Learn Programming with Swift: Download Xcode and work with Playground, errors and comments | Winston Castillo | Skillshare

Learn Programming with Swift: Download Xcode and work with Playground, errors and comments

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

Learn Programming with Swift: Download Xcode and work with Playground, errors and comments

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction: Class Overview and Installing Xcode

    • 2. Left Sidebar: Calculations and Comments

    • 3. Errors and final thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, we will go through the following concept definitions:

  • Comments
  • Error
  • Playground
  • Result Side Bar

Also, we how to download xcode to work with Swift

Meet Your Teacher

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. Introduction: Class Overview and Installing Xcode: Hi, I am grateful you choose my class today. I have been working in the suffer in the street for more than 10 years on I am recently discovering a passion toe work with more rights. The first problem I face there where I sure list are You don't need to be a senior premier to take this class. In contrast, I designed this class to lead you through the first steps to start programming on creating your first up. Sadly, we are going to need several classes to the belle of the necessary skills to start creating your own called formal life. I am going to publish one you pass each week. So I am by you toe, follow me and share my classes. All of them are about cure testing on swift development for eyes. So today, in a couple of Vienna, we will learn how to use Exco Playground to create a program. Instead of that, you can type on get answers to the basic calculations. We would go to the following coats Concepts in stallion It's CO. What are the comments are using told roads and resource sidebar war Come to this class in jail first thing that you had to do to look in your app store. Something that you should hot here is a bad I like account. So you can look here. You just tried at school, and you could do you heat on enter, and then you will have these response Should be something that work you install. So if you just be under on it's gonna take. I have one hour to down, not over a day for the program. In order to let you it's start creating your maps, okay? 2. Left Sidebar: Calculations and Comments: what else? Once you finish the installation of its scope, release it to you to find it to these icon, you just click here and right It's cool. Uh, you can pass something that it's maybe useful common bass back bodice pace and is in a appeared here, you new type at school. Then when knew that its scope a wannabe is going to start yachting. The truth. So it would be something like these trying to appear. So you have in 1/2 piece and you're gonna have ceased at you know where you can start your planet, your playground. But something that I want to mention is Where is a playground? A playground is a place where you can play and it's pyramid with cold. So what is the different here? You can see instant results without anything. Get it in your way. A playground, Mit's parts that as playthings with like, Oh, that you can change the simple life off court you can dry. It's just a number. So let's start first you create here, get a start with plate round. Commonly, people created Cohen playground and then move it to the app. So this is so useful when you are starting coding we with safe. So here you have gains, Matt and single BUE But we're monster with blank. Why it is because right now we just need their framework for the blank part. So here you have IOSE TV owes and Mac us, it depends about the app you're going to create. It's gonna import different, different tools, different frameworks. But we're gonna talk about fingers in future classes. But now we are just going to talk about the playground lank for a date I use. So you just get here nets unless caught these life various class piers and you just please , um, create something that that happened really often. Right now with with a playground, it is now, here you are not gonna have any resource on is gonna be launching the simulator forever. So one way to fits, that is, you just plead on here and delete the white lines. So once you finish with it and your your simulator, it's gonna start. It's going to start an orchid normally. So what we had here this the left is going to show you or the like off that you're creating is gonna show the results this way. This part. And this is the framework where when I work with is called you. I keep so you have to import a framework in order to use their cold or the Commons are the functions that are included in the library or in the frame. Okay, so now we have a word with you, you kid. That is for the user interface Funches on and to show you the user interface things. Okay, as you see, you see here that Hey, Hello, playground. So it is because the bar a boat s Tekere is called the battle is kind of trade, but we're gonna talk about those in future classes. Don't worry. Don't take too much attention off these NASA. Start with our calculations. Okay, Silvester, you can use a playground like a calculator. Type in the math problem you want to solve. And the results I bar shows the answer or the soul off the calculation. You can use plus and mind science for a nation of construction. Just as your Speth. So let's do something easy. For example, if I put here G four this Yes, it's on a show here. 20 night. But if I clean plus you're gonna see he that were sold. So the same thing if you create here for some pulled on the house and of it 3000 you should be nasty bells. Okay, so here you are washing order results. So if you want todo more applications, you just use the arteries for simple 70 trees are sorry. 20 him does that. I show you the results. You should be yes, on for division. You just use the slash would be like 24 slash Okay. So what happened? If you want to do something, fares and then you want Teoh, calculate the rest. You just use parenthesis, I tease. And the finances is going to He's going to tell Swift that it should result this bear thing and they're injured. Move to there to the rest. Okay, so we the fair thing is innovation. And then he he had far a substructure in Is our first limes off cope. So there is this thing here it is like you are using just a playground. So let's talk about the comments Commons hurt. Problem is to understand the CO they had no so they leave little notes right in the code to help this plane. These hurts People understand that coal when they really later These notes are called comments, comments are in No, by playground on Do not affect how your how your coat is wrong. So if you want to include that common in your cold you just put two s rashes. You just tried to a slashes just by like right here and put something like thes piece my prayers car polish so and you see is not going toe affect the co 3. Errors and final thoughts: because Cummings are not in because comments are in nor nor result is displaying in the results park for that life. Of course, as you see here, programmers make mistakes more often. Do my imagine. So if you don't believe me that just go to my China and you're gonna find so tedious about Q A that are going really to be really useful now that you're interesting in starting with cold so as you great cold and deal APS, you will make mistakes, too. But don't panic. Sometimes things go grown when writing code, which is normal and expected. Don has had everything to come together without errors part off. Being a programmer is trouble showing when things over the first step is not freak. Take a separate and again don't panic on a road doesn't meet that you feel or you are about Remember. It just means there is a current in your cold, unique defeats, and that is part of the process and rose. When the playgrounds finds an error in your co be is tops running, let's go to introduce a simple one. For example, if you try to divide 1000 slash zero, you are gonna find on everyone here. But let's move these. I really want to show you some. I move this line off. Quoth here. Do you remember that you were able to see the result here. So not is that there is not any result in there Less sidebar. So if you want to Teoh see more about their about the error here you can create here for the temple. Are you are gonna receive this division by zero. That is the air or you're having. Sometimes those ever are not that overuse here you can click here like I two on is gonna start running. Came as you see, it is not any any ever. And now you can see are the resource here in the left side bar. So remember about, um, about what's colder up some important things that we have learned so far. The fears one. It is like you can make me stays here in your coal. All the results in the playground. You see the results Here you can you use parentheses in your operations. Here you have another section that's going to to help you in the future, and we are going to talk about those in the future. So remember here the important thing it iss the sidebar the take around percent where you can put your cold on, create some codes to see how they work. And you were able to perform some operations here. So something that I would like to ask you is you can start, you know, creating so really simple lines off codes here because we're going to see more about a round in the future there. Lifting that now you know, are the comments that you can include them in your co. For example. Here, here. Right Lashes, lashes smashed. He's It was a threat to him. Uh, that's bash and we had everything. And now you know, if you have ever going to stop and what I say, it's PC. You can just use your you can use. It's cool to see what you did grown on. You can continue working with. I will see you in the next class