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Learn Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams - Part 2

teacher avatar Ashok Kumar

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons ()
    • 1. Squares of 5

    • 2. Squares (1)

    • 3. Squares (2)

    • 4. Squares (3)

    • 5. Square root (1)

    • 6. Square root (2)

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About This Class

Quantitative Aptitude (aps) contributes a major mark percentage in any competitive exam. There are lots of topics in aps like Ages, Percentages, Speed, Distance, Time and so on, which has lots of questions to test the analytical ability of oneself. Solving these questions requires lots of time and mathematical steps. Most of the competitive exams gives only an average of 1 to 1.5 minute to solve a question. Without knowing the shortcut method, it takes almost 5 to 7 minute to solve a single question. This is the reason why a student is able to attempt only around 30% of questions and makes it difficult to pass.  In this course, all the shortcut methods are taught and students can easily solve a question within 1.5 minute and can pass the exam with ease.

In this course, the students can learn the shortcuts, tips and tricks to solve the aps questions in smart way and pass any competitive exams. I will constantly add solved example problems on all topics so that you can understand the concepts very quickly and easily.

Topics covered in each part

Part 1  - Basics addition, subtraction and multiplication. Link : https://skl.sh/2ZiVPmq

Part 2  (This course) - How to find squares, square root, cubes and cube roots in just 4 secs

Part 3 - Problem on Ages and Averages

Part 4 - Works and Partnerships

Part 5 - Combinations and Trains

Part 6 - Speed and Distance

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Ashok Kumar


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1. Squares of 5: my friends. And in this video they hope to find the square self numbers ending grit fight. Okay, let's find the square off. Number 90 feet and on base. Help. Remember, whenever a number in Spitfire the square will end in 25 on. Do you take this main on? Find the next highest A number off that this of any multiplayer. These two you get 90 and this is the square off 90 feet. I know. Let's take another example. Somebody fight? No. The number in sin Fight under square in suite 25. Okay. And you take this number seven on find the next highest in region that this lead and someone into aviators 56 and this is required. Answered some to face where is fighters and 6 25 2. Squares (1): hello. Place on in this video we receive. Oh, to find a square off a number in just too quickly steps. And you think this material confined? The squares upto wanted normally incompetent exams. They will not ask the squares off numbers, which are evident after 1 30 if you know the matter. So go find this query to be very easy for captained various com predicts hymns on here. That here, shuhm, There's quite a soft numbers from 1 to 30 on this numbers we have to Baker. Okay, so from 1 to 30 there is no other baby. Have to obey hurt all those quays off numbers from 1 to 10 and beyond. 31. Ok, there are some attacks that this the numbers which range from 31 to 80. You must use best on the numbers from 81 to 1 dirty. You must use 100 as a base on a plate. The matters that I'm sure you know. Okay, so next to go to a problem No, Let's find the square off a number. What? Before? Okay, As I told you, the numbers from 31 80 must use the basis. Okay, so 50 minus six is 44. What? Before square will be 50 minus six. The whole square? No. We will play some motives that this we know very well that for peace Quatorze does and fire . Onda minus six square minus six. Square is 36. This is the second step. You must rate this square yourself. KMPG numbers Presenting the bracket on the next step will be OK, so the six is there. So you want to play this 16? 200? You wanted Lee. The 1600 on dancer will be 600. Okay, this is minus X, actually. So minor. Six in 200 B minus 600. No, we must add these two numbers. So photos and 500 minus 600. The answer would be one does, Um, and the final stuff is toe add 1936. So if we add one toes and 9 11 36 he will get 1936 And this is the square off before 3. Squares (2): I know you take one more example on in this example will take Southie nine on since sunken in its present and wrenched 30 toe 80. So we'll use Sterling basis 50. And for people is stumped. The main is something off these Grady's doodles and 500 I'm don't be named Square this 8 41 on. We'll take this 29 and want to play with hunger. I don't did 900 And when you add these two numbers, we get 54. Okay, Before I know, just add 2 41 with the sensor and you will get the required access. And if you have to 41 get what foot on 60 So 6 to 41 Easter liquid square off some sleeping . 4. Squares (3): hi friends know you see the square off one done before. Now we have to take the base as hungry. Hungry place 24 is 1 24 and all the metals are same. Accepted this only one slight change. Here. I've blue. What is the change? So let's find this square off hungry. 100 square is we can find it is 10. Does, um, 24 squares. Fine. 76 from the four square is fine. 76. No, I take this 24 here from the four in 200 is Don't knows and for longer in earlier stuff, we have added these two numbers directly. No, there is a slight change in debt. So in start off adding the number directly we must Monte play this number two on. We must add the salt. It dentals. Remarkably they do. You get 4800 and you add four close and he attended here. Dancer will be 14800 No. Add 1400 on for you. 76 announced that he will get if six someone 14 feet and this is dead. Acquaint square off once before 5. Square root (1): Hello, friends. And in this video, I will show you go to find a square root Tougher number. So before we start, you have to remember this table that this this table shows a sequence off numbers that this will never a square root skins with certain number. If sands are also insert a certain number. Okay. If you observe this Devon, you can find that whenever the square root in Sweet one damn silly incident one off me. Similarly, when the square off in suite six, it's answer also incident eight or four or six. So this table you must keep in mind on Let's solve a simple problem. So go find a square. Root off a number. So let the steak for four evening and we'll find a square root off this number. He observed that square root in Sid nine. So dancer inside it either Greek What seven. The next step. What it must do is we have to remove the last two digits. I have removed last two digits. I know. The second step is you must find the largest perfect square that this lesson in 44 Okay, so if you have so 36 Eastern are just too perfect square with just less 10. 44. 36. Is the square off? Six? So that this stance it is and set off the square root for 48 minutes. Eight of 63 our 67. No, you must find the correct answer. No, we know how to find any squares off numbers ending with fight. Okay, so 65 square is equal to for you who fight this sensor can be calculated. You see the matter which resigned earlier review. And if you observed that 44 Yate name is greater than for you to fight. So that's 67 is the answer. 6. Square root (2): Hi, friend Snow. We'll take one more example. So let us find the square root off a 836 So the last number incident? Six. That means the answer. The inside it hater. Four. Our six. There's remoter. Last two digits. At this 36 I'm removing on, we must find a perfect square With just the largest perfect square that this Liston eight heat on you can find that 81 is the largest to perfect square. That this listen he did. And nine square is 81. That means stance. Idiocy that night before are 96 on no notice. 5 95 square a 95 square this seven to to flight on since 72 to fight is less 10 a day, 36 So the answer is nine before