Learn Premiere Pro CC 2020 in 70 Minutes (Beginner Tutorial) | Brad Newton | Skillshare

Learn Premiere Pro CC 2020 in 70 Minutes (Beginner Tutorial)

Brad Newton, Bodybuilder, Vlogger | www.bradnewton.tv

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15 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating Our First Project

    • 3. Creating A New Timeline (Sequence)

    • 4. Basics of the Timeline Panel

    • 5. Assembling Footage to the Timeline

    • 6. Adding Background Music

    • 7. How to Sync Music to Video Clips

    • 8. How to Import Still Images

    • 9. How to Add Basic Text

    • 10. How to Add Keyframes

    • 11. Basic Colour Correction & Grading

    • 12. Adding Sound Effects

    • 13. How to Add Simple Transitions

    • 14. How to Export to YouTube

    • 15. Project Files and Final Movie


About This Class

In this beginner tutorial, you will learn the basics of Premiere Pro CC 2020 and will be able to create a short movie.

What You'll Learn In This Course

I've edited all of my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and so I'll be teaching you how to edit stunning videos for YouTube in Premiere Pro without all of the unnecessary complexity that you'll find in other courses.

If you like the way IĀ edit my travel and fitness videos on YouTube then this course is perfect for you!

What makes me qualified to teach you?

I'm a self taught video editor and full time vlogger that started off like you! In June 2016, I had zero editing experience, no laptop, no students, no YouTube channel, and no presence on Amazon Prime. Fast forward to July 2020, I have;

  • 19+ fitness and travel adventure publications on Amazon Prime

  • 700+ videos on YouTube

  • 10,000+ YouTube subscribers with over 6.28 million minutes watched

  • 233,000+ students in my online video courses

Trust me, as I review my stats it sounds crazy to me too! I never expected in a million years to be in my current position with these achievements. I started with nothing... If I can do it, I am confident that you can do it too.

Go ahead and click the enrol button and I'll see you inside the course...