Learn React in 20min: Create your first React app for your startup / portfolio etc.

Samuel Delesque, Cofounder at Lokely

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6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Part 1: Prerequisites

    • 3. Part 2: Getting started with React

    • 4. Part 3: React Routing

    • 5. Part 4: Adding content and styling

    • 6. Final


About This Class


As a cofounder at Lokely, I am excitid to have the opportunity to teach you a little about how we build interfaces, and give you the tools to build your own.

In this class we will go over how to quickly build a prototype for an interface - wether you are building a portfolio, a landing page for your startup, or any other product requiring a simple website.

I will assume you have a basic knowledge of CSS, HTML and JS, and possibly have seen a bit of React or other Libraries before.

The aim of this class is not to dive too deep into the technicalities, but to give you a set of tools you can use right out of the box to build your product.

Here's a list of the tools we will get started with in Part 1:


- Git


- Webpack