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Learn Russian Hotel Vocabulary - Russian for traveling

teacher avatar Russian & English Tutor, Albina Gizza

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Part 1. Hotel Vocabulary

    • 3. Part 2. Types of Hotel Rooms

    • 4. Part 3. Phrases for a dialogue

    • 5. Part 4. The short text

    • 6. Part 5. Dialogue. The check-in process.

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About This Class

In this course you will learn russian vocabulary related to hotel. You'll be given useful phrases and words to check-in at a hotel.

Meet Your Teacher

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Russian & English Tutor

Albina Gizza


Hello, I'm professional Russian teacher. I'm here to help you learn Russian and understand russian native speakers fast and without getting lost.


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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. My name is Alina, and in this course, you will learn Russian phrases that you must know on your trip to Russia. By the end of this course, you'll be able to understand Russian speech without getting lost. So let's get started with the course. 2. Part 1. Hotel Vocabulary: In this lesson, you're going to learn troubled eruption for staying at a hotel. But first, let's learn Russian hotel words and phrases. Knowing them. And longer. Literally, the word room is translated as gone down. But if we speak about hotel, it's longer and longer. The next one, absolute ruin yet and noodle up slowly ruin yet and then noodle reception at inception or stoic story. And it gets dragged. See VCB or log b. Log b. It is 39 shortly. Zao. And for me, xm. By saying, by saying Zao, Zao, Buspar, markov, count, Kafka, borrowing, borrowing. Both this, both this bug gosh, gosh, could huge, huge Maya, greedy plan carta. And then leach media, media z theta r theta. Or we can use guys, teenage son, the word geist, Zai Shi Li pizza guys gene itself. We see lead some 0s ageist unions, same. Silesia is genistein and safe. Administer administrate. Gordon each NIAAA, gordon, each layer. I should sound. Sound, come, come, come, come. 3. Part 2. Types of Hotel Rooms: Yes, me, no, no. No. The woke me as long as the woke me, asked me me, me, me, me. The MOOC nearest-neighbor, normal. As the intimate Kara vitamin. All of Luke's follow looks. Looks, looks, looks. Looks. Then house. Can house. 4. Part 3. Phrases for a dialogue: In this lesson, you are going to learn Russian phrases at a hotel. The first Cheng Yao Gu vom bomb watch, Jemima, palm MOOC, mania, yeast, burrowing Braun. Mao Gu Yang, nodes. Now, bus park has gleaned moods. Now, wash, passport, scheduled. Email. Me, you can email if any rho partial stem. We brine, you're a valley longer Online. We brand new online. Yet swab boatman neural nets, how boldness numerals. No near the near Korea, shu shu zai, zhao sta, registered zone, you formal Zappos, partials that register epsilon mu for mu minima glibly, we buy stuff, it's both piece. When you z2 rig is strips only forum. We knew Maglev UPA stylish both piss me zoom the district zone and former what? Wash Kluge. What? Wash Kluge. What? Charleston. What? Agile stuff. That sits traced. Now hoarded son, Naziism. Mom lets us chased and avoided sadness. It won't it? Azure, VM palm, which is baggage Rome, VM Bomb, which is buggers wrong. Soft-drink, glued Sean, storing waste. More narrow. Zafar exclude shown stone with no neuron. But the Yat-sen, she's G though DVT to solve VH ram. But the yields us 50 door DVT to solve VHDL. Yup. We had seal soft drink of loaner, Yahoo, soft drink of non-linear Yamal Google bomb watch. Jamie aboot show Yamal groove on palm. Which chimney? Which is nice. Yes, the VM panel, the pizza night, panna debit such thought the issue. We seal the Kazakh taxi. Come see me, just some neutron. Yao Bu taxi, CME to some Opera. Amnesia. By Bill your pajamas. Tau by video is in each them. Know DVT. My vote, no neuron at provide some is in each node V, And we will no longer provide some three at nova VM or the hub pre-op Nova vom. 5. Part 4. The short text: We are very appreciative of the ceiling itself. Brad says, GSC at night, see partial brawn. As a senior administrator. Those rational growing up like nonmetal net inception. Yes. Libri FDA online. Vamos not apply TPP, non-regular reception? Yes. Solely online. Mostly. Coach ought flashover. Mostly at the bomb dot dot Kluge at washer of ammonia that are just at the child SAT deadline or slogan me at daily just to actually child's slogan. That idea at just the C F ship. For Vout as each by name that I give at theta, just the East. Bamaga, Guam. I need more wood. Bom bom taxi store look. Thus in St. Louis Dupree machete, Mr. 6. Part 5. Dialogue. The check-in process. : Dobry VHF Xiang Yao Mongo van, our mortgage. Not the voice, sutta debris nature, not voice so that we may store it in longer. Three pieces through really had no knowledge. Applied teach. Carter had no launch. Mongolia are plotted. Mccarthy. Near my belief. Needs to form more environmental class proto Kenya national mnemonic rebuffers opponents at o for more. While motion loin longer paths. Proton. Yep. There is both BCE vote partials. Protocol address irrational port this. Vote, wash, wash, three stamp the Vance's spice Sima. What Kluge, rational 3's the advances especially well.