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Learn Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams - Part 1

teacher avatar Ashok Kumar

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

70 Lessons (2h 37m)
    • 1. Fast multiplication of two 2-digit numbers

    • 2. Fast multiplication of two 3-digit numbers

    • 3. Fast multiplication of a 2-digit number with a 3-digit number

    • 4. Addition and Subtraction

    • 5. Multiplication with numbers close to 100,1000,10000,... - EXAMPLE 1

    • 6. Multiplication with numbers close to 100,1000,10000,... - EXAMPLE 2

    • 7. Multiplication with numbers close to 100,1000,10000,... - EXAMPLE 3

    • 8. Multiplication of complementary numbers

    • 9. Multiplication trick - with numbers (11-19)

    • 10. Multiplication trick - with numbers (11-19) - EXAMPLE 1

    • 11. Factors and Multiples - Basic

    • 12. HCF and LCM

    • 13. Factors and Multiples - Model 1

    • 14. Factors and Multiples - Model 2

    • 15. Factors and Multiples - Model 3

    • 16. Percentages Model 1

    • 17. Percentages Model 2

    • 18. Percentages Model 3

    • 19. Percentages Model 4

    • 20. Percentages Model 5

    • 21. Ratios Basics

    • 22. Ratios Model1

    • 23. Ratios Model2

    • 24. Ratios Model3

    • 25. Ratios Model4

    • 26. Ratios Model5

    • 27. Mixtures Model1

    • 28. Mixtures Model2

    • 29. Averages - Model 1

    • 30. Averages - Model 2

    • 31. Averages - Model 3

    • 32. Averages - Model 4

    • 33. Ages - Model 1

    • 34. Ages - Model 2

    • 35. Ages - Model 3

    • 36. Partnership - Model 1

    • 37. Partnership - Model 2

    • 38. Trains - Model 1

    • 39. Trains - Model 3

    • 40. Trains - Model 4

    • 41. Trains - Model 5

    • 42. Trains - Model 6

    • 43. Works - Model 1

    • 44. Works - Model 2

    • 45. Works - Model 3

    • 46. Works - Model 4

    • 47. Works - Model 5

    • 48. Combinations - Model 1

    • 49. Combinations - Model 2

    • 50. Combinations - Model 3

    • 51. Combinations - Model 4

    • 52. Combinations - Model 5

    • 53. Combinations - Model 6

    • 54. Combinations

    • 55. Problems On Distance - 1

    • 56. Problems on Distance 2

    • 57. Profit and Loss Basics

    • 58. Profit and Loss Model1

    • 59. Profit and Loss Model2

    • 60. Profit and Loss Model3

    • 61. Profit and Loss Model4

    • 62. Profit and Loss Model5

    • 63. Profit and Loss Model6

    • 64. Simple and Compund interest Model1

    • 65. Simple and Compund interest Model2

    • 66. Simple and Compund interest Model3

    • 67. Tanks Model1

    • 68. Tanks Model2

    • 69. Tanks Model3

    • 70. Boats and Streams

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About This Class

Quantitative Aptitude (aps) contributes a major mark percentage in any competitive exam. There are lots of topics in aps like Ages, Percentages, Speed, Distance, Time and so on, which has lots of questions to test the analytical ability of oneself. Solving these questions requires lots of time and mathematical steps. Most of the competitive exams gives only an average of 1 to 1.5 minute to solve a question. Without knowing the shortcut method, it takes almost 5 to 7 minute to solve a single question. This is the reason why a student is able to attempt only around 30% of questions and makes it difficult to pass.  In this course, all the shortcut methods are taught and students can easily solve a question within 1.5 minute and can pass the exam with ease.

In this course, the students can learn the shortcuts, tips and tricks to solve the aps questions in smart way and pass any competitive exams. I will constantly add solved example problems on all topics so that you can understand the concepts very quickly and easily.

Topics covered in each part

Part 1 (This course) - Basics addition, subtraction and multiplication

Part 2 - How to find squares, square root, cubes and cube roots in just 4 secs

Part 3 - Problem on Ages and Averages

Part 4 - Works and Partnerships

Part 5 - Combinations and Trains

Part 6 - Speed and Distance

Meet Your Teacher

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Ashok Kumar


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Technology Data Science

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1. Fast multiplication of two 2-digit numbers: I love France. And in this video you show you off to Monte play at two digit number that the state take sample off the plane like 79. And since people first, we'll see the tradition. But I want to play. Then I will show you the shot cut off onto plane. Any two digit number. First, the tradition would've assess falls Woman minus 80 week one in the Kerry to into 7 14 And so will be 15 and finding to minus 40 feet. You for Katie and someone into five is 35 35 plus four. You stopping may and then we love. So eat Cyprus. Five Kenjiro on in the Getty I mean place on this team and love him. So, dancer, this four person will not be. And this is a very simple problem. Andi cannot spend almost 10 to 15 seconds to solve this. So next will go through the shop tipped Madrid are falling. Soto Monte play any two digit number. So the diagram you must follow is one x on one. So first we have to Monte play the units place. Okay. After that, we must cross manipulated digits on that last. You must not be played. The prince places Solar to see d six sample stuff based. So the first thing is money playing off unit digit place. Okay, so unit digit, it's nine in tow. The people toe 80 on next cross multiplication. That this seven in tow, Chris? Nine in to fight? No, that looking for bean Bless 45. Okay, dancer Ruby. So speed. Okay, so the last two step this multiplication off 20 place that the 7 to 5 someone in to fight. Is that different? No. Let's compute the answer. So the first step last did you deceit, So it will come in. Answer. So remaining one will be carry forward. Who makes two step practice for the may have been in place one in a 60. Okay. Similarly, this Jiro will come here on this six would be carry forward book next to step on 30. Faithless six is 41 on when you get practiced. So, you know need to write these steps in paper. So just to convince a lazy everything and simply great answered in Just Google three seconds conference Whenever you follow too much play two digit number. So you kindly a wide the usage off this position just to use this implementer off Monday play. Just remember, it is from one graphs and one 2. Fast multiplication of two 3-digit numbers: Hi. Offense on. Now. I'll show you open to play a 23 digit number. Okay, so let us take example 3 21 into six months. Just let us see. The tradition will get off model playing this for even doing this fight and saving toe. 10 1 in Kerry by uncle. Political spin and answer this those 76 Next. I want to play 321 uh, by one. So one do. And next we need to market Larry 6 16 to 16 16 to pull on on the Kerry. Six in tow, please. 18 on dancer? We think so. The audition ISS fight one six plus 61 was to 14. One in the baby and hope list. 3567 nine. What? So this is dancing Former deplane 3 to 1 on 61 But if you, uh, follow this matter, it will be very difficult for you to write all the questions because it takes around the 10 to 15 seconds to solve this one and similar toe multiplication off two digit number. So there is a sharp cut for this. Also on delaying them for Monday. Playing pool three digit numbers one x stop x What? So that is First, we need to want to play the units place next cross money play units place and Prince place on next. Crossman Deeply, uh, dense Assad across notably hundreds place with Johnny's Place on then want to play that tends places On the next step this classman to play hunger displace and in its place on the final materialise Multiplication off hundreds please was stolen this multiplication off Eunice place. So that will be one in a fight and satisfied. Okay, Next across multiple A units place and dense place. So it will be in a fight less 1 to 1 that this loving next. If this cost money plate units place and hunger splits on, then cross more deeply that pence digits So this will be three in tow Fight Bless six in one distance Places they're pulling one. So to answer for this will be under next stuff This cross my plate didn't displace with hundreds Place that this three into one less six dancers scruffy on the last two step this so just want to play their budgets presenting hungers Please bring six Now let's compute dancer So the result off step his fight. So this five will come here. Fight Okay, On the second step, answer this 11. So this one will come here on one will be carry forward to next to stay on dancer. Don't repeat plus one will be 24. So this four will come in Dance it and who will be carry forward to next to stage of being Presto is 17. So this someone will come here on this one will be carry forward to next to stage on 18 plus one will be 90. And if you follow this matter and to be very easy for you get dancer off group three digit number. I mean just 4 to 5 seconds. If you practice real evil, you'll get better Quit and said in just four koff ice against so kindly Don't follow the traditional matter and follow the they get em off One stop said it won in groups start in 3. Fast multiplication of a 2-digit number with a 3-digit number: my friends Knoller to see Oh, come on to play a three digit number with the number The simple step will be to convert the too busy number into three digit number on, then play the procedure. What? We saw him open the plane. Pretty shipment. And this is 64 circle digit number. So we'll convert 64 into a three digit number just by adding a zero before it. And no, we have 23 digit number on Let's I played a farm love one into stop into one. The first step will be six in four that this don't before next. We must classman to plate Yoon's place on, then splice. Okay, six into six less eight into four on this will be 36 1 32 The dancer will be 68. That hurts Tempus across Muddy. Play hundreds place on. You knew this place on multiplication off pence, please that this five into four bliss six into zero plus eight into six, Ban said. We don't be plus 48 so it is 68 on the next typists. Crossman, deeply prodigious, presenting dense place with hungered splice on the answers. Five into six plus eight into zero that the sequel That and the last two step is just across multiple e religious. Presenting Concord's place five into zero is equal to zero. Now let's right answer for this day or will come, and the stool we carry forward to next to Stage 16 plus two is 70. I am right zero here this summer is carry for mixed A stage and 68 7 is equal to 75. I'm great. Fight on this seven will be carry forward to next to stage, and the answer is the seller. 4. Addition and Subtraction: LaFrance. And today we'll see a simple problem off additions and subtractions. And if you see the question the post Innis, we have to add 61 4001 plus 4 +79 plus +189 Faith. And we did We must subtract the result off 1311 place 3540 plus 177 And here are the four options given on we have to stay character options. And there is very easy to find the correct option. The smarter way of solving this is so First, add the last two digits off each number and we'll get one place. Thank. Plus fight minus one minus zero on minus two. So remember, minus a place to all these three numbers. Okay, So answered his fight. And if you see the options on dances in sweet fight so we need to proceed through the next two digit. Okay, so the next did you notice? One plus nine plus nine minus one minus four On my next summer, solving this, you get dancing. This someone we observe only Option C as the second digital seven. So Agence option C history density. I know we will see one more problem on in this problem. It would be like you buy a bottle from the previous digit. Let's start solving this. No, no, We will consider only the last digit. So that this six My next fight plus four minus nine. So this gives us dancers minus four, and we can't rate minus four in the answer. So we need to use the concept off. Borrow. Oh, that. This. That this Take any number. Okay. No, no, You take 8156 I will break up this number as eat one instead of the six. And great 16. Since I had bottled 10 from Prince Place. So this goes to for right? And now 8156 is nothing but eat. 14 16. No, let's start doing that. 16 by in a fight. Plus four minus in, Like at the secret. I know the last digit off cancerous six owners can quit. Dance it for the next two digit on the important thing. You must know periods. If you not take five, you should take dancers for because we have borrowed a tense place from this one. Okay, so four minus one. Bless nine on minus in line answers, please. No, let's more prudent. Next two digit one less four on minus eat. Once again, he'd lose the nectar of answer. So let's break up this number. So under Dita number this one. Yeah. 14 and 16. Okay, so long to get a bottle from this from so since place or dis become seven. Loving four. 16. Known that scalpel it dancer for next two digit that this loving plus four minus e that this seven and there's one more digit pending. So Catherine, also Southern plus one minus seven at the secret one. No, they're equate. Answer is 17 three and six the sister, but quite answer. 5. Multiplication with numbers close to 100,1000,10000,... - EXAMPLE 1: my friends know we'll see you tomorrow to play numbers which are close to 100 toasts and 10 toes and elected on these two numbers. If you observe, it is very close to 100 on first. Let this camp meat how close it is. 200. A 93 is close to 100 weight minus seven 100 minus ominous. Might be on 100 minus four will be 96. And after calculating good distance, we need to subtract in a crossman like this. Okay, so either you take 96 minus seven, 93 minus four. So 96 minus seven, will you? 18. Okay, so since the basis sang great, we need to money play this 89 with 100 89 in 200 people to 89 00 on the next step is just Monday played difference minus salmon into minus four. If this don't be eat and if we are, don't eat. With this result, you will get a toes and nine from Pete on desisting liquid answered 6. Multiplication with numbers close to 100,1000,10000,... - EXAMPLE 2: Let's take another example on in this example multiplayer hunkered and treat on 97. And if you look close, these numbers are very close to hungry on. The difference will be plus 300 plus trees or not. Three on the 100 minus trees 97. Okay, well, for the same procedure, dear, we will take the difference in cross. So either take 97 plus plea are or not. Three. My mystery on 97 less three will be hungry. Since the basis 100 I'm going to mount you Break this 100 this hunger. Okay, so hungered in 200. The sequel Windows on the next step is to want to play their differences plus three into minus three. That is equal to minus nine. Okay. And I had this minus name toe been awesome. So if you add minus name dancers will be 9900 in maybe one, and this is dead liquid answer. So we're not into maybe sound be 999 What 7. Multiplication with numbers close to 100,1000,10000,... - EXAMPLE 3: hi friends know will take one more example. And this time the numbers are close to Tosa. Differences as follows. The difference between Dawson and faster numbers blustery, No simplest restores an entry on the difference between toasted and second numbers minus four. We'll follow the same stuff. Either you cross difference. 996 and history are those and three on minus four 996 Bliss is equal to my like answered his main name, Mate. I'm since, uh, basis pose. Um, we need to want to play the answer with does so reticent numbers. This is static way number on. The last step is to a multi plate. The differences bless plea into minus four. It's equal to minus pool on the last office toe. Add minus stool here if they are minus 12 with my man in the Brazil, so you get dance it. 998 main main eat, then this is dead. Equate, answer 8. Multiplication of complementary numbers: difference. And in this video will see automatic play. Cool accomplishment numbers. Compliment numbers are those. But if we are the last two digits, the answer should be in and apart from the notch digital. The rest of fidgety did. It should be seen. Okay, if you take the first number don't beat. And 22 if you had the last digits, People Pedersen beating and apart from the last digits. Terrorist after digits. Artsy. Okay, if you take the last example, you can observe it. Seven place, please. Then. So, apart from last two digits, terror stuffed with Egypt's off. See? So these numbers are called complimentary numbers. I know We will see automatically these two numbers in a very fast. So the first office to want to play the last two numbers Answer is 16 vetements 16 is percent in the last two digits. Okay, so 60 is pressing the last two digits on the next step. This don't take this number two and find the next. If I used a number off So next to highest number off the street and we'll multiply these two digits. Answer six on desist ethically dances. We will take another example And now this is also complement number because nine plus honest in and apart from Eunice place all the numbers of C. Okay, glad we lose the number nine in the oneness. And nine that this this nine should be present in last two numbers. So late nine on 00 Okay, on I will take five. The next highest a number of 56 fight into sixes. And this is the right answer. Okay. And the last example someone into trees. Don't be one. So this 21 is present in the answer. Last four digits on for speak for 15 into 16 the next highest number of 15. 60. If you multiply these two, you get to 40 and this will be dancer. Okay? Maduro won 53. We want for dissent to 4021 is the answer 9. Multiplication trick - with numbers (11-19): LaFrance And now we'll see Altamont player number A number in the range 11 to 19. So now let us see hope. Amount to play the number three toes and fight 68 with 30 on The first step you must do is to separate the digits percent in this number. Okay, indeed. Religious is three. Why six? A neat after separation. You must add a zero in before send them. But okay, on no sense were multiplying with 13. The last digit display on we will not deplete the individual numbers Tree and eat into three is 24 16 to please 18 Firing two, please. Full fee. Bring to please name on three in tow. Zero is zero. On the next to step will be to add the teacher digits Pleasant in the festival on the next step is to are the previous digits presenting for still okay on this 18 should be other with heat four feet should be added with six. If I should be nine should be added. We fight and this zero should be added Victory and dancer this 24 Don't be six 21 14 on the No Let's Kapler dance it this four will come in. Dance it for on the stool will be carried forward. Okay, so, dancer, we don't be eat. Andi eight will be presenting dancer the stool Big carry for order and the answer would be complete. 3 21 Presto is 23. This pleat will be present in dancer on the stool we carry forward. OK, so 14 plus two. It could be 16 on the six will percent in dancer and this one will be carry forward three plus one before on this sister answered off multiplying Peters and fine 68 with 10. Multiplication trick - with numbers (11-19) - EXAMPLE 1: no at stake of second example. So know why Monty playing a number of it? Somebody. So let's follow the same steps that we followed earlier. First, I will separate the numbers on the next office. We helped add a zero in the beginning. Now, the since the last digit is seven. I have to want to play all this digital sit Southern on 18 to 7 is 56 seven into six. It is 42 someone in tow. Five is 35 sounded to please 21 and some money to zero is zero on next. Add the previous digit presenting the foster. Okay, so this e eight will come here. You. Thanks. Fight and knows. Let's that the answer is 42 plus eight. So it did for B 36 plus fight and sit is 41 and 21 plus five is 26. Um Jello Place, please. Zero known that state dance it. This six will be presenting dancer on This will be carried forward to next step. So for people s finest off the fight on this for you Well, going toe dancer on this second file will be forwarded to next to step 41 less fight It is what the six six will be presenting Dancer on before will be carried forward from basics place for study. Zero president Dances on display even be Carry forward. Replace, Please be six. And this is Dan. Set off Monty. Plane three person find 60 with something. 11. Factors and Multiples - Basic: Hello, Everyone in this room. You see what this factors and articles? So when a number gay Exactly. D wade the number B. We can say that is a fact that off so far. Exactly. You take the number 16 on the factors off. 16 1 cool. Four. He I'm 60. Because all these numbers really exactly debate this 60. So we can say that 1248 60 Are factors off 60 on multiple is a product off any value with the number. Okay. So, for example, if you take the number as fight, we can see it among people. Saw five off fight. Okay. Who think b and so on. So you need past you number if you want deeply. We fight that sys up. Don't want people yourself for this fight. 12. HCF and LCM: Hello. Everyone in this would you will see hopeful Catholic. You'll see him on help to help me get to see If so, First the camp late. What does they'll see him off for being 36 and 40. So hope of finding civis you have trouble. Fact PlayStation. So each time help use a friend number on the weight audibly members. I have the people stepped if you get the one. So first let me take someone And $14 7 school. So 36 will not be the little bay salmon. So let me write 36 directly on four people 27 6 on. We will repeat this step. Okay, so no, he cannot use six because six is not playing number. So you must be keeping my left only help you spread this. So let me divide this by three accidents that cannot be divided by please. So this pool and this one is too well Onda. Six bakeries so I can do for PlayStation. The Spain let me use. So to make this one a little bait. Police six on till a police work. No, Let me was working. This will be one. Me What the last three. So 11 you're seeing off these three numbers is nothing but the multiplication off all these friend numbers. So someone inter, please don't be one. Don't they want in tow to is for people on 42 into police eight before on eight. Before into previous, you couldn't go for escape, so they'll see him off. All these three members is proof of people. So know that this find it to see if on exactly are going to take this, Then what for their So let us find a to see if off the street numbers. Andi, hope if I need to see if it's you see, Long Division mattered. Okay, So first we will take any two numbers. So let me take them. And well, on the procedures we must be Wait, a smaller number. I have nothing so that this is their paperwork on who? Take one thing. You stick on that. He made it a scoop. So how walking must reads? You must use this school to debate. Okay, so the standing Come here. So Putin baked in its fight. Uh, dancer, This zero. So no, that's it is zero. So do you to see a wolf then on the world is equal. So the second step is we're here to find a to see if off two on the left, Open number 50. So this smaller number of school we helped motivate the smaller number by a higher number. And they will come seven times four b. Remember this one? That would be a step. The school will come here. Okay, on you can the trade group temps. We are getting zero. So to see if off go on instinct. Well, so we can say that it is safe off. All these three numbers is able to one so like this, only to find Elsa it to see if 13. Factors and Multiples - Model 1: So the first question Yes, we have to find the smallest number that this defensively by 10. 50 Sound effect. So what? You should believe they have a Catholic and you'll see him off all these numbers on that issue, Mr. After. So let us find a Elysium. Didn't who will be on some people that's divided by fight. That's it is well me, Onda Fuki. So again, that may be very big fight. It is to Well, please. Uh so let me do it. Three. That's it, It's too four one. Well, let me answer this one. Well, what the final step is he doing way too. So on that system, you get this. What? Fuller's more deeply the plane was finding face 25. Don't be afraid to be 75 75. It is 1 51 52 boys. He had it. So three introduce this oneness to number that this is the basis of like they work for 50 something 14. Factors and Multiples - Model 2: Look, it's there to solve the second paper problem. So this is going to find What is this molester number? That is divisible baiting? Well, 15 and scientific, which gives study my with this very simple. First, we have to find a encima on these numbers on then that you'll see and feel glad. So for all these four numbers we have calculator, they seem the last video on the Elsie amiss equal to three Hunter. And since we have to get the remainder spoon, we have glad to see the accidents. Please. It'll so please don't do is the smallest number with this divisible by on the street numbers. I'm you saving me. 15. Factors and Multiples - Model 3: hello running this week. You see, you are more tape of problem that this you will find a large sister but exactly devoted way of people 60 feet on 1 40 So to find this number here, too. Calculator you to see it off on these be numbers. So first you take any pool number on will take pay to see if from day to see if you find it is safe off the turnover. Okay, so let s take 52 on 65. The smallest numbers. 52. We're just going to be one thing. Andi, the answer is drifting. Okay, so you've seen this with people will come here. I know it is going to be four. We got zero. So it to see if offer to 65 is equal. But the I know we need to find they left off number on. You lose this 30 on the left open number with just one for people took the smallest number . Stupid 50 on 1 43 They just want to be loving things on 43. So we're getting zero. So to see if off people 65 1 for three is equal, so perkiness and I'm just a number that can exactly be paid all these being office 16. Percentages Model 1: Hello. Everyone in the studio see one more paper off problems. Enter the topic percentage just and that was Dennis remembered. 70% efforts on means May 1200 words How money works. The loser got so it doesn't stop listening. Well, it got 70% age off. Oops, Andi, We know that elusive God's 30% data foods on the difference is 17 when I stood be that this is a little for on the post insisted that we met has one day Oneto sent 200 hopes. That means this 40% ages 1200 on We need to complete how many words the loser got. So we never got some diapers and eight So from this, we can delay that loser got 30%. That means loser got 30% And we need to find the valley off this 30%. So what we do just across my hip? Later values 46 is equal to 1200 in tow. 30. That means excess sickle. 1200 to 30. They had a big fuck, and some salam tissue will get that excess Sickle domain happened. That means the loser got 900 hopes 17. Percentages Model 2: Hello, everyone. In this video, we'll sound one more question under the topic. Off percentages the frostiness. Yes, income Something percentage of his income be Think of 50% of Gypsies sing. Come on. If season come this one neck What does that even come off in this question? We have to find income off year on. The one leader out of annoyance sees income this one on data in there and data may have given this year symptoms 70% of BCE income on BCE income is 50% off season. So this yes in covers Some people said age off B on be seen comes from people send a tough season so that this ago 70% off poofy percentage Oh, I see. So let's simplify this statement. This is nothing but something by 100 into. Do you have it in tow? One on solving this. You will get $35. So yes, income is nothing but that if it doesn't 18. Percentages Model 3: Hello Everyone In this tape of from then we pull different objects on They will specify that one object this more or less by 7% on. We need to find the words percentage. Okay, so in this posting, they have asked it the area square years 20% more than the area's going to be. So they have space for some relation. So scary is 20% more dance quite big and we have to find that it was percentage that this way. What percentage Day area off squared B is less than area square. So to solve these tape off problems, we need to different farmers. So first witness, if we need to find it object years greater than after Be that we have used a family. Hey, when? This week they were a baby in tow. Okay, So the cases said Iwas Suppose if you want to find years whole, much less than B then we need to find B minus e. There wouldn't be in 200. So this question we hope to fight by what person did should be Syria is listed yes area. So we help to use that second farm. So the data given by the question ISS Yeah, it's quiet. Use 20% mornings Area is going to be so Let us take the area of square be you see a little bit on your day off square years Don't people switch more than hard that minutes? Yeah square us wonder so in the question the hell said that year is don't be person diction more then on we hope to find B is how many percentage less than he So the family becomes yea minus b the little bite he in tow 100 So which in place one Don't be minus 100? Develop one Don't people people have it so just equal to don't be by one don t So that does nothing but one basis. So he's one basics percentage resident 19. Percentages Model 4: Hello, everyone. In this video, you will see open solve the Constance off kind person daters off personages. That was initially going to be a percentage. And we have to find a value of the percentage from that value. One more person, it will be applied. So I guess what we have to This is a farmer toe calculate dancer that this yet plus B plus yean toe me by 100 maybe A and B are percentages. Okay, so is the first percentage on being the second percentage. So that the stinking sample a place off a product you think please don't be percentage on at the scum puffed impersonate was given. What is that for me, please? Our big please percent off the product so that this is a product. First there is a hype after place, 20%. And then from that value impersonated is called loss given. So this can be sold very easily. Using the formula. You only differences. So let's solve this question. First, the value off days blessed won't be because the prices increased by don t. So the values plus 20 on the value of B is minus step because our discount often personage wasa given. So that means the prices reduced to pay 10%. So the final person date is yeah, plus B that this won't be minus Tim Bliss. Don't be into minus 10 doing away so that the secret them bliss minus 200 by under it so that there's nothing but plus eat so that this we're getting a past your number, So that means the prices increased by 8%. So when a product is increased, they don't deeper snitch on, then 10% of this complex given. So the total places increased weight 8%. 20. Percentages Model 5: Hello everyone. This will be a real salt A problem 1% ages The Boston Ihsan Election party He got 10% off hopes parking be gotten into vapor center forts. The remaining peed off Cento the world's castor. What we see on, we have to find how many warts party and party be got. Let us take that Opened what is 100% each on this 100 person ages debated by 40 and partly be And what we see on we know that you got in procedure Foot's on be got 25% a John Forbes We don't know the percentage of C but we know that c got burritos and 2 50 off What's OK So let us Tom Steller sea itself that this 35% each less the seat that will see God 65% a Jeff what's we know? That 65% h is equal Greek Tolson four feet. So this is what in the question it was mentioned on, We need to find the remaining certify person age efforts on this is did not arrest X. So what? We believe it will just cross muddy plate have our news. So 60 fine into X is equal to 2 3050 in 35. So let's solve this X equal toe. 3% proof of people into 30 fight different weight 65 So that this nothing but 1007. That means you and be totally got 1000 some of the efforts. 21. Ratios Basics: Hello, everyone in this room you will see water. Rachel's Rachel's are mostly used to represent propose stations. Suppose if it a present that the two numbers are in racial to east to three. So that means when you change poor values off first number. So it means that we have to change the second number three points. So that this the meaning off ratio. Andi, there are two relationship inflation. The first witness a directly proportional. So we can say that distance is exactly proportional. Okay, so that makes when you increase the distance. I am also increases. It increases their time to reach the distance. Similarly, if the distance is decreased, then I'm also decreases. So we can say that distance and time are directly proportional and Abbott relationship is called this seamlessly proportion. So that this we can say that it be meant and suddenly that is, if you increase the demand, some play will be reduced. Similarly, if you reduce the demand supply being released in sediment and sir play are inversely proportional, so present inversely proportional s demand is inversely proportional. Game one baby. Now we'll see how to solve the problems in place. You suppose to. Numbers are given the racial police to three. So that means the important parts is nothing. But who placed a that this fight. So then I totally fight parts out of its first apart. Country boots to fight times on second part country books three by fate. And we will understand this better when we solve some problems. So how stuff you, Bordick so used to please nothing but to fight on a three way fight? Okay, on one more, Angus. Then there's two ratios. Yeah, you, Scooby, which is equal to C is to be. Then we can come to a conclusion that yeah, in tow B is equal to be Indo, see? 22. Ratios Model1: I love anyone in this video. You'll see open percent samples, inform off day shows. So in question, they have given that year. And we got some different. 100 months tested. Dooley on. We must camp lit that Asian off me and Big Glacier is something. But yet they will be so that this 70 fight there will be 100. And when you cancel the stumps, he will get three way for that. This year, A and B are relation off. Three is to for. 23. Ratios Model2: Hello, everyone in this video with salt. One more problem under the topic off ratios. The question insulation off years to be his same restoration off beings to see if you tend to see good 40. They want to step really off me on here. They have given that be positive in detail. We know that the ratio off is to be a single toe B is to see so that this year in to see he could do be in to be on the value off is still into 40. It's equal to be square. Okay, I'm similarly so from this we can they be sequel to 400 which can be plus, don't be ar minus 20. And since in the Boston they have given B is a fast even teacher, so be a single DuPont. This is dancing 24. Ratios Model3: Hello, everyone. In this video, you see helpful do they lose from ratios? So the frostiness, Horatio off boys and girls is feisty. For if there are one of the boys in the class money, girls are dead. This is the question on from the question we can arrange. That Horatio off voice is two girls is equal to find ways to. For So that means voice is having five pots on girls is having foot bots. I'm in the question. Decker mentioned that there are totally 13 boys in the class. That means this fight parts is equal to 1 50 And we need to find a value off this four parts. Okay, so just across my hip, lady stinks. Fight in tow, X single 14 feet him do for So that means exercisable 1 50 in four. But flight solving this, you'll get dan service one. Don't be so four Popsicle doing on this is district off girls. And Nicolas 25. Ratios Model4: in this question. They have asked that the ratio of bison girls is six is to fight. So that means voice is two girls. A sequel to six is to fight on. They have said that the number of voice is 30 more than the number of girls on We need to find how many girls are there in the class. So this racial means voice strength is six parts on girls. Strength is five parts, okay, and the difference is one. But on that one part, the sequel. So they upset that number. Bikes is 30 more than than a bragger. So that means that extra one part is equal to 30 students. And we know that one part is to be and we need to find what, this five watts. Okay, so it just your money played 30 to fight. So which is equal to 1 50 So the number of girls in the class is wonderful 26. Ratios Model5: Hello, everyone. In this video, you will see one more example off the topping ratios. The question issue B c got the shop in the racial five weeks before it's too three on the help. Also said that your shadows 800 more than C on. We have to find the individual share Safi A B C. So the shops are The initial fight is to four is 23 That means they're totally pull pops. Okay, He's having fight pops bees having four pops and sees heavy read bus on the question. They have said that you shadows 800 more than six. So that means fight minus tree is nothing but to. So this two part is equal to 100. So that means the one part this 400. So, in order to find the chefs off this A b and C so, yea, shadows five pots. So that means 400 in to fight your sequence. Who builds it? So this is a chef on beaches, 400 to four. Okay, so that is equal to one of those, um, 600. So this is the chef, Andi. See Shadows 400 into so that is being worked 1200. Oh, you can just find See, shared by subtracting 800 from you. Okay, because in question Deo said Yea shall we say more? Simply minus e done from get and you can find. 27. Mixtures Model1: Hello, everyone. This We're going to see the concept after mixtures. So in this tape off problem, there will be some brands off a product. Each brand have different cost. So we need to find a nation off the mix off the cost of the mixer, the quantity of terms. So let's solve the problems in this community. The first question is brand year races sold up for people peace for Katie on brand be basis . All that 18 release back 80 and they have asked it in a bottle. A shoe. We have to mix these two brands so that we can sell that at 15 per piece for Katie. So for solving the staple problem, it is better for us toe the Selous this data into a regular so that we can solve it very easily. And I really hope it was Celestis, their time himself regular and the apartment after negative Miss So firstly helpful made a cost off product. He on cost stuff product be Andi here he hoped rate the cost stuff makes it okay, so you must be. And here you help, right? The quantity off he on some really here We have rate the quantity off big. So the sister negative b will follow to solve the postings off this tape. So let's substituting values so brandy day so that don't piece by Katie. So don't be Will come here on brand be sold at 18 per piece for Katie. So a Penis placed here. So the mixer praises 15? Yes. Oh, no. We help to compute these two valleys, so hope to capitalise two values is just you, my Mr Diamond values. And you'll get the Arctic. So don't be minus 15. Is fight okay on a T minus 50? Yes. Thank you. On here. The important thing you must know that you should not write minus is losing these areas. Suppose you for this, like 50 on here is gonna be. Then you have to write fight here. Issue not right. Minus five. Ok, so omega minus values in this particular area. So once we complete this banged up No, it is very easy to find a ratio that actually is nothing but three weeks to fake this installation. Okay, so this is steady issue off quantity that is beheld makes three parts of brand here on five parts off Brandon be Oh, get the cost 50 28. Mixtures Model2: Hello, everyone. In this video, we will solve one more example on the topic off. Just so, the question is, is 80% age off milk and 20% age water in one mixer on They have asked it how much water we have to mix. 3 50 AM Enough. This makes it so that the will become something percentage. So let us missile lace these days. So first we'll fill this value So that this they have said that 80% age off milk on 20% off water is present in left unsaid and write and say to me, help mix that makes it so that makes it campaigns on the water. Okay, so there is no milk like this. Zero and 100 wonder so that makes me toe get 70% age off me. 70 off milk on waterless their keepers and age off what on? We have to cabinet these two values. So before calculating this, we have to make sure that in now, Daniela, only one belly is percent. So here you can find it. There are cool values in all these three fields. So let this anymore. You need one enough. So in our case. We need to find homely water we have to mix, so that will remove quantity off milk. So let us remove this quantity. What does this milk? This is unless the moon unit tough moved on. No, we will cap meat Q on Q B. So hope took an 800 minus 30? Yes, 70 on 20. My Nestor D is so the ratio should be off. 70 is to, so we just nothing but someone is do one so that this quantity off mix they were the bike quantity off walked up. It's equal toe. Summer is stupid on in Khost in day care, given the quantity off mix so that the streets of believed us so 3 50 leaders developed a quantity of water. It's seven is 21 that the song this equation, this cross multiplayer values. So someone into quantity of water is equal to 34 people. That means quantity of water is nothing but 34 people, someone so just 50 liters 29. Averages - Model 1: in this model. There will be some groups off members and each group will have some averages. And we need to find the war leverage of helpless. So let us take example the average height off 30 voices on 60 Cindy muted the Harris fate off prompted else's wanted. He's intimidated on. We need to find the average of the class on the formula for solving these type of questions to find average off in group. So we need to use this formula where in one in two in three corresponds to the count off heat subgroup on average, on average, to our speakers. Want to average off each subgroup? Let us use this form Lotto. Find the average of the class average of the class is equal to. You know that this the counter faster group is 30 30 in 1 60 Bless into the discount off. 2nd 2nd group Accomplice Don't be Don't be in 1 30 on. We need to add their total members in each group. But that is going to be the people a spunky. If you solve the secret session, you will get the average just 1 48 sin difficult 30. Averages - Model 2: no base on in this video, you will see the turn model off averages and in this modern problem, relate they'll be on large group on. We need to find averages off subgroups To solve the problems off this kind, we need to use the formula. You bet here, young virginal corresponds to the number off elements in the original group. So average corresponds to collaborate are fortunate group on the n one average. One corresponds to a number of group on average off the subgroups to solve this problem. So they have asked that their total 50 boys and I operate age off free boxes. 22 years, that is the main group contained 50 elements and average up that just 22 years on day. This is a group off 30 voice. So the average of 30 bikes is 25 years on the arid off in other voices from peers. And we need to find a trade a free many boys average in B that is used this formula in what journalists? People now date off that this strong people on we need to, minus all the subgroups scrumptious. First, some group campaigns dirty, on average, is still different. Second subgroup contained. Spin on that averages Stumpy. There was a way in, nor journalists was foofie minus third beat minus. If you saw the situation, you will get 200 by then on. That is going to be Don't be. The average of remaining voices will be yes. 31. Averages - Model 3: no base. Let's see the next moral off averages. And in this tape of model, there will be a rich off coverage anyone member will be probably calculator on. We need toe. Correct that and find the New Orleans. Okay, so let s take example from this model, the different age off invoices don't ears literally class phone that one boy sage waas family and Curtis Don't be fine. Inst enough don't deeply. And what is the current average? So ask, given in the example that every district use I mean, this post in one remember, value is wrong, but this value after our members 25 on each family, should be completely so the difference between these two years. Two years on, there are totally 10 members in this group. Okay, on this two year should be equally subtracted from all the 10 elements in physical. On the difference you visa practice to wait, then that this equal to zero point do on the character original B but all that way to minus zero point. Okay, so correct Average sequel. Don't be minus zero point on that. This would be 19 point tedious 32. Averages - Model 4: Hello, Franz. And in this video you will see how to find a member from my rich. When some members are included are some members are excluded. Let's take example, the average age of five points on one peters 14 years With each of the ages excluded, Dari becomes 10 point. I want to stay in tough due to We need to find the age of teacher on the H off nature is goingto be some off on grayness. Some of students are someone's voice. First, let us find what is there some off they And we know that the group contains five boys and one feature so precise after a group of six, you know, 40 minus some off voice. So the total bias, our fight in tow. If the teacher ages is closer, then traveling becomes pinpointing. Okay, that the secret Answer this eight before minus before on the age after teacher This 30 years let us take one more example. Average height off my students is 106 centimeter. If the teacher status in Florida, then the average increases by curtains in the winter. What was the fight off? The teacher? The Indus Coast in the average off. One group is given on the new mobile decided through the group, and we need to find the value off. Remember, we need to find a height off the teacher. So height off teacher is equal to There's some Oh, on my nurse. Somewhat students. Well, a few, sir. Practice some off students from the Intel group. Unique. We can easily calculate the height off the beach. Okay, First, we need to help create some months they in their group 1,000,000,000 peer group campaign, five students and one teacher. So the total Countess six in tow. What toast? Average average increases by 13 from 106 So it averages 119 So average off the students and teachers you see, call 2119 under some off students are low. The total students are fight into average of students is 106 If you saw this equals, Jenny will get someone 14 minus that This equal toe 18 before sending with 18 before sending That is the height off the future 33. Ages - Model 1: No, please. In this reveal, we'll see the front of stuffy ages, and we'll see how to solve problems on the topic ages. But it doesn't go to the first question. The age of 40. This fight times more than sunset my years ago. The Age of Fodder, Boston Times Jefferson Artista Present agent Before on their four options given below first , we'll see hope to solve this coast in in a standard manner. Then I will show you a shortcut, which really eliminate the wrong answer. Onda. We can easily find the correct answer. Let us take the father's just CF. I'm son CIA. Jesse us. We're putting through the first line. What does he just five times more than the sunset? That means your physical too fine in tow? Yes. Now the second lane tells that five years ago, the age of Father Waas, 10 times the age of this, observed this statement Five years ago. That means, but I sent agency of India's five year cycle. The age will be F minus five on yes, minus fight. So let us read this statement a situation so that five years ago the eight your father loss 10 times day justice. In so presented just here five years ago, UCF minus fight equal to 10 times a year Jobson so that it's been in tow. Yes, minus fight because five years ago, the age of sun would be yes, minus five. So as spurt the first ignition fs equal to five in two years. So substitute this five in two years in do the second decoration that this fight yes, minus right equal to then in two if minus fight, let's expand this the physical too, then Yes, minus four. Fine. Yes, equal to this fight. When this mine is fake, goes to the right and save it becomes blissful. Now let's solve the situation. This particular didn't b minus 40 free. Okay. And let's bring all the years to one side and numbers toward that said then it will be then Yes, minus five. Yes, equal. Do what difference that means fine is equal to 45. Yes, it's equal to night and we know that fathers percentages five time stage of person 38 after sun nous nine on If will be five into night, that is nothing. But what difference so I should see, is that I density. And this is the traditional way. Very Waas writing Lots off step. No. We will see the shop that mattered. How to find dance it easily on we will use Demeter called us the elimination where you remove all the wrong answers on that last will find the correct answer. We observed a question carefully. It is given that age, your father this five times more than sunset. That means age. A father should be my people off five in the falling four options The auction is lope. Option these because B and E are not multiple. Suffice on the current answer can be either option year. Our options seek must take option here. So let s a seemed it. If a sequel to 40 since age should be eat No, See that five years ago, the age of for the Boston time stage of dissent. So five years ago, a jafar will be 35 on the age of sun will be clean. So according to option here, father seed is not been time stage off. The option is wrong. So option He's a little and obviously option C should be correct. But if you want to check it can take. Let us take farther the age as 45. And since it should be nine no, five years ago. The father see it is 40 on the Sun CD before here you can see that pharmacy ages 10 times. So hence option C is the correct answer. So, like this, you can you eliminate the wrong answers and you can find the right one are you can go to wreck traditional matter but I recommend you eliminate the wrong answers because they'll be not much time to solve all the questions like this. OK, so try to eliminate the wrong dances and finished a question as soon as 34. Ages - Model 2: I know base. And in this video we'll see one more example on the topic cultivators. And that was Penis policy to started ills more than some siege after four years for those ages three more than four times. Stance on Siege What is the current age? A father? Some ready, therefore options given. So first we will see how to solve this in a traditional manner. Then you'll see hope they limit the wrong answers. And big correct one. The first plane says that far does he to study a small than sensitive. If you take Father's Theater Z off on sunset just yes, then your physical, too. Yes, Plus Urbi second statement says that after four years, farther stages three more than four times to sunset. After four years minutes, you should write if plus four, you can go. No, the sense age B s plus four. So this into four pence plus three that there's three more than four times there. Some seeds, no son. See Odysseus flips for foreign to us. Plus four is four times and plus three means three Mormon, four times to some siege. We need to find the age of father so Let's replace this. Yes, in tow. So aspect of fast ignition you have to see for two years fluster t so that means yes. A sequel to you have minus took Holder. Substitute this? Yes. Since he can't be f minus 30 here if bless four equal to four times if minus 30 plus four. Lisbon Let's expand this step that is equal to foreign. Two years, Four years, minus 30 plus for this minus 26 on minus 26 in tow four is going to be minus 104 and blessedly, let's bring all the U F to one side and all the numbers started. Stayed What? This is going to be three if equal toe for F minus F SPF and four minus three +104 That the sequel Toe 10 Fight on de physical toe 105 by three. Well, that is nothing, but don't be frightened. Option C is Got it. Pardo's ages 30 fail on option C East. A correct answer. So, no, we will see how to solve the same question by you're meeting the wrong answer. Okay, so first, let the steak option yet that this father's ages 38 eels. Some say he should be able to use a list on for this itch. That means sons it should be eight years and after four years, the father C H B 42 on sense each. When it beat blood, ask Spertus data four times the sun C H plus plea should be for into one. Plus three is the one that means he is wrong. Answer. Now let us take B far. Does he? Just 37 then sons. It should be 30 years less than 1/4 ch that seven. After 40 years, the father's age will be 41. I'm Sensi Egil, really over four times Love and plus Three. Will you do 47? That means B is also not right. Goleta Steak Option C Fathers. He just stood the fight. Then sunset should be 30 years. Liston, the father said that this fight after 40 years far does. He will be 39 son Sage will be my four times nine plus three. Will you be night on hints Option C east of eight dances. Using those Bay Off elimination, we can limit their advances and we can find a correct. Answer very easily, Lavergne and rating all the steps. This will help you to save lots off time on to solve more number of questions. 35. Ages - Model 3: elephants on in this video you will see the dirt example off futures, the post Innis A and B this artificial please toe for after five years, their ratio becomes sports to fight what Mr Carlin paid off under that four options, you see hope to solve this problem. Busted. Want to see and be a sudden increase you please to four. That means you maybe people three bait for there is nothing but yea see for you three in tow. Ex BBC people do for in its and we need to find the value of its No, not to see the second statement after financed that issue becomes holdings to fight. That means a present agency after Fabius state becomes a shapeless fight. Andi, these percentages be after for years, the age of B becomes be blissful on a physical four bay five. We know that is three parts on these four parts. No, not substitute. This in the nation there is nothing but three gets less. Five. They would have a great four ux less right people who for my faith, grass money playing this will you for being X plus. Won't be fine. You see people for into or explicit that this six speed UX bless o solving dissolution. So this find a sequel to its that this exists. People fight. No. Yes, it will do Clean two X. That means yes. If you re into five. There is nothing but so steam option used a great let's see how to solve those Costin By eliminating wrong dances according to the question, it is given that A and B agents are in ratio trees to four. That means is it should be a multiple off free and be seated should be multiple of four inductions they have blistered for possible It is off so that only first option on bond last option are more people soft Three. That means B and C are a little Let us take the first option 15. Yes, it is 15. That means these it should be okay because he and we should be interracial. Please toe for on. After five years, the age elite won't be on a BCG People be fight If you observe these to the show's today shows his board is to fight Vince option. He stood, I dance it 36. Partnership - Model 1: Hello, friends. In this video we will see the concept off partnership and for solving the problem. Some partnership we need toe learn a very important formula. Doctors share off. A person is equal to investment on the time where his investment is dead in the business. To get shots off two partners, we need to have the investments off water partners. And we need to have how much time the investment is present in the business. So you feel no, all these four values, then you can easily find how much shot each partner is going to come. So let us take an example. He started a business, he boosting freight Dawson. After that, you be joined with the capital in Tulsa. At the end of three years, that business returned a profit off 7000. What are the shops off? What apartness. So you can see that investment off a is 5%. And how much long despite does in this present this fighters in this percent what I intend previous so that this duration off a is equal to three years after a year be joined with a capital off Sentosa. That means investment off. He is going to be 10 does And and how long this investment is present Since he joined a year after, Yes, duration is only two years. Okay, so, no, we'll find their shots off water partners using the formula. Shadow off, he by shadow off B. It's going to be fight no scent in 23 They were great. Been Wilson in group who we can cancel the zeros. This gives Tacitus trained to fight with Dean and tending to strong tea. That is nothing but three right for So the share certain that ratio three is 24 That means there are totally southern parts open the some in parts three parts belong to you and four parts belong to be so in the posting, it is given that there is a profit off Southern dosen on. We need to find a Shapps off. What? Apartness. Yes, it's going to be three butts and B school be four parts profit of 7000. Yea, Shot is going to be three by seven in tow. Santos it on B shot is going to be four bay seven in to 7% that the sequel toe Yeah, shot would be three Dawson on the shadow will be 4000. After three years, the 7000 profit would be shad between A and B Victor. Racial, please. Toe for that. This year will stay Peterson and being take. 37. Partnership - Model 2: no base. You see one more problem on the concept of partnership. The cost in ISI started a business with capital often Tosa. After six months, V joined a business they must fight. Dawson, after the eight months being best fighter, said more. The profit at the end of five years is love and lack. What other shops off baby must be great. The values off the investment and duration investment off He's going to be in person on distintos um is present. What? They ended five years being this whole different. I want a different time. So first invest ment off b is five Dawson and he was six months after the investment off here duration off these six months after investment coffee. That means BCE fighter Sunday school to stay in the business for the period off 54 months. Okay, Before months, the finest is nothing but 16 months. You can vote on the values of direction two months so that it would be uniform across the question. No being Mr Additional investment off I person. I think this is B one on be who is going to be under 5% on the duration off the second investment is going to be 46 months that this gate mints after the investment off Boston enlistment. So second investment is going to stay in the business for 46 months. No, we find the shaft, Safi A and B Shari, I'm shot. We IHS global be Didn't Dawson into 60? Do it a bite. $5 into off people. Bless for your Dawson in book for basics. Since being was doing most men, we have to add the new investment on teaching movement. Have different type idiots. Okay, so solving this situation will do. I'm sorry. Six lack. They bite. Do like something Dawson do like $30. Know that this equal to six lack They would abate five neck. So the ratio is six is to fight. Okay, so the total parts is 11 total is 11 parts and six parts belong to ye and five parts of B. Yes, Shot is going to be six by 11 into profit The prophet this 11 black. So it is going to be a loving that Andi shad is nothing but six left. No b shot will be 5 11 into love and lack describe to be finally 38. Trains - Model 1: no place in this video will discuss departs of tough dreams. In this topic, there are three that news. Call this feet limp on pain and they will give any to value. And we need to find 1/3 1 And they have set formulas on using those partners. We need to find a missing. Let s take one example. Don't make a plane running at the speed off 1 50 kilometers. Whatever crosses side of the plane, running in opposite direction at the speed of a particular for to forever in nine seconds. What is the limped off for? The plane? Yeah, this feed off one train is given on the limped off on train is given on a passing game was given, and we need to find what does the limped off 103 that is to train times in opposite direction and a crossing payments nine seconds and we need to find the limped off 100. We need to use the far luck feed one plus feet to equal to lend one place in tow. The way crossing thing, We're speed one and speak for the presents to speed soft border three Certainly lento 100 total presents to Linda that there's some disgusting. We know that speed off us to train its one particular with forever so that this one will be less feed off another planus CD kilometer forever equal to limped off us planus 200 meters Bless Limped off second. Then we need to find do it over bait crossing payments, nine seconds if we observed these two values are in the unit off kilometers on these two values are in the unit off meters and this is the only stuff seconds and we need to normalise these values before we trade to solve accosted. So first, let us convert this kilometer but our group meeting basic and so that we can get in our embraced value to convert kilometers per hour tools major per second. Just we need to Monte play I never knew by find by gaping 1 50 plus AP is goingto be to 30 in tow. Fire baiting. This will convert kilometer meter a second equal to to longer bless to divert abatement. Let's bring this nine daughter that said don't 13 toe fight by 18 into nine ableto longer blessing ex canceled This one 13 to fight is 1150 They were made minus 200. A sequel to that this you two is equal to please sound. If Amy, this is the limped off second. 40. Trains - Model 3: I days in this video we see the third model on the concept of trains. In this model there were train running a desert in speed. On there will be a platform or channel dessert in distance. On the either crossing time are the lint after platform will be given and we need to find the missing. I have shown the farm I used for this model by using the farmland that solved the question by the Austin speed off. The train is 70 kilometers forever. I need the sequel leant after train. We need to find lint off the plane we need to find plus Len Tuft of Platforms 500 meters and crossing payments 36 against First will convert the kilometer Parenteau Meter Bay second by multi plane. This in tow five by 18 And we'll bring all the values to the one state into 36 minus If I have it equal to lent off electric. But we can selling this ghost one pain on this school stoop pace on By solving the situation, it is going to be southern. Dont t minus 500. They control leant after train is going to be you don't eat meat This 41. Trains - Model 4: la France. Let s take one more example Here, the length off the platform Asik Aldo zero that this train will cross object off zeroing zero Lent means a man are appalled. That does take example a train off 100 meter crossing a standing man 40 seconds. What does this feed After a soldier? To solve this question, we need to find the speed off the plane that the sequel toe leant after train is 100 meters . They would have a bite crossing famous 40 seconds and hence feed after train is going to be to find faith, meet their basic 42. Trains - Model 5: Hello Prince. And in this model there'd be questions like It will be given a train crosses certain platform in some time. And we need to find how much time that train takes to cross another platform. Let us take example. The train off land 100 meters crosses a fall in five seconds. How long will it take to cross it on a love to 15? If he observed a question, you can find that the speed off the train which crosses a full on the process of journalists, see feed off full a sequel to speed off. We know that speed is equal to distance by time, so let's substitute their values Distance off Fall is zero Onda lent after trainings 100 meters. So that means 100 plus zero and the time like way to cross ISS five seconds A sequel toe distance off that Donald is both off Demeter on the plane lent this autumn with better this 100 plus stuff off people, they would have a big came across the tunnel. We need to find well bay solving this equation. We can come to move it 100 BP sequel Find in two brief of that means time to cross the tunnel is equal to 7 1050 the rate of weight hunted and at the sequel to 17 find five seconds. 43. Trains - Model 6: I love France and in the studio see one more example on the topic of Prince, and in this example, we'll find how much time the train stands at each station. We don't run me. So in this staple questions, they begin to different values. That is, the amorous feed off trained. We don't any stoppings on every speed off drinks a bit. Stockpiles on using these two values. We can find home any time the trainers. So the farm law for solving these type of questions is until a musical go speed. We don't stopping minus feed with stopping David Obey speed. We don't stop it. Let us see the Boston. It was noted that a train runs at every speed off 1 50 kilometers forever. We don't any stoppings the next. Today the brain stops a few stations and average speed becomes. Want to pick a limit of forever? Find out the duration after train, Find off Federation. The train stops at all stations. We need to find Idol thing. Idle time. A sequel to Speed. We don't stopping this one for economic forever. Minus on when train stops at station Savary, speed is decreased to one particular on. They were the bait. Speed. We don't stop it. Solving this. You get 31 foot peak on. That is going to be one day fight of us. The idle time off this train is going to be won by favors are we can say the stool minutes . 44. Works - Model 1: love is. And in this video you see the concept off time on war, the industry off problem. There would be a contribution off individual persons and we need to find a world contribution off the world or logistic. The simple example. You can do a working 10 this We can do it in 15 days. How many days bought off them can work to get it to complete the job that does. He alone can complete a job in 10 days. That means birthday. A contribution is going to be one bait. Similarly be can complete a working 15 days. That means to be so. One day conservationists will be one day 50. No, we need to find how many days A and B can work together to complete the job. Okay, so that is going to be a place to be on. The contribution is one day, 10 plus one way 15. If you pay, you'll see him. It is going to be 30 on three plus two. Answer his fight. Wait 30. There is equal to 1.6 that this iffy and we work together. Their contribution is going to be one basics. That means if he and we work together, they take total six days to complete the job. 45. Works - Model 2: LaFrance, and in this video we will see one more example under topic off work. The question is treatment works to a lover per day to complete a working 15 days. If he 18 men work for three of us for the home une days, it requires to complete over, according to the Boston work, one on work to our scene. So we will take the value work one. They were to ask one, and we'll substitute values as better formula in the first group. Number of persons is going to be free and the days required to complete the job is 15 for each day they're working for you, all of us. Similarly, number of persons present in the second group is going to be 18 and the daughter Daisy McQuaid, to complete the job. We need to find some students Deepu in two eat of it. So each day they are working three of US colors, computer value displayed. This gets canceled. We can cancel 21 six into to install 16 toe, please. 18 on the new soul. It is going to be one been great. The that means D two is goingto be. If he 18 men work for treed three others for a day and a shortened days required to complete the job is going to be then this. 46. Works - Model 3: I love France. Let's solve more example under the topic of works. And the question is to a woman can do our work in five days. Forewoman can do the same. Working told. It's all money. Basic rights to complete the job If six months and four woman were together, we know that a woman can complete the job in five days on four. Woman can complete a job in the world this on. We need to find how many days it requests to complete the job. If six months on day four woman what you get on. We don't know how many days it reports. 76 months works to get it to complete the job on in Boston. They have given that if Tool Men works together, it requests five days to complete the job. So to find how many days that six months can work to get back to complete the job, we need to use the farm lobby. Sign early reviews that this work one by work to is going to be person. But someone into day one in tow, our one the other way person to in tow, Day two in tow. Our since vote the works obscene Will substantive Alia's one, a sequel to So Number A person in the Faster group with Stool into This is the way to complete The job is fire and they're not giving any. But a day working of also will take it. That's one they were gonna bay So number, uppers and the second group is going to be six a number of days we need to find. When we saw this situation, people get home une days, the job beaten if six men worked together or let's cancel. This is one time when to name on, the two is going to be in this. If six men were together, they will complete the job in 10 days. But a day contribution is going to be one big Ben. Similarly, Forewoman works together and completely job in two days, but today contribution is going to be one three of six men on forewoman We're still getting then per day. Job is going to be one paid in place one day. One, let's take the El CIA will seem, is going to be 1 20 rule Blessed n that is going to be don't Tito by 1 20 answers. Love on bail. 60. So if six men and four woman works together, birthday contribution is 11 by 60. So Thornton Days is going to be 60 by 11. That the sequel to my 0.45 this. 47. Works - Model 4: LaFrance on in this video, you will see one more example on the topic. Off work. The question is A, B and C can do working to feel too well on 10 days respectively. Yea, and we started to work together on left after four days. If the remaining work can be done by a see how many days he will take to complete the job to solve the state off Boston, it will be easy. We know very efficiency off each person's on the efficiencies calculated using the farm total. Walk by this okay and total workers. You'll see him off all the individual contribution. So first you find the doping work. What the workers will be, you'll see enough will be too well, they'll things going to be 60 on efficiency off year is 60. Develop bait This on. This is nothing but money. Days you can take to complete the job and he can take bean This so efficiency off is going to be for efficiency. Off B is going to be 60. They were very cool. That is going to be fight on efficiency. Off See is will be 60 by 10. That is going to be six. The question they have said that you and we worked together for four days. That means that the efficiencies will be fine. Plus four found that this mine and they're looking for four base a local were computer in four days is going to be nine into four. That is 36. We know that total working 60 on remaining workers 60 minus 36 that is goingto be grumpy for no cease efficiency is six 24 by six is for That means IFC works alone. He will take four days to complete their remaining work the portal or will be completed in eight days. 48. Works - Model 5: another base. We will take one more example on the topic Off looks on. The question is X can do in six days. We can complete the job in the old days if the extend way work on alternatives Harmony base it takes to complete the job X. But today contribution It's one day. Thanks. On waste for the contribution is one paper okay and the X and way are working in alternatives. That means spots today exists working on second day. What is working in 30 day again? X will work in four today where he is going to be working. So these people are working in ultimate this the what? Louise will come back the art in eight days as wonder that this we will take to consider a few days and we will take them well considered the mess one single day. So in that case, the total country wishing is going to be one very six plus one big toe. You take a LSI Um it is going to be pu plus one that this three baked one that this nothing but one bay for so per day they and working for one pay for so total alternate base is goingto be four are Thanet base. Since we have taken to alternate days US one single day. So total this is going to be get Freeney eight This more X and wait can complete the job you pay working organ it 49. Combinations - Model 1: I have no case in this video. We'll see the first model off combinations the Palestinians in how many ways seven vice can stand in the room. That means there are seven voice and there are different combinations in which they can stand in little on. We need to find home. Many combinations are did that this noble stand first holes and second like that. So there are different combinations and we need to find all the communism. So ask you went in the post in there are seven different positions that this one toe 3456 and seven be upset in the first position. There are seven different boys can stand in the first position. On in the second position, the remaining boys will be six So off six students see anyone student can stand in the second position on the third position that are remaining boys are fight so don't find students Anyone by will be standing so that this fight next to place there are totally four bites So the four bites anyone by can be standing That means the possibilities for someone , hasn't he? Three toe and last question Only one person we did so there is no way so one person you feel money, play all the the news and get that 42. And don't be into six. That this 8 40 into six. That is goingto be 5040 This is nothing worked seven factory. 50. Combinations - Model 2: well conference. In this video, you see one more example. The question is, Oh, money. Three digit numbers can be farm you single digits 1234 and five. So as for the question, there are three digits. That is one toe three on the first position can be filled with any of the six digits. So the possibilities six out of six digit anyone did you can be present on in the second position out off this six digit one. Pittis already filled in the first position. So then a fight digits remaining. So No. Five, the Gypsy anyone did. You can be present in the second position on in the third position. The remaining Egypt's are four. So four digits anyone did. You can be present. If you want to play everything you will get. Dancer. This one won't be so that Is there one. Don't be different. Three digit numbers. Let's take one more example. The question is how many four digit numbers can be form. You're seeing the digits 05 600. So there are four digits. 1234 So first you will see how many possible peace are there to fill the first position. So the four digit that is 056 and nine. The first position can be filled. One. Do you see these three digits That this? If Jiro is present in the 1st 2 position, then the number will be three digit number. You do not be a four digit number. So first position can be filled with three ways. Okay. And the second position there are totally three numbers are there. If one out of four numbers, if one number is filled The first position on the remaining projects of victory. So off three digits. Anyone Logistical percent. So possible. These three. And for the third position, there are two digits off. Tough. Good. Did you see anyone? Budget can be percent on last position. Only one did. It can be. But if you want to play, everything will get dancer a CT. So there are 18 different four digit numbers that can be farmed, losing the digits 05 600 51. Combinations - Model 3: LaFrance, and in this video you will see all money. Different words can be formed by just changing the positions off Littles in Never No, Let the steak example. How many different words can be farmed? You see, first on, it's a bike. Second, on this apple build, one is a banana on 42 On this final, the Post will take bike as example if he observed, there are four different words. That means first position can be filled with four different Let us so the first question is filled out for only three digits will be remaining so second positions can be filled with three different combination, and the third person can be filled with poop. Different combinations on the last digit and before debate. Only one communist. The total words that can be farm using B A K is 24 different works. We will take the next one happen if he observed, in this world peace percent, who claims that means we need to use a formula. There are totally fine characters off which one characterised repeater two times the daughter words that can be formed. This five factorial bay to factory. No, that is going to be five into four in fruit tree in tow into one they would abate doing one . But we can cancel these group and dancers. 60 different words can be farm using happen? No, we will take the 3rd 1 You can find it. There are totally six characters off which yea said if petered three pumps on in its repeated troops. That means local words that can be formed the six factorial. They would have a great yes, repeated three times. So three factorial into in the ST Peter two camps. That means both a 1,000,000,000. So let us all day creation six in tow. Fine in toe for toe into into one. They would have a baby 3.1 in tow, two into one. So this will get cancelled to even get canceled. The one set James and the answer would be six. Enter 5 30 13 to do it. Six for that have 60 different words that can be formed using bar No, not a steak. That hostel. Um, that is fine. Apple. There are totally nine words. That means nine factorial The murder rate roped off, which peas repeated three times. So three factorial in tow e ease repeater. Two points that mean spoke happily. So by solving this, you get nine into eight. Anchor Southern in the 65 day still gets canceled. We also get canceled the one pimps to banks. So by solving this, you get answers 30 person to for so there are 32% to 40 words that can be formed using the good pineapple. 52. Combinations - Model 4: welcome grace in this video to see what more example under topic combinations, the nastiness so many different numbers can be formed. Such it all numbers are smaller than four person, using the digits 13.7 on name. There are totally fine digit on four different positions, according to the coast. In the numbers should be less Stanfel post. That means first digit can be filled only with 13 so total combinations is to on very many digits Will before and second position can be filled with any of the four digits, so the bomb nations is for no over four digits. One digit is filled on what position can be filled with any after three digits, and the last question can be filled with any off too many chips. So let's Catholic and said You have promoted play all total numbers that can be formed. Using the five digits less than 4000. It's 40 53. Combinations - Model 5: hello, Bays and in this video will see one more example on the topic Off combinations. The question is using the digits 12345 finder following. And we need to find homely. Number of digits can be formed such a way that on our digital to get it And how many digits can be formed in the saturated Alderdice are digits up separated, but first will solve the first Boston. We need to find how many digits can be from such a way that all the hard digits up to get. So in the Boston start, digits are one three and fight. This three number should be to get it. That means we can group all these three digits as one group and the rest of privilege it, sir. Go on foot being forms a separate group and four forms a separate for There are totally plea groups. Three different car Protestants are there, So each position one group can be present First position out off three groups. Any group can be present that minister combination sort three and in the second position. So one group will be aka paid on the remaining two groups. Any group can be present, so that means the combination be. And in their last position, there is only one combination. All these three groups can be arranged in six different ways. And if you observe the first group, there are three members. These three members can be arranged in under six more ways. So totally they're talking numbers that can be formed in six into six. That physical 36 weeks that has 36 numbers can be formed. You're seeing the digits. Want to fight such that all are that it's up to get it. No, not sound. The second example. 30. This no hardship should be placed one after another. There are totally five different positions. 1234 And there are totally pre different our members that this 13 and five the first position can be filled with any of the three digits off the combinations is three and seems sorry should be separated. Escape this position because this question should be reserved with the even numbers, and this portion can be filled. Big are so three numbers. One numbers filled in the first portion. So there are two more members south off two numbers. Any number can be present here. So combinations is. And we escaped this portion because this is the surf or even and the last person can be filled of it. 30 minute one. No data. Totally pull different, even numbers. So, off to numbers. Any number can be present here, so the remaining number would be present in the fourth position. So the total combinations is three into 66 in tow. And there are full different numbers that can be possible, such that on our numbers are separated with each other. 54. Combinations - Model 6: welcome Grace and in this video will see one more example on the topic. Off combinations on the question is, find off of people tour in traditionally having only words. Yes, it's you yet in our kids that is additionally, he's having. And this stuff words all the words A farm on leaves in the words Yes, said she be in image terms Traditionally hostile word scene After a particular order, we'll start today's goods first in alphabetical order. So when you saw the available letters in alphabetical order, what won't get yet? It's yeah again. Yes, you be there are totally Southern, not those present. In addition ity Onda, we can find home une word starts with force literacy photo find using combinations. Let us take first later this year on there are totally six other fields. The second position can be filled with six days. Third position can be filled with five days. Four can be Please Onda Next is going to be 3 to 1. The total combination is going to be well, this is going to be one. So, um, taping is seven. There are some 1 20 words which starts with for slept risky on we need to find the first full beef off toward that means for 50 50 over the state's inside south 20 that makes the 50th of the world contains first literacy because they're totally someone. 20 words, starting with P and 50 freely saves of it in sound. Now we will moto the second position the second position that that's see how money would start with you and it. Yeah, yet remaining positions we need to find the remaining letters. They're totally five letters are there Soter Pushing can be filled with five ways. Four Question can be figured four ways on the many positions are filled at follows. Now the total combinations are 1 55 86 within one Toti. That means first to little sorry and which so let us move to a doctor So we'll find home when the work starts with you Yet junkie Yeah, yet the many for digits are random missed and we will see harmony. Possible words are there with this combination. Fourth question can be filled with four ways on this can be filled with previous an explosion can be filled with with last pushiness the only one the total combination Istante before. So 55 is greater than 24. That means the world is not starting with a hnk. So we're going to move it The next word in Yeah, it yen the many for lived Savannah missed. So he had Also, if you take there are totally don't be four words which starts with this back Don't before Plus 24 is going to be 40 heat and we need to find a 50 50. So the position 55 is person After you get here for the steak, the next to position That is your statement. Yes. Yeah, it Yes, I'm we conducted basis and we will fix the photo position as a key. Nobody receive all money. Possible words are present with Yeah, it s key. Bactine left position can be filled with three ways. Six person can be filled with two way. Last person can be filled of it one way. There are totally six boats. If we add everything, you are goingto get off beat for on the next over. This won't be 55 to work. So the last possible combination, starting with the eight Yes, K is going to be 54 on the 50 50 World will start with. Yeah, it Yes. On in the world is going to be here yet? Yes, GM on. We will fill the missing Lotus James dead you be. This is stuff 50 50 work present in traditionally. 55. Combinations: Hello, guys. And in this video, we see the concept off. Circular permutation circle recommendation is done when the set off objector arranged in a formal circle that this that should not be any starting point and it should not be any stop . They never object. The syringe in circle. We will use this sepulchral imitation and the farm lawful circleup invitation is in minus one factory That the steak example. How many ways can fight People sit in a circle a table That means there is no starting find on the ending point in a circle. So you know where we can say that who is sitting first and who is sitting next? The only way we can say its one person sitting after another one and he sleeping after Andi . Normally we can say that one person is sitting first on under. The person is sitting last. Since it is a circular table, we can upset a petition self. Each person the case even used a farm. Brian minutes one factory. The total number of ways that five people can sit in a circular table is goingto be in minus one factory. That this five minus one back Tony in No, this is equal to four. Factory and acid is 24 with 56. Problems On Distance - 1: hello Grace. And in this video we'll see how to solve their questions on the topic. Speed and distance that this take a problem And the problem is a man walks tree Killam forever on Run said. Seven kilometers. What is the total time needed to travel from particular? Limited If he walks 30% off the distance under instead, it stop her distance. We know that speed is equal to distance. Vaping. The Costin's feed is given on distances given we need to find that time. That means time is equal to distance by speeding part. Mr. Total Distance Daughter distances 50 and he walks 30% off the distance. That means 50 is being divided into 30% on some tea percentage. 30% off 50. It's nothing but 15 and 70% off. He is 35. No, let's do that time. I am the sequel who 30% after distance ISS 15 that this de valuing is 15 and what is the speed? Speed ist three kilometers and place, he learns Better start to distance. That means the stuff for distances. 35 Onda speed Is someone killem on solving this when you get five plus fight, you can cancel. It is going to be 10 of us. So the total time required for a man to travel 30% off the distance and run that a meaning distance off regular this. 57. Problems on Distance 2: welcome. Weighs on in this video. You see the second example on the topic called Speed and distance. The frostiness Mab takes 10 novels in walk and cycle back. You can say four of us listen by cycling border this How much time will he take when he locked? What base? Postmen frame equations based on the Boston. So the first lane it is given that a man takes then numbers to walk on cycle back. So walk plus cycle equal to 10 of us. The second statement says that he can say four of us Listen, very cycling, waterless. That means cycle a close second. You see, for do then minus hold that this six of us. Okay. Do you feel add this to it will come through into safety equal to six of us. That means cycling is equal to three of us. If you substitute this three of us in the first vacation, you will get that work. Plus three of us people took 10 numbers. That means walk a sequel. Seven of us. We need to find how much time he takes when he walked out of this. So we need to find walk blessed work that is equal toe someone never plus someone over. So total time he needs to take us 40 numbers 58. Profit and Loss Basics: Hello, everyone. This topic will see what this profit on. What? This last again. So there are two times in the soreness CP on another bonus, his so CPI is something but the cost in bits. The product this broad Okay on his fees The phrase in which a product this sword on well, you will get profit. This when? Yes, piece greater than CPI. You'll get profit on when you get lost when cp slated and the speed you get loss. And here are some formless which will help people solve problems under this topic. 59. Profit and Loss Model1: So let's solve this problem. The watches. But just for a peaceful be on sold for what is the profit percentage? So how sequence e the CPS 50 on this piece. So CPU solicitor? Yes, Speak. So obviously it is a prophet. Okay. And we have to find what is the profit percentage on profit percentage can be fooled. Who's in the favela? You and it'll offensive. So there's upgraded farmer. We find the profit percentage. So SP is baby. Yeah. Good Minus who beat? They were that way in tow of it that this is perfect person teach okay on this Valium sequel toe 60. So the profit percentage is equal to 60%. 60. Profit and Loss Model2: Hello everyone that solve the second problem on the topic. Off profit and loss. The question this person sold a watch for baseline for peak on got a profit off 20%. And what this does it cost to place the question? Decca mentioned that profit, this scientific percentage. So we have to play the second farm on If there is a lost, then we have to play the 1st 4 plus so in the Washington have specified that makes a profit . So we'll upgrade. A second for blonde will calculate that seat. So cpuc I let the wedding day on reckless profit percentage just before eight in group selling price and selling prices one So something. This will get dancer this on. Look on 1 20 Yes, the cost of place. 61. Profit and Loss Model3: not go Stiffness Woods are practiced for peaceful 50 1/3 are sold at a loss, often percentage at what profit? The list should be sold so that the water profit this country percent it In this problem, they have sent it wondered after goods are sold at a ourself in percentage and the rest of the products that this to one of the products will be sold with some profit on the capital of the prophet so that the water profit is 20% the first time Proper bag, which is present this question the assistant Open products and 1/3 has been sold at a loss off 10% so we can break this law. Sigalert in percentage is in terms of profit. We just profit people toe minus 10%. Okay. And this is 1/3 of the product. And this is stupid of the parts I this stupid off products will be sold it profit people do yes percentage. And we need to find the value of fixed Sudip the woman. Our profit is 20% it. So we'll write this in the equation. So that this 1/3 off the products he saw that minus 10% on to Pearl is being sold at except percentage on the older profit should be pointing percentage on their soft desiccation. So please common in border states minus 10 list. It's solving this. You get explaining this the defense. Get so on the rest of the products. If you sold at the different percentage profit, you get the war on profit this 20%. 62. Profit and Loss Model4: love a slip. Some more problems on the topic off. No big loss. So the coziness? Yes, it is a book for peace. Find a 10% profit. What should be the place if he need 4% profit from this coalition is really simple to in 10% profit. The city braces 500 and he meets percent profit. And we need to find what is the selling price. Okay, so just your cross medic played the school that this 10 X is equal to 100 in tow on something this he will get exist. Ical toe 67 So if If yes, since the book up 67 human get 4%. 63. Profit and Loss Model5: Because Janice no persons by your same product at the same cost. One person got a profit by sending it for peace 2005. I got a loss by selling it for two dozen. Walked a step. See the this question Two persons brought the same product on one. Not them. Got a profit by selling it for pupils and 500. So they sp off percent year? Yes, both for younger. And that one got a loss. Will this be off me? Is so since board after practice the same product at the same cost. We can say that a p a is equal to CPB. So both of them c p iss safe on. We need to Catholic Protestant. So since the first person he got a profit on the profit is nothing but yes p minus sick. Okay, so your speed here minus CB on since the second person got the loss, The farmers for losses CP minus you speed me. And since we're talking about the same product, we can he quick these two equations and became saying that photos and 500 minus C B Siegel cp minus So solving this we come to know the CPS. Nothing but CPS doctor sent for me. Please 64. Profit and Loss Model6: I love It's like someone. One problem. The topic of profit loss the most Penis. The person I sold through fishes for 30 each We're not gonna be person profit on other 20% loss. What? This this lower profit And the question is a person sold two fishes each total peace okay on from one fish he got 20% profit on from other fish guard 20% loss So we need to compete overall profit. So since hey saw the bluefish is what total peace We can say that Yes, Be off first The fish is 30 on If he off second fish is also equal. So for my first fish he got 20% profit on We need to find water stuff cost to praise for first of fish Onda, We know the farm block for Cam Plating Cp from yes feet when it is a prophet. So this thing with hunger diverted 100 less profit in Yes Okay. So that this equal to they do that 100 Plus don't in tow. That's sending sending prices. So when you complete the situation, you will come to know that CPR foster fishes Complicated piece known that this find a C p for second fish on second fish. He got a loss. So the farmer to complete CP Ben Davison losses. I'm ready to Bay 100 minus yell in. Yes, people. So we just see 100 different bait 100 minus booty in Do pick and solving tests, You will come to know that the CPI for second fish is 37. Find for the sister CP. Okay on. Well, cap it. The war only speak on war. So what are S p is? SB one places people so that there's 30 plus 30. We're just 60. And the water CPIs Safety one and see if we don't just don't be faithless 37.3. So that is equal to 62.5. So as you can see cp, this more than you speak. So he got a loss. Okay. And loss off ₹2.5. So this is kiss Plus on. He didn't get any profit. He caught los off perfect peace 65. Simple and Compund interest Model1: How are you doing in this video? We'll see what this simple interest in what this company test. Onda, we knew deposit some money in the bank. The money it's been corrected with some person later. Interest on when the interest is added at maturity. Then it is called a simple impressed all. If the interest it's already every year are once in four months, I once in six months. Then it is called this company interest on one more difference. We're going to bring this conference list. This interest will not be investor. Okay, Okay. So you will get only one time interest. Where is in carpool? Invest the industrial invested. Okay, okay. Suppose injustice collected once in a year on the total duration of school years. So for the first year, the principal amount is mean calculator on and from that industry is being added on for the second year. The interest is calculated using happens phone on the implicit just gained from first year . So this is component list on the tradition farm. Lawful, captivating simple interest on component list is given here. Simple test is equal toe Be enough will have it with peace principle in this number off years artists they definite list on Dhere helped tow no debt yet on art should be in terms off years. What gets we've something they're given in the question like six months, 12 months, 24 months, he hoped. Convert that to a number of years and then you have to play their simple into formula on open interest. Formalize. Given here on minimally used these to pharmacy, it takes lots of time and no, we will see what is the shop that mattered for Salvi. This simply based on company test. So let's take a question. We must happen it a simple interest on company list if principal um, the sequel to post it on Great off injustice. 4% barrier at the time durations 24 months. First, we'll catholic simply based on even observed that the total time to register 24 months gets Well, as I told you before, you must convert the time duration on great off impressed in themselves years. So if you have so date half undressed, it is given 4% per year. Okay, but if we observed the time this living in months, so will convert this months to Yes. So this 24 months is nothing but two years. So instead of toppling all these values in this formula, we will see the stop that. Okay, so you know that so in the question, they have human principle among store okay? And the interest is 4%. But here and since there are two years helpful, are these four groups because simple, interestingly credit trained list at the end, after Mitchell. Deeper so since that time, mysterious God thing just place on a total industries. 8%. When the question they asked that we have the camp late. What is the final gets? A final amount is nothing with principal plus interest. If you take this principal amount, Tolson as 100% on it is being added with 8% it. So tomorrow will be We're not big percentage. Okay, so we know that 100% 80 sequel posted and we need to find waters or not. 8%. Okay, So to do that simply, Crossman played these values and you will get hundreds accessible. Group does not on, then excess sickle, poza. And this is the total number you get when simple injustice applied. No, we'll see what is to finally when component justice played. Okay, so since declaration is 24 months that the school years for the first year 4% this up late on for the second dear, it is not going to be four. It is going to be four plus 4% off this interest. Okay, so this form I speak Catholic, do you see? But still age off percentages on If you remember the farm blob too exciting, fascinating video. So it is going to be a bless Be This gave me by so just nothing but before plus plus four into 4 16 16. Very 100 on the impressed You are going to get this 8.16 No, this is stained list. You are going to get in Kabul. Impressed. I know you know that 100% agency for doodles and we need to fight one, not eq. Quite 16%. So just cross money played a school and you will get 100 x a single toe Nelson in tow. When general eat 16 on solving this, you'll get tomatoes one Jiro eat 1.6 and this is the sort of the more you'll get will. You are playing confidence. So no, we will see hope even play this particular form. Been the duration is three years arable. Okay, so far too? Yes, even happily. Use like this for prints. Foot. Let's 16 habit. But this Prius didn't want help. Lewis, we have to use this interest ass one man you on, we help to use. They just put it earlier. That is four passed another. Very. So this is there anyone on? This is very cool. And you got person a just on Capitol. It the interest for 30 years, just he helped up late. 8.60 plus bliss, 8.16 in four. You were a big hit. Okay, The same fund were a sequel to in 0.60 on being sequel before. So solving this, you will get the justice to one point 4864 So, like this really have to recuse early a plate. It's formula, based on the number off. Yes, 66. Simple and Compund interest Model2: hello ways. In this video we'll take one more example of the topic of simple interest on their had two subdivisions in the first of subduction, the lake off interest is 5% failure on the second subdue Sha, They're tough injustice Wait percent banquet that So first we think the 1st 1 that this is a tough injustice fe per year. So before solving this particular problem, we have to make sure that the value of fear and are are in Yes. OK, so the principal amount we have to find what is the value? Feet on in the question the hell humanise interest amount a sequel to 600 on the witness. So this is interesting moment on in the sequel to Oh, yes, the late is anything but 5%. But so in the question, we have to find what this difference belong. Okay, so which is people toe 100%. Okay, this simple interest is equal to 10% because they tough injustice, faith, and it is for two years for fight less famous, 10% on. We know that 10% native people do 600 and we need to find waters 100%. Okay, So this is six. So simply toe cross my play and you will get 10 excess people too. 600 in 200. And solving this you will get X value 60%. So this is Stephen's Parliament on. No, let's take the second subdivision on. The second solution is straight off. Interest is equal to fight for 1/4. So I say poorly. Before starting to solve these types of problems, we must make sure that the value Sofyan on our is in terms of years. Okay, so this is in this question. Have you ever that is stainless has been predicted four times in a year. So in her case, so we have to convert this rate in two years. So since situs added four tempting yet help money play before. So this is equal toe. So they're a tough impresses. Don't people set for the year okay, on you concede that number off? Yes is two years. So the thorton stop playing this 40%. So this is the opening list on 40%. H is equal to 600 and we need to find weapons percentage. Just when you cross money playing, get 40 x conceivable. 602 100 on the valley off X is Wilson by hand. 67. Simple and Compund interest Model3: Holloway's in this video will take one more example in the topic off. Simple impressed. So in this question, we have a complete weapons belong on. They have given, ah, more big injustice. 56% on the total duration is two years on the weight off injustice 6%. So we will solve this. The rate apples and they just 6% Atlanta Since the toppling yes, is proof we have to are the 62 tapes So six for first year on 64 2nd year the thought of their tough investors spooked percentage and they have anyone does. I'm not written injustice $56 that this principal plus interest a secret Oh, basic store said that is a wet 100% age place, full percentage so that this 112 person date is secret 56% and we need to fight the principal or principal amount this on a percentage. Okay, so just across my hip lady school, so get excessive. 56% 100. They would make 11 uh, Tacitus, who he does it, and this is difference. But 68. Tanks Model1: Hello, everyone. This week you will see the concept off. Thanks. In the staple problem, they will be put tape off pipes, which is kind of your attack. One papers responsible for feeling. Attack on. I'm left. Papers responsible for training. Attack on the costumes will be like there will be some couple off pipes on it In the Boston , they will mention each fapiis responsible either for training are far Filic on Inter posted . They will mentioned it. The particular pipe will break now fill in some couple off minutes out of us on. We need to find a win that that will be filled off the win the back brains completely. So let's take a simple problem. But the first problem is there are three pipes With Gaby NC, you can fill in attack In 20 minutes on, we can fill in Pullman. It's on seek and training eight minutes on media to help it win. Attack will be full on. There are three options given, so let's solve the problem. Okay, the 1st 21 Whenever the question comes from bank, you need to calculate the efficiency off each web. And there's a farm bottle cap with the efficiency. So first, before committing efficiency, we need to complete. They talk about what? And the total What is calculated? When we find it, you'll see him off on the tree types. OK, so portal work is equal to it'll see em off. And here you help you given the operation in which a pipe can either fill our MP attack. Okay, on first you can feel tanking pumping rates. So first, by Mafia, you still be on Beacon Hill in 12 minutes on C can bring gate minutes on. We need to find the seam off all these three numbers. And if you find the Alysia by using the techniques, Reza, before you can know that they'll see a missing one book the 1st 2 cabinet The efficiency off you efficiency offi is equal Calcium David, obey the duration that he feels that back. So it is nothing but one. Don't keep their word or wait 20 We just sequel six Okay, on efficiency off obvious one Don't be directed by and one which is on efficiency off. See is one don't be directed by minus eat because see well drained up. Ok, so we have to give mine. A seed so minus it is equal minus 50 on east. Leah. The efficiency off there, three pipes not let's solve the problem. Gets the first on this Where are likely are open at the same time. So let us first convert this particular statement in tow. Magnum. So this is the data in which So this is the family. It starts from zero on in with exponents. Okay. And a daughter. What? This don't be on after time zero itself. All of three pipes are open. That this a b and C on the three tapes that open. So yeah, A and B and C are open for experience. Okay, We're exist. A total pain in which that would be fit so far. X types A, B C are open. Okay, so this total quantity is equal to one that this report will work. So no, let us substitute this year BC, with the respective efficiency GX in tow. Yeah. Six on B is list in on, Say is minus of being. You could go on talk and if you solve this simple come Xing one equal one. Don't be so exercise for one book. Love in all the three paper open the same type, the total time, which is a great to feel that bankers one deep minutes. So this is how you solve the problem? First type converting to bang me and then using the time when you can goto immigration on Try to find the X. I know that solved the second solution the first lettuce brother pain May Gino on X and the doctor What? This one will be seeing the Boston initially A and B are open on C is open after four minutes. Okay, exactly. At four minutes, See, it's open. So after they see me see, everything is opened. So no notice country this Tambling into data. So as you can see for 1st 4 minutes, one year and we are open and from the fourth tomato. Excellent. So that this X minus four All the three pipes are open. So it s K we see. So with people who don't Now, let's substitute that efficiency four in two, six plus 10 less X minus full, six less then minus would be just people with this 64 plus X minus four that this sequel Don't don't be on the rally off exists does 60 60 goes dead and one don't d minus 60 60. And this is the total it does 16. 69. Tanks Model2: on. Well, some better subdivision. Okay, so first will convert this thing toe tag. It starts with zero on in spit. Thanks. And talking. What? This one will be Onda According to the Boston Yates Open in Chile. So I'm zero years opened exactly at the fullness. Yeah, and be open. So after five minutes, see you, silver. So after family, see a B and C on the papers that open. I'm exactly at eight minutes B c a. So the one we opened Papis. I know. Let's write the equation for this. So for the 1st 2 minutes on the gates open, so first commits is opened. I had some Google fight. Okay, bookie. And be a hope. So the Englishness fight my school. The tapes that you can be Andi from 5 to 8. There are three minutes. So in the three minute c b c, all the three pipes are open like this going to be eight minus fight in B C on from J two x only years open. Who bless. Explain a seat Only a soap in the holidays works the sequel to one book. No substitute. They recency on the efficiency of your six doing two sixes. Toe this on five minutes to his early on. You can be So we are six. And then it is 16. 16 in two previous 48. Bless again, eat menace Fighters are simply so. If we had obviously, we have a B and C. So six plus 10. 16 minus Who? Penis One like this clinic could be just okay. Uh, you know, the family. We have a new six, so it is going to be 60 x minus four big. It is safer one. I know. Let's solve this equation. Play this six picks. Bless. 15 is equal to one. And when you saw this equation will get X value something point, so the water tank will be filled in something 0.5 minutes. 70. Tanks Model3: Hello, everyone. This we do, we'll solve one more problem under topic off pipes on the coast Penis. There are two types which can fill the tank in 24 30 degrees expectedly on. They have asked it the total time required to fill that practice 18 minutes on the last it will be should be closed at what impatient people so that the total time attack will different is 18 minutes. So first you will comfort this particular statement in tow Time. Make bang bang stops at the Segal on insect eating so usually yet be both are opened and we have to find a bit be should be closed. So like a steak, that line has x for exactly. Eakes Minutes, Bishop. Because so after X only you should be open. Okay, so the Sister Dagenham before something that will find the efficiency of the school pipes. So what's with Captain? What is important work are cooperating. Total. What will take? They'll see him. You'll see him off before on the people. It's a secret. 96. Andi efficiency off year is 96. The word of a big don't before it's a secret. Four on efficiency off. B is 96. They were the bait 32. It is equal. I know. Will convert this time any toe equation. The total workers 96. Okay, so far the X minutes. Yea and be should be open. We call X in tow a speak Andi in this back with just nothing but eating with six only you should be open and a daughter Lorca's 96. Now let's substitute deficiency UX in tow for us, please. It just seller less 18 in tow. The 18 minus x in coefficients here fear is for equal to 96. So when you sound this is someone explicit. So minus 46 what is the secret to 96 on from this second? Sounded very off Vieques. Excellent. Be equal. So when B is close exactly at a few minutes that that will be filled in 18 minutes. 71. Boats and Streams: no. Everyone in this video, we'll see the topic off boats and parents. Okay, so what happens is that they will be like this on in that they were didn't be a pope. Uh, that even really flow in. One Dutch supports. If very well is flowing in this direction, the boat can travel either in this production are in destruction. Okay on If the boat is too heavily along that Irish Naftali would then it meets that bought this Traveling in the same direction off current. Suppose if the boat is traveling in this direction that makes the hope is traveling in the opposite action off the current. Okay. Suppose that there is no current in the water. The water, this idea Still the boat can travel. In that case, the boat is traveling. We don't any cup on. We call the speed off the parentis. Yes. See on speed after boat. Don't Senator CSB. I did some formless which can be used toe solve the problems off this case. So not a steak example. She is probably with the current. It can travel against a current at 10 kilometers. How long it takes to cover fighting in Stillwater So today everyone in the coast Tunis The ship was traveling big current. I will kill him with So the body off? Yes, in the same direction off that is going along with that at the speed with opposite direction is equal to then along. Okay. And we need to find the speed off the book. I'm speed off. The boat can be formed. You see this partner so notice who will less then develop. This leaves the beaten so speed after Buddhists, 11 kilometers. And they have asked how long it will take travel, fight instant water and in order to speed is equal to the stirs A great time on We know the speed speed is nothing but love. We know the distance also so distances fight on. We need to hope the value spent. Okay, So solving this equation you will get I miss nothing. But you find us