams, our house, our car stability and security. Our, uh, help even think about like sometime the car. Before that, the five event goes when you're making a change and your physical body. But here is like Okay, now I have everything in moderation. I'm able to find time to work out and live my life here. Are you able to eat right and work out and you're dedicating time to yourself. Here is when you swords now sword and this is all four suites of the terror. So you had the sixth of sorts. Swords is when your thoughts, your communication, your believes your truth, right? Anyway, you communicating the car before the is five men to conflict, winning at all course. Being done with this once and for all is the challenge of the mind. That's when you're fighting with yourself because you've been through some heartbreaking. You took a moment to get a new troop, but then you're fighting toe. You don't know how to work the truth. But you like, OK, I'm gonna go out there and cost myself to make it work. And sometimes it could be like deadly because you don't know how to use it. But this is when you make peace with day and you move forward. You turn your back on the past and look there. Only taken with them, sort, they have no baggage. Dan is gondolier. I think that's how you pronounce it. Look there. They know where they're going. They see it out in the distance there, turning it back to us. They turned it back on the past and going forward to a new beginning. No, this right here. If you want to think about the cops, are relationships our emotions. Ah, hard space. This is when you make amends with the past. This is a gift from your child itself. This is when you have balancing you love in your heart and your happiness. The car before this is the five when you had the bitterness that it is. The bitterness is the The sadness is the regret. It's like thing that was my life is like there's a new opportunity here. But this is when you make amends. With that, you're ready to go forward. So you see you in the balance place. Emotionally, you have emotional happiness now because you're recognizing the the opportunities that's there to reconnect with who you are, what you once wanted. Yes, when you're allowing love and support to come in Look, I use giving her that cut with the flower. That's wisdom. That flower to me represents wisdom. He's taking care of her right By giving her love. He give her that one cop. This is the four cups here. So you got out of the border and you're planting a new life like these. Two new opportunities, right? She picked up those cops. He picked up this cups and grew something new out of it to give to her. How do you give when you have a balance place given in love and they look at this? The sixth one's his passion. Anything you're creating here in the physical, right? So look at that. You see that reef of success victory because you went through the challenge. The car before this is the 55 ones where you took your idea in a new place and you build the structure betting you're able to, um, set yourself on your goals and go forward. It's that areas energy. Were you ready to go? Staff fired at burning anxiety achieved a goal. And you show that you're successful. Look, he's coming into the parade. You come onto a parade when you have slayed the dragon and you should look, I did this Now. When I slayed the dragon, I come back toe, toe a place where things are in balance. There's no chaos because think about that. Maybe you want to go fight the dragon or she wanted to fight the dragon. And before that it was turmoil of chaos. But then, once everything comes back, is like the dust is settled. Now it's time to celebrate for a moment. It's all balanced energy here. You see that our works now six bless six was 12 six plus six Was that 12? That's 24 to plus four six All balance and harmony Energy coming in with these cards. You see that? You see how they all work together Now I want to show you This is well so the three or sort . Think about that. That's the wounds of the past, right? Look at those swords of piercing the heart. It's the dark, gloomy day rain sorrow revisiting the stories from the past because there's so it's stuck in that heart and it's like I don't want is the never ending story. The car right before this is when you can't make a decision and you're stuck there. Should I stay or should I go into the unknown its D N decision? And then when you can't make a decision you you you get this heartbreak. Now look at this cups here. These cups are, um, emotional happiness. Three of cups. That's head. That's hard emotional support celebration. Happy times. Peace and love. The harvest. You could celebrate the harvest. Enjoy. You can enjoy love. You can enjoy partnership. You celebrate that now, when you heal your heart, you get this happiness. Now three plus three was that that six balance? So in order for your heart, the hill are once you take out those swords, Dan, you could celebrate because the card at that isn't the four swords, which is where you remove those three swords and you have one new truth. So are you celebrating a new truth? And are you able to celebrate and not see the misery and hurt and pain anymore? You see how they work together, these energies So that radius how you interpret two sixes and how all works together. So I hope you find this helpful. And if you want to connect to the higher you now is the time to believe in you because I believe in you and I see in the next module by 19. Card Combinations For The Tarot Seven's Suites : Hi, everyone. Just a Stephen of our court. And I have your sevens card combinations and the terror. Now, as you can see, I have a lot of car combinations here because when you think of sevens, right, you think of that moment. Pause, right. You see the potential of something new. It's the moment, the reflection. It's like, what should I do? Oh, where am I gonna go with this? Right. It's kind of like that. And I have so many cards here, so I have different combinations. Now, when I think of the cards, um, I always look at the two cars together and see the stories right now with this, I was putting together just thes five cards here. But then all of these start coming to me, and I was like, Oh, my God, I need to talk about this. But obviously I can't spend time going to each single one. So your homework is to actually go through each card and see what they tell you. Let's just talk about these foreign. They're not go through each one's right and how they all kind of tie into sevens. Now think of seven. It's the number spirituality, number magic, I say when luck is on your side, I say when you have come to a place that balance and harmony and now you're thinking OK, should I go forward? What should I do? It's the willpower is district this determination It's too chariot, right? Your heart and had his imbalance. You know what you want, and it's like I need to go somewhere like look at his warriors leaving the village there, right? And it's the light. In the dark side is the willpower that controlled to control these two shrinks right, The imagination to It's also your light here dockside. You're able to control all of those and go for on the journey. Now, using your intuition. So you had pigs. What it wants. Your heart picks were the ones the head gets on board. You go. If you are just here, they're not. Cherry's gonna rare off there. If you're here, then I charge is just going to rear their But you have to work together in order to go forward. Has the major are Connor right? The major in a secret to Chariot, the warrior that fights to go forward. So think about seven. If you're reflecting your fighting to go forward now, the different sweets that start off with Penta goes, It's when you put time and energy into something, right. Your tentacles are your, uh, earthly matters. It's your money, your house, your car, your career. Your help is like, Look, I he's looking at. He's like I put in all this time and energy effort. Is it worth me still going and putting more work into it? Would you just stop at the putting all that work into this? That's what this car ask you, you Paula's energy into the hope of what you want a new beginning. You. But in a labor of love, What do you want to do? I know me personally. I'm not gonna leave all that there. Fuck! Now I'm go forward and keep on going because I want that tree. God gave me this seed. I have committed to it and I'm going to see it through to the end. That's just the type of person I am. It's the willpower to see it through to the end discipline. You get sores, right? Dizzy airmen, to your thoughts, your mind communication. This comes in to say Everything that's in the dark is gonna come to the light, right? People think of this as a deep in the night card because those people are there. But this person is still in the swords. Now, if you think about it, he's still in heartbreak. He's still in indecision there, and he's leaving a choice. I want your choice. What? Your true Are you at a place where you can make a choice? Are you going to become the men to prison and be a prisoner of your doors? I always think of it as freeing us from heartbreak in indecision and leaving us. Will one find a choice? Now look at this. He's there with that one Passion. Creativity. You fight for it because you love it. You show your Victoria's you show you successful. You sure you can do this? You had the goal. You went for it. Now you wanna fight it too. And now because you believe in it because you want it. Seven of cups is the illusion, right? You have all of these cops you love some. Some might not be so good. But what do you want? You made peace with the past before there was bitterness, sadness, regret. That's that car, a beer heartbreak from having to lose. You know, the support you had. And it's like, new opportunity, dear. But what opportunity do you want is when choices come in? Look, this person right here and the five is despair, right? Data, See those two cups there? But I feel like this is OK now. More cups commit, which What do you choose? But you pick it the cups, your relationships, your intuition, your motion based on how you felt. So with all these cuts, all these sweets here, I always think of it as the willpower. Now, to finally choose if you're gonna put more energy into what you love, what choice you're gonna make. What are you gonna fight for? And what do you love and having a discipline to go for now? Doesn't just stop there. Think about seven, right? You have all the, um so say for Indians with this pentacle. Right? You have this three. A pentacle is just four pendant. This is when you're at a comfort zone, right? But now you know what action to take? Are you take the action But then you build love with security and it's like, Okay, what do I do now? You see it as a reflection. OK, Do I go out there and venture and take a risk? Or do Ah hold on tight? When I got you got the major Communist. You got the Empress and Emperor Foreign Foot and three. He's all about charging forward authority and he's all about conquering. He has wisdom. His knowledge is the warrior. But look how he's sitting there. Look at she said. She's about abundance. Fertility now on female energy together. But what do they both say? Do you have faith now? Going forward knowing that you can create what you want giving birth to new ideas. What no ideas do you want? It's like you're abundantly able now to go for a fight. The fight. But what fighter? You're going to fight now. Are you gonna fight for traditions? Are you gonna creature wrong? You see how that works out? Let me get you a couple more five ones, right? You said in that goal. But then you get the two of one's taking in a different direction. Which direction? When the world is at your hands. Seattle's could play off with each other. We kind of talked about the five and to write. Look at that. It's like I want to be done once an awful with this decision, but which truth is your truth? Five. Penta goes when you feel left out in the cold like you don't have enough. But then this is like your weighing the pros and cons of the new dream. Should I stay out here? I should have go on the as for help weighing your decisions. The five of cups and the two cops. It's when look, you see that new partnership comes in, radioed to stop partnership. But do you go for it, or do you only think about what it waas that you had? What else gets, um, six isn't an aces? New beginnings. Do you give Victoria's? You have a new beginning now. What inspires you now? After you got that levels assess. You balance, you have harmony, you're able to give and get back. But what do you want to commit to now that you can put yourself into what do you want to give out there now? What do you want to manifest. Now, what's the new hope was the new dream. You're free from attachments. Your skills, the balance. Clark, look at this. You turn your back on the past, you're taking nothing but experience. But now you have the victory to go for because you have a new truth out of that, leaving her in the pain behind. But what's your new truth now? Getting rid of the heartbreak. Never ending stories, hanging that up. And you have one truth. What's your truth? You see how that always it's always a reflection? What? Your truth. I got a few more years. The higher effect Do you stick with structures? Do you have faith in yourself? And look, she has the knowledge. She has the knowledge. But do you use that and do it the way supposed to be? Do you go out there and you follow your intuition? Get this. Look at the happiness, dear. But at the as happiness your board. You want something new? What do you love now? What does your heart want? I'll get this. Your expectations are that your ships are coming in. But while they're waiting, you're building a new structure. But where do you go now? What's the goal after this to March? No. One more. You make peace of the past like he's given had at one cup. What do you love from the past? You see at a seven play with each other. That's the energy here is to control is the discipline is picking. What you want is know how you feel, what he thought, what he passionate about. And do you put more time and energy into growing what you want. So that's two sevens and I'll see you all in the next video. If you want to connect to the higher you, now is the time to believe in you because I believe you and that's a you'll soon bye. 20. Card Combinations For The Tarot Eight's Suites Stevie's Oracle Readings: Hi everyone. This is Stephen of our court and I have your Terrel message while territorial for the eight in the terror. So they let the eight eight is number of change. And if you turn the eight upside down or two decides it's an affinity, right? Infinity knowledge Infinity Blessing No. With this we have the minor comma which are minor in the secrets. And then we have the Major Khanna, the major inner secrets. Right? So let's talk about each one and how they all intertwined. So here you got the A pentacle. So data tentacles are your commitment. Whatever it is you're trying to build in the physical, right? Look at that. He or she is working away. You start off right? One pentacle and there you building on that and you committed to it. Rake and look at this person focused, diligent work, right? They are not being fazed by anything else. There are eyes on the prize because they know that this is the thing that they want. This is when you learn your trade. This is when you are applying yourself. This is internships. This is you dedicating yourself for your heart focused work. could you see the hope And you're applying yourself, by all means, learning by any means necessary because you want to get there all eyes on the prize. That's why I see with the aid of tentacles. Look at that skill, the skill worker, hard worker, hard labor. And you don't mind getting in the world changing because if you think about the card before is to 7 to 7 always says, What is it worth me going for? It is the work, me putting more effort and energy into it. And absolutely, Because you see the potential in, then you get the wants. The passion of fire. This is when you throw eight ones in the air at the fighting for what you love and that passion space that you had burning deep Dive inside you like. No, I'm going for this. This is when things come at you. This is when you get fast moving communication, fast moving energy, hard passion, burning desire coming at you at a rapid rate. I always think of you taken eight sticks turning up in the air and then each one of these ones thinking today someone What inspires you? What? Get you fired up And what All this is coming at you, You're gonna grab the one that really matters to you. This is when e mails, telephone calls. This is networking, fast moving opportunities, coming your way at a rapid rate, fast burning. Then you get the eight of sorts. So is the anxiety. Worry? This is when you have doubts and fears and you're telling yourself, Oh, no, I can't do this. I'm not good enough. I'm not skinny enough. I'm not pretty enough. It's the mental prison that you built for yourself. Now, look, she has that bondage on her face and she also has her hands tied. She couldn't free herself at any time in this mental prison. That's something that you create because you have this new truth after turning your back on heartbreaking pain. And now it's like, OK, you strategize and plan how to go forward. And then you get to that point. Oh, can I do this? Will it work out for me? But you can free yourself from this prison and I love it because sorts our thoughts, communication truths, believes a changing your men to mind. You get cops. Look, does eight cups. You spent eight cups. What do you love? You spent all this time grabbing these cups and walking away, right? Look at that moon. Your intuition tells you now it's time for you to go for that night cup. Something else do you Don't do it for you anymore. It's a change in what you love and you're going for it. You rather go through the mountains and the unknown to get that love to get content. Find your strength listening to how you feel because the cups car before this is the seven cups and this as well is an illusion. What you want. But you had to pick based on how you feel. So then you analyze here and you're like, No, I'm changing how I love. I'm going for something new Now If you look at all of these cards together, E. A 16 88 16 So 16 16 That's too. That's 32. Three plus two is what five five is. The number of change. Eight is also the number change. See, then we also get here in a major Khanna. So the major Connie the strip right? She's kind of like the mother to this lion there. One in the same look. She hears that lamb a skill right there does the infinite knowledge on how to tame the beast. Your mind When your mind is running rampant, you have the strength overcoming the obstacles. This comes out there, the chariot at the you focus and determining your dedicating. You're applying yourself dead. Obstacles may come to challenge you, but you have to shrink. Overcome knows. So I want you to think about this. Let's think about this. Um because you also get the star. Not a star is 18. Sorry, the star is seven. I can't count today. So if the star is seven, that's one plus seven, which is eight. And this comes out that the tower after major chain has come. This is when you're vulnerable, your unashamed. You have that hope for the future. You are the star. It's when you go forward. Now I love this. I love this because you have 32 which turns to five and then you got 88 which is 16 which is 775 His 12 1 plus two is three. So this is all new beginning and that's What the eight is has changed for a new beginning. Fives are the actions that happened for the change Eight is when you make the change. So think about it now with three as the undercurrent of this This energy here this is the Empress Fertility abundant. You walk away to get fertility abundance something you desire, Something you love. The three in the Major Khanna is brewed by demons to goddess of love A You change your men to space. So that way you can get peace. Peace away from the attachments Peace away from fear and doubt So you can go out there and be abundant. This is a once it is passion. This is when you grab what inspired you so you can move forward. See? Yeah, that's kind of like the star. Then you have the commitment, right? Look at that star. Look at those stars last the whole s t eight. So would that eight on a number of change. So there's also if you want to think about magician and you also want to do the although where is he? Where is it? Crazy? If you want to do the magician in the Hermit the hermit is when you seek to final. The answer is that's inside. Look at that star right here. You see that start? Look at the magician. This is when you have the confidence to create any new beginning you want. And look at that. Here you see that eight. You see that eight? That's the lamest skip sideways, infinite knowledge and blessings to create a new beginning. But everything inside of you That's where the answers lie. When you want this new heart, the answers lie within society. You fill in your heart when you want to change. You could free yourself from his prison. When you want this, you grab your inspiration and hope. When you want this, you have to decide to be committed and work on this daughter. You have the will become obstacles By calming your mind, I realized that there's a new hope here because you are the star. You are the change. You are the hope for something new and you had the confidence. Look at the vulnerability there. Look at that confidence and Boehner, this magician is kind of vulnerable to, but also has the confidence now because you've been through a cycle. And, you know, now you can manage. You can channel manifest anything you want you to master Manifesto. This whole as a wish cart man. A massive a master manifestation car. So what? That that is the eight. So I'm gonna keep their very simple And I hope you enjoyed that because I really enjoyed doing these, and I'll see you in the next module. 21. Card Combinations For The Tarot Nine's Suites : Hello Everyone does this Stephen. A bar chord. And I had your number nine combinations. Four The terror. So let's see the bottom is your minor Kana. And here is your major Khanna. So what? That Let's talk about it. Uh, here we have Excuse me. I just hit the light. We have the night a pentacle. So pentacle is where you building here, your physical reality. Look at she's worked hard, right? She's built this sanctuary. She has all of these nine Ben Nichols, which means that your success is close is attainable. Your successes close Your hard work is based on the effort that you put in the commitment you put in. This could be the comfort zone card meaning that you only stayed there with what you have and you don't explore because that bird is there to say Okay, there's more out there, the life right. But you're kind of like coming to the end of one cycle building. You build everything you wanted. She started one seed and look how she's grown, all of that. And she says they're so happy and you know her had his back. Her chest is out. She's confident, but she's touching her success, right? Meaning that your success is literally within your reach. Then you have the nine of cups heart space, right? Emotion and tuition. Look, you sit in this so smug he knows that he spent all this time collecting these eight. These nine cups and his wish comes true. This is the wish card. This is like now you're ready for what you want with your heart desires. Just think about the eat of cups, right Before did you walk away to get these nine cups? Then you get denying of swords, which is stress, anxiety worry. Fear is like when the dragon is coming to get you. But you are not gonna let that dragon take you down. This is restless night, but this car says, Look, everything is what it seems. Yeah, may hurt. Right now you meet being this place. Well, why me? Why me or what am I gonna do? But it's not as bad a street thing. This is when you stay and I'm into prison in a friendly eights and you keep on going to the nine because that where we just take you down. You got the nine of bonds, which is like your enduring this plate. You're fighting to the end. You're going to see this through whatever you're passionate about. Although you're tired hurt by this thing. It's like, OK, I'm gonna just put that last piece and I'll be done. Nines or completions tens are the actions that happen after the completion. And think about this. The Major Connor, this is when you go with thing to get. The answer is that you seek which are all up inside of you. You are powerful than you think. You are able to fight until the end. You are able to overcome restless nights. You're ableto go out and get your heart's desire and you are able to go out and explore world that's unknown to anything you ever seen before denying. And if you had these a lot the bottom nine and I was 18 18 and 18. What's that? 6 36 uh, three plus six is 99 completions. This is when you're ready for the next chapter. No. One. Everything you need is inside of you and everyone take nine plus nine. That's 18. And what is that? One plus eight as night? So all these back to nine completions, Sanctuary built emotional happiness. Well, contentment. Yeah, anxiety and stress. But at the same time, you're going to see what our tradition you see through to here. That is your night. So what? That I will see you on the next module. All right, bye. 22. Card Combinations For The Tarot Ten's Suites : Hi, everyone. This is Steven Lamar Court. I'm so excited, cause this is the last combo that I want to talk about, and I love doing these card combos, but I wanted to talk to you about the tens, which means the end of a cycle. Right? So let's see what we got. We got the sweets, which are the minor in the secret. Then we got the major in a secret, right? So we got the minor. So look at these 10 ones. This is when your passions have started out great, but it's somehow morphed into, like, this burden at your carrier. But you had to release the load, right? There's gonna be a very quick video. Then you have the tennis sorts of dissipate trail hurt. This is whatever happened, you're replaying those memories of the past. This is when you have been taken down by your worry and stress. This is when you have luck on your side. The pentacle is this is when you have the legacy that you leave behind. This is when you could pass what you've been building on and live last. You past the time that you've been here and then you get the cups? Love, happiness fulfillment, right? Happily ever after. This is all of the endings of you, Adam. All up 10 which is one plus zero reduced to one. So 1234 That's four. Which brings stability and harmony back into your life. Building a new structure in your life. Have you been through some pain? Some hurt some. Burn it some luck. You ready for something new with some happiness? You ready for something new? Which brings you to the magician, which is one in the major common. In the beginning, the creation. You could have any new beginning you want at the You had the knowledge of what you've been through. You ready to start something new, passion, desire. Then it will a fortune, which is 10 in a major economy. So that's when the block is bringing you what you need. Destiny is turning. The will is turning spending well, so a lot can bring you what you want. So one pleasant rose one toe, one on one with the major Khanna. That's major in the secrets that produces two, which is about choices, options going forward. I always think that as the judgment, because what is that? 20 to pleasure reduces to 222 Does manifestation. That's when you are. But if you want to just say 1 to 11 that's the wake up call, right? That's the gateway. Judgment allows you to finally go forward to pick what you love, turn your back on the pass and go for at this a heartbreaking pain at someone's at this, um, losses, and you're just ready to move on to the next cycle. That's what that says. You ready to move on cause I cycle was done. That's 10 tens are the actions that happened at the denying nine. A complete 10 is went literally at the actions that resolve that stops it. Test cycle does your tens, and I really like doing this, and I can't wait to bring you more card combination. So what, That I will see you all soon in the next module by 23. Secret Cards in The TAROT : What's up? Everyone to Stephen of our court. And I wanted to bring to you a video today on the secrets in utero. So whenever you get thes three major cards here or one of them is a minor connoisseur, it's with the energy you bring to the story which is changeable. These to a mine are con esos it a big life purpose, right? The big like that. Excuse me. I gotta incent lining here, which I don't normally do. But that's why you see the smoke. Anyway, let's talk about these cards. So whenever you get these three cards in this spread, this pretty much says that something is being hidden, something the client knows to them. They're aware off. This could be old story. This could be something that happened in their lives that just keeps, um, having a hold on. But not like a whole like the devil. It's more like Okay, so I got in this accident so I can't walk the same because of the accident. Why did I have to do this? So why did I have to go there in that day and I got hit? Why did this have to happen to me, our could be like OK, well, my parents did this grown. Got maybe my parents like smoke drugs. Maybe my parents did gambling in the house. And now that I'm older, I like gambling and I'm addicted to gambling. And it's like, Why did I have to happen to me? Why did I have to grow up in a place where people gamble, right where other households where you have the mother to fall there, types who would goto work right and not have a gambling ring, Right? You know what I'm saying? Like that. So energy. So whenever you have these three cards, they just pretty much says that there's something that's hidden that needs to come out to the light. So with the high Priestess, right, The high Priestess thing about that this is having though that knowledge, right, the internal knowledge at ferial knowledge. So this comes to you in visions, dreams, thoughts, ideas, music that you hear. This is about your light and dark side, right? You're positive and negative side coming together so you can hear it Now when you think of this, this is more internal, right? It's the because she gets the information. She doesn't act on it, right? The Vela's very Then she has access to this world and next world. Now I think of it as like the lovers. You know, you have the lights on in a dark side, right? Um, with this, I feel like through that wholeness is where you're able to finally tune in because you're getting messages here in your dark state, and you're gonna ignore or light one. So if you get message in the light ones, you're gonna ignore the dark state. So it's like when you come hole, that's when you get the message is it's not more so like picking what you like. Yet it's more about tuning in, so you can hear when she comes in, I think about it. She's number two, right? So she's all about decision, a choice that needs to be made listening to your intuition that's actually comes to it through your intuition. The high Priestess. Look at that crescent loom. She has to cross there, right, listening to yourself all parts of yourself from north, east, west and south. She is the ancient knowledge that tour right. The pomegranate had passionate desire that desire for information, a desire for that cash. Crank it. She's the terror card reader and when she coming, but she doesn't act on it. She's very passive, so she'll give it to you through your dreams. Give it to you three thoughts When I had clients who I used to do mediumship readings for I don't do it as much now, but I would get information that will come through before the reading. So in the morning I would get like a vision of a shotgun, right? I don't like guns, but I felt like that was a part of the message. Now, when you connect with the and decide, apparently the underside, the other realms, they're not going to give you the information. They're goingto make you receive it subconsciously. So I always think of the yen card in that collective read. Is it the was muddy York, Always like the cop in Yen energy is being receptive. Toe what comes so you know when you get this, she says, You know what you know that's when we have those internal secrets and we don't tell anybody . We don't act on it, but it's like deep down getting to us. I think you have the moon, right? So this moon comes to in its shadow on the path. Now, look, that prices is dear, right? No humans in this card, it's two dogs, the domesticated dog in the UN domesticated wolf. So it should be messed exciting. You're under domesticated side. So as you evolve, citing involves side knowing that through here, right, that too. That's a choice. You have to go tea and listening to your intuition, Messi, and to wish you intuition that tells you the path you have to go. One is one based on your intuition. Think of prices, I believe. I believe I have to go to this part. I have to go through this path. I don't know what's gonna happen, but I know I have to go. I don't know why I'm getting this information, but I know it's important to me, right? So they both talk about secrets. This comes through and says, OK, all of the shadows are revealed in the dark, just like the sun. All of the everything is revealed in the light. This is everything is revealed in the dark. It's like I know I got to go, but, uh, okay. Fears and doubts they don't go Stay here. Don't go through that bad. What would you do that? But it's like, No, I gotta calling the goat here. I know what's where my home is. The moon is to fears amplified But a lot of times we don't let these fears be sure, right? We let these fears be suppressed and we act all macho. I don't know. I can't show emotion and I can't show vulnerability. Which path do I take? I always got to know everything. I got to know where I'm going, what I'm doing at all times, that sort of image. Right then we got the seven of swords. So? So it's a communication identities that you know what we believe. Now, when you get to 77 is the card of reflection. It's like, Okay, let me sit here. Let me think about this. What's this going to cost me? Was the breast involving me having this new truth was the risk of me going forward now, knowing that I turned my back on, you know, all the bullshit. It's the thief in the night car, right? It's when things come out eventually. It's planning strategy. And when I see this card, it always says things will come out. Everything that's done in the dark will come out in the light. And if you notice these people are behind this, they're unaware that he's there. Or is he bringing that for help? Telling them to look based on how you feel? Go for based on that? Because, look, he has three years to and he has another two. So is he giving them the option toe? Okay, fight this battle. But how do you feel about the path you're going on? A pick based on what your heart tells you. And that's the path. And take that path, right? Or you could be just taking away these things sound. I don't need this. They could make it with just these two swords. They're stronger than a now, but this is strategy. Sh This is things are revealed to you. Have you think about all three of these carts? The high Priestess, the moon and seven of sorts. That's all about information being headed, things coming out. How will they come out through your feelings? Do the things that you that are revealed to you. Spirit will bring you signs. That's what this is about. So whenever I get these in the spread, I know looking to some deception here. And it's not even deception because they have a light. Ah, high vibration, low vibration. So it could be like something's not being told. Something's not here now. Usually this is about being scared about where you're going, who you gonna become, But think about that. That's not living in the moment that's living in Oh, my God. I just went through the worst of the worst. I put the conflict behind me. Now, I know I got to go forward in this direction, but it's like a what's gonna happen. Things are revealed to you whenever these cards come out. So these are the three cards of deception. So what? That went in his video. And, uh, I hope you enjoyed it. What did these could say to you? All right, talk to you soon by. Do you want to connect to the higher you? Now is the time believing because I believe you. And I'll tell tea, sir. 24. I know Learn Tarot Online With Stevie : everyone this Stephen of our court and I wanted to bring to you a video tutorial this week for the terror. And with these, you know, I could do long spreads. Aiken do different things with the Terryl, but I kind of like doing these were piece them together. So that way you can get a look at the energy how they work together. So that way, when you start doing your readings, you put the story together, okay? And how they work into twine. So today I got two cars. Excuse this quickie. I hate this table, but today I have two cards, right? I have two cards about knowing now. Think about this, right? The last mercury retrograde that just happened. It happened sometime. And, uh, was it the beginning of November and ended like, uh, November 20 if I believe And that Mercury retrograde. Now, a lot of people think that Mercury retrograde is all about the technology. You know, stuff doesn't work right. Or like the e mails or computers and stuff like that. And I'll give you an example. Perfect example of mercury retrograde. And how that helps us. Because this is energy. That helps us. That's what the tarot is. The terrible is did to help us. Um, and a lot of people, I guess over the years have taken that as you used a tarot to tell people what to do and it's like me, that's not what you do, I guess because of Hollywood and everything like that. Um, these cards, let's start off with the high Priestess. So the high Priestess, right? She is very passive. She gets the information right. She has information from this from the beyond world and this world, right? She is the keeper of secrets. She's to keeper the cash crickets. She is the ethereal knowledge that we have, right she sits. Date of l is very then And if you see right behind you see that water, See, she's guarding that knowledge were in the high priest. He or she will sit in front of the pillars and its Novell D right here. The veil is thin, so you can't see or you can't get this information. So this is like intuitive hits, right? That's how you get the information. This is when you're sleeping. You get the dreams, visions. That's how you get the information following your instincts. Right. Um, one thing about the high Priestess when she comes in the spread, she says, you know what? Everything that you know. You know? Now what does that mean? The secrets that you have, the secrets that you have very deep, deep, deep below. You know what you want are you know, what's the right decision for you based on your emotions. But you come to a reader. Are you goto family members? You go to friends and you help you get them to help you make the decision. Where is like you already know what you need to do now Back to Mercury Retrograde. And I just lost my train of thought back to Mercury. Retrograde, right? Um, yeah, it's Mercury is the rule of communication. And get that right. And it's the rule of the third house, which is, if you want to look at it from, uh let's see, D magician, right. That will be a great example, because you have the information and you channel it, you know, which I think I'm going to put the magician here because the magician is a part of this. So let me get the magician here. See how that just happens? He had a messages came to me. The madrasa. Where is the magician? Where's the petition? I know. I just saw our largest sore just soared here. That's the magician, because the magician knows what they know as well, but it's about using the confidence to put it out there in the world to build. Um, So what? Mercury Retrograde right? Does the rule of design Mercury the rule of this energy? Now, I with my computer right the longest time I needed to update it. I needed to get it to this new software because Apple does software's all the time and I never got around to doing it right. And then I got into this place. I thought, Oh, my computer was old cause I brought in 2015 So I was like, Oh, it's old, You know? It won't be able to take the update. And I had a lot of acts on there, so I didn't have enough storage, so I just let it go, right? And that's okay. Well, I don't need to update, but I need it. Certain things like plug ins on my final cut pro and stuff like that, and I couldn't get it because it was no storage and I didn't update it right, So I let it go. And then finally, one day I want to go charging my phone and plugged it in, and I was doing an update and I accidentally hit the quarter. Knocked it out while it was updating the You know, you get the the IOS push notifications. I accidentally kicked out the cord and his stop, so my phone wasn't working. My computer. It was like my computer, I think, was working. But it wasn't sinking with the phone. And from there I called Apple, and they helped me do the process of updating right cause that was pretty much what I needed to do. Now. Mercury retrograde happened because it's showing us things that we need to get done that we put off. And that's what I love about that season. Whenever it is a Mercury retrograde because the planets go, you know, the opposite direction. Mercury goes the opposite direction, and, yeah, things can happen during that time. Like they'll say, Don't start new business meetings. I mean, new business deals. All I've heard it off when Mercury goes retrograde. I use it as a time to show me what it is. I think we're still in shadows. Um, I used that time to show me What am I putting law? That's a hold that needs to get done right down in here, right? Like I know that I need to get it done. But a lot of times take, for instance, with the computer, I knew I had to get done, but I don't have the confidence to think that it can. My computer could take the new update, but it could, right? And I knew subconsciously could. But in the my God if this through Apple, you know, and I put it off like what we do in our life when we know we got to go for some time, we'll make all excuses in the world, and we won't act on it until it's like Dyer's times, you know, And then it's like, Oh, my God, what do I dio and is like, You know, for instance, if, like when my college, I just my college loans, I just What do you call that? I just refinanced my loan, and I kept putting it off, right? I just moved to Georgia putting it off. But I knew deep down I knew it. I knew that if I did not do it, they were going to garnish my paycheck from my job at the school. And they were going to come out to me because that money I owe right, I would like 97,004 student loans. And I didn't get around to doing it. So I put it off, put it off, put it off and finally as okay, I'm a do it during. Actually, I did it through the Mercury retrograde, And I didn't want to do it because I thought, Oh, my God, if I do like income repayment plan, then they're going to try to me the $900 that they were charging me in New York. That's like, uh, rent payment. And I wasn't You can afford that. So I worked it out, and I got a payment of that's very affordable. So it took Mercury retrograde for things that happen. So that way I could get my stuff on track, right? But I knew, like, do my intuition, my feelings, my emotions kept telling me I needed to do this. Fear was creeping into fear was telling me now you shouldn't do that. And it was holding me off. But my intuition was telling me, No, you need to take care of this. So listening to my intuition allowed me toe, get it fixed and fixed better than I need to. When I moved to Georgia, I knew that I needed to come to a new place. I knew I need to come to George because I wanted to come from my film career, and I knew this is the place to be. But New Jersey. I was in my comfort zone and I was like, I don't have the confidence to come to take that risk. But then finally, I was like, You know what I know. I need to take the rest. I had to have the confidence, but the information I had with them me was telling me and see that light and dark side. This is where you will fight with that like dark, that shadow in that dark side. But when you bring it together, that towel that allows you to be one with yourself to follow yourself. Trust yourself And then from there, you know what you know and you act on what you know. It's when you detach from the heart because he had the heart and head is trying to come together here. The heart isn't control. You mostly go from the head with the king. Now I know usually say, you know, bring it together to behold. But sometimes you need to act from your head from, you know, certain decisions. This king of swords detaches from his heart. He makes decisions based on what's going to be the best based on the facts. What's going to give me the best outcome? Based on the knowledge that I mean usedto through my plan of action? He doesn't. He doesn't have his heart. He does what's best in that moment. Based on thoughts he has, she says, Look, you know what you know. See at his highest vibrations as I know what I know. The lowest vibration is I know what I know. A no argument. Me. I'm in the mobile. I have the answers to life. The magician. You know what you need to know? You need to go out there. You need to have the confidence to get that look at the infinite knowledge. Right there. You have any new beginning? You want you channel that information from up above you channel the information as above so below. So these are all cards about. I know. So I hope this video helps you please let me know if that makes sense. Because sometimes I do these videos and the way that I think about the energy and I try to express it sometime when I feel like I'm recording, I don't think I'm getting the message across. But, you know, please let me know if you if you understand these energies because that's what I want to do . That's my job. My job is here. Toe help. You understand the energies. All right. So what? That said, I will see you all in the next video. And if you want to connect to the higher you now is the time. Start believing that you because I believe you. And I'll see you soon. Bye. 25. Thank You : everyone. I want to thank you so much for purchasing this course. This course was so fun for me because it gave me a chance to tell about the things that I love. Entero. How to put the cards together, how to use similar cards, how to use the terrifying car tile to use all of this to your advantage and use tarot in a way that helps you get the most out of your client readings for you to help go beneath just the surface level reads which your clients and I'm so excited that I can be a part of the help you get toe on this journey to become an advance reader. And with that, I hope you found a lot of tools and tips and tricks that I use and I am here for you. So if you would like to learn anymore and you have more questions, please feel free to email me. I am available for students on this course, and I look forward to hearing about you and your journey and what that I wish you all well . I wish you love happiness. And I wish you all successful client readings and success all around happiness. And I will see you all in my next course by