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Learn Professional Image Retouching-Give Your Portrait Images Professional Look

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

Learn Professional Image Retouching-Give Your Portrait Images Professional Look

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

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10 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Intro Portrait Retouching

    • 2. 0 Intro and Planning Professional Portrait Retouching

    • 3. 1 Basic Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom-Portrait Retouching

    • 4. 2 Skin Retouching Removing skin Flaws Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass

    • 5. 3 Skin Retuching frequency Separation Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass

    • 6. 4 Enhancing Eyes and Lips & Fixing Eye Bags Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass

    • 7. 5 Color Grading with NIk Color Efex Pro & Curves Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass

    • 8. 6 Fixing Background in Lightroom Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass

    • 9. 7 Adding Light in Photoshop Pofessional Portrait Retouching

    • 10. 8 Dodging & Burning in Photoshop Pofessional Portrait Retouching

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About This Class

Learn Professional Portrait Retouching

  • Do you want to learn the Professional Portrait Image Retouching?

  • Do you want to Turn Ordinary Portrait Image into stunning Professional Portrait?

  • Do you want to Learn the Professional Skin Retouching Techniques?

  • Do you want to Learn how to Enhance the Eyes and Lips?

  • Do you want to learn How to Color Grade the Images?

If the answer to any of the question is Yes, then let me tell you that you are in the right place.

Welcome the Course Learn Professional Portrait Image Retouching in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

In this course, you will learn the Professional Techniques to Edit the Portrait Images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

You will learn how you can enhance your Portrait images and take them to the next level by following simple to use tricks and techniques.

So, what are you waiting for?

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1. Intro Portrait Retouching: 2. 0 Intro and Planning Professional Portrait Retouching: welcome to the intro and planning off the schools. In this lecture, we will outline What are the things we need to work or what are the things we need to do on this portrait? It means because we are going to take this portrait on we're going to readers decimation. So first of all, as you can see, this image is not properly exposed Over here we have lots off shadows, Onda, and it is not properly exposed it under exposed. So we are going toe fix the exposure. Okay, I think Let me take some red color. Okay, so first of all, we're going to fix the exposure. Some highlights some shadows. You're going to open up the shadows on this side and on the side. Onda, we're going toe fix some detains. We're going toe Fix that the lens distortion as against the over here, we have some leads to a social. Maybe you are not able to see it, but lens distortion is always there. So since this is our horrify, so we can easily fix the lens distortion on this on By the way, you can go to the last section and download this the this row image and you can work along on practice. What you learn from this course on all of these basic adjustment we are going to do in the mobile item on. Then we are going to take this image in the adobe photo shop on their first awful. What we are going to do, we will fix some skin floors. Let me. I think you're not able to see it. So there are so many skin dots which we need to fix. Okay, so we're going toe fix all off those okay? Using the clone stamp tool on once we are done with that, what they're after, we are going to smooth out the skin using the frequency separation technique on frequency Separation technique is very easy and very effective technique using which we can easily smooth outer skin and at the very same time, we can keep the textures off the skin intact. So that gives you the professional results. So almost all the professional editors or the professional photographs photograph furs. They always use the frequency separation technique toe smoothed off their skin and toe, keep the textures intact. So, basically, for the mortal beauty shoots on the fashion short. It is always the frequency separation which is being used. However, there are other options as well, but frequency separation is what you can do within the photo shop itself, and you don't need any third party plumbing. However, if you want, you can use theater party plug in, such as the portraiture on nickel er FX pro For On In that there is one filter, which is called the dynamic skin Soft note. You can use that as well to smooth out the skin so they are very far, but they caused to you a little bit money. But I I'm going to show you the simple way using which you can do this within the photo shop. And you don't need any third party plugging on there after we will end the eyes. You can see at this moment we have the, I guess, but it's very, very small. So we are going toe penance. Those I catches on, and we will add more life on more, more interest in the eyes using the I catch. And this is a very simple technique, and you would love this technique. I apply this technique toe almost all off my porch. It amazes on. Then we're going to fix some the length lips as well. So we are going toe. Make them little red on. We will sharpen the eyes. Okay. On sharp on the lips. Hand hairs again. See, over here, Andi, Thereafter we will color great this image on for this purpose. We will be using the color fxpro for which is on her party Plug in. But it gives you are not more control on. It is very fast to you. So that's why I'm going to use the next color fxpro for so you can use that on there after , I'll show you how you can even color red using the curves adjustment layer so you don't need off her party plugging. Okay, so I have shown you the board, the techniques using the third party plugging as well as how to color great the images within the photo shop itself on there after will finally fix this background agency. This spectacle is not consistent on this side. We have lots off color on this side. We have less color, so it's saturated. It's too much saturated on there. After we will had some light, a little bit light source on this site. As you can see, we have the light coming from this side. But this area is little darker, so we're going to fix that for that purpose. We will use some light source or some lights over here so we'll add some artificial light. Or we can fake the light over here in the photo shop Andi thereafter or in there after we will also start dozing and burning. So we will those on. And but And if you don't know what is those and Bond And let me tell you that dozing and burning is basically darkening. The shadows had lightning the highlights. So you can see wherever you see the lights or the highlights. This lighter area, we're goingto make it more later on, whenever you see the doctor, a dark shadows, dark hairs and everything, So we are going to make them even more darker. And that way we can easily bring out two more B pills and you can see once we are done with the losing and burning, you will see that now the image of God, more interest and more death. So there are so many techniques to those and burn. But I'm going to show you how you can does and bony using the curves adjustment because it's more easy and more flexible on. You can also download my amazing photo shop actions, which has lots off actions and edge. So you have the goes and bone action as well. So you just need toe press play button on with just one click. He dozing and burning layers are ready to work on on. It has the sharpening actions. It has the SPDR options. It has so many other so many other actions as well, which are very useful for the poor traitor retouching. So you can use all of that. But I'm not shown how toe used them in this lecture. Because I have shown you how you can do it from the scratch so that you know you you should know how you can do that on if you want. Then once you know how you how it is done, then you can use the for the soap action to save the time. So all of this we are going toe achieve in this lecture and at any time, any point off time during or after the lecture. If you have any question, you can directly ask me in the question answer section or in the comments section. Or you can build me at harsh had the rate hearts for the art, not home. So it's my evil I t harsh at hush within our dot com. So you can directly mailed me any question or any queries. So I'm here to help you. I will answer all of your questions related to the cause. And if you like the course, please don't forget to leave the reviews. So it's very importantly your reviews. Leave your feet, Beth, What you want to see in this course or what you want to learn in the future courses as well do let me know. Anti common section on Do send me a message or do send me and email. So thank you so much. See you in the next lecture and let's dive in and start editing this image 3. 1 Basic Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom-Portrait Retouching: So we are going to readers this image on DA This is Theodore B light from CC begin. Latest version. So we're going toe added this image into others. So first of all, I'll go for the auto option, which is over here. You can see right now. Over here. Let me zoom in to show you. So this is the auto one, so I can let me press under Undue. And if I press although it automatically adjust all these lighters for us on, try to give us the pastors or two, right? So I hope so. And ah, though the auto has already fixed most of the problems but we are going toe Ah, just do some adjustments according to our own liking. So I will do bring down the contrast a little bit on increased the ah exposure a little bit on duh at me. Bring down the highlights a little bit on open up the shadows a little bit more. Okay on da Let's a little bit black on. Let's a little bit white, Okay? That we will get some more exposure on this image, Onda And then on the clarity I'll increase the clarity a little bit. Maybe like Fife five is just fine on day. I will increase the saturation a little bit. Not that much. Okay, so that we get some original warmer tone in the skin. All right, Onda, basically, this has been short with the 85 melons. Let me assure you the stats. So it has been short of with 85. Nikon F 1.8 lens on It has been short by one by 1/60 off the second and a Porcher F 1.8 and the I so 100. So if you press I own your ah kee boat, you will see the stat name, and then the camera states. So you need to pressed two times on your keyboard to get these stats for any image in the adobe later. Okay, on duh. Now let's come over here in the details. Spanner on in the Dale Spender, we'll work on the sharpening and noise reduction, and before we should work on this, we need to June in this image so that we get to see what we are doing. So over here we can increase the shopping again. See, Now the image has been sharpened way too much, which is not good. So it's always good to keep it under 50 all night. And then there is the option off masking. Don't touch the radius and details because of the radius on the details, you can adjust how much details you want. Okay, So if you can increase you'll more details on similarly with the radius as well. Ok, but what? I found that the default setting is best and it works of with almost every image. Okay, And now I'll increase the masking. So I need to press old or option on my keyboard on track this line. So that way you will see this mosque option. So what this masking does is basically it shows me or it shows me that where the sharpening would be applied on it also has me toe limit my sharpening or on the area where I want o apply the shopping. So basically, using this technique, you can just limit the sharpening only on the S s. So now if I zoom in and show you if I bring down this masking hopes, let me bring it over here. Bring down the masking You can see, everything is sharp and you can see on these skin tone and everything. But if I move this slider up, you can see now our skin tone remains intact. Skin is intact. It has no Chapin, whereas the eyes and all these as is our sharpened. Okay. And then we have the noise reduction options. So using this weekend, reduce the noise. As you can see, it has some grains. It has noise. So if I just agrees this new direction, how smooth the skin has become and it has taken away all those grains. But be careful while you do the kitchen because that also take away the details from your enemies. So little bit green is fine, but too much grain. It's not OK, so if you have too much off crane, you must introduce them because that would not lowered. But if you increase this luminant slider, toe weight and your skin would look past, you can see that would look fake, which doesn't look good. All right, so it's always good. Keep intact from the skin and as at the same time, you make it sooner. Okay, on you can adjust, taken us and play with the state's options. So details panel is basically shows you that at the moment it's actively so it shows that you can keep the detail or it's telling the light room that you keep the details to 50% on removed the noise from rest off the 50% details. All right. Ah, ability. People have and colors. So if you have some is then the horrible Did you that so Similarly, it also at the same details on smoothness option. So if there is a color noise specifically as we don't have here, then you can just remove that with this color off again and that it's something like this 14 and then we'll come toe the lens correction. OK, so let me zoom in to show you, as you can see here we have some this green, French or green, um, this ocean or chromatic aberration. So we need to remove this. So for that purpose, we need to come over here on the lens correction option and just check this one remove chromatic aberration, and most of the time it works. And though it has worked, but it has still left certain fringes over here, so we can fix that later on. And then jet this enable profile correction, OK? And what this would do? It would automatically detect your lens correction lens vigilance you have used. And you can see at the moment it has selected Unicorn profile on this lens. Nick on here, 85. 1.8. Jilin's on profile as well on then. It has fixed the distortion on deviant. You can see the vignette effect on the S is it has been removed by this option. Okay, so now you can see the chromatic aberration is not completely removed on this. A maze. So what we can do? We need to come over here in the manual option, which is over here. Andi once. Well, press that here we have all these options so we can distort it. We can different it with the help off this I pickerel color picker, tour, color selector, toe. So we'll take this tool on. We are going to make a selection on this green color. Okay, on the woman we have selected, you can see it has taken away that color. All right? So, just by clicking, you can take care off that chromatic official or that French very easily. Okay, so on once you are happy with the result. You just press it once again and you are good to go. Okay, Now we don't have that purple French, all right? And no, let's come to the effect spending on add some Viant because I like the vignette effect around the me so that our focus remains on the model itself. So bring down the union a little bit or let it be this way. We'll added that in the ah Toby photo shop. Okay? And then we have this option off calibration. So using this weekend at just the tents on hue or saturation off different colors. Okay, so let me just add Ginny Hugh off red. So let me make it a little bit Redness in the skin. I zoom in to show you If I contract in tow, N. C. The skin has now started getting there. If I do the right side, it becomes alot. So let me bring in it. No, not that much. Little bit read. So I think minus five is fine. I can add it's tradition. So the image Okay, Andi, Then we have the green hue so we can adjust all of these. It basically halves you to get some gross processing or very want to give some cinematic effect where shadows are a different color using the, uh, this, uh, split turning using the split thorning panel, which is over here. But I'm not going to do this over here. I'll take this image to the light or to the photo shop on. Then I'm going toe. Do rest off the editing over there. Okay, so now this one is just fine. And let me right, click on and select. Add it in Adobe Photoshopped. So what is now Adobe Light Room is doing it is going to long to the adobe for the shop, as against it on it is going toe Launch it over there and both the programs would be connected with each other. So whatever editing I would do in adobe for the shop, that would be reflected over here. So that's that workflow where you can work in adobe later on in the photo show 4. 2 Skin Retouching Removing skin Flaws Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass: all right, so now you can see that it has loans did for the shop and has opened this image into the photo shop. So first of all, we are going to fix some skin flows. Basic skin flows from the image. So for that purpose, I'll create a new blank layer over here. And then I would go over here in the sport healing brush tool so you can simply press Js well on. Make sure you click on the sample Old years otherwise, otherwise, this is not going toe. So let me zoom in by pressing space and with my mouse, I can zoom in and start pending wherever I see the flows or thoughts for any sports which I want to remove. I just have to paint over that on. It's going to take care off that very on removed the here's as well, so this is very easy to work with. You can easily remove all these sports and flows from the skin 5. 3 Skin Retuching frequency Separation Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass: now zoom in, and you can see by turning this on and off the before and after. So we have successfully removed all these stains and flows from the skin from the face. Let's create a stamped copy or the much poppy off all of this by pressing control Shift E or command option shift if you're using the Mac and then create two more copies by pressing control. Jail commander. So Refugee named the bottom one as the law on the top one as the high frequency. So we are going to do differently. Separation on this image. So we are going to smooth out this game. So will turn off the high, first of all and selected low layer, which is over here. And then we'll go to the filter blur and will choose the goes in blood on In the closing blur will choose our radius, where we don't see much details in the eyes or on the face. So you need to increase the radius until you don't see the final details in the phrase or on the face and press OK, and now let's zoom in. You can see now we have made the entire means bloody Now we need to turn on the highly our own. So it's select on this little Aiken I Aiken, and it's going to be visible now and then we'll go to the image and we will select the apply image on from this source. We will selected the from this layer will like the law on from the blending More option will still selectee, subtract and will choose the scaled toe to and the offset is 1 28 and then we will press OK on. This is the default value which you can have on. Then we'll press okay and then we need to change the layer bland moto linear light or with light. So we'll go for the leaner light on the moment will do this. You can see now we are back with our origin enemies. So we'll group them together by pressing shift and controlled you command g on will rename it as skin and with zoom in and you can see now there is no difference between the previous one on this one. But we are now going toe work on this, so we'll need to select the low earlier on. Then we will choose the lasso tool from here. So we create a duplicate copy off the low earlier by pressing controlled you and select the lasso tool from here. Or you can simply press l on your keyboard toe. Have the excess toady lost so too. And make sure the feeder is around 10% or 10 pixels, that they will not have the shop as is. And now we need toe select the area which we want to make smoother. So we'll make a selection and then go to the filter, blur and choose causing blood on. We can choose the radius which we like, So if you want to make the skin more smoother, we can increase it. And if you want to the skin to less mother, so weaken decreases and similarly, you need toe selectee certain other parts off the skin or the face. And then again, repeat the process to swelter blood and go simpler and choose any radius you want or how much depending on how much finer or smooth you wonder skin. So this process go. It takes a little bit of time, but it gives you the best better result reason being that this is Ah, frequency separation on it keeps the texture intact. It makes the skin smoother, but it doesn't look fake at the very same time. So now hopes you have to sometimes work since I'm actually started using the pan tablet and I'm not yet used to it. So that's why this is the problem I'm facing. So initially, you need to spend a little bit more time. If you're using the pan tablet on their after make this election, let me quickly do all of this and over all off the face. I have quickly done this and you can see by turning it on and off. We have smoothed out the skin on at the very same time we have kept the structure's intact . So if you're watching in full S t, then you might be able to notice the difference. 6. 4 Enhancing Eyes and Lips & Fixing Eye Bags Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass: Now let's work on the eyes and lips, so create a blank clear and zoom in on the eyes and use the brush tool on it must be soft as brush with 100% capacity and 100% flow on. Make sure the foreground color is the fight. If it is not pressed e on your keyboard to turn into the default one on press X to flip them between the foreground and the background color. So now we have the white as our foreground color, so we'll zoom in on the eyes on will paint wherever you see the highlights, and you can make the size off the brush smaller or the bigger with the left bracket or the right bracket. As for the need so similarly for the right eye Israel spent wherever you see the lights on , you can see. Now the eyes look super scary. But don't worry. We're going to fix it on toe. Fix it. It's very simple. All you have to come you would do is come over here and select the overly bland moat. So now you can see now eyes are looking more alive and super amazing. You can see the difference, but turning them on and off. Now let's work on the lips so we'll make it a little bit red. So create a new blank layer again, soft as brush with the foreground color as the red. So go to the swatches on the stop on facility orange color. If or the red color every is not. Then go to the windows and select swatches. Okay, Andi, start bending on the lips and you can see this result is really pathetic. You might be wondering that why we are ruining this image, but your own not ruining this image. We are going to fix it very soon. So stay tuned. We are goingto fix it on its Not that pathetic, believe me. So let me just first finish this on. Then we need to simply genius layer bland, moto so flight. And now you can see we have got the natural lizards. So zoom in on. You can even change this little bland moto overly Or I think soft light looks good on paint on this area. This is left and they're after you can load on its opacity For how much in density off the scholar you want on the lips, so I like it a little bit natural. So something like this is OK and you can see by turning this on and off. And now let's fix these eye bags. You can see we have dark circles under the eyes, so we need to fix them. So for that purpose will create a new blank layer on. Choose the clones, Time told from here. Or you can simply press as on your keyboard. Tohave the excess. True, the clone stamp tool. Andi. Make the opacity toe 30% so you can use your keyboards to change the opacity. If you press one on your keyboard, this is going to be 10% and up to nine. It's going to be 90% if you press to 23 for 34 for 45 or 50 so similarly up to 90 you can turn it to 90%. And if you want it to be 100% press Jiro on your cable and it is going to be 100%. So let me press sweet because I want the 30% capacity for the stool. Always call for 30% capacity for clone stamp too. And the second thing which is most important, which we are going to do, is change this more to the Layton. So that Fabia went to lighten these our He begs for the ice in dark circle because we don't want come them to completely go, because that way it's going to look unnatural. So we need to press all to sample from the area and start painting over these docks off. And as you can see by turning this on and off, nothing is happening. So what's the reason? Reason is this. So over here we have selected the currently so we need to make it to the old less Otherwise , this is not going to work. So that way it is going to assemble from all the layers below it and no again press old or option on, they dissemble and start bending on the eyes. On that way, we can lower down this dark circle or beacon light in these dark. So clo the dark ideals. So let me quickly dough this and now create another plan clear for the second I, or for the right eye and similarly again will do the same thing. Press old or option. Take the sample and start spending on these dark circles. All these lines. So you have to be a little patient because we have the 30% capacity. So that way it is going toe work. Or give us the natural dessert, though it's going to walk slowly. But yes, it is going to give us the better result. So for here as well. Press old and take December and start spending on this area as well. And you can make the size off the brush, smaller or bigger, with the left bracket on the right bracket. So let me show you or select both of these, show you on press control G or command you to group them together. And you can see by this turning this I I can own an off or clicking on this. I I can. And if you want, you can lower down its capacity as well that they will be having the natural reserve. So now you can see the difference we have successfully like in those dark circles or the dark areas 7. 5 Color Grading with NIk Color Efex Pro & Curves Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass: Now let's create our stem copy by pressing control Old shift E or common option shift E. So that way we can create a much copy off all these layers which are visible. We're going toe color. Great. This image and for that purpose will go to the filter and to his nick collection and use the calorie fxpro. For if you have no downloaded the new collection, go ahead and download it. Unfortunately, this plug in is now no longer free. This has been bought by the the XO optics, and now they're selling it for, I think, 39 or $49 so you can download it because this tool is really amazing. It has lots off tools which will help you take your photograph E or photos to the next level, so make sure you download this. It's very, very, very useful and very creative, because I use it for almost all off my mazes. As you can see, it has been lost, and now let me show you. It has lots off presets or the filters which you can use. They have been categorized with the landscape. Nature's wedding, poor trades, architecture, short travel, short So all of these are going to help you to create the amazing, amazing images on over here. We have thes filters, so weakened change the filter. So I have I can create one more filter, But looking over here, I can close those filters so I can no longer will have any filter. So I can press this button to zoom in tow 100%. And if I click on this ad Oh, I have different options. I can zoom into 400% 300% 200% on. I can go for 50%. So we have a whole bunch off options over here so we can easily zone in tow. I'm is to see the final details. So here we have the club bulb option. So by pressing this, we can change the Bagram toe white grape or the black on with this option weekend. Close the stab. If I click again, it's come back and similarly for this one as well, we can close it while we can open it on by pressing this weekend. See a side by side view or these lines for before and after on. At the moment, we don't have any filter, so you won't see it. If you press Prestes, you can see the side by side option and repress Compare is going to show you the before and after and once you are happy, you can press okay or even cancel it. So this is a basic interface. So let me select the cross processing or from here on over here, you can see I have different options. Likened breast. Compare this button and it's going to show me the before and after once we release it. Or you can simply click on this toe or drag this line to see the before and after. And you can even see the side by side view so his before and after and you can change the land more. Or if you press this back against single view. And if you click on this little arrow all the triangle, it will show you some more presets. So you just need toe over your mouth or any of thes, and it's going to show you the real prevue off. Those are how it is going to affect your image so you can go for the different one and use anyone you like. So for this work was, let me just browse all of that and let's see which one I like. Maybe this one off this one. So this basically have the color grating process very easily, or this makes it very fast and easy. So let me select this one on breast, compare and see, and I can increase his strength from here. All I can load on its strength as well with this lighter to let me go for something like this, maybe. And I can change the shadows, whether toe open of the shadows or not. So I can drag these lighters off the shadows. Or I can loan on the highlights as well or compressed the highlights with these two sliders on. Let me choose another one. Maybe something like this. Increase the strength and breast compared before and after result. Or let's try another one. Okay, This one is also looking good on just the strength slider to your liking. And here we have some control options. So if I click on this at all, it is going to open up the control options. So at the moment, the capacity is 100% so that means it is going to affect the entire image. But if you want it on the certain parts than we have these two options So if you have Presley plus I can and I can drag it anywhere. So it is going to affect only that area were I press it and you can see we have the this control point on controlled by number one. And if I check this, it is going toe. Show us the mass. So wherever there is a white color, this filter is affecting. And wherever there is a black color is not affecting it taken. Drag it to anywhere you want as well your mouse. And if you on jacket, it is not going to show you the result. Okay? And you can un jacket from here as well on beacon in Greece, the size with this later so we can load on its opacity, not size, so we can lower down. It's a pass ity. So how much you want this to effect on certain area on But this lighter we can increase its size so we can lower down the size, make it smaller, affect the smaller area or we can increase the size to affect the larger areas on if you press, delete, weaken, delete that as well. So that baby, it is going to affect the entire image. And once you're happy, press OK and you can see the difference. But on in this own and off your before and after. So let me zoom in to see what else we can do. So over here, this background doesn't look good, so we'll go to the adjustment and select this cards adjustment from here and here you can see we can change. Is the land more to multiply? So that way the image would be darker, and we can create a video to back to using this one on with the software's brush with 100% capacity. With the black color, we can increase the size. Foreground color should be the black because we are going to remove it from the face or the model. So that way it is not going to affect the model. But it Quinn's toe create a dark circle around the maze so that the all focus remains or goes backed or directed to the I mean modern. You can see by turning it on and off. We have grated slightest off dark circles or the dark as his, and you can paint on certain parts with the fight card if you want them to be more darker. So let me being over here. So that way the background would look more consistent on with the black color. I can press X to switch it back to the black color, and I can paint to remove it from the area where I don't want. And I can even low down its opacity if I want. Oh, if I don't want that dark result, I can do that as well. And then again, go to the adjustment layer. Select one more curves adjustment layer on this time, What we're going to do. We're going to select the red color. What from this or read general from here. By clicking on this icon, you can choose the regional by default, RGB selected, and then we'll click on the highlighted area off this. Talk off this and drag a little bit to Addie Red Color and drag it down from the bottom and then to the Green Channel. And if you click and drag it is going to affect the shadows because bottom part is the shadows medalist form a tone on the toe. Part is for the salads, so we can add the green color in the highlights or we can remove it if we want. And let's add the blue color in the shadows so I can grab this a little bit up and read this form. They don't to remove it from the highlights, so you can see the difference before and after and go to the adjustment. And you can see this one, the layer which we have created a vignette effect with. So this is not looking good. So I need to walk on this little bit because this is not consistent. The background doesn't look consistent, so I need to walk on this. So I'm painting with the white color toe. Add more off this doc, as is on the areas which are left out so that they will be having a consistent made ground and that the background look would look more much better and you can see now by turning it this on and off. So lighting is now consistent and go to the adjustment layer once again ancelloti selective color on from this dog down menu. Let's zoom in and let's change these skin color So we have selected the red color on. We have different sliders who at the moment we're sliding or in adjusting the cyan color on similarly weaken. Walk with the magenta, yellow and black. So this is how we can fix the skin. Don't very easily, and from this drop down menu weaken, select the neutral color, and that way we can color great it even further if you want to. So let's adjust it to get the different look. So color selective color adjustment layer is very, very helpful. You can create whole bunch off options with the help of this one. So let me quickly do this and come back against me by turning this on and off. Now let's create our stamp copy by pressing control. Old shift to your command option shifty and changes layer bland, moto leaner light and go to the filter other and use the high pass to make it sharper. So we're going to add lots of detail in the mess and for the people amazes you. Choose the radius off one point. Oh, that's fine. So it press OK, so that way you will not have some bending effects. If you increase it, you will get some ugly effects. But with the one buying two radius, we will get the better result so you can turn it on and off. Emergency. It has added little bit extra lecture to the skin as well, and it has made the entire Amis look very sharp and crisp. And if you want, you can even lower down its opacity. If you think that this effect is too much for your taste, or you can change its layer, bland moto overlay toe have the less sharpening or these soft light so you can go for anything you want. You can see the difference by turning it on and off. Now let's get one more duplicate, copy off it by pressing and told you, and you can see now the sharpening effect is now in double, and that's great. A mosque with it, and by pressing old or option, we can create a black mosque, so that way, the entire layer would not affect the image. So we'll select the mosque as against everybody. Black mask If you don't press on, hold the older option. It's going to create the white mask, but if you want the black mass, press old or option to play the black mask on now with the brush tool in the soft as a brush white color start pending on the eyes toe. Make the eyes more shop, so this has to be soft as a brush with 100% capacity. Or you can go for the 50% capacity, whichever you like and the photo be 100% and start bending on the ice because it's very important to have these sharp eyes. The more details you're going to have in the ice, your amaze or your portrait would look much much amazing because the successful portrait has two things. Sharp eyes on the amazing I catch. So you need to have both off these. It's very important, and you can paint on the lips as well to make them even sharper on on the hairs. So since it's 50% capacity, you need toe paint twice to get the exact result. Or you can paint on the dress as well if you want, and you can see the difference by zooming in by turning this on and off. If you're watching in full axity than you might be able to see the difference, it has made a slightest off difference. And let's change this later. Bland moto, vivid light or the linear light so that we will have more sharpening. And if you want to, you can load on its opacity and you can see over here we have some problem on the lips, so let's fix it. Create a new blank layer and use the clone stamp tool. From here on, make short the blame, blending more this normal on capacity. Let's make it 30% opacity hopes. Okay, Now make sure sample always is selected on dress cold or auction to take the sample from this area and start painting on the site. Sample from the top lips upper lip on paint over way. Need to sample from many areas to get the perfect desert. And let me quickly do this. And over here you can see we have some problem or here. So let me fix that as well. By pressing old toe. Take the sample from this area and being slowly over here way have fixed it a little bit over here is so you can zoom in and zoom out to see where you need to work on. 8. 6 Fixing Background in Lightroom Portrait Image Retouching Masterclass: And now you can see we have think all of our result over here as well in the light room. So this was the before on this is after we have done the editing. But now our over here, I realize that this part off the image is a little darker on this one is lighter. So this one is not looking much better to me, so I'll try to fix it. So for that purpose, what will go will come over here and select this adjustment brush, which is over here so you can have the access toe it by pressing K on your Kibo and then you can paint anywhere on that's going toe. Create a moss for us so we can paint anywhere on. We can do some local adjustment or selective adjustment on that area so we can adjust the exposure off that area so we can make a darker or the lighter. So let me make it light a little bit, something like this on lower down the saturation which is over here so that it looks something similar to this one on. Let's add the temperature warm temperature. Let's add something off screen. Okay, on, Let's open up the exposure a little bit on load on the contrast on and open of the highlights A little bit more on open of the shadows on its load on the situation a little bit more on Let's air yellow or the bomber temperature on Let's try to add a little bit more green. Okay? And now this one is looking much better That may increase the exposure a little bit more something like this. So now we have got this kind of result. We have fixed it, and both off the side now looks much better. So if you want to see how it looks with and without it, you need to press this little button, which is over here. So this is a little switch. So if you press this, it is going to turn this off and you press it once again, it is going to turn it on. So let's see the result with and without. So this is before and this is after okay. And before and after. Okay, Andi, I think now this one is looking much better, but it is also effecting little bit the this area. Okay, so for that purpose. Let me just remove this mosque from that area on for that purpose. We need to select the syriza. So there is an option off days. Select the option from here and you can be over here way can remove it from the skin and we can even know down its flow on over here weaken changes temperature every little Barmer What? We can adjust it in as well. Something on bless New for our new adjustment brush or new point on paint on the site On begin a justice exposure accordingly Waken broke with the temperature on determined to match it with the background or the overall image You can even book with the saturation old We have all bunch off options so we can adjust any off them to get the visit way being on the arm If you want, we can eat Is it from certain parts? We don't want that prison And once we're happy Restaurant beginning justice We need effect complete more vignette From here on this is our final visit. So this was before on this is after we have done the portrait retouching 9. 7 Adding Light in Photoshop Pofessional Portrait Retouching: welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we're going toe fix this bag. Known as you can see in the previous lecture, we have tried to face this background, but still there is some problem. This color on this color does not match. So for that purpose we're going toe, add Ah, simple light over here so that it just get mixed with the background on so on. This is a very easy and fastest way to fix it. So we'll create a new blank layer by coming over here on this layer. Aiken. So we'll click on the space liken, and it's going to get a new layer over here on day after we will come over here on the brushed will selected Bristol. Or you can simply press the be on your keyboard toe, have the access to the brush tool, and then after we need to select the soft as brush from the top. If you click over here on this little arrow on you, Concil ity soft round bush and make sure the capacity is 100%. And the flu is also one under person on. Make sure this foreground color is the right, so if it is not, as you can see in my case. So I need to breast the on my keyboard to turn this into the default one on there after I need to press X on my keyboard toe. Flip these colors so I will make this foreground color as the white on their after I'll come over here on increase the size off the brush using the right bracket. Or I can decrease the size my pressingly left, right. So I'll make it something like this and I will paint over here once. As you can see now, this is not looking good, but on what? We are going to fix it on toe fix it will press control de oca Manti And now we are going toe have the access to transform toe. So this is how we can transform any Lear. So if you press control t or commodity, you will have the excess to transform option. And now I will press shift on press old or option and click on one of the corner and rightly so. If I do this, it's going toe scale it from the center and if I simply press shift it is going toe scale it from the corner. Okay, so I want it to scale from the center cell press old or option and shipped. And I will make it something like this and I will drag It may be over here and press enter or this Jack Mark. And there after I will come over here on changes later plan more too soft light. And you can see Now we have added a little bit light Onda. We will expand it toe the side as Wells will press control T Command the once again on press control space and old on with your mouths against Zoom out to see it. Oh, part off it on drag it. Maybe something like this on drug. A little bit on this site and breast center. And now you can see this one is looking much better. This was before on this is after we have added this light source on this image. So this is fixed. So thank you so much. See you in the next lecture. In the next lecture, we're going to learn how toe does and bond the image in for the show. 10. 8 Dodging & Burning in Photoshop Pofessional Portrait Retouching: welcome to this lecture. In this lecture we are going toe does and bond this image and using the simple goes adjustment in 14 show on. However, if you have downloaded the photo shop action, then you can use the photo shop action as well to create thes those and burn layers. So if you have done ordered the photo shop action my amazing photo an answer for the shop action which comes free with this course, go ahead and download it and install it on how to install it. You need to just first off all goto the windows on, select the actions safe. Reject this actions somewhat, this kind off base it would open. And there after you need to come over here on this little menu options, and you need to click over here on there after you need to selectee load actions Auction, which is over here low actions and click on this and browse the 18 file, which is something like this Amazing photo, an answer Hirscher than art Swing into just click it and loaded on their after it would be loaded over here and you will see all these bunch off options over here. So let me for show you how you can use this for the shop action to greet the doors and bone layer. So there is our action, which is called those and burn over here. So you just need to select this one. And thereafter you need to press display, but And once the play button displayed, you will see this option on it shows you that start painting with 10% capacity with white color on those and boneless once done, press play button again. Okay. And then you need to press stop. And once you are done, you can use this for the show action again. Or play this action again or you don't need toe. Use it. So now you can see we have created three lives. So one for the Von one for the does. And this is the black and white layer. So how you can use it? Let me show you for Sylhet. This black and white layer on you can adjust its setting from the properties. You will see. Properties may be over here, but I have dragged them over here. This option you might see it over here. Okay. So let me show you this weigh on. You can make this major little darker to something like this so that you can properly see the lights and shallow. Some people have little problem seeing the highlights and the shadows. So using this black and white, you can easily see the shadows and highlights a life. And you can make them little bit darker. Something like this, so that you can see we're is the shadows on there is the highly And once you do this, you'll do adjustment. You need to select this bond earlier on come to the brush tool against soft s brush with 10% capacity and to turn the capacity to 10%. Press one on your keyboard and if you press to on your keyboard is going to be 20% 3 for 34 for 14 and up to nine. It's 90%. And if you want it back toe 100% breast chill. Okay, so I'll go for 10% capacity on flow to be 100%. And make sure this color is white. And as you can see, first of all, we are going to work on the bone image. So we'll zoom in a little bit on. We will start painting wherever BCD dark site Okay, on the dollar shadows OK on you keep on doing it. So I'm just quickly doing If you do it slowly, Not so appreciation. Then you'll get the better result. You can go down the sights of the brush, the pain on the smaller areas on. Once you are done, you condone off this black invite on Don't thes. I do see the before again. This is before and this is after we have just undergoes similarly now on the black and white image and doors. So we'll send the doors later on a string goes on or will paint on the highlights wherever you see the lights. Just I mean over that with make sure 10% opacity. And I'll show you how in kids these days at your own without the social action, Some are, you know, downloaded it all. You don't want to use it. I'm showing you how you can use them as well. But people, let's finish with this closing in Bunning, - you can even be on the big I want. All right, so you can see that missive a turning it on and off. And the most useful part off using the skulls adjustment to does and bond is that if you sell far somehow, commit a mystic. So as you can see over here, it's too much on. It's not looking good, so I need to just shoots my back, switch my foreground color, toe the black, and to switch it back, I need to press X and then I need to paint on that area. So what it is going to do it is going toe paint on this mosque with the black color. So it is going to hide that effect for me. So I don't need toe be used, the razor or something else toe. Fix it on now. Only this can easily fixed for me, and now you can see the difference. I still have some problems. So on being toe, paint it a little bit more. Let's remove it from here. Okay, on. You can see by turning it on before and after on this little problem on the side as well. So let me fix this as well, and thereafter always always lord down its opacity. So for that purpose, said like this folder on door down its opacity. Do something like this. Okay, so that we get the natural result. Ennui doesn't get all those final did. It's okay on. You can see now this is before and after. We have added more death and interest in the image. So those and bone is very, very essential for the portrait amazes. Do this Do apply the those and burn techniques. And if you want to learn more about the does and burn techniques, I have a separate cause on dozing and burning techniques. It has covered all the possible does and burn techniques of which professionals and amateurs use for their images. So if you want to learn more about those and burn, go check out my dad course, as it is called the does and burn masterclass. Go ahead and get that out. And now let me show you how you can create all of these options at your own. But before that, I need toe press play option on this photo shop action. So if I press play new Kinsey, it basically deletes the black and white layer. Now you can see we no longer have that black and white layer. So if you don't want, just turn that black and white layer off and you're good to go. And now let me show you how you can create these doors and burn layers at your own without using the for a short action. So let me just stunned this off. Select the background layer, come toe the adjustment options, which is over here and select Deco's and just went from here on, he will open. It is going to open this adjustment live on. First of all, let me create our those lives. So we need to click in the middle and ragged up. So it is going to add lots off light. So using this weekend, you does the email. So Ville Presque set this layer mosque over here on press control I or command I to inverter and you can see it's not affecting anywhere unless I paint it with the white color . So if I paint with the brush tool on with the white color, it's going toe. Make it lighter. So we are basically dozing with this layer. Okay, so let me undo it on renamed this layer as the doors layer so just double click on this name and name. It has those. And then once again, hopes come over here in the coves adjustment on click on this Cubs adjustment layer. And this time we are going to burn its We'll click in the middle on drag it inside toe, make it talk also, we are going toe use 84 burning. Okay, and then we'll press control I Oh, come on. I toe involved the mosque. Andi, once again, we'll click on this name will just double click it on Rename it as born and thereafter we will come over here once again in the adjustment layers on select this black and white adjustment layer which looks something like this half black and white. So click on this on using this. Now we can make it darker or lighter as for are on liking so that we can clearly see the shadows and the highlights in the image on their after what you need to do you need toe select all these three layers by pressing shift so you can check this. So click on any off the layer and press shift and click on the last year and then press control g o command g to grow them together on rename it as the and be or the those Orban whatever you want. And this layer has all of our players. And once we are done, we can just turn this off. So this is how we can do the does and burn, though we have all return it and thereafter in to say that all the letters and press control e o commodity to march them together. So now we have got this risen. So this is our final result. You can see Right now I hope you have enjoyed the scores and you have learned many things from this course. If you still have any questions or if you couldn't understand anything, do let me know in the comments section or in the question and answer section. Or you can directly mail me at harsh at harsher than our dot com, and I will answer all of your career is related to the course on Don't also forget toe leave the review off the course. And if there is anything which I need to improve upon in this course, do let me know that as well in the feedback on. I have so many other courses as well. So go ahead and take them out. There is a bonus lecture in the an officer's course On In the bonus lecture, you will find the discounted coupons for all of my other courses. They are very whose discounted course. Go ahead and take them out and join them and learn from them. And if you have any problem during or after the cause, I'm here to help you out. So I hope you have learned something useful. So thank you so much. Bye bye. See you in the next course on till then, keep shooting on. Unleashed the creative in you, Bubba.