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Learn Salesforce1 with Realtime Project

Prateek S., Cloud Computing and Big Data Consultant

Learn Salesforce1 with Realtime Project

Prateek S., Cloud Computing and Big Data Consultant

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22 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Salesforce1 Quick Start Wizard

    • 3. Enable Disable Access in Mobile Browser

    • 4. Enabling or Disabling Notifications

    • 5. Navigation Menu Items

    • 6. Navigation Menu Important Considerations

    • 7. Salesforce1 Offline

    • 8. Actions

    • 9. Action Hands On

    • 10. Predefined Feild Value in Actions

    • 11. Salesforce1 Branding

    • 12. Flows and Lightning

    • 13. Flow Designer

    • 14. Designing the First Screen

    • 15. Inserting Record and Getting Id back in Flow

    • 16. Fast lookup in Visual Workflow

    • 17. Send Email to Support team

    • 18. Capture Fault Message and Send Email

    • 19. Testing the Application as End User

    • 20. Activating the Flow

    • 21. Embedding Flow in VF Page

    • 22. Lightning App Builder and Using the App in Salesforce1

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About This Class


Salesforce1 is a unifying, mobile-ready, API-enabled wrapper (10x more APIs for your development pleasure!!) around everything Salesforce.com offers. Salesforce believes that that every new feature must be designed for mobile first (responsive design, features based upon device) and have an API for developers.

Mobile has become the new normal for staying connected in both our personal and professional lives. More and more, we’re living our lives connected to the Internet, but instead of sitting at a desk, we’re connecting on planes, in cabs, in between meetings, in hotels, or even in line for coffee. We follow friends, update status feeds, research local businesses, collaborate with colleagues, email suppliers, and much more—all tasks increasingly performed on the go.

And at the same time, every company is working harder and faster to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. The successful businesses of the future must embrace this mobile-first world and the freedom this mobility provides to get things done, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing.

Salesforce1 solves the problems of lagging innovation and a lack of mobile specialists with a revolutionary approach to app development for the social and mobile-first world. Salesforce1 delivers breakthrough productivity for all users because it puts the customer—employees, partners, consumers, and devices—at the center of everything.
The result is a fast, connected mobile solution with the potential to be as disruptive as Software as a Service.

This course also covers building a Realtime Application using Flow and Lightning App Builder. Everything is explained Step by Step in great Detail. Take the course and start building your future Today.

Meet Your Teacher

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Prateek S.

Cloud Computing and Big Data Consultant


I am a Video instructor at Skillshare. Cloud Computing certified Developer, Consultant and Trainer with more than 6 years of Industry Experience. I have served various Industry verticals having good experience in Splunk, Salesforce, Web Development, Graphic Designing and Object Oriented Programming as well. I have been working on various Adobe products such as Adobe Illustrator, In design , After Effects etc since my school days. I have implemented more than 20 end to end Salesforce projects till date.

I have created these courses keeping in mind simplicity while ensuring to cover some advanced and rare Topics. Hope it would add value to your Life, All the Best :)

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1. Introduction: Hello Friends are welcome to learning Salesforce one now with Salesforce one is a mobile app OK Abi Mobile App We can understand that something which we use on a mobile So salesforce one mobile app What it helps if it helps you to access your salesforce are through your mobile in the time off Rapidly changing things Everyone wants to go ahead with another on That's why we need speed We need new technology We need new innovations now Senior managers, Vice president, senior executives They cannot be always sitting in front off their laptop accessing salesforce so they need need to take quick business decisions They need toe take quick approvals and all so far that the Salesforce mobile app for your senior difficulty of our your fear stuff which is always in the field which is always on the sales start the marketing stuff which is always on the go going to meet new people that this sales 4th 1 mobile app becomes very handy for those people now this is earlier We also have our Lear something known as chatter mobile so which has been now converted into sales for one with lots and lots and lots off more capabilities There on. We will see all those things in the couple of next couple of videos in the course. Okay, so what says those one does? It allows you to access your business from your mobile. Okay. On you as an admin or developer, you can deploy APS to every employ with just one click. Okay, so first of all, why salesforce one? Why should be using Salesforce one or why salesforce taught day. They need often mobile app. The salesforce one mobile labs are mobile containers. Basically, that enable you to experience all of the salesforce app cloud platform on any mobile device . So it will be very good for you if you can access the complete sales for us on your mobile itself. Okay, so it brings together a lot of things that shatter the CRM the business logic and connects all the data together so that you are able to take informed decision. You have all the data handy with you whenever you need. Okay? It's fully customizable. Allowing you took externally even your custom maps to mobile using tools that are already there in salesforce that you already family of it. So you don't have to have some extra knowledgeable person, so within the platform itself, you can do all those stuff. Now there's some more things about Salesforce. One. Your user can access custom objects custom maps through the navigation menu, which is provided in the mobile app on you can take the want ages off custom actions to complete the key task all from their mobile device itself. Okay, so they can access customer list to use. Receive notifications for post on if somebody wants to give some approval so they can receive notification there for that, that approval is spending from your and you need to approve or reject is all. They can create customer on their lot off pretty defined apse, which are there in the APP exchange, which people can also installed and has the capabilities off their salesforce. One more by lamps like we have a question for the cloud platform when we can get be defined , pretty customized, pre constructed APS for your cloud. Similarly, we have APS on the application for the mobile as well. The mobile ready the mobile in a burlap. Now, how to get salesforce one. It's very simple. You can get it in different ways. One is to use on your mobile on the best part about Salesforce one mobile app that it could even be access from the browser beat from the computer desktop browser or beat from your mobile browser as well. So not only you can use sales 4th 1 mobile app as an application installed on a computer on your mobile. But also you can go to your browser and you can access yourself 4th 1 more by life. From there, you can download it from APP store or Google play or in the browser you can run as well on the supporter Mobile browsers, where you don't need to install anything. So there are some system requirements. So, like any application, it also has system requirement. So the other Correnti latest requirement in the First Column is operating system. And what versions does Salesforce one support right now? So it should be Android 4.4 or later, RUS 9.2 or later, Windows 10 mobile browser app only, and Windows 8.1 Mobile browser tab. Windows 10 Windows 8.1 means if you are accessing windows or from your computer, so far there. You need your mobile browser. The basically there's not an application for Windows phone which will be used for that maximum capacity. So for Windows, it's back to the commander that he used from your mobile. But but for Android and IOS, you can download the app from APP Store or Google play and use their okay, so here are the browsers that's can be used. What is that? Basically, if you have the latest mobile latest technology than you, no need to worry about anything here. So there's some day to day task when you're taking the course. He should be confused that what should would be my role. See, I told you the Salesforce one is for any user, for business person, for senior executive, but taking a course at an admin, All the developer. So what is for you in the course? What is your day to day tasks or what you will be doing on salesforce? One at the Salesforce admin. So you can define the users who can access Salesforce one. This is which you will control from your Salesforce cloud platform. This powers you will have which user toe give access to salesforce well. Help keep still 4th 1 users aware off important salesforce activities by enabling in app on push notification. I told you about the notification that notification about task notification about the various approval process so that it can also be controlled by you. Allow the sale 4th 1 down, double APS toe automatically cash frequently access basically to speed up the process. Okay, so like in a browser as well, we have cookies. We have cash. So browser stores the data about the websites which you was it frequently so that this option is turned on by before. But you can control by turning it off and all OK, so customized the option. The menu, the tap, the bar, the navigation manual. You can customize that you can customize how Dr Pierce and Salesforce on make it easy and efficient work in the field by creating actions that are tailored to your specific business activities and the use cases. Basically, even cuts customize Salesforce one. So because every organization has their own different requirement, every organization have their different well functioning. Even two different organization working in the same field might have the French set of requirements they might have different set of policies so that can be customized. Asked for the individual business requirement, you can customize the look and feel of sales 4th 1 to match it with your company Brandy. So they a lot of things which you can do other salesforce admin in your salesforce mobile app on We will see all these things in the course in the coming videos. So stay tuned, have a great they have a great life. Take care Bye bye. All the best. 2. Salesforce1 Quick Start Wizard: once you log in to your sales force are now the first thing which usually do is click on set up If you do not come to this cream. Okay, now on the left hand side, you will see salesforce one quick start Now, Once you click on Salesforce one quick start, it will open the sales 4th 1 with art for you. The Salesforce one Bizarre provides an easy way to complete the essential set up a task for Salesforce one. It is the ideal tool. Quickly get your users started in Salesforce one. It provides a visual tour off salesforce to one's key point on click settings, which enables you to configure these options that apply to all the users in your organization. Task like specify which items appear in the navigation menu. Organized global actions create a custom compact layout for compact contact. Sorry, so this Willard gets you started from the basic set of tasks for Salesforce one. But there's lot more customization, which can be done in Salesforce one. So just to have the initial steps, which you can perform easily, this sales 4th 1 feature is there. Okay, so this clicking on the salesforce one will open a bizarre for you by clicking various here and there. So it a click kind of thing when you can click. Okay, So other told you there are a lot of more customization which you can do to enhance your user salesforce One experience. So if you are new to salesforce one are if you haven't done much customization are configuration for salesforce of one any organization I would recommend that you first go through this without although you conveniently goto the salesforce one setting as well. If I find Salesforce one here so you will see sales was one settings notification, navigation All kind of things are here But if in case you have not done anything are not much with the salesforce one, it's always better to start with Salesforce one quick start here. Okay, so after you have finished with the dark, you will be automatically re directed Toyota Salesforce One quick set of page which provides easy access to salesforce One set of pages and documentation four settings that are configured on a single page. The quick start paid includes direct link to those pages in cases where the settings are available or more people pages and set up. You will find various link here and therefore that. Okay, so let's click on Salesforce one without and do some settings when I use it. Defined with you just can access which APS? Because there are lot of connected APS as well security settings and all that can be defined using this quick start without as well, like the download, downloadable abs and all. So let's click on Salesforce one quick start. So here we have launch Quick start without I click on this launch could start with her initially it will take some time to load because I'm opening. This is the new art which I have signed into Okay, so it gives you something about the cook. Start with that here This wizard walks you through the basics set up off the salesforce One mobile app Let's click on Let's get Started Customizer Navigation menu. Okay, so what? All thing? You want to be every label to the users, you can drag and drop them here. Alexei, you want report so reports can come here. Approvals approvals can come here on task users can perform their task, get their tossed notification dashboard if reported there are you can have this today App as well. Let's click on this. Okay, so these could be available items. So by using clicking on these lines, their user will be or ableto open the navigation menu. Click on saving next. Okay, now we have global actions. Global action. Give users quick access to sales. Fourth function. So we'll click on a range global action now. Okay, so these are some of the available items which already there dealers selected global actions. Let's say I want a new lead, the usable of able to create a new lead, the user should be able to log a call can create a new task. New contact, new opportunity. If lexie leaders being converter than you, there should be ableto create a new opportunity or maybe wants to upload the act on file the new file there. Let's also click on new contact. Click on seven. Next. Okay. I know this is the compact layout. This is basically for ah, the key. Feel the major the most important feel of any record, which is by the fall There on the layer. This is the compactly out. Okay, So like, if you on this. Ah, feeling of content. Unfortunately, owner close data partially name and all, So create compactly. Now what else you want to be of level in the compactly out for contact first. Let's see you want the name was so to be a level account name, email, More bill. Okay, click on seven. Next. So this set of force. Therefore, we can review what all we have done. Navigation menu, global actions and contact compact. Leo, click on next. Now you can send invitation. Leslie, consent to all the user. If you want to send to a particular user, you can specify their email. I d here. It will start typing something here so it will automatically give you the user name in that rob down. So I haven't user by the name test user. Once I type intestine automatically gives me an option to send the email to test user. Okay. If you want to send toil usually can use this check box. Your salesforce administrator has set up the salesforce on mobile app for organization. Quiet out and give you administer to feedback. Click on send your invitation are on the way. So user have been notified that sells for one has been set apart of them. OK, but these were primarily tree four steps which we were able toe for form within a few seconds. You don't need to go here and there never get to various settings. That's why this quick start without has been provided by Salesforce, where we can set up our global action, our menu items our compactly out and all. Okay. 3. Enable Disable Access in Mobile Browser: in the previous video by using quick start with that we have done some settings on modification to our sense was one app, so that modification were basically for Salesforce. One app Now, as I told you in the previous video, the Salesforce one mobile app will be used from the browser as well from the mobile browser as well, but that browsers should be supported in the supporter device, which we went through in the previous video. You can control whether users can access the sales 4th 1 mobile browser app when they log into salesforce from a supported mobile browser. By the fourth, the mobile browser app is turned on for your organization. But if you want to disable it, okay for that. But you can do can go here on Sarge for Salesforce one settings If I clicked, find Salesforce one He will see sales 4th 1 settings Click on this On here you see mobile browser app settings So the mobile browser has body for being turned on for all the users. If you want, you can disable this so that your user will be able to sail forth one only from the application, not from the mobile browser. Okay, so by the foil it is turned on. If you want turn it off, you can uncheck it and click on save. Okay, So when this option is turned on, users who log into sales forth from a supporter mobile browser are automatically director Gouda. Standard Salesforce. One interface. OK, but if the user logs and from an unsupportive mobile browser if it tries to log into app from unsupportive mobile browser, it actually lords that salesforce plastic full site. It automatically redirects him through the Salesforce Classic site like this one will not give him the look and feel of the mobile browser lab, even though the option is selected, even though if the option is selected. But the mobile browser is not supported by Salesforce on a user wars to access mobile app, so the mobile browser than he will be the director toe this classic site. Okay, so use off. But there's one thing we need to nor that use off. The Salesforce Classic full site in a mobile browser is not supported, okay, so when while you can disable the Salesforce one mobile browser app for your organization on individual users can turn off the mobile browser are for themselves Regular use off the full side Mobile into the mobile. Brian is not recommended. Salesforce always recommend that the user surely used the mobile app from their mobile. Okay, they shall not means they can log in to the classic cited from the UN supported mobile browser. But the user world experience problems Okay on also I need to add one thing here. It is not possible to access the new Lightning Expo. Be Reince full site from any off the mobile browser. Okay, from any off the mobile about the beach. Supported or not, it is not possible to access the lightning experience full side. Okay, so if it's unsupported mobile, it will go to classic side effects are supported moment. The user will see the interface off the mobile app. But if you want to access the lightning experience, it is not supported by any mobile browser 4. Enabling or Disabling Notifications: Now let's talk about enabling our disabling notification. There are family to type of notification in APP, notifications and push notification. So push notification means that even though the user is not using the salesforce one more by app, but the user has got in store sales force one mobile app. It will receive a message, a notification on the mobile in APP. Notification can only be seen while the user is using the Salesforce one mobile app, so there will be a symbol off a bell. But looking on that you can see the 20 most recent notification. Okay, so notification. Basically, we can understand by the name. Let's your users know when certain events our current sales fourth, for example, notification let you just know when they received their approval request or when someone mentions their name in the chatter. Okay, like in the twitter. If someone to each to ur uses your name in the Twitter message, you receive a notification on. You can enable or disable this notification under salesforce one notification settings. So if I click on salesforce, one pair on the notification under mobile administration notification, we have sales for through one notification when you can enable or disable in app and push notification. Interpret notification. Keep users aware off relevant activity while they are using salesforce. One. If salesforce communities is enabled for your organization user. See notification from all of the communities they are member off to help users easily identify which community are notification came from. The community name is also listed after that Times temp Second enable push up. So push notification our alert that appear on a mobile device that I told you before. If they have in store sales force want but they are not using the salesforce one. Even then, they can deceive. Push notification. These kind of alerts can consist off text icons and sound depending on that device type. If you will enable push notification for your organization. User can even choose individually whether to receive a push. Notification on their devices are not. They couldn't do those settings locally. Okay, so but family, when we talk about sales for for the user, they could be primarily to three kind of mortification. One is if you have a sign that passed to someone so that users should receive a notification on one of the very important notification is the approval approval process. If user warns Toe have approval from his manager for something so that approval should not be kept pending for long because the business will suffer. Because of that, these notification become very crucial so users can receive approval requests as notification on salesforce. One on can access them by tapping the bell symbol are from the approval quest. Item going toe that navigation menu. But there are some Give it which apply toe How? Approval Notification. Working sales 4th 1 Okay, so when you enable notification and salesforce, someone always keep in mind. That approved was, uh, may also view the fears off that record with news to be approved. So ensure that while setting the approval process, select only the field necessary for the user to decide whether to approve or reject the record. It is not good practice toe letter the your manager screenful lot with lot off fees if our record needs to be sent to approval based on the value off our currency, feel so by standing that currency fears with the approval requested more than enough, don't go ahead and add more by laying phone and all those stuff OK, which are not required for the approval approval on only wants to check some background off the account and the value for which approval as required. One thing you should keep in mind that salesforce one notification for approval request are not sent to accuse. Okay for each approval step which requires a que it is always recommended. Add individual users at assigned approve er's so actually east, those individuals can receive the approval request notification in salesforce one. Now toe have both Hughes on individual users as assigned. Approve er's select automatically assigned to approve Worse. Instead, off automatically assigned Tokyu in the approval step. I repeat toe have both cuse on individual users as assigned approve. ER's Select, automatically assigned to approve ER's instead off automatically assigned Tokyu in the approval step because Salesforce one notification for approval request are not sent to the queues all with ensure that you assign approval instead off Hughes Okay. And also individual users can opt in our opt out off approval request in notification In both the email I D and Salesforce one. Why they receive approval request email you that feel okay so that these things are very important to be kept in mind because approval process becomes very crucial. It is day in, day out process off every sale, fourth implementation. So all of it ensure that you take care of these points on went to enable app notification when to enable push notification what all feels too including approval process usually be careful about. 5. Navigation Menu Items: When your users are using salesforce one app, it becomes your responsibility to provide them the best to user experience because you need to increase the user adoption for sales with open as well. No, the navigation that by clicking on which how can they confuse toe? There are desired location. That is our election. They want to perform that navigation has to be designed by you. Like if I had come to my set up, I'm on my home tab. If I have to go to my custom object, I need to go click on set up Click on set Appear now Then I will go to my period object that this was a complete navigation. These navigation is your responsibility. What all features are of level So the user what all items are available to the user. So in mobile lab, they the triple line whole gentle people line on which users can click which brings out the menu on. By clicking on that, you can never get through various crawl down and up through various option Okay, So depending on how your organization is configured on what your users have access to, they might see, some are all off the items as discussed. OK, but these are various menu items which will will see now on depending upon how your organization How are your sales force? Torque has been configured. Your users might feed some off them are all off them. First is the approval request. This displays a list off the users Pending approvals user can happen. Approval item and approval directed from Salesforce Who won? Okay, so it is level within the salesforce. One downloadable app Then we have CanWest saps. It appears for organizations that have enabled a canvas app to appear in the sale sold worth one navigation menu. Okay, so the organizing which have enabled only for them this works then we have checker so that users main feed up years for organization that have chattel enables. If you're chattering enable the user will be able to see his other means feet main fear Then we have dashboard So it also depends on the availability, off addition and user permissions. Okay, so if you don't add this item in the navigation menu, dashboards are automatically included in the set of smart search item instead. Okay, Aren't in the reason with intersection as well, you events. So events owned by the user that the user created for him or herself on that the user or users group was invited to Okay, those events are available for that. You were there then. Forecaster There. But for forecast You need to Ah, make sure one thing. Your organization must have collaborated. Forecast enable If you're you are our uses Customizable forecast. The forecast item isn't available. Toe Acto the navigation menu. Then we have groups again for the organization that have chatter enabled on If you do not enable it, it is by before they're in the smart search items. Then we have lightning component taps on Lee. Custom lightning components that have a tab that are linked to a lightning component tab associated with them can appear in the navigation menu off sales 4th 1 mobile app the lighting up pages The custom application pages which to design for those are available news . Okay, inside about accounts contact chile. The portrait in all these are their north. If you do not add them to the navigation menu again, they are included. Autumn article in the set of smart search items and also in the recent section. Most floor interviews display the list of flow interviews that the user paused in the floor . We have interviews. So an interview, the learning instance of a floor. Okay, so you can tap on interview. And the more diluted within sales pours one people again people which have charter a neighborhood if you will not enable it biding forward, it will be there in the smart service items reports again like dash boarded. The availability depends on addition and user permission. If you don't add this, it is automatically included in the set off mark search items. That's mark searched items. We have been talking a lot about this in the previous couple off light. So this actually act standard and custom salesforce object to the recent sexual in the menu . This item also acts a set off the users in the essentially accessed objects to the smart thirds item. Okay, some more item. You can access all the objects they have permission to use on that are supported in salesforce one if you don't include this item in the navigation menu, user can't access any objects on the navigation money because the need smart starts items to sell through various objects. Okay, then. Today this is the 1st 1 app the connected apse, which we have spoken about him and all the previous videos for. This is an app that helps users plan for and manage their day by integrating mobile collender event with Associated sales, Fourth task account and contact Booker. So the calendar events off their mobile. They can integrate with that with the salesforce one task accountant contact. Okay, so this app also allows users to instantly join conference calls quickly log north about events and more. The visual four space stuff we all know when were designed visual fourth pages. We can create a time for them to those traps of level for so forth. Mobile app. Okay, so these were some of the items based on the configuration. As I told you before off yourself fourth or to someone, almost all of them will be of level for yourself. 4th 1 users 6. Navigation Menu Important Considerations: Let's talk a bit more about navigation man, You have a told you in the previous video. Having a smooth navigation menu will also enhance user adoption for the sales for mobile app I once the click on navigation menu here, these are level items. These are the selected items. Now the first item in the selected list becomes your users Sales 4th 1 landing page. Okay, for whatever first item you will select that will become yourself. 4th 1 users landing page No. One more point. You need to note here that you cannot set different navigation Manu configuration for different users. Okay, so for all type off users, you have to start the same My new configuration you can see here under Salesforce one navigation. We do not have different menu items. We do not have an option to configure menu items based on roll profile. Anything else? This is one menu item for all type of users. Okay, So when organizing the menu items, put the items that users will use most at the top. Ok, always ensured the move to use menu items should be put at the top are also as we discussed in one of the previous videos that a ritual fourth pages lightning pages are lighting components in the sales force to one navigation menu can only be included. If you have created taps for them on, you can easily career taps by going to create tab here. Goodyear. You can create staff for all those elements. Anything represented by our tab in sales for such a standard custom object visual fourth pages checker Feed People Groups is visible to the user in the Salesforce one menu based on the user's profile setting as well. Because in Provo, while off the user we can hide our weaken, we can have various kinds off current second, create, read, update delete. So those taps, first of all, to have those accessible to Salesforce 20 users you. This will be our link to a tab on that path can be of level to the sales force users based on their profile settings. Okay, for example, let's say a user is assigned to a profile that has account Tab didn't want any custom object cabbage, and it's sector it evident so that user won't see the group IR that tap in the Salesforce one. Even though the administrator will include that in the manual item. So even though you if you will include that in the menu item, the user will not be able to see that because the profile that tab has been set to hit it. So the profile the security settings will always override your ah, navigation, my new configuration stuff. Okay. So always ensure that mainly to three points which usually take note off that the top I can become the user homepage. Most use items will be put at the top on visual four pages. Lightning Peterson all they should be created as taps first that only people will be able to see that like, uh, list to be used, which are shown only on object Homepages are not in the navigation menu. Okay, so the that few few things which you should always consider while implementing the navigation menu items for your user 7. Salesforce1 Offline: next thing which I want to discuss is that the Salesforce one mobile also has the capability to be able to work off line. Even though the mobile do not have a data connection, the sales 4th 1 can still work by the Kayce functionality. Okay, the cashier functionality is there. But before that, let me also emphasized on one more thing that because the force one is using a mobile. So whenever you're setting your page layout or your action painting the out be your local action or your global actions for all those layout, please ensure that you have minimal set off fears which are only required for the user. There's no point in cluttering the user interface like if you are enabling contact so you do not need toe show the feel mobile All sorry, mobile phone and email because doctors already accessible through the mobile phone I can and the email icon there in the fields for mobile app. So you do not meet toe explicitly show the outfield in the mobile page layout. You can always hide them. Okay, so now let's come back to the topic. So in sales 1st 1 even though the sales for Mobile do not have access to the Internet. Still, we can work off line and also to speed up the process that Salesforce one has given toe cash the previous data on previous actions. Which user has been formed for that I will go to sell for one cash in setting sail which is under sales 4th 1 offline. Okay, When I click on Salesforce one off line so enable catching and sales 4th 1 enable offline create and it and believe in failed 4th 1 Okay, so it lets the user create and edit and delete records even when they are off line. So let's say of user has performed some tough so that cars got stored in the local Casey. And tomorrow if the user does not have data, you can still perform the talk. Okay, so when we talk about the fishing lets a user opens, the 1st 1 mobile app unlocks inside. The salesforce are, and then it does not log out OK, He quickly migrate to another application. But that app is still running in the background. The session is still maintain. Okay, So only when I user logs and looks out off the app then only the user session gets ended. Okay, One more thing is there. If in Salesforce Mobile app lets a user logs in on, he has not performed and it does so immediately after locks in that device goes off line. So there's nothing there in the cash. Cash is empty, but ah user can quickly. If the user knows that I'm in a location where there are data issues where there the Internet issue. The user can quickly populate the cash without defying. Set off more to the essentially access to record. So whatever required for you access in the past which are in the recent items. So those records he can convert them into a cash into the local data by from the Salesforce one navigation Manu itself by going to settings offline. Casey on day the option cash in now. Okay. Just user can do that from the mobile app as well. It's all is this interactivity. Recent objects which have been accessed will be our day to the cash Only the action performed Our attitude occasion just by looking inside fields was when mobile app does not add anything to the cash You okay? so because everything is same like you work on salesforce normally on the platform. Similarly, you have to work. It's just that salesforce who have provided a mobile lab by the name Salesforce one through by which you can access your sales force on the mobile also. But we need to understand our laptops tree in big mobile spinning, small soar. Let's give the user the best interface we can so that it becomes about the user feels comfortable using it on. Things are easier for them because mobile is created toe help the user not toe obstructing from its functioning. Okay, so always keep in mind that whenever you are implementing something for the salesforce on Marbella, the look and feel, the data picture displaying so all these things are very important. 8. Actions: you can also enable actions in yourself. 4th 1 mobile. Both object specific actions as well as global actions could be there in the salesforce one mobile app. So but the only difference between the object specific action on global action is that the object specific action legs user quickly creator Update record Law Call. Certainly militant more in the context off a particular object. For example, let's say create object specific action on account that creates a contact. So if I user goes ahead and access an accountant from that account user goes ahead and perform that action than that contact will get automatically link to a dart account. While if a create object action Global action has been created, then that in that case that contact will not get linked to any account. Now you can add global actions to any page that supports action not only the object bid, but the home piece, the total tab as well. Okay, so there's some type of quick actions. Beat Objects Pacific are global like create longer call questions Action, which enables user to ask and search for question about the D cards that they're working with. Send email this is only available on cases. This gives user access to simply fire version off the kids feed email action on Salesforce one. Then we have update protection as well. That lets user making just worry card. So let's see an account. If I want to create action account, so what? I will go. I will go to customize account on the air. I are but a lengthen action. Not this will be object specific action. Here I can click on new action on theater Ricard contacts if I specify and create this action. So whenever the user will create a contact that will get link toe that particular account, you can specify your own label and name to it. Similarly, even create global action for that. You can search for global action here. So the global action is that they're accessible globally while the local action of specific to that object. But global action can be anywhere on the one on the home page as well. Okay, The charter have as well Okay, so these are these actions are basically very helpful in the case. Off urgency. Let's say your user is sitting at your client office and inclined, says that your previous consignment hard these things missing on. Now you know that you have these things of level in your invent me so you can quickly send an email, do you? Someone all you can quickly, longer call and you can quickly get those things delivered. Two year blind. Okay? No. Whenever you are implementing Excel actions for yourself forced one mobile app, you need to follow particular steps to setting up action. First of all, creating a global our object specific action will be a first step. You will always do that then, as I told you in the previous off video as well that the user is using that on a mobile, so always customize the action layout. Choosing the field which user wash will see and use only does well. Let's say if you have created an object specific action added to one or more of the objects piddly out on. If you have created a global action than added toe, the global publisher Leo on, always try to set pre defined well used for required fields wherever possible, So go for it to make it convenient for the user 9. Action Hands On: Let's first talk about objects. Specific actions. Let's say if you want to give you user the capability to create a case when they are the client side, then and there so we can have an action to clear the kids. Let's say for an example, we want to give ourselves strip on ability to create a case on any account so far that what we're Louisville boaters set up that under customized will goto account on then on Britain length and actions Here we'll click on new action for action type. You will select clear the record for target object will be kiss now for the standard label . Either you can use the pre defined values or you can specify your own leg. Several. Give it idiot up, kids. No, this is a unique name, Toby exist by the development the A P A name is the same name which automatically gets created when we are creating our custom feel as well our custom object. We see that on a p A name by double underscore Segers created automatically. Okay, Now you can click on see so it automatically takes you to the page layout off that creator case Actually, if you want to add or remove any feel, you can do it now. Or even you can do this later as well. No, let's say you have given this capability to your sales team, so we need to add it there page layout to ensure that our action is there on. Also, we have set the correct order. So what we will do? Well, now Goto page layout here on Let's say, for the sales team will click on edit Now, Once you click on, add it, you will see actions is this section are pretty defined by sales force. So they a lot of global an object specific action which are already created and not redefined by sales fall. But we need to override them because we need to ensure that the election is there on that. That action is incorrect sequence. So we will click on overwrite the pre defined actions here once you override the plea Defiant action. You see new cases already there? Okay, so what we need to do we need to remove this new kids from here on. We want our creator case action. Toby of label Here are, since this is very important for us, so we will always keep it on the number one priority at the first level For asked for the sequence, the user will be able to perform this action. So always ensure that you remove unnecessary action which are not needed by your user on put in the correct sequence. As for the importance on priority offer particular act now you can go out and save your paid Leo for by clicking save here. Similarly, you can create global actions as well. How we can do that here we have global action. Those can be used on the publisher layout. So either you can create your own custom new publishing lee out or you can get this global layout. I'm you can change the actions and everything here on global action complicated from here This is a new action. The only thing the princes of the act of what can be accessed from here we're like object specific action. You will see all the fears and everything else seem. The only difference is that global action could be used on the home page as well. On the charter feed as well. Similar took similarly to customize the action Lee out of the told before that Under account, If I go back to button links and actions are we have created a kids here. We have the layout. So if you want, you can customize the field, which you have a label on. Creator, give Leo. Okay. We'd only required required read only. So you can do all those seconds there to consider the field level security also from here. 10. Predefined Feild Value in Actions: I told you in one off the previous read eel start Usual. Always pre defined. Well used wherever you can in your action. Okay. It's always a good practice. Now. In the previous video, we created a action accounts if you go two butter links and actions and if I go to lay out off creator case here, he will see status is are required feeling on the apparently out. Okay, if you will do this on if that God needs toe, create an action. You see, these fields aren't on this layout but must have a value to save successfully. Okay, if you remove this feel from apparently out and then when that guy will be creating a case , he will not be able to save the record because the mandatory feel will be missing. Okay, so let's bring the started feel right now for the time being Back to the pit and click on Quick City. Now again, this time click on the name off. Your action are below. You will see pre defined feel values Here click on New No! From here Search for status. Click. See? It's saving like call. So what we will do We will pre defined the status by a specific value. Every case, while it is being long, has to be new. So we click on new click save now. If you want, you can easily go at and remove the status feel from a layout. This time you will not have any issue because you have pretty defiance. Every case which will be logged have the status as new, even though the feeling not there on the page. Really Okay. 11. Salesforce1 Branding: as I told you in one off the previous video, You can also customize branding off your salesforce. One app to match your company website. Okay, on that can be easily done here from sales Force one grinding. But there's some limitations. You can only customize your brand color your landing page color on your landing page logo on whatever image you upload as your logo that get stored in your documents Folder in your document tab named as Salesforce. One branding resource is so please ensure that the document object is in a better for your organization so that only after that you will be able to use that. Okay, another told you. Brand color on brand lending, taste, color and landing page logo And how do we do that? Sales 4th 1 blinding under field 4th 1 So here you can you with your brand color by going toe This Ah, this color palette here, or you can specify own color on if you want to use any image as your logo so you can use that computer file from browse here. A missile exceeds maximum dimension. It's okay. No issues. Ah, they the maxim side off 200 kb and 4 60 by 5 60 pictures, which you can use on as you use this image. This image will be automatically stored in your document under folder Name Salesforce one branding this source of okay. Are you can also customize the branding for the sales 4th 1 app. Logging paid. But for that, you're my domain must be enabled. Okay, so these are small, small things you need to consider before deploying your mobile are for the users. Okay. So always ensure that whatever you do, you need to ensure on keep in mind that that application will be access from a mobile. All right, eso try to maintain the interferes for the user because that user who should, who will be using that application that you think should find it comfortable. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult for any new thing which you try to implement in your organization for the user adoption, Toby. Good for that particular thing. So we should always make Are you this comfortable for that? 12. Flows and Lightning: now let's move forward. Since now we have basic understanding about Salesforce. One mobile app. We will try and build our real time application for Salesforce one hands on, step by step. So what we will do, we will use which will work. Floors and lightning are builder toe Build that application so that we also gain knowledge about visual floors and lighting are billed as well. Okay, so first of all, let's understand what a flu is If I search for flow under create work for the approval is flows. The floors are basically there. Tom, at visual work flows lets you easily build and manage floors which guide users through screens that collecting display information Create an update fields for the card on execute logic based on user input. Okay, so it's a very simple drag and drop user interface which you need to activate, manage and maintain them. Okay, so we will use floor as well s lightning a breeder. So we will in the coming videos, we learn about floor what in lighting our builder. How to launch floor, but other various with how could expose our flows. Whoever you have paid usual fourth page and how to publish it on mobile. Okay, so asked. So I told you, floors actually allow you to automate business processes by bailing application which are known as flows. Uh, fluids can execute logic, create operations, collect data collected record and all. Another thing which really uses writing at builder So lightening up builder it's one off. Very great thing wailing by using clicks and not core you can create an application as well without the court, but lighting after builder Also allow of uto build powerful application with court agile. Okay, So basically lightning outbuildings primarily used to visually create apse with dragon drop components. You can create beautiful and responsive user interface for salesforce one and you can also use custom lightning component a few more. Okay, so let's be real time up. See everything parents on step by step so that it will give you more understanding about fills with one Lightning are builder on your floor than all on and then you will become a very good export in all these topics 13. Flow Designer: so to create a floor will click on floors here on. Then we can click on New Floor, say it will open as individual designer on Let's see what are the components off a flows are the flows basically have three mean part, which we will be working on one in the pallor. Then resource is on, then exploded. So this palette helps us to drag and drop various parts to our main screen. Ah, flow will be mixture off my people's screens, the user interface, which we can provide the user to take the input or display that some output on those trees can be combined together with various logic or some resources like variables on all here we can have some assignment, so this is the step flow will be mixed. Off step first step will be to take user input. Second step will be to store that data into the record start step will be to perform some operations. Fourth step could be toe show the output. Even you can have actions like on completion off a step. You want to fire an email, those will form the step, so every step we can have some screens okay, Hard if you go to logic. So first is the season to be season? Very simple, like it is like if else statement. Okay, it is like conditional statement. So that same thing, busy. And if yes, then this If no than this, then we have assignment equals two. So when you use variable over, you need to compare something you can use assignment. It's a call to operate or nothing. Lubar far loops. So if you need to do some iteration, you you loop and then of it. If you want to have some time gap between performance, some operation you can use with for a time gap. These are various operations like record cleared, update and all would have already told you on then we have some quick actions as well. Like longer. Call new account new kids So we can use this action in our flow. That will now in the resource is what we have. We have very bubbles as subject variables, constant formulas in the epics, like we define a variable where X or in p survivor cooperative. So we have pre defined reusable variable which we can simply drag and drop and use it with these. All are same things, but it's just that we don't need to type any court here. Like constant formal ethanol at Explorer Explorer is what it will show you what? All things you have used in your flu. So whatever really used the variable, the collection, the constant and all are the loops, and all those things will be available in the Explorer, so it will become our assert. So whatever we will use in our floor will become our asset, and that will be of leveling exploded. Okay, So once we're done with the floor, then we can save and under floor level. Okay, so basically, we will be working in this palette. Aren't using resources from resources, okay? 14. Designing the First Screen: Now let's start building off flow and see everything step by step so I will click on new flu here on Then let's say we want to build on application off flow. A company wants you to build a flow to take user input. Had feedback off the users about their products or there can improve on their product. Okay, so we can understand. Here we will need to show my people screens to the user. Where really, where? We will need to collect the information they're getting at Spectra. Okay, so let's start building for that. First, I will need a screen dragon Drop this cream to my main window here on then here I need to provide the name and they will be unique name which will become the a p A name off this cream we know in Salesforce we need to provide unique name toe every field object which we create. So how the unique name gets created if a name has faith for salesforce, automatically appends underscore instead of space on that could be used as an a p a name. So let's say I name my first clean out start application will start a PP. It will automatically created a unique name for you now if you're ah, flow requires multiple screens, so you need to show finish in previous burden so you can display next, previous and finish button from here. If you want, you can say Don't show previous but not don't show finish button. You can also show pause button, but it said that these settings should be enabled in your organization. Process. Automation. 30 Now our first green heart is ready. What we need to do. We need to act certain fears to collect user input. For that, I will goto our the field here. Alexey, I want the name off the user. So what I can do? I can double click on this textbook, and if I click here, it will open the field setting for me. So let's say I want name of the user on. If you want, you can make it feel require. You can also provide the only for its value, which, if you want, then let's say also want to collect email from the user, so I will take email. Let me also make this feel required on. Now let's say you want to have some user input on some comments or some feedback so you can have long bacteria for that on. Let's see, we name it your valuable command for any description. Whatever you want to name the field if you want to make it required, you can do that on we're not putting any validation or something, so we don't need an invitation for the time being. Now these three fears will be there, shown to the user on the first clean. If I click OK, we will have our first green here. Let's see what flu click on save again. I need to provide the name toe my complete flow That name Waas given toe the first screen only and we will be having multiple screens. So let's say we name it Feedback Flu. Okay, so we already have this unique name here on Al. Click on OK, the type is floor I'll click on OK, so it says that floor must have a start item nobody's We will do that right now. Ah issue don't provide that commission but they know started is not connected to anything. No issues. We will be building more apt and we will also be more screens and on and we collect. Connect that as well. Are you? Click on. OK, I want to make any cleanest art item. You just go here, over, over, that's clean and click on this green button set as start elements. If I click on this set of start a limit, you see that all turns green on, it becomes our start a limit. Now, if I save it again this time we do not see that other that a floor must have start item. Okay, so we now only have a general warning. So it says that if you want to have multiple screens, you need to connect the screen to others Peanuts Well, or your application. Okay, so let's click on. OK, now. So this is how easy you creator spin. You can add your own fields and all through the screen so easily even make them required or not. We can show started previous button on the screen 15. Inserting Record and Getting Id back in Flow: once. You either have given its input, we need to store those values somewhere. Okay? So our next step will be to create a record. So what I will do under date, I'll pull record cleared here. Okay? And now I need to specify the default name and all for let's see, give years you that the card. If you want, you can add a description here now which object that you want to create on so you can list down all the standing custom object. I have just created a custom object by name feedback. So I will map this object to my floor. Now here I will have to map the fear. So on the left hand column, you will see the object feel on the light and column. You will see the fears that you have created on your screen. So first I need to provide a name skin and put fears name. Then I have added one email so I can take this email custom field here on then green input field email on then I have description. So which I could map to my comments. If you want, you can have global component here. Some out of box come constants and all that you can use on your valuable comments. Okay, Now let's say you have requirement than on insurance in off the d chord. You also want to send the user and email that you have feeling the falling survey. And this was the information with you provided for that query. That information. You need the idea off the record even if you send an email through Apex controller So you could take the I d back and threw that idea Query that, Ricard, our new poll in the values. So for that, what I will do I will create a variable here. You see a sign the record I d toe available to reference it in your flow so automatically when this record will be created, we will get the I D back. Now, we just need a variable in our float store that I d. Okay, so what I will do have a clear new variable on Let's say a user record. I d Ok, if you want, you can provide some description here that's private now here, under the force value can leave it blank or what I will do. I will give it MP string, Other default value. It will be amply so. These out of box global constant values provided which you can use knife I click on OK from now our create record step has been created where we have mapped the feeling We are also getting the I d back which is being stored in the user record I d variable I will click on OK, I can simply drag and drop on. So he pulled this here and connect these both. Okay, so I have connected this tow this now I will save it. Click on Syria are now you see that warning has also gone which received in the first screen when we saved your daddy need to have it connected to something. Okay, so we have created our first step of skin. Is there to take user input on when you submit the screen, it will create a record or record Create is our second step on here. You can see if I hope all over this green you can set this as start element Right now we have this other start element 16. Fast lookup in Visual Workflow: No. Once you have created the record, let's say you want to send an email to the user back. Or there could be a scenario that you want the sales rep or your customer rap off. A company should be notified so that if an integrative feedback has been given, the user can follow up with DOC customer foot with more details as well. So for that what we have under starting action, we have send email already built for us so we can use the send email. We can specify the template and all. So I don't collect this. Send emails directly to your treated record, but I will not recommend at other standard practice. So what we will do? Verbal first, dual look up. We will search for the record query that fields and store it in the into a local variable, and then you start into our email template. Okay, so we can have something like the record or fast. Look up. You can take fast, Look up so this look up will be usedto credit the object based on the record i D or whatever keita you provide. So let's say I name it new. The guard, Look up. So always ensure in the demo We're not going. But in the standard project always ensure to add a description. Okay, now here. Which object? We want to look up. I want to look up my custom object feedback. So what we want to do? We want to our look up this feedback object based on the following criteria. So in our criteria, what we have we have commuted as on I d. Okay, so whatever double I d equals our variable Use a record i d the dark we can match here. Okay, Are we have quitting a single record? Because the idea will be any so we do not need to do any sorting and all know that we get the record back. No, we need to store that into a variable. So let's say I create as object variable. If there will be my people as objects, which will? You will get back so you can have as object collection Variable some click on ass object. Very well. This variable Restore the complete object native. So new feedback object description. Now, if you want to keep it input as private, you can do that because inflow what you can do, we can reference other flow. That's self flows as well. So if you will keep it as private, other floors will be not be able to left friends This now here, I need to select my ice object and that we know it's feedback are click on. OK, so my feedback object Well, fears will be stored here. Okay, Now it will ask me what all of fears you want, so to limit the Kredi in the apex We do select I really common this comment This certain always advised or recommended that you do not query Understudy feels to keep our query optimize So we need First of all, we need me. We need e mail on. We need comments. Okay, I don't know Click. Ok, so this will help us to search further the card based on that I d criteria which we have given and we will get the field. But we have quitted So it's similar to a Brexit only that we're doing this by cliques and not called. So it is becoming easier for people who aren't wired me now you don't want to do much programming and even it saves time. When it gets hang off this flu. We quickly need to just drag and drop, provide values and click on summit. Okay, so fast. Look up Is there now? 17. Send Email to Support team: now, once the user has submitted the survey, maybe we want to send an email to our customer support stuff so far back. But what? I will double go to static action and click on Send email here again. We need to specify unique name. Let's say we name it email, so sales report customer reports up. So whatever your requirement is email toe customers, the automatically will take the unique name. Now here need to specify the email body. So for that, what I will do I will go ahead and create a template on Let's help your text template here on email. Body. I'm from here. I will say hi. Fired beam A new food back has bean log the details on e mail comments. Okay, thanks for email, but we will pull out the automatic value as object variable new feedback or B J on e mail it here. Okay, on. So I was just simply cut and pierced e mail on then comments that's object were able which we create a new field back or begic community there. Okay, the comment will become wonder. Come and focus that this will be a simple email body. You can modify it to whatever level you want. You can add more fields and all. So I'll click on OK, all within show there to give her description. When you're working on a live project, click OK now subject again. I will create a new template. Ah, e mail subject will be the unique name with a friend said Ah, new feedback by and here you can specify door name. Okay, so a new feedback by on if you want to specify a sender email so you can do that as well. Lexei Sender address You can die actually specify something out. ABC are delayed. Exercise the d dot com or you can even go Adan Create a variable if you want. Let's say if I remove this from here, huh Clear new variable And there you can specify the email idea and you can use dart center email as well friend of email, Okay. On ABC are did excellent the dot com click. Ok, send an email is there now? If you want to add recipient, be merely for to the group you can hide a collection or refer to this thing is if you know the individual email address, you can select the individual email address as well. You're going to actually specify your sales left customer that are the leered fbc li dot com So you will have a complete a minimal idea provided by a client. I don't have time using the arbitrary will use our click on. OK, okay, So now, after the record has been, look, look up. Our email will be sent to the sales rep a customer rep and I need to connect these two as well so that the flow knows that this will be our next step. So first up, who wants to take input from screen just for them? A purpose we have taken to three screens, but in the life project, he will have to take multiple screens. Or you will have my people field for that depend on individual client requirement. And that is simple. Just need to simply aren't feels from there. Then we clear the record that we search for record using the idea and quitting the unique record and then certainly email because we have the I d. And so we are able to query the record in this step on. Here we are able to send the email. Now let's say you want to say also, show what? Thank you pace to the user. So these things are happening internally or user will not know as soon had its some mix on this first screen, these greens will happen in the back. It and you there will be automatically director toe that Thank you screen. But we need to design that screen that will not get designed automatically, okay? 18. Capture Fault Message and Send Email: on the last clean what we want. We want the user. Toby displayed a thank you screen, but before the art like saying creating an application on while running you receiving era Today's also away win. You can capture that other and show that on the screen so far that what we will do will also pull up a screen here on then that's even Name it adul Method. Okay, And then we will add a feel on this player Text the my click on display text click here. Okay, So, Ford, my message on under this source system our global variables on under that we have flu and under floor we have for it. My said you can see it will automatically give you the fourth message. I just simply click on OK on. Let's say we want this four month after this step so we can have this connected here. Okay, on we can have this culture connected is, after all, both these steps if they the Ford, we need that fourth message on the screen. And now also, let's create a thank you screen for the user again. Thank you. Screen. You see how easy it was for us to create a fault. Capture the other on display on the Ford with it. Click Oh, care display text. Thank you, Green on here. You will show that you the thank you for You're in quiet the are you sickle? Also confirmed inquiry is well, thank you for inquiry people or whatever message you company wants to display after the company policy. Click. OK on, then after this, let's connect this asked this here. Okay, So this is our one page app which has been created. We will have to save it again, okay? 19. Testing the Application as End User: No. We can run our so way and see what the actual output we have created. A. You are small application with, but still we got to learn a lot off things like Look up forward. How do you screens on how to set up the first screen? Send the email on, then creating the feeling there were. There were a lot money, things covered here. Next click on one. Okay, so here the screen with the user will receive knowledge. See, I name at anything a B c court. Then the email. ABC are delayed. Actualize the dot com on valuable common. Let's say I don't have a feedback. I'm enquiring rent is your next training section. Okay, I have a click on next year, so thank you for your inquiry. Feedback on. Maybe we can add something a customer support executed will get back to you on. Then the user can simply click unfinished. Okay on. Then we have that next survey goes back to their screen. Now, if I go to my sales force, all on. If I goto the record feedback on, he'll see the ABC Corp record had been created. Email One of your next sensations. That record has been created by that flu 20. Activating the Flow: and then we have creator application. Let's go to set of ones on. Now we will embed this sir way into this application. This field back application into ah usual force page on. Then you start at the lightning component and then light income moment. We will expose that to us Air Force One and we will see everything life not to worry about . Okay, so right now, most of four flows Look here feedback floor. So it's name is feedback floor, but we'll have to activate it here, OK? Because a lot of time, what happens if I'm going to back to list flows? So it might by the four sec toe active flows and you will not see your flu here. Okay, so all flows feedback floor. I activate the floor once we have activated the flu. Now we have this floor name feedback flow by which we will reference this individual force pages. Ah, this is also the ul which through which you can directly access this flow here. Okay, so here are some details. The unique name and all about the status is now actives always ensure that you activate your flu a lot off this is a very small, silly mistake, but a lot of people do this devil done, say with, and they will just send an email to the client your floor husband done delivered. But the forget to activate it, like in what flows, the need to activate and similar way we need to activate the flu as well. 21. Embedding Flow in VF Page: No. Once we have activated the flow now we will add it into ritual. Fourth page, As mentioned in the previous video, we will be using lighting up Builder, Let's suppose this flow to our salesforce. One mobile app. Now I'm reading a flow into a virtual force Pages very simply. Just need one pack, right? Flow colon interview on their need to specify the name off the flow, but ensure that in specify the A p A name, not this name. Okay. You know, Salesforce does not ah approved this space in the a p A name it will always substituted with with underscores. Okay, So what I would have about to develop on then We have visual fourth pages here. I'll go to ritual fourth page click on New on here. I didn't specify the name. Floor demo. Okay, aren't we just need one? That that is flu cooler Interview. I'm here. We need to specify the name to reference toe the correct flow on what's the name of her flu ? It is not feedback. Fluid feedback. Underscore floor. We need the A p A name. This is their differently. Or the label name. Okay, if you really use that name. You will get an error after it's creating the page. Please ensure that you check this check box of label for Salesforce, Mobile, APS and lightning pages. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this page in your lightening up, but that this is very important. Do not miss the stat book and click on save. Okay, so you have page has been created and how easy it was to do so in the next video, we'll see how will be used as we have paid into a lightning Arbella aren't exposed this to salesforce one app. 22. Lightning App Builder and Using the App in Salesforce1: Now we have created our we have page. No, let's create a lightning application. So for that But we will you will go to lightning app builder underdeveloped just below develop you can find lighting up a little below schema builder, click on new on lighting. I build it. Also click interface visual interface. So a paid will create a single piece lightning application. Click on next. It wants to ask you the layout. Lets keeper Defour on here need to specify a label. Let's say flow demo feedback. Okay, click on finish. Now here the main pitch. If you are not family about lightning at all, you can take my complete step by step Lightning application course as well. Also of label on the same website Complete feels for straining dot com. Okay, so what we will do, we will stake which will force space from here. And are this other component so we can add give component from here. Okay, If you have custom components clear, you're gonna find them here. But since we have not created in the Axial Force Lightning course on complete sales for standing it there, I would have shown you how to create components and all. And there are two step buster projects also covered in that court. Okay, so here is the flow demo. We have Page. You will see on the drop down all individual fares pages which are enabled for lightning. You can see those in the demo here. Okay, No click on. See activated. Feedback up. You can give it any I can. You want to continue? You can activate for all user only for system administrator fifth with lightning actives to application. So where do I act so? Feedback Apples. How did? And if you want to take it up or down, you can do it. Okay. Click on save. Activation is successful. Now we want to test our have Soto open sales 4th 1 app on your computers. Implicated off everything after sales full dot com type in one forwards. Large one thought out. Not just the mobile app. You might see this kind off thing in your browser on Adam. So what you can do? You can have some extensions are available. Deal which can't and work your computer into a mobile. So I'm on frying Firefox and I have used an attention known of the user overwrite user agent over. Right. So what I will do? I will tell you that I'm not a computer. I'm and right mobile now I really fancy speed. Okay, One forward flash one door A PP Okay. So we can see This is 4th 1 app. So here we are. If I click on this, we have our feedback Happy here under the applications. If I click on food back up the sea floor Demo The floor demo has opened there so it's exactly same. But now it is also of label in the mobile as well. Name something this than that on then. Next we have finished Thank you for your inquiry. Feedback finished. You can see how easy it wants to create a user flow create application on then embed that ovf pay used that we have paid into lightning are better than published That application in to salesforce one mobile on all over the ensure that you use such plugging because now earlier who used to work on the stop as well But now if you try to open sales for the one under stop, it will not open It will definitely give you that other that this is for Salesforce one This is for mobile only. Okay