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Learn Russian Basics - Intro to the Alphabet, Reading and Cursive Writing

teacher avatar Aleksei Komarov, Russian teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction. Learn Russian in One Hour

    • 2. Intro to the Russian Alphabet

    • 3. First 9 letters: А - З

    • 4. Next 6 letters: И - Н

    • 5. 5 more letters: О - Т

    • 6. Next 7 letters: У - Щ

    • 7. Last 6 letters: Ъ - Я

    • 8. Revising the alphabet

    • 9. Intro to reading in Russian

    • 10. Russian consonants

    • 11. Vowels: А & О

    • 12. Vowels: Е&Я

    • 13. Combination of Consonants

    • 14. Mute Consonants

    • 15. Overview of the Rules of Reading

    • 16. Intro to Cursive Writing

    • 17. Cursive 1

    • 18. Cursive 2

    • 19. Cursive 3

    • 20. Congratulations!

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About This Class

This class is created for you: the Russian language learner. During this class you will learn all the basics you need to know:

1. the Russian alphabet - you will be able to read any word in Russian

2. pronunciation rules - you will be confident in your speech

3. the cursive system - you will easily understand and use it

4. nearly 100 most useful everyday words and phrases for you to use in real life situations

This class is all about practise, support and assistance.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aleksei Komarov

Russian teacher


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1. Introduction. Learn Russian in One Hour: rest with him. Which means hello in Russian Do you want to do in Russia? But you don't know where to begin. You just started. But you already. If you lost in the huge abundance of information that is available out of them, I truly believe you allow these course. Learn a new language is an immensely difficult task and nowadays, memory sources available. But it's not very easy to find the best one. Some of them might have the guys themselves as the fastest and easiest way till in the foreign language but effect. Then we make Corsetti ation even more complicated, Remy without those of Nestor information that is vital for father progress on as removal. You understand that you have to catch up with something. You didn't have a child, Stallone in the first place. That's how you come back and you lose a precious time and most importantly, your interest and motivation. These are the things I kept in mind when was great in this course. I tried to make it as useful as possible for you so that you wouldn't have to spend your time looking for additional materials so that you can find everything you need in this virtual classroom, it'll be trying to create for you this course office more than just 30 day money back guarantee and full lifetime access to 90 lectures and lots of free downloadable materials. It also comes with a real interaction. Other students and I will be trying to help you on your journey. I would be glad to answer any of your questions and help with any struggles. Practice is an integral part of this course. The biggest part of a few select dedicated to practicing so that you can use the knowledge acquire in your speech plus offish lecture, you'll find lots of the laudable materials and quizzes so that you can use the knowledge in your real life. This course is a status must have guide to the Russian language, which will give you all this information for this stage and for further progress so that you can always keep on going. First you start rushing off that which is usually a bit of a challenge for everyone rush. But don't worry, we won't learn, told ones we'll have several lectures and we look at each letter in his pronunciation. Then we look at the rules off Region Empress season in Russia so that you always feel confident in your speech will be practicing or really simple, everyday phrases for your communication. Then look at the Russian curse of system frightened, which is very popular in Russia. You'll be able to understand a trailer and use it effectively. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the learning process, and I will try to do my best to telling this course into the most comfortable classroom for you, where you want to feel alone. 2. Intro to the Russian Alphabet: Hello and thank you for signing up for this course when I was six C. And I'll be instructive for the next 90 lectures in Section one of this course, we're going to learn the Russian alphabet. We look at each letter. This pronunciation at this peculiar features official actually will find the video file with tasks to device with Children. You can always ask questions, and I'll be happy to help you on your Russian and Johnny. Let's begin now. The Russian alphabet consists all 33 letters. It changed a lot of the time, and it has a very long history. The modern form was approved on Lee, 1918. Russian is said to be a phonetic language, which means that each letter makes just one sound. However, it isn't always so. Tell edges of the Russian alphabet. Week balls holds 21 letters, make constant sounds on two letters. Don't make any sounds at all. We're going to discuss all of them in subsequent lectures. Now it's important to understand the difference between the sound and delighted. A Let is a symbol in writing, which makes one or several sounds in aural speech. Some consulates and Russian or voiced, and some are voices to understand the difference. Let's have an experiment. We think of Sir Throat and say the the can feel the vibration. It means that there is a voiced constant. Now let's do the same with There's no vibrational. It means that is worthless now the former pan over voiced and voiceless Constance. There are several or such players and Russian. It might seem a bit complicated trust, but don't worry. It will come to naturally now. One more thing to remember. Some constants and Russian can be hard and soft. Listen to this example and try to hear the difference. But but be can tell the difference Book is hard and big is soft in most cases. To make a course on solved, you have to raise the middle part of it down to a ballot or the roof of your mouth. All right, that's it. That's only need to know to start learning Russian, but before you do, you could introduce herself in the Q and A section I'll be Hegeler where from and what you goes up. Thank you for watching this first lecture and see your election, too 3. First 9 letters: А - З: welcome to our second lecture in this section. In this lecture, you're going to the the first, my letters or the Russian alphabet. All right, Are you ready to start? The first light of the national for bed is it makes a very relaxed vowel sound, uh, to pronounce it correctly, open your mouth wide open and relax the lips and them. It is similar to a in far off father, but shorter and also dip. So when you say it, try to feel the middle part of the tongue. Now you try to pronounce this letter. Just listen carefully paying special attention to how the muscles of your mouth work. Yeah, uh, when this letter is no stressed, we pronounce it much faster. And also clearly we're convenience. Mr. Syllables in this course in additional materials were marked with this symbol. The second leg of the Russian alphabet is but which stands for the constant book sound such as bake or bottle. But in Russian, when you pronounce this sound, there shouldn't be any buff of am But But this constant can be also soft. You can make it soft by raising the middle part of it. Tongue be the next letter might be a bit confusing. It looks like an English be. But the sound is stance for is actually we're just like in vet vote. Now you try to pronounce it hard and soft minded. When you pronounce this sound, you don't May the bottle where too strong the the this letter is good, which makes a good sound. It's also received two g Great, good. But in Russian, this sound is more intense To make it more intense, race the back of your tongue and feel the tension. Then this process this old Okay, this latter Mike look a bit strange at first. But the sound it makes is the similar to D in day did the only difference that the typical Tom is pressed against the lower teeth. Listen, Andrew, pit the the the Now this is a trick you enter. It has two ways off incision with Felos evolved. Oh, when it stands at the beginning of award, we pronounce it as yeah, Like in yes, however, it stands right after constant, it becomes more like air like e. And it also makes the president constant soft. Looking for an example. Yeah. Yeah, de of, um de of, um, in the first ward. It is pronounced as yet because it stands at the beginning. Yes, but in the second ward, as it makes the Cosan sound soft Deva Now you try e ever year de of um de of, um, this letter looks similar to the previous one and it also has two ways of pronunciation. You're as in York, if it stands at the beginning award after of all it is pronounced as or like in talk off, it falls a constant. Don't forget to make the constant soft to consider these two pairs of examples job gear in the first case just pronounced as your because it stands at the begin. But in the second case that a good become soft Jim in the letter, your esperan on stairs or you try it yourself, there's some more examples and repeat you over to hell. Year old deal. Yo, now let's look at the last example more closely. As you know, the first letter should be pronounced as yeah, because it stands at the beginning. The second letter should be pronounced as jaw because it follows a vowel. So we have award your which means the next letter is we just quite similar to as a pleasure which in Russian, disheartened to pronounce correctly round your lips and raise the front part of town Try to sell is your is your Remember that this sound is all this hard. So we're coming before here. Or your it should not be softened. Listen to this examples This letter there sounds like zn zero zebra is a hissing sound And to pronounce it correctly bell, touch the lower chief with the tip of your tongue and exhale. Try yourself now make the hard and soft sound is is the is it Is it all right in this section we have covered the fields My letters on the Russian alphabet Let's look at them again. Uh, man Well, van Yeah, There. Yeah, Your Yeah Zam. Nice time to practice Regents Awards. Listen carefully. My intention to the pronunciation Andrew pitch You don't have to memorize. This was just now In subsequent lectures, you have the least off most useful words and phrases that are worth knowing Just now Concentrate on the pronunciation e ever year de of, um de of, um Yours yours is that this is down. Yeah. Down. Yeah. Down these, dear. These dear you DiVall. Yet the bomb, Goodyear. Good. Dear Baeza in Bosnia develop DiVall willed. Um, after this election, you'll find a video file with us to revise what you've just learned. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help you. Thank you, Fortune and see you in lecture three. 4. Next 6 letters: И - Н: welcome to lecture three in this course in this lecture, we're going to the the next six letters of the Russian alphabet. The first letter in this lecture is it sounds like in C but in Russian, it is much shorter to pronounce it correctly. Relax the lips and almost caused them. Try it now. Um, yeah. This sound always makes the president constant soft. Look at these examples. Give the hey city. This letter is which sounds like why in toys took NASA properly pressed the new part of it on their part and drop it down quickly. Religion a floor there. Let's try it now. Easier. Yeah. A peculiar future of this item is that it stands on Lee after vowels die. This latter looks like an English king and it is pronounced the same way. Good cook, I, Pam Gay is a voice concept, and cook is voices. Listen, compare good. This letter is left. The sound it makes is very similar to English l in wars such as rule, but it is much harder in Russian to pronounce this out properly. Press the tip of your tongue to the pilot. Your terms of the tents and in the form of a spoon. Now listen contributed herself. Look, look. Really No next letter is my which, as you might have guessed, sounds like its capital form is written and pronounce, like in other lighter languages and similar to EMI. Make me notice that you should breathe out both criminals and from the mouth to make this sound this process both hard and soft. Move! Sound me. Me? This is the last letter for this lecture letter there. But this actually known the list Just the most popular constant in Russian. It sounds like M and nose. No e me. Ok, now let's look at all the letters from this lecture again. Is you okay? Lam my Now Okay. It's time to read some words again. Listen carefully and repeat. You dont have to rise them just now. Cock cut! Come now Condo is not is not gave me game Is your mom museum long Yoka Yoka moving you mind year But when you mind you is your line You is your line. I was nine years is nine years deal Delisle divine Well done, everyone. You have learned 50 letters over Russian alphabet which is almost half of it. Your only way to master in the whole of it. Don't forget about media files and people practicing faithful, which in this lecture and see you election fall. 5. 5 more letters: О - Т: we will start our force structure were the most popular vowel sound direction. Oh, or four. It might seem easy to remember because it looks and sounds like an English. Oh, however, he's a trick when the site isn't stressed, it becomes a little stressed, are sound so we pronounce it faster and not so clearly. One. I'm, uh, find me. I mean, the next letter is bad. It's might look unusual, but it sounded. Makes is very similar to the English pea in war. Such a spark off pet. However, when producing this sound don't blow too much air through lips. Listen and repeat, uh, okay book and put another voiced invoices pan, listen to them in contrast and repeat But this letter seems like an English P. But in fact, it sounded. Stands for is probably one of the hardest constants in Russia. It is a chilled of a sound which has no equivalent in other languages. Listen to it again, but, uh, her ready ready to pronounce the sound is Russian still a small bubble. Where should create pressure on the tip of your tongue with vibrates against the operative , you could start by pronouncing the English are sound and then move it down slightly forward , so that touches the opportunity. Now listen and try to do itself baroque. Any calm black. Our next letter is said. It is absolutely identical to an English. See, however, in Russian, it makes just one sound like in say about Stoke vivir sin. But the people down in Russian should light and the lower tier tries herself now. So so sit and I have voiced and voiceless pairs. They can be hard and soft as well. Listen, Andrew, pitch is that Is it the last that this action is pretty easy to remember? It is written and pronounced just like a Latin t accept the local cases. Just a smaller version of the upper one. It was spared, or the sound the Now listen to them again and repeat the wonderful job you learned. Five more letters on Russian threat now as usually. Let's look at them again. Four. Where it and se there pretty city a TV It ready yet? Look. But, uh, Spice Cuba spiced Cuba easing Jim Busy Bottom line balm. I get you fight Kim? No, by dome over, you know? Yeah, that. Get ski. Monday's Ian get ski migration kid, I ski. It is stepped on. Keep bisky that is that well done. In this election, there have been some very useful wars and faces. They're simple, everyday phrases for communication. You'll find them in the video file after this video, read them out loud several times and try to memorize you'll in them later. Thanks for watching and see you electrify ver. 6. Next 7 letters: У - Щ: welcome to the reflection this section and I first met in this lecture is more. It might look similar to why, in English, but the sound is completely different. It makes a vowel sound very similar to double O in food off moon. Our next letter is fair, which sounds very similar to an English F in fact, or face, listen to the speaker and rip it. This letter is the voice despair toe. Let's listen to this lodges. In contrast, Andrew pitch What? Okay. They feel that in a lecture is it has no counterpart in other languages to pronounce it correctly. Think of the sound. Okay, Do you feel how the back of a town touches the parrot Now? The trick to pronounce in this letter letter here is to lower Deng slightly so there's a small passage for air to escape. Try it now. Race the back of the tongue and breathe out. Kershaw Blow, huh? This letter has invoiced player really can be hard and soft. The next letter in this sector is said you'll hear the same sound in such wars as dots off cats. It's actually a combination of two sounds, and so so save them together and you will get the sound. So So this sound has no voice pan and it can be only hard This latter use chip. The sound is similar to see age and check or chair. It has no voice pair. It is always soft to pronounce it correctly. President of it down firmly against the opportunity. Then make a short He's in sound and lower the tip Listen and try it yourself. Yeah, this letter is a sham. The sound is very similar to see agent shake or share which in Russian it is much harder. This sound is the voices counterpart off these sounds can be Onley hard And you This is the last letter in this lecture It is motor ship It is a very soft sound Someone Seymour to see agent ship to say correctly think of the previous letter Sham and then raised the middle part of the Tung Hai up and make the he isn't sound. Listen and repeat, this sound has no voiced hard bare All right, this would the last letter for this election. Now let's look at all the letters again for their here. Se here share share Well done. Nice time to read some words and phrases, Chuy. Okay, at least my job was my shells. Dobre a dobre spark coin e no, Spoke with me 19. Could be a key Goody upkeep course city. So city. So, Joe player Joe Layer Malakal died of Bordeaux Guys, um, diet We'll do. Was it guys cock waas? That would cock waas would. Okay. Excellent job. You have grown to 27 letters on the Russian alphabet. Your only way to master in the whole of it. People practicing. And don't forget to revise the material. See you in lecture six. 7. Last 6 letters: Ъ - Я: Welcome back. This is going to be the last lecture in this section and you're going to them their last six letters off the Russian alphabet. Now this letter might see a bit confusing to you just because it doesn't make any sound just called the heart sign. And the purpose of it is to meet the president constant hard. It is not very popular in Russian, but you might have come across it in certain wards. Now look at these examples and repute a vehicle C M. Now let's look at this example smoke close that as you know, we've announced that the year after Cosan as and makes the continent soft. But he is the heart sign. So, Letta said, becomes hard of Lebanon's year, like after a volatile the next. Later in a lecture is it is quite difficult, and it is no cool and deny languages to say correctly. You should gioia tongue this fat backwards as possible. Don't raise it and try to pronounce it sound e in this position. Okay, listen, Andrew pit be my we chiquita. This is not a sign in the Russian alphabet that doesn't stand for any sound. Dis called the soft sign. It makes the president consul soft as it only Russian. This it involves that make ozone sounds soft, and they themselves become pronounced differently. But the soft sign changes the pronunciation so that they a pronounced as if they follow of all and the contention mines soft. Let's look at this example. P o. Soft side forced the constant and become soft. But let a your is not pronounced as or we pronounce it as your York. The South side can stand between two concerns and in the end, wars as well. Shame your voice. No, the next letter ease. Am this similar to Ian End? Let to make this sound properly. Alexa Loops in town. It's like in the race, it's middle part. Let's practice this sound next letter is your similar to you in user. It actually consists off to sounds you and who sitting together very fast and you will get the sound. You It is a tricky writer, just like year anti are you is also pronounced differently where it holds the constant your mother, you in cellular. So in the beginning, if award or after vowel, we pronounce it as you. But When it follows a constant, it is pronounced as who, and the constant becomes soft. It's in the fish towards Let's say you stance of the begin off all those available. So we pronounce it as you That's it. The very last Later off the rush off. But letter. Yeah, just like you. It also has two ways appreciation in the beginning. If awards After a while, we pronounce it as Yeah, yeah, But after Constant it becomes our and makes the person concerned Soft. Yes, it stay yet? Yeah, indeed it Face it. Perfect. Now let's repeat all the letters from this lecture again. Yeah. You? Yeah. Not a century. Some words and phrases for this election Debris See debris, debris the nature debris Nature Yeah. Governor, You bottles? Yeah. Governable bottles New plan You Meyer In the opinion Wife theme! Go bodies! Bucket face the governor! He's bucket days. My governing by sponsor Wait Ghobadi place. Blonsky, I need a girl like that by one I need. Goodbye, dad. Amazing! You have learned the whole rationale for a bit. American reads any word or sentence in Russian. Just open any book or any article and you will see how familiar all the symbols look to you . 8. Revising the alphabet: Congratulations. You have learned the whole Russian ultimate. Now let's look at it again and repeat each letter, Huh? Ban over there. There, there. Yeah, you're it is? Yeah. Is there? Mm. Is your okay? Lam my now four. Where at and se I am fair here. Se Here. Share. Share. Okay. Yeah. You? Yeah, well done. I hope you enjoy this section. You made great progress in your Russian and enjoying you. After this we do. You can find a video file with answer to task from a previous lectures. You can check them now and device the material. Thanks for watchin and see you in section toe. 9. Intro to reading in Russian: Hello and welcome to Section two of this course, the previous section. You have learned the Russian off, but in this section we're going to look at the rules and pageants, a pronunciation Russian. So don't skip lectures. And don't forget your vice material with the help of video files after each lecture. 10. Russian consonants: most constants Russian from pairs or voiced and voices sounds. We have covers all of them in the previous section. But now let's look at them again. But over you go the is your is it. Remember that all this sounds except should can be hard and soft now in Russian. If award ends with a voice constant, it is replaced by its voices. Counterpart. Let's look at the Foreman example. The book. You might want to pronounce the last letter as good but Russian. The sound good is replaced with the voice of sound, so the correct way to pronounce this word would be Brooke. He's one more example put put. The world causes so to say it is work correctly. Let's change it to This voice is comfortable. I don't get foot. This is some of examples and tribute that's got, but it's got more more Zoop Zoop. Yeah, there's one more case when the voice constant becomes voices. It happens when it stands before another voice is constant. Let's look at the four, for example, Borske Borske is it is a voiced sound. The ghost. Before there was a sound, so we pronounce it as he's another example, after off the voice is a voice constant, and his voice is so we changed it to for I would get after look at this wards and repeat after the speaker. My ship. Lipka Collection. Glitchy Not peace, not gladkiy Gladkiy Lush Poleska likey. Nike voice Constance can also become voiced. It happens when they stand before a voice to constant look at this example. Mubanga Zone a gazelle. It is a voice of sound, but it is voiced. So we pronounce this word as Vauxhall. And don't forget to pronounce their stressed or as a short read used, listen to some more examples and rip it basketball. Basketball, this is born is born. However, there's just one exception to this rule which just discussed the voice sound book. No makes a constant voiced book. Boca. You're probably thinking that because his voice is and look is voiced, we should pronounce both of them as voiced. But now the sound could remains and changed book for okay. Now have a look at the following least affords and decide how you pronounce the highlighted letters. You can post the video now and check herself later at the border on the board Koepka kind of period, period. Not peace. Not this. We could we could put put Asanowaka Western Africa football for the ball. Ricky, the key quit, though. What, though this is more this boy boy, Troy, that's all for this lecture. Beautiful. Watch in and see you, Electra 10. 11. Vowels: А & О: Heidi. Um, in this section, we're going to talk about how the vowel sounds are or change, depending on the position in the world. And guess what? You already know the rule. If the letter R is Unstrung Est, it is pronounced less clearly and much faster. Don't much the same happens? You the letter or isn't stressed? We say it in award as a short are sound. For example, cut it down, cut it down now the next tool might seem a bit to complicate it. If the sounds are isn't stressed and follows, either militar cheer or the letter share this pronounced as he. However, this rule doesn't apply when the letter R stands at the end of award. Let's look at some examples cheesy Stay data chest in the first words that are isn't stressed. It falls on Earth a chair, and this is not at the end of the war. So we pronounced as he just see. But in the second World, then stress Letter R stands at the end of the world, so we pronounce it as it had used a sound stretcher, the fed ward that eyes trust. So we pronounced as according to the general rule. Relaxed, open sound, Chastity. Let's look at some more examples. Bulls live. You don't know and decide hope Announce we highlighted letters were Listen, ends up it Don't don't Pressey by very much. By the boy She chess, chess the Sicher researcher Mabuchi of Witchy. She subway, she subway. So long. So long. No Parella, No problem. Now I live. Ah, Nearly over authority Culpability. That's it for this section. Don't forget to device that material by looking additional exercises after these video pay for Washington and see you Intellectual 11. 12. Vowels: Е&Я: hi. In this action, we're going to continue discussions about of all sounds and Russian change. Depending on the position in the world, we're going to look at just one rule. But it is really important to keep in mind because it can cause some confusion in aural speech. Let's begin, though so evil it is year or your arm stressed. They pronounced as short e sound. But there's only one exception. You there at the end of the world. They mustn't be changed. In this case, they pronounced less clearly. Let's look at some examples first with the letter. Yeah, no, even you, Moria. The first word. The letter year isn't stressed. So we pronounced as short e neatnik. But in the second World, the same letter is a brilliant or the world. So we pronounce it just less clearly more Liam. And don't forget the doctor Constant. That a year becomes makes the call soon. Too soft. Now what happens to the letter? Yeah, in the first ward that a yeah isn't stressed, so we pronounce it a short E. But in the second world, it stands at the end. So we pronounce it less clearly. What do you know care. More examples of visual Listen, Andrew Pit for cheap Deutschen dollars dollars here by two more. But Schimmel she live via Chile via media busy Madam Zemlya. And yet and yet But I see you this year, Miss, it's amaze. It's this is the end election ce electric 12. 13. Combination of Consonants: Hi. If you look the Russian text or hear someone speaking Russian, you might notice that there are a lot of constants in this lecture. We're going to look at some clusters or combinations off concerns. The reason why we dedicate the whole lecture to this topic is because in Russian, if several constants come together, they might form a different sound. So in this section, we look at these changes. For instance, you let us say and share or their and share come together. We pronounce them as shit. Look at this example. She chased him. You might want to pronounce the 1st 2 letters separately. The correct way to do this would be chest in. He's one more example Is that why should if we see these communications of letters when we should pronounce them as so rebuts, by the way, is a suffix which shows the world is a verb. I start so very good, sir. Minya drive it so NVIDIA know what it sir? Another very popular combination is this one which is always pronounced as it is really widespread so we can see it in many numbers. Have a look at the following examples. I did not such did you? Not Pitt Nazis. Cinnamon devotes it, but it's this combination of two, it is is always pronounced as look at the full of examples. Lucky Nike in the hospital for this lecture is this world which we pronounce with the sound Sure as stopped, just don't. 14. Mute Consonants: Hi and welcome to the last lecture in this section the previous section. We learned that in Russian some concepts can come together and form a different sound in this. Actually, we're going to continue with this topic. Well, look at five more clusters or combinations of Constance, but they're going to be different. Each Gosta will have one letter, which is written, but never Pinault's. Let's start with this one. It has three letters, but the middle one There is a meeting speech. So whenever you see this combination, just don't pronounce the middle letter. Let's look at this example. Relations. Is it going here? There's no sound in this world. Here's some more examples. Kisner with Chase Attn. Amuse me number Doak Meus Knee. Now let's look at other clusters of constants with mute letters in this one. The middle letter is also mute. Here's an example, boys. Now this combination isn't very widespread but still worth knowing. In this case, the sound of data is left some. Sir, The last combination for this lecture is this one who reached the first letter he's never pronounced, chose, chose 15. Overview of the Rules of Reading: Congratulations. You have completed two sections off this course. Now you know what on the Russian alphabet, but also how to read em pronounce forced correctly. After this video, you'll find a PdF file with ounces. So check it asks from the furious lectures in section three of this course. We're going to them the Russian corsets, Ito writing. But before you start, find a piece of paper and a pen and a comfortable place to sit See you in section three. 16. Intro to Cursive Writing: Hello, everyone. I'm good to welcome into the third and final section of this course. Whalen. The Russian cast a system writing which might seem very difficult to understand and use. But don't worry if you keep on practicing well mastered. Very reason will help you acquire this very important skill twice. It's important task, your original rationale for it on how to eat any word with correct pronunciation. But if you want to move your rations of next level, the cursor system is a mosque. We use it all the time. Plus it is very handy and easy to write in cursive, then in block letters. Everyone has the all way of handwriting, so some lettuce might be different. We're going to teach of the Senate version of the Russian Gas, a system that all students little school will have three lectures and a new collection will have a set of letters with common elements or strokes. We'll start by person this drugs first, Then you move to let us and then to articulate them words. But before we start very few things to know, first of all, the would hold a pen for the Russian cursed a fighting system is very important. Hold a pen in a way so as to write words in a line without breaking the connection between letters. The easiest way to achieve this is by holding the bend like this. The some bill purses, depending in the first to bend things. Also, the piece of paper should be slightly tilted to the left. This will allow you to write awards and curse if with the right angle, which will make them look neat. You can as well done with a special template for yourself, writing after these lectures and print it out. You're gonna use it for practicing and getting used, the proportions of letters and finally, when a comfortable place to sit so that you could sit with a spine straight, your elbows resting on this you will significantly improve your cursor frighten, and you will not feel tired. Okay, that's what you need to know. Now let's stop 17. Cursive 1: hello and welcome to look to 16 in this section, we are going to the how to write 11 lettuce of the rational, but using the Russian cursor system. But first, let's start with the almonds. - All right, this is all for the elements. Now, this practice, the letters result for this lecture. But in this video you can find a video file working. You practice the lettuce and you've learned in this election thank you for fortune and cereal after 17. 18. Cursive 2: Hello and welcome to lecture 17. In this lecture, we're going to the art to write 12 letters of the rational for about using the ration care system, - please offer this election. Don't forget to delete the video file based video to process it skills you have learned. Thank you for watching and seeing Electra 18. 19. Cursive 3: Hello and welcome to Lecture. 18 is going to be the last lecture on this topic. And we're going to the terrible lettuce. - Great . That's it. Now I know how to use the Russian castor system to write any word or any letter. Don't forget to practices skills and thank you for watching. 20. Congratulations!: Wow. You must really probably herself. No. You have completed all three sections off this course. Now you know the rational for bet and how to read any word or sentence. With the correct pronunciation, you can understand the Russian course of system how to use it effectively. We have learned some very useful words and phrases for everyday communication. You have made the first probably hardest step in your rational. And Johnny now have all the opportunities in the world to keep on going. Thank you for did in this course. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment and say what you liked and what you didn't like so that next time I can do something better for you or the Mr Luck and goodbye.