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Learn Russian Christmas and New Year Vocabulary - Russian Christmas Words - New Year in Russia

teacher avatar Russian & English Tutor, Albina Gizza

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Christmas Intro

    • 2. Christmas and New Year Words

    • 3. New Year in Russia

    • 4. 10 Christmas Phrases

    • 5. Top 11 Dishes that Russians Eat for New Year

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About This Class

This class is about Christmas and New Year Vocabulary. Boost your level in Russian by learning new exressions and words. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Russian & English Tutor

Albina Gizza


Hello, I'm professional Russian teacher. I'm here to help you learn Russian and understand russian native speakers fast and without getting lost.


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1. Christmas Intro: Hi everyone. This is all vena. Have you ever heard about traditional dishes in Russia? Have you ever watched a Russian movies without subtitles? Do you know any Christmas and New Year vocabulary? Maybe these scores is definitely for you. So give watching the next videos to learn more. 2. Christmas and New Year Words: The word niche num is x2, 2m. One night CME, we know we got yoga. Yoga, yoga. Crash. Your car. Now by New Yorker. Yoga. Suntan Klaus. Klaus marrows. Ben, who can mean OK. 3. New Year in Russia: In this class, we will be working with a short text about New Year in Russia. First, I will read the text slowly, then we will focus on new words and phrases. After that, we will read text faster. So let's get started. That Y2 nudge known good price. When you arrive at that price, nuke them at me. At that price. For me, downward stack at what price? New York. Shy. Cuz my ball niche. You reach for category previous through yet. But the Voyager II draft novel, EDTA prize, nim is C A0. No, we got by Bryce, Nick or no, we will show a prize necropsy on watching rights are not yet at that at that price. At that price should tie. At Mitch, youth. At that price, Nick crew cut private user admit charge at that price. Next, slide down Mohan. E, cock, parabola, staggered goal. But that can breach NA, dive at both. Russia, Vietnam War II, private status, your aboutness terabit per day. Right? Now while God knew who crashed. Minorca schools, my surprise NICU, novel goo, goo, goo crashes. For co-pilot, monogamy, gooseneck ball, much crazy Gn for the previous year. Graduates, so on, Slovak. But voided. Gordon. Gordon, Polish, Lou just leisure 3h procedure into category previous threw it triggered zone the Muslim I'm in, but voids it. Was droplets known Gautam, EDTA, price niche nim is, we'll see wet of Raman. Alignment is uprising. Each of them is recorded now will it say norway and good, by showing surprise, Nick, on watching riots. Dhl, Luigi, quadric matter, both of epigenome. Edit, pricing, shift, diet, Sesame, Cat, private, UG at price. Nick lay, Dharma, standard, Yolngu, who glucose NOT Badaracco, richness bag that ethanol price NewCo need the co-pilot Nova avoid near your Bukhara childhood occupied monarch of course, may be in a pit cough. Spoilage. Lou just reach into 40 visceral category previous to it, if credits only mismo environment, but Voyager II, known boredom provide UDC Jack. Just Ptolemy, surprising. Isn't it? 4. 10 Christmas Phrases : Hi everyone, this is Russia with Elmina. And in this lesson, you will learn ten common phrases related to Christmas that you definitely need to learn. So let's get started. Alright, the first one that eats our dark here, that eats or downwards by that care. That is done, Vice Premier. Yeah, look blue that eats adapting. Or yellow-blue downwards by that. Instead of being that needs you to do that. And the premium DAT. But that just walk. Get easier opinion matters just for your crush guides your home or your marriage rights. Yoko. So they are synonyms, Akash, Right? And let us write it in yet, Joachim, of which no child has just won. The shutter. Musicophilia, vehicle periphery, CMEA arrangement. Your king, who crashed or middle child, come on, just divide, divides it. Cheerios, Zika, Bria, senior, brine shrimp. And very common phrase is syringes thrown. Resist home. Some are six, right? Each name or room. But I teach me and bring me up in VHDL. Cmea, like revive frightening organ. Vhdl CMEA, luck Revit, write each. Number seven. But as noise. Whereas noise or atomic chats at me checks and a premier averaged just draw what I see and browse lawyer or attorney child some seeds more what register o W3C transferred so or acme tread seeds moreover, unified a rigid, so only a blue dot, right? You'd zone layer below the at NYU is printed so on level pollute. But I see matter to store the of layered soil for sneer willingly. I'd knew is pretty soon Gracie matters just broke. You've learned some Bosnia blooming. Yet the shell, CGS, thus the law, CPAs, thus alone. And a premier UGC jobs AS though I may price national ordinal numbers just more. And number ten studies, Yoko, stylish, yo, yo goal of witches divert of or grow nothing. Your group of which nonce divert, glue, colon nothing. 5. Top 11 Dishes that Russians Eat for New Year: I leave it Quran, Krasnoyarsk, Salat. Salat, mimosa, my remote start lot. Cdo, TGA, both Schubert. How I did believe me, being mean.