Learn Shiatsu Massage- A Beginner's Guide To Doing Massage | Mark Perren-Jones | Skillshare

Learn Shiatsu Massage- A Beginner's Guide To Doing Massage

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Learn Shiatsu Massage- A Beginner's Guide To Doing Massage

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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26 Lessons (2h 33m)
    • 1. Welcome to my shiatsu course!

    • 2. Before we get started...

    • 3. Ok, lets learn some techniques

    • 4. Body mechanics and proper technique are vital

    • 5. Applying more pressure

    • 6. Palming in different ways

    • 7. Using a rocking technique

    • 8. How to use your thumbs correctly

    • 9. Using your Feet

    • 10. Using your Forearms

    • 11. Stretching

    • 12. Let's get started!

    • 13. Back massage

    • 14. Buttocks, legs and feet massage

    • 15. And now we massage with them face up

    • 16. Leg massage face up

    • 17. Chest massage

    • 18. Arms and hands massage

    • 19. Neck and head

    • 20. Practice time!

    • 21. Now face up

    • 22. Advanced techniques

    • 23. Using Knees

    • 24. Some great stretches

    • 25. Using your Feet

    • 26. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Ever wanted to learn massage but don't know how and have no equipment? Then, this is the course for you!

Wouldn't it be great to just be able to give your partner or friends or even your family a massage?


You don't have a massage table, or if you do, you don't feel like dragging it out and finding all of the massage oils etc. etc.

Well, here is the massage course for you!

This is a course for someone to learn basic skills to be able to give a simple but very good massage to your friends, family or partner.

You are about to learn how to do Shiatsu massage and all you need in this course is some floor space, something soft to lie on such as some blankets or something similar, maybe a pillow or two and just wear some loose comfortable clothing. That-is-it!

Mark will guide you step by step and show you just how easy it is to give someone an amazing shiatsu massage experience. 

As you will see, to give a great massage you do not have to know lots of techniques. In fact, many massage therapists try to do too many massage strokes and end up doing them poorly. 

You are going to learn how incredibly simple it can be to do fabulous shiatsu massages on your partner, friends, family or even your clients in your spa.

Furthermore, Shiatsu massage is one of those forms of massage that is not only delightful to get but also equally delightful to learn and do on someone. 

This is a style of massage that has been performed by the Japanese for thousands of years and now is found in many of the World's best spas and now you are going to learn whop to perform this massage style.

It is performed without the use of oils and is done fully clothed on the floor. Traditionally a futon is used but as Mark shows you in this massage course, you can simply use some blankets or something similar to lie on.

Shiatsu practitioners in Japan may study for years on the many facets of shiatsu, however, it is still possible to learn how to do this wonderful style of massage without the depth of knowledge that the serious Japanese massage therapist aspires to. In short, you can still give an amazing massage without years of diligent study.

Mark's Shiatsu massage course includes awareness of body posture, breathing, and exercise. 

Like acupuncture, Shiatsu stimulates the body’s vital energy (known as Qi or Ki). 

Shiatsu really is a joy to learn.

Sit back and let Mark teach you the wonders of this incredible, centuries-old massage style so that you can then start giving your friends, family or partner massages too!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my shiatsu course!: hi and welcome to the course Now, by the time you've completed this course, you are gonna be out of do a sensational shiatsu massage. So the court is structured like this. I've got to just show you how to set things up. So, you know, you get your spot, so you set up and I'm gonna show you how to use it to write techniques. It's important that I go through this A to start, because again, if you're just starting out on bond, you've never done massage so many messages. Therapist. The average massage therapist is done like professional message surfaced their careers over within five years because they do not use their bodies correctly. So it's vital that I show you how to use your body correctly so that when you do it, you're not going to hurt yourself. You're not gonna tire out easily on you go so we can use that. Then I'm gonna go step by step to show you the exact techniques how we perform them, and then the routine. And so you will be out of give fantastic massage to your partner, your family, your friends, whoever your life. Okay, so let's get going. Let's show they set up what you need to before you start doing things 2. Before we get started...: Okay. Now, before we get started, let's go through just a few things about setting up, getting you ready to do that Massages. All right, so you need a good open space. You don't be too confined where you're bumping into furniture, and that's where things are big. Open space. Now for the person to lie on. You could get a Dooner off the bed, several towels or blankets. You might wanna put a pillow underneath the front of their ankles while their face down. So otherwise it could be a bit stiff and uncomfortable, that sort of thing. If you're messaging the person's, it's uncomfortable because you're president of the floor. You need more padding. Now you can go out by a food tone. I recommend to it thick, high density photons that you can buy a piece. Big piece of fine. You want up the sides of about a double bed. Okay, because you're plenty of plenty of room. You might also want a pillow for underneath your knees when you start to do the messages. Okay, they're uploading now. You wanna wear what you'd wear to yoga class you because you get stretched so we'll stretch the person. But you also get stretched as well. So you want to have loose, comfortable clothing for both of you. Just like it were for yoga right now. Don't have tight fitting clothes. Right. So you got your space. You got your doing it down or whatever you've got there. Your new loose, comfortable clothing. The other thing you want to know about contra indications which, if you don't already know, it means when you should not do a message on someone, they're very common sense. If you are unsure something, you could ask your doctor that sort of thing. Safety message, that person. But just common sense. Things like fractures. If they got large Americans, veins on the lower legs. Stay away from those you have heavily pregnant. I have lying on the front that just did sort things that you want to be aware of. Open skin on wounds. Recent spread. You know, it's really quite common sense. And to say, if you're unsure, you could ask your doctor. All right, let's move on. 3. Ok, lets learn some techniques: Okay, so we got there. I set up there. Now you're in your nice, loose, comfortable clothing. All right? Now what we do understand showing you how to do certain techniques. We're gonna go side. I'm going to start with a pillow. So greatly, seven, big cushion on and we'll practice that they were going to a human being. All right, but for the moment, I want to show you the different techniques that you can utilize through the shiatsu massage. 4. Body mechanics and proper technique are vital: all right, So let's have a look at posture and body mechanics, and I'll show you examples of me doing it just very quickly. What you want to do when you're massaging, You do not wanna be hunched over, but you don't have your upper back around in your lower back around and you want to have that in wood arts, just like if you were standing up and we'll show you examples to say. But keep thinking, Why'd across the shoulders, you know, crunched in like this. What across the shoulders? E long gait through the spine on We will avoid any sort of sharp angles. So when it comes to the thumbs here, you don't. You see it's all time. You show that you don't have your thumb hyperextended like that. Nor do you wanna have a shop and was like that. You want to have a basically straight down the line of the arm bone. Okay, for the majority of times, you don't have sharp angles because they wear out their joints. So let's have a look at me, show you how to do it, and I'll explain the correct way to do it so you'll see here. I have lengthened after in my back open through the shoulders there and I'm leaning forward . So we're doing some palm pressing here, so just doing on appeal, I hear so good practices. But you see how you use my way. I'm not hunched over through my upper back, and now we're going to the lunch position. You do this position as well on once again. So it really is a dance. You're just going backwards and forwards. So we're just leading away Now, do one hand palm pressing. So I suggest you just practice this on a pillow like I'm doing and you just say, pressing along nobody is that found you see my thumb to strike down like the on button there, and each time, lean in and come back. You just used one hand. So I really want you to practice this just so you're transferring your body weight each time. So now we're using. It's a weight transference. We are not using muscular effort. Ah, well, the difference between the two of them. So now, in order to hand walking, you learn all of these. You see that? And now I'm rocking from side to side. See that through the shoulders there. My body weight is rocking from side to side. Now come up onto my knees. So I want to put more pressure. You can come up onto your knees because you got more body weight above the person, more of my body weight. And so that's how you put more preference to that. And then you lean right over. Do you get vertical like that? Now, if you see that now, I'm now that's making me put more pressure on it. I really come forward so you can see I've got my vertical when we're doing that. And now just do some gentle circles with my weight there. You see that? These are all just different now. You could do a whole message just with Palm pressing. All right, look at this. This is wrong. If you're doing that, you see that hunched over through the back neck down and all using the arms and so that look at this thumb here that is gonna refute thumb. So I'll just show you the ways not to do it now. So I consider that a massive difference. No white transferring and this fields and This is hyper extending the thumb. That is wrong as well. You're gonna hurt yourself so you could see what not to do. Okay, You gotta practice this. Just transferring your weight ls again you, Jesse. It's it's worlds of difference. So I want you practice that you press on a pillow, their practice on your partner, whoever you're going to do this on and price unitary, just practice during this techniques. 5. Applying more pressure: now this is gonna come up. So what? We're talking about technique and pressure and that sort of thing What I want to show you. Now, let's say you're the person who messaging wants more pressure. I want to show you how you are going to put more pressure on which is safe for you and will feel great for the person you're messaging now, obviously, is a city before we're not gonna use masculine if it to do more pressure. Let's see how you put on more pressure for that crime that says, Hey, can you go a little bit harder? Right. So if there's something you should ah, technique like you see me with my son. Okay. So you can see once again I would talk about is all the movement is going through with body weight. Okay, But you'll see the difference here. So this is the sort of pressure I do's on my 9.5 year old son. I'm coming forward, but it's not. My whole body went. I just show you different things. I got the trustee cushion out again to practice. So what I'm doing, I'm controlling the amount of pressure by controlling the amount of body weight that I use on the person. All right, you see the difference in the second. So this is the person that you just putting the body weight, But then we're going to have a look at the person who wants more pressure. So you see that now? My arm. Zamora. Right. Able. So you see now, my test weight of my body weight is my chest, my shoulders always running away further. You said I'm really leaning on. This is the way you get more pressure. Okay? More body weight of yours onto the person. It doesn't matter what youse poms or thumbs, elbows, whatever. But it's your body way. Leaning mawr on top of that person on your hurt me when sound top of over them. So that's the difference. Okay? You lead you, you apply. I'm or body weight. So you're has become perpendicular to the client there much What? Right angles to the floor. All right, so now you know, I had to put more pressure on 6. Palming in different ways: so I wanted to show you some of the ways I just talked to about using your palm. So you say here I'm using that outer side of my palm. There, the average just go along the erector spine. Amos, Who's so It's a really nice technique, and you're still change hands here to get between the spine of the shoulder blade just using the outside of edge of my hand there to really nice technique. And of course, it works beautifully on someone. It's small, like my son. You should get between that shoulder blade spine there. So I just wanted to give you a little example just to show you of the different ways you can do it. Now, this is what I was talking about using your, uh, the heel of your hand and also your fingers. So you doing going across the spine to the hills, on the closest side to me on the rector, Spidey and the fingers. I'm using inattention in my hand and then just leaning on it. So you're getting pressure through the fingertips and the hell Now you see my right hand down his leg that using the dragon mouth so using that winning there. So really haven't played with all these Because all of these techniques I feel completely different because they are now just using the heel of the palm into the buttock all through that hip area. So really, really nice. And so the more you play with these, the more you practice is take next, the Betty guy to get them, and it just makes it more interesting for you and obviously more interesting for the recipient as using all these different techniques. I'm just using the hell as you can say, working through there on, uh, yeah, so get get practicing on that and you'll find it would come up really quickly. 7. Using a rocking technique: So we're gonna look at this in a little rocking technique, which is a great way to start the massage. It really loosens up the joints in the spine there, just or the joints, in fact, so you could see it just gently rocking. You can do to hands together. It's like I'm doing, uh, part the hands there. That's a lovely relaxing. Now do this a little bit invigorating of life, fairly fast tempo. But I'll show you in a minute. You just slow it right down. Uh, this is more of a stimulating. As in massage, the faster your strokes, other more stimulating it goes. So I'll slow it down to make it a more of a relaxing treatment. So you can see that just using my fingertips now going on either side of the spine. And it's really, really lovely. Wait to just relax the person and you see here I'm just using one hand taking the birth city before you can do both hands or just one hand. You should work along just using the heel of my palm second, your fingertips your past. Now slow it right down, so you could just say that just working a lot slower than it would be a nice slow start going to relax someone into the massage. It is such a great way to start the mess. I just rocked the body. It gets them really relaxed, really comfortable with your touch. That's a lovely, lovely way to really relax and loosen up the joint before use before you start to do. Ah, you're just not your palm walking, that sort of thing very, very nice thing to get done. 8. How to use your thumbs correctly: So she was some work of the thumbs here. Either side of the spine. I'm just working these para spinal muscles, as you can see. Just thumbs going straight down there. Not hyperextended like I talked about before in the joints. And I'm just working along there. Usually my body went leaning over. The more your lane onto the person, the more so you're leaning on your body weight transference at what changes the pressure. The more you lean over, the more pressure you're able news. So it's not, uh, master effort. Like I've talked about, we're not pressing harder. It's just using more body weight to get more pressure working the sacrum, the lower back here. I think I need to tell you that this feels wonderful, My lucky son. 9. Using your Feet : so you can also use your feet here. So you said it's my 9.5 year old son by four way through my heels on Hey, loved it when I stopped filming. Wanted me to do it more of this. Please excuse the grotty feet of Here's a running around this morning, So all I'm doing is basically lifting Age Hill at these fans. Feels fantastic, absolutely foolish. Meant, as it said, my son loved. It's my full body right there. It's a beautiful way to help people and through their fate, without having to work with your thumbs at all. 10. Using your Forearms: you're also going to be using your elbows and forearms now. So the trick to this is you drop your elbow abduction to his hip. They're robotic. You see there stabilising hand is back there, which is also very comforting. And you just put the over sink down and make the hand and risk a completely loose and relaxed. You see that my has now relax, sinking in leading over again a long getting through my spine Really nice again. It saves your hands. And of course, so you got a big person that this is just heavenly. Now, here I am on the camera side of the spine and just again, just doing a little bit of elbow walking, forearm walking. I'm not on the spine at all. I'm on this side of the spine and on top of the I'm not on the ribs. I'm on top of the erector spinal muscle, so you want to have to spine. You want staff the ribs and you practice. And here's another stroke in your repertoire that you can use, And you could just rest just sink in, slow down. Now, this is really lovely to be out of. Do this is. Well, this is forearm rolling, and you can work all over the body with this stroke. You say his row before I'm out there and here we go again. Up Director Spina again. I'm not on the ribs. I am not on the spine, among the muscles. Make sure you contact on the masses otherwise. And if you're on the bones are this is gonna be uncomfortable. And this is a great one to work through the lower back and all the way up the back here is rolling the forearm. Now you can see it in the shop, but my posture is spot on my back. Not getting her white across the chest. A long guided through the spawn, leaning up. 11. Stretching: now look at some stretching techniques. A couple different months here, you'll see again. I'm my body weight transfers. You can see that. I've got nice, soft hands and just stretching. You see, it goes through my body weight again, and they're just gonna put them both together. So you just see So the point about what I'm making in this is when you're strict, you're going toe use your body weight as with all the other techniques, as you already know. So the movement comes from the torso, and it makes a very nice stretch. Now you get feedback from your client, your recipient, you know, it's it's strong enough. It's not strong enough as you get to know, um, you know each person some people like more of a stretch, like like any type of mass, and you go to just any time message technique that is, You want to get feedback, especially when you're learning. So he's just the other side. Give me another angle so we'll do the stretching after we've done the soft tissue work. So we you think of it this way. We loosen up the muscles doing work with the hands, elbows, knees etcetera. And then we stretch. The muscles wants have been softened up. So that's how you stretching the thighs. There. Now, here. We're gonna do a pulling technique here. So you said is lean back. So you really want just lean back into this lovely stretch Applegarth room or this as we get along the course? 12. Let's get started!: All right, guys, The time has come. It is time to start a sequence. We're gonna start with the back. With the person lying face down and all the techniques that you've just learned, it's time to put them into practice. You're ready. Let's do it. 13. Back massage: All right, so let's have a look at the back routine Here. It's you rub your hands together. It's a really nice thing to not only just warm your hands, but it also increases your sensitivity in your cheek. So you see that do have about 30 40 seconds as you warm your hands and then you see, I just gonna place my hands, you to connect with my client. And I feel that lovely warned that gentleness. It's a great time to get centered, and they were just gently rocking the body. This is incredibly comforting, comforting for the client. I just they just gently rocking the back there. Of course, it also immobilizes the spinal joints, but it really is about just getting the person count for that lovely rocking. It's such a fabulous way to start a mass. Such you can, by the way, also do this. If you're just doing a Swedish message as well, no, we condition just some stretches for this. For this spot in the back vacancy, I got one hand on one side of the back and then the other on the other side and crossing the arms. So as we cross I leaned forward, and that's where the stretch comes from. As I lean my weight forward, so do both angles and then straight along the spot. And again, it's a beautiful way to just it stretches the back, it releases the bag and it's so comforting. And now we got to just nice soft hairs palm walking along. Now I'm on this side of the spine. So the camera side of the spine, I'm just working with my heels like we talked to talk to you before about this. Secondly, I'm just working study. I'm leaning. My body went over all controlled soft hands. And so the hills, my hands are pressing down. But, you see, I'm wrapping my fingers around the body as well. So it full contact. So we repeat a couple of lines like this. And like I said, you earlier in the course, you could do this for as long as you want. The person will love this. Now I'm working with the hills of my hands on my side of the spine. So I've come back to board my side. You see how soft my hands out there No. Remember six rockets I'm working on my son here, those nine a half years old. So I'm controlling my weight by the amount I lean over. So that weight pressure, in other words. So the more you lean over the client, that's where you're going to generate your power for your pressure. So your body weight on boiling over. So I'd lean over more for an adult as that Just direct more power, more more pressure, more body weight. Now, you see, I'm using mother hand at the sacrum and just working one hand up. So again you have the comfort of the in hand of what's called the mother hand. I am a young had and I'm just working again just of this. As we said, we'd wait. We're loosening up the body, losing at the back with the palms, and then we will use more thumbs, more directive power, a pressure and elbows as well as you will see. But this just is a lovely way to warm up the back, get declined to understand your touch. They get confident they relax. It is nice palm walking there now, So we warm in the back now. Just changed my position there, and we're doing on my side of the spine. Beautiful. This forearm rose. This feels absolutely heavily. So again, I'm controlling my ways. You see, my left hand's on the Met there, so I'm controlling exactly how much weight I need to put down through here. You see, I just rolled my forearm and now to accept forearm presses into that lumber area. So of course, my elbow is off the spine, and it's also controlled toe on that muscle, barely going up alongside you see, even with you're a small child. And that's why I want to use my son. Because, you know, we wasn't think about your trading big people. You could do all these techniques. And this is why I want to do this in this course to show I can use my elbows. I'm gonna use my knees and forearms all controlling the amount of pressure I'm putting on and doing it on a child. So this is what it is. I wanted to show you how all of these techniques could be used. But you're careful. You can incorporate all of them even on a child or only post news. You're just having to be more careful now. before I'm walking, I get him on my side, the muscles of my side of the spine. Now I'm not using the bony part of my forearms ambitious. More of the fleshy area there. So the fresh of my four on the inside of my forum The media aside, if you like, is oh, across that spine there is there's no bone hitting the spinal and get it changes it up. You get this. The client is just getting all these wonderful, different techniques. So it's just you see here, I'm just splitting the forearms here again so you can walk them up side by side, or you can walk them apart toe one form you see that are now coming down, but you can spread the passage. It's really up to your own creativity. And that's what I'm gonna give you a sequence. Now there's a nice presses through here using the mother hand just the lower back area there, and what I was saying is I didn't give you a sequence here for you to follow to give you structure, but then what I really want to do is just take your head out of it. As such once you've got that structure like a like any skill any is. Once you've got the techniques down, that is when after that, you just let it flow and just gently rocking again. So of course you'd feel for the muscles. As the Japanese say, you must have your eyes and your fingertips. In other words, you're feeling through your hands the whole time. They will make sure you look at the person's face if you don't have much confidence and just to check that they're not grimacing and that sort of thing, you can get feedback as you go along house a vicious pressure on outfitted. Okay, Now I'm into a lunge position here and both palms going up again into the heels. My parents, as we get up either side of the spine, erect despite muscles and you might hear like blames little back that you hear that Spina just invited little pups. This national relations as you go through here and you can work with him on on the breath on the out breath as you press debt now just crossed over here because you've got a small back there, so I'm using the edge off the outside edge of my palms there as I've crossed them over there. And that was I did that so I could get in between his shoulder blades between the spine and shoulder blades to get those wrong board muscles that naughty areas between. Not that he's not in this age. Thank goodness. Now I'm gonna use their thumbs, so OK, Liam, I'll use my thumbs here because he smoked. Now, if you're a small person yourself or you've got a very large client, you're going to use your thumb sparingly. Okay? You don't want to be using your thumbs a lot, so you might not do this one, and instead use your elbows and forearms to get the weight onto the person. So if you're small and or you have a big client, then remember, use your thumbs sparingly. And of course, you're going toe rock onto the person. Now, if China's position here, So we worked from the side of the body and then you come around, I work from above the head and you can see so if you haven't in my arms, I'm gonna going to 45 degrees. You see that? My arms and was there a little bit more. Uh, now if you have and don't you come up to 93. So your arms perpendicular to the spine where you lean further on to the client because if I did that to let it would be too much pressure. So we're controlling it. Like I said you before controlling the pressure by the amount of way rock onto the Persian as we lean over them Now, just in palm walking. So everything is very control and you can see I'm doing it nice. And so to relax the person I said earlier in the course, if you want in any style of message you want to relax someone, you go slower and slower and slower. You slow it all down. Gonna invigorate, energize the person you do more speed up those drugs. So now that the mother hand up, round it off his shoulder there and now, working one side So again, my hands or contoured to his rib cage, oppressing through the hell there of my palm. And now I'm working between the spine and the shoulder blades There. Right, That's it. I'm actually in that little little gutter right close to the spine there. Their specific acupuncture points. Right along there. Right next to the joint. There's you see how close my thumbs up. So we're just that little gutter. You could do that. And then you can also laterally and go right on top of the muscle belly as well, Which is what I'm doing right now. Do you see that? Just come a little bit. And then workers not so feel for the knots on your client there and spend more time on them again. You use your forearms, your elbows. Oh, which is exactly What about today? All right, so Oh, this is lovely. Crossing over the forearms and elbows, working both. Just leaning on to my client there, my son. So if you do it so you cross over that abyss, It's beautiful. Just you could stay there for 30 seconds. Just that you just lean onto that. No one. Ah, it's gonna complain about you. Having nuss pressure as long as you're pressures is correct. Working through those knots, they feel a police so again, mother hand and you can see that we're just working down the spinal muscles there. So, as you see here, I'm just spending plenty of time just sinking my white in. That's just really lovely to go slower and slower and slower. So let's say, Is your training a family member or a friend of what have you just again just to strike? Just experiment with this by just going slower and slower, like hold each point like like I'm doing here. But hold it for five seconds and again, it just feels so good. This lower becomes use drift off completely and, of course, going slower. Using your body weight like this it's not is tiring for you as a Ziff. You're going to do it quickly as well. It's actually energy saving. So now I'm just doing the forearm rose. But I'm doing them outwards, You said, going out literally again. It's just something different as a transition, and it's working again. So, so nice to have all these just these different techniques, and you can use you. See now I've got my left hand off the shoulder onto the Met now, and I'm working amusing. That left hand for support there to control the matter white that I'm using on my son. I just change, get over again. It was really, really nice and also using all these different techniques. It makes it interesting for you is the therapist as well as the practitioner. So now we just doing double palms like we did before when we went up the spine. So you've got she work with breath atyou. Could see here's working The person with the out breath eso wasn't say is you've got all these different techniques that you can use Eso you can really have fun with it there just a few different techniques that I've shown you to keep it simple and out. What I'm doing here is working across the top of the shoulders. So nave dinner or up and down along the back would cross the shoulders there with the thumbs through two or three repetitions of that. No, you swap sides on what would basically do it exactly the same routine that I told you from the side on the other side. So you're gonna start with stretches again. So you came. So you started on one side of the body, Then you went to the above the head and now the other side of the body, so again to keep it dead Easy for you. Whatever retain used out of with that I've shown you on the first week, I do exactly the same thing. And to as I said before, somebody did the stretches over the palm walking. So you're repeating on the opposite side. That way it's gonna be easy for your future, remember? And you're gonna get confident with strokes that you're doing with the techniques that you're using. I, like, said you once you've got this down, then you know you've got you've got your sequence. You know what you're doing and then you can mix it up, try different things. Get feedback from your client. You recipient, family member. I have to say it makes it easy for you. I've kept it like this, so it makes it easy for you to remember. Um, now, if you didn't want to do well, complicated, complicated stretches, more complicated techniques, then you could check out my time outside, which is a lot more involved. But as I said before, I want to keep this simple so that it doesn't become because what I realized is more course of the vast majority of people are not. Yeah. Yes, I got message therapist to get my courses. But the vast majority of people that like to be out of do massage your time for their family for their friends. What have you so should not get too involved in too many different techniques that you could? Yeah, potentially be a lot more difficult for you to learn. Then, if we keep it simple, then you could build on that in the future. But here's the other thing as we just working through here, here's the other thing that's really important to know you can get very caught up in trying to do a lot. And I know I'm guilty of this from when I first I thought when it came to message that I should, you know, the more techniques I actually filled up my massage with, the better it will bay, and I was completely wrong. When it comes to massage you, as long as you're doing great, you could have that I have to Egypt in the course, you literally could just do palm walking with just the whole massage that would feel You do it right. It will feel fantastic. So keeping your stroke to a minimum and is really will still get a fantastic massage. So we're going before I'm rolling a spine. But on the spinal, you know what I mean. So I'm just gonna let you watch this practice This I've explained it all to you, and it's the way you go. So just remember those things that I've talked about. And, uh, I'll just so your streak of my voice by now. So let's just watch that and then you can go in practice it 14. Buttocks, legs and feet massage: Okay, So how did you get on there? So that's a 25 minute routine on the back there. Um, show you person should be pretty much going to jell O by now with jelly, if you're Australia, Black may. All right. So you could just see here about the mother hand on the sacrum and just working down the back of the leg here so I could just see that Not too heavy over the knee. Now, if you had a larger person, you could put a rolled up towel underneath those the front of those ankles here or even a pillow lay of small and soft. You're inflexible. So we didn't need it for him on. But you just see, they're not too hard over the back of the knee and just working palms up and down there. So we're keeping with that same system, that same routine down a palm walking, just go up and down. They just see that through the hip area there. I never got due to pops. Now, if you want to, you could do both palms first, and then do one. You could do just the two bombs and not do one entirely up to you. You just do there. Just working through the foot there, the heel of my hand right around that. So everything's gets covered. Now, just using my right hand in that dragon mouth position through the car there. Now, get off. Your person was big and you you got small hands. You might not want to do this one, but it might be too difficult, but you just see, they're really nice to work there. So everything's getting massaged Really beautiful. Just deep work can that we're just gonna use the 400 years, roll through that buttock area their hips and just worked my way alone. So just really just sinking your weight down. They just see that. So as I said you before, we're not going to tire out at thumbs like so many massage therapist. Do they just destroy their thumbs because they're taught to use thumbs all down through here and it's totally unnecessary up. And that would be a kept that we've recently adopted. Such is life when you work from home, let's give it to the cat there. She's looking for a message. All right, So, as you can see, I am definitely doing this from from the lounge room at home. The no spy here. So here we go is we keep working back with the forearms there. The other thing is Jimmy will turn that fate inwards as well. And just doing some just pressing down and really just trying to get your concentration on that forearm on that elbow. You just sinking your weight down. You constantly getting feedback, especially if you're new to this constant. It has that feel, especially doing with your partner or your family member. Um, you know, your friend, you want to get feedback, feedback, feedback. Of course, when you go over the new, you want to keep it light. You definitely don't do heavy work over the knee at all, so as you can see, But doing this lovely deep work with the forearm, your thumb to getting saved and it feels better. They were just doing some walking along with four arms. Now you said what I got right onto the foot there. So once again, this is where your posture with that a long gated spine is so important. If you were doing this with a bent lower back or upper back then you're gonna really be hurting also. But having said that, you might take you a while to build up the strength in your back muscles as well. Did you might not be used to doing this. And then we go better. Some nice palm walking again, not too heavy over the back of the knee. You really want to go live there? So the heavy lifting of the message as such is that how the deep work gets done with the forearms and the elbows? Now, just Jeffrey Gentle Stretch. You wouldn't do this. If you know the person has a neigh problem. This might be painful again. Get feedback. Just ask the person, you know. Is that OK for you? I most definitely Julius Jones start to get more experience. Little stretch of the calf there. You see that? Just pushing down the foot there, holding around the ankle and push it down the ball of the foot stretching the car. And then you do the other side. So you're sensing just working through the hips. Hip, Attica region. Leaning your body over the client. I stayed with the knees. If you've got a client, that's big and you're small. And you you could do the days inches of the butter Keep area. Um, the back of the thigh. They're obviously going over the ah. When you get to the knee, you wouldn't get further Duggar heavy other name with your name. But it's another nice way if, say, I said, You're small with plans big? Uh huh. Just want more more pressure. Then that's a nice way to do it within a on that back of the hamstring muscles day, the back of the fire. So as you're going through, just remember it's giving good contact soft hands and just make your way down the leg. - But once again see that my left hand at this time is using dragons. Mouth down that car there, they say, Once you got this, then you could start playing with different areas of the palm like I talked about earlier on. When you get more confident with your forearms, you can use your name or areas. So what we've done, we've warmed up the leg with massage the leg with the palms and now soften up those muscles . And now it's time to put the forearms and the and the elbows to work. You see that? I'm not putting any weight over the knee area, but definitely sinking down where that the back of the fire hamstrings And, like I said it before, you could just hold, hold, hold. You know, Howard, for 5 10 seconds, especially feel areas of tension, you know, just sink down and roll off. Of course, these hips, the batter Gary, re very, very tense. Certain people such really, really great weather. Really. Loosen up these big deep muscles as well. And again, by doing it this way, you're saving energy. You're conserving your own energy, which will mean you're going to want to do this more often. You know, if it's really hard working, go to heck with this. I'm gonna I'm not doing that. But as you can see, it's you just slow it down. You just lean on top of the person, sync your weight in, and this is really where mass adds done well is where it should be at, like explaining earlier. You're not using all your muscles. You're not straining your joints, you conserve your energy. But at the same time you're giving a fabulous massage. See I just go straight out onto the other side of the knee there. I'm not leaning onto the needle. This walking over the four rounds, they see how my palms air down here. You could try it with palms to the sides palms up, because what it does is exposed about a bunch of your forearms. So you get once again get feedback. Once you get used to this, you could try with your hands in different languages, say, with the palm up, pound to the side like a karate chop type type of imagined that the thumbs pointing toward the sky. And that's going to change what goes on with your four on whether just get the fleshy area or with a bit of the bone, and they'll all be different sensations. They get mixing it up. But that's once you could start to get more confident with what you're doing. Jenny Lee, five under the foot again, stretch down gently. I just repeat that, and then, once again, you stretch out the car by pushing the ball of the foot there, holding the ankle and pushed down the front of the foot at the ball of the foot of a and later and generally turned the foot inwards. Eso have the feet, so if you're not used to this, then get yourself a chair. So you have put your hands on a chair or table of something that's in front of you. Ah, for you balance And I just basically walking is I just put my wife down and again. Normally the fate would be done. People would be doing it with their thumbs. So again, not only did this feel completely different, it feels fantastic. But it's also serving your thumbs again and your energy. And this feels a ton better anyway. So that's that. Thank you. Doing the whole body face down. Or, as we say, in prone position. Now, you could also say to the person with their neck, they won't turn the head from one side to the other as a lying down here if they get a bit to do from the name. But there you have it 15. And now we massage with them face up: All right, That's the end of the sequence. Off the person Length. Face down. Now you get the person. Just Assam. Gently roll over onto their backs and you start the next section are lying on their backs. 16. Leg massage face up: All right, So now let's start on the front now. But the person soup I or face up and we gotta stick with the same formula you see here, just doing a palm walking down there. Nice, soft hands leaning from one side to the next. So we just took the person lying on their back. Go right down to the feet. I'm usually a bit of the dragon's mouth on the fate there to get a good grip of that. That feels better through there. You get through the arch there. I'm just working your way up many times You like two or three times. I think ago twice on this one, up and down. So I'm working the leg furthest away from May. It's just super relaxing for the client. The person you're massage on, you see that nice soft dances wrapping around the leg. It's rocking my body weight from side to side as I crawl along here leaning over my my son and now onto the stomach region. There, with my mother hand, I'm gonna do one hand presses as we go down. Just watch. Known in shatter as the horror, this is center of the body there. There's a whole course on. Just hire a diagnosis, which is the stomach area, Stomach region, solar plexus region, which is more than the scope of this course is. But it's a very nice polarity. You have your like we did in the sacrum, having the hand on the Howard there on the on the lower abdomen energy center there, as you work your way through now we've softened up the muscles with the palm walking, and now we start to do the deeper work. So nice forearm roles here. Now, the guys could be pretty tight on certain people. So you want to get this nice and slow now, just doing just forearm presses so you can wrong or press whatever you prefer. Do both. Like I'm doing again. We're saving at thumbs. I know I keep talking about this, but, uh, this is just seven. Your energy, your thumbs, your wrist, your hands We just worked down through there, really working through that thigh area Now see what to do with the foot. I turn the foot in so we could do down. You don't be on top of the bone here at the front of the shin. So this muscle going on the lateral side, the outside of the shin, um, to be out of Santa and we're gonna work along there. So I'm on that muscle. And that's why I turned the foot inwards. Silicon Get access to that muscle more easily and again. Forearm rose forearm presses. So that's where your deep work comes from again. As we talked about before at them, we're just going to finish up with some palm walking again from crawling with the hands. So two hands, one hand with the mother hand on the stomach, the higher area then forearms. And then you go back to doing your bombing again, incredibly relaxing as you'll find out very, very nice. Easy to remember, but incredibly nice to get this massage down. Very, very nice. As your partner person, your messaging will tell you. So you just say that gently working through pressing with the hill there but my fingers wrapped around like there. I just nice soft hands. You see my body weight each time I'm rocking over as we do this stroke over the body, always, always, always using body weight. So we do all that leg there. So you see, that's nearly five minutes there on that one leg. Now I'm gonna work just the leg towards May. Same thing. Palm walking Dragon's mouth. I had a city before. The more used to getting these. That more fun you're gonna have with it once you've got your your sequence down, then just where you go. So I started on the leg away from May, close to the camera and now just work the leg closest to me. Now I don't do the forearm on the leg closest to me because it can be a little bit. Excuse me. It could be a little bit tougher just because it's so close to that sort of thing. You could get down lower, but it's not necessary. You do it like about show. Now you change sides that you basically do the exact same thing again were friends. And that's where you get the forearm work after you've changed sides. So that's it. You work the leg away from you, I'm walking one palm with the mother hand on the stomach. Um, rolling forearms, forearm presses, that sort of thing, turning the foot in which that's where you get all your nice deep work for the person on they used Repeat the palm walking again Really easy. And then, of course, you changed to do this. The leg cuts to and they change size Now in time massage that be using a lot of thumb work . Um, the recall thumb walking into power more than from walking. So this style is so you don't have to worry about using your thumbs, which can get pretty sore and time message even. Ah a with good. Using good techniques, you have to strengthen your thumbs more. This is it. Say is very, very easy on the practitioner. If there was fabulous for the recipient, what more could you want? Really? So they're just working through the foot with Dragon's mouth. Feels great. Just Jenny's just pushing out across that foot there, leaning onto that client there again. Nice soft hands, especially when you get the bony area with shin There following the contours of the leg, you see a put my hand across the body and then start applying pressure with the forearm. Rose and I said to you before when you were doing the bet back and legs before at more pressure. Just put more body weight onto onto your arm and generally with thighs. You don't need to put too much body weight anyway because your most people pretty tight through, especially through the electoral, the outer aspect of the thigh doesn't get a bit uncomfortable. Did I have to go too hard? We are turned that foot in there gently and just work down that muscle on the outside of the leg outside of the ship and I just pressing. You see that? You see, I just dropped my body weight press and dropped down and once again, back to palm walking. So if any of you have done my time massage cause you who noticed that this this is the reason I did it as a told you before is simple thymus. AJ, you've got a whole lot of moves. I mean, it's wonderful. Don't get me wrong, but there's a lot of moves to get right and to remember the sequence. So this is very, very user friendly. I'm just pressing down there. You see that down for hands here of the hand, learning my weight on. So this whole leg sequence with the person's face up otherwise known a supine position. Um, we'll take you around about 10 to 12 minutes, just doing it the way I've done it here. Which is good, right? About 56 minutes on a per leg. Coach, you don't have to repeat strokes going up and down. Obviously, if you're in a bit of a hurry, you don't do one, uh, one up and down, that sort of thing. One repetition, I'm trying to say, but I say for the moment, you get the sequence down and then you can start modifying, adapting. Make it longer. You under a 90 minute massage, you do more repetitions going up and down the palm. Working said four or five times I'm just working. The leg clashes to me again. So those two legs now would be well relaxed. Now, with all that work, there must be nice, relaxed clients. Definitely relaxed. Okay, so there's your legs sequence with the person face up. 17. Chest massage: All right, So we're gonna do the chest now. This is very simple. I'm gonna keep it really simple for the chest area, but it feels really great as these muscles just underneath the clever calls, the collarbones underneath those get really tight. So you're just using your fingers like I told you about fingers. You could do rotations or just straight presses both. You could do the piano top typewriter type one with the fingers, just three or four or five backwards and forwards from the center line out there. It's that easy. 18. Arms and hands massage: Now we work out from the chest and we'll take that arm out gently and palm, work along in front of the shoulder along like arms there and just work your way along. The are forearms. Could take plenty of pressure. They put plenty of pressure on there that work to have done the chest. And now we're just coming out naturally into the shoulder, on the arm. It feels really, really nice. Now. I'm just doing some dragon mouth. There works really well on the limbs here, specially arms in a good grip there and really get a good squeeze through there. It's very, very nice technique I know you might be. Look at this and, well, how could this feel so good? Um, because it's just so ship with doing the same trick next. But like I've repeated throughout the course, do these right And your client to tell you about your recipient Family member? What have you said? Well, love it now I've wrapped my little fingers between his little finger and ring finger, and they just got underneath my fingers underneath the back of his hand and doing thumb presses down through the palm. So you see that My little fingers between his ring on little fingers figure and the other, the other one is between the thumb and the forefinger. Just doing some squeezes there at the palms and now thumb pressing down between the bones there, the little valleys there, little thumb circle. And so we gotta go down between the bones of the hand. Certainly off there, just circle off the fingers and this again you do nice and strong hands do a lot of work. So having them nice, strong pressures there is really, really nice This presents the living. Now, just gently put on the fingers in between and pool. See that I drop my fingers in between and then put and just holding onto the risk for the other hand. Get it was really not should release that energy. And then you do the other side. All right, So has promised. Now we do the other side. I'm just walking down there. Really? My fingers were wrapping around there and see that dragon mouth they're working down through there. My hand up on top of the shoulder again. You just say every single time I'm leaning forward. My body right always rocking forwards and the strokes. Now, of course, it rock side to side with my weight forward, but side to side as we did the Palm walking, I can. Now that's work. That hand here's a closer look. So Okay, so look, rep my little thing in between the thumb and forefinger and between the little finger and ring finger. You see that? And then I opened the palm out. So I figured that actually, on the back of his hand, it gives us beautiful stretch through the palm and then just doing thumb presses as we work down through there now, doing alternate thumb presses, I tell you, you could do this for a long as you want. No one's gonna complain. This girl's just incredible. Gen Hand back over. Just a little palm squeezes there, and now thumb presses down between the bones in the back of the hand and the city before go firm in. These you really couldn't go really firm with with your pressures on the hands, hands and forearms could take plenty of pressure. Don't be shy on them, and we're just going down through the fingers here, through the webbing there, down through the four finger. You see, I'm just doing some gentle thumb circles here. Doesn't matter for the hand. A little bit of some circling. There's no big deal. You could just do some presses squeezing in between my fingers and thumbs. And now pull off those fingers. You could see that rep underrate and pull them, see my fingers go underneath and then pull with the thumb, grab and pull, and then for the thumb change hands, you see that and there you have it. 19. Neck and head: So now we move on to the next. You could see I've just set set on the ground, legs apart above, uh, his head there on just working with my fingers doing circles. Usually my whole body to see my body is rocking in back each time, as it were from the base of the neck, both sides off the neck to the base of the skull. So work your way right along on. We're gonna just rolled his head onto the palm of my hand on gives you better look at just what I've been doing it You see that fingers are close together and we're working all those muscles under the base of the skull of it. Now, now, once again, use the fingers. This time I'm just gonna press into the muscles. Just go gently there. This could be quite a strong procedure. And then I just pulling up in the base of that scowl. They're really getting those things hooked up underneath. And now the other side. You can see how it is. Very generous rock. Uh, that crater with their head. Now, By the way, when you've got that, it's much nicer If you have your hand that it's not cupping the ear. It feels really kind of hot and sweaty for captain here. So have your thumb and your fingers like the dragon mouth position been like, What about my head? Now? That'll be where you would have it. So you're not cupping it as such With palm doesn't feel nice. So heavy hand around the ear, the hand, it's cradling it. So we just work. You see, I just working up that There, You see, my son's enjoying this like he should. Now you can see I just lean back and get some traction. You guys have my fingers. I was hooked up underneath, uh, guys Brooke back. And if the dive he's making suffice, it is not hurting it all. All right said now we're gonna start work on the face and the skull. We really bliss our clients out. Just some pressures I do going up right at the center, part of the head and then basically the middle off the eyebrow going up. Now we're just doing some finger circles on the temples. And now, right there at the media aspects of the eyebrows. A little acupressure points in the mid point that you'll feel a little dip, their little hollow as you know the acupressure point and now you to choose their thumbs there at the temples there. Now we were just underneath the cheek, but it's working along the ridge there again. I'm just doing some finger circling. You could do figure something you could do. Um, I just think it presses or do both. If you got plenty of time and then just doing finger presses along the bottom of the jaw there and speaking the Joel working those muscles of the jaw that gets so tight and now the ears do not forget the years. It was fantastic. So I'm going to thumb circles with the years Handsome, simple presses, some thumb presses. You see my body weight always rocking, always, always rocking, even for the years. And now does a nice scouts. No, I'm not scrubbing. The here is such like you would would say shampooed. My heads are my hands on the skin on so that they know and say, like scrubbing them or they always contacting the skin as opposed to sliding a lot. I much prefer when, when it's just my fingers are staying on the person skin, it feels much better. This is a great way to finish the massage when I was 5.5 minutes of neck and head and have that person completely blissed out as you finish a full body massage again when it comes to hit massage. You could do that 20 minutes if you want to. And again, just beautiful traction. This is great. A long gates, the neck. The spire just feels so good to have that pressure off and then just float your fingers off and there you have it. 20. Practice time!: way. Oh, we owe here. Yeah, - way . - Yeah . No. You And when you roll way No. - With you, we're you know, Were you wrong hanging way, You know now . Hey, you. No. Well, well, - no . - Yeah . You know. Were you wrong way? - No , no, - we're , - you know. Yeah. - Were you wrong? Oh, and way we owe No do you way We owe when you roll way We owe No, no, you know, we owe way. - We owe No, do it we owe 21. Now face up: way you know you No, on the, - you know way. - Oh , no, no more . - Or And were you wrong way No more . - We're when you at home. - You We owe way. No. Do you more when you No Have you we owe You know we owe Yeah, - you're I'm 22. Advanced techniques: all right. How did you go? So there is your sequence as said, Play with it, get more comfortable with it and you'll be going great. I'm sure feeling absolutely fantastic. Now in this section, just in case you feel a little bit adventurous, here's some advanced to advanced techniques. 23. Using Knees: All right, so let's use the names. Now. You see, I could've stabilizing hand across the lower back here. I've got my other hand on the other side of him as well. And they're just, um because my son small, um, they just to help me take the weight off my name. So I'm balance. That he actually wanted me to do it for Maria is that you got quite firm and, uh, but you can see just used in a beautifully through there and all control does takes in practice, of course. But again, what I want to show you is you know, you could do this using your knees, this sort of thing on your Children. If you're careful again, it saves your hands. It saves your thumbs. And it feels completely different, which is great. We have massage to have all these different textures. Practice with you, Nate. It's fantastic. 24. Some great stretches: Let's take a look at some stretches and some rotations you see, of the arm or arms. You see that I put my foot in their into the armpit and this gently leaned back and stretch , and the other way could do it Is this way so up to you? Try them both. You could actually do them both if you want it to. And now you see, I've just come and start toe, do some rotations on the elbow. You see, my hand is, um, at the elbow of my other at the wrist and a bit of flexion extension of the wrist. So again, it just enhances just lovely. And then we interrupt the fingers and do some rotations of the wrist. Now I'm just pressing down on the shoulder and doing some traction with my left hand. And then a nice it was shake to loosen everything up and a little butterfly stroke. Okay, so let's just take another look at that. The other side tough. The foot in into the armpit. Just lean back, pulling on the wrist gently. You could do this of 15 20 seconds. I'm doing it quicker for you just for filming or here's another way and just pull that. I say you could do them both. I think would be good if he did do them both. Actually, now I just changed my position into lunch position, stabilising down at the elbow there and just rotating. My whole body is rotating, just gently flexing and extending the wrist there. It's loosening up these joints. Dave, loosen up the muscles with them with the massage, interrupt the fingers and rotate again. You can. Even with the rotations, you can see my whole body's moving at the same time. Press down in the front of the show to gently and poo on the out. Literally a little nicer to see that everything is just like jelly. Really lovely way to finish the are 25. Using your Feet: All right. So let's have a look so different ways you can use your feet. Now, this is a great way to do different techniques using just your feet are gonna show now I showed you at the start of the course. How is my hills and arches are turned the other way. But you can also do it this way so you can see that I'm just working my artistry, his art, the ball of my foot. Do it too. Once stopping over yourself, just wrapping my foot around my foot soft. I'm just letting a wraparound. It feels amazing. Now I'm doing this at the moment without a chair, but what I suggest you do because good balance, because I've done this for 30 years. But what I suggested it is. Hold onto a chair When you do this, a chair set something you could have a stool next to you. See that I'm using my hill now, all controlled through the center of the foot Boulder foot. And that is just feel so good. And it's great, interesting as a practitioner to do. It's a really lovely so you could do two feet where they were going to faint. You imagine you're someone's lying there. You're doing this. It just It's a heck of a lot better. I tell you right now that just someone there with their thumbs not that freedom comes time to find, but this is just completely different and really nice. So is it Said lean against the chair if you, uh, to get help me balance now. All right. So I'll show you how you can do the same through the car fear. Obviously ago, I would probably until you really know what you're doing is stay off the back of the knee, just going across there gently. Now, this technique here I have my heel. It's been hard to save this angle, but my heel is actually on the ground so I could do with a small person like this. So I'm actually got my here on the ground and then just pressing like like president accelerators. Probably the best way to destroy this. So this is one technique, and I don't show you in a minute that I just have my whole foot right on top. There we are now. Okay, So down. My whole foot is on top, so the first run. I have my he'll actually on the ground. They're two different techniques. You can use both of these techniques. So you could imagine we This is what you're gonna I'm gonna show you in the course. Hey, go incorporate these. But so you did your palm walking negative, cross the ankle there. So you did your palm walking. You've worked everything with elbows for us, and you could stand up and do the feet. All right, then you do your stretches. I said this This you've done pound walking. You've done elbows, forearms, any addition Work on the fate with the fate of beg your pardon. Now, I just bought a chair in there to show you. So I'm holding onto the back of the chair again. That's what I suggest you do. My feet are soft, just like my hands were soft And just feeling the muscle with my feet Just feeling through feeling that give again You would get your feedback from the person you're massaging. How's that pressure? Constant feedback. And you're trying to feel that given the master where it comes down and starts to just hardened under you, you know you're feeling that that's stuck. I talked about it. The start of the course. You're really feeling that? So now you're using your palms using your elbows, your for us and now you incorporating your feet in it as well. Heels are just like the palms never told you to the side of the pub. You could do exactly the same with the foot. Have fun with it. Used the arch of the foot, Try and wrap the arch around the leg. There gently used the hell the bull just like I taught you with the palms, you can use your different aspects of the feet right now. I'm doing like the press the accelerator with my, uh hell, it's actually on the ground. And so now we gotta face up. So again, you wouldn't want to come straight down onto that person because you got the front of the shinbone. But so I'm coming in from the side there a little bit. And getting into that to be Alice anterior now, I just always put a little bit of work that inside of the ankle, So once again, you know, even if your arms get tired, this sort of thing, you can then use your fate. Do you see? I'm not wobbling around it all. Everything is controlled. So what a lovely combination. You start off with your palms, your four round your elbows in the feet and they do a better fly straight for the foot. I would do the same of the arms. You see my arch of my foot there. You're sinking into the arm there, just dropping in front of the show toe. Now, I don't have a chair here because I got good balance, but like city before, Certainly. When you start user cheer, you dare from the Definitely don't lose your balance there on Heard your client. So I showed. Um, you were I did that the arms before. And what a nice treat to be out of that. Just work them with the fate as well. You get lots of great pressure on those four hours, which they really, really love. Such a nice change on here when you're getting up around the neck area. We did the neck before you could use your feet here. Nice. Really nice. Takes those shoulders away from those years 26. Congratulations!: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.