Learn Spanish-Learn Hundreds Of Spanish Words Effortlessly In Minutes! (Part 1) | Mark Perren-Jones | Skillshare

Learn Spanish-Learn Hundreds Of Spanish Words Effortlessly In Minutes! (Part 1)

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Learn Spanish-Learn Hundreds Of Spanish Words Effortlessly In Minutes! (Part 1)

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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35 Lessons (2h 46m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Some Tips before We Get Started

    • 3. Stresses and Accents-Don't Stress Out. It Is Easy

    • 4. The Stress Quiz

    • 5. You are about to learn 2,000 Spanish Words In Less Than 10 Minutes!

    • 6. ¿Were You Paying Atención?

    • 7. Let's Keep You Vocabulary Learning Mode In Full Speed!

    • 8. ¿Were You Paying Atención?

    • 9. Numbers and Months- Números y Meses

    • 10. We Are Flying Along! Let's Add more Words To Your Spanish Vocabulary

    • 11. ¿Were You Paying Atención?

    • 12. Dare We Add Some More?

    • 13. ¿Were You Paying Atención?

    • 14. Did I hear You Say More? Well, OK Then..Let's Go For it.

    • 15. ¿Were You Paying Atención?

    • 16. This Is Easy Isn't It!

    • 17. Y Mas Palabras!

    • 18. Why Not! Mas Palabras!

    • 19. Did You Ever Think It Could Be This Easy To Learn Spanish Words?

    • 20. Sure! Let's Learn Mas Vocabulario!

    • 21. Definitivamente! Mas Palabras!

    • 22. Fabuloso!-What An Incredible Vocabulario You Have Already!

    • 23. Es Posible! Excelente!

    • 24. Let's Stay Positivo! You Are Doing Great!

    • 25. It's Surprise Time!

    • 26. Recap Time!

    • 27. Conversación Time!

    • 28. Let's Get Chatting

    • 29. ¿Que Quiere? Let's Keep Motoring Along..We Are Doing Great!

    • 30. This Lecture We Take a Huge Step Forward Again!

    • 31. Can You? Yes You Can! Let's Bring On More Handy Phrases To Use

    • 32. Is It A He Or A She?

    • 33. I Have To And You Have To...

    • 34. I Am Going To And You Are Going To..

    • 35. Word practice

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About This Class

Absolutely amazing great lessons great teacher ...brilliant opened my eyes to somethings would suit someone with no knowledge of Spanish"   5 STARS

"Course is well produced, easy to understand and follow. The instructor gives clear and concise explanations with a very cheerful and encouraging voice. The videos and sound are excellent quality and a joy to listen to." J.B.    5 STARS

!Highly entertaining and enjoyable course, money well spent!" D.H.   5 STARS


If you don't know what that means you have come to the right place!

It means welcome in Spanish and I want to welcome you to my fun and easy Spanish course. Yes, you read that correctly-both fun and easy and yes it is not a typo-you will learn hundreds, if not thousands of Spanish words in under 1 hour! Effortlessly!

If you are like me, learning a language can be so dry and boring. I have seen so many books and courses that have put me to sleep within an hour or if I have somehow still managed to remain awake I have all but completely switched off. Did someone say sub-conjunctive-infinitive-something? Zzzzz......

Come with me on a fun ride to lean the Spanish language. I am going to show you just how easy it is to learn this language without having to learn long vocabulary lists, dry and boring conjugation routines and...did someone say conjugation? Zzzzzz...

I will have you speaking Spanish phrases with effortless ease!

As you will see, learning a new language does not have to be boring so let's get going- wouldn't you want to be able to know thousands of words in Spanish in less than 1 hour without having to memorize them?

Come on! 

Let's go for it!

I promise you it really will be fun, interesting and above all- easy!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hey, guys, I'm Mark Jones, and welcome to my Spanish course. Now, look, if you have one daughter in Spanish, um, let me put it this way. If you want to learn Spanish, I want to do it perfectly with long, dry, conjugated lists. Verb lists. Now, Andi have to spend hours and hours and hours practicing. This is not the course for you. I just want to kind of get that straight, because I don't want you feel disappointed. Um, you know, if you if you want a course where, like, the courses that you've probably already studied there will put you to sleep within. Tim, if you want an insomnia cure, this course is not for you. That's kind of what I'm trying to tell you here. If you just want to learn has big Spanish very quickly and easily, If I may say so effortlessly. Okay. If you want that, then you come to the right place. Okay? If you don't want When I say Bienvenido does, you don't know what that means. You've come to the right place. If you do, you know what it means. You're still come to the right place. Okay? I've lived in Panama 15 years now. What I won't do is give you a very simplistic approach. You aren't going to learn thousands off Spanish words within the first hour. All right, that is guaranteed without effort, without memorizing without having toe get your pen out and try And drugs? No. All right, cause I'm not about that. In fact, what I'm more about his baby cup of tea or coffee or your glass of wine or whatever. Sit back. Listen to what I've got to say. Have a look at the screen and away we go, all right, Because it's got to be fun and interesting or your switch off at that best that is, at best, you probably got to sleep or switch off, which is what most most language courses have. People, dough. All right. There should be great and something like yours. So this is what I'm doing now. I'm not gonna tell you right now. The Spanish I'm teaching you is to get you through. It's for if you go on that holiday or you want to know some Spanish to get to speak to you , whoever it is that makes you just want to learn some Spanish and bet they learn it quickly . It'll be interesting, and you'll remember it without massive effort, because that's what you wanna learn, isn't it? Make it so it's applicable. So when you get, uh, have to say something, ask for something. You know how to do it from from from form without having to go. Oh, God, Now what was that congregate there and the infinitive and the blah, blah, blah, blah. And you lost All right. And then what happens is you don't don't speak language because you find it too difficult or too too confusing or what have you. So here's what's Here's what it's about. I'm gonna show you a really simple way to learn this massive folk upwards. And I'm gonna show you these little verbs that you can use to get you through beautifully in any situation, right? And then you're gonna build on that if you want to. I'm also going to show you the easiest way to speak Spanish to get your point across. So let's say if you need something the easiest, absolute, easiest way to do it. All right, so that you don't have to be worried about, and then. So if you need to communicate with someone, you know how to do it. I'm going to give you these skills. I trust me. It's gonna be a fun little journey we're gonna have. It's gonna be dead easy for you. All right. And finally, you'll find how easy it is to learn Spanish. All right, so anyway, I'm busy. I'm gonna get to teacher. Come on, Let's get going, then. 2. Some Tips before We Get Started: All right, let's learn some Spanish shall way. Okay. Now, only to do now is get into some of the little bits of the basics. Don't worry if you don't remember all of these, okay? You can ride him down, grab yourself a glass of something, it, coffee, whatever you want. Sit back and relax. Okay? We're going to go through this time time again, but I just want to give you some just some little basics, okay? Just so you know, you get a grounding, all right? Before we get into all of these woods. Now, uh, this is great news in the Spanish language. All of the letters are pronounced the same. Okay, so, you know, like, what do you think about in English language? Where you've got the words I bought? You know, I bought this from the store. How on earth are you supposed to room? Unless you know that Words? Pronunciation. There's no way you can read those letters and go. Oh, yeah, I know how that that's. So you have to worry about if you can read the let the lettering. You know exactly how every single word is pronounced. So we'll get into this set up, but let's just show two. So the word riel in English, you have the e and A as an e sound. But in Spanish, it would never be that it would be rare. I'll read Al because you pronounce every letter separately. Okay, so what? We got that? So let's get into the vows. All right, So the vowel sounds. I want you to know how the to these sound, because again it's really cool. They don't change now. The letter a alright has an up sound like in bar. So I'll pop pop my mat. Ah, so the sound is always on upset. It's never in a sound. Okay? It's always 100% bar. Papa Padre Mama A uh OK, so that's great. That's all you have to remember. With that it's an R sound every single time you see the letter? Uh, you know, it's pronounced ah is always a sound. It's not an e. You're not gonna have any e sound. It's always a as in bet. So yeah, espectacular espanol. Always an excellent All right, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Now the a sound is always e e a. Alright, as in t e Okay, easy. So whenever you see the I, you're not gonna pronounce it. I always gonna pronounce it. E Okay, next one. Oh, always always pronounced like Joe. Oh, Oh, Ah! Okay. A Oh, whenever you say in Britain, you know, that's exactly the way they're gonna be pronounced every single time. Now do as in zoo Oh, do so Ah! Uh, e oh oh, there's a valve. They never change every single word that you see. You know exactly how to pronounce them cool, huh? All right, things to remember The letter h is silent. So the word for hello is ola is not holer every time stick. By the way, if you can't remember all the things I'm telling you right now, don't worry about it. It's no big deal because we're going to go through it and you can remember just organically said so don't worry about it. But just I want to just introduce these things to you so that in the age is sonnet So every time you see it, it's not Hola Is Ola Ola don't pronounce the h Okay, simple. The letter J sounds like an H. So it's not, uh, Joe's a It would be more Jose. Okay, so what? Never seen a little J make it an action. Jose? Huh? Jose? All right, so the letter, I just on it let adjacency tonight again. Don't worry. We're gonna go through this. You remember? Ah, what I've got going on here or the let's see has a k sound. Unless it becomes before I or e All right, So Okay, so it had a k sound. Unless it cancer for irony. And there is an s sound. For example, the word thank you is grassy us grass. See us? So the sea has an s sound if there's an eye after it or after it. Okay, glass, see us. But if it's not, it's a hard case out. Marco. Minor medical. Could I see us? Mariko survey za surveys. It's a see er All right, now Oh, the letter z is pronounced liken s So I just used the word survey sur ce ve z a is sort of n s sound. So whenever you cuz you have proud of Martinus sort of social services. Ah, it's Ceresa survey, sir. Okay. Another little trip to remember the G. The letter G that sounded also pronounced like an H When it is before the letter I or the letter e just like the sea changes when it is followed by an irony, right? The double l sell. Okay, the double L When you see two O's, um, is pronounced like a y. So you see somebody English speaking people see, and they say Paola Paola was not paler the double ill There's always a why. So it's like it. So it's actually pronounced by Yeah, yeah, it's not Paola. I, uh, and the and work the word for she in Spanish is See the word there e double L. A. That's not Ella. It's a yeah yet yet A Yeah. Okay. And finally see the little end with a little squiggle on top. All right, when you see that, that's a net sound. It's not know So, um, like Kenyan men. New, you know. So when you see that with a little squiggle on top there. So the word for boy down there, you see is there's not Nino. If it didn't have, if it did not have that, it would be Nino. But because it's Nino mean, yo. All right, so That's the pronunciation of that. And again, don't worry about all these things I'm introducing them to. We're going to go through them and you're gonna remember these. So is it is not gonna be. 3. Stresses and Accents-Don't Stress Out. It Is Easy: Okay, folks. Now, I just want to briefly touch on stresses and accents because in the Spanish language, they put different stresses on their words. Okay, So, again, if you don't remember this, it doesn't matter. We're gonna go through it, and you remember organically anyway. But I want to touch on it now. There are three rules when it comes to stressing the words Rule number one. All right. A word ending in little end. Yes. Or a vow. Except those words ending in I o n well gets that lightest. I don't worry. Have the stress on the penultimate syllable. Okay, so if it ends with an N s or vow except Phillip Island have the stress on the penultimate syllable. So let's have a look at that. So roulette examples servicer. The penultimate syllable, sir. Vesa, serve Esther. Now you will see here, which we touched on before, As I remember when the letter C has either an I or an e letter afterward. It's not a hard see. Sounds not a Kurt's not curvy, sir. Okay. It's so because God e following it. So I've had an e or an eye after it. It is sort of Esa. Okay. And this, of course, this Zed is a s sound. So, sir Vesa Service. So which is beer? If you don't already know that, then Teesta. So it's not gonna be dentist. Er it's a dentist that ends in a vow. So second, last syllable didn t stop Serviced Dentist Sta Colombo, Colombo, Colombo. Okay, this is easy. Hey, posse Blair. Yes, it is. It's posse Blair to learn Spanish easily. Possibly sellers have regular service. Didn't Teesta Colombo for C bled? Now you notice it's not possi bull, all right? Because you always stress that the each letter So it's Blair So it's not possi possible. It's blip blip. Okay, so it is. Proceed, blip. Excellent That through one So an n and s or a vow you doing on the penultimate syllable, Sir Vesa, then Teesta Colombo Possi ble Rule number two Ok, if the word does not end in an n IHS or a vow, we put the stress on the last syllable. What doesn't get any easier? Doesn't let's see what that looks like. Okay, so it does not end in n and s or a vow. Okay, here's another one of those seeds following you. So it's not curve vehicle. It's certain, like instead Raisa Cervical. Because it ends in northern end of our Oren s cervical cervical? No, no, no, it's cervical. The last syllable sort of a girl. Expect that Guler Expect a cooler on the last syllable. The door Doc Door. It's not Doc Door, Doc Door and Tim Blore. Cervical Spectacular Doc Door. Tim Blower. Well, that's it. That's Rule number two out of the way. Rule number three What's this? One words that don't follow? Those two rules will have a written stress so you can see where to stress the words. Well, that's easy enough. Let's have a look at that. Okay. You can see the stress above the oh, so it tells you where to put the stress. Now you'll see here. This is the word for circulation. Now it's and I after the sea, so it's not a cuts out. So it s sound cousin. I remember Ira after say so. Syria Cola si on sickle, asean, supercool asean. You put the stretcher, it shows you Here we go now It's not fanatic. Go is it Could It's after it above the eye, fanatical fanatical fanatic. Oh, Populus! See on Papua. See on this is easy Repubblica! Republika! So there you have it. That's the third rule out of the way again. If you don't remember this right at the moment, it doesn't matter because we're gonna go through this. So cool. Asean fanatic. Oh, Populus, Eon and Republika beautiful. 4. The Stress Quiz: Okay, guys, this is the part of the course where we call it. Were you paying attention? See on? That's right. That's right. This is a little recap. A little bit like jeopardy. You're gonna go and give you some questions and asking just to see Hey, we're in that last bit yet. Way paying a 10 c on or Ah, where you were Not s o. All right, First question. First question. Get your hands on the buses here. Place all right. A word ending with n s or a vow. It shouldn't be a capital a there, but you know, many I don't don't worry about that s or should be, a small labor. Forget that. Except those in. Okay, let's just get this question going again. A word ending with N s or a vow. Except those ending and I and have the stress own. The stress is on the penultimate. Suitable Correcto. Fabulous. Also. Let's see. Oh, so possi ble important. There different there. Excellent. There. How'd you get on? So penultimate syllable, isn't it? All right, now, next question. Here you go. If it does not end with an end s or a vow, the stresses on the which syllable. The last syllable isn't doc door abdominal. They seem ill hacia we know. OK, so the last syllable so So that that one or the last one. Now what you don't follow that rule will have a well, they have. They'll have a written stress, won't they? So if they don't follow that those two rules. This is the only other rule that's left that have a written stress to tell you where the stresses my go. Maiko long ago. Fun pass to go. How did you get on to do well? 5. You are about to learn 2,000 Spanish Words In Less Than 10 Minutes!: OK, folks, this is where it gets great. All right. I'm gonna show you a little trick. They t i o n trick that shin. The words that end for English words that have to a morsel was ending in t i o n right for it We change the ending to see i o with the accent n the Spanish All right, so if it's a t i o ending all you have to do it's but see i o n and just know how to do the pronunciation. All right, so let's have a look at that. And then, you know, a whole heap of words, does it? Look at this. Transportacion becomes transporter. Si on. Now, if you want to make it anything plural here instead of just having an s, you put a s Okay, so strange Spot us the onus. Okay Said now you know that word Transport a C on nutrition becomes nutritious. Eon nutritious Soon no Tracy on education educ ASEAN advocacy on So just remember the pronunciation of the words sensation sense us see on since ASEAN manipulation money Bolasie on I mean, how age is this instruction in stroke See on Just remember how you pronounce the vows and you find instruct. See, on the only one, there's a couple of, ah, ones that don't follow the rule. The one you're really gonna come across is translation. And there is a paradox eon but all of arrest well farther all there's only about three or four that the But they're not popular words very much that you're gonna worry about. So just remember, change the Ioan to see Iot in Remember your pronunciation of the vowels and all the letters , and you now no more than 2000 words in Spanish. If you follow that rule, that's pretty done. Awesome. 6. ¿Were You Paying Atención?: Okay, guys, here we are again. It's time to play. Were you paying attention on? Okay, then see on DNC on. Don't go French here. This is Spanish. Were you paying attention? See on. Okay, here we go. All right. From the last class, a word ending with t i n will be changed to Well, this couldn't get much easier. It really could it from the previous slide. Were you paying a tent? See on anyway. Yeah. See ir. When isn't it a word into a t i o n In English? You change it to make it a Spanish word. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy like this. See, I owe it with the legacy. The action on the oh, So it's since asean at Dulles eon classified Cascione. And away we go corrupcion on isn't This is an interesting one s dusty on this dusty on. Okay, est asean is for station. So you're saying that a lot. So, you know, train station and the bus station a Stasi on. Remember that one? That station. Okay. Okay. Next one. How'd you get on that last one? To make him Prue, you would simply add yes to the end of them all right, Because I have a continent. You had an A s. It was a vow ending. You add just simply an s all right. Like Casa C A s a is for house. So Cassa Kasas just hedonists. But because we got a constant Yes. Since Ascione is and Dolisie on is classified Cascione is corrupcion is esta see on is excellent. Okay, now, if you were listening the one word that is common that you'll come across a lot that does not follow the rule is it doesn't follow the Tolo into Seo in paradox eon Look See on you that means translation. So you will see that a lot. So just remember, translation is not trans Lassie on its traduced. See on. Excellent. Let's move on. 7. Let's Keep You Vocabulary Learning Mode In Full Speed!: Alrighty, folks. Well, you should be feeling pretty happy about yourself. You just gotten out 2000 words and your vocab. Let's move on the 80 a trick for English words that have two or more syllables ending in a t a to make them Spanish words We change the ending to a Are so replace a t a r and hello Let's have a look at that. So capitulate are now just the thing Remember, all you need to do is remember how to pronounce the vowels. Uh e oh! Oh, any good as gold? So capitulate capital R And remember, it's not an ending with an end and s or a vow. It's in our So you put this distress on the last syllable capital our Capitol to lie Donate Don't not dont not to donate How easy is this? Did you have ever know Spanish could be so easy Educate a new car a new car are on the ending stressed on the last syllable Let's keep may belong Innovate l a bar labarre l A bar gradual Could do this all day. Graduate! Grad, do our grad You are You are Ah, this is wonderful facility imitate emit, uh, to imitate. That's the verb in Mitar Jubilate. Now you would think it could be Jubilee are But hang on a minute. Remember the letter J is pronounced, Remember Jose? He was not Josie. He was Jose because the J has an h sound in Spanish. So it's not Jubilee Lar, It's Bill. Are who Bill are okay, dominate terminar So all of these eight endings, your whole of these, you're going to do it except except congratulate. There is the one that doesn't follow the rule because in Spanish they use Phyllis ITAR which means to congratulate. So if we were to say congratulations in Spanish, it's Felicity asean, Is Phyllis it? That's the honest. So the only one that does not follow the 80 row is congratulate. Okay, all the rest. You now know a boy. You now no more than 1000 more words in Spanish Help! Boy, this is fun 8. ¿Were You Paying Atención?: Okay, Guards Is that time again? It's time to play. Were you paying a 10 c on? Okay, so let's have a word Ending with 80 will be changed to for the engine. Ideally would be changed to a are want it? They are dead Easy. My God, This is easy. So participate becomes But this empire never Gate becomes Nambiar more dolar graduate Good Adwar fabricate fabric card. Okay. Remember the one root word? Well, there others. But you know the one that's really coming You come across It doesn't for the rule is congratulate is not Kong. Gretel are ok. It's the word for congratulate Is Felicity tire and you'll hear them say Felicity doubt is a long time, okay? 9. Numbers and Months- Números y Meses: Okay, let's go. All right. So what we need to do here is we need to know. Ah, the numbers and months. Boom. Look that way. Well, all right. So I'm gonna teach you that number's up to 30 and ah, in the months of the year because they're going to come in rather handy. Wouldn't you think So. Okay, so let's just have a look. It right here. We got going down the left there. All right, So you got We've done this before, but you know, does trays Quatro cinco say's siete or to Nuevo Dia's? Okay, there we go from 11. Now, you that say once gotta be wrong. Of course. What did you learn at the start of the coarser boy? It's on set on set. Does say there s a cot. Orsa king Say, remember the K sound Kinsa DSCC is nowadays. Yes, you say yes. He says now you can see what's going on here. De is look at 10 again. He is now the kind of but it basically doing here saying 10. So you're listed inside his ideas. He say's he is, he say's so I just take taking the sea from his taken it said, but a c so and change the wife of love a blouse. But whatever. You know what I say when you listen to it? It's basically 10 and six ds essays. Yes, he saves Jesse Siete. Yes, he's ah Chou dse Neue Saint Day 20 Make the ono and saying same deal here so they know bank there. So this is really easy. Maybe you'll know bank the doors make it terrorist plot as you go down to train. Okay, so that's what I'm having. Look at him really easy, Onda. Just But you could see those formulas, especially the twenties long remember bank there. Then use your banking. You know, banking does banked it, raise bank to quite a blah, blah, blah blah. And where you go Hey, easy now That brings us to the months of the year. All right, so a narrow febrero February That's easy. Marzo marzo march a Brill I proved by your May Who knew June Does it get knees? You know, tell you what I mean Really? Julio Agusto said tm brah, Octobre, noviembre, diciembre. So you can see even the months of the year are gonna be dead Easy to memorize to put him down so you know what they are okay, 10. We Are Flying Along! Let's Add more Words To Your Spanish Vocabulary: Okay, so let's move on. The a l trick. What's this all about? For English words that have two or more syllables ending in a l the ending stays. I u for Spanish. Now just remember your pronunciation and remember where the accent is going to be stressed . So let's 1st 1st to say about the stress of the word. Ah, rule number. What is it in Yes or vow at the end? No, it's not a letter. L so that maze you put the stress on the last syllable. I just remember the pronunciation off the vows. So abdominal will be abdominal abdominal stress on the last syllable by electoral now bilateral remember it is be cause the e sound. The ice is always an e sound. Bi lateral, bi lateral So abdominal Bi lateral bacterial back Tariel Back to Ariel Bi Focal. Can you guess what this is? It's not by focal, is it? It's bi focal before cull accent on the last syllable Casual castle while castle. Well, you know why we go Continent toe continental Continental It always word, you know, facial. Now it's the sea with an I after it. So that makes it s sound Maciel Fassi L. Federal Federal Fed Daryl Festival Festival Genital Now remember, remember that trip up on this when it's a G and it's followed by and I or any is gonna have an H sound. So it's genital and metal. What? There's another tricky one. Trip up. What happens with the H? Remember the word Ola? It's not holer, is it? You don't pronounce the agent Spanish so when we have hospital Hospital we have hospital. Don't pronounce the h hospital stress on the last syllable Now judicial, remember what happens to the J. I put in a couple tricky buns for you. The J is pronounced in Spanish, Remember, Hosts a host say it's pronounced like an h. So this is not judicial. It's Houthis. Eala Houthis Theology is an H pronunciation. Okay, now the only thing you need to be aware off our English words the end in T I l and s I l and have a ship sound such as initial, and they will be written in its CEO C I a l Okay, if the words written have a t i l ending and have a hard taste down like Celeste Celestial Celeste you alright, Celestial? They will stay the same, so I'll be Celestia. Okay, So you so you understand if it's a ship, sound like Pasha Partial Paseana. It'll change to a C I You okay? That'll be the way you write it. So parcel. But if it's a hard to sound like Celeste You Celeste Eon. Okay. Oh, my goodness. Now you know more than 1000 words more at least. 11. ¿Were You Paying Atención?: All right, folks. Here we go again. Here you are assigned to play. Were you paying attention on? All right, so let's have a look here. Okay? We're gonna recap on the last lecture. Hear a word ending with a o will be changed to wait for it. I o that's right. You don't change it, old abdominal, but just become for the pronunciation of the Spanish abdominal Fattal crucial fascia. Obviously the accents on the last syllable Because it's not an n and s or a vow or an Iowan ending. So away we go Distel digital antibacterial. I go die here Central, brutal local. Okay, fantastic. Oh, fabulous. Oh, he excellent. 12. Dare We Add Some More?: Well, how cool is this? You already know thousands upon thousands of Spanish words. Didn't take long, did it? No. By the way, before I just get started on this one, you will find that there are some exceptions to the rule. But this is the majority of these will always follow the rule. There'll be a few exceptions along the way, but nothing for you to really worry about the i C. Trick. What's this for English words that have two or more syllables ending in I C for the Spanish , it becomes, I see. Oh, yeah, I don't know. One end. And then you get the Spanish would What does that look? Allergic becomes on a look of Got an accent over the E. That's where telling us the accent is on this word. So would it be allergic? Oh, allergic away. But through this tricky one in remember when a G is followed by an I or any the letter I or any? It has an H sound. So it's a layer. Hickel a layer Chico. Okay, it's not a lair. Geico. It's a layer vehicle. Electrical battle metric becomes barrow metrical, barometric A without the accent right there for you, Barometric. Oh, better medical, ese fanatic becomes fanatical, Fanatical. You got the accent, Mom loving this. This is fantastic. It's fantastico now. Organic. Is it Orhan Nickel or is it organic? Oh, it's a hard G sound, isn't it? Because it's not followed by an I or any. So it's organic. Oh, organic. Oh, toxic becomes toxic. Oh, tactical Toxic Oh, clinic becomes click. Wait a minute. That says Clinica Clean Nika. It's not an O ending. So what's going on here? So it's Clinica, not clinic. Oh, well, what's going on here is there are male or masculine and feminine words. We're going to get into their little bit later, but that's what is going on. The feminine has got unending within a on there. So that's what's happened there. So don't worry. We get into that later on. No big deal. So elliptical, barometric. Oh, fanatical, fantastical, organic, all toxic. Oh, Clinica! And hundreds and hundreds others. You can just work out yourself 13. ¿Were You Paying Atención?: Okay, folks, here we are again. It's time to play. Were you paying attention on? All right, now here we go. A word ending with I c will be changed to Oh, boy. There it is. I see how it's dead. Easy, isn't it? Medical La Iko Iko How can m ago blessed ago. Organic, organic ALS and SEPTA go. Okay, did easy. Remember Genoese? I see you just put it only in basically and away you go. 14. Did I hear You Say More? Well, OK Then..Let's Go For it.: So how you doing there? Well, hey, it is the easiest way ever, isn't it? You imagine this. All these words you've got but let's keep on rolling. The I t y trick. What's this one? Bring these words that have two or more syllables ending in I t why I ity uh the ending becomes i de a d for Spanish and then you have the Spanish word. So all these words with i t Why change it to i d a. D your Spanish is there? Have a look at this density now. All right, let's just have a think about this. The accent. Where is the stress on this word? Is it rule one? Does it ended an end and s or a vow? No. Does it have any accents over the vows? No. So it's rule two, isn't it? We're going to put the accent on the end. So didn't see dead. DNC dead DNC dead Density becomes DNC Dad. DNC dead Calamity Carla, Me dad. Karla Me Dad. I mean, how easy is this? Capacity becomes capacity, Dad. Capaci, Dad, I mean, this is gonna be about the easiest Spanish in the world. Electricity Electricidad just remember your valve pronunciations. All right? Don't stumble. Don't stumble. You're looking at this generosity, is it? What's going on with a J? Uh, it's followed by any. So it's not a hard G. It's an h sound, isn't it? So it's Henny Rossi. Dad. Henna rossi. Dad, Remember, a G followed by an irony Changes the sound to an h sound so And a rusty dad Sanity Sunny, dud. So I don't need to get going on, you know, you hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of words that you now know, uh, what to do with them and you got the got the Spanish. Just remember the pronunciations. Too little exceptions that you could probably gonna come across. Gravity is Gravitt, Dad. Okay, Just goes is an e d I d. And the word for city is See you, Dad. See you, dad. Okay, they're a couple. You might come across cook, get out of town. Look at this. You know, no more than 1000 more words in Spanish. A boy 15. ¿Were You Paying Atención?: All right, Here we go again. Okay. Have you been paying attention? Here, It's time to play. Were you paying attention on? Okay, now, here we go. A word ending with I t. Why will be changed to Okay, I've got this ride. So it's not capacity. Capacity, Doug, Hannah Rossi does Electricidad. Finally, Dad, until you're gonna be aware off city doesn't becomes. See you, dad. Okay, City. You see that a lot. And gravity has a small change and is good. Abby. Dad. Dead easy. 16. This Is Easy Isn't It!: all right. Moving right along here. Ladies and gentlemen. OK, the I s m why s m trick wants this one for in this words that end in I asem or why s M ISMs ? The ending becomes is Mo Are you up the Spanish? Would I struggle over this? Okay, tourism. Now you see, this is a slight challenge, but doesn't matter for the pronunciation. So tour is mo now. Where's the accent? Because it's an N and s or a value in the end. Yep. It's got around the end. Penultimate. All right, So it's tour is Mo Tu res mo tour is mo. All right, ese. I said these were going Oh, ending. So we know the accent. The penultimate organism. Organismo just Paranal In the end, organismo opportunism off Fortuyn is mo now Realism, remember? Remember your pronunciation in Spanish. You always It's not gonna be real. Is mo It's really is more really is more okay you got a is not e sounding like riel. It's a rare Elizabeth really is more so. Terrorismo organismo opportune is mo rail is mo socialism. So see and remember age Val So Ciel Liz Mo So Ciel is mo mysticism. You Congar, Let this old day mysticism. Now you see a slightly changed the Y in Spanish. Doesn't matter for you if you're gonna write it down. Okay? As long as you can see these words is Spanish, you will know how to pronounce him. You can pronounce them because they always follow the same rule. Not like English, like a city before you know, if you've got the word though T H O U G h how on earth do you pronounce it? You've got to learn it and know it. Not in Spanish. If you could read it, you could pronounce it. So you look it's always the same Vowel sounds miss disses mo. It's got a vow ending. So second last syllable mistresses mo easy. 17. Y Mas Palabras!: Here we go again. All right, let's get under the next one. The s I o n trick, uh, friends. Words that end in Yes, I o in, uh, the ending becomes Yes, I Oh, the accent and the spanish. And then you got the Spanish would Oh, that's it is pretty well, straight forward. So we know the accent is on that. Oh, okay. Let's give that a rip. Fusion is who remember the news has not hot you sound. Who? Full z on Fouzi on. Well, that's easy enough. Fouzi on compulsion Com bull See on Come pull See on So it's not Shouldn't remember We have have to get the e on e on such Compal Com Pool C on conclusion Conch Lucy on accent on the end, conclusively on Fouzi on comm Porc on conclusively on compassion. No, wait a minute. There's no double lists. Okay, While I got your attention in Spanish that have messed around with double ems double ends, double s is double tees or double peace. So comme past see on compassion. So no ems? No, no. Dublin's no double ends, no double essence. Notable teas and notable piece. That's pretty straight food. Okay, great Compact. Si on passion. ASEAN tension 10 c on that boy. This is easy 18. Why Not! Mas Palabras!: So you kind of along there. Alrighty. Let's go into the next one. The O. U s trick the O. U s trick, huh? For English words that end in O U S. Uh huh. The ending becomes os O for Spanish words. So if they're English Oh, us, it becomes also. All right. Now, let's just think about the stress, okay? Remember, you have to pronounce all the vows. Now it's an O ending. So that's rule 11 Remember? N s or vows. So it's going to be the penultimate stress accent. Okay, so delicious is Dellis CEO. So jealous CEOs. So that's easy. Delicious. Delicioso changed it. Oh, you Esther always Oh, all right. Curious. Cool, Rio. So curry Also glorious glory. Also. Glorioso All right, I got the hang of this Luminous Luminoso. Monstrous little changing this. No big deal. Monstrous becomes, I put it. Ah, you just in front of the oh, so pesticide, monstrous monster low. So precious for a CEO. So All right. Just two little exceptions that you're gonna find that you might come across tremendous is not true. Uh, tremendous. Oh, so it is just tremendous. Oh, okay. And odorous. It's changed to all a row. So oloroso. Okay, So tremendous. Oh, all a roast. So just a couple exceptions that you might come across, okay? 19. Did You Ever Think It Could Be This Easy To Learn Spanish Words?: OK, moving right along here. We're frying along here. So the e n t trick this time for English words that ended e N t the ending then becomes a N T E and you got the Spanish word. What sounds pretty easy permanent now. Okay, let's just think about the stress. It's a a vow on the end, so I will use the penultimate syllable for our stress. So permanent day permanent. What's easy, decent becomes they're send day. Just send day different different day referenda detergent becomes, Ah, in a minute. Remember, the G is followed by any, so it's not detergent there, its debt, their hand day that rent there. If you got that correct, you would be excellent day and movie, which is very in Spanish movie Intel a hen today and President becomes President day a couple of exceptions that you might come across. Event becomes not event day, but event, though, and content if your content happy content. It's contento all right. Now he's a little bonus meant becomes Mento. Apartment slide changed, but it's a part Dharmindo Cement Cemento argument. Memento moment Momento own momento por fav or document documentos Monument born human toe. One will upset. Exception is comment is no comment. Oh, it's comentario comentario accident! They 20. Sure! Let's Learn Mas Vocabulario!: Okay, let's move straight along to the next one. The a double l y trick. Okay. All right. He was this for English words with more than two symbols that end in a double L Why, huh? We removed the l Y on the end, on the ending becomes Mente for Spanish. All right, but wait a minute. But if the English word ends in C A double L Why, instead of just a dental l y huh? We removed the Aidala. Why? Like the word practically take off the aid of the Y right? And we use I'm meant it. So the word becomes okay. Practically take off the list. Practical. And then what? At a mental tactic amended. Okay, Okay, let's try this. This is this is, uh we'll see what goes on here. Okay, so this is just eight of a little Why? So we take off the old Why rationally. Then we'll comes rational in English, huh? And add mentor, rational, mental rational Mente rescue not amend their okay, Virtually take off the A y admitted totalmente Total mental officially are officially nature was artificial and Spanish artificial Mente. Okay, I got this emotional a most your own entitlement. They especially especial mente. Okay, so these are the See a double L Why ones anatomically So go take off the a double Why? When it's see a little anatomically take up the Senate leaders with an atomic and then put a mente so on atomic comment on a Dhammika meant it Okay, cause with the accent of the take of the and atomic commented Alright classically, take off that classic classic comment just at a mentee. Okay? Fanatically live just with fanatic fanatic amended genetically and netted comment logically Logica mente Logica meant there we got it. 21. Definitivamente! Mas Palabras!: Okay, guys, we are cruising along. We are flying down the highway of Spanish highway This one you're gonna love It is words that end with O. R. Y and A are why for English worsen with more than two syllables that end in O R. Y and a Arwa or a why we just take off the Why and Ed I o for the Spanish doesn't get any easier in that. Let's have a look at some words here. So we take off the y at i o Centenary take off the why at Io Centenario There you go. You got the Spanish for Centenary Directory. You want another word for directory in Spanish? Take off the Why, but I o Directorial Elementary Elementary Oh, inflammatory, Inflammatory Oh, laboratory laboratorio I mean, this is so easy. The only one exception is history is not historial. It's a feminine gender and we'll get today's. As I said before, it's Historia. The other thing is one of the exceptions is factory is not factorial. It's actually fabrica from the word fabric as into fabricate. Okay, so it's fabrica Spanish. So that's just an exception That makes sense, doesn't to fabricate. It's a factory. That's what they 22. Fabuloso!-What An Incredible Vocabulario You Have Already!: Okay, guys, this could go. We are going gangbusters here. I hope you haven't fun, because I sure am. And this one is absolutely fantastic. One word ending in B l e Okay. For English Worsen. And a little bit that ended. Barely. It's the sign. What does it get Any better than that? Doesn't you just watch out for your your Spanish pronunciation? All right, so let's go through that, all right? Okay. The first it is possible. Now we're going to be looking at I b l i b l e of a coupon i b l e as impossible and a b e . Okay, so I bought it possible. And that's a possible, for example, So in Spanish, it's not able it you because their eyes an e sound. So it's e blip e blip. Now, we've done this word already before, so we know it's gonna vow on the end. So penultimate syllable. So it's Parsi blip. It drops in s, but who cares? You know, that's the Spanish. That's lovely. But as far as you know, you know it's gonna be possible. Will be posse blip or C black Is ble ending impossible in proceed Blake impossibly so. We're evil, evil it in possi ble and away we go up Now here's something is interesting. When you get the two hours together, they expect you to chill them a little role of the hours. Okay, so it's not Terry Blair. You do a little role of the ours, and it's Terry Black Terri ble. Okay, Terry Vly not to read Blitz If you just did to replay without the role, by the way, you you'll be understood. So don't be too worried about that. But if we want to get a little bit more particular if it's Terry, but it would be like it was only had one are when you roll it. They know this to us. Terry Blip. Okay, a little bit of practice. No big deal now is an interesting one. So we've got horrible. We know where the stresses we know the H is silent, so it's not horribly horribly. No, it's or really don't pronounce the H. Okay, now we have cable. So it's an ob Leinart's. And it's not an easy Blair is an r blitz, So cable is okay. Car blitz, Carlette. Yeah. All right. Next one. Permeable Okay, once again with Spanish. You know, if you can read it, you know how to pronounce it everything in Spanish. So let's have a look at this word. P e r m perm e a Yeah. Ah, bless. So permit obligate for my tablet for memorably for Mavlet. Yeah. So for C imports Steve Lee, Terri ble or read Karbouly for me, our Blair born daughter of vulnerable Now. Okay, let's stop here for one quick second. Ah, I know that in, like, classical Spanish, they'll save the The sound should be pronounced like a soft be and all this sort of stuff. I don't want to get into these. I want to keep it simple for you. Okay. I want to keep it as simple as possible because you'll be understood. All right, If you want to get really into it, then that's fine. But I don't want to confuse you with soft be sounding these And this sort of because, you know, I just want to say I don't want to clutter your brain too much. I want to make it easy and fun. All right, So one vulnerable, vulnerable is full name, Terribly vulnerable. Okay, so that's looking good now, just one quick exception. Um, now there are exceptions to all of these. Some have more exceptions and others, but I want to keep Really They were the ones that you're going to probably come across the most, you know, again, fix for simplicity sake. So incredible. For some reason, I don't know why they don't do it incredibly. They drop the D for some reason, and it's incredibly ably. So incredible is incredibly okay, but it's acid. Great job. 23. Es Posible! Excelente!: I would go on down the final straight here. Okay, Let's see this one. Here. Now the I ve trick. Okay? For English words with two or more syllables ending with I've the e uh, you you just change the i V e two and I ve Okay, so you should take away the on you make it. Oh, and then you've got to Spanish word. Well, let's try that. I sense pretty done. Easy to may active, active becomes take away the A put on active Oh, remember your accent. Penultimate syllable vow on the end. Active all means active, abusive putting our instead of the A Remember a bju abusive and Spanish. It's a softer root. Abu No, a view is buso. It's no abusive abuse. E vote Abou seyval Abou seyval Abusive boost Evil act deVeau abuse Evo Today you know the word for abusive and active His finish Creative crayon deVeau, crayon deVeau Every vow. DeVeau Creative great deVeau cumulative Kula TiVo Mullah deVeau Cool mullah softener is used Cumulative. Oh, digestive. Okay, we got the g following any. So it's not gonna be di di gest deVeau? What? Or digestive or for that matter to a deer in the e sound d hair he has Stevo de has Stevo de has Stevo fugitive! Okay, Another tricky one. Got the G with the eye following it. So it's gonna be for hit. DeVeau for his deVeau fugitive Full hit. DeVeau Ah, Inquisitive. Ah, OK, this brings me to a nice little junction here now with a Q You sound you know how we do it ? Like cook court Sound like queen or quick? Quick in Spanish The qu excuse me is a sound. So it's not inquisitive. Oh, it's in kit kit in Kiss it evil in kiss it deVeau okay in you said the qu is a sound like a k OK, so it's inquisitive, but as in kiss it deVeau in case it deVeau So that brings me to this. All right, mother on the qu sounding of the So should we got the qu as in K and do you eat? So it's kit kit que kit? What makes what they go? Look at that. So q u e pronounced k Okay, is what I never got the sound again Ki n g and g n Kian So Okay, what key in a maze Who and then over this This is really cool. This is S E s s. And if his question it means is it or if it's a statement, it is switches around. And they used to that by the inflection. We'll get into more of that later on. No, big do. But it's still in this. So we got care. Which is what? Okay. S que s What is it? So use a ks and you would do the inflection at the end Ks raise your voice as a question, as you would do normally. Kiss. What is it? What is it? Yes, What is it? Get s there you go to good today could say What is it? Guess. And now, while we've got this, it's a bit of fun. So what s so, uh, we know the word for possible is posse Blair. So why don't we put with an inflection at the end of the question is possibly is it possible is perceived? Maybe we could do, uh, what is possible? Que es foreseeably. So you're gonna drop the it on that one because it's in the sentence. Did I say what? Is it possible? So Caisse procedure. So when it's in, that sentence s becomes just is case Possibly. That's great, huh? Que es Possibly now if we do care nous Who is it? Qin Iss Who is it? All right. That's just a little touch on those. Okay, So Okay. What? Yeah. Who? Yes. What is it? Guinness? Guinness? Who is it? Alright, awesome job. 24. Let's Stay Positivo! You Are Doing Great!: Okay, let's keep moving along. We're doing great here. And about 3000 words under our belt. Now the eyes ed e eyes trick for English words that have two or more syllables. Any and I z e eyes, which I see any to Ozzy are for the Spanish word. Well, let's have a look at that. So analyze becomes and Alice are remember, the Z pronunciation in Spanish is more of an s sound. So it's now the other thing is, where should the stress on the word bay Do you see any accents on the above the letters? Nope. So it's not Rule number three doesn't end in an N and s or a vow. Analysts are no So it's not on the penultimate, so it must be rule number two. OK, it's not an N s or vow on the end. So it's the last syllable, isn't it? Ok, Anil is our analysts Odd deodorize They'll door is are there? Oh, door is our remember You have to pronounce every single vow. All right, the order results. That's all we need to remember the pronunciation off your vows. Garvan is galvanize becomes Galvin is our Galvin is our Galvan is our This is a Z glamorized glam or is our glamorous are stress on the end Mobilize mobile is our mobile is our legalised leg Elise are lega and on and on and on tantalize tantalize our Tantalus are just remember the proceed ation off your vows and your good as gold. And ladies and gentlemen, you now no more than 1000 more words in Spanish. 25. It's Surprise Time!: Well, hello again. Well, guess what you probably thought. Ah, whatever happened to, um we're paying a 10 c on. You probably thought I forgot, didn't you? Because at the start, I was doing it after every every lecture. I give a little, uh, briefing on the little A summary on day. Probably thought Well, that's good. He's not gonna test. May ace for gotten Well. Guess what I don't forget like that. Why do? But not this time, anyway? Because what I thought I'd do was I'll give you a break. All right? I'll see if you're paying attention in secret, you say, Because now we're gonna have a little summary off about the last eight lectures to see if you were paying a 10 c on. So you're to easy when you do it after each one. So let's just have a little cuz. I've sprung this on your heaven. I Ok, well, let's have a look here. What's the 1st 1? A word ending with I s m or why? I said, Well, we changed too. Esma wanted It becomes a is mo. Put it on the in. Patriotism Patriot patriot is mo organism Organismo buddhism slight change, but it's still if you're gonna say it. What is more individual ism in the with individual is mo mysticism again? The why the star has changed for a nice So it gets the east sound. Mr says mole rail is mo Alright, How did you get on with that S s bronchitis? And you didn't know Now word winning with s i o n will be changed to nothing. Okay. You're just gonna have the exit over the Oh, so you know where to put the stress. But that's is easy as it gets, doesn't it? All right, so comprehension is not going to be in Spanish. You just need to know your vows. Like I've said all along It's going and you know your stresses at the end. See on So let's go. Gone ahead. See on comprehends eon beautiful Come pull See on compulsion A compulsion becomes compulsory on pension becomes Bentzi on can't seal. Where's the accent? I left the exit on that. Well, it doesn't matter. You know it's gonna meant to have an accent. Should be tense. See on anyway Probably it's a clue z on Passion drops in sq that I do the double ist thing . Pacione, let's make a sissy on mentioned using all these words in your vocab It's gonna be easy. A word ending with O u s will be changed to What is it? Come on. Always So, isn't it? Really? Just becomes really heal. So just know your pronunciation. Delicioso precio So no more. Oh, so nervy. Also. Misterio. So Okay, what's the next one? All right, a word ending with e n. T will be changed to. Come on, You're going to get this E n t e. There you go. Decent. Becomes death sent death descent. It's got the veil on the ends that we're gonna put it in the penultimate syllable element element there, Berman and day. Decadent accident there. Continent becomes continent. Did. So you look at this. We're doing well. Going gangbusters. Hear a word ending with a double L. Why, Okay. All right. You know, I'm gonna give anything away here, but do you remember a word winning with a double A while we changed too. All right, Alright, so I've put this here for you. If it had a see a double L Why I remember it would become the fund s are about that. If it had see, I double why it will be practical. Um in practicum meant Yeah, we take away the aid of a little Why tactic? And then I'm inter practicamente it. But But if it is just it doesn't have to see there. See? A It was just a l l Y c casually it's not see a double. Why So then it just becomes you. Just drop the l Why? I'm sure I'm telling you what you already know because you you've been concentrating and paying attention so casually Take away the ally casual Mente. But if it has a see a devil, why is going to be a Munday practicamente there Caswell men usually whose well meant it? Yeah, sure. Logically Lewicka meant like a mentor. Of course, it's logically, logically, logically. Okay, well wow definite diva mentor. All right, like that. Try saying that with a mouthful of marbles. Okay, We're ending with ir. They are Why or oh, why will be changed to I know you know this one laboratory becomes Laboratorio obligatory. Oh, conservatory! Oh, and then we go The audio's at Rosario contract Rio Kolinahr Eo, we're gonna go in. My place is here. We're ending with a little press. Too many buttons. They're down. It. Well, we're dealing with BLE will be changed to nothing. It's going to stay the same, isn't it? You just need to pronounce it properly So possible Will be okay. Obviously drops in s but no big deal when you're pronouncing it so possible will be possibly Blair. Okay, Impossible. Impossibly cable. We noticed a car blip cobbler. Considerable, considerably durable to rob. Okay, sure you don't find a long days, but you know, So it's good to brush up a word ending with I ve will be changed to think the word positive will be posit deVeau Yeah, Give it to the E on the end of ivy and put another one bang way you go, Negativo Obra Stevo! Abrasive. A placebo. Aggressive becomes Al Gore s Evo attractive would become ah atractivo intensive would become intense evil. Wow. Next one. It could even be the last one. I think a word ending with i z e eyes really realize. You know, these sorts of things will be changed to. All right, Time's nearly up. I see a Our ISA is our is our so realised will be remember. Uh, Liza. Really, Czar, rallies are glamorize glam or is our glamorous. Our memories are analyze analysis. Our analysts are legalize. Legolas are mobilise our and modernise our. And now we got here. Felicia. God is congratulations. That's right. Congratulations. Because you've got right to the end here. And I'm sure he did well. And that wasn't hard, was it? Hey, already really happy about that? How could I let them have a little lie down? 26. Recap Time!: Okay, You have done a fantastic job. And look what you get. What you get Here comes, uh, you got fireworks. Oh, boy way, Dio, Because you've made it all like this value. Get this whole fireworks display a little bit of a shimmer, A bit of everything. Oh, my goodness. What to do now? What to do now? That is the big question, isn't it? Here's what I want you to do. All right. We've come this far together. You now have thousands upon thousands off Spanish words that you can use. Can you believe that? You now all you need to do is now this, But most Silex go. They have everything. Go back to where you started, okay? I want you to go back and memorize everything. And if you want to jot down the words that you can think off whatever you need to do. But what you need to do is very pretty recap. That's what you gotta do. You gotta recap. Go back over everything. Tickle these words. Check the formulas out. Make sure sure you know every single formula so that you can wait for it. I love that. Consolidate. Yeah, that's what you gonna do you consolidate, Aiming to go back, get everything so that you know all of those formulas And what, That, by the way, they call it Spanish carbonates than what we've been doing. So now you've got thousands upon thousands upon thousands of words in your vocab. All right, in less than I think, an hour or something. All right, So get it down and then come back to May cause we're going on to the next level. I can't like guys. 27. Conversación Time!: Okay. Welcome back. I hope you've done a little bit of recapping there. So you know, you're the words that I already know. You know, stacks of words now and it's time to get into some converse asean, converse asean. And let's use some of your massive vocab Beulah Rio. Yeah, I look at you go because it's necesario now. Yes, is it is so is necessary. Oh, it is necessary. Okay. Saying you've already let this you're already gone. Going great. Oh, is important is necessary. Oh, and is important there. I'm getting excited. Ihsfah bhutto! So fab oloroso. All right, well, now we have a conversation. Well, when I'm never confident, we're going to watch a conversation going on, all right? And you're gonna know what's going on. This is the beautiful thing. Can you believe this? We're gonna go along and you are going to note from the words that you have already learned . So let's let's get going here. All right, So the first thing a person says hello to this other other person Hola. Uh huh. Ok. And the person says hello back. So how would you say Ola? All right, Well, this is not too hard so far. Okay. Oh boy. And then the person says it is terrible. It is terrible. So how do we say that is Terry Blair? Is Terri ble her boy? Maybe you try and roll owes us is Terri Ble Now the person is going to say, Is it terrible? Is it terrible? And what you do, you do exactly the same pattern of words s terribly But you have inflection at the end. So it becomes a question so is terribly. All right, So a statement It's terribly. The other person says, Ask the question Oh, by the way, you see the little inverted question mark. That's what they do in Spanish at the front. There, there little one, front one back one for extra luck. I guess so is terribly boy and the person says it awesome. Is it terrible? Is Terry Blair and the person says Yes, it is terrible. Now, the word for yes, you might even know this is C See, it's terribly wow. Okay, so now the person is then going to ask them. Is it not excellent now? So if you want to say okay, you already know is Terry Blair it is terrible. If you were to say it is excellent, you would say is excellent. It is excellent is excellently right, because just like is necesario as important there were going to use different boat is excellent there. Now, if you want to say, is it not excellent? No, it is an excellent All you do is put a no on the front of it. So instead of saying it is excellent is excellent you put No, no is excellent. There it is An excellent, uh, easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. All right. A boy he said no. So they have a statement. They said it's not excellent. It isn't excellent. No, as excellent Now Hey, gone along so far is pretty straightforward. No, the word care we tested this before is what? Okay, just so you know. And now the next person says the guy says it is necessary. Okay. How did we say that is necesario and the person that speaking to them says what is necessary? What is necessary? So we know the world is what? So it is necessary? Oh Oh boy, A boy. And then he says it is urgent. Now you remember this word it's again the change in the e nt to e N t e. So it is IHS her head Day s her hands. Remember the G for a body? A is a hurt sound as your hand there. I said that he says What is urgent? So how does he say that? Remember this is necessary. What is necessary can is her hand And he says, is her hinted and he says it is important. So how would we say that is? Your hint is important. And then the guy says, because he's really confused. It says what is important? Help me say that. Yeah. Okay, is important. Boy, I'm on the edge of my seat here. Something's going down. Okay. What we got going here? Oh, yeah. Now you know Kit Maine's What? There's a new word for you. Poor care. Poor means four. So literally For what? Okay, You say, you know, we got something. Something. Something For what do you have that which makes why do you have that? See, that's really easy. For what? Or it really, really makes why. Okay, I'm gonna introduce. Why Intuit pork? A. So he says it's terrible. Boy Estigarribia and then the person says, Why is it terrible? So we're going to now use four K. So how do you say that? Okay. Yes, Terry Blair. Oh dear. And he says it's horrible. Boy, is Hori Blake on the guys completely Flum. But he says, Why is it horrible? How do we say that? Okay, is horribly probably. All right. Something's going down. I'm not sure now. Oh, now look, para May. Maine's four pi remains for May set for May. Okay, And then, Potter, who stead means for you. Hi. Remains four para me for May that Xena but was dead made for you. And so he says it is terrible for May. So how we gonna say that? Is Terry Blair part of me? Wow. So he then says he's got no idea what's going on. Obviously. What? Maybe the word for what? What is terrible? Four. You. So how do we say that care is terribly What is terrible? Paata, who's dead And then he says it is not acceptable for May. So remember how we make it. If we want to say we put the no in front of it. If we say it is acceptable is Rcep tire bled. So if we're say it is acceptable as US EP tablet, it is acceptable for me is Rcep tablet but me. And if we want to say it is not acceptable for May, what do you do? You put the No in front so no is a Sepp tablet part of me. And he then says it's not acceptable for you. So he says no is Rcep tablet part of May. It's not acceptable for May and he says the question and says no is acceptable. But it was dead boy. Something's really wrong here. And he says it is not good Now the word for good is bueno. B u e n o blend. No. So if they were going to say it is good is bueno It is not good. No, hes bueno. Oh, man. Sure. What's going on here? All right, now the letter Why is used for the would end? It's pronounced e Okay, so I haven says what is not good. So remember he said it is not good. No. Is Breno. But you're OK. For what? In front of that. And you've got okay. No, is no. And he then comes back and says it is important for May and it is urgent. So how would you say that? It is important for May and they got the e that why there is pronounced e which is end. It is urgent. It is important for me and it is urgent, is important there. But on me okay, is a handy Oh, we're gonna get to the bottom of this. Adios. What? No, you can't leave us. Ah, boy. Audio says goodbye. Oh, man, we're never gonna We're never gonna find out now. Oh, well, well, look at you. You guys have done really well. Hey, Fantastic. So let's just have a recap. A little recap here and see your vocab Olah, Rio NuWave. Oh, no! Nuevo is new. Okay, Your Valka vocabulary o Novo. Someone would care What Poor care literally. For what? Which is why pork? A why part of me for me. But it was dead for you. When no good e which means and and adios, which means goodbye. That's great, guys, if you want to go back through it. But that should be pretty straightforward. And look at all the sentence structures you've now got. There just for those simple little We're clipping them together here at no vocab. No, no message. Vocab lists no dry. You know all this stuff. It's fun. Hey, all these words that you've got and now look at you. You're conversing in Spanish. 28. Let's Get Chatting: already. Let's move on. Okay, now it's gonna get interesting here. We are going to look at the words for I need I want and I have now the 1st 1 Necesito Now this is really easy to remember because it's necessary. That's a masters in need. So necesito now here's a little tip when you see the O on the end there. That made it I need so necesito I need now if you want to say I need it you put low in front of it I need it May that Cee lo necesito door Remember the stress? Okay, the penultimate syllable low necesito now what if you could guess how you would say I don't need it if I need it? It's the same structures we did before if I needed is load Necesito remember where we put the No in front that way So I needed Lord necesito I don't need it. No, no necesito Fantastic. All right. You ready for another one? That is I need I need it. I don't need it. Okay. Next one, we're going to use the I want you'll see There's the O on the end there. Remember the Q u I told you before for care. The Qu sound is a sound like a sound So it's not quiero its key ero cookie ero So I want Tierro. Kierra Remember your your accent. They're stress on the syllable now, Loki, or nearly gave it away. I want it now. Look about their I needed Look, necesito if you can guess I want it No key ero I wanted Okay, you got along beautifully. Now let's see what we do for I don't want it. Guess I'm sure you can. No, lo que quiero No Loki ero So I want Tierro. I want it low key ero I don't want it. No low key Ero Alright, fantastic. Now let's move on to have I have that is 10. Go 10 goal! Okay. You'll see the O on the end. Remember the stress 10 Go tango I have I have it Lo tengo I have it. I don't have it. No, no tango. Alright, fantastic. So let's just go for a little rep up here. All right? So what is? I need necessary dough. I needed No necesito I don't need it. No, Lord Mrs Ito, this is going great. Okay, I want. Well, I got that one away there. Okay? I want it. No, hero. I don't want it. No, Lo Kato. I have remember tengo I have, I have it. No, tengo, I don't have it. No lot of tango. Fantastic. All right, now we can progress. Fantastic. Now have a look at this new word. Pero Barrow Barrow means it, but made but And the next one. Or get okay. Now remember, when these two words are separated, board and care, it means why. So this time it's the word is one word for care. And that means because all right, so let's have real exercise here if I want to say I want it, but it is not necessary. So let's go through this together. I want it, Loki ero But the word is pero la cura. Pero it is not necessary. I remember this from before. No. Is necesario lock year? Oh, I wanted vato, but no, it's necesario Fantastic! Next one. We got along beautifully here. What if we wanted to say I want it, but I don't need it. Okay, so I wanted We've got that about it Gnocchi ero. But pero, uh, I don't need it. Remember the referred needed? Uh huh. No Lo necesito Loki ero I wanted but pero no la necesito good. We're ready for another one. Okay, so let's see now. All right. So whatever I want to say, I don't need it because I have it. I don't need it because I haven't. Okay, so I don't need no lo necessary though, because Okay, I have it. No tengo, I don't need it because I have it. No necesito Okay, Law Tango No tengo Now what if I were to say I needed because it is important. So this time I need it, remember? I need it. No necesito Oh, I needed because Okay, it is important to remember that one is important there. No necesito parquet is important. You look at that. All right, you're doing great. Now let's do one more here, Okay? This is a nice one. What if I say, um I don't have it because I don't want it, but it is fantastic. Our butts. That's okay. Let's just get back, okay? I don't have it, remember? Have tango I have it is locked and go. We're going to say I don't have it? No, no tango, Because I don't want it because we're care. Uh, no. Tengo por que I don't want it. No, no key ero But it's fantastic Barrow for that. It's fantastic. It's fantastical. No. Yeah. No, no, tengo, I don't have it because forget no quiero I don't want it. Beno, it's SunTrust ago already. You're doing great. Now lets you see what we got here. Okay. Ah, Well, uh what? Uh now that person says it is terrible. How do we say that? It is terrible. That's it. Correcto? Yes, there really. And then the person we're back to these guys again. The guy that thinks everything's terrible We might be out to get some insights this time. So he says it is terrible And then the next guy says, What is terrible? How did we say that? What? Remember the would what? Ok history play. He says I wanted it is urgent. How did you say that in Spanish? I wanted Loki ero. It is urgent is her hand day. So now the government says to him what is urgent? However we say that what is urgent? That's right. Okay, these are empty. But he says it is urgent because it is important for me. I need it now. Ready? It is urgent because, uh huh Is there Clinton? Okay. It is important for me is important. Um, day, remember What for me is para me exactly is Kenta por que is important economy. And then he says I needed no necesito. So the guy says to him, Why is it important? How did he say that? That's right. The word for why is four k pork? It is important and he says it is important because I want it. I need it, but I don't have it. So how would you say that? It is important. Eyes important it because I wanted would get Look here, I need it. Loan ecstasy dough. But I don't have it. The word for But Barrow, I don't have it. No, no tangle. Good. It's important because I wanted I needed, but I don't have it is important Or kill Okiro, known as the seafood though they don't know no tango. And then would you believe he says now? It is not acceptable for May, and it is not good. Well, this is quite the situation we got going on here? Yeah, How we say this it is not acceptable. So it is acceptable is us sit doublet. But if it swiftly saying it is not acceptable No is a sit tablet for me. But I may know is Rcep tablet part of me and it is. And remember what? And is Mr Letter? Why isn't e pronounced e so no is a city doublet part of me e makes bad. It is not good. Well, so it is good is bueno It is not good? No Is Bueno Wow, we have quite the situation going on here. No. Is our sit doublet part of me in No. Is bueno Well Oh, when he's off again. Barrios, that's goodbye, My All right, let's no, Let's get out of here. Okay, let's have a new vocal. We got kids. What? So let's have a look A little bit of ah vocabulary. Oh, no evil. So we'll just check to see everything that we've learned so far. Apart from or in other words, these that this is new little ones that we've clipped in to give you sentences and structures. So as you know the word for what is care, then you when we just got the word for. But Barrow four k is because por que Why? For what? Our army for me. But it was dead for you. When no good e is for And are you us? Goodbye. Oh, that is good bye. 29. ¿Que Quiere? Let's Keep Motoring Along..We Are Doing Great!: already. Here we go again, and we're gonna build on from where we went from there. Last class. Okay? No, last class. Uh, you learned. I need I want I have. And of course I want it. I don't want it. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Now we're going to do you need you want. And you have now. Of course you could set. Call it go. Do you need They don't use that. Do this not an extra word for do, uh, I always say, Do you need Do you need something? Do you need it? They just have it unique. Okay, So what do you want or you have? All right, So let's have a look here. Necesita necesita now you could write I told you before who stayed like pattern, Who's dead for you? You could write who stayed necesita but it's not necessary if you're talking to the person because you don't need to clarify, you can use it, But you could just simply say necessary. So when it's I need, it hasn't o on the end. When it's you need, it has an A on the end. And that's how you know the difference. Okay, so if it was. I need it would be necessary. Okay. We did that last cars. Now it's necessary. You need now. What about? You need it? Same pattern. You need it. So no necesita no necesita. So if I said to you emphatically you need it, I would say Lord necesita Lorna's. But if I was asking a question, I could just do exactly the same, but with inflection at the end. In other words, if I want to say, Do you need it? Same thing. Let's go low, Mrs Sita. Okay. Done it with a voice. How is he said All right. So if I want to make a statement, you need it long necesita If I want to ask you, Do you need it? What? You need it to make it even simple it for you. You need it? No necesita. All right. So this is easy, huh? Okay. Next one, uh, you don't need it. Okay. So lo necesita you don't need it. No. Lo necesita. Okay. And again, if I wanted to make it a question No, Lord necesita Megan a question raised voice at the end. No necesita you don't need it or no lo necesita you don't need it. Okay, so let's just keep following this pattern. Here we go. We're going to do now. You want And remember I want was key Ero tierro Now you want is key A u C is gonna e on the end. I'll explain this further down the track of the different verbs. But for the moment, just remember it's Kierra Kierra you want Okay? Necesita is necessary. This is K he at it. You want you want it? No prizes for guessing lock key. Edit lock yet you want it. You don't want it? No. Loki at it. What? You don't want it known? Ochiai, you don't want that? You don't want it. Okay, Fair enough. You know what? Okay. No, No care. Okay. And let's do you have de and it. So this was tango 10. Go when we had I have tengo Now it's t n t. And so you're gonna have to work things out. So necesita get it de en you need you want you have. Okay. So let's continue. Uh, you have it. No, Deanna, you have it locked. T any. Do you have it? It's exactly the same if I spring do you have it? Because we used to do, but in Spanish Exactly the same. So lock Deanna, do you have it? You have it. Not Vienna. Well, you have it not Vienna. Easy. You don't have it. Let's make it a question. No, Lottie Annie. No! Tiene All right. I think we got that covered. Hey. All right, let's move onto the next one. So I'm gonna thinking caps on next one. Now I'm going to give you a comparison off the ah, and you. So you couldn't see them side by side. All right, Some get a nice understanding. So look at this. Here we go. Necesito I need missus. Eat up your need. All right. So necesito I need necessary that you need. Then we'll go. I needed you. Need it? No, necesito I need it. Lo necesita You needed What low necesita Do you need it? I don't need it. No lo necessary. Don't and I go across the right. You don't need it. No, lo necesita Hi. This is their easy, huh? Okay. Next one Tierro I want here it you want Pierrot. I want Kierra. You would. I wanted you wanted Lock year. Loki ero gnocchi every you want it. Do you want it? No, Kierra, I don't want it. I don't want it. Know Loki Ero You don't want it? Nokia. Okay, we're gonna hang in this out. Me? All right. So I have Then go then go. You have the end. The end. I have it. No tengo you have it. Lo tiene Lord Tien, you have it. Do you have it? Not Deanna. I don't have it. No lo tingle. You don't have it? No. La Tienda. See that? We go Look at that. So there you go. That's a nice little tape with it. You look through that. Okay, now, here we go. Here we go. We are going to get into just a few Increase, increase your vocal. Nothing's gonna, you know, smother you or anything. But this is where you may have already heard. Nada. Nada. Okay, which means nothing. Or if I get into this, if a double negative could mean anything like, um Ah, let's say for example, if I want to say, uh I have let me settle, get all I have nothing. So, what does I have? Tango, Dangle? Nothing. Nada, tengo nada. I have nothing. But if you wanted to say, um I don't have Of course, we don't say in English. Well, we shouldn't double negatives. I don't have nothing, because this is my mother will say that made you got something. If I say I don't have nothing. So that's where the anything comes. It means the same thing. So you can either say tengo nada. I have nothing or no tengo nada. All right. I don't have anything. Okay, so that's nada. Now put little d e in front of it. It basically means off Nothing. It means you are welcome. And you might have even heard this it when someone says good Odysseus, there's like de nada de nada. Okay, so just straight. Nada. Amazed. Nothing. De nada. Uh, yeah, it's enough. Basically, it is kind of like it's nothing, you know? You're welcome. It's nothing. No problem. I'll go. I'll go. That may something. I'll go. I have something. Tango. I'll go. I have something. Tango. I'll go now. It's I. Do you have something? Deanna, I'll go. Deanna, do you have you have something, Deanna? Algo. Dodo, Dodo. Everything there are actually never got nothing something and everything. So, tengo Toto, I have everything. Lucky may. Okay, This is not a typo here. By the way, This is just the letter O it is for the word or okay. All or nothing. Okay. For example. So Oh, is for the word or we'll get to that. Now I order you. Don't pronounce the H. Remember, I order a water that makes now. All right, so we got nada. Nothing. De nada. It's nothing. You're welcome. I'll go something, Toto, Everything well, or I order now must started. Must start it. That means later. Okay, Later. Must started. Don't work. You get all this in low coming, you might have. No, this one, this one you should know. I would think 45 or por favor, please. Okay, so it might say, um I want something poor for board. Okay? I want something plays. I want something. Please. I want Tierro something. I'll go 45 or crazy. And then if, Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that grassy US grad see us is Thank you, Rhoda. All right, that's that Poach. Let's get on to the next one. Oh, this is a bonus round So this is something unique in Spanish. We would say I am hungry. I am hungry now it in Spanish. They will use the Tenere for tango. I have. So it's then go, um, breath. Um but it tengo umbrage, which means I have hunger. It means the same thing. I am hungry, but they say I have hunger. Okay, But it makes so if you're hungry, you say tengo umbrage. Tengo hambre, it literally maids. I have hunger, but what it really means is I am hungry. Now if you want to say I am thirsty, they did the same little thing. But they say I have thirst. Tango said Said Tangos said, I have thirst, all right? But it means I am thirsty. But you're using these tangle. Um, but I am hungry. Tengo said on Thursday. All right, now heres something special. We're gonna have a little practices. If we're in a conversation going on in a restaurant on I'm gonna build up your vocab, But, you know, in different now is and all that sort of thing foods, drinks, all that sort of stuff. But for the moment, I want to stick with what we've got We're just building little building blocks on what we've got. All the stuff we've learned without overwhelming you. Now, by the way, what you want to do is go back on it. Just review each one of these. You know, the the new words Practice the sentences, have little conversations with yourself or your It'll be good fun. Okay, now, so all right. Metre mirror in a restaurant. You come in there and the lady says besides, lady that that that's one of, uh, she says hello. Uh, that she says, um, do you want something? Do you want something? So, hello. Is Ola okay? Do you want something? So remember, I want is a hero you want is a key. A key era. I'll go. You want something, Kerry? Algo so, owner Get it? I'll go. Um, you go in and you also say hello. So how do you do that, Orla. Okay. And you say, what do you have? What do you have now? You remember the word for what? Okay, Okay. Okay. So what do you have? You have so ok. Do you in it? Get your name. What do you have? Allah kit? Deanna, what do you have. And then you go on to say, because you're very fluent in your Spanish, you say I want something. I want something. So I want Tierro. I'll go something, you know, I'll go for later. Now do you remember what later is? Must started? Must tired it so And then we gotta use Sarah because that's four. So, Caro, I'll go Botta for I want something for later. Bast rd Caro I'll go. But, uh, I started and then because you got wonderful manners, you say please. Which is border for more so and then you ask, Is it possible? Is it possible? Because you're not sure you know what hours out eso you say? Is it possible is possible. And look at you. Go here. Uh, let's say here's what you did you went Allah what you have. Get tea in it. I want something for later. Please. Tierro algo but must are 45 Or is it possible? Esports evening And she because she's a lovely lady Chases Yes, I have everything. Everything is delicious. Well, that's quite a big coal. I'm here as well. So she says Yes, which is C. I have everything I have tango everything. You remember what everything is told? Oh, don't. Dope! So she says Yes, I have everything. See Tango, dodo and everything. She just says everything is delicious. So everything dodo is delicious is the list See? Also. Wow, What a restaurant! Look at that. Si tengo Toro Toro is Delicioso. Well, you're really happy about this news. This is great. And you say excellent, which is excellent. Then you say. But I don't need anything now. No. Okay, so but Barrow, I don't need anything I don't need. Now remember, what is I need necesito But you say I don't need no necesito. And what's that word for everything or nothing. Nada. So you say Berro, but no necesito dough. I know that, uh, now and now its outer. And then because you're so well minute you say thank you. Courteous. So let's just go back So excellent. But I don't need anything now. Thank you. Excellent. But no necesito another order grasses. And then you continue to say because I am not hungry. Well, what are you doing in the restaurant? Oh, okay. So because Okay, I am not hungry. Now, remember, I don't have hunger or care Because no tango umbrage. No tengo hambre, huh? Look at you. Go. Excellent. But dont know necesito nada Order branches. Por que no tengo umbrage, huh? And then because you're a chatty little thing you say. But I am thirsty. What do you have? Please. So But Barrow, I am thirsty. Remember that one? So tengo hambre, I am hungry. I have hunger. I am hungry. Then go said, saying it was said so. But I am thirsty, Beddoe dango said. And then you say, What do you have, Please? So places for five or what? Okay. Do you have? You have the end? Yeah. So can't Deanna four for four. So here we are. Photo Tango said I'm thirsty. Get the any port aboard. She says, Do you? I have I have dango. Should've myself cerveza. Oh, looks Oh, I got it away. She says Ah or oh, hey, I got the whole thing away, boy. I heard she said I get a little a little hell help there. She says I have beer. You have to get this wrong. There's something wrong. Tango cerveza or something different. So I have beer. I gave it your tengo cerveza? Or is that just that? Oh, remember, Oh, tango surveys something. I'll go different diferente. Here it is. Then go cerveza. What? I'll go different. And you're welcome on the help on that one. So you say perfect. Perfecto Beer, please. So, racer, for $5 and then she gives it to you and you have a nice speaks it because you're thirsty after all that talking and you say thank you, which is grantee us. She says it's nothing. Which is Dana. Fantastic job. Fantastic. Go back through all the words, go back, review everything. That's a brilliant job. And, uh, we're just, uh we're just gonna keep on going, building up everything you're doing great. 30. This Lecture We Take a Huge Step Forward Again!: Okay, Well, on what? Or not, but I know this is gonna be fantastic. This is where we joined two verbs together. All right, so this is gonna be great. So what we're gonna do, we use a conjugated verb like e ero Mrs Seat Docket. It misses its Sita on the infinitive Because let's say that we want to say not just I wanted or I don't want it. But we want to say I want, for example, to do something I want to eat or I want ah to dance. I want to buy a bar, you know? So are I need to do this. I needed it. So we're going to learn how to join them. Okay. And this is what you do. Very, very simple. First, the is conjugated. I want Tierro. And then you have the infinitive, which is what this case is to eat. Which is the word Comair. Comair on the accent is on the final, suitable Comair. So, Pierrot, come here. Tierro, come here. I want to wait. I want to practice Caro Practical car. All right, well, let's get into it. So let's just have a look. First heard some verbs you can use. Okay, cobbler, remember, I pronounce the h A blur a blur to speak. Two words commonly used for drinking. So baby in and tomorrow tomorrow's to take take a drink. Okay, So the challenge we people use either of them baby here and Omar to drink. So just you know, just so we go back a second there. If you want to say, Ah, I want to speak key ero and then join on a block. I want a drink. Kittle. Maybe easy, huh? I want to drink. Come here to wait. I want to eight Caro, come here. I want to eight something key Ero Comair I'll go. So this where we dio can't I just put in a few? Just a few different verbs. Just just have a bit of fun with you can have a look at all these different verbs, but you would have lists and that. So I'll have lists for you, that sort of thing. But just for the moment I threw a few in some common ones so we got to speak to drink, tweet to sing cantar get Oh, can't I want to sing? No! All right, This brings me to this point here. Okay. The verb to see is v e. R. Now. I touched on this a while ago, but now, with further down the track, the V in Spanish is more like a soft be okay. It's more like Bear Bear as opposed to their Okay, so now you're further along the track, I think is gonna confuse you. So just when you when you get pronounce it is a little bit more like bear bear. It's a very soft be as opposed to their like, Very okay. Says bear better. And I want to see Caro bear. Okay, Good. And this is when you're going to use a lot because it's to do I want to do I want to do something, kiddo. A sale? I said, Remember that? The accent, the stresses on the last of the last syllable. A sir, a sir now is a sir. It's a sehr Caro. I said I want to do I want to do something, kiddo. A sailor. I'll go. Oh, lookie here. Now. All right. So what about let's a little bit of a practice here, So if I, uh, would you say I want to speak. I want to speak so key. Ero I'm not I want to speak well. There you go. I am speaking beauty All right, now what about I need to speak? No dear, I need to speak my native necessary though. How blood? Here we go for that on a day to speak this sick toe a blur. And what if we want to say? Do you need to speak? You need to speak necesita a block Necesita oblon you need to speak What about? Um okay. What you want to eat now? What is it you want? It's not key Ero isn't that I want you want Kierra and to eight Comair Kierra, compare Carrick Amar'e You want to wait? Do you want to eat? So course you can always say that. You gotta think it's you want to wait I keep it sin before Joe, Do you want to wait? You want to eat something? Ah now Oh, now whatever you want to say I want to eat it now remember? What is this guy for? I don't know what it would do em. Do we do a question? Do you want to a It you want to Mrs what you do You go OK? You want Kierra Col Mayer? No, You put on the end it now they do put it in the front before care the law, they can do a lot cuticle mayor. But I don't want to confuse you for the moment because there would be no fun for anyone. So what we're gonna do here, which is gonna keep it after the second verb? So we peg it on, they do both, but we're gonna pick it on because it makes more sense. Like you want to eat it as opposed to it. You want to eat? See? It's already getting confusing. No. Why? You just pick that up later on as you go along. So you want to age it? Kierra Camaro. Great. And what if I said I want to eat it Key? Ero, Come here low. I need to eat it. Necesito come here low. Great. Now uh, I want to do it now. The verb to do is a sehr. I want Caro to do it ourselves. No key ero a sailor low. I want to do it yesterday. Why not? What if we want to say what do you want to do? What? Okay. Do you want What? What you want Kierra Kiki Era to I said get us here. You can have said Saturday night. What do you want to do? Get kid, I said. And that was what would know about Okay. What about? I want to do something now who? All right. I want to do something now I want to do something Now I want to do key ero a sailor something I'll go and remember the word for now I would A kid always said I'll go owner now the word for to see is member via bear there. So what? I said Do you want to see something? You want to see something Get a better Although get a pair ago You want to say something? And when I'm in a complete, rather jovial mode tonight So I saying, Well, I want to sing I want to sing Okay, But but and there's about so let's get the first bit I want to sing now The verb to sing to sing is Kantar Kantar I want to sing Caro cantar But pero para cantar Pero I need to eat something A boy so I want to sing, but I need to eat something. Hero cantar better. Necesito Comair. I'll go down with this. Uh, no. You want to ate it? You want to ate it? How we do that? You want to ate it? Kerry Command law. Jericho Melo. And you say, Well, yes, yes, please. This place. And then I don't throw this one in. I am really hungry. Okay? Not just hungry. I'm really hungry. Which instead of just saying tengo hambre, we're gonna say C four for four. Yes, plays tango macho, which is much. You know, I have I have much hambre which is really I am really hungry. So you could be just hungry. Thank Bhambri. But if you're really hungry Tango mature Embry now Kerry Cabello. Si, por favor tango macho hombre gaseous Because you just there's nothing no problems. You're welcome, Donata. Excellent. How did you get on 31. Can You? Yes You Can! Let's Bring On More Handy Phrases To Use: already. How we doing there? I'd be having fun. OK, look, I just want to mention here that, uh, make sure what you're going through here. If you feel you're getting a little bit overload or something, just go back to other lessons. Go back on one of the best things you can do for any learning any skill is repetition. Even if it's 10 or 15 minutes a day, just try and get a little bit in every single day. Okay? If you leave it for five days, you start to forget things. So this way you this groove in this, the Spanish like, like any school you want get better at whatever sports, whatever the more often you do it, the better becomes the easier it becomes, you know? So you go back and look at those words where you change the endings and just make sure you got those everything. Just so you're so you're on top of the situation. Now, this lesson we're gonna learn a lot of great stuff. Okay, Now, here's what The Caller four W's where, when, what, Who and why You already know some of these. So that's gonna be great. So Let's go from the bottom up. Why don't you know or care why? Well, you already know that you may remember that I mentioned this before. G n ki n is who? Kian who? You know this one? Okay. What? We keep going up. No new one here for the word when Cuando Cuando when Cuando when? And the word for where? Down there, don't they? Where? Okay, so that someday where Cuando when? Okay. What? Kian who? Okay, why? He's gonna come in very handy now. We got the word for today And the work member that pronounced the age It is simply Oy, oy, that's it. I'm getting easy and that doesn't boy tonight What about the world for tomorrow? They see little in here right there. It's man Yana. Yeah, I can Canyon Man Yana, you probably heard of that word anyway so oy for today, Man Yana, for tomorrow. Now we're going to get a new verb which is gonna be incredibly handy for you, which is I can and you can. So you got to say I can Oh, can I If you're gonna make it a question, Can I? No. Eight this Can I by this. Can I? Whatever. Yeah, eso It's simply puedo puedo I can puedo I can't say I'm gonna build on this because we've done. I want I need I have never going to I can Or flipped around is a question. Can I? This is gonna come in really handy. Can I puedo Can I boil? You can just change the ending. Where? There aware day you can go. I got a question. Play there. Can you do it where they assail? Oh, what is it? Let's do some practice. It sounds good to may. All right, well, let's do that one. Um, can I do it? Can I do it now? Remember, we're joining two verbs. The second verb is infinitive, So ah, it's to do is a ser ous air. So puedo a Cirillo? Can I do it? You say that's gonna come in handy? All right. Whatever. Where can you do it? Where can you do it? So where is don't there? Can you boy did a serial. So the Puerto Shero What about when can I do it? Okay, Cuando When? Where was, you know, easy peasy, Lemon squeezy. It's getting a loan out. Ah, can you Can you do something for me? Can you do something for me? See, that's gonna come in handy. Can you do something for me? So can you do Can you do way that I say Why they Astaire, Can you do something? You know that Would you Should I'll go. Can you do something? I'll go for me. A lot of me. What is a radical but a me now you would? Yeah. Los siento lo siento me. Sorry. So why don't we use it? It's right there for us. So it's OK. So the person said Where there s their algo para me Can you do something for May? You can't. Unfortunately, you're very busy. And you said, uh I'm sorry. I can't do it. Yes. Sorry, I can't do it. So sorry. Lost the n tal. I cannot do it. No, no puedo acero. Yeah, lo siento. No poi Torsello boy. But you're very polite. You very proud. And you want to help out. So then you continue You say sorry again cause you want to practice the word But don't tell 10 that you want to say sorry. I cannot do it now, but I can do it later. All right, so let's give this one a crack. Sorry, Lo siento. I cannot do it now. No. Where does a low our But I can do it later. Okay. Lost siento no puedo seller. Our But Barrow, I can do it later. Where? No se lo. I must hurry. Excellent. Horrow it. I'm moving along nicely here. Uh oh, boy. But the person didn't take that for not. She said, why can't you do it for May? Now? Wow. Good people could be problems going on here to see how this conversation goes. All right, so how does he said? Why can't you do it for May? Now? Why work a Can't you do it? No. Puede a acero for may Now about a money order I used to tell because you are very busy. You get a lot. A lot of things on your mind. A lot of things to do, you say, because it is impossible. How simple is that really, isn't it? It's impossible. A lot of things on your mind, a lot of things to do, So because okay, por que it is impossible as impossibly okay is important even well, person goes back to you and says, Why is it impossible? Wow. Okay. Why is it impossible? Por que is impulsively and you? Well, you have anything for quite some time. So you Ah, hungry. Remember, You have hunger. Little hint There little hint. So you say I'm hungry. I need delinked. So here we got I am hungry. Tangle. Um breath. I need remember to wait now the ver torrie is Comair. Comair, anade. Necesito Comair Vega Tengo hambre. Necesito Come here. You hungry? I mean, you know, goodness, I pull a thing. So ah, then her boy, This person is not going to give up. They say you can't eight later. It's very important that you might remember the word for very is movie M U. Why? So? It's movie important. First things first You can't eight later. How did we say that? No. Where Day. Comair must Ari. It's very or movie. It's very important. His boy important. Well, so you say sorry. It is not possible. So sorry, Los Santo. It is not possible. No is possibly. And there we go. How'd you get on? That's great. Now I want you to just have a little think about this at this point in time. You understand how much vocab you already have as you start your getting the structure. Okay, you can see this. This is why I can't go through is you've got all these words were starting to structure them on. You could already have. Ah, a massive bank and knowledge. Here in speaking here, we're gonna add numbers and all that sort of stuff from you. Whatever. But I'm just getting you. So you have got a structure, and so you're gonna be out of speak very, very quickly. I mean, look what you already could say that. Hey, tell the person you're hungry and you need to wait. What's more important than that? Okay, onward and upward. 32. Is It A He Or A She?: Okay, let's get started here on. It's a quick little lesson, but it's very important because we're gonna start talking about now, owns and just the gender of now owns. It's very easy again. It's nothing to worry about. Uh, we just go quickly on, by the way. Ah, well, let's get on with it and I'll go through it with you so masculine and feminine noun Alright . So old Spanish now owns have agenda. You're either masculine Filmon, including people, places, animals, things, ideas and feelings. There are the male or female. Now here's the thing. Most masculine noun and in Oh, so you get you know, the message. Because now there are exceptions. But don't worry, most feminine announce and in a so let's just take a look at that. All right, so this is the word for the boy. El Nino ended a no masculine. Okay, Now, again, this is the majority off him. And let me just say right now if you screw up and say lot Nino Ah, you're gonna be understood. All right, so there's no need to worry about it, but if you can, just from him Here's little thing. I remember If you can remember El Nino, Um, as the boy whose boy being message I always remember as ello, Ello, ello as in English. It's not English term. So that's how I used to remember ello, which means Oh, l o so yeah. Oh, yea. L equates to a low. So Hello. Anyway, that just worked for May. So you know, whatever. Okay, So, land Nina, the girl ends in a la Nina. Okay. Feminine. So El Nino. El Nino means the so l means the Okay, the boy, The word l is masculine for the it's singular. By the way, we'll get into that, too. Una nino means a boy. All right, So ill in masculine is the one. Yeah, okay. La Nina means the girl loving the feminine owner. Nina made a girl instead of the kill. Okay, let's just go through that. So masculine. All right? So it wouldn't mess. Loan. We want to know the word for Ah, that's something. It's l in masculine El Nino. El Chico, blah, blah, blah. And we want to say us something. A Oh, yeah. A Was that wound. Okay, so it's either l want to say something. Wound, if you would say something really easy. Okay, let's have a look at this. So I want to say Ah, boy, own menu more. Say that boy. El Nino. The wood for car. There's a couple out. Oh, God! Doesn't matter. Release issues this one, cause they're really easy One carro. So it's Carlos Masking. See the O on the end. It's El Carro, the car. I want to say a car We're gonna say Coon Caro, we're gonna say una Caro because that's feminine So one cargo But again if you said to someone yeah, I want to buy Una Caro They're gonna understand you now El Toro the Bull El Toro City Oh, in the end this is easy You wanna say a blue on Toro So feminine Le Yeah, ona uh so La Nina the girl want to say I'll go order Nina. Okay, La Nina. Look. O una Nina Ago. Lock caster. You see the A on the end. The house. I want to say Ah, House owner Cassa. Last survey, sir. Last eraser, the beer, But the eye on the end of cerveza. Daisy said there's so much exceptions. But don't worry about him. Owner Cerveza a beer. So if you were to say, um I want a beer, you could say I want Pierrot Orner Cerveza. Yeah, that's easy. We gotta keep working on this. No worries at all, because we're going to start getting into action now and like getting you out into the streets so to speak on, we're going to make you know, a lot of different things in circumstances like restaurants, hotels, that sort of thing. We're bringing all your wonderful newfound lalit knowledge to the streets. 33. I Have To And You Have To...: All right. Moving right along here. Now I want to show you something again. Really? Cool. Okay, now you know, Tango, I have, you know, de en you have What about? I have to? If you want to say I have to do something, here's what you do. If you want to say I have to you just port care, so tengo que I have to All right, so this is that easy. Tengo que I have to or you could make it a question. Do I have to thank? Okay. Think. OK, Cerro, Do I have to do it? It's a really useful verb combination. The Aniket you have toe Danny Kaye. Do you have to? No, what I want to say? Um I am thirsty. Why Should. But before we go to that, we'll get that in a second. No, Harry, I love this. Come here is to eat. Come here Low to eat it. Tengo que Camaro. I have to eat it. So if you say is very, very handy when you have to say I have to or do you have to And Okay, come Prayer Loh Khum Prior is the verb to buy. I have to buy it. Una que comprado Do you have to buy it? You have to buy it. Tengo que acero. I have to do it now. Silly Celia is to leave, so I have to leave. You have to leave. Danica. Celia, you have to leave. And here we have right now. Okay. Tango said I am thirsty. I have First tango said, saying Okay, I have to. Tamar Tamar is to drink to take to take to drink Orner soda. Or that this is what they say in my country. They just got a bit of Spanglish local owner solder, but ah, in other countries, I call one Ra fresco. But so this is really handy. Very, very important to have. So now you know how to say Necesito comeere algo. I need to eight something. You can also say key. Ero Camaro. Go. I want to wait something and now you can also say Tengo que come here I'll go. I have to wait Something. All right now I have a look at this right up the top Here. H a wise not Hey, of course it would be English. It's I I This is a really important word because it means is there or are there Okay, so I is there. Are there you can use it? Uh, either way, for plural or singular. So and the word below that are key. A key That means here. All right, So listen with the 1st 1 I is there. June Banyu. Now remember, it's a because Bano is got Theo. So it's masculine. So it's not own Obonyo One venue I own ban your which is toilet bathroom hockey. Is there a bathroom here? I own banya lucky Or you could simply say like we would say We would say, Is there a bathroom here? Or we'd also say we can say other bathrooms here, don't we? That's what we say. So saying things that now it's Ibon Joo's aqui. You could just simply like that. I banged your psyche. Are there bathrooms here? And where? The next one. I own hotel owned hotel. A key. I own hotel. Okay. Is there a hotel here? Or we could go down, donned a don There is where don't they I Where is their own restaurant? There? Restaurant there, Por favor. Okay. Where is there? A restaurant Pull for four don't and restaurant por favor. Now, these two last ones make sure you learning because as you're learning, they're probably going to be pretty important. I don't understand. No, Anthee Endo. Which makes I don't understand no indie Ando. Now you could also use no Comprendo, No Comprendo. Either of them are fun for I don't understand no indie ando or no Comprendo. I don't understand. Good wants to remember, especially just starting off. 34. I Am Going To And You Are Going To..: Okay. Another great use of a verb here is I'm going to Okay, or are you going to You are going to write like you're going to the beach today. Okay? So, someone actually, what you doing today? Okay. Um Ah, well, we'll get into it, but anyway said, I want to give you this one. So you've got this as well, then what you're gonna have You're gonna have this great armament of all these fantastic phrases or you can use to start with. And then I'm going to show you all these fantastic lists of words that you will. You have seen them in each of your lectures, and then we're gonna connect with joining all the dots. Okay, Now that you have this structure, it's gonna be so easy. You could just choose the other verb. You know, boy s esta or kiddo, it's a restaurant. Tim Care said s door, blah, blah, blah, blah. OK, so let's just have a look at this then going to do. We're gonna clip everything together. We're gonna bring it all in again. Okay? Okay. So you see, this is from the verb ir here, which means to go ir means to go here. So it's a regular verb. You need to worry about that. Not at the moment. So it's boy, which means I am going and then ah means to Okay, boy, Uh huh. Boy, I am going to So let's say, um, you could say boy a comeere I am going to eat Boyaca Mare pronto. I am going to eight soon Boyaca mere, um when a banana orna banana banana, you know, and so on and so forth. So we're gonna bring that all together now, but, uh, about, uh So we got Boyer. I am going to buy. Welcome here. Are you going to? So if we could put in a question form back, Come here. Ah, you just same as we've always done. Just with inflection. So you could say you are going to Ah bah la Playa. You're going to the beach. Oy today are LaPlace. Oy, a statement. You're going to the beach today Or make it a question. Are you going to do something? Okay, let's do that. Ah, a sir. I'll go. Ah, you're going to do something today, But a ser ial goi Are you going to do? Yeah, but I stayed out, Lloyd. Okay, so here we go by comprise. I'll go away. Are you going to buy? Yes. So you are going to Are you going to buy something today? Okay, so they're really, really useful verb this Boyata. I am going to cancel our You don't know. You don't need to tell you what this is. This is a great verb. Very easy, boy. A cancel our reservoirs. See on that s that. Not just for tonight. I am going to cancel the reservation para for Esther Nata tonight. Okay, Esther, Not this night. Persian Masback. Uh, can are you going to cancel her Lorries of Asean? And they say, OK, I'm going to do it soon. Okay, boy, A cell. Oh, boy, are Celo. I'm going to do it pronto. Pronto is soon. We want to say later which I must tired. They wouldn't We must 30. Okay, boy. Acela pronto. No. What if I was gonna say I am not going to need the reservation for today? Thank you. I am not going to need. So if we want to say I am going to need the reservation, I'm going to boy, uh, necessary tar the infinite 2 to 4 boy Unnecessary LA Reserve Asean But I gotta say I'm not going to need it. No boy Unnecessary calories of ASEAN Barra today Oy! Thank you. That's yes. No boy in necesita residency on para Hoy graduates. I'm going to cancel it I am going to cancer I am going to Boyata Cancel our low. Yeah, Hold on. No boy, This sitar Flores of Asean Roy Gaseous boy A counselor low. Okay, maybe go to another hotel. Okay. A couple of very, very useful words here right now. Esto esto Which means this now it could be esto or esta, depending on the gender. Okay. Ah, but this doesn't worry about that for the moment. And eso esa okay, which means that All right, let's work on that. Um I say I don't want this banana. I want that 45 or I don't want this banana. No key. Ero esta banana hero. Esta banana? Yeah. I mean, no, uh, Zoko Esteban are ghetto s. I want that for five. Or okay, Now, if we want Duplo rules the like that, make it those We put an s on the end. So instead of eso or esa is esos or sa those? So that's a look. No Kyoto Esos I don't want those, kiddo. Estos so I don't want that bunch of that bunch of bananas. I want that bunch of bananas. No, kiddo. Esos I don't want those ghetto estos now. Obviously you're going to use poor for Ford and Grasses, please. And thank you. But you know, I don't have to do that. And every single you know, you know, I don't need to teach you manners here as well. Okay, so what about next one? Uh, I'm not going to need that because I have this here. I am not going to need that because I have this here. No Boyata made necessary, daughter. That eso Okay, tango esto of got this aqui. Okay, Now what do we got here? Hey, days of the week. All right. Okay. Loon is which is Monday. You're gonna have to learn these. Martha's Tuesday mere Kali's Wednesday. It's gonna come in handy. Quarvez Thursday beer. Nez Friday. Sabado set today and Don Mingo Sunday. She would look through those remember them cause they're gonna they're gonna come in handy . Okay, Now, I'm just gonna give you some You know, a lot more Just things you you can say because these things will come in handy. So the word for day is Dia dia The word for week Semana Samana The word for month is Miss Miss Now this week is esta which is this esta semana United States A is with the A at the ends of age is not esto semana esta semana again. It won't matter if you say Esther esto or even if you said Esther. C'mon Oh, you know, boy, a boy a s l O s the Somalo. They're going to understand you. And that is the main thing Bank being understood s them is this month. Now look at this one. This is a handy one as the fin just the end off the is all end off weak this end of week. That's pretty sure forces at the weekend. Okay, so that's Esther Fin de semana is this weekend And Esther not share this night tonight. All right, so dear day Semana Week, Miss Month esta semana this week. Ah estimates So, boy acero esta semana. I'm gonna do it this week. Um Boyce earlier I'm going to go out s defender Semana. I'm going to go out this weekend, okay? And some want to tie for So you see, these will come in really handy now. This will also come in very handy. You can imagine the new Miro's all right. Number one you know, does There is cuatro single Saiz. See it there? Actual? No, if it he is. All right, you're gonna learn these. Go back through the mall. Put him down. Right. Um, this is about as much as I give you as far as when you haven't to learn a list of something . As you've noticed. It's very unstructured. Five boring long lists. But these things, you're gonna have to just memorize really easy 10 of these seven days, you know, that sort of thing. So no big deal, and yeah, I said OK, so put them down. Have a look at your word lists. Keep practicing your structure and we will get onto the next one, and we're gonna change it all up now. So pre prepared 35. Word practice: OK, guys. Now, Okay. In this select trip, um, you'll see in the resources area. There's verbs there. Announced there that there are words of the same in Spanish and English announced. What I want to do is go over everything. Heaven Look at all of these and they're all very, very easy old, very much similar to English verbs. So they're super easy. So what? I want to do it. Just go backwards and forwards practicing with them. Have a look at the result of resource is have a look at all of these words you can use and then start clipping them together with, Well, what would be going through over the course over the course of the course. Okay, so have another mole. There are colors, parts of the body, all these sorts of things. Remember, with your adjectives, if you're gonna use those with colors, that sort of thing, put them after the now And like we talked about, you know, you know what do you what You're doing? All right. Have fun with it. And and, you know, just start practicing running through little drills in that sort of thing. Just for fun. OK,