Learn Programming from Scratch to Advance Level in C Sharp | Sajid Amin Mughal | Skillshare

Learn Programming from Scratch to Advance Level in C Sharp

Sajid Amin Mughal, Programmer & Apps Developer

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7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Scope of the course

    • 2. Introduction of course cover

    • 3. C Sharp History and IDE Setting

    • 4. Compiler path setting

    • 5. 1st program using notepad++ CS Compilor

    • 6. Data Types

    • 7. type casting and conversion


About This Class

This course is contain complete tricks and real world examples which are required to become a professional programmer. C Sharp language is used to deliver the concepts but outcome of the course is that one who will completed this course will be able to learn any other programming language with in 3 to 4 hours by just scrolling its syntax only. C # sharp provide complete environment and support to develop Any kind of web base or desktop applications. So this course is enrich enough to make you and professional programmer after no need to learn any tools and techniques. Other all the materials discussed in the course lets start and do it.





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Sajid Amin Mughal

Programmer & Apps Developer

I am software engineer. My core profession is Software development and Web designing. I love teaching Info Tech courses and involved in teaching since 2009 and have more 2000 students around the globe.

I know : How to program on console & GUI and create a perfect Data base driven system.

My toolkit is contain of C # , C++, JAVA , PHP , MYSQL , SQL ,ORACLE , HTML, CSS, Ms Excel Advance and others. In IDE I used NET-BEANS, ECLIPSE, VISUAL STUDIO, NOTEPAD++, DEV-C++ XAMP and other ...

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