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Learn Python GUI with Tkinter :The Complete Guide

teacher avatar Pranjal Srivastava, Subject Matter Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 55m)
    • 1. Gui 1

    • 2. Gui 2

    • 3. Gui 3

    • 4. Gui 4

    • 5. Gui 5 checkb

    • 6. Gui 6 radio ex

    • 7. Gui 7 radio

    • 8. Gui 8 menu

    • 9. Gui 9 calc

    • 10. Gui 10notepad

    • 11. Gui 11tkmsgbox

    • 12. Gui 12canvas1

    • 13. Gui 13 geo 1

    • 14. Gui 14button

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About This Class

Python is today's language. Working with python you should also be able to develop graphical user interface application from it. Tkinter is one of the powerful GUI modules of python. Tkinter is easy to use, easy to implement, easy to develop.

Learn Tkinter from beginners level to advance level.

This course is for those who want to make their own GUI application from python. 

After completing this course you will be able to use many GUI elements like button, label, radio button, checkbox button, menu, canvas, message, entry, frame, list box and many more.

Enroll this course just right now to groom your skills.


Meet Your Teacher

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Pranjal Srivastava

Subject Matter Expert


I am passionate developer, machine learning enthusiast, coder and bug fixer. Developed many applications on various platforms including python, java, android, php, etc.

I have worked over cloud on IBM Bluemix, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Prefer digital marketing and SEO in my free time.

I am IBM certified Python developer.

Created own Programming language in Hindi .

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1. Gui 1: LaFrance. This is from this. You're still Gloria in this review. I really explain by things you using take interest. Big Enter is a model in Parton's general a very with service in deference to TK A simple tool kit there. Many had destroyed records every level, but they often very across platforms bacon dip. Reverse us Radio Commons You elements such as bird turn Leo entry text A sector which can be used to build our interface even during programming. Anything that happens in using defense is called even roses on first morning dead, then it listen and then it respond. Suppose, um, if you click a mouse button, um it will first moderated their it listen the most click and in response it will act or perform a method which is under it other than beginners There three others on tool kits like the Lexx fighting Dubai Duty J. Martin The less pretence or so mostly used it is ah, open source Close Bert from Georgia. Good for Britain language be like you. D also supports joy glasses for as unit every is as really support On a second. After watching this video, you will learn how to implement various other tree Ginter elements like modern Cannavale Sequitur, an entry frame liver. This books mean uber turn when you message a reporter. Next became a spells on a sectoral sigh. Important attributes which have been used in this aerial dimensions colors, forms angers relief straits in dimension. Uh, agree Deal with lend and ripped off visitors in cutter section Active Grown, which means I'm background off visit when it is active. Active for grown foreground color. Very visages. Active background. Color off disabled for grown and views not active. Similarly highlighting busy. Which means when we highlight or when we are close, do that visit our sculler changes and a sick girl forms family Represent fun. Name I on times New Roman on a more Garcia, as extra sighs off. Won't read Miss Bold, Slanderous Learned, underline and made these others angers North east rests haute. See. This is a position very few kept of vegetable, keep of reject and the interface. Northey vest not North East rests under East Sort Vest. South's artist. You leave styles. This is a three D effect was reused and dig in tow. Flat raised Simkin groove Enrich Zuma Dream Management The three times a geometry management back. Good dude place The purposeful geometry amazement is so how to organize our visit and interface back. This is a cemetery manager method which organized visit and blocks before pressing them enough fat in reserve. Good organizes vejic and table like structure in the parent vision place organized, rigid replacing them in space for people to share And the bed and reserved. See, this is example back on. Four type of attribute are valuable use in this section. No. Then brought them, then right and left for greed. As I told you before. Table A structure 12345 This is, um, like Northeast. Not this. So this anger is used in this great part and in press specific value off X and viable given . So this is the introductory part off taking the joy. So keep learning. Keep growing happy Holding 2. Gui 2: Hello, friends. Welcome back. During this video, I will tell you about the take inter visitors Take interpret words various control, such as Bert turns levels and to expose six I used to enjoy applications. These controls are commonly court bridgers. There are various types of reserves got into presumed digging dirt. So just Britain's can Voss check buttons radio buttons in tree frame label this box menu maneuver. Turn message text bean books a sector but in budget is used to display. But then see okay, closes. Obertan's Converse is used to display shapes and your application like lines, rectangles, polygons, a sectoral check buttons as they used to discipline video options. Invest. You can opt multiple things where it's really Burton. You can opt only one item, then in Cree. This is single line text field. Richard Frame this container rigid. It's used to organize other Villagers. Labels single and caption for the other Villagers. It also can contain images. This box used to provide Lester options to use and then menu menu is used to display it and different types of my news in applications. Um, my new Burton is used to provide various commands to the users. This come earns our control by men. Knew Burton's messages. One line single line amasses Philip in your application. Fixed. It is used to display multiple lines just similar to Indri. Bert Entry is used for single line text field and where's Texas? Usedto eyes useful Murti lines. Then spin books and a sector on There's ah, One day grow and garden Insert off a window in in this file. First name, last name, country address. Selvi fooled and deserve all our example off labels. And we're Dave diddly United. Sorry, David Lee, is it, uh, entry busy? There's in address. We used text you. As I told before, This is used for multiple lines and various and entry used for single line, then their A list programmer. The perverted laporte is energies are all list. Let's box earned above is checkbooks for your time. And OK, close our buttons. This is ah, very good example to show various types of visitors in your application. Thank you 3. Gui 3: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Good. In this video, every discuss about taking Decker. Sirs, there are many types were taking to cursors like arrow circle, block rocks dot books exchange as extra. Actually, the use off this table cursors are whenever you put your cursor and other reserves. Is this I can off course that apples if there is a one button named, uh, have, then you gave you a venue. When you take you cursor toe that button, Deb, I can will change to cloak across anyone. So let's start. Could you do you fight Humpty and see I did even better name, sir. Good and vanilla for this hack into that place. My Aiken genius. See, just give some more demos. Plus yes, I see. Yeah. See, when I take my mouse pointer toe plus Burton X, I can again changes. Listen and then start then start and four circles. So in this very you can try many off the cursors which have level I give them off arrow circle less on start. You can crate. Others also didn't know. Happy according on deep learning. Keep moving 4. Gui 4: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Good. In this video, I will discuss about take interpret maps. They're 10 types of it. Maps present an ticket toolkit Aral Grace Undefined Grey 50. Our class in full question head questions for me. Morning. A sector this taken depite maps are usedto showbiz icons in your applications. There's give you ah good example for this This open idol. See, we remember editor is, uh, drawn here. There's gonna some more bit maps. - There's three type of witmer presenting this application. One for other one for info on other four morning. See the Stig in different pair with members used for are throwing or displaying match in your applications so that for this I'm completed with Dick Inter cursors taken Talovic maps . And this we do have I gave example of taken digitally state I didn't know Happy Goldie deep learning and keep going 5. Gui 5 checkb: Hello, Friends. Welcome back, Could, in this video I'm going to discuss about taking to check Button Wouldn't. Also known as big boxes are books anything. Our visitors that permit the user could make multiple selection from a number of different options. This is different. Dorie Riverton, where the user can make only one choice. That's what's name. Mr Do, as you know, interview when you when you sit on one switch other than pop out only once, which is selected at one time. There's for their its name, Mr Do Gooder. But in case or check between, you can select multiple options. There's where there are two options, one for on value and second for off. Will you various and debt Radu Burton Days on on. There's same variable on the medical option. Uh, like I showed you before in my previous video on Radio button. You guys don't only one variable for fighting also, and for Joe so but in check butter, you can select multiple options at the same time because there's option for so there's two strips on stirred Officer doesn't matter. Other is on or off. It just selected buyers. Your own functionality usually stick posters are shown on the screen as square boxes that can contain void spaces for falls more from north selected or take mark or X. UH, caption. Describing the mignon Jack Boss is useless, usually soon, as isn't toe the checkbooks, the state of project politicians but looking the most on the boss. Ultimately it can we turn back legal on the caption or by using a keyboard shortcut, for example, this space. So let me take care of all the things which I told you that it has do stairs on or off, and they're taking to take part in video can contain text, but only in a single photo images, and but it can be associated with the fight and functional matter when about it is breast chicken to cause the associative function or marker. The text off a burden can spend more than time, so their fuel functions, which we used in chicken water, de select flash and work and select the selectors useful clear the our turn off all the check. Britten's flesh is used for flashing, the important for a few times between active and normal colors, but it leaves it debates. Doctor in Bocas this calling the mattered and were selected is used for turn on the what importance the selected select. So let's give us and example for taking to take Britain. Michigan's show that how which option is selected? Print article. A new fight You can do it. And four history miss all the packages of Chicken Groot. What do beaky level fruit Kama sticks equal to you're six dog Good. 1/4 0 Almost, Dickie 1/4 w on uh, you know, I'm creating instance for check Putin, But then route next for made ready is that we're toe a bad one and then great. So according to one Dickie cord, his wrist similarly, or you may know optionals. Jake Burton, Where do I use here and here? I don't know. Going to create two persons. Also, which was sure Leverage option. I opted. Oh, come on, Decks according to quit. Come on or do well, good Don't to do by four but this again or save Britain. And so it's not a stroke, but no rounders. Three, uh, function death It was defying show bring. I mean, Laurie were certainty. I'm especially fire slash And do you mean not as with the people here. Do you ever do will be shown, I think. Fine. Get yet. Yet math is used for, uh, getting the value or I'm really or very well we're able to which we, which will be implemented when we choose the male but Atlantic butter are female reporter? Yeah, I think my God is completed. No lawyer. Sit in this group, I see two options male and female lift mail Little, me and look only male. Then show may be called to one female called a zero. No de select male and select female. Then show medical zero female nickel Do one no select boat. Then show medical Do one the medical one than the select boat and then show medical zero and Fumiko zero you have one signifies that it is on and zero for off. This is the only difference between a radio button and check button. I hope you will understand or difference between your new Burton and supporter and this is completed. They do. But it also took butter and for didn't know happy good happy Gordy. Keep learning. Give moving 6. Gui 6 radio ex: Hello, friends. Welcome back in my last rodeo, I had given some introduction about digging. Better do Burton in this studio. I will give you a simple Zen Put off your do Burton how to use it. So let's begin. - We do. You don't Jews? Uh, Romney language just Fyi, take your door. You left Bird x or two. 20 Don't that he gave, did you? But then the route six according to by 10 third X equal stir and D as you according to I mean and do gonna do right don't but and good according to deaky best no hope It is in place of part in every road other around language It was we work to de give don't and that no se use a programming language Two options are there by 10 Yeah Oh, when I clicked buy them. Joe is also selector because by mistake I put her saying very radical One value could've won because of copy and instead of one just tried to no Jews but on the button selector. And when you juice Gela But any dis elector Because it is a redo butter only one option selector when the real multiple options So this is the end of decision Happy Gordy keep learning and give movie 7. Gui 7 radio: Hello, friends. Welcome back to rent the studio. I'm going to discuss about taking the radio. Burton's This suitor implements a multiple choice opportunities are there to offer many postal selections to the users and let us use only one off them. This is a sin decks and some functions are taken to new Britons. Are the seller flash involved? Select Riverton, sometimes also known as option Burton is a graphical user interface limit off chicken toe, which allows the user to choose exactly one off the defense set off options. You do what turns can contain text or images. The button can order display in a single phone, a bite and function. Or my third can be associated with 30. Do Burton expansion Normative Italy called If you pra press the you do what then they do. But turns are named after the physical button used on all radio to select with burns or present radio stations. If such a return was present, other voters will pop out living the press. The button the only pushing, working this SOS there you. If they're multiple options, you can choose only one off them various in check button. If multiple options are there, you can off more than one options from that's various name. Mr Do Gooder is group. Already do cultivators has to be associated with the same valuable pushing Obertan's in this the very well. Off the variable toe redefine certain value. Um, this means that if there multiple options treason that boasts a, B, C, D and a sector, and if you opt for us to be than a CD will be selector. And if you all a than 80 selected and other option will be dissected, it means they're they're all having same value. So this is the central for our secondary, Rubert. In my next video, I was give a very simple example off. Dig until you do Burton. So keep watching Happy holding, keep learning and keep moving. 8. Gui 8 menu: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Who then? Distribute every discuss about taken too many, Most people, if converted with the world. When you immediately think often my new industry even though many off restaurant and the menu of comfortable room first lands nothing common we can see there it that have a Lord in common industry in I'm a news plantation off all this, every this offerings around it prisons all the commands functions off application, which are everyone user, Why don't you like graphical user interface menus enjoy our presenter combination off text and symbols to represent the choices selecting with the most our anger orders Anything on one of the symbols are deaf An excellent the starter. New difference you be he started such an excellent or operation can exempt open e are sitting in the file All quit English speaking the application I think so that many options can be there like in north good raised area options These are all examples be seeing deliver a context menu is a menu and business versus presented through the use I'm only five calling through the current context visit Use this book so moting off my dispute He was, uh to give you a good example for our, um use manure to continue and every implement of an application in which there will be while editor critical marks in that application. So they start before starting. This is something that's off menu. The goal of video. All kinds used. That's two types of men you types I live in and pull down functions had come on our Jeff Burton at you. But our guests are supporters. I mean, sure, you all of this on my application. So no wonder start. Oh, thank you. Already do a little dark, you know, There stood and stands for menu from Oh, rule dog under this gents menu. Don't our guest you one of the functional. Do you condemn Anu? I guess you are you my new find menu. You know you short agd Come on another function off independence and come on label you sorry here but to you know, for this you among them mind you flight, There's aired shunts this off Then when I No, I'm going to use our separator again. One more command exist Exit on or this You'll come on exit. Oh, and we can also right that if you don't. This is used for closing our application. They're skewed. More menus. My new doors. It gets game. Yeah. Same thing. I never a request. I know. Here. Good. Right. And you? Come on. Uh, many. No, again. Right. Come on, Come on. But it was as men have. All right. So, anything you want right there, I bought No, there's make our function. Okay, fine. You know, fine. A new foot. This soldier. I choose their menu. No. Okay. This I missed you about that. Anything you want. It's right. Is this is a some, uh, Manu. Anything on here? Open flight as I am. Put us open. Final name? Dickie Felder. Oh, I'm going to write me. Where to us. Open. Fine. Name, thing. Name, Print Name? No. Save this for you. I'm going Sorry for rendered. I'm Norman store. Uh, dick, if I don't look so I couldn't perform this task Us Open. Final name so far? Didn't know. All right, make this a Come on. I'm sorry. Coming then. North Sea. And this problem on this trip and you don't defined what? Yeah. Now click on file. You going? Started the new new fight open open Friday for exit. It was quick and then a vote. This is earned for help about this is ah, simple menu Example First ever created one instance me new instance here and then in sadist menu The added do cascade file file and other one help inside. If I were to tree Comorans 1st 1 is new, then open. Then we added separator This line this line is a separator and then exit and for help about only I added one command and this computer taking, um dig into menu Are you so for Didn't know Happy according keep learning and give movie 9. Gui 9 calc: Hello, friends. Welcome back during this video, I'm going to love our second project named Calculator in this project, every use, but then visit. Our cooperative will look like this. So let's more by writing route or recess. Recess hable 00 Um, it becomes, uh, fix says our application will be off fixed size. - Our application will be remains at the top of the screen by writing this on this online. Of course, - by writing this, be a created are labeled one named Kepler no less. Um, defined variables, girl coalition. It will do label no decks, but here according to. But I think this, uh, I reserved questionable condiments are reserved. And when we do some calculation a result with shown there wishing door interview expression as a surely before don't I did Forlan's. What? No, uh, let's make our 13 to 15 patents from 0 to 9 and plus minus. Divide multiplication acquired nuclear. This old pertinence That's start Tzeitel done well as usual. Come on, quarto one sundered If you really according to six along able to bad X cool 10 All my bags, like just like it just you More evidence. Just copy this whole night under thanks to you one. So three for by thanks seven and show me or I election here knows, Um it's okay. And production one he won you three for for 12 By what you're to hear some more buttons. Me on nine. And then you had minus. Therefore multiply then for the ride. And for was and at last or clear nine. Sorry. Nous minus de play the right. What? Not clear kilos minus fine. Wanted to through the years. For this, I will make new gum earned. Do you hear Chris for this? Well, Priss, - let's do some change here to leave for four and not here. Right for then. In 64 6361 But green you No, Let me define all the function you have cleared to know. Plus fine, But dont Chris Anybody ever name question, then oration. Portal creation plus screen. No Gration Dorset? No, for definition. Well, Chris, which you can below Fine one Chris Corporatist Reese treatment. Oh, boo crescendo bsec. No, I don't What? According to it's I had last You're going to make a definition for clear press. What? You're cleared Empty string Ford or absurd do you want me during they bring? You were there. Now I think there's no order. Yeah, yeah. The narratives. Have you had your day? Yeah. It doesn't act that this is the level into your expert expression, Have you, then? 1234 456789 10. It's all really in his last year plus minus in tow called toe. See? Do it on. No, si, no house. Um, demo, uh, three plus three in Cordoba. Six. No, I havent to clear this. Clicks clear. All clear. Nine less life and do nine 54. And then, dear, this is a very good example for restricting on button vision as you less labor and also folk Great. Which I told you on geometry management matter. Locals spend how? Toe righted how toe Use them in very good manner in spit in very specified manner. So this is in on this tragic toe calculator. Uh, so school is also level. You can check out, uh, in my secretary. Positive three. So don't know, happy according keep learning and give moving 10. Gui 10notepad: Hello, friends. Welcome back During this video, I'm going to make my first project. Simple. Not bad. Yeah. In this project, it will consist of one text area and one save button. As you can see this this is simple. This is a text area and this is the same burger. By the end of the solution, you can also make this step on this simple so and this Ever use when Dex a visit and one button region sooner it start. - Firstly , import all the packages and that which you are. - This is you for creating your own. - No , I next area name decks, injury. That's me. Action, but And see, this is simple Norberg, which I could write. No, this is Text area. - No , I'm going to clear I'm function. Name seafood on the functionality of dysfunction is that when you click save button It was saved the on the text you had written into your north bed. - All right, then try. Okay. Oh, then no Regard txt and the more you're right. And this will create a new foreign named nor door txt with drag more. - No , um motor you evident in their text area text entry it will save all the text in order. Txt file and using no dot right. It will let all the things is. You understand? And that foot, - are you enter? - No , Let's run this fight. I think this is a text area Name, decks entry and saved Britain. Now I'm reading all right and save this foot. I told you before during the final was right in that text area All the containable seven north or txt file. I'm going to open Notre takes different to see the continuance we have pretend it's safe or not. Save all the containment unit your lender Text area high. So this is a simple text. I'm not bad. You can further something's images like copy. Good on based a sector of functionalities. So I don't know, uh, happy according keep learning and keep moving 11. Gui 11tkmsgbox: Hello, friends. Welcome back today in this video, I will going toe discuss about taking 30 kms. His box. It is used to display messes boxes in your applications. Many functions You can apply on this. Such as still in full giorni. Show editor, Ask Ocean us. Okay. Cancel us. Yes. No answer. Dry cancer. These are some functions that can be performed by begin Mrs Box. So let's perform some of the examples open. I do from Deacon and pulled. Um, he dead. And more message, folks. If no, I have to define in full and death and full the message box. Show it in full. This one show being full Firstly, right. Title painful. Come on, then. What do you want to show masses in that message box? Usual. Right. In second option. I know what order in. I see, uh, in football Tense, created, and northern. You will click. This portent went in full message. Bulls with a pair. This is a title Decided that you don't there and hell over. This is a message. It's I have you. And in full Mrs books, only one option of scum. Okay. What? I was opposed. If I perform uh, asked a question and what would happen? Good question here. Uh, should you know, ask Ocean, but in scripted. You know, when I click this question, who are you? You have to transcend Yes and no, it is asking a question. Yes. Similarly, you can perform so show horny. So enter. Ask Ocean. I already performed. Ask Okay. Cancer asking us no Oscar Dragon so that we went on a option. Stroh Adentro Warning Any other message on for so horny? Yes, show. Morning. Wrong to see that. You know, show at a okay. Buttoned one button to is crazy. No see what will happen? Yeah. Gilbert is a traditional one force shredder. Therefore stroke warning. We have a check. So everybody. Yeah, so he cannot perform this stock gross, but this shows it is added. I've message for so long. Me? Yeah. This strangle that extension mark inside ages. So there it is. A warning message. Wrong decision. This is, um, functions which are very useful when you want to communicate with your user while showing them in four or warning or error or asking any questions. Okay, this is the end of this Became message box. So keep learning. Keep growing and happy. According 12. Gui 12canvas1: Hello, friends. Welcome back in this video, I'm going to tell you about the inter canvas. Taken taken. Verses are rectangular area intended for drawing pictures or others. Complex layups. You can place graphics, text visitors or frames on a canvas. This is a rectangle circle. This is all this is a Portugal, and this is the line. You can draw this All ships in New York applications. So let's start mostly. I will give you some easy example. I'm going to make one line seek work, Dan Waas. So, bt corn I do done Don't going d to, uh this isn't it. De someone, right? See door? Yeah. Nine. This isn't just for creating light, then done. Go ahead, hang grit. Indoor back Go. This is notices that right? No. See, I treated one night and my application on creative on canvas, please. You look with her. I do have the retainer from that I drone light be either drawn line. Now I'm going to draw Are so see? All right. According to C dog, you, uh it is dark for Placido. Extend according to 1 50 And but this is gonna I see what will happen. Bedroom. You are. I think there's something wrong. Extend not extend extend When artists created off red color blue color, canvas and line, this is all about taken taken verse in next week Do you have, uh, will show making polygon rectangle over a sector? Didn't know happy quoting 13. Gui 13 geo 1: Hello, guys. Welcome back The rain. This video I will discuss a ball geometry management. Arctic individuals has access to the specific geometry religion matters which have the purpose off Organizing visuals throughout the parent reject area there three days off. Jimmer diminishment plus runs back. 2nd 1 agreed. And last one place back. This organization is video it in blocks before placing them in an apparent visit. Where is great? Organizes Richard in a table leg structure in the barren visual and in last place organizes reserve by placing them in specific position in the bad and vision actually in back, um, the, um assign the value of side. Um, there four types of value off site. So bottom left and right. And good way use and good. North, South, east, west, northeast, northwest. Thought is sort of ist on in place. We provide specific position. Means Vegas specific. Barely off X access earned vie assists. So these are a few examples off bad, good and last one place? No, I'm opening. I do to restrict these three types off German diminishment must have been. And let's, for example, off place, then greed. Then place. So open you fine no speaking and a strict this input All the files off taken toe? No. Do you on board? Don't seem it could do Green. I don't back sigh According to what the in calculators? No, I'm going to create for borders. Red, blue, black, angry Read It will do. But, uh, fruit name, screen dance according toe and for wrong color quarter today Don't bank according to side seminary to three more portents. All right, green and internalized, Booed dark I mean, you know, this is used for grating sees Do you interface See red wooden left Let's say green boredom , boredom say blue at the top And the black a graveside In this way I distributed my first example off back, Jim. A true mattered. No, I am going to, for example, off Good matter. The regimental mattered on six equal to be birthday Route six for the It's called the Born Don't great! Really good God and golden equal to see for are in range. Thanks Four See in green six dark not go. Yes, I completed. I saved this fine sorry note See 123456 to 36 in great voice as already sculptured in good on geometrical Matt management never like structure will be formed. See Seen 14. Gui 14button: hello. Friends will come back in this video. I'm going to tell you about a Interpol agents. The button visit is the standard of individual, which is used for various kinds. Off button a button is a visit, which is designed for the user to interact with, therefore, after but in prison. If the but is praised by most like some action might be started, they can also contain text and images like labels my levels can display next in various forms are button can only displace just in a single phone the next off a button. Can we spend more than one night By then? Functional message can be issued dysfunction. All matter would be you if the party in spirit and somebody that's indexed Overton every school to pretend master options after bad grown actor for Grown Brady BG. Come on, form FG is all our burdens options. Active aggro means war with the color of the veterans active and after foreground, Um, Colorado foreground, When burden is active, really, for border and beautiful Babylon color come on is used is used to envy. Look, most Burton. A matter is involved and come on, we will write that martyr. Fun. Uh, inside the bartender text real it is there. Table one there. Hi. Justified parents, This all ordinator. Uh, totally out off. But so I'm going to get once in power Example for Britain stroke. And this haven't make, uh, evidence. One for one. Uh, what often? Show message, menu Click on them. Same there. So easy. I'm greatest saying next According to quit FG equals and come on like dark back side, Like See you? Yes, You what? I hope it is. Next, Burton will be used for ongoing message as this year. Excess for any I don't root dot Made no se this fine. I'm ready. This will recapture just plain. I have to define hello on so and no. And so you write any message I know. - Do you? Perchance Creator Onda Good one and hello. Is this press down? You know do your thing. Hello. World message. This is a simple example What I'm restricting Oh, uh, modern vote. And what happened when you click oppressed act border home matter is involved And how do jeans and cut off? But then and is it so? That's where do you ever give you examples which will demonstrate how to use it as in Britain function, counter function The new president Burton Automatic contribute increases so for didn't know everybody keep learning and give morning.