Learn Speed Reading. Read Up To Five Times Faster! Learn more, earn more! | Mike Ingram | Skillshare

Learn Speed Reading. Read Up To Five Times Faster! Learn more, earn more!

Mike Ingram, Skillshare Teacher. Follow me

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12 Videos (25m)
    • Speed reading intro

    • World record speed readers

    • The mechanics of reading

    • Fixation and Saccades

    • Vocabulary

    • Concentration and brain training

    • Regression

    • Speed reading method one

    • Speed reading method two

    • Speed reading method three

    • Further ways to read books quicker

    • Your class project


About This Class

​Do you read a lot of texts, emails, social media posts etc. every day? How much time does that waste? Imagine if you had the super power of speed reading? 

What if you could read at speeds five times or more faster than you currently do? Imagine how amazing that would feel, how much more you could get done in a day?

Maybe, you're a Student, or Teacher,  who has to do a lot of revision or learning new facts? Are you a professional who has to read lots of reports and emails? Does this take up a load of your time?

Maybe you're someone who just spends hours reading to boost your knowledge, or just for the fun of it?

If you could speed read everything, what would you do with all of that extra time you saved? How much extra could you learn? How much extra could you achieve.

In this course, I will show you some proven methods to boost your reading speed by up to five times faster (maybe even more.)  

Enroll now and take that first step to the new, Improved you! 

See you inside the course



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