Learn SUMIF,SUMIFS,COUNTIF and COUNTIFS functions in Excel | Abdelrahman Abdou | Skillshare

Learn SUMIF,SUMIFS,COUNTIF and COUNTIFS functions in Excel

Abdelrahman Abdou, Data Analyst & Excel Lover!

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4 Videos (27m)

    • SUMIF,SUMIFS Exercise


    • Countif and Countifs Exercise


About This Class

In this class, Students will learn how to use the SUMIF,SUMIFS,COUNTIF and COUNTIFS functions in Excel and understand the difference between them.

They will also learn how to use them to sum or count cells between two dates.

Exercises for using the functions are included on the class.

Files containing the examples and exercises are attached to the class.





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Abdelrahman Abdou

Data Analyst & Excel Lover!

Hi, I'm Abdelrahman and I'm and Excel Lover :)

I'm also the founder of ExcelBonanza.com, a website dedicated to making you better at Microsoft Excel!

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering.

I Work as MIS and Reporting Analyst in Vodafone International Services In Egypt.

I have more than 5 Years of Experience in Excel including building Dashboards and VBA.

I have created numerous dashboards in my company and automated tens of report...

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