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Learn Spanish vocabulary effortlessly 1

Ricardo López, Languages Teacher

Learn Spanish vocabulary effortlessly 1

Ricardo López, Languages Teacher

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5 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1.1 Basic words and phrases

    • 3. 1.2 Numbers 0 to 10

    • 4. 1.3 Days of the week and months of the year

    • 5. 1.4 Colours

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About This Class

Learn Spanish with me! My name is Ricardo López. I'm from Spain and I'm going to be teaching you vocabulary in this course. This course is aimed at beginners. You will be shown words with their equivalence in English and then you will see that word used in a sentence. This is the first of a series of courses. The contents are:

  1. Basic words and phrases
  2. Numbers 0 to 10
  3. Days of the week and months of the year
  4. Colours

Say out loud the words and sentences as you hear them so you can practise! You can also watch and listen to this course while you're doing other simple activities on the side.

You will find a pdf file with a list with all words and phrases covered in the project section.

If you enjoyed the course please leave a review! ¡Adiós!

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Ricardo López

Languages Teacher


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1. Introduction: Hello, everybody. Allah at Delos on welcome to this course about Spanish vocabulary. My name is regarded a low Beth. I am from Spain and I'm going to be teaching you some basic vocabulary words on phrases. So without further ado, let's have a look at the content off this first course cause number one because I'm planning on making or the courses after these. So this is what we're going to learn. First of all, I will teach you some basic words and phrases. Okay? The very, very, very basics off Spanish. Then the numbers 0 to 10 in third place, the days of the week under months of the year on. Then in last place the colors. As I said, there will be more courses about vocabulary. This is the 1st 1 on in this first cause, you will learn about these four things. So this is what you're going to learn. Let's have a how you're going to learn the way we I'm going to teach you the vocabulary eyes the following. I will present you the words one by one with their grammatical information. So if it's a noun or an adjective, how the masculine is the feminine and so one under translation into English. So firstly, the word isolated on. Then after that, that word will be used in a sentence in context. And you will also get that translation in English. It's very important that you see the words being used in a Spanish sentence because that helps you memorize that word much better. Okay, so we've seen what you're going to learn, how you're going to learn. This is an example. Okay, um let's say we are learning basic words and sentences on I give you the word Fadell, which is an app for fact, out in English. Awful. So I will say the words. You will repeat it. I will say the English. And then I will show you the word incentives. So one is stuff Model Dnm, Bro Lemma You see the word here Fatah being used in a riel sentence. Andi, it's also very nice because you can see all the words on other translations in the sentence , and you can probably figure out the meanings as well. So this is just an example of the work. Uh, just some final instructions on this causes based on reputation and seeing words in sentences. It's very important that you try to repeat up loud. I know that it can be a bit annoying or boring to repeat, but it's really, really important to say the words out loud. It helps with pronunciation. With memory. You may take notice. Well, if you wish, but you will find everything. All the words in the pdf file with the translations. Andi for the project. For this course, I'm gonna ask you to find 15. Or the basic words of phrases that you would like to learn like that was that you will see in the first lesson on then put them in English on he in Spanish. OK, And you can use any of these two tools that you have here. So thesis everything. Welcome to the cause on I will see you first lesson on the US 2. 1.1 Basic words and phrases: Hello and welcome to this first lesson off this first cause This is going to be about basic words and phrases. So, without further ado, let's start with the 1st 1 going to be repeating the words in a normal speed first, then slowly. And then I will say the translation. So Ola Ola Hello? Oh, yeah, On, amigo. Hola, amigo. Hello, friend Aula. Um, evil. Now, one thing here about these word. As you noticed, I did not pronounce the letter. H I didn't say hola. I said Allah. So whenever you see an H, you don't say anything. You ignore it completely. Okay. So, Allah, let's move on to the next wet comb. Akiyama's Goma day. Yeah, Hamas. What's your name? Go, Moody. Yeah, Mass. Put it on bad. Have gone. Go more day. Yeah. Hamas. Excuse me. What's your name? Battle zone. Go, Mantei? Yeah, Hamas. Maybe a more made young More. My name is May jam more. Maybe I'm only gonna the Lopez may jam. Oh, regards Lopez. My name is the God of the Low Beth May Yamma regarding Lopez. Another thing here If you noticed this combination of letters the double L, uh we pronounce it last year. So maybe are more okay. It's not Mallamo made young more on then whatever your name is. Get on Get style How are you? Game time? Get alloy. Okay boy, how are you today? Get doll Oy fantastical being be in Well the end A story The end ital a story bien You do? I'm well And you Estoy bien people Mile, mile bad My no story model. No, I story mile I'm no bad. No I story model Muscle man knows must oh manos So so must or man knows or your story Muscle man knows boy a story Maso Manos It's going so so today Boy, a story. My so manos This expression Muscleman knows it literally means more or less, more or less. Ok, but if we if someone is asking you how you we could say something like so So Ah yeah, more or less something like that. Okay. Next one five about it. Fat awful Fattal One stuff a total The dilemma. One stuff Fattal d n a member of Dilemma once feeling awful, he has a problem. One is stuff Fattal the in the room put off Dilemma, Kumasi Embry go MOC Embry, As always, go Morsi embrace Historical museum Very a story Halmosi Embry I'm is always a story Go Morsi Embry When was the ass Buenos dias. Good morning. Buenos D s Now, this is a greeting that we would typically use until two PM or so um on I will say what we say after that time. So what does the US waffle? Buenos d s Guapo. Good morning, handsome boy and nose Diaz. Who apple. Okay, so we just saw one of the us. Now we have. When I started this, Buenos died of this Good afternoon, boy. In us out of this this secretive, that would typically say, after 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. until it gets dark, more or less or even a bit later. Uh, when he gets stock. So until about 9 p.m. um that are there literally means afternoon or evening as well the early bit of the evening. So buenos tardes flows when us that this are told us. Good afternoon, everyone. When us out of this Actos, I'm the last Greek thing when it's not test when us not chess. Good evening or good night, boy. in us. Not this. We usually say this when it's dark. Um, about there's a P missing their nine PM onwards on. But it's not just when we go to sleep. We also say as a greeting when you meet somebody, let's say you go out for dinner on Do you meet at well in spend. You would meet light for for dinner like 9 10 10 30 When you see your friends, you would say when has noticed on also. As I said, when you go to bed, it's both things when it's dark and late as a greeting on when you go to bed so well, it's not a skittle. Buenos, not test Guettel. Good evening. How are you? Buenos not says capital. Good. Just a PSA Rica. Remember, we have Buenos Dias when I started this Aunt Buenos notice. Okay, Next word. See? See? Yes. See? See? So you may be gone. Oh, see? So he I'm Mary Goneau. Yes, I'm American. See Soy americano and pay attention. The I has this mark here. We call it offender. Okay, Andi, you have to put it all. The what is not correct. Seem with this mark here Next would. No, no, no, no, No! Sawyer Cantina. No Soy are fan Tina, I'm not Argentinian. No soy are cantina One quick thing here Argentina is a nationality on. In this case, it ends in an A Argentina. This is showing you that it's in the feminine form. It's a female Argentinian. Let's say, um if you want to put it this in the masculine for me just change the a front. Oh, so I can t know is the masculine male Argentinian Let's say anything. No Okay, enough. Yes. Get off. Yes, thank you. Be enough. He s I've put this here a swell this it says last. It indicates that it's a feminine noun Because it has this a here, like in here as well. He has to agree a, um on it also hasn't as here. So it indicates that it's plural. This literally means of the But it's a way for you to have all the information about the word here it last with an Asia. It's feminine on with an S o. You know that it's plural. You will see it in all the words esto be in. Gadhafi s a story bien Get off Yes, I'm well, Thank you. A story bien. Good After. Yes. Another. The another. You're welcome then. Allah, You know this portal? A photo? Another Gaddafi s por la foto the another. Thanks for the picture. You're welcome. Gothia Sport. Telephoto. The another. Okay, you're welcome. It literally means off Nothing. The translation in English. It would say you're welcome. But just in case you want to know the literal translation is off. Nothing better than bad have done. Sorry. Bad has done. I've put you. I put here l This indicates that it's a masculine noun. Ah, we saw last last in the previews Example life is for the feminine. L is for the masculine. Okay, marathon. No celery. Sportster bad Have gone. No Said Larrys Poster. Sorry, I don't know the answer better than no se la resp oyster. This is very similar to the English word pardon, which has a similar kind of similar meaning. So it might be easy to remember for you. You think about it that way. Bit of on what followed. 45 or please, four for war. LaSalle Bassam A lasagne for far. Pass me the sold place. Bassam El A cell poor follower. The school Pay the school bay. Excuse me. The school bay. The school pay Don't this talent rather the school bay Don't a style and brother. Excuse me. Where is the entrance? The school bear, don't they? Star line Malala So you sorry I am so so. Ricardo So your spaniel So in the defend their So you re cargo. So yes spaniel Soy in Delhi Friend day. I am Ricardo. I am Spanish. I am intelligent Soy very Cardozo. So yes spaniel Soy in their life in there. Tango thing go. I have. Then go. They gonna familiar Runde? Then go una familia Gorondi. I have a big family. Then go una familia Grande I I there is all there are I be careful with the pronunciation of this word. We say I okay. No hay a I And it's a very, very, very common word. I motored graphical. I move took grafico. There is a lot of traffic. I Mozart graphical on the US are the off Goodbye. They started the U S. It's started there. Have yours. It's late. Goodbye s started there. Have us asked Al level Asta Nuevo. See you Graphics Porto Campania esta waiver. Get a CIA sport. Compania passed away. Whoa! Thank you for the company. See you, Gothia. Sportal Com Banya Asta nuevo on again. Remember, there's an age here. We don't say it. Asked on Nuevo it literally literally means until later. Anti later. See you on this. The last slight you have here. A recap off all the words that we've learned in this first lesson I left foot. Also some translations next to them, just in case you forgot. So we have Allah. Go Mantega! Hamas May Yeah, more get on Bien mile muscle Man knows for a doll. Go MOC Embry Then we learned the three greetings. When is the US When I started this, When it's notice, see? No, I get asked. Yes, the another Better than poor farm or the school bear. So he then go. I on the US passed away. Whoa! Okay, so that was everything for this first lesson Asked Oliver asked Nuevo 3. 1.2 Numbers 0 to 10: all of those. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the second session off the cause. We're going to be learning the numbers from 1 to 10. Will actually, from 0 to 10 on the very first word that we need is no medal. No medal number. Nu metal. Now remember, I've put this l in Bracket. This indicates that the word is masculine. Okay, that the noun is masculine. If it was feminine, it would be a lot, but because it's masculine, we put l l know middle. The number. It's just a indicator off the gender of the world and dress as me Numeroff A burrito l dress s mi numero follow. Greedo three is my favorite number. L dress s mi numero far. Garrido, Fiddle settle zero sandal tangle severally NATO tengo settle the narrow. I have zero money. Then go said of the NATO. Oh, no! Oh no one! Oh no! Then go to Dango Gods. I have a call the anger on God. Now you might have noticed that the number here on the word here is different. The reason is when the number one is followed by a word, it loses Theo. Okay. When it's isolated by itself. When you're counting, for example, you do keep the out. But when you use it on, there's a number. After it it loses. Theo, that's why. Okay doth doth to doth I those person arsenal Gruebel I those purse on us and El Grupo There are two people in the group I those personas en el grupo Today's the race three. The race Then go to see the US then got this either a us I have three ideas. Then go that they see. They asked cuatro cuatro full cuatro Catalonia The Enoch water problem FIA's got Vilonia The Quattro Pro Catalonia has four provinces got bologna The Quadra Peruvian Thea's Catalonia is the name off a region in Spain and that's where Barcelona is its its capital and also, uh, Quadra We spell it with C. OK, it's a very common mistake to spell quieter with a que it's with the sea thing. Go seem go five Theme Go examine the anything could that asked aleck salmon DNF In Qatar areas, the exam has five tasks. Alex Salmon DNF. In Qatar, areas face face six face I say scuffles. And like Athena, I say Scott us and lock Athena. There are six boxes in the kitchen. I say Scott FAS and lack Athena. See it there? Siete day seven. See it there? That's Amanda. The initiated the s last Semana. The N s. He had the V s. The week has seven days last. Samana the Ennis yet they ve us. What to oh, choh eight. Oh, So I use Oprah doctors and fester. I also provoked us and laugh Esther, there are eight products in the basket. I ought to provoke toes and la Festa Webby? No, every nine unwary If the city doesn't have a proposed us necesito whoever broke Cuesta's I need nine proposals. Neth Aceto Whoever put up west us the f yes 10 The f tingle, the FDs Demography, illness. Then go the FDs there Barca fearfulness. I have 10 days of holy days Tengo the s D s de Vaca fearfulness. Okay, this is just a re cup off the numbers Eso we have federal Oh, no does that s watch. Throw seen Go Saiz see it there or Sure. No way. The s way be and fantastical. See you in the next lesson Ideals. Bye bye 4. 1.3 Days of the week and months of the year: all out of it. Hello again. In this third part of the cause, we're going to learn the days of the week on the months of the year in first place, we're going to learn words like, ah, week weekend on the one on then the actual days of the week on the month of the year. So, Dia, the, uh, they the, uh on. Remember, we have Eddie here in bracket. This indicates that the word the is a masculine noun or is the f ing go boy as the A think Oh, today it's the fifth in Spanish. We literally say today it's the five. Okay, Wouldn't wouldn't say it like in English. The fifth, the second, um, the ninth off the month. Would you say it with the plane number? Today's the five would say oy s the thin go. Same manna, same manna week, Same manner. Esta semana is more A lot of it's the same Anna, it s more a lot of our this week is very long. Esta semana Ismail langa fin de semana feel the same manner weekend themed the semana and find the same. Another scan so and feet in the same manner This Cancel the weekend. I rest el fin de semana. This cancel Ah fin de semana literally means end off week. So the weekend mess mess month Miss l'm as the favorite. So the end of Indio Oats of the US l mess there Febrero The innovation Theo toe the US The month of February has 28 days l mess the family row, the enemy in theatre V s. And you I knew. Yeah. Annual L Angela's Mill Lane. Today s my complete Carlo Alanya. Those meal vein there s my complete kado. The year 2000 and 20 is very complicated. Alanya, those meal rain. There s my complicate This letter here, which looks like an end with this symbol here is the letter in year in Spanish on you pronounce it with a near sound Like the way you say onion, the word onion Newt, that new sound annual. We're going to learn the days of the week Now the 1st 1 Blueness, blueness, Monday blueness. All the orders newness or the or lost Luminous! I hate Mondays. All of the old lost luminous market. This mark this Tuesday my guess the smartest angle football. I have football on Tuesdays. We literally say I have football, Vir Tuesday. That's how we say in Spanish Lost Martha's ver Tuesdays Merkel s mere coalesce Wednesday mere coalesce l miracle is someone there? L miracle s s room When India Wednesday is a good day l mear coalesce And someone India Whoever is where This first day where this and whoever is No, it's a special l Whoever is no s s special Thursday is not special And whoever is No, it's a special bareness Be Airness Friday be a readiness awareness NPFL fin de semana l beer nous and Pierre style fin de semana. The weekend starts on Friday l weirdness MP Ethel Fin de Semana Some other Salgado Saturday Sal follow and some of the SL Muhammadiyah El Sabaa Low sl Makor Dia Saturday is the best day and Sam ago SL whore Dia though Mingo Domingo Sunday don't mean go El Domingo No, another l don't mean go no organ. Allah, I don't do anything on Sundays. El Domingo. No, no, not now. Okay, let's have a look at the days of the week again. Los dias, The last semana The days off the week lewdness market this mere coalesce. Where this be Airness Sabah, though Domingo. Loneliness My, This Merkel s who? Where this be evanesce Sabah! Though Domingo Ah, the days of the week deer in the week excluding the weekend. They all end in s just for you to remember on then the other to end in o Good. Okay, we're going to continue now with the months of the year in a no and Nadal January and Nadal , This is the month that is going to be the most different from from the English A with the rest are more or less the same with some spelling changes. L. A and B s Canonero a Lanyu MPs I in a narrow the year starts in January. A Lanyu mbe esa and then it'll also, um I noticed that the days of the week on the months of the year in Spanish do not take capital letter off course. If it's starting a sentence, it will take Capital letter like here. But if it's in the middle of the sentence, they don't take capital letter view, put capital letter. It is a mistake. Okay, that's that. That's a big difference with English favor NATO fair Moretto, February Faymann, Eto, some Valentin s and Febrero. San Valentin is in Febrero. Send Valentine's is in February, San Valentin s and Ferrero. Not a soul modest soul march Modest stole with this Governor Wallace and Marceau. I bet Office cardinal while is in Marceau Sometimes carnival is in March. I ifthis Carnaval is in Mursal. This is the okay. I really I really April are real La semana Santa ice and debris La semana Santa is in a real Easter is in April We literally with literally call it they ST the Holy week Easter my you my view Many my dio and mind you I think we want temple In my view I sem we went tiempo in May There is very nice weather in my view I sem we went to temple who knew who knew June Honea and home And who knew MP s a l Bereano Some are start in June And who knew NPFL? Bereano Julio Holier July Julio and Julio was the asan well out of us And Julio lost their son Moix Largo's in July days are very long And Julio los dias son, we lot awas I waas toe I waas toe August I lost Oh, and I will start the mood chuckle or in our host oh, Assam Moto color. It's very hot in August and I go store after Move Chuckle Lord Sympathy embody Sepp tm Buri September Sepp tm Buri and September A and B FLS quella and sipped The Embry MPs allies quella school start in September and Sepp the Embry MPs allies quella look to wear I spoke to today October book to with them followin s in October Halloween. It's a knocked away Halloween is in October followin s and knocked to with it Noviembre no BMB area. November no be embody and noviembre A and B. It's on video and no b Embry MPs, I'll Sirio the cold start in November. And noviembre MPs, I'll phileo the fee. Embry the fee embody December the fee Embry pay attention with an eye here. The family now we never send this. Um very now. Maybe that s in the fee. Embry Christmas is in December. Not be that IHS in the family. Okay. On to you finish with this section A recap of the months of the year. Los messes. Delon, you the months of the year in Natal. Favorito, my soul have real my your horn eel. Holy Leo. I want sto except the Embry book over there Noviembre the fee embody in a little February. It'll my So I really my your horny a Julio I lost or 70 Embry, Look over there. Noviembre, the CMD. Okay, so that was everything about the section. See you in the next. Bit off the course at the oars of your system, Brando. 5. 1.4 Colours: All right, All adore lows. Hello, everyone. And welcome to this last session off the cause. This is going to be about colors. So obviously the first word that we need to learn is the word color. In Spanish galore core Lord color, go lower Mikel or for burrito s l A fool Mikel or Far Burrito s L A Full. My favorite color is Blue Me galore Far Burrito s l a fool. Now let's move on to learning the action colors Blanco Blanco White Blanco Now here you can see we have Blanco slash Blanca blankets and objective It's a describing word. So depending on what the collar Blanco is describing, we need one of these endings. If What if the thing that wide is describing is mass killing. We will say Blanco. If the thing that white is describing its feminine, we will say Blanca, For example, Lanier is Blanca. Lanyard Bay is Blanca. Snow is white. Lanier E s Blanca. As you can see here, Lanier via the snow. It's a feminine noun. How do we know? Because it has a lot before. So the color white Blanca Blanca has to agree with the noun that it's describing. So we need to put the feminine ending because we have a feminine noun. That's why. Okay, never neg. Little black Negative. There's more. Theater also narrows lost More theory. Lovell's so never us, but are black lost More theological Waas sun Never loose in here because more theology boss is a masculine noun. We chose the masculine ending for the objective on We just had an s here on an s here because it's plural. It's more than one. Okay, Greece, Greece Gray Greece. Los rottenness Songri says loss of our donors Son Gary says mice are Dre Los Ratto nous son Gary says Rocco Bro Read Drill Cool! It's the funders. Rocco s the fundo s role. This background is red s the fondle is Rocco a soul? Ah, soul blue Soon el cielo cesspool l fear law Iss are full The sky's blue El cielo s a soul. I'm marry you Amar e u yellow I'm marry you Remember this combination of letters? The two else we say year Like in May Yamma. My name is Leslie Monness. Cinema radios closely, More nous So no, marry you Lemons are yellow Lost Li mon nous sewn Armory Videos. Marone Model Run Brown Marrone Let's cut by your son Maraniss. Lost cover. Ideas sewn. Maroni's horses are brown. Lost. My does sewn. Maroni's not I'm sorry. Not on so orange. Not answer. Last night. I am so not on first last night on has sown Narron pass oranges are orange last Moran, Kaz Sonar on us building Better there green Better there. Last So high. Some better this last. So crass sun bear, This leaves are green. Remember? We don't say the letter h at all. We ignore it. Derosa Groza pink Rosa Just there. Those under assess I lost third of those. Sandro's us picks are pink. Lost their those Sean draws us more. Other more, although powerful morale, though. Lots of us on what I'll ask Last koobus on more of us. Grapes are purple last sober. So on more Dallas. Okay. And now to last Words. These are not colors, but you can combine them with the colors. So this one is Collado. Glad. Oh, light. Glad. Oh, so you can put any color before and it makes the color light So a soul. Glad? Oh, Blair Rojo! Glad. Oh, better the claro for example Esta my size for a hook. Lado esta messa is Rojo. Clara, this table is light. Rhett esta mesa is Rojo clan and then the opposite Or scooter or school? Dark or school lab? Bettina, is somebody your school? Go, Labatt Fina iss I might be your school. The page is dark yellow love Rafinha. It s a merry go school on. This is a recap off everything that we've learned in this section. Los colores the colors on in singular l galore the color one Blanco name a little goodies Rojo. Our soul. I'm Mighty Eagle Marone Not I'm so better there. Rossa more than either. Glad Oh oscuro, as you noticed, have separated these two words because they're not colors the actual colors, but just wants to describe or to give more detail about the color. Okay, so this was everything in this section on. This was the last bit off this cause I'm planning on making mawr courses covering all the topics above vocabulary. If you enjoyed this course are, please leave a review. Um, also, there's the project that you can complete. Thank you so much for following. I hope you enjoyed it that you learned at the asado. Those e asta Paronto, every off Salvio's