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43 Lessons (2h 38m)
    • 1. How to Introduce yourself?

    • 2. How to greet Part 1

    • 3. How to greet part 2

    • 4. Alphabet

    • 5. How to pronounce the Spanish R

    • 6. How to pronounce the Spanish J

    • 7. Stress & Accents

    • 8. Los numeros part 1

    • 9. Los numeros Part2

    • 10. Days & Months

    • 11. Personal pronouns

    • 12. Animals Part 1

    • 13. Animals Part 2

    • 14. Fruits

    • 15. Lugares de trabajo

    • 16. Preposiciones

    • 17. Aqui alla

    • 18. How to say this and that

    • 19. Gender Nouns

    • 20. Definite & Indefinite articles

    • 21. The Plural

    • 22. How to conjugate ar verbs

    • 23. Ar verbs

    • 24. Ar verbs conjugated

    • 25. How to conjugate er verbs

    • 26. Er verbs

    • 27. Er Verbs Conjugados

    • 28. How to conjugate IR verbs

    • 29. Ir verbs Part 2

    • 30. Irregular verbs conjugated

    • 31. Class 1 Stem Chanaging verbs O to UE

    • 32. Class Stem changing verbs E to IE

    • 33. Class Stem Verbs E to I

    • 34. Class Irregular Verbs Group 1

    • 35. Irregular verbs g1 practice

    • 36. Class irr verb g2

    • 37. Irr verbs G2 practice

    • 38. Class irregular verbs g3

    • 39. Irr verbs G3 Practice

    • 40. Class irregular verbs G4

    • 41. Irr verbs G4 practice

    • 42. Class irregular verbs G5 bueno

    • 43. Irr Verbs G5 practice


About This Class

This course is meant for English speaker that has a lttle or null knowledge of Spanish. If you are a complete beginner, this course is the right place for you, We'll cover everything from level one assuming you don't know a thing about Spanish

Since the very first 3 lessons you'll learn how to say some words and phrases in Sanish, and after that we'll star with the very basics as the alphabet, pronounciation of letters vocabulary and other basic topics

We'll keep moving onto more intermediate topics as verb conjugation, we have some good lessons on this topic that will make this process so easy for you with our tricks and tips.

By the end of this course you'll learn how to say some of your everyday activities in the present tense


1. How to Introduce yourself?: had everyone and thank you for taking his lesson on how to introduce yourself. So let's begin. If you want to introduce yourself in Spanish, you shall say something like May Jammu. Magimel literally means I call myself. And even though it may sound like a weird thing to say in English in Spanish, it isn't mage. Emma can be translated as my name is so after me. GMO, you shall say your name for the temple made jam One dresses. This means I call myself on dress or in better English. My name is Andreas. If your name is Brandon, you say May Gemma. Brandon. Another way to say me, Gemma East me Number is me. Number s literally means my name is me number. It means my name and s means is so me. Number is Andres translates to My name is on dress. Okay, Another way to introduce yourself is by saying simply soy soy. So it means I am. So if you say so, Anna, that means I am Anna again. Soy means I am me. Number s means my name is and maj Ammo can also be translated as my name is. Okay, so now we know how to say our names. But what if we want to know the name of the person that you're speaking with in English? We might ask, What's your name to do that right? So in Spanish will say Kamata Jammeh's go more. The Jammeh's come with the Yemen's can be translated as What is your name, although it literally means How do you call yourself? Another way to ask is qualities to know Marie while it's too normally, it means what's your name? So if you say this to another person, they might tell you their name. So if it's a she, she can say May gem on that right? Or she can say so. Anna. Now, if you're a polite person, you may want to say something like Nice to meet you. May be right. So to say, Nice to meet you in Spanish, you shall say macho Gusteau. Mature Gusteau. Macho Gusteau means nice to meet you. No choke. Gusteau. Nice to meet you. 2. How to greet Part 1: Hi everyone. I hope you're doing great. It is less when you are going to learn how to greet people. Obviously in Spanish. So the most basic dreamworld in Spanish is ola or lab Hola means hello And you can say all a at any time of the day. This world is widely used to greet people. Another common expression in English is good morning. Right. So how can we say good morning in Spanish? Well, good morning is buenas ds Buenos dias. What does he s literally means? Good days. But it can be translated as Good Morning. And we can save Guernsey s in the morning, obviously until 12 pm Now, if it is after 12 p.m. Then we say buena status Buenos status when it started. This means good afternoon. And we can say when I started this usually until it gets dark. Okay? Something around seven or eight pm after it gets dark, we say when as notches When of no chest means good night in Spanish. We don't have a term to say Good evening. So we say when there's no chest to greet in the evening angry say when it's not just to greet at night. So if you run into someone around evening and you want to say good evening, just say when is not just. And if you want to say good night maybe you're leading a place or something. Just say when as noticed as well. One of not just There are other things you can say degreed Someone put a him blue You can ask How are they doing? Right? So if you're walking down the park or down the street, you can say hola Buenas AEA's or Ola Come west us Orla, go moist Ask Come with stars means how are you? And we know that Allah means high. So ola comunistas means Hi How are you, Mullah? Come with death. Now if someone says to you go most as you might say something like, I'm give right or I'm okay or I'm fine. Well, how can you say all of these things in Spanish? How can you say I'm good or I'm fine if someone says come one stands to you Well, Jake and say it's still Libyan. Get asked. Yes. Estoy bien means I'm good or I'm okay or I'm fine. It's story being in grass Yes means thanks, Ola go most as s story being gaseous it go Noticed that the girl said he to to bounce the question back. Could you imagine what it to means? Well, it to means and you and you. Now the wedge it in answer to this is by saying estoy bien tambien estoy being means I'm good and tambien means to And you too or am okay to Orosz. Well, estoy bien tambien In the next lesson, we'll see some other ways to greet. 3. How to greet part 2: Hi. Let's continue with the how to greet lesson. Let's see some other waste agreed. So get then get that Get that means how argue or how's it going? And you can use Guettel in both formal and informal situations. Next one is come on, Kamata Committee. That means how are you doing? Or has it going you can use committed in not so formal situations? Next one is scary. Okay, I okay, I is more informal and it means something like What's up for what's new. The last one is get on that gown. That is the most common way to greet among young people in Mexico. And normally you can Onley use Count that with your friends are people you know and obviously is informal. Now how can we answer to all of these readings? You can say it's story. Be in grass. Yes, a story Being gaseous means I'm good. Thanks. You can say it's toy Phenomenal. His story phenomenal means I'm great. You can also say it's story super again. His story Super Lian means I'm super good or I'm great. You can also say never a key. If you want to say something like not much Nahla means nothing. And the key means here. So not a key means something like not much. I'm just here. But you can also say a story, man. If you're not feeling well, this story, Mel means I'm bad or I'm no Okay. Which I hope this is not the gay for you. 4. Alphabet: uh ah. As in Albion Albion means airplane. Uh ah! Bay Bay, as in barrack Oh, Marco means boat Bay Bay. Same se as in Gasela gas at means House. The letter C has another sound. Just like the English. That sounds like suit like city. But I can't blow See you that See? That means city, This is Letras se Let us see. Next is a letter that is no longer part of the Spanish alphabet and disease chain. Sounds like Cichero G Chatto. Okay, Dame they as in Dr Dr Dr Means Doctor, They a mm. As in Escalona this Escalona, this means steps. Hey hey F e s e as in fund asthma, fantasma means ghost s e a fee. So sounds like gateau Gateau means cat. There is also another sound for the clergy, which is very similar to the English age. The whole look sounds like Hendi send. That means people Okay, this is Lalit. Rocky, next is achy. The hatchet is silent. That's why we say ola because it's silent, Archie, you mean you as in Eagle s? Yeah. E Alessia means church e e hot there. Hood them. I think he that fact hit ofa means giraffe. Could that hood them? God! God, I think. God. Jack? Yeah, Jack? Yeah, Yeah. Italy Early a scene Liberals, liberals means books Ailey, Letta, Ellie Doubly l a is no longer part off the Spanish off of it, but sounds like Ju via ju via Judea means rain G m name in May, as in my mouth My my Amy Lalita Emmy and in the a C Not soon. Netta soon means swimming any any. And you, en you as in Nino Nino needs boy, It also sounds like Losang yah Norris Lasagna. Nino, This is any literally any Oh! Oh, I seen Ojo. Oh ho means I Oh, lehtera. Oh, okay. Bay a scene, Bairro Pero pero means pay later a pay. Cool, cool are seen. Emeka Gimme cat means chemistry. There will always be a bowel You next to the Q But the you will always be silent. That's why we say key Mika and not Queen Mika. This is LA later a coup. Cool here today, in every as in rap, don right don means mouse. There is also a softer air, a sound which is airy a as in I'm Mary Jo um, Mary Jo means yellow, airy, lehtera A Really? Yes. See, S a as in so far, So fat means sofa sc sc They they are seen Don't worry. Door rate means our they let that day. Oh, a scene or a Bandel or a man No means urban way away. A scene Bacca Vaca This is land later away, but sounds like a bee. W is a w w o as in whiskey whiskey w their keys A kiss as in Exeter, just like the English actually don't means success. External exito a keys Yankees There is also another sound which sounds like the English age For the Yankees, there is may he co Mexico. This is La Anetta Keys. Enke's J I seem Jack the Jack. It means yet J little a j said that said that as in sorrow, So rope means fucks said that letter a setter in the Spain last set that is pronounced as feta a few thorough thorough said that right this will have the Spanish off a bit. I'll see you in the next lesson as tall Lego 5. How to pronounce the Spanish R: a lot of toes today. I'm going to tissue how to pronounce the letter R in Spanish. So it's not that hard, if more difficult to jump through this ring of fire. So the letter R or Lehtera area has two sounds one softer and one stronger. First, we're going to take a look at the stronger sound. So for this younger sound plays your tongue right below your feet as if you were going to make the d h sound. I think thanks. So right below your teeth. Then try to blow like this. Um, okay, then while you're letting the air passed through while you're blowing pulled your tongue back. Okay, is lowly. So put your tongue back. Okay? Keep your tongue in the upper part of your mouth and pulled your tongue back and blow. Notice held. You will get it. If the area is not coming out, just try to blow harder to see if you get it. If you're not getting the era sound, don't worry. Because it's actually natural and normal, since you're not used to make this kind of sounds, But you need to keep practicing. Okay? Just follow the instructions I gave you and practice and practice in practice. And I promise you you will get it now. How can we pronounce the softer are, For example, the are in the world data Bada bada means four. Well, first, you need to try to forget for a while about your way you say the are at least if you want to sound more native. Now, if you're from the US, I'm pretty sure that you are familiar with the Spanish Soft are because it's really similar to the sound you make when you pronounce words like bottle or butter or video. So the dull T sound is really similar to the soft are in Spanish. So we try to say this world, but instead off the e. R at the end, we're going to replace it with on a So we're going to remove the e r. Ending, and we're going to replace it with an A. So what we're gonna have is Prada. So try to say this Prada Paata and now removed the apartness that you put in the peep or remove the error that you put in the people and said without the puffiness. So it's para but, uh, removed apartness and you'll get the Spanish word butter. Bata. But that's it. Nice. Perfect. Asked a pronto 6. How to pronounce the Spanish J: Hi, everyone. Today I'm going to teach you how to pronounce the day or hot them. So there are two ways that you can pronounce the hotel with the heart sound or with the soft sound. Now, let Hota is usually followed by a barbell. Okay, Uh, okay, he hoped. And who? But there are some words that have it at the very end. Like hello. Now, to get the heart sound, you're going to need to make the sound as if you were gargling the heart. J is only used in Spain according to this Purple book. So let's see some examples just in the heart. J. Hoven, Harvin, Jalisco. Let's see some other examples he needed Holyoke. Now let's move on with the South J Sound. The self J sound is actually easier for English speakers because it sounds like the English age More precisely. It sounds as when you say the world he so this off. Gay is years in almost all Latin America, including Mexico. Sounds like have own I had a bean. Jalisco knows that. It sounds like he have on serve in Jalisco now. He needed here free. And Julio he netted Chef a Julio. He sounds just the same Now. There is also another softer, even softer sound that is used in Venezuela. In some countries, off the Caribbean Sounds like this. That I work hard that our hard that I work hard notice that it is even softer that our hard right. I hope you enjoy this lesson. See you soon. Those memos 7. Stress & Accents: had everyone. I hope you're doing great in his lesson. You're going to learn how to pronounce the Spanish words correctly. So emphasis on Spanish words Well, stress. It's a key aspect in Spanish pronunciation. Stress is just emphasise that award receives when you are speaking but a him blue, the world Spanish. How do you pronounce these words? You say Spanish? No, right, You say Spanish. You put emphasis on the first babble who have Spanish Spanish, right. Well, in order to know when to stress a bowel, we have three rules that we can follow. The rule number one is called the nose rule. Okay. And it says that if a world ends in n as or a bowel noticed that the O and the E here stands for about So if I work and sing and s or a bowel, we're going to put the emphasis on the second to last syllable or bowel. What a sample. Chocolaty chocolate noticed that dancing e my bowel right. So the nose rule applies. So we have to play. The emphasis on the second to last bowel in this case is last. So we have Ochola they we're placing the emphasis is on the second to last Bible or syllable. Okay, Choco latte. We don't say chuckle. That day is choco latte. Now the next example is Pharmacia. Pharmacia ends in a bubble. It ends in a So again we can see that the nose rule applies Perfect. We know that we separate the world into syllables to get Pharmacia. Okay, remember that we have to play the emphasis on the second to last syllable or bowel. So in this case, is Matt Pharmacia. Great. The next example is Avalon means they talk in in CNN, so the nose rule apply ice. Great. Now, whether we do, we have to play the emphasis on the second to last syllable. So we have, huh? Blood? Avlynn Ablan. Okay, Perfect. Now Computadora! Computadora ends in a bubble. If I will I for a now what could we do? We have to play the emphasis on the second to last syllable. Okay, If we separate these words into syllables, we have come put that door There is the accent or the emphasis goes in the o computadora Now rule number two If the broken nose room, the broken nose you Well, if I were finishes in anything other than and as or a bowel, the emphasis will always be on the last barbell or sealable. Okay, the world a more love. Okay, You dancing Ferarri so it doesn't. And in an in s or about so they're broken nose. Who applies he here, right, You know, as you and Ari. So the emphases will have to be on the last syllable or bobble in this case is the Oh, okay. So if we separate the world in two syllables, we will have I'm more I'm more. What is? The emphasis is in more and more. Great. Now propel paper. Okay, we can see that you dancing? L thought the broken nose rule applies map. We'll have to play the emphasis in Bell Bill a pill. Remember that. If the broken nose who applies you poised the emphasis in the last syllable? Nobody means Whoa, but anything day or D? So again, the broken nose through a place. Now, Whether we do well, we play the emphasis, Remember, arm the last syllable who have but in about it. Okay, but it perfect. The next example is skansen, which means some here, as you can see are written. Accent is on the bottle. Oh, so if a bobble has a written accent, you will have to play the emphasis on the bubble that has the accent. Because accents in Spanish they rule so can soon is the way you pronounce these words can soon. It doesn't matter if it ends in n or any other letter so can soon. Perfect. Now inhale ASEAN relationship the same gaze you dancing, man. But we don't care about that because we can see that Malaysian has an accent are written accent in the bubble. Oh, so we pronounce this as a lesson. Okay. A soaker is the last example here. Castle wouldn't accent in the Bible You So we pronounce this as a so cara A So carol. 8. Los numeros part 1: those new meadows. Sadio? Oh, no nos The race cuatro single Saiz See it? They Oh, Joe, No E v Yes. On See no si today. See Dorsey Dean z dia's he say's the sec It they the suture the ASEAN wavy Bain today. 9. Los numeros Part2: those new meadows Vain. Do you know Main Venus? Maintain dress. Bain de Quatro. Mainly single Main Dis Ace Bank. The city being Theo Joe Painting Wavy Rayna during that, you know, Train day Those trained I dress train the Quattro trained I single train, they say's trained. I see a day train that you Joe train Dino V What in the all right from 31 to 99? It's like you were saying 31 Terry in 2 14 14 years to Quentin Day those square in tight race 40 and tree right? That's up to 99. Seem, Gwenda say, Santa said then the agenda. No vente skin. 10. Days & Months: Ola in this lesson we'll learn the days of the week the f the lesson manner Okay, so known This blueness is Monday Lewdness. Matatus is Tuesday. Matter of this Merkel s is Wednesday mere Kalis. Where if he is Thursday quit with be it in this If Friday B ed in this Savo is Saturday Salgado and Domingo is son. They Domingo Now we're going to learn the months loss messes and metal January and metal Se Barreto February febrero matter So if March Marisol a Brill is April a Brill. Next is Majal My job May Who knew is June. Who knew Julio is July Julio, Who will you? I go sto a ghost. Oh is August I go still said de Embry, September is September or to bread Is October oak to today No, B Embry November No, the Embry The Sea Embry. It's December. The CME very 11. Personal pronouns: have everyone. This lesson will be about personal problems or remembrance personalities. So I'm sure you know the pronounce in English. Which are I you? He she We you and they right? We have to singular once, Which are I you? He and she and the parliament's we, you and they right? So how can you say I in Spanish? Well, I Yes, Joe Joe is not your is Joe. Joe means I No. How can you say you Well, you is to don't don't means you do. And how can we say he and and l means he can you guess how we can say she? Well, she years Agia educ jab means she now. How can we say we? Well, we have two forms, one for masculine, which is no so truth. So if you're a male and you're in a group of males, you say no Sotelo's You mean we Okay? No. So truth for masculine and no so tres if for feminine No so tired. So if you are a girl and you're in a group off girls are females. You say no So trust no. So trust means we nso trust me also we so How can we say you in, puto? Well, you is both so true for masculine. Both photos and for feminine is both sort Dress both so trust. So Boss Otero's and also trust mean you. Now how can you say they or there is ages, ages or masculine? That's right. It just and for feminine is eh Just a Jeff. So it just means day for feminine and eh just mean means day for masculine. Okay, so now let's practice what we just learned. So, Joe is I So is you l a Is he an edger? If she No, Soto's end. So tres is we boss Otero's emboss otras is you and edges e ages is day. Okay, we're going to learn and you pronounce. That doesn't really exist in English. There is another form off you that shows respect and there is will step instead. I mean, something like you, sir, and Estelle is which is the brutal form off. Who's that means something like you served. Okay, you know that in America, including Mexico, people never used both Soto's they never, ever used Boss otras, they say will stay this instead. So whilst Ellis is what All Latin America usedto mean you in the port of form. It doesn't matter if you're speaking to a group of kids. Where'd You don't need to show any respect, right? And obviously they say stairs to other people. Okay, So Boss Otero's is on Lee, used in Spain. Onley in Spain is used also to. So if you're not sure what to use, I'll recommend you to go with status. So you know, respect never hurt anyone, right? 12. Animals Part 1: have everyone into this lesson. You will learn some vocabulary about animals. So let's begin my head. Oh, but I had a little elp. A hero. The bird photo! Dodo l daughter the bull! Gateau! Gateau! L gateau the cat! God! Gina! God! Gina! Lot guy! Gina the hand! Gadgil! God! You L Gadgil l Gadgil the rooster would you for jewel l Poggio the chicken bacca back the go Lavaka Bairro Bare room el Pero the Doug Benado Ben Avenue Elvin Aval The Deer Batteaux Batteaux El Pato Duck God, Viju God Viju l cover Joe. The whole, like ghabra the goat lag Avera every so Eddie so L every so the hatch, huh? Run there! Ran there. Last run there! The frog gotta thereto core. Vero El Cordero lamp. Right on. Right on. El Raton. The mouse Cornejo! Go on. A who? El Conejo Dragovic. Whoa, boo! Elbow The owl said of the set of though El cerebro the big my patches! Matt! Apache! L'm Apache. The raccoon! Babou! Babou! El Pavo! The turkey! Over here! Over here! Lap over here! The sheep! Now we're going to see some sea animals or any malice Marinos. They'll theme Delphine the dolphin. L Delphine Kangra. Who? Ganguly. Who? Ill gang. Gray. Who? The crab. Cocodrie Low El Coco. Really low the cock. A drill base based. And this your piece can gradually matter Cava Joe the matter Il Cavaliere Julie Mark Z Horse Lango sta lang Gosta Let languish sta lobster go on my own gamut on El Cameron The shrimp pull pull Motor pool l pool poor l pull. Pull the activists Evil done. He would run l d wood on shark lt Veron. 13. Animals Part 2: by Jenna By Jenna Labra Jenna, you will. They're too door to guy letter to the turtle. Cara. Corn? Yeah, Raccoon. Elka raccoon is nail being. We know being, We know eloping. We know the penguin. Foca, Foca laugh. Okay, The seal. He laughed. Heat after, like here a for 14. Fruits: how you everyone in this box regularly lesson We will learn some words about for it, so it's begin through death. Fritz through death Blatter No blood Don't know banana l platinum More test more or less Barry's last motors More than a soul mortar assort, Blueberry LaMotta A soul sad of some mortar. Sara Sam Motor Blackberry Lesar Samora Beth Koobus grapes Last you bas Mellon Mellon melon or cantaloupe l'm Ellen Kiwi G We L A Kiwi Get out now. There. Get out Now that pomegranate langer another at under Not Sekou adonde. No psycho dry cranberry l and under no psycho that will that deal date l that deal Eagle Ego Fig L Eagle Duncan Don't grapefruit Latour unca I say doing there, I say sooner I live. I say, You know, I can also be called or label or label. I want Kathy. I work at the I've got her l a y catty li mon li mon lemon El Limon Lima Lima lame la Lima In Mexico and other Latin American countries, the lemon or what you know as lemon is known as Lima in Mexico and other Latin American countries and the lime or Lima is known as Lehman E. Again. This is in Mexico and other Latin American countries. So there the other way around that I can that I can orange No banca Manda Rina, Manda, Rina Tendering lamb and arena dude as no do as no beach l do has no bailed out Beta Better Lab era Kenya Kenya Pineapple Lapetina Cinderella pasa Cinderella Bassa Croon Last year. Well, a pasa basis. Basses Racing's last passes for AMB wesa for Sambueza Raspberry latte from Wesa Man Sana Man Sana, Apple Lamin Sanneh, Cinderella Cinderella Whom Last year? Willer and and a nose at Under News Cranberries Lows at Under Nose Albury Cokie Albury, Cokie Africa It L Albury Cokie Sandia Sandia Watermelon Last Sandia, Fraser for Esa Strawberry Laugh Ressa. 15. Lugares de trabajo: Banco Banco Bank s stab you stadium a stab you dad through theater they had through in Berryessa Company in Berryessa Fatherly care five. But again, factory fabrica can also be called Atlanta Lanta More sail, You see? Um more sail BBO Take library Bebel Your tech Centro Commerciale No Sandra Oko Marciel spit on hospital Oh, speed down When you get to see that university when you get to see that university The end store The end there Ortel Hotel What then? Grand huh? Form good I if he's seen that authors or if he's seen there seen there cinema seen there Iglesia Charite Olesya 16. Preposiciones: Paige Everyone in this lesson we will learn about PARCC illness propositions They tell us where we can locate something or someone for example in seem a day means above are on top off and seem a day above or on top off los libros estan encima del escrito Rodeo The books are above the desk. The land they means I have off the Lanta day means a head off Alum Very start the land, Della Nina the men is ahead After little girl Alum Barre, Study land Della Nina You can also say at the land they thought they land and other lands That means I have off a lot of today means next to a lot though they next to lobby JIA Terra Is that a lot? O Dell Mala teen The wallet is next to the briefcase at the last day means behind our last day behind l'm Palatine esta a travel microphone. Oh, the briefcase is behind the microphone. You can also say the last day The trust day also means behind How can you say under I'm back home Abajo means under abajo La pelota is the abajo Deylam Issa Debo is under the table and throw It means between entry means between Logica iStar entry lof Pecos The girl is between the boys Logica iStar entry loss Chico's You can also say in the in the Lamaze you in the middle in l A media means in the middle Laciga star in l. A. Maybe you the girl is in the middle Logica is that in a Maybe you then through the inside, then through the inside letter toga Is that then through the lack aka the total is inside the books Laughter toga start then through the locker You can also say at the intro then throw It means inside as well are then through gun means with gone means with a stoic on me Romana, I'm with my sister is store economy Romana, I'm with my sister 17. Aqui alla: hi everyone In his lesson you will learn how to use a key at Jack here, there. And those are very beautiful. We are or adverbs off place. So to start this lesson, we're going to play a little game. Cook donde esta el conejo? Where's the rabbit? Donde esta el conical? And what we need to do is you need to help one toe find the rabbit using the adverbs off place. Don't this style, Cornejo donde esta el conejo? A key hockey Jackie means here and we say AKI because the rabbit is really close to one. So when I have to say a key El Guanaco esta aqui Do you have it? Is here next to me El Conejo. Is that tacky? Let's boy again. Done this style. Cornejo, Don't this tell Cominco there, Which means I e or a G i n g they both mean there and we used I or aji when something is a little far from us, but not too much. I energy mean the same thing. They both mean there. So if something is a little far from us but not too much, we're going to say i e or G you can choose the one you like the most since they both mean there. I'm going to use E el Conejo. Is that I e el Conejo esta? I means the rabbit is there. El Conejo is the e. Remember that? You can also say El Conejo esta a g I. And the Jimmy is the same. Don't Estelle. Kumiko, don't there. Is that l comic? Oh, What is the rabbit? Well, the rabbit is a job jammies over there, Jack. We used a gent when something is very far from us. El Gouna. Who is that job? El Conejo. Esta aja means the rabbit is over there. El Conejo. It's that job. Now it's time to practice what we just learn. Don't this tell? Pero a key. A key here. Right here. A key. Don't this style Gateau was the cat I e i e There el gato Esta e The rabbit is there. Don't this tell Kuniko my job. Hi, John. Over there. Go make. Oh, Is that a job? The rabbit is over there 18. How to say this and that: had everyone. It is less on. You will learn how to say this. That these and those in Spanish. So do you know what this? This that and those are well, they are the more instructive adjectives at tables. Demonstrative goes and you know what? Therefore the reason to exist? Well, they point out the people place or thing that you are talking about. So what's beginning with this? This has to translations one for masculine, which is estate in one for feminine, which is esta Esther and s that they both mean this We have to use estate for now. Is that our masculine? And we need to use s stop for family announce. But they both mean this for the him Blue. If you like to say this cat, you will have to say s they got toe este got toe We say Esther because gateau is a master and down and I say estate because the cat is close to me. So that's why I say estate that mean that means this, they say, happen with Este Kubel. The girl says Este Kuba, because the cube is close to her. And because school is mastering este Kubel means this cube. What happens if then Now you want to point out, is a family now? Well, you'll have to say, Esther esta polota esta pelota means this bowl is that computadora! The girl is pointing out a computer that is really close to her. So she says s that can put that on a computer that is feminine. That's why she says Esther. Now what happens if you have two or more computers? You may want to say these computers, right? Well, to do that in Spanish, we have again two options. This has also two translations, one for masculine, which is Esther's and one for feminine, which is Esther's Estos for masculine and Esther for feminine. They both mean the fork Ludo. Okay, so how can we say these computers? Well, these computers translates to Yes, that's computadoras EST s computadoras. That means these computers. Now, if you now, if what you have is a pile of books that are close to you and since books are mastering, you will say Esther's liberals, Esther's liberals. That means these books. But what happens if the object we want to point out is a little bit farther away? Well, in English. You will say that, right? Something that is not so close to you, but not so far. Well, that in Spanish is essay for masculine and ESA for feminine. Okay, so if we have a family object that is a little bit further from us, we will use Yes, sir. A SOssetia means that chair iss at sea. Gia that sure, if what you have is a masculine object or now that is also a little bit further away from you, you will say S c isi sme Graffagnino means that microphone s a microphone. We say essay because the microphone is masculine and because it is not so close to us, it's a little bit for their way. So we say essence. Now, if you have more than one object that is further away from you and you may once a dose well , for master win, you will say Esso's and for family, and you'll say SS esos for masculine and SS for feminine esos microphone knows means those microphones esos me grow full nose means those microphones it's us. See, jest means those shares. It's as c jests those shares we say SS because if feminine the object. The chair is family. And because the church is not so close to you is a little bit further away. Now let's practice what we just learn. If you want to say that rabbit, you'll say s iconic. Oh, yes, It Kumiko means that rabbit. That cap translates to Isaragura. Issa Gora Cap is feminine. Esos me. Griffin knows those microphones. Esos microphone knows those microphones. Ancestor to guests is those totals SS toward togas. Those totals You don't say this cat something that is really close to us will say Este gateau. This trophy is estate Rafael. Yes. They throw fail instead of letter means the s tablet is that letter. This tablet, It's a CIA. Is that share? It's that See, Gia, that chair. If you want to say that pencil in Spanish is s a lap east s a lap ease means that pencil. Hey, says cheek kiss is those girls It says cheekiness those girls, If you have our pile of books really close to you, you'll say Esther's liberals, these books Esther's liberals. If the books are a little bit further away from you, you'll say esos liberals, esos liberals 19. Gender Nouns: have everyone. By the end of this lesson, you will learn the deal or the importance of a gender in Spanish. So in English, there is no gender announce. That's why this stop. It could be a little bit difficult for you to understand. But in Spanish, all announced are either masculine or feminine. So this means that I word such as wool cat or computer can be either masculine or feminine . But you might be wondering, How can we know if award its national in a feminine right? Well, fortunately, there are two rules that work around 90 to 95% off the time, but you still need to learn about that. 5% wept. So for most announced that end in O are going to be masculine. That's rule number one you felt. If a noun NT know it's probably mastering, remember that they have to agree with its mastering article L, which means Star or the rule number two for most announced that end in a are going to be feminine. Okay, if a noun anting, it's probably family. They also have to agree with its family article lack, which means D or that so l illa. They bought me the but l is for master announced. INLA is for family announce but a template. The cloud of the keyboard you didn't see? No, but it's masculine. That's why we say l they glad we're using L because it's masculine. Healthy glow Lampa The lamb you didn't see Not so it's feminine. So we say Land Lamba Lamba, Now Me Graffagnino, Encino. So it's masculine. El mi Carafano microphone LME Carafano now Messa messa unstable. So if feminine right latte messa in a messa The table now Puerta attention a swell. So it's feminine. Lap worker The door La Puerta It's family now See, Jin, you didn't see are so it's family in last See Gia the Terror now Edifixio edificio anything ? Oh, so is masculine. L edifixio the building ill edifixio Now lap is pencil. It doesn't say that, but it's masculine. A lap ease. So in this lesson, we'll take a look at the announced that doesn't end in or or but a temple of soul. Our qualities, Lapides Imperador there announced. But they doesn't end in, but they don't end in O r. O. So for all now, is that end in soon or soon they're going to be Semin in If a noun and cincy on or see on its family, for example, lamb and soon the mansion. It's feminine because it ends in C on lemon soon feminine latte air opcion didn't see on, So it's feminine. The eruption. Let me soon the television and Cincy on for his feminine like and see on this song it. And since you know so it's feminine now for announced that and in that time or two are going to be feminine differences that have ortube. It's going to be feminine. So put a temple Lily Where that the liberty you didn't see that. All right, so it's feminine because you didn't in that now like you. Well, that he didn't think that so is feminine like that lack of in to the Jews he didn't seem. Dude, so is feminine, like who went to for announced that, and in my Emma, Emma or Emma are goingto be masculine. Notice that all of these end in a but the correct ending is Matt Emma Emma in Omagh. For him, pluck lima The weather. It ends in math, so it's masculine. Lima. The weather El fantasma the ghost he didn't into Matt. So it's masculine. A ghost now for announced that any or or AKI are going to be masculine. What a him blue L a. More You dancin are so it's master in the love a lot more. It's masculine Now, a leaky backing. It ends in AKI the luggage through its masculine and lucky packing. Now it drink or hate it's master, and because it ends in order in drink or 20. Definite & Indefinite articles: had everyone in this lesson. You're going to learn about definite and indefinite article. We're going to start with the article that which is using to get something specific, right? That in Spanish has two translations, one for master warrant and one for feminine noun. Okay, so El and la, they both mean that. But if the now is masculine, we're going to need to use. And And if the now is family, we'll have to use a lap. Okay. What a simple mean you boy. Since Nina is masculine, we have to use it. El Nino means the boy El Nino. Okay, we're using L because its mass would now. Nina girl Nina is family, so we'll have to use lab. La Nina means the girl. We're using a lot because, Nina, it's family. Okay. Next example is Lapides. Pencil. Llopis is masculine. So we're using L l lap is the pencil. Next example is liberated. The notebook libretto is family. So we're using that. Laliberte means the notebook. Perfect. Now we don't move forward. The city indefinite article we used are going to get something not so specific in again. It has to Translations. One for master announced in one for family announce own for masculine and owner for feminine. So put him through a men. Okay? Only own memory we're using own because number is masculine. So we'll have to use a spoon. It means a man. A woman is on, um, hair. Oh, no more Here. We're using all now because more hair is feminine. Okay, now a pencil. Not this again. Right? Lobbies is masculine. It's will have to use own lab our pencil. Now a notebook. Lee Beretta. I will not leave. Beretta were using UNA since liberate that is feminine Hunan libretto. 21. The Plural: Hi, everyone is Listen, we're going to learn common form R l plural en espanol how to form the portal in Spanish. We could easily do that by having the pittle ending s or s at the end of the noun. And besides that, we need to add the correct definite article for masculine and feminine, which is lost or last. Remember, that loss is a masculine article for pro and last is the feminine article for Proto and they both mean the order now, like Asa, how can we make this poodle if we have more than one house? Well, whether we need to do well, we need to have an s at the end of denounce Kasa and on s at the end of the article lot to get last gases. This means the houses last gases Now, now l cellular the cell phone. If you have more than one, we will have to make this little and what we need to do well here. We need to delete l and we need to replace it with loss. And we do have e s at the end off the announcer Lula to get lost cellular lattice. We cannot say lost sellers because that's wrong. We need toe, say Los Solu lattice. Okay, so how can we know? Went to have s and went to have e s at the end of the now. Well for announced that end in a bowel just at s and for announced that that end in a continent at e s. Okay, if in the Bible are s and if it ends in a continent at S Bassel and in a bowel. Right? So we have battles because the O is about well, so we have Gasol's. Now Fruita ends in a battle as well because it is about work. So we have fruit, us fruit, them become frutas. Now look, it ends in a continent, so we have to add e s at the end of the hota. So we get Ray Lakis are beyond is the same case because in any is a continent. So we have to add s to get our be honest loss a business. Okay, if a noun ends in set that we need to delete the center and replace it with Tess, Okay? For example Lap East Llopis ends in center so we need toe litter setter, and Ive says to get lap pieces. You see, Lappi says we don't have the set anymore. In the same case is with Matthew Rees because it ends in Ceta. So we need to replace the Ceta in that says to get mattresses. Okay, for now. Is that end in an s? They don't have a modification. Okay. Blueness, which means Monday remains blueness. We just need to add the article loss to make a little. So we have lost blueness, which means the Mondays lost blueness, the same gay for But I was because it ends in s. But I was means umbrella. So to make a photo, we just need to add the article. Los. But I was loss, but I was the umbrellas. 22. How to conjugate ar verbs: Ola Atos, In this election, we're going to learn how to conjugate verbs in Spanish, especially the a r burbs. All right, so what is better for conjugation? Have you ever conjugated the verb in English? I think you have because you have say things like I play. You play here, she place, we play you playing, They play this actually birth conjugation. But maybe it's not the same as conjugating A verb in Spanish, for example. Tried to contribute. Who gotta Joho toe quick us Asia instead Quetta. No suitors. Who got most of assorted of who guys? E a just a Yeah. You stay this wagon. Okay? Yeah, it's not the same thing, but it is not that hard. I'm gonna tell you why Polish burbs are divided into regular and irregular birds. The regular burbs are named his way because they always follow the same pattern for conjugation. Okay, well, you may be wondering what pattern is this, right? Let's take a look at the burb Kamna work and the Babaco Merrill to eat. Also, the burbey beer to leave. Noticed that the tree of them have a root highlighted in green and I'm ending highlighted in red. So regular burbs are divided into this tree subgroups. The burst that and in a are the ones that end in E. R. And the ones that and I are. These endings are very important because in order to congregate burbs, we're going to need to drop the ending, whether it is a r e r i r and replace it with the corresponding conjugation ending for each subject problem. Okay, so what conjugation endings that are we talking about? Well, for the a r. Birth here, there are the conjugation ending for each subject problem. So for Joe is oh, for two is us for l. A. Jack, you still is, uh, for no. Sotelo's is famous. Formoso toes is ice. And for a just a just use status is on. Okay, so now I'm just going to move the congregation endings to the left because we're going to try to contribute a verb, and we're going to need some help. Okay, Now, let's conjugate the verb of latter. Now, the first thing we need to do is tow lucky the ending, which is a are, Then the next thing we need to do is to drop it so just drop the ending. So we're dropping the a r. Because we cannot say Joe of ladder, right? The next thing we need to do is to replace it with the congregation endings that we have on the left in this case, for Joe, for I, which is all. And we place it here at the very end to form Joe Ablow and that is it from regulations to have this conjugated a verb in Spanish. All right, let's keep conjugating the rest off the pronounce. So for to the congregation is yes. So we and of having toe Abdul s toe are less for l. The ending is a So we form Avalon. The same goes for a Gia Agia Abla and for instead is the same ending instead Abla for no Sotiris The ending is Ama's. So we get in the sutras of Lemos for both. Sotos is ice. So we have both Sotelo's applies and for ages, ages equal status. The ending is on. So we form ages, ages, status Ablan 23. Ar verbs : Act one. I had to act two egg. Um uh I'm a a matter to love by lad by lad by that to dance Got me nod Come in Our Libya Jigar tow bar Now that Assad but sad by Saturday Bath Incontrera Income Dad Incontrera to find gun Dad, Come on! Can data sing Come bad Come, Brad Combat to buy And they had they had they had a So let or to allow a school Chad escort Chad a school charter So listen a studio as to the area is to the other to study gonad gonna gonna the win I'm glad uh Vlad have let her speak I could eat that could eat Dad I could eat that the jail Olympiad Lynn via Laimbeer to clean do you, God Digga j gotta to arrive God a lot Juve Odd j r gave IRA to carry Now that now that never the swim I'd give that kid that give out to stay or to remain by God, my God, to pay by God but a but add but it but I to prepare but it But I had to prepare Lance Odd lancer the throw no car so Kara to play no car. Togar also means the Dutch don't matter. Don't matter to drink. Don't matter No, but sad that I like Adam The work never sad. 24. Ar verbs conjugated: Beheira. They're stepped down or to go them Joe back. Oh, to behest l bacca a jam back. Well, stayed back, you know? So too Rose by Hammel's we'll stay this backhand a Joe's back in Causey natter to cook Go see natter Your casino Oh, coziness! L Cassina a Jack Cassina Winstead Cassina No! So trust cozy Namuth who stares casino in a just go seen then combat to buy come bad Joe Komproe to compress l compra who stayed compra No. So to risk, um, Premise Who stays calm? Print ages Com Print Debo had to draw the will had a Jodi boo hoo. So the book has El de Luca a gente BUCA instead the book no so trusty Bow camels will stay this d broken a Just be broken a bladder Speak Joe abloom two ab less ill abla Agent Abla who stayed avalanche No So trust problems You stay this ab land a just avlynn ehskoo Ciara to isn't Esko Ciara Joy School Chew to escort Jess l A school teacher Edger s culture. Was there a schoolteacher? No. Sotelo's s good channels whose status? A scooch in a Joseph scooch in Limpy are to clean Limpy error. Joe Olympio, Toe limpias L Olympia Age Olympia. No, sir. Tries! Lynn BMO We'll stay this Olympian a just Olympian. Sorry, God, to take out Zach Dad to take something out. Joe Sacco. Two seconds. El Sakka. A jest cecka who stayed Sacha? No! So true. Sakamoto's You stay this second a just a second. So mad to have Joe Sumo to sue meth L sumer a just Suman who stayed so man no So trust soon memos Who stayed Asuman age your Suman. 25. How to conjugate er verbs: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, we're going to learn about the ER births congregation. So this are the corresponding conjugation endings for Joe, which is co s for two A for L A J. You still a most for no Sotiris age for both Sotiris and N for ages Agency status. So here have this comparision off the a r Berber congregations and the er burbs congregation on the right. So what I want you to do is just to take a look. Um, how similar they are because for Joe, it doesn't. Change is the same is they owe ending for two on the er. Birth is s instead off us for L. A. Gia instead East A instead. Off up for no Sotelo's is a most instead of Amal's. For both, Sotos is eighth instead of ice for ages ages, you status is in instead of on. So as you can see, if you already know how the country get the a r birth, you only need to replace the A for for on for the e in order to congregate the er births. And it's simple if that so, instead of asking, says instead of a and so one. So I just wanted you to take a look to this, so you can see. How is it this is It is not that hard if he looks if you look at the bigger picture. All right. So let's take a look at this burb Camaro. We know that come is theory route and air is the obviously the ending. So what do we need to do to country? Get this? Just replace the air for the or for Joe to have Joe Cuomo for to the corresponding conjugation ending east s. So we have to calm ists, which means you eat for l. The ending is there. We have ill Comey. He It's for a GIA. It's the same ending it. So we have a job, Comey, and it's the same case for instead who stays Call me. You eat? No, Sotelo's here. The ending is Amos. So we have to have no Sotelo's command mus Well, so truth the ending is ace. So we have so terrific amaze a Joseph The ending is n so we have ages come in. They just comment as well and we'll stay this Come in now. I tried to going to get the following birth Baber which means to drink in court rare. That means to run 26. Er verbs: happening there to learn apparition there to learn Go man to eat, commander to eat court rail of one Gore Rare to run. Get a to believe. Get a to believe layer to read layer to read breastbone there to answer dress. Born there to answer esque on there to hide. It's going there to hide, then there to have then there to have I said to do or to make I said a sale for there to can or to be able for their two can or to be able bear to see bad to see bear severe to know. Stop being to know, get in want or to love. Get a one there to put or to place on there to put our to place, get ahead to believe good and to believe good. And there, there Bluth better there to lose, gonna say to know, going on sale and then there to understand. And then there. Do you understand a body cell to appear or dish a wop? A body said to appear or dish a wop? No body said. Got it to fall guy to fall guy dry to bring that I to bring 27. Er Verbs Conjugados: be there to drink. Joe Beibu Two babies l A baby A Jap baby Who's dead, baby? No. So trust baby Moose Well, Stairs, baby and a Joe's Bevin compare to eat Joe Coma to go, Miss l call me a jack on me Who said Go on me No So two Roscoe Mammoth who stay this Go men . They just go men company in there to understand Joe Comprendo to comprende this? L comprende it. A jack Comprendo who stayed comprende? No. So trust company demos Who stay this comprende, then a just comprende in go rare to run Guerrero to run Joe Goro to go raise El Gohary a Jack Cory who stayed Corey No so true. Score. Ramos who stay the score. Rent a Joe Skowron Get and to believe Joe Correo to Grace el Rey who stead today? No. So trust Ramos will stay this grand age Your screen layer to review layer Giulio two less ill lay a jolly who stepped layer No So trust lay Most who stay this land a just land Respond there to answer Respond there, George, respond Oh to respond This ale respond day a j responding who stayed responding no So trust respond. A moose who stares responding a just responding from bear The break from bear the break your grandpa to Rome based Ill Trumpy a jet grumpy who stayed rampy No. So trust Trump Amos who stay this room, Ben A Just trumping the matter The fear the mayor to fear. George, they move. Do they miss ill? Damn me a jet, Damian who's dead? They may no. So trust a mammoth will stay this them in age of stem in. 28. How to conjugate IR verbs: Hi, everyone. It is lesson. We're going to learn about the i r. Burbs congregation, so let's begin. All right. So here we kept the corresponding, um, conjugation endings for the pronounce Joe, which is school Cool, which is s for l. A job who stand is there for the Sotelo's is the most for both otras is is and for ages ages you status is in and here we have the compression table that I made for you So you can see again that there is no much difference between the he our endings and the i. R. Endings. As you can see, they're pretty much all the same with the exception off. No, Solotaroff wish in the ER is famous and the i r is a moose and also most photos It changes from Aces toe east, but it's chicken. See, that's the only modification that we have. Ah, the west of the pronounce they remain the same. So I wanted you to see this so you can realize that congregation is not that hard. If you know by now how the conjugated the er burbs. You shouldn't have any trouble in conjugating the our bets because they're pretty much the same. They have the same ending. All right, so let's conjugate the verb beer. We know that we have to remove the year ending and add a corresponding ending. So for Joe is Joe Biebel. Remember that we have the endings on the left. Joe Biebel to Beavis. That's right. And BV agia leave a as well and instead BV no Sotelo's ahead on the Left BV. Most both Otero's babies who stares Beaven It just be even he just Beaven still would try to conjugate the burb door. Amir. All right, thank you guys so much. 29. Ir verbs Part 2: the seer to say the seer to say yeah to go here you go said year to follow Saghir to follow Ba near to come ba near to come, Salil to leave or to go out Saliyah To leave or to go out Bebe to leave the mirror to live esque Devia right esque Revere right AB Really to open every year to open or year here or year to here, set of year to serve surreal to serve. Did he hear to direct Dele here to direct the school? Greer, the discoverer, This coup Greer to discover they see the inside. They see their to the side, Sylvia to go up or to climb severe, to go up or to claim XY here to demand XY here to demand door Mir to sleep door. Amir to sleep. Asi steer to assist, assist ear. That's this. Going to see her to drive, going to see her to drive 30. Irregular verbs conjugated: every year to open Joe Abreu to Averies l abri a Jack Abbott e Who stayed Avary No, Soto's Every moose will stay this aberration a just aban comparator here to share Joe Comparator to comparative tests l comparative a Jack, um party Who stayed comparative. No, Sotiris Compartamos will stay this comparison a just compartment who believe Governor Joe Kumerow to Google iss El Kubra a Jakub who stayed cool. Very no so true, Scoob Remus, we'll stay this school in age. Oh, school. Been this code here to discuss Georgescu Toe toe the scoot this el the school day age At this school we'll stay the school there. No. So trust this Coty Mose who stares this scootin a justice Gutin esque revere, right, Joyce Caribou to Wisk Revis l s Creavy a just clearly who stared It's creepy. No, so trust it's creamy mousse will stay This s Cremin. A justice Cremin Soufriere to suffer Joseph through so sue phrase el sufrio a just so free who stayed sue frame No. So true. So free moose. We'll stay there, Sue friend A just sue friend during a partier to deliver your repair toe to rip Artis it will re parity A jerry party who stayed re parity? No. So trust Ray party Moose I will stay this report in a just report in beer to live Jovi bow Toby this l b way a Jap BV We'll stay and be there, you know? So truth BV Mohs will stay this Lee who stayed as we've in a Joe's Viv in 31. Class 1 Stem Chanaging verbs O to UE: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, we're going to learn about stem changing Burg's stand. Tension. Burbs are part of irregular burbs. So if you didn't know in Spanish, there are some birds that don't fall of the conjugation patterns that we saw in regular burbs. Do you remember that part in conjugation? Well, here this it is your Ablow toe have last l a jails. Still, Abdullah. The sort of problem most will sort of supplies E ages edge of you. Status Ablan. Unfortunately, irregular burbs don't follow that simple pattern, but I can't little better but in thin there. Okay, If we follow the rules for regular burbs, these birds will have to be in Tendo for the first person for Joe Joe and then the. But that's actually incorrect. That's actually like baby speaking. The correct way to congregate is your Andy Endo. In the end of the a instant goes e a. Oh, Kate. So there's a change in the stem and that's what we're going to learn today. So let's begin. So, Stan, changing Burg's the worst that we're about to see. They should change in the stem. They are divided into three groups. The one that changes from all toe A This birth show they show as change in the stem are from o toe a non conjugated forms except for no sutras. In Minnesota, the endings in the conjugation remain regular. Kate, that this means that we still need to congregate the endings as if they were just regular burbs. Great. But a temporal better Wauconda means to count. The rule says that we need to replace the or to change the o toe A in the stem, for example, a joke on. Okay. To congregate this we need toe replace CEO and as a in the stem. Okay, that's part of the equation. Now we need to come to get the ending. As if it were just a regular burb. So we get rid off the are off the air ending. Okay, so we replace the a r and well, we replace it with the congregation for joke, which is all okay to have a job. Window Joe window. Now the rest is the same. We modified the O toe a in the stand, and then we conjugated the Andy tohave to Quintus l age a Quinta. No, Sotelo's contempt, Mose. So trust con ties. E age of your status. Quenton. Notice them the Sotelo's Ambo Sotelo's don't suffer any change in the stem. They're conjugated asked regular burbs. Onley in the next video will practice the conjugation off Theburbs that belong to this group. 32. Class Stem changing verbs E to IE: get tell when a ways IHS moment on the rail group number two off stem changing verbs. So let's begin. So the second group off stem changing Berg's involves changing the A in the stem toe e A in all of the conjugated forms, except for New Sotelo's and both Sotelo's. So we're going to change the instant toe a temporal, bearable Sarah Too close. We need to replace the air in this Tim E A. Okay, so we're going to get rid off the air so the air goes away and now we need to replace it with E A. Who have Josi Rather, that's part of the equation. Half the job Now we could get the ending as if it were just a regular burb. So we get rid off the air ending and replace it with the corresponding conjugation ending for you we cheese. Oh, right now we have your sierra. Oh, just zero is how to congregate. These there now for the west of them is to Sierra's. We're doing the same thing. We're replacing the into stem toe year and were conjugated the ending as a regular burb. Next east l. A just Sierra. No sort of surround most. Both Sotelo's say rise E edges. Use Terrace Sierra in notice that no Sotelo's MBAs so true don't suffer any modification in the stem. 33. Class Stem Verbs E to I: Hello. We are finally in the last episode of this stain changing burbs. So let's begin. So the last Europe off stem change in burbs inbox the involves changing the air, Understand toe e You know the conjugated forms except for no Sotelo's amble Sotelo's remember that the endings in the conjugation remain regular, so it's still need to congregate the endings as regular burbs. They know that all of the birds in this group are ir verbs. So we have the burbs Sadier, which means to follow. So the congregate this pervert we need to make a change in the stem We to replace the A in this them toe e Okay, so the air goes away, the air goes away. Hey, we replace it with E. Okay, so we have just a year, which is part of the job. Now we need to congregate the ending ASA regular burb. So we get rid off the year ending and we replace it with the conjugation ending for Joe, which is oh, to have Joe Siegel. I noticed that the you went way. We got rid of the U. But that's Onley in digital form. Okay, for the rest of the congregations. We're going to keep the U so you can see two. Seaga's l A. Yeah, see you. No so true. CG Moose. Both so true Ciggies. You stay this year. Just Siegen North. Anna Soto's amble Sotelo's don't suffer any modification. It's going for a job toe l agent. He scares E Ages Perfect. 34. Class Irregular Verbs Group 1: Oh, Lola! Aesthetics, young mama sampling their barrels irregularities. But before we begin, I'm gonna start this lesson by asking you to conjugate the verb conocer. If you haven't watched my lesson on how to congregate regular burbs, I suggest you to go and watch it because you might be completely lost in this one. So Joe Kanako Right toe diagnosis L a gia who stayed Canosa? No sort of Carlos Amos. Well, so terrific on assays E Ages E Yes, You stay this condition. All right, Well well, everything seems okay, right? Except for this congregation, Joe Kanako. What is that? That doesn't sound good, right? Or in harmony with the rest of the congregations, Right? And there is because the actual congregation is not Conoco. That's actually room. The correct education is joke on Osco Joeckel Moscow. This sounds better, right? Sounds like more. Sounds like more aligned with the rest of the congregations. And so as we can see the rest of the congregation, the rest of the problems they don't suffer any change or modification. They are are just regular birth, right? Only the Joe form is the one that changes. Remember that many people can start changing all of the congregation, and that's not necessary. That's actually wrong. Only the your form is irregular. And for the rest of the problems taking congregate them following the irregular conjugation patterns. All right, now, it can really begin with the lesson. Okay, so we can group irregular birds in certain groups to make easier the congregation off them . This is very important because many people don't group them and they just try to memorize the congregation off each one of them. And that is too much work. So that's begin with world number one and is for infinitive verbs ending in, sir, and proceeded by a bowel. Okay. In this case, well, at a set that before the sea for this say Okay, well, at a set that before this see, get a temple l bearable. Pariser means to appear it finishes Inserra. So this means it belonged to group number one. And what did the rules say? Well, it says that we need to add a set up before the sea. Okay, So, to make this easier, we could do one thing. We can congregate this as if it were a regular burb. We'll get to have a job. An echo Geopolitical. We know that job. Baracoa is incorrect, is not Correcto. Right? But we can do this to make the job way more easier. Okay? Because now we can just live a space between the and the sea. Deliver room for the center toe appear. Remember, we need to have a Ceta before to see toe Have jobs, Moresco Job at a school. Nice perfecto! Now this This was actually the hard this part of these lesson because you don't have to worry about the other forms because they have regular congregations as chicken see toe Paris iss l a Jap Arisa No sort of Paris emos. Both order of Paris is a Josie Ages. But it isn't now moving on with the Baghdad answer which means to think we know that it ends, insert and it's preceded by a bottle. So we do the same thing. We congregate this as if it were irregular burb to make this easier. So we have Joe Agon Adecco. Okay, now we can just leave a room for the set that toe appear between the sea and the because we need to add a set that before the c Remember that toe form Joe Aresco, Joe Ag Aresco, Can you see how easy this is? Is not that hard, right? As many people would say about your regular birds, Right? So moving on with the last birth off this lesson, which is over a certain toe offer again, we can see that it. And since there and it's preceded by a bubble, the bubble e. So what we need to do? We know that we need to congregate this as if it were just irregular burb to have Joe Franco. Then we can add the set up before the sea tow, have your or fresco and just a final reminder. Remember that you don't have to worry about the rest off the congregations because they all are regular except for Joe, which is the only irregular conjugation. 35. Irregular verbs g1 practice: Agra is said to think Joe Ira their school to Agra. This is a legacy agent with a C who stays like that. They see no so trust I could have the same off both. So trust angrily Saiz We'll stay the second medicine, ages and medicine My body said to appear Joe Paris school to a Paris is ill agia operation Well stayed apart a c no So two rows a Paris Amos Both photos a Paris A's who stages a Paris in ages aparecen going on sale to know Joeckel No school to diagnosis El que no se a jack o no se well state carnesi No So trust Cano Samos Boss Otras khanna safe. I will stay this age is gonna sin Get a said to grow Joe Cresco Two dresses L Bracy Age Accuracy Who stayed Chrissy? No. So trust creates a moose Both so Triska essays will stay this caressing a just press in This is a carousel to disappear Jody Step Aresco. So this oppa rhesus in this a policy a jealous A piracy. I will stay this a piracy? No. So trust disappearance. Amos both so throws this a Paris A's who stay this age is the separation establecer establish you establish school to establish is l. A gia establecer will stay this Tbilisi No. So trust established shamers Both Soto's established Saiz who stay this a just establishing made a sale to the server Joe Moresco to Meris is l a judge Medicine will stayed medicine? No. So trust Mary Samos. Both photos Mary Saiz Well, stairs, Medicine ages, medicine over the sir to obey Joe over their school two over. This is L. A job over there. See? We'll stay over. They say No. Sotelo's over the same month. Both Sotero over the Saiz will stay This age is over this in awfully Sarah toe offer Joe Fresco to offer places l age off heresy. Who stayed off Fresi? No, Sotelo's over the same month. Both so to risk over the safe who stayed in subfreezing a Joseph Fressin. But I said to seem job at a school toe. Charissis, they'll piracy age of piracy. Well, state but a C no So two Roseberry Samos ball. So truth about assays will stay this partisan ages Paris in better than the sata to belong Job for tanesco two for tennis's El Para Tennessee. A jumper Tennessee will stay Parrot n s A no so true spirit in the same US was so true. Spirit and essays who stayed a spirit in this in ages Pertinence in right Go no self to recognize your recon Osco to recognize Isis. L reckon Aussie a Jericho nosy. I will stay. Recognize? See? No. So trust, Ricana. Samos both. So trust, Ricana. Safe who stayed is recognizing a just recognizing. 36. Class irr verb g2: Well, that'll us. It's time to continue with your regular burbs. And this time we're gonna take a look at the group number two. So the infinitive birth ending in here. Okay, this is the second group okay for infinitive. Birds that end in seal. We're gonna have a set that before the sea Just ask Europe number one. We also have to add a set up before they see evidence in Syria. So travels here to translate. It ends in here. As we can see, that is the last Group number two. We need to let us set up before the sea. Right? Scenes dancing here. And to do that, we can congregate all off the pronounce with regular congregations. Okay, so you have Joeckel toe paralysis. Introduce a no sort of sterile Simoes who stayed extra loosen agents that have Listen, there is one that doesn't sound right in harmony. Okay, that is the Joe form product with the Onley irregular form. Okay, Okay. So now that we have conjugated as if it were just a regular burb Now we can just have a set up before the sea gate joked Roscoe is what we get by Aaron Ceta, John. School toe produces l. You say no sort of style, Seamus. We'll stay distribution A just a revolution. All right, let's move on. With the next birth, which is going to see her going to see her to drive, we can see that dancing was here. So it belongs to group number two and we need to have a set up before the C. Remember that you can always conjugated as if it were just a regular burb. And then you can just add a set up before the see if you want to make the job a little bit more easy for you. So Jo Kwon do school now they will sear to these. There you see it again. You don't seem to see it. The last group number two, we need to add a Ceta. So we conjugated as if it were just a regular birth. Your they don't go. We know this incorrect. But if we have a set up before the sea, we just have it. Good job. Do school now some up. We know that in group number one, if the burnt ends in, Sir, we need to have a set before the sea. Any group number two says that if the burb ending was here, we also need to have a set that before the letter c. So this is great. What a beauty, right? 37. Irr verbs G2 practice: going to see you to drive Joe Conduce Co. To conduce is l conducive agia Conducive With Ted Conduce a No So trust can do seem off both otras conduce ease. Who stares Conducing Edgers Ken Dussan They will see to deduce. Jodi Yusko two. The duces Ill They will say Age at the U. C. Will step. They do see no Soto's Days. You see Moose Boss Otero's Day. Lucy's who stayed is little sent ages Did loosen in the seer doing this? Join Dusko to induces l induce a agia Indo See, we'll stay in those say no Soto's into Seamus. Both Soto's indices will stay this Indo Send ages induce in in throw. Sear to introduce. Joined through the school toe Introduces Ellen through se Asia. Introduce a Who's standing through those? Say no So trust in throw Seamus. Both photos. Introduce sees who stares introducing edges. Introduce in. We'll see her to shine. John Lewis co tour looses a Lucy A gel will say will stand Lucy. No. So trust Lucy Moose Bosso. Trust Lucy's who stares. Loosen a just loosen raise will see to reduce for to shrink George reduce co toe reduces Still a jet reduce! It will stay the rays, you see? No So truth radio See Moose, Both photos raise OSI's will stay this revolution A just resolution that I will see you to translate Jutras Yusko two produces Introduce a A jet. Well, step travel. Say no. So trust travel. See Moose Both Sotero Stratasys Who status the resolution A just resolution. 38. Class irregular verbs g3: Hey, cattle have a most severe Better was here. Regularise group number tree. So for infinitive verbs ending in sale ends here, but preceded by a continent okay, preceded by the continent. We're going to replace the same with a set there. And give your thinking that we probably saw these rules already. I'm going to refresh you a little bit. So in group number one, we saw that infinitive. Verbs ending in, sir, but preceded by a bowel. Okay, right now we're seeing preceded by a constant. So it's not the same. Okay, now, in group number two, we saw that infinitive verbs ending in. We'll see here. Okay? And right now, we're looking at burbs, ending in seer and sir, So they're similar. Yeah, but they're not the same. Check this out. Group number. Tree infinitive. Verbs ending Insert ends here. Preceded by a continent. Okay, we're going to replace the say with a set them. So they become Bentsur. We can see that it ends in Sarah, and it is preceded by a continent and the So what do we do? We have to congregate this as if it were just a regular burb to have Joe come Benko Gay Yocum Benko. And now we need to get rid off this say, because we're going to change this Say, for a Ceta. So the saying goes away and the center appears tohave joke Um Vensel Joe Come Bensel, you can see that the rest of the conjugation they remain regular tow convince this l A jack convinces no sorters comments aims But Sotelo's combine say's ages stairs commencing now available s parts here to spread We can see that it insincere and it is preceded by a continent. Harry So what do we do again? We going to get this burb as if it were just a regular burb to have Joe a sparkle? Okay, this is wrong. We know, but we have changed the safe or a Ceta tohave Joe s Parcel Joe s parcel. Now the rest of the convocations they remain regular tow a sparse is L A J s Parsi No, Sotelo's s parsimonious Moussa Truce s Percy's e A years you status This person 39. Irr verbs G3 Practice: you hear said to exert Joe hair. So to a here says L e a gia a hearsay will stay a hearsay. No, Sotelo's a here. Samos. Both photos A Saiz will stay this e ages a person. It's parse ear to scatter or spread Joe s person to a specious l E Asia s Parsa who stayed s Parson. No, Sotos is Percy most both photos If Percy's who stares ages is Person Ben Sehr to defeat Joe Benson to Benzes l e a job. Ben C will step Benzie No, Soto's been Samos. Both photos then say we'll stay this year. Just Benson combatants there to convince Joe Come Benson to convinces l E agia competency will step commencing No Sotelo's combine Samos Both of those combined stays who stay this year just commencing. 40. Class irregular verbs G4: all, Atos, it's Pakistan will be in in this lesson. We're going to see irregular birth group number four all rights a group number four Grupo Cuatro Infinitive verbs ending in care. And here. So if a burb ending here or here, we're going to replace the hay with Hota. Okay. What? Campbell s cohere to shoes. Okay, if we congregate this if it were just a regular burb will have Joe Esco, Joe s kogo and notice that it doesn't sound the same as a school here. And that is because when the here if, before the bowel A the letter k sounds like Hatta and that's the gave with esco hair. It doesn't sound Esko gear like us, Kogo And that's why joins cargo is incorrect. So whether we need to do well, we need to replace the hay wheat Hota get to have your Esko Aho. Now Joyce, co host sounds more lying in harmony with Esco here. Right, so us off the educations. They remain regular to Esco Kiss l a J esq Okay, no sutras. Isco hemos masa trios isco Hayes Your status e ages isco him now somewhere here this submerge Joseph Amerigo is the same case sounds different as soon we're here. Right? So what we need to do? We need to replace the head with the Horta to have your so Merkel, You're so America. Okay. Now the rest of the educations are regular to Samir Hiss. L A. Just America. No. Soto's Sumer Humus. Both So trust Sumer. He's it. Just use There is some American. 41. Irr verbs G4 practice: go here to grab Joeckel. Who? Toko his l a Jack o here? No, so trust co hymns both So terrific okays we'll stay this Coke in a just kokin somewhere here to submerge You also met Who does America is l a judge Sumer here? Well, state so matter here. No. So to assume where he moss both the trust human. He's with stainless ages. It's American XY here to demand joke See who to exceed Kiss L a gia xy here. Well, static. See here? No. So two rows exit humus both photos XY He's well, status expedient Age of six Ekin, go here to correct Joe Khoury. Who so courageous l a Jack Cory here will stayed Corey here. No, sort of Corrie. He moves both voter of Cordova. He's who stay this age is Korean. Did he hear to direct Jodi Rico? So they re hiss l a judge. Did he hear Will step Did he hear? No sort of the humus. Both photos. Did he? He's ages. Status direction Esko hair to choose jus go ho to Wesco case l A Gia Skokie will stay. Let's go here. No Sotelo's isco Caymus Both photos Esque okays whose status? A justice kokin and here to elect Joy Alico two unleashes L A Gia Eliquis will steadily here No sutras Elohim us. But floater off early He's will stay. This age is a lichen. 42. Class irregular verbs G5 bueno: volatiles in next election. Bamboozle Berroa's irregularities. Group number five. So for infinitive verbs ending in Eire, we're going to replace the ire with ago only in the job form. Okay, so put a temple. We have the better dryer, which means to bring. So, what we need to do according to the rule, we need to remove the ending iron A We need to replace it with ago. So we do that. Okay. We remove the ire ending and replace it with ago. So we have George Drago. This means I bring Jordan. I go to the rise, we do the same thing. Two tries. L try a jet try. No. Sort of trying most both Sotero strays and just trying. Whose terrace? Trying. Now we have the Burba Chire, which means to fall what we need to do the same thing. We need to remove the ire ending and replace it with ago. We have Joe cargo. It means I for joke ago. Then the rest of the congregations, they remain regular. Two guys L a Jack guy. No Sotero Sky a moose! Both photos guys, It just kind will stay this kind 43. Irr Verbs G5 practice: atraer to attract Joe Tregoe do at Rice L E a gia a tray who stayed a try? No So truce at Ramos. Both photos at Ray's. I will stay this e a Just a train. Geir the phone Joeckel You do guys a year Jack guy who stayed guy No so atrocious. Caymus Both of those guys, we'll stay this year. Just can contraire to contract Joe. Contrary, Go to control eyes in e Asia Contrary Well stated Contrary. No sutras contrary Moose Both photos Con tries will stay this e ages con train So strayer to subtract You're so struggle toe shoes tries l e agents whose try well states astray No So trust strain waas both so trust so strays Who stands e a just so strain prior to bring Joe Drago two tries l e Asia try will still try. No. So true Strain moles Both so true Strays who status e just train