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Learn Shape Builder tool in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Harshit Srivastava, Developer on IBM Cloud, Bluemix

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Draw clouds

    • 3. Draw fish

    • 4. Sea wave for fish

    • 5. Sunflower

    • 6. Tools- Rinch

    • 7. Palm tree 1 leave

    • 8. Palm tree 2

    • 9. Fork and knife

    • 10. Mechanical wheel gear

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About This Class

Have you ever wondered, how to draw some complex shapes that are not available by default in a designing software? Most designing software allows you to draw simple shapes with Circle, Square, Rectangle, Polygon, Stars, etc. When you have to draw some clouds, flowers, trees, sea waves, fishes, mechanical tools and other shapes in simple and efficient way very quickly, you can Draw your very own shapes by combining multiples shapes together with Shape builder tool in Adobe Illustrator. In this course, you will be learning how to use Shape builder tool to draw some sophisticated shapes quickly and efficiently.

Various complex logos are drawn with Shape builder tool. Its been used to draw vectors used in Motion Graphics projects and Animations. Shape builder is one of the key component of Adobe Illustrator, that makes it the market leader in Graphics design software. So, if you are someone curious about Illustrator, or planning to build a career around Design, then you must learn and harness the power of Shape builder. This course is designed in a way to help you develop this skill of creating complex shapes very easily, with a pragmatic approach where you will learn everything with practical examples and tutorials. A designers focus should not be to learn each and every tool in a software, but to optimally use minimal tools to draw maximum design. So don't rush to learn each and every tool, because it may take long time to learn every tool, and you may get exhausted in the process. Try to learn a few tools first, and then try to practice as much as possible by drawing various shapes and art. This course will not teach you complete Illustrator, but will teach you effectively use shape builder tool to draw some amazing shapes.

All the bests! Keep Learning.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Harshit Srivastava

Developer on IBM Cloud, Bluemix


I am Self-Taught developer who had worked on various platforms using varied languages, and involved in various Projects both Open Source and Proprietary.

I have developed Web and Android Applications, chrome Extension, worked on various frameworks, fixed bugs for some projects, and explored numerous others. I think education and learning should be free and open, not be bound with restrictions like attending classes or going to college, People from all age groups, gender, faith, race, nations, etc must get equal privilege. When entire world would act this way like being a single FAMILY, we would truly realise VALUE of Knowledge and Human Life.

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1. Introduction: Hi, welcome to this course on Shape tool in Adobe Illustrator mining associate course instructor. In this course you will learning how to draw complex shapes in Illustrator via using just one. Two. This is a practical beast course where you will learn how to create awesome shaped like clouds. Tropical island, or I promise, crash. In designing leaves of the palm tree, a stem branch and everything. And the mean value will also learn some other tools as well, like rotate and a lot of tools. You'll draw some shapes. You will learning mechanical tools, fish, sea waves, and a lot of different things. You are learning to do. Everything that you can do with ship builder to. So whether you are looking to improve your designing is killed or build your carrier around computer graphics, this course would be very helpful in your carrier. Even if you're looking to improve your hobby with Illustrator, discourse could help you gain a lot of thing. This is a short tutorial that can benefit you in different ways. So don't wait, you start learning ship builder tool right now. See you in the class. 2. Draw clouds: Hi and welcome to this lesson. Here you learning about JBuilder in Adobe Illustrator. So let's turn just due to the Ellipse tool to draw circles. So just silicate and use the left click and drag on the screen. Say here, you can draw any number of circuits. We will be drawing a simple cloud. The cloud shape is not available by default. And we can create a cloud by drawing multiple shapes and combining them with. So we have gone for circuits and then draw a rectangle joining them. At the location. You want to just wait and reposition any shape we want. And when you are done with the positioning, select all the shapes you want to join and move downwards. Go to shape builder tool. Select the shape builder tool, and just left-click the area which you want to be part of the sheep. Just hover around. On the screen. We need to hold elliptically and just hovered around a shape. We want to select that we have selected all four circles. And now just combine the rectangle properly. We want all area in-between. We don't want to leave any area. So this is our clamp. So this shape has been big. So just go to Selection Tool and you can change the color of this cloud as per your choice. You can apply any color and you cloud would be that color. You can also select a stroke. You can turn a stroke on or off, somehow turned a stroke off. So this is one way of drying a cloud. You can draw a different cloud, different shapes. Here I've used four circles and when rectangle, you can also build a cloud solely with the help of all the circuits. So let's do it. Here. I grow this simple circle, draw Mohr circle. You can add some bigger ones or a smaller one. That could be your own choice. Three, position them on the art world. And here in place of rectangle B, draw a circuit. And we can combine all the shapes together and you can separate it elsewhere. So we shape builder, you can do two things. You can combine multiple shapes together, or you can also remove certain parts of the sheep. So just select all the circus and go to ship builder tool, as done previously. Just hover around with your left-click on hold and select the areas you want to be part of the Cloud and change the color accordingly. And here, we don't want the bottom of the circuit is in the cloud. So we can remove it very easily. So we need to draw a rectangle over the shape. And you can apply ship builder tool multiple times over shamed shape. So just draw a rectangle on. Again. Go to Selection Tool, select these two shapes, the cloud and the rectangle. And hold oil key and hover around with your left-click. So this way, you can remove a part of the sheep. In a similar way. You can also remove other undesired segments of the shape using the shape builder. Just press a key and a left click. However, when you have drawn a shape on the artwork, you can arrange them in different layers, just and go to layer panel here. And here we have to cloud shapes and we have to rearrange them in different layers in order to perform any operations later on. So this is a good practice. It is not required, but when you have to undergo editing at a later time of a project, the layer arranged manner would be helpful to turn any visibility on or off dartboard. The keep learning and keep moving ahead. 3. Draw fish: Hi, welcome back friend. Here in this exercise you learning how to draw a simple fish with Illustrator using shape builder till the hair will drawing an ellipse shape. Draw a simple circle with long horizontal axis on a small inverted of size. So just we need to copy the one circle. So to have the same measurment and just place it a little bit lower than the original circuit. So here just select these boats shapes and go to ship builder to and remove the part that we don't want. So here we just want a center intersection of these two circles. And we place the oil and the left mouse click. And who around to remove that part. Here you can choose any color to fill the fish body. The gold color or orange color, Ruby vibrate. They just select that colour. And you can always change their tune of recolor of her fill and stroke as well. And you can provide any hexadecimal value or anywhere you want. So then next we just need to copy the same shape and draw the Ts of the fish. And the similar way you can do in a different way as well. This is a shortcut way. Registers change the direction of their aspirin and duplicate it and just change the angle. Or you can also go to transform our reflected vertically. So here we have, we got these two part of the tale. And you can group them together or use the shape builder tool to combine them. Here, just select the shape, all the shapes, and go to the shape builder to and just hover around the shapes you want to combine. Here, it is. Going to shape the fish, go to selection tool and then we can draw the fins. I'll just finish the, just draw the similar circle here. And we need to draw two rectangles to remove the part. Just draw one rectangle right below this circuit. It is not required to overlap every shape. And you can draw one, no rectangle here. We just want the left corner of the circle, top-left corner, and they move it a little bit higher direction. You can also remove any segment two by selecting them without grouping even this function works. They're just select the shapes and go to ship builder to and just art and left-click to hover around the shape you don't want. Here, we don't want all the rectangle or the remaining circle part. So this is our fin where we need to improvise it a bit more. So just draw one more circle here, overlapping the part we don't want. And then select D is both shapes. And go to ship builder to during this circle. And that part. When you are done, you can reposition that shape over the place you want. Here. We wanted the fin to be placed on the top side of the fish as well as bottom side. So just right-click transform and reflect. You can reflect either vertically or horizontally. Here we want a horizontal reflection. So just selling the horizontal reflection. And here we are done with this print. Displays them in the proper position and select all the shapes. Once you are done. And just join them using the shape builder to say, you know, the shape builder tool is swiss army knife. He can do a lot of things with just drawing some circles and rectangles and the shape. You can change their direction of entire fish. Say here we have deflected this fish on. You can rotate it a bit higher direction. Say this fishes looking coerce, the top right corner of the art boot. And you can draw more shapes here, the ISO to fish and them out. You can add more components to your fish. You make it more appealing. Say where we want to draw a rectangle and we'll return the opacity to 10%. You draw a flat illustration here, where this reposition the rectangle in the way it will cover half of the fish on. Just change the color to black because we want the lower section of the fish to be dark when they just kinda opacity to 10% or around that size and position the shape accordingly. It must divide a fish in D2 equal half's missing metric. And when you're done, just select everything, the fish and the shape. And you say ship builder or and left click, you say move the lower part of the fish. So here we have this simple fish. Then just draw a simple circle for the eyes. You can take any gallery one. The black color looks good here with the white background. So now we want to create mulch for the fish and the mouth must be open. So in that case, the fish can eat something. And to look cool. So you can create mode with any shape, the circle, rectangle, or any other shape. But I think triangle would do better. So just go to polygon, single click on the screen and then provide three number for the side of the shape. So when you provide a three number, it will understand that it has to draw our triangle. Otherwise it will draw the polygon six-sided five side. And inside you provide here, I'll just place it accordingly to the location you want and then select everything and is removed using shape paler there. Similarly. Once you have completed your dry, just select your shape and right-click group. So this way, your shape will be combined together. 4. Sea wave for fish: Hi, welcome back, friend. And this practical exercise you'll look creating sea waves or the fish we created in the previous exercise. So just draw a rectangle here and draw an ellipse or a circle where the top side of the rectangle and place them accordingly. We need to draw wave-like motion or being like effect using the shapes here, just copy the same circle and just position it next to this previous circle. And you can do this again and again. Or you can just simply group these three circles together and the copy, the group circle and placed them next to each other over the horizontal line. Just please cam in the proper location you want. And we will cut the top half of the circle, or the complete circle using the shape we live too. So just select all the shapes here, the rectangle and circuits. And then go to the shape builder tool from the tools. On the left-hand side. Here. You need to just remove the power Daddy don't want. So just hold the ALT key and hover around with you. Left-click. Here we got simple waves, ocean waves. And you can change the color to make it more appealing. So here, our waves are pinpointed, so we need to draw one more rectangle here. You simplify them. Just cover a small segment, the top side, and select all the shapes. And you do the ship builder as you do previously. And when you reposition them and the desired location. Then this remove the part you don't bond. Will shape holder, just hold oil key and just press left mouse click around the shapes you don't want. The shapes has been removed. So now we can remove the stroke of the shape. Just make the selection to no color or no fill. So just reposition your shape and they retire location and you can stretch it a little bit. So it covers the lower part of the art book. It looks like it is a sea wave. In order to have some more waves, we can just duplicate the same waves. Please dam in their desire Location and select the second layer and turn the opacity. Do something between 50% are anything you want. So just, you can experiment with the SAT because there is no hardbound rule here. It depends on your project and whatever you feel like. You can stretch second wave a little bit when you, if you don't like the second way, you can remove it. When you have to export this illustration, core. Motion graphics animation tools such as aftereffects. These layers would be helpful. So when you are done with this, just place our fish over this sea wave to make it a complete drying. So here we have created a entire Ryan using the ship builder tool only. Just go to layers. And you can create a new layer for the waves. All the fish just turned the fish to the new layer on place it behind the sea. Because half part of the fish must we underwater, at least. They're just reposition your fish accordingly. You can also turn the opacity of fish, of the sea waves as really one. You can darken the shape, make it more transparent. Our opaque as much you want. So you can completely hide the fish behind the waves are partially high. It depends on your choice. So you can draw a lot of complicated shapes, the real live shapes, using the shape builder tool and a simple shapes. The tribe building your own solution. Urine are your own design, your own vector. Keep learning and keep moving ahead. 5. Sunflower: Hi, welcome back friend here in this practical exercise, you're learning how to draw some flowers with Illustrator using shape builder to say here we have created a circle. You can hold the Shift key while drawing the circle to make it a perfect circle. Otherwise it can't draw ellipse or any other shape. So then just copied the circle and place it after some distance to the original circuit and group them together and then rotate it. So here, just selling their degree, 30 degree. So this way we'll circle, you can rotate something around at it degree angle. So here. Then we grouped them together. We need to copy it and rotate it after 30 degree each. So here again, just copy the same thing. And then right-click go to transform. And roti also make it 30 degree from original. So this way, you can draw different circles symmetric to each other. So let's do some shortcut. So we have drawn six circles, just copy them, grouping them together. And then go to right-click transform, rotate. And when you cry 30 degree, it will just rotate 30 dB. So here we have three triangles. So we need to rotate it by 90 degree writing. So this way, we have drawn completely dwell circles without much effort. So just select all of them together and then go to shape builder tool and select all the shapes. You want to be part of this flower. So here we want all the shapes to be part of the flower. There we have selected everything. So now you can apply a color to this shape. Just select any color. So here we have yellow, just hold it and you can change to a lot of colors. You can also provide the hex code for the color. So now just draw a circle in the center of the sun forever. So we can draw the darker portion of the flower. And the brown color Center offers and flower. So just position it properly. And then again change the color. Here is add. Go to selection to. And here we have drawn a simple, some clever which JBuilder tools. You can reshape your flower. Change the stroke color. You can make it transparent. So once you are done drawing, you're clever. You can adjust the dimensions of each component. And now destined draw another forever. This position, this flower and the sidewards make it a bit, is small or big. This is a vector file so it won't change the dimensions when you scale up or down. Whereas raster images get diminished in quality. Here, just draw one more circle as we have done previously. But this time we will run flower with a different angle. So just group them together. These two circles separated by some distance. And here are just right-click, go to transform and rotate. This time we can take 45 degree angle. So just circus are separately. Then select all the four circuits, please them over each other. And then go to transform a rotate 45-degree. So here when you rotate by 45 degree, it will just copy one instance of Serbia. So we need to rotate it for 90 degree. A combination of them, say here we have drawn the shapes, it circles with very little effort to just draw one more big circle in the center. Here we want to combine all the circles using the shape builder tool to draw a different kind of flower. It will have more effect to the petals, individual patterns. So here we'll just select all the shapes you want using left-click coiled em together. So here we have one color. You can use the eyedropper tool to deselect the color from differentiate. Now, you can draw one big circle in the centre for this flower. And you can also use the eyedropper tool, again, this elliptic color from different flavor. So there, here we have learned, do different ways to draw flower Using the shape builder to similarly. And you can create different kinds of flavors, like growth is Madagascar's, and from complex flavors. Using the ship builder to try creating your own design. Keep learning and keep moving your head. 6. Tools- Rinch: Hi, welcome back friend. Here in this exercise, you will learn how to create a mechanical tools such as range, vitalist shooter. So let's draw a circuit that will be a part of this range. And then draw or rounded rectangle. And you can change the roundness of this rectangle by dragging the points towards the center of the sheep are towards the outward. So it will have more garnered surface is around next to just place them in the equal distance from the top and the bottom side of the circle. And when you are done in repositioning, then select these two shapes. And then go to the Shape Layer tool, holder, oil key, and remove the unwanted section of this shape. Just the position, the shape. After you are done and then duplicate it or you copy it. You draw one more sack. A mechanical range has two sides. Tighten the nails, and then even draw a rectangle to join them together. So you can change the roundness of any rectangle. Or you can draw our rounded rectangle by Iran and reposition the shapes accordingly. On. Once you are done, just go to the shape builder to join the issue. So if you want a one sided range, you can go with this or you can have bidirectional range. You can change the color of your range, as in whenever required. So when you are drawing multiple shapes on the art boot, you can make them smaller in size on put it somewhere else on the R group. You can also go to outside of the art world because I'd won't be a problem. So here we have duplicated the same rich. You can reflect it. Right-click and reflect. You have a proper range. It looks a little big and in a different direction, so you can rotate it by going to the corners, foiling the left key. You can adjust it. So then draw a rectangle joining these two powers of the range. And when you're done with this, just select all three shifts and use a ship builder tool to join them together. Hebrew literature is an amazing too. You can draw a lot of things by just this simple shape in Illustrator. Rank twos lack this feature. This is one of the two lat makes Adobe Illustrator and ending vector drawing too. So just draw the shapes together. And here it is arranged. You can similarly draw a screwdriver. And any editing. You can apply the pill to this newly created shape. How you can apply the Grady. Here we have used a dark shade of brown colour. It will look like our timber tools. Here we have drawn these two shapes. You can add some more detailing to these new tools. By adding a rounded rectangle. In the center of this range, you'll get emphasize some depth of multi-color options. You can also apply the flight illustrations or any other feature we want to try creating your own designs. You can also create a lot of vectors on, hosted on alert off platforms online. You can also use it in their various project for motion graphics, animations or any design project. Keep learning and keep moving ahead. You're learning more and becoming insiders. 7. Palm tree 1 leave: Hi, welcome back right here. In this exercise, you will learn how to draw big leaves of a palm tree. So let's say here just draw an ellipse, which is wider in the horizontal axis on inner and the vertical axis. So you can stretch it accordingly. And then we have to draw a polygon triangle. Actually Double-click on their artwork and type three in the sites. And we want to rotate this triangle, or you can stretch it after you have defined a sides of the triangle. Otherwise it will draw some different shape of the polygon. Could five sides, six side, seven sides, or we'll see this position, this triangle, where you want to place it here. Just place it in the center, and then duplicate this triangle by control c and control we copy and paste your triangles again and again. And this we just place them in the horizontal line. So this way we can create the curvy structure of the palm leaves. Just copy, Select the triangles, group them together, and then paste them over the line. So we don't want to just wasted time to creating one triangle after another. You can automate a lot of things in this way. So once you want to ungroup and the object, just go to right-click. The same way you have group objects together. You can ungroup them. You get each component selected differently. You just copy one more triangle here and paste it in this i location. So when you are done with drying the triangles and the ellipse, just select everything and go to a ship builder tool. You can do any adjustment if you want. And then meanwhile, and just hold the Alt key on. Just hover around the component segments. You don't want to be part of this palm leaf is start simple. You don't need to do a 3D selection at once. You can do it over time. That's not a problem. And once you have done some error, just hold the Control Prezi. This way, you can undo the last system. You can apply the fill colour are a stroke if you want, when you're done drawing. And in the next exercise, we will reattaching the sleeve. Do the palm creme, keep learning and keep moving ahead. 8. Palm tree 2: Hi, welcome back, friend. In the previous exercise, we have created the leaf of the palm tree. And here in this lesson, we'll be creating an entire palm tree with a tropical island. So let's do it. So just create the land for the tropical island. Draw an ellipse and provide the color of a sandy beach. The light tone of roundwood do here. Then grow a rectangular way to make it a perfect shape and only using the ship builder to remove the unwanted section of the gene. So just hold oil key and who around with your left key? Here we have the Island, Sandy Island. So now it's time to draw the branch of the palm tree. Then draw a circle. There are various ways of doing that. But you have noticed the palm trees are inclined. They are in the shape of crazy lag there. Let's make it a darker turn off. Well, and then just copy this same circle. Please. It at a little distance in the horizontal axis. Make it a thin bomb is temp. When you are done, just select these two circus. Go do the ship builder and remove unwanted section. Say here we want this kind of shape. It will be a palm tree. Just scale it down and you can send it backwards. So move the island toward the center of the screen. Reposition your branch called upon Cree. Right-click. Arrange S2 back, so the lower section of the tree won't be visible. Similarly, place your leaves, the palm leaves. Accordingly. You can rescale, and the palm leaves must be on the top of the tree. So your corner of the branch won't be visible. Or you can remove it by trying some sheep. Just copy the leaves on, change the rotation, the angle, and please multiple leaps over the tree. The same way you see various palm trees. You can also have different size of leaves on the branch. You can place them accordingly. Just copy them and place it in their desire location. Just have at least four to five leaves of the palm tree. The desired location. And once you are done, just group all the shapes together. Have one more leap. So it would be a better choice. There are palm tree is clearly visible days looking D same as simple, not very detailed, but everything is done using a simple shipbuilding too. So now reposition your objects on the screen. There just place the island little bit lower to a thirst. In that case, her tree appears longer than original. And you can also add some background here and just select the Rectangle tool over around the art boot. And this change color. Today's Sky is a lighter tone of this guy. And describe, click, arrange and send to back. This way you can have the sky, you can also add the clouds, sun, anything like that. But I don't like this thing. The white background is beautiful and we would be interested in creating a vector rather than a drawing. So then just group everything under treaty together and right-click copy it, placed it. And orange, you can reflected this right-click reflect in the vertical direction is this way. You can have two different palm crease of different shapes and direction, but they are similar. You just go to arrange and bring the island towards the front. So this way we have created a simple palm tree, the leaves. And then tropical island. You can use this kind of lector in a lot of animated movies or any kind of design. You can also create banners, logos out of these palm tree Island. 9. Fork and knife: Hi, welcome back friend. Here in this exercise you're learning how to create simple kitchen where to using Illustrator, Vishal builder. Till here we have created a rectangle with rounded corners. You can make it more round by dragging the corners towards the center of the rectangle. Air. We duplicate this same rectangle on, make it pin over the horizontal axis. It looks like a strip. And these are the components of folk. We are creating a force that depends on you, how much it strips you born for the fork. Say here, you can have three strips or forest chips. It will depend on your choice. And you can adjust some components accordingly. So here, just address the first rectangle and make it a little bit longer. Just drag it towards the center. And selector. All the shapes I you go to the ship builder will left-click, just select the area you want to be part of your shape. So here we have created a simple for a lower-end, mean, the front end. You grab some food. You can change the color of this object. Just add some golden brown color. Or a lighter shade of brown will be a good one. For. You. Just add one more rectangle for holding this fork and then select them using shape builder. Sarah, we have created a simple four and you can rotate it to suit your requirements. You can also use these vectors. And next year we'll be creating a knife. You can use these vector for any banners shape, for example, maybe over some time you may get a banner ad for a restaurant. So you can use this for is boon. Not mistakes are anything like date. Here. Just create an ellipse. For NIH. We have created an ellipse and applied a rectangle over half portion of this shape. And this remove the segment we don't want. And change the color of nags. Say here, we wanted a lighter shade of gray to Vidar, sharp edge of night. And then add one rectangle here in the bottom side and make it a little bit darker. We won't be joining these two parts of the night because they are in different colors. So once we join the shape, they will have a common color. Not every ship is required to be joined you to English builder. You can adjust the width of each component over time. And then once you are done reading the snack, just selling these component and group them together in order to rotate. Say, let's create a simple logo for our restaurant. Just readjust and NIH and for, and you can rotate accordingly. As you want. You can also add a spoon because to some people, nightmare look offensive. So you can have a pair of spoon and for editing and eatery object, try creating your own vectors with this. Keep learning and keep moving ahead. 10. Mechanical wheel gear: I will come back right here in this exercise, you're learning how to create a mechanical wheel using shape builder to suggest, select the polygon, double-click on the output and just define the size here I will recruiting an octagon. So just provide eight sites. Just readjust the size of the software when it must be equal in size. You can hold down the Shift key while expanding U-shape. You have uniformity. So now draw granules. We want long triangles, pin triangle. There must be more than the radius of this polygon. Is please it over the polygon outward direction from the center. We want similar triangles, just duplicated triangular. And right-click transform reflect. We need to reflect it over the horizontal line. This way we got two triangles and just put, shun them properly. It looks like a compass, but we will be removing some shapes. Just select these two triangles and group them together. Right-click group. And now just copy the triangles and rotate it by 45-degree. Just right-click arrange, transform. And rotate is provided a 45-degree and hit OK. So here we have created a triangles at discovering all the edges of the polygon. Drawing the shape net has symetric site. So similarly just apply the same effect multiple types. Here we will be requiring IT triangles covering all the vertices of the polygon. So this is our shape. And then select everything in the art world, the polygon and the triangle, and go to shape winter to removing some components that we don't require. Actually. Either you can remove the party you don't require, or you can go to select the parts that you need. So we have selected the inner part and then hold oil key and hover around with your left. Click on the mouse to remove the companies that we don't mean. There will be removing the outer sides of the triangle, as well as the Center. We are left with in good shape. And there are some selections that you won't see with a non-religious solution. So you can always zoom in and select the components that you want to delete. The just place the control. I can zoom in the art books and then simply remove the section you don't want. Sometimes it will be a tiny selection. So we'll just zoom in these older triangles. What differentiates net has been created over the intersection of multiple segments. You can remove the shape or you can leave your m. Thus, we want the complete transparency. Just go to Selection Tool and apply any fill the shape. Lighter shade of gray would work here. But it is a mechanical component. Must we library, just place a circle here towards the center and provide any color here. You can also apply shape builder with the circle and remove the center part to create a transparent vector. Or you, when you are creating an image, you can simply apply some circle over there. So we have removed Aigner section. There's not a problem. So this is a simple mechanical wheel. In a similar way, you can create all the mechanical objects and anything you want with greater keep learning, keep moving ahead. And we created.