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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (2h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is SharePoint ?

    • 3. Create a office 365 developer account

    • 4. Creation of Site Collection

    • 5. Change logo in SharePoint Site

    • 6. Create a SharePoint List

    • 7. Create views and filters for a list

    • 8. Formatting List data

    • 9. [Fun topic] Enable Barcodes in SharePoint list

    • 10. Create a Document Library

    • 11. Restore deleted items from RecycleBin

    • 12. Site Columns

    • 13. Navigation Basics

    • 14. Create Structural Navigation

    • 15. Metadata navigation

    • 16. Pages and Webparts

    • 17. SharePoint Branding

    • 18. Add custom html and css in sharepoint page

    • 19. Create a basic workflow in SharePoint

    • 20. Create a remainder using workflow

    • 21. Permissions

    • 22. Hub Sites

    • 23. Connect to SPO with PowerShell

    • 24. Conclusion

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About This Class


This class teaches you the SharePoint Basics. SharePoint online is part of Office 365 bundle now.

SharePoint is the leading content management product which is used by Fortune 500 companies.

Its strengths lies in authoring, collaboration , integration, workflows etc. SharePoint is the the product from Microsoft.

Since it is used by Fortune 500 companies whoever learn this will surely get their job landing in Multi National Companies.

Reach me at: [email protected] (or) [email protected]

All the best. Happy Learning. 

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Bharath Chennu

Consulting & Training


Hello, I'm a Microsoft Certified Software Consultant with 10+ Years in Microsoft technologies SharePoint, PowerApps, MS Flow, Azure and .NET.

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1. Introduction: working is a shape one concert in the past 10 years. She Front is a collaboration platform, which is the Microsoft she appointees use. Just indict many Fortune 500 companies. Internet is a poor, which is X like a rich mate. Me employees. Central Management There are plenty off good job opportunities in shape point, as they should find left in shape and size and shape designer. Thanks for choosing my shipping business. 2. What is SharePoint ?: high on in this video, I will give a brief description about SharePoint, and you can contact me on SharePoint Leader. It'll look toe commonly time if you have goats and SharePoint. So let's start shared twenties Number one collaboration platform. She's still up the way. Microsoft in companies money like, Oh, Fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint for their intranets. It's working like a bridge between management and dig in place. Coming to the SharePoint history. It's doing a program. Microsoft in 2001 is a portal, settles cheese on promises holy you can install and, uh, keeping in your company premises only. It became famous in 2010 which Russian and it became more famous in 20 talking where developers can use clients, a technologies. The present worsen is 2019 which is in preview, and the the most famous version from the last three years. He's Fear went on land, which is a clothes sarees and from anywhere we can use this SharePoint, which is manageable by the Microsoft SharePoint online clothes and the main three to sow fear. Pointed core collaboration will appear in the content management. Clariant interpret social clothed inspired experiences. Good here and of a new combos in adornment. Um, they're actually a tool like SharePoint on premises and share went on and on from systems. The company must bear all expenses regarding hardware and requirements software requirements. Here in SharePoint online. Just we need to take the subscription from Microsoft, and it will maintain off reading for us, like of initiation on the security maintenance of servers. So it is better if we go for SharePoint online. If you want to develop their good Internet for river company and coming through this shape point on land, which is clothed wasted, a service for the Microsoft in the Ural will be like hedge to be a sport alert office start . Come if you go and sign up with the dollop Oregon. You can practice your friend on link If you want to create a subscription the same, you are at your service portal out or obvious shortcomings, and it will be so maney like plans like Office 83 Business and office businesses and Shiels . Many plants will be very left. Goa incident One plan and started were intimate, and most importantly, SharePoint on is a part of offices. Extra suit and come into the differences between on premises and on land. You can see there will be cost related to the on premises, more comfort to the own length, so it's a recommend if you want a toe going to develop a SharePoint Internet for your company, just go with their point on bank and coming to the main features of the ship went down and access. You can access from many various clothed basic service and bless collaboration, and the SharePoint landing page will be there for every sub state offside, corruption and indolence and inserts a perverted but, well, Microsoft, their security incompetents who have their share on the Laysan single video. As I told office 65 businesses and Shields office 6 23 to or Lizard Transformed Microsoft Chairman Norland, the structural field went on. Land is our SharePoint is like it will have a group. State gin is said. Collection and underside corruption will be subsides in subjects, contents, Alicia survey parts of document libraries, pages, many things, and if you could take the side correction saints, they really were top level talent in the front. The tenant week will create side collections in the side collections will create the subsets. And, uh, there will be two types off important sites in SharePoint. When it's team stayed in Communication, said team status for the people off the team like and 20 people and communication stayed for the whole company. Like if they're more than 2000 like 5000 people, Did you like like a bridge between the management and the in place? Employees can find information about the company like company and like employee handbook. Or if you, if you want to see any, even subjects, everything will be upgraded. Obey the management company management. Ah, mostly in companies. There will be communication TV, which will communicate with all the employees by updating the pages in the SharePoint. Is that the modern pages which are introducing in the SharePoint with mobile comfortable? It is a customization. We can change many things in the SharePoint out of the box money to write code. In this, you can modify a home base. Cleared ups create locals on change. The locals here inside collection so we can change, create everything, can do navigation, and we can create alerts on lists if anybody's earning an item into the list. You're getting a lot like this and come to the list list is like dark abyss table. We're well insert. Better toe under maintain data. It is usually having the site content section where we can see many out of the box lists and libraries very well, saved it and work on the data here and the customization where we can see or CSS files. Js fails many things we can do in the side contents. And if anybody wants to learn SharePoint and once you practice, they must sign up with office extra Developer program and for number does your giving for 90 days previously used to give her one mayor, and for every 90 days you need to, it will be automatically renewed. If you are doing something working on this site here, go and sign up with the office issued a liver problem in practice, this SharePoint and the Let's go wrong. We can see job opportunity, especially for directly diem job opportunities for SharePoint because it is coming to office 60 flights. You cannot play what jobs has shaped. Point administrators are $7 for a two year conditional Shiffrin site owner. Nobody is there since you're using when many 400 fortune companies share when he is the famous Internet collaborated to, so it's better to loan it to be real and weaken learned up next. 3. Create a office 365 developer account: Hello, everyone. Today I'm going to show you how to create a developer account so that we can practice SharePoint online. Okay, for us to go to such engine on deaf, take Microsoft and quickness and you will consider this Mike stop developer on just since your SharePoint is belongs to off, he's just pick office. Then you can see joint obviously treadle upper program. So before joining this office to see if trade on a problem, we need to have a heart male O'Rourke Locally. So, like, it's a pretty sight to look in this before I'm not going toe Liro took you to. Now look at our top Malek Monte guest. Create one parting and just come do this. You are okay. Just click clone more and get to join. No. And if you can't If you see this page you can see developer subscription get a free offices Restitution to start developing and online trainings and community in seconds All wear level If you are opening this number, it displays showing no in select They were our hope looked calmer Hartman count And it's asking your country a region I'm still a ping The media company name you can give whatever like Molly. All right. Company in May. Okay. Crisply. Except okay. Click. Next. And here it is, asking for a walk. Industry. You working? You can. We can tell. Like information technology. And what is your primary focus is developer application strips Olin, Mark. We can get just give, like personal projects here in the next. And water. You interested in developing Glick personal projects. But the area's happened just the already It happened. Just will be like morphed, actually find and which are correctly kind of things. Like for abs Geisel A and Deems. Then we can see which one drill for very That's in a few time. Technologies like look in the national materialism for board frameworks. Refund from a perhaps office. You help Rick daughter Reservations. Courtland. Yes. Weaken. Take like anglers. Welcome seizure. Ondo Christie V eight can select surgically John Screech. No, I think much. Uh, enough. No, just Please join. See, They're just stealing like welcome to obviously twiddle a program. You don't have a trip. She wanted to be recommended Being the number ship by setting up your office screwed up Such questions is close. Just click set subscription and serve the country and create here. The main thing is we need to create the user name which will be acting as in the mind subhuman party on Microsoft Protocol. The real take, like saying Fair point leader. Okay, sending producer see anything with you? She point on its user name. User name began. No wonder that make. But it's doing in here we can live on. You can notice here, see and birth Eddie Ray chill blindly rendered on my toes. All got risking endgame. You just the continual No, let's see way needed your four number for security reasons, getting whatever. You have a leak What Epson's came the cord. Just give me worker, which is unique to the mobile and bleak set up the engine will. It will take some time our toe sitting about the subscription for us. Let's make Yes, it is if you can see here stealing like renewal subscriptions experience on October 31st to do the 19 it wants from just 2 may use like that 1st July and from these perceptible after about extreme aunt's. Okay, and it's killing conditioner user licences. If you have any friends or colleagues, you can share this site with them by giving them relations to these SharePoint and just click here, go to subscription. We can get lots of information about lot sharpening your and if you can see here, it's already created the user. The domain name we have selected so just entered in the last four years there, Joe and sees showing Lake more. Some of the many items showing link the same made in minutes and reversed speech. It's made flotsam. Sometimes I was definitely see you, you can see No, the symbol daytime's were completely insecurity, adding mean ellipse. Okay, so no, what is it? What is the corrupt we need? So we need to how SharePoint in office is opposite strip relationship on gives the part off this office it way we need to assign a license. So if you can see here, that is the same product, smoky instead of things of name. And it will take no to the page where we can ascend licenses to some off somewhat puke ular exhorting students. So we because we have contemplating their licenses. See, this is a new Microsoft. Is it traded? Mentioned? If you have noticed me here Now you can see Microsoft treason, trade winds into previously known as Office City actually know Microsoft is calling. It does make stopped 3 60 Buried, mentioned? No. So we will just keep this and you see, like, what other products? Me hell on this launch So we don't have shared mind or any other pieces of paper flight teams, except so far that we need to set up the what were still 43 Developer plan so justly Corpus it up. Let's that it's not the season to pay $3 it's asking us to conduct were the mind you already own in the present. I don't have any Don't mind. So we just continue using shape. Ryan, creator on Microsoft phone company, may learn, saying, If you have your own wound of mine like, which is in go there really are opposed to the get dot com you can give their domain here in D two. Lastly, credentials to validate. Okay, present to be doing hell so we just take the second option continues in SharePoint Leader Just picnic and the step we will see on the top quite like adding users present. We live in new reserve that is me. Um, but returned. If you want to do one more, make sheikhoun view right from from user name, we can give, like well, swells. Okay. Do you and another user no been doing another. So this user will get the passport. It's been off this site, but Chairman letter Don't make soft, isn't it? So this cape Nick. Thanks for playing, man. It will send a password for the Rampersad. Use it. Really? Hedman record. But naming it's taking some time to get a fate. Glick one Morgan Next. If you see the step three, get abs. So what we need to do now is like the same. Licensed only since use that your eyes done and sleep. Next. We created the user. No, the third step. Maybe getting APS. It's already asking food. Stall your wraps and showing us the but we need to change No set up this year Points So click next profusely in the top three Take symbols are in green. It means we're going with this creation. So now go to the incident. The experience is great. So okay, and good through years It's asking me to play the new urban center and you can try off the sleeping. When Milliliters? No long. If you see here good the lunches and see No, that the products are not coming Action. So we need to go to the at Kam Users on duh. We need to do give you the license. What? The present user Who's the present user? Feel fine. One Put three leaders Just go here and you can see rules. Global administrators and product place into snow corrupts have innocent many pressing some Sosman for location India And, uh, if you click on click Syria DNC years office only. And for developer SharePoint online scape for business only and flew for all these Perhaps he will be the same to him. Let Microsoft Keisel also in plexi and close. Okay, you can see here and places Softest $23 purposes into the present. Logged in user He's in Global and Sugar in Trixie. Click Plancher One thing. Anything to see here and, uh, close saying it'll be Everything is fine. Me. Okay, Marie, girls, wait for some time. Make blue collar jobs. See? You know you can see all the abs she find old Look, one really sickinger chill 20 sitting the then we need to wait for something so that sitting will be completed and we can start practicing. SharePoint mystery for hundreds. Uh, great meeting. Still sitting up Feuz. Here you can see sitting, upsetting a one run and shape lunch one very pristine beach and wait for some time. Meanwhile, we can see here or excel four point games and means sick and given huge dating somebody you can take place now than you had consented. You want the hug, you Indian, that more cruised stillness and chewing password. Expect 90 days. Let's see another skater. She wanted Children sleeping. We can explore fuel thing. Feel the things and madmen center mean. Well, the city is completed from the shape lying tone. My, this must seem like previous segment into no no field. Things have changed like groups uses, and this is what you want to go separately, and Vincent socially findings seizing this next little dust like we need to go there and win again. Legged it next, either set of discomfort. Yes, another ship shape one short of his company. Just click share one here, and it will last you one day use early Yes. Well, you can see on the top you are ill. Yeah, if you can see the top Your It's coming late here. Point leader, Don't feel fine. Dark are OK, Flip. Next thing snitched. Let's get started. See here. Now we can see um create news bushed. But you're remain in ah site since this in modern shape point if you just click, create site in through you to up from steam sites or communications set. Presently, we even take one small team site here, and, uh here can hear back alone. Feel inclined. Okay. Groupie Minister Celso comes with launching point. You say that this will be see point leader, not SharePoint dot com slash ST slash non state point only members even in this organization can access yes or will remember skin access is only number. So imprudently and cheapness option finished. Improve the air. Additional numbers. I don't have any reasonable numbers, but no do as number owners. So just finishing this off you can see the sheer want from here you can practice the SharePoint Don't off the books mostly, and a few development activities You can do like learn jay Some drastic object Moral rest E v A and many more. Thank you all for watching this, Will, you will make it news. Well, thank you very much. 4. Creation of Site Collection: Hello. Today we will see how to create a rule side collection so that we can practice our SharePoint. Okay. To create a new site collection, we must go to the top left and you can see the air Plancher here and click Edmund so appropriate side collection we need had been permissions so that whoever whoever is having admin permissions, they can only create thes side collections as a shape point administrator. Okay, so offer going to the admin center here, display actual, and you can see all the admin centrist year and click SharePoint Edmonson click shape pointed here. And you can see here many things like sites who American states and religious. It's just goto active sites. And here you can see the list off sites, okay. And no, just let us create one more site. Great sage, And it disaster thing is team say that communication state. So let's pick up communication satar template. Or, if you want more than that, you conflict more or other options. Just click other options and see what are the things ever level leader. You can see teams age documents into rental praise Vicky and many things are available here and he had advanced settings You can see. See? So let's create when communications site no click communication Such onda showcase our blank. Based on this the are you able change. We even think you take cookies looking What will be the site? Name, Site Name will be like something like Maybe see in planet you can see coming like you weren't like teams off states A teams, so it is available. Say donor, I'm giving my name Okay? In English and I'm John. Weakens it like it is in the like. Bless Fight that you will be there. Let's see. We'll go live Channel eight. Yeah, the site description. If you won't write something, you convey totals. Just click finish and wait for some time. And it will create the site collection with the communication site As you wait. Site created. Here's just showing side, Creator. Let's see like Okay, cool. Just click here and you can see the you say from where you can work on this year. Point that loan. SharePoint. Okay. Thank you. 5. Change logo in SharePoint Site: Hi. All in this video we will see how to change the SharePoint. What a local On the left hand side top. You can see a blue colored square box with ill. This is a saint local off the SharePoint. So let us change hope. We can see just to go to the gate. Symbol and click site information. You can see sate lower as SharePoint logo. Just click change and you can see on my desktop my own logo is they wanted between selected click choose click See And no, you can see wanted. But the logo off my SharePoint site has been changed. This is the procedure. Hope we can change the SharePoint local. What is a particular state collection or any sub state? Thanks All. 6. Create a SharePoint List: In this video, we will see how to create a basic SharePoint wished to create a basic, straight, pointless to just go to the top right. You can see a gear symbol, which is known as sittings, when click side contents and you can see inside countries all the document. Slavery's in the lifts, which created previously and no use. Select Ed and AP You can see many custom wished many lifts like a calendar and document Libraries don't know the English. So here we want to create a custom there. So just select custom list here. Her name, it says. Glowy. Yeah, killed, create. And you can see here when you create a new SharePoint list, New green level is even harder. It means like it's a new recent action we have created. So just click this employee skills and you will see a different column has been added. That is known estatal. So no, we will add a few more columns, click, ad, column and select There. You can see different other tapes at present, and we will select single line off next employees brilliant name and one more column employees Designation column. We can get one choice here. Lake three Marie Skilled. I'm dead. Few skills like share mind dot net. So, uh, s a P cliques e and create one more column Choice field, secondary school like design we can add electable. You connect. You should click safe. These ah, whole weekend created the columns in a SharePoint. Wished Okay, let's fill given and treat which you'll fainted. Mr. Um Research right designations, senior. No Claim your skill. SharePoint Second skill design Glick sick. You can see a one entry has been added. So if you want to delete this entry or they want to edit, you can just say, Look this and click it and you can change your whatever you want. We'll see those thing operations later. And this is a procedure how you will create a basic SharePoint list and SharePoint only. 7. Create views and filters for a list: we will explore. We use and filters in the lift. This is a lift. Okay, Go to lift settings first Mr Sittings on. You can see he is calm down and you can see creative You You can create different views, but by default there is a standard of you. Okay, which he comes with the your lol items. Daughter speaks tender view. Just click their four tapes. If you turn a rude outfit few Clelland room, just click. Send it to you. It's like normal and you can click Laker test. Just give you humans nothing. Just ah, we can hide some columns. We can include some columns like that, I suppose if you want to include created way created Ah, and more effective way more referred And you want to do some sorting like recent items you want to see. You can give from descending order and created a way All this columns also you can use here And you can also feel that here ah filled governments. Laker, that's up was if you take this in on just Celadon column like employees Neymar ask primary skill SharePoint like that. If you you can also give here like primary skill is equal to SharePoint. If you fair point, the data will come. Ah, filter with the name of primary skill Fear point. So after using all these, you can also grew by things here and bottles also you can see And you can also change tales here. Basically her before you can explore all these things. Okay. Lifetime clicking. Okay? No. And let's see how the view will concede. W is coming previously there for more than 58 And so you can see the filtered items with the primary skill. SharePoint. This is how you will create the views and filters in the SharePoint lift. 8. Formatting List data: In this lesson, I'm going to teach you about the new features in SharePoint list. Okay, for that, let's create a SharePoint list. To create a SharePoint list, click here on the roadside and click saved contents. Once you are inside contents, you can help option here to create the leashed clicked legit. And you can see here so many blank list from Excel, from existing, so many options the help provided, you know, ok, let's see one of the templates here. Let's take here clerical requests. Ok, so I'm clicking traveled request here. So manage all your trialled in question. Keep an eye on budget. Okay? This is how the damper it will looks. Ok. So click, Use template. And the name is travel requests. Click Create. And you can see no the columns they already created here because we have chosen a template here, right? Ok, so now check here, site contents. And you can see go to lift sitting here. And you can see the columns for this template is requestor, destination everything. Okay, let's create a check the how the farm looks and clicking new. So another farm. Okay, so very big form with many fields here. So here the title is, Let's check like say like I'm going to LA Los Angeles lead reason for travel business. And requestor. Requestor I can view my name is Missy, whose name is SharePoint teacher. Okay. So he destination will be loss. Angela's loss angular scale for me. This who traveled start date here. So it will be such and 26 kilometer travel and took a Ireland came right like a okay. And there are many Alaska British Airways, everything. Okay. I'll ask me, can you like in dollars like something like this. Location and all these. Okay, we can leave these fields and click Save here, approved S, okay? Click save. Now, similarly, you can see here they are given some blue colors to the columns and approved means, green color. These all things are new formatting features SharePoint have provided. No. It let us create one more entry here. Laker. Say something like New Jersey here. Reason or not. Okay. The question and say my name and less tonation. Grc. Okay. So triangulate who you like. 26 to 28 and a land seem. Alaska, a phage samples Nt approved and no pixie. Now you can see that to increase here. And let's see how this formatting works now, okay? Now, if you go to the right side and you can see here all items rage here, all items here, there is an option and ending format currently got clipped up format currently. And now it's asking us to choose layout list our gallery. Okay? So I choose last year and I'm clicking here alternate rows, tails at the colored nitro steels. And you can see here, some grease can risk coming for the first item. And the second item is like the background released a white, okay, these old alternating gross Shellsort. And if you click this electro styles, you can add more colors here. Say something like green here. You can see here, right? Yeah. And you can also, for the second one, and you can also like this, ok? So like this, you can change the alternating rows, states, and click See. And if it is an optional to reset to default styles and their drones or more. You can see this uses JSON format. If you learn this and you can even create these colors or whatever, think through the JSON code here. But it's a little bit advanced topic. Ok. Now again go to the format and now you select conditional formatting. The conditional formatting means you do one condition and add a rule here. Choose a column, okay, travel, requester, travel shadow detail and Italian duration, airline approved. These are the columns to choose and I choose travels, turn the page. And 2Z comparison. So we can say like that is equal to, okay? So if it is equal to today, I will have here red color so that whenever a person who is worrying these older the TNC fee openness, he can see that the persons who are having their travel today will be the red color. These rules will work here. These are simple Conditional Formatting, okay? And there is an option here to automatic and columns for one-by-one. Column tells him he can do formatting. Suppose there is a reason for deletion a lineage today, first rate estimated eight fish. Manage roots. So conditional formatting show all values. Yes, yes. If you already are small issues. Okay? So no relationship format, Current View and here there is Gallery optional. So in the list here if you click gallery, so it's swinging leg guards. Very nice looking. So we can use here and also you can Hadoop cards. They set up the content which we need to show a fear I want to show, okay, Santos and quantum wasn't OK. So column names as labels, Fair remedies like visiting. Sure. Okay. So it's very nice. This is a one Microsoft as a workaround recently and a brighter the designs and formatting sender shaped 12ish. Ok, thanks for watching this lesson and she have any notes is let me know. Thank you very much. 9. [Fun topic] Enable Barcodes in SharePoint list : Hello, everybody. In this video, we will see how to create a barcode in share. Want to create a barcode in SharePoint? We need a list. Are available models. We can create a new list. Okay. Just see how ho I will create a barcode in SharePoint. If for that first go to the site, settings are first go to the settings here and you can see here side contents. Just click side contention, see whether in English is available or else IFI can create a mulish. Okay, just I'm having so over four or six lists and, like, click in English. So in the train English, there is only one item, so no, I will enable the bar ports here. Let's go to the list settings on the right hand side, the lift sittings You can see here information management policy settings. Click this and you can see here Some content I policies. Okay, here we need a normally for every item, the barcode, so we can go here. Click item. You can see a lot off options here and come to enable bar courts. Just click. Enable barcodes and you can see other off option came back. Prompt uses to insert a particle before sharing that it is not necessary. So just enable bar courts and click OK, But the existing lists the barcode for the existing little list items. A barcode will not come on for the newly created items you can create. You can see the bar parties coming automatically. See, Let's create one item new item here. New misters student course, official intelligence and click save. Well, there is no barcode here. Okay, so barcode reasonable. But we can't see what is a problem now. No, there is not any problem. We just need to change the view and enable those columns. You just go to list sinkings articles. You can click here, all items and it current of you click your current view and year just enable this dick Flux Okay, Okay. No, you can see the Bar Holt in the bar for value, but the state of this is a procedure in chair. Find how to create the Barco formerly state. Um, thank you very much 10. Create a Document Library: So today we will discuss a ball. My document Liberace in shape point. So why this document libraries This document labor early helps collaboration with no one another district. If you check one organization, it will be having Ah, so many things go like to collaborate with one team now some wood. Some documents did much. We've in place where we can access all those documents and live. These all documents are organized and there will be many reactions off a single document. So these are all things can be men as they share on using document libraries. So let's start. So just like how we created list, really? We can see here settings. Really? So just create here. Click your Aaron up, Triplicate. Enough. You can see. No, we had 1st 1 document luxury. Just click it and we can write like document level means the project. Biologic baby sea documents flexing some kind off name create. You can see it wanted to advance things also here, like cyclic project Mark Twain Something Some name like this description. If you want to conduct Armani creative version each time your little file in this document label will discuss this Really later in the coming with the end of it took someone And I know you just you can select the what kind off document you'll ask, whether it is by default Microsoft document to excel pregnancy we can select our food is an American cell Oppmann create. So no, our document liberally has created just like oh, we created a mystery is also saying so Here you can see the before columns. What are the default problems here? Uh, name this one name modified more defendable when you created a document. Labour leader Default columns are name modified monetary way. Okay, so we will explore no few options like, Oh, how we need to upload the document. Like, what is the process here, Oscar creating the document labor early. You can see here new But so when you click here strangely, freshman's this liqueur new. Okay, if you click new, it's asking like a folder. I can go to folder I can create the world document. I conclude an excellent on four point Whatever. Like a link. Also we can preach. Okay. So normally many people use word documents and excel Document Street. So here this man who can also be like organized. Suppose issue, particularly new mineral. You can see here Like which must Which one must come first, Like folder word. Documents like that. Suppose she wanted to move this word document on the topic and use. Take more so that whenever If you say this and when you click, this is the world documenting stunning replaced that we can organize the whatever document speaking now. And also you can These are the in building documents. But if you want, If you want to don't upload a document from your computer. We can use this options upload, upload files folder some kind of template which I click fails. It's showing weighing this crop. So there is There are so many files here, so I can select one and I can uploaded Trumpy and for easy for easy. You can also like Dragon Rob This the final weeks we have 11 See the results? Finally, a sort of U S portable You mean scope for in every project is begin. We will write one business and listen right when like one document which so these type off files will be normally used in the complaints. And if you want to drag this. If you want to upload this locking just baggage and rockets, this boatman will be uploaded like this Smoking. And if you click this See, it's opening in closer itself. You can see the content. I'm just written test here. Okay, if you want O Donnell, Oregon don't know the If you want to share to anybody, you can share this. Okay? You can share to observe people if you want to share toe look, you consent through will And anyone with telling candidate Yes, you can give up fronts like people in the people with existing excess sooner for specific people just like Google, right? We can use this and also is a new future said expiration date. If you share this with anybody, I'm giving Tom deterred on the and it will be like expert. And if you want to open, it will not open. And we consider possible from this my documentos. I'm giving one duty for faith. Okay. On giving experts Tuesday, July 23rd tomorrow you just not literally just on Where does do you try to open this document? Whether you can hope enormous then the I'm giving here a plate So And Rene Marie Miller person giving you were both email addresses. More bodies, every livable, you know. Seen us much too. Okay, on. And I clicks and you can check in your inboxes. No, this must be coming. Animal is coming with, like sharing the stockman conducting. Okay? After this just to pick clothes and let's see. What is this? Three dots here. You should click three Dorsey to ensure so many options. Like you can preview this if you preview monitor off like little. So what? I got the document. No, if you share share, if you want to share the link opulent. But don't let that you condone Lord delivers, You can do it. Follow means that this is a different offices identified Tool e later about this. And if you want to rename green and like, if you want to pin to top this is a new future which a like reading much because when there were some not to documents. If you want to open a document every day, we can We need to stop so that it will be like, violated and always beyond the up and also coming to the next to nothing more to move means like, Oh, you can move this to any Another library yet? President, we have, ah, three legged illustrating just We will see how many out there where we can move. So you know these current library and you have so many other libraries here. If you want, you can move it. Two other libraries, just like over how? We will copy over files from one folder to other folder on the computer. This is also copied. Toe copy two minutes late. What is the difference between the operator and move more toe tomorrow? You must feel this is the last U boat. Okay, what is the difference between more to and pop it in the document? Let's just remember this point and elect opinions. Suppose if anybody up the updates, any uploads, any document here you will get in a bit. So if you want to keep alert on this document library, you can lead to a Let's explica. Let me suppose any new person giants in the company and he's working on the same document lately. He will upload a new document the document labor early. Then we will Normally we don't together. Hey uploaded a new document or not. So if you keep in elect on this document Lee believing never a person obits or no he uploaded a new documented to send in a lot to you were being made So he had that Here you can see the options like send a lot for this thing This anything changes someone else in the dark When someone else eunice it up when created about you someone else Industry document Last more trade Obey me like that normally Ah, I will preserve debuting in a very create whenever creating document. If I uploaded into a document labor early I will check this option following it because whatever document I created, if he wants to change between really curious for his way he's changing. So I will get the Millot Minori changes my document. So here you can see the elect Send a notification immediately. Send your daily summary Send a weekly summary like that we can create a present. I will keep sending notification immediately because it is my document and the descending vessel mother. So I knew the year there immediate No discussion. Do my email, okay. And also we can send the vehicle is, um, real. So we please and remains Normally some project is there. So everything the project minute it doesn't want Let's because it will be irritating for anymore. So what we will do is we will conficker are he? She will configure elects so that the alerts income on Friday evening every Friday evening . So the chicken check all the skeleton in some review it'll be easy for us. Okay, so President, and sell a pings and notification immediately. Okay. Uh so these are the things and coming this year more If you want to see properties, just click here and you will see the properties What is a title on? Always We have not created any trade deal so there is no title and coming to more you can see the flu We can configure river close were clones like step both processes few processes Suppose the document is creatively user A and it must be up through the Bay User Be are a document is created a 1,000,000,000 software developer which must be approved by Krasic Manager This workflow will help us This will long this week alone in the later classes and coming to the complaints You tells you can see more details like Well, what is the name of this document? What is a content? I what is a folder? But what is a Are it log? All these things generally generate arctic Arctic log report mints. Suppose you want to know how many people are accessing your document library and the home only clicks are happening. All these analytics will be generated if you create were generated our club on this particular child. OK, then after every week you can go and see the audit. Love reported a little harmony. I open this document and now money, their names. All these things between Penders make me clear. Generate are flocking to give some options here for us like this. I will tell this in the later places. Ok, so know just really close this. And though no details Detentions normal. How many people are accessing this document? What is a type of this Stockman Darby A failed. This is which is a document failure will be having the extension Daughter, Divorcee X And what is a part? What is the size off this job on the decision before it breaks? Okay. Like this we will have. Uh so this is Ah, main theme of the document. Like Very okay. So if you check here like, we can also create one word document in build itself this time creating when we're document here. Mando, have you type something here? Just 123 no need Also true, there will be no sing and document leg It will be automatically seeing so just come back again or clicked, you know Come here, Miss And the new both moved has been creature You can close this stop moment if you want And see long There are two documents Nah, somebody can go do this. Ah, somebody can goto this document library and try to edit my sort of your daughter appears and I will get in Let we can see it like Ok, somebody easy access this document library vinegary resumed their best up officiated with U boat, I think What is Ah, teams eight members. You are a lot of teams. Eight members online. You can access ST Louis in your access But it now can you access the this doctrine priests And it's, um um some text in that, but this was one. Let's just Yeah, he said I'm also keeping a lid on the faster document document. Don't get Burke X. We're ing checking all this. Some tells changes it opened anything, genius. Okay, okay. See? Someone has changer year. I got an email C no. Like you have successfully created. Okay, Come in the room. That's great for him. We will know. We will get Saletan Outlook cooking Just We will open this out looking different siege. Just showing you how successfully clear. Then elect more We must I must rate for election somebody. So it is a physical creation. Off document labor in SharePoint We'll meet with the new topic next to me. 11. Restore deleted items from RecycleBin: in this lesson. Let's explore a boat. What happens when they item are library or any SharePoint resources deleted and how to restore those resource is like list our SharePoint document library. Okay, No, I will explain through to users when news Aries having full orner permissions. And when you that is having normal permissions like a user with a great permissions. Okay, so whenever you delete an option a list or any document liberally normally what happens in our desktop, it will go to Recycle Bin. Just like that, there will be a recycle bin in Microsoft SharePoint. Okay, so whenever you're the lead are I could feel it. Enlist Tatum or document library those the item will be going toe, uh, recycle bin. Any user can believed item. If he's having those permissions and that item will be going toe recycled again, he can't restore that from the recycle bin. Let's see this. And also, whenever he uh, believes an item, it will take 93 days. Uh, it will keep the item deleted Item in the recycle bin in for 93 days. Okay, so after this 93 days, this will be permanently deleted. And if The user believes the item in Recycle Bin it will go to second stage recycle bin where the permission will be having with side collection. And then from the second stage, recycle bin he can again. The admin can record this deleted item. Okay, so, no, let's see, we can in the action. Let's see in the action how it will work. Go to a list. This is go to a disease user is your normal user who is having read permissions. So here, go toe on list. Go to side contents and you can see here one list university student ing for Okay, I will go here, and I will delete Owen. Item in the list. Deleting on item here. Okay, delete. So, after diluting the Satyam, if you want to again restored Satan photo site gun Vince. And here you can see the recycle living. Okay. Here. You can see There you can see that. Recycle bin. Click that three second win and also showing how many deleted items that they're in the recycling bin. This recycle bin? No, you can see they're deleted item here. Okay, so select that item. So if you're not doing anything, it will keep that item for 93 days in SharePoint online. Okay? And you can restore it once you're restored. You Congar Oto the see English again. Go to the same wished and you can notice that item has bean recovered. See? You know the item came again looking like this user can restore items from recycling. Okay, No, we will delete from the recycle bin itself. Okay, so whenever you believe from the recently even say, suppose when you deleted a fashion item in the list, Okay, now, so it will. It will go to re recently even. And it will. It will be there up 200 93 days. Okay, so suppose some 60 days faceted and you delete from the ah recycle bin. So what? It will go to the second stage Recycle bin and they're the remain remaining days. It will stay there. So it is 60 days at a mining base of securities. Those extra days, it will remain there. Okay, So the important point here is their toe resettlements here on this fascist. She's resettlement for user. And the second straight recycle bin is for the SharePoint administrator and the items which are deleted will be there in the recycle bin until upto 93 days only. Okay, so let's see, We will believed one item here. No, with a normal user. And from now, go to recycle bin. No go to recycle bin in the right. We say Clinton and from Recycle bin also, we will delete this item delete. And since it is generated from the fastest treasury sake 11 we will go to the second straight Hrycyk living in the Warner with one or permissions. Okay? No, the second is having Warner permissions. No, and let's go to the site contents. And he had go to Sipes state sittings here. We can notice if anything available side collection, Recycle bin something favorable, but, uh, control, if the cycle been is available year Underside collection administration, click here. No, you can notice nothing here. So in the bottom, if you notice there is sick, checked the second stage. Recycle bin gnocchi. This will become the fastest reality. Say clement for any user. And if you want to go to a second straight city cycle, been only had been will be having the promotions. You just click the in the bottom on the bottom food are we go to year second straight in the recycle bin. Okay, If you carefully observed here, click this second stage Hrycyk living in the bottom and you can see the deleted item by the user from the recycling bin. No, As a Edmund, you can restore this item from the second strategy cycle. Been no. Get restores. And once it is restored, left gold. And see that item K restored or not, with a normal user permission. Go to home and go to that particular site Condiments and go to the lists where we have deleted Tatum. Yes. If you observe here this item again restored from the second state Recycle bin. This is a procedure how you can restore any deleted item initiated point from the recycle bin a normal user can restore if it is deleted from the Recycle bin. Faster. Strange Recycle bin. It can be record from the second city. Second win with Warner Shade wanted been access. Okay. Thank you for watching this lesson. 12. Site Columns: in this lesson. Let's alone how to create side columns. Why the site columns required Because list columns When we create, we cannot use those list columns into any subsides to make reusable. The Microsoft introduced this side columns in a SharePoint so that whatever we have great in the sight columns, like, say, some 50 side columns we have created, we can make use off these 50 columns in any off hour subsides. We no need to create again. The river will be less and the time will be saved. So far, this help the's side columns. Okay, No, If you observed here this list columns are local and we cannot use those into any of the other substrates. Okay, so let's create when group offside columns and how it will be useful. In other subsets, we will see those things. No. Now let's go to our site. And this is my room site known as SPL Essence. Okay, so here I will create a few side columns to create side columns, go to side contents and click the same settings and then the site settings and the Web designer galleries. You can see side columns, click side columns here and your use will see the already available side columns which came by default. When you create a shape points, right, So we want our own group. No. So click create here and create side columns for some kind off the mind. Say health care. So health care on Don't mind what will be the column name first. You know that it will be like patient name, patient name. So make it a single line of text and you can see the option here you can clear create a new group or we can hit this custom column patient time in one of the groups. But I want to create this in number My one group like okay, his game and click. OK. And I know you can observe This group is created with the name health care and you can see here the same column. So I will create one more State column here patient, patient number and making deals and numbers on Keep this in our existing group. Health care. You can't No, you have greater a group with the side columns. And now let's see how to make use off the side columns in the sub steps. I'm in my room side No, here on this pls since let's see whether any subsidies available under this group site for that go to side columns. Say sorry inside abundance and click subsets here and you can see there is one sub state under my roof side Spls. Since this is communications subset click, it's and you can see this is sub site. And here you go toe on an app and create one custom list with the same name, like patient information, patient in school. So here I don't want to create all the columns again. I want to just make use of the site columns. So click patient in four and go to the list settings for that. Listen, face presenting. So here in the list sittings there is an option here toe ad from existing side columns. Okay, so yes, like that from existing side columns and in the armed groups you select his game, you can see the two side columns we have created, and we're creating the seats beside columns in my sub site, which is known as communications upstate. This has Philistines is my group state and then making use off the side columns in my subset Click. OK, and now you can see here Two columns only available, reaching not created at all. So this is how we can make use upside columns in our our lovers up sites. 13. Navigation Basics: I think in this video let's see how to create a navigation in SharePoint Before going to do this, we must know Effort, Water. The navigational items have a level in SharePoint. Ah, and shape. Want there to navigations generally, which will come by default. One is on the left hand side of your absurd home notebook documents she's known as quick Lunch allegation and other witness on the top Ho is ah, top link. Okay. The problem in toppling worries will you can You can add only one. No lo like branches will come here on under project pull are under home. We countered Morton, we contact any items. It's like a flat hurry gentleman off. That's all we thought. Any items. But if you observed quick lunch, you can see that you can add toe Any item like a recent. You can see items, but that may need get so like this is an desert Fuentes for the top. Lemper, get out off this discernment age. They have given few options in SharePoint. Okay, so if he enable those features, we can get the navigational mineral just like in normal websites with some items drop, donate ums. Okay, we will see how to clear that. Okay, so now if you see if you go toe side sittings, we can observe here side corruption futures. This is a place there. You can enable or disable many future still later to SharePoint. If you could do the SharePoint Sarah Publishing here, just read it provides and related Liberace content types. Marshall especially what's enable patient dealing another proposition. Functional riverside collection. So this other off wishing functional difference aid collection is one know the functional this navigation. OK, let's activate this before going to activate this. Let's see how the look and feel section and the site settings his there the look and feel. If you observe, there is a title description week lunch stop link were now give no elements. Change the look. Okay, this navigation elements is different from the whatever we're telling over Turkish militants, this is just on and off for another guest rooms. Okay, so just there one toe key for five top executed to the look and feel. No, we will go to the side collection futures and it will this shape on several publishing And for a sexually active itics. No, if you observe here the shape one. Several publishing interest factories anywhere. Let's go to ST Settings and see the looking field section, and it's a carefully observed before there are only five items available under Cantillo. The new item came etc. Use navigation, the navigation. You can see my global navigation, current navigation structure, interrogation all these things okay and carefully if you observe did his manager navigation , sexual knowledge on managing navigation. The items will be in management. They will discuss these things. And a creation of this structure Negation items on the top helping over this and in the next to you Okay? 14. Create Structural Navigation: In this video, you'll create navigation for the fair point. As discussed in the last video. There are two tapes off well, main navigation, slick structural navigation in a matter that immigration No, we will see how to create it. Structure, navigation from the SharePoint. For that he's could do ST sittings and you can see navigation. Here's navigation and you can see global navigation means on top. Now Asian women's on the left side. So no issue. You're dealing with this global navigation, so accepting interrogation and global navigation in them, we need to create the folders links in the global navigation so that it will appear in the top. You can see here the bacon, which is explaining that whatever we do in the global navigation, it'll reflect on the tops. So next create one holder here. Not that, and walk us. Let's stick. Any teach is related to the voters to see in the state bilious. Let's see what is every level everyone has his motors smoking in such look under the waters , we can create one more item. Blink very a company. Cheers. Cheers, Contractors. Okay. No, we will see me or created a boaters and under that donate away your company. Well, here we have created features Contractors. Let's see how the army will change. You cook it. And if you go to the home page, you can see what has he changed which is a structured mom? The next week we will see how to clear to narrow location men were using Manager matter. 15. Metadata navigation: this class, you can see how to create innovation Chair for using management potato. We're going to clear this. We need to make one person's minutes manager and a manager demoted. Or that he's managing Bay Tom Stored Mannesman, but that we need to click at lunch on the Left Transit and click salesman after quickly Again, it will take to the SharePoint segments. Inter supple offices shape looks in the moment. You can set up a point and the industry eight point. If you go to class futures, you can see here some shoot, please send it. I'm sure if you see there is no person was like here. So he's create anything. Be a sin. One pushing this amendment years. And if you want a notice of difference, how it will happen Ah, just go to the fair point, Go the test site and go to ST Sittings and to Tom store on given notice that for this user there is no option or facility to clear the dumpsters here. There is no problem. Mineral Herrero is coming to create because he's not the Edmund for the term short Merisant . So one city made Minutemen, he will get the facility. So let's see silicon because this user belongs to distant. So air Lima's Edmund click. OK, then click Save. Once it seemed the properties you can see can see Lake Don't refresh Here the page and he see here the physicality you got toe klik our create group. Okay, just create one new group More such So if you see the orphans here, you will see like the gin Drew. Thanks On me in the country pushes all this coming now from here you can see new terms it click new terms It It's really been great, you know? And that this mineral this terms it Are this your comfort? Hope you want to use it Is asking here Intended the used available for use this term set for safe navigation Ok, click here. Better news. Click here and see once it is saved No, you were able to create manage the's all terms as a men welcomes focus first, create one many weight and create disaster navigation. You can you seems in your center by closing the home page. I'm busy generally available in ST Pius. You know that from cleared one war Tom workers since seasonably needed a single in Canada's Rose Select a voter's rink. Look in such Sealy's and in the book as Make One War Under a Boat is critical and making things Why all companies link is over. Uh, why are completely get slick and such three Mind you wouldn't see it serious. No contractors from link or during contract. Hostess it's in conflict is valuable Lord Mark. So in just such plexi know the mineral management a gentleman was really available now. So let's go to the sittings and configured this meaning for the present site presents the 10 destructive variation swoon growth the same sinkings Google Interrogation Looking three section You can see years that soon Ambitions for global Navision So are these Are these global navigation is actually no wheels goto a legitimate managing innovation Intermission And from here you can see your search In addition has gone so as you know Navision What? Her condition came just still deep down group here who were in your quickly now getting test. Just this warders, everything must come now. This is instruction, everything with ambition. Let's see a few because these location from them that I didn't navigation This is so we can create Manager Martin o better navigation in SharePoint 16. Pages and Webparts: in this video. Let's discuss about ah, different types off pages in SharePoint. And it's loads. Okay. There are two tapes off SharePoint, um, structures. One is classic. Anyone is modern pages. Okay. No. First we will see a wooden classic pages. Okay, Just if you observe a page in a shed one, you're going to yourself sections and reports. Okay. How? You know, this means they go to the sittings, and if you click edit page, you can see can observe some kind off sections. And these are the two reports when you say feed in documents, but okay, it's like a contesting into the page is for love. Uh, big bucks in classic. You okay? This is a classic no base. And if you if you want to go if you want Oh, see how it will be in modern Pius just gets quick communication site. See, this is a modern periods in the SharePoint. If you click it, it is no edit, which for this issue, see, observe the Harry after the difference and hope there there it will be there. It will be here itself. No need to go to settings again. As an admin. You'll get this option. Edit here itself. Disk. Click it once. I helped click Edit you can absorb. This page is turned into editing sections and, uh, a submit for approval has appeared here. So if you click this splice Putin, you can see you can add a new section. Okay. In this section, we can add loads One load to calm, roasty, call and float whatever we want. Okay. And if you click edit section, you can see all this background hold came. Okay, so it's like that. Okay, who years? We can also move sections from top to vote on. Well, whatever Wherever we want, we can keep the sections. And if you want to add a new report here, just click here. You can see a lot of options here. You can hear to tear apart. You can add you to report you cannot be quick charts and you can add kindle canary amor, You can really even so many things. This is ah, basic differences between in our classic report page and she won in the modern pages in the ship 17. SharePoint Branding: I think in this video, let's see how toe create fair point branding out off the box. If you see no, you can see the communication site, which is a modern page based on modern pages. And if you want to do some kind off branding and then designed like colors, let's see how toe create and change this. At present, we have blue color, had returned the blue color footers and are letting tiles are coming in the blue color. So let's see how to change. Go to the right side, se sittings, and you can see here change the look. Just click. Change the look and you can see the A team's and you can see some colors combinations, which we can use. And if you click here a low combination, it is showing like a darker more. And if you can see the blue, it's leg that Come on and you can see here blue morning on the green and all these combinations are available here and just click here who see the darker mode. Okay, no click said. And, uh, this is done notes on site designs and see what we do with designs here. This is belongs to change. Look, And if you carefully observe, they're dead. How? That must be a lot like to change the hitter and the food. Er, then change. Look, listings are available. Interrogation. But if you want to color, you can only change here Disease for the modern communication sites where you can change a little bit off burning on Let's see inside information If anything, is everything Is it on this So similarly, If you consider the classical site, you can also see the classical site you can see here. No, uh, it deems where you can change the look. Just click changed. Look, here are you can also little but you can do on the forehead An effective Do you think this has been changed And, uh, his we should all change Like many things are coming here looking to disease. This is for reality, Heather. On If you want to change the look, click change the look and you can see so many teams. These are classical teams. They're classical games. If you click any see immerse There are fees based on the office teams sea monsters. You click these It will cause a few off oversight will look and we continue the start over Raza Local star This will be like a team background team. If you change with any other image, we can replace it. But the team will change. And you can also change here the colors. We can also change your to ST Louis based on the master beach. Normally, if you take if you consider also our Seattle you can see on see it Electric lunch is coming on the left side If you choose us. There is no quick lunch. It's a waste from the monster page And with foreign Sylvie deal You can tell up what everyone like rock with late and you click trailed. This will change if I click. Try out No, let's see what will happen. And it is showing the preview off the whole site. And, uh, if you want this team, we can keep others. No, no problem. I want to keep this time keeping s keep it if you want. So go back And, uh let's see a cell up Seattle clicked veil and I will click. Yes, keep it. And now I can see that whole. My site has been changed based on the select a team. This is how you can lose some kind off branding, she points out of the box. Thanks for watching. 18. Add custom html and css in sharepoint page: Hello, everyone. In this video we will see how toe create shared one page and included Jamel in seizes in that. Okay. For that we need to create a report page first and check whether contentedly is available. Okay, so let's go and create one page here. Yes, to go to the side contents and go toe pages on, create a new page you apart. Page, you're hitched him and see assisted anymore. Age. Great. And no chick had every part C years, median content content. And you can see here content is available. You can add the content models you can also content. And, uh, like if you want bird design, you can link it extra, Extra. Fine. So? So we need one sample vegetable court. No way. Go to this military schools and check out inability Scoops said German on it. Schimmel hit him. If you look here by yourselves, you can get the temple just a copied all alleged import and pasted in my visual studio court here and they name it is it's timber. No, let's how upload this. So I guess it's OK. Besides, it's and this side steps are in modern u Let's cannot listen to classic you so that we will get the link. I upload this Jim living next year open. Okay, Scott uploaded here in the telling here called And you there. Be extreme contented this Flick it in on the top. Have been with the character parts. No go with Germans linking here. You can answer basically has come. Now click OK, and you can see the scene. They come see us is go to page now and click. Stop it. You can see the same exact Leo, which is a level in the W three schools. This is how the contentedly please Jim Mullins Usace I mean it in shape point Vegas And also here if your c the gym Lindsay usace are together like in the same page we can You can also make it as a separate buy taking a separate CSS failure linking here. I don't know we can No, we know. Hope included demon on the CSS. Thanks for watching 19. Create a basic workflow in SharePoint: in this class. Let's create a basic workflow in shape point. You create a basic workflow in shape. One. We need to create a list first to create list for us to go to the site, said things here. Onda go to say evidence in the side countries, you will have an option toe create a new list. Here you can see the conference What revel able in their shade. One site And on the up here you can see new click new and get. Once you created this list, you can name it says leave because and new requests requests create generally in the league requests we will have. What is the reason for the league and what is a start date of the league and what is indeed eight off funding and what? Who is your menaces? Okay, so we will create those columns. Here is the start date next journeys and man is it. But it's, um, a group. You must take me t and then you can take multiple lines. What is the reason, Lexi? So you have no created all the columns of the list, and now we will give one in ST and see Titley, can you likely started? Begins today. You can do here to be. You can select my name and the reason for the you can mention, like two years flexi. So this is generally how we create an item and that is no, but flu is running, so we never work flow years. So just to go to the list settings you can see there were close settings the workflow sittings. You can see the option to beat our wherever years and you can see the option off approval SharePoint printed in and collect feedback and collect signatures. All these different were floating clips. You can sell it approval, share Kuantan to 10 and name it is can the because And for every for every flow. So to lift really be attached by default and out of the box. Afghanistan's Callisto on its history list here if you observe carefully. So these are coming and I want o start My what blue. But never in a tomy started like automate like automated, Not way like manually. So I will check this option. Creating an item will start this work, then conflict next and no. Since it is inoperable, workflow being here selected It will ask to whom I need to a say in this work. Can you? My man, is it name yet? We were one. Who? They one play a scene. And in here you can send this same workflow request. Ah, project was too many people at every time. Are all elements in a pair on the academe in the serial means like it's like a three stage are true stage sometimes in the company's end up believe must be approved by two people so you can select You can add stages here and there The people who everyone if you want If you want to salute question a little bit to work for more than two people You can hear the other people's names also. So no, I'm not getting anything here and come down. You can see if you want anybody in the CC for this, but you can very easily. And also here you can see the degree content approval upgrade the approval status after the workplace completed. You can also take Mark this if you want, but it's not liquid click save here. And uh, the what is getting created. So he had ever close created forever List and let's go to our list. No, which is known as leave requests. So we will give one in three years now. And let's see how this so click new and you can see here title he did. You don't date no things end it. You couldn't manage it. Three minutes remaining and the value Whatever reason you on great family emergency. You save once if you create this item. Aziz, We created their workflow Bill trickled. So what? Drink after work, Lou triggering mints. He will send a notification to the particular person that would the slavery question. And that question will come. A notification will come like years. You can observe in the remaining books, Charles, you can also hear. Seen I hope they flow Coming. See you See here The notification came to the manager like will be the main. You know, like this item has been created with some resource and we need to approve it. So if you seen, please a truly Okay. This is a simple workflow. We will initiate one. I would click here and you can see here. What is it you request creatively? The what? A lovely source. It's really request. And here and also see more milking like a portal has started on this year. It is mentioning each person will receive a task to a probably you get all the only people person likes get only one person is. So if I prove this may be getting a group here. And if you go to these particular lists Mitt, we have created this. Leave the question. You go to the requests on uh, you can see here the items in progress is live question ploys in progress. So you approve it, display these three dots and for two here, what flu You can also see here anywhere closer there in projects is in progress. There is one or click in publicist. You can see more details about it over the years. You can also see the big your diagram coming apart, this workflow. You can see the past clips on the click here and you cannot prove the item. Let's get approved. This here freeze up. Really? And, uh, it will take to the base where we can approve a particular This is a little bit of aid like it is having so many clicks remove this. These discernment is Microsoft has come up. She had one designer work flows in SharePoint Chemists, our Artem it but close. OK, so in the next class we will see how to create a small what floor use in shape. One designer and Emma's for art image. And it's loading. Now you can see this. I really question Get us here. It is a road or not. You can see it is approved with the next class. Thank you. 20. Create a remainder using workflow: in this class. Let's see how to create our set. A reminder on SharePoint list items. Sometimes in real times in Argos, we need toe. Have a reminder on some particular date to remain viable. This item are to remind revolt leave kind of thing. The resources are taken for the manager. So here we will create one list with namely every question. You can help columns like what is the start date of the end it off the leave and reason for the leave. Okay, who is the manager? Okay, so what we'll do here is like when you create an item here, create one item here with title. Something like Leave reason is fever and started. Let's we started with today Onda uh, ended tomorrow and when it can you hear manages name, he is so click save and you can see here the one item came, like created here. And if you go in the top and see on the floor there is an option settlement. The settlement will be unable. If you have any date, column and list models, it will not enable Loki needed column is available. Then only this sacramental will be coming. The option will becoming here mochi and said remained on the start date. Click started and it will create a flu. Now it's creating a floor which is in the Microsoft Power ultimate. Previously it is known as flow and it is asking, Get any mail? Drummond remind me these many days in advance. Okay, whoever creates this leave request in 11 day and wants the male will go to the manager and he can Ah, this course aboard that live with the results. Just click here, create and it's creating this. I understand the mineral floor was created No. Okay, So if you want to observe this whether it is created or not, you must goto or are to meet or are to meet he on Microsoft bore ultimate and you can see in my flows the remainder floor will be created automatically like this. Get an email reminders. Okay, If you want to read it here, you can average this flow. Are the details about the flow This is, ah, flow on the behalf of us. It's created mochi recurrence once it every day like this until every day. So every day it will run. Are we Cleveland's we can turn this. So this is how we can create human inter since your point with the help of our autumn, it 21. Permissions: thin. This video will see and explore the most important concept in SharePoint permissions. Permissions are many types like we can have lister permissions list item permissions, page permissions, document permissions and metadata Permissions like that. So, first, if you want to give an access to a SharePoint site for a user, you need to add him to a SharePoint group. And the checkpoint group must be having a few permissions, like read, right it it and, uh, contribute. So admin will have be having by default full control. So if you want to explore permission first, let's go toe site settings on the top, right? You can see site sittings. Just click. Here you can see site productions, and if you see site permissions here, you can see Huard site owners would cite members and, ah, all these things. These are the basic things we can seen them. Modern site if you want. Oh, go little bit advanced in the permissions. Just click here advance permission settings. This is when whenever you created a SharePoint site, these air the permissions by default will come. Like members, Warner's visitors members will have varied permissions. One of us will helpful control and visitors will have read permission levels. Okay, let's see how Maney permissions levels are available in SharePoint display on the ribbon. Permission levels, corruption levels. See, these are the basic permission levels available. Full control, design, edit. Contribute. Freed view only. Okay. And, ah, just read the description. Here's and you will able to be, understand? And if you want to have a custom permission, you can create here like air the permission level. Suppose we will stake one scenario like we will be. We need toe, read the permissions like we need to read the list items, and ah, read that list Tatum's. But you must not help debilitating permissions so far that there is no default permissions in SharePoint. We need to create a new permission level. Generally called it as custom permission levels. Okay, just click here at the permission level, and they will see what is the name of the custom permission level and what is the description? And you can see all the permissions here. So in our scenario, if you want to create a permission level, who are having a liveried and every Tatum's you just can select here, eh? Dems Airy. Tatum's you can remove the lead here. Delete in. Just click create. Once. If you create here, the custom permissions levels will be created. So, no, we will create a custom permission level and made it though village. So now you set up a reddit deal it nordle it, Elizabeth. Default will come and just click create and a new custom Permission levels will be created And how to apply these permission levels for the SharePoint list. Our SharePoint document library our else on the spacious because he see it. Just go to e lists, go to site contents and if you want to give promotions only off for a list, just select guest list. And in this just list whoever is having access at present, they can read if they're visitors. If their members they can contribute to the full control licking their dilated it No, we will see the permissions for realist. Click the permissions here and you can see here Communication State members is airing. All this beautiful permissions are there. If you want Tokyo special permissions, custom permissions. First we need to stop inheriting permissions. Okay, click. And we need to grant permissions like you can add check for you can for this SharePoint group present. For members, it is like a did. Permissions are there If you want to go change there too. The custom permission we have created. Just click here at it. We thought it OK. Those were the members in this leashed. They will have at it with orderly taken, had edit and can't believe the items. Okay, The SharePoint groups are the just like a group off people set off people for whom we can create one group. And for the group, If you give the permissions it is done. The's permissions can be a play toe item level are pays level are document level. Okay, this is ah, overall list permissions and page permissions and document permissions. Okay. 22. Hub Sites: Who do you feel in this glass? Let's slow nable hop Simpson ship lunch You little classic shape forms. We house side collections, then each state corruption. We go some saves. There's up saves. We know they gave substance. You also in elections are really gaining favor. Phil. Structure, you see years leaves. The top was saying collection. Sub sex with the instinctive usually lives here. We'll soon the challenge duties one. If you're trying to be the big site and they will be more telling this estimate requirements be more challenging to us in restructuring off this side. Corruptions is challenging when you going on so so. And also, if you want to share it in sub site the site, which is interstate collection we cannot actually initiate. Do others. We must share my actually shape in namesake collection. So these herbs, a multi draw bets in the classic own kid went sexually, so work on that it dissolves remembering the security. So she's not recording the customer, so it is not published for more than repentance. Nobody's so work on the applications. Microsoft just come off the political map. SEPs we saw in these upsides didn t know I have constructed well, you flat. That picture will be there. So here more substances within all of state collections and you can connect whatever say collection. Well, the other side collection. But before doing these, we must make one. ST collection is upset if usually here, for example, the blue color. They have three state collections hit chaps since. And believe me, these are Do you hop steps? Much position a side collection, is it who will lead? We can associate other state corruptions through the up suit. So here the help Sadie's picture in the employees also suited Brutus up Seems okay it soon she's this hot chicks can be treated only with the side corruption only site pennant Maybe this this one could be north, sir. Shape on getting so this side elections long can be associate from this They actually shifts that Wendy's off this upstate small, no easy to maintain way can easily be structure all these security and movements is making me so So let's see. No hoping Creed is help. Please, We can. She burned So thought that group in shape One damage off his dot com a big you gotta return site or to be on the Afghan side, you can get your point. You can see on the shape form serves. So if you want to see all the shapewear six, you must go to as many years and get sure you can see here. She won't once you get on board. With this shape under incentive, you can see sites on the left. Chances like your sides. You can see you the stock sex back to six when you can see the columns when you can. No busy these on column one is from happen. Sue and, as example, him over our way. Seymour kill we have seen here. Picture everything. We will do this upstate association inclusion being seen me and nature. There's me this job well, it's getting more communication said It's making daisy up site. To do that, we need to distribute. There's upset, stripping go and vicious upset, which he became. A sister takes a hit. You can get the permission Swept in gets sick. You know, if you know this year in this column no two centuries upset, you know this will see a few cents to these upset. Let's go through the CHR ST click here. You can see here upset. You can see here The new meaning came right because we came up. Such you associate will not. Thanks Well, there is one side collection in boys with Senate teach. Associate is the upsurge we simply do today so against it, it seems, you know you go to the church. I want to go with this simple eyes So corruption You can see the chair on the top evenings with these this search employees said collection he's associated with. I hope so. See, let's this also more the babys room. What's that? Many in sin City it to He's one more thing. It's sincere, you see. But if you can see here the top seed in the soil see themselves, it's employs. I think it's so go to the planning. Such No. Six soon because they slice it said Collection is a man inside collection. They giving the middle picture because this is depicted upstate. The Jets said collection. And even if it's something that just yeah, second, this is so you can be up slips Keep in the No, dude, no. If you see shape when I get those 2000 pops lips If you will be the shape with documentation. Yeah, looking obviously we can feel does it up six for non out the image This is documentation Checkpoint obsess You can notice this top six nation can be you since from a bridge biopsies things for which 23. Connect to SPO with PowerShell: In this lesson, let's learn how to conduct our SharePoint site to get PowerShell. Okay, Let's check what is the benefits of using PowerShell. Powershell is a scripting tool, which we can use it and automate some of the tasks in SharePoint. Okay? So according to Microsoft here, we have some of the benefits. We can see. What exactly about the powershell. And here, the portion can be used with SharePoint infrastructure activities and many other things related to SharePoint year, we have a BNP PowerShell also, that is for patrons and practices. And we, I can tell you when real world scenario also. So actually this PowerShell, which will reduce the repetition of tasks and it will automate the handler. It also reduces the number of clicks have written. Okay, suppose if you have a 100 site collections and you have less time and you wanted to create the tonnage site collections. We can make use of this PowerShell script and we can create all those 100 site collections manually. It will take so much of time to create this site collections. Now I will show you how to warp and this portion, click your Windows button and you can see here PowerShell, Windows PowerShell ISE. But here I will, as a developer, I will prefer Windows PowerShell ISE, open this Windows PowerShell layer seen admin, admin mode. And we can implement these scripts here. Okay, Now let's open this. And when you open, you can see by its face and blue space in the Brightspace you can write many lanes in the blue space only we can take one liner. This is generally Windows PowerShell, ISC. And if you want to load the modules which are related to SharePoint Online, we need to write a few comments here. Let's write here installed module and hyphen name. And let's give the name what being want to install the module name Microsoft dot online, dot sharepoint. So after entering this, just clicked on the top are click F5 button. Okay. So these modules will be installed in our Windows PowerShell ISE, and we will be getting ready to connect, to connect with our SharePoint site. Okay? Because some of the comments here that all coalesce commandlets will be activated and it will eat issuing some kind of a popup like something like question and question. Okay, we can trust it because it is from Microsoft. So click Install and not via the Microsoft Online SharePoint partial module is loaded into our Windows PowerShell lazy. So now let's connect to our SharePoint site. So here we have a a command like connect, hyphen SP will hear SP Vo is means SharePoint Online. Okay? Yeah, we can also get solutions by clicking control. And so you can see all the solutions here. See how nicely it's coming. Connected hyphen SQL service. And no, let's do the parameters for this. Okay, here. Now, we can give the our SharePoint site. Since as an admin, admin to SharePoint site, generally, our SharePoint site, for example, will be heads GDP, abc dot GLP-1 dot com. But if you are dealing with some admin and cuties, you must append something like hyphen admin so that it will lose some admin activities related to our SharePoint site. So generally, year mice, site name is HTTPS, SharePoint leader dot sharepoint.com, what we are dealing with the admin activities. So I kept hyphen admin, okay? You also, if you are having an int, you must also do this hyphen admin must be added. And we're connecting to rescue service through PowerShell. Know. It's asking one more follow-up and click Okay, and now sign in with your credentials. Valid interventions, foreign citizen show edit, type in whatever developer tenant, base 10 and about your health. Do the password. So it is successfully connected with our SharePoint site. And let's add some. Comment here and check how this exactly working. Whether we need to need to know right, whether it is connected to our SharePoint or not. So let that, let's add a few comments here. So I'm just taking a simple command here. Get hyphen. Here you can see all the submissions and all these commandlets, which can be helpful to us. Here, SPY taped and you can see all the SharePoint. Another related command, let sandy desert type it hyphen SPOs site. It is giving me all the SharePoint site collections in SharePoint admin, admin centers hoping you can see all these things are available. Sharepoint collections have did. This is simple. Get hyphen SQL set command. It means it is giving information. It means that we have an object successfully to our SharePoint Admin Center. So here, for a developer it is always learn, good to learn this PowerShell. Because sometimes we need to do both the things, develop reactivities and also admin accurately. So it is always good for a developer to have awareness on this PowerShell also. Okay. So there'll be simple, simple comments sometimes, sometimes there will be huge code also we need to write. But if you learn one by one, it will be very much easy. Sometimes what they will do is they will read a big script and using Windows Scheduler, they will actually schedule this PowerShell script. So every morning when I am, this scripts can be run distinct. Generally they will configure the admins. Okay? So now I just given a new command, get hyphen SP1 and entities giving all the details. That pennant, which we have. Now you can see all the information and dissolved in promotion can be exported to a driver, seat driver. The drain Excel format also. Okay, so here I just told you the basics of how to connect PowerShell to our SharePoint Admin Center. Okay, so I hope you understand these simple PowerShell thing. And one thing you remember as a developer, you always try to use Windows PowerShell, ISE and bred to install the modules and build the things. So it will make our life easy as a developer. Okay. Thank you. 24. Conclusion: little hope you injured my class on share. Find basics. Just Fredricka. You want to practice? SharePoint, Please sign up with offices. Extra Developer Program will be available for 90 days. Scream. And if you're doing any developments or any practice, they will extend that 90 days. Also, Most important thing. Sudden left turn slavery's play with Christian libraries. Modern keeping minded. There are two types of pages. Introductory off views, always in SharePoint handling Morton and Classic Vegas and Permission said. Most important, these are the main topics and share for share. One. Basics. If you have any doubts on SharePoint, please feel free to reach me at the below email addresses. And you can also John my Facebook shares when group. So let's be in touch with each other and only dotes please let me know. Thank you all.