Learn Psychology: How Your Mind Works in Six Lectures | Andre Klapper, PhD | Skillshare

Learn Psychology: How Your Mind Works in Six Lectures

Andre Klapper, PhD, Researcher, Neuroscientist, Psychologist

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8 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is psychology?

    • 3. How our perception really works

    • 4. The truth about our memory

    • 5. Why emotions are so messy

    • 6. Why our self-image tends to be inaccurate

    • 7. Our social nature and why good people do bad things

    • 8. Bonus: How our brain understands people (empathy)

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About This Class

Our mind doesn’t work the way most people think.

This course takes you on a short journey through the basic topics of psychology and teaches you how your mind really works.

Discover how our brain secretly edits what we perceive and remember, why emotions make our life messy, and how our social nature influences our behavior.

What you will learn in this course

  • What psychology (and a psychologist) really is

  • How your perception works

  • How your memory works and why you often shouldn't trust it

  • Why emotions can make life messy and the hidden mechanisms behind this

  • Why most people have an unrealistic self-image and why this is actually healthy

  • How our social nature influences our behavior

Learn key lessons from the most essential psychology topics in just a few lectures and get a completely different perspective on yourself and the world.

When I was a psychology student, I was often baffled by the things I learned.

“How can this not be common knowledge?” I thought.

Many of the lessons seemed crazy to me but it is hard to argue with decades of rigorous research.

In this course, I want to share psychology insights that completely changed the way I look at the world.

So get started now and find out how your mind really works.

You can start with any lecture and see for yourself what it has in store for you.

And you can ask me any question you have about the human mind.