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Learn Pixel Art Animation for Game Characters in Photoshop

teacher avatar ToonGag Entertainment, Pixel Artist & Game Coder

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 13m)
    • 1. Class Promo

    • 2. 1. Introduction To Pixel Art

    • 3. 2. Things you need for this course

    • 4. 3. Photoshop Basic

    • 5. 4. Shortcut Key Recap

    • 6. 5. Layers

    • 7. 6. Pixel Shapes

    • 8. 7. Lines

    • 9. 8. Monster Shape

    • 10. 9. Monster Art

    • 11. 10. Game Character Shape

    • 12. 11. Game Character Skin

    • 13. 12. Idle Animation

    • 14. 13. Run Animation Part 1

    • 15. 14. Run Animation Part 2

    • 16. 15. Jump Animation Part 1

    • 17. 16. Jump Animation Part 2

    • 18. 17. Jump Animation Part 3

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About This Class

In this class you will learn the basics of Pixel Art. At the end of this class you will have the skills to create your own game character and the background of your very own classic pixel game. The best part is I will show you how to create pixel art fast. Any solo game developers will be able to learn it easily.

You'll learn how to create some PiXEL ART by learning some steps below:

  • Configuring Photoshop as a workplace to create pixel art animation

  • Creating shapes and coloring it as fast as possible

  • Shortcut keys to make your workflow extra fast

  • The use of lines to form different part of a game character

  • Layering to combine different shapes in order to make different animation motion (* it's all about the motion)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

ToonGag Entertainment

Pixel Artist & Game Coder


Hi, I'm Jake. I have develop dozens of games and game art from RPG, 2D shoot'em up to arcade fighting game.  If you are a first time game developer or game artist who would like to learn how to code a game  / how to create pixel art, I would show you the whole process of doing it step by step.

Sometimes, understanding coding or the art creation process could be a pain in the neck. I will explain it in layman terms where you can understand each part of the code and drawing process easily. So you will have no problem in creating your own game or game art! So let's begin your journey of game development!

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1. Class Promo: Oh, hey, I didn't see you there. Just got myself stitched back together. What? Hi, I'm Jake, and I specialized in pixel art, and I have been working as a freelancer for a couple of games studios. Try not to think that pixel art simplicity will limit your game experience. Many indie game show how far you can get by just using pixel art. In this course, you will learn how to use the software adobe photoshop. The software, adobe photoshop helps me to bring expression of the game character to life. And if you want your game character to be able to move and attack, guess what. You can do everything in photoshop. It's tool and options are designed for creating video game characters, scenarios and animation. You will learn different animations style for game character. First, you will learn the basics and shortcut keys photoshop. Next, You will learn how to create a monster. Finally, you will learn how to animate a real playable game character by creating its idle state run state and jump state. There will be, even more, attacks States like shooting a charging weapons, so just join this course, and I will help you to become a pixel master 2. 1. Introduction To Pixel Art: So what is picks a lot. Excellent. It's a farming digital, uh, create that true different kinds of software. It's been widely used in the early days of computer games due to the limitation off the computers processing power. So this is an example for Pixar. You can see all the pixels off this image if I zoom in and show you the details. Can you see? Can you see the tiny squares or around the image? All these squares are Consider, as you guess, it pixels. So to make it short, this image are created using square s and all these GREss combine into one image. So most of the time it's a lot have a limitation on being too small. So for this example, the size off the image is around 60 pick source in my clump together and look like a messy smash. So in this image, around 19 pixels were used to represent a whole feast off a character. It's all about perspective. You got to deliver the right perspective to your audience and let them know it's a fish instead of a message mush. So no one making ah, messy smush. You need to know how to place the right line, and it just awful picks a lot. As you can see, I've had a couple more pixels in this face. It turns into a square block and it takes away the perspective. Off a face defies Amina. If I love with the characters, he blind, the character seems disorientated. It just looks we it because he does not have a but and I hate blind now, so we need to create a keep my much higher than right. There are so many stars to create a Pixar character. I will show you my star and teach you how to last eight step by step. So in this section we learn what this picks a lot. We learned that picks up are created, we time little squares. We learned that the right line and ages makes a big difference when it comes to picks up 3. 2. Things you need for this course: things you need for this cause there are a couple of things you need to get along with this cost first thing you're gonna need a struggle shop. If you do not have this software, you can go to go Go typing adobe, follow shop and get a 30 day free. Try a worship for you. I'm going to live a link for you. You talked me into Google Such. Why don't we follow shop? You will get to see this page. Just click on free trial right now you need to sign We do you know your Facebook or Google account. So from there are now, it's just a standard download and install your software you can buy from Adobe or your local economists store because some people sell their second hand full of shop. These for MT. You can get a bargain for it. The next item that you are required to half It's a keyboard and the mouse. I have a drawing tablet with me. Well, when it comes to creating picks a lot, I prefer to use my grill, mouse and keyboard. So at the end of the section, make sure you got your photo shop and your mouse and keyboard all set up. Then you are good to go 4. 3. Photoshop Basic: all right. Right now, I'm gonna show you the tools that we are going to need to create a Pixar. So let's begin by creating a document. Just click on file New. So right now you want to create a small size of dark human so we can see the pixels. Clearly, I will true, 60 by 60 pixels, 60 father height and 60 for the week. So I'll send a resolution at 72 said that Colombo as RGB color and it be, and I'll go ahead and hit. OK, so there are two ways to zoom in. You can press the call button on your keyboard and just grow the mouse front and back to zoom in. But you have to remember you have to hold on to the hold button on. Just grow the mouse cola front and back to zoom in all you can just press the Z button on your keyboard and then left Click on your masters for me at before the first method because it's much faster and easier. So now we want to make sure that that document set up for used to create all it takes a lot . If you're using a Mac like I do. Just click on for Alicia Preference General and select the Nevers neighbor. However, if you're using windows, just click on any look for preferences, create your in the rule and select the nearest neighbor. So by selecting the nearest neighbor, we can get to see the hot ages off the pixel by selecting to the nearest neighbor. This is gonna help to preserve the Hartley just instead of creating and the A Lessing, in fact. So what is in? And the blessing a friend. So in this image, you can see the left site often off a letter. A. This is a letter with Hot Ages while the letter A on the right shows and the alias singing fact so anti a blessing it thanks like a blood Pixar. So why do people would nt a listing? In fact, in the Pixar So the Yankee everything if I was used to create a more pleasing and realistic appearance, often image. If you look it, the further away you mission will be more pleasing, a realistic. So this is a function of anti everything. So now lets go to rush to answer like brush as you can see the brush to. It's not suitable for picture because it gives us a blurry, blurry motion, a blurry, kind off image. You want those hot and just that can only be created by a pencil to so just right quick on the brush tool, icon and select pencil. You can just recite pencil size by clicking on this number. You can screw up or down the size as you please. But what if you do not have a pixel size pen that you're looking for a friend? Not you can just press the M key for the marquee tool or just press and click on this icon . Now just a like a space. This space will represent the size, which you want your pence size to be. Fill up the space by pressing the G key for the pain bucket tool, or just click on the icon. Go to edit and select defined brush preset. Now you can rename the size of your pencil. Now let's go back to pencil and look for the size. There you go. This is the size that we have. Create that symbol brush tree or let's press be again there you go. This is the size of the pencil that we have created. Now let's switch our you raise up to two pencil as well, because we don't want that eraser toe Have the blurry and the A listing. In fact, click on Eraser. So as you can see, a Eurasian what has changed to penso? Okay, it works Now I'm gonna let you know a team I love using the Marquis to delete or copy, pay certain parts of my character. I will show you. I'm just gonna sell like the top each off this picture. Press em click on the marquee tool I call. And just like the party I want to delete or copy paste so like this area and pressed the delete. But then I can't know. So So, like this hot and your Skopje pace it. As you can see, we have a new lay year on the layers site. This is because I've just copy paste a section off our image. Every time you drop, you pace the image extra late. You will be added on the lay year section. I'm just gonna say like, a whole unit and just press delete if you press give it on a certain area year will only delete the image which you are on if you want to read the whole image. I was so like the background. The yeah, read. Everything has been debated. So now let's talk about the last. So, too. It's kind of like the Marquis, too, but you can use it to draw the tail shape statue on you want to cover you just press G also like the bucket to again. You can also use a lasso to as a selection toe and cut out a certain section off the image as well. A small team on the bucket, too. If you just want to paint a certain section, you can use the marquee tool or a lasso to and so like the southern section, and it will only opinion at a Southern area that you have selected. So the next tool is the I drop to. What does it do you? Us. It selects the color from your image, often times oftentimes down moments where you want to change your color, and it's a hassle to go to the color picker and select the color you are looking for or color you want. Sometimes you wouldn't have to touch number of the color you're looking for. But now you can just press the eyes a short cut and you get the color that you want. There you go. You can just you got the color that unique. It's safe. So much time. Instead of going toe, curl up it, go and pick another cover. So this is the end of all lecture In this electro, you have learned to have set up your cannabis. In order to get the hot agency fry, you have to know the difference between hot ages and anti area signify. You have learned how to set your pencil size to your liking. And you have learned how to use the marquis, too. The bucket to and I drop 02 In summary, you have learned to set up the right working environment that you will need to become a Pixar artist. I hope you are prepared to cream also mark in the coming lectures. Now let's move on to the next lecture 5. 4. Shortcut Key Recap: so that's recaps on the shot cut keys again shot cut keys are ways to get yourself equipped with two faster right now. Were you in the pencil to They want to get the move toe. Just press the button. We There you go. See that my cursor has changed into the move to a cursor. If we want to change it back to pencil to just press B to test it up if you want to change it to the U raisel to just press E to test it out. Next is the marquee tool. If I press the button and it's free just to across cursor No, I can't just drink any hot off my image if I go back to my mouth, too. By pressing we I can move my select the area and screwing around. But what if I want to undo my image? The undue shortcut key is control, Zack. Well, we know. So if you want to undo and control out Zach, if you want to undo for the down the road, if you're using a Mac like I do, just press command Zach toe undo. Oh, come on out. Zet to undo for the down the road. The next one is the last. So too a shortcut. Keys l You can just play around with a lasso to and create any ship that you like. And our final tool is the bucket tool. You can just press G and feel out your selected space. Really? Now you can just play around with it and try to get yourself familiar with the process off all the shortcut keys because it is very important to use all these keys to speed up your drawing process. So this is the end of the lecture. See you in the next lecture. 6. 5. Layers: in this lecture, we are going to talk about Legace. To be honest, when I first started, I keep on making the mystic that I am not in the right layer. If you are not in the right layer, you cannot draw so back forgot, be anything at all. So for this example, I'm at the background of the year, so I will try to draw copy. As you can see, I cannot draw. You wouldn't find me in the marquee tool. I cannot select anything at all. I can only so like that. You mention a background layer instead off the year two. So if you have encounter a problem where you cannot do anything on the lay year you would like to draw. The first thing you got to do is to check your lady years on the right corner. There you go. I can choose my image and move it around because I'm in the right player. Now I'm going to show you how to add a new layer, so let's begin to other new a year on top off our layer to look for paper folding icon and the bottom right corner of your screen. It's A. It's create a new Leah, and that was that of a year on top off our lay your tool. A year I'm going to rename lawyer to to character by double click on it, and I'm going toe re namely a tree to skin by double clicking on it. The new lawyer is like a skin I can draw on it, and he will not affect the image off our character. I'm going to select a green color. If you don't like the skin, you can just click on the I icon to turn it off on the corner right off your screen. You will see the I icon. As you can see, our character Layer will not be affected by anything we doing an under earlier. Pretty sweet right now That's enable I was skin. Really you. If I create a Newell a year again now the lay on top has co up the layer on her back. The theory is simple. We'll need a layer on the top will cover up the layers at the back, so I will try to color eat with a different color. I would use black color as you can see Black it's on the top off green and green is on the top off the character image. This is an important process of creating Pixar. I have been doing layering so many times in order to create a street piece off picks a lot . So try to remember and play around with Legace because we will be using it a lot. Throughout the costs. I will disable the blackmailer and green layer by clicking on the I icon. Now, another thing you should know is we can duplicate Aaliyah by pressing control J on Windows and common J on the Mac. Now it seems like we are not doing anything here. But if you look to your right corner section, you can see that we have created a new layer. The highlight that selection indicates us, which layer we on right now. If we press on our shot cutie, we we can move our image around and now we have two characters in one image. It is also very important to keep naming all the yes because it helps us to keep over nice and a white creating of Messi workplace. If we double click on this layer and Amy Black line, and there were quick on the next layer. Name it Green line. Once you are done renaming it, just press and the you can also put this play years into specific groups and keep them look more organized. Now just click on the group icon on the bottom, right? Yes, you can see a group Baldelli's create that. Just press on the layer. You want to move, hold on toe control on windows and common on Mac. Then click onto another layer. Now just drag and drop these tulay years into the group. Now both ladies are placing site that group. Now, if you press on the Roki, he will show you a drop down off the latest that you have placed in the group. Now let's rename our group into lines. Now let's do the same thing again to our character, Les. Yes, you can do the same thing a whole lot faster by selecting both the character layer press shift to select another layer. Now it seems we have selected both Lay. Yes, you can press control G for we know San Command G for Mac to group it together. There you go. Both image. You see in the same group Right now let's rename this group in two characters. You should try to build up the habit to rename your alias and create groups for them. There are many times where I have forgot to Neymar, layer or used groups as I move on you in my project on oftentimes there will be many leitess in an animation off a character like this. If I name my Lady ISS and use groups correctly, I could have safe so much precious time fighting the rightly year to work on. We can also to normally yes, check out this time over here we are in the normal mode right now. When I click on it, there are so many selections you can choose from. You can choose to dock in it like than it off color. Burn it now Just situation back to normal mode. You can just play around with it. You can also play around with the capacity off the image are disabled Character lay here for now. Okay, If we have the opacity on zero person, the emission this layer will be totally transparent. And if we have a 50% it is Bali reasonable and if we have it 100% it will be totally visible. So this is the on off the lecture in this section, we have learned how to create new layers. Copy layers change the position of the latest change, the opacity off the latest group delays and renamed Alias. If you miss out on certain parts, you can re watch the video again. But for now, let's move on to the next lecture. 7. 6. Pixel Shapes: How do you create a picks a lot when it comes to pick? So it's all about the shapes. Try imagining different shapes that combined together and form an image. Seems picture are are so small it limits the amount of color and ships that we can use. Therefore, when it comes to creating a character, your ship must be clear and precise in order to deliver the message of the art to your audience. So let's take a look at the character that I've drawn. I'm going to show you what are the shapes that I have used to create my picks a lot. I will break down what ships are used to create this image. I'm going to create a new layer, so I do not messed up with the character in my character layer. So that's begin with DeLay. That character Lake has a rectangular shape, and based on what you can see, can you guess how many rectangles are combined into a lake? The answer is tree. I'm going to show you how each rectangle is full. First, press damn! Use the marquee tool to create a shape. An impressive GM. I'm going to choose a purple color press G to fill it up with our bucket, too. I'm going to repeat this process a couple of times to show you the holy There you go. The leg is created by tree rectangles. Now I'm going to talk about the other parts of the body. Now that I can, rectangle will be all the way to the knee off the character. While the rectangle represents the upper thigh off the character, the body of the character. It's created with a big square, and the hands are just long. Skinny rectangle owes coming out the big square body. Now the head is just a big square, while the hat is a square and the rectangle shape Oh, I almost miss out this sort right there. It also comes in a long, skinny rectangle shape. When we are done with the basic shapes, we will begin to cut away the corner sites off each shape to make a character more visible . Now I'm going to show you another monster that I have created. So in this image you can see the monster have a couple of different shapes. Rectangles are used to from the lower part and the die off the monster while a big squares used to form the body and all motion misused to form the head. The inner muff consists off tree oval shapes. They are the upper jaw, the jaw and the tongue. Now all the shop teeth are representation off different skinny triangular shapes. And then we can cut the ages to create a better feeling off the monster. Now this is another monster that I have created in a smaller size. We have the same thing going on wreck tango ships on the lower leg and the long rectangle shape that connected a die, a big square on the body and a small square on the hit. The teeth are made off little rectangular shapes and leaders. Square ships are used to stack against each other on the rate eyes in. This is actually you have then how pixel at our farm, using basic shapes. In the next lecture, we are going to create your very own monster 8. 7. Lines: this section were learned about making lines and curves. Remember that this is only a guidance to clean up your work and not an ultimate rule that you have to follow. In this course, let's start with a simple example. We will connect to dots with a line trying to draw the line as best as you can and because off the great nature off picks on you will get this Web jack looking line. And also they have extra pixels on many spots off the line in picks a lot. This extra pixels are Reaper s doubles because you have created toe Jason scratched on that Greek, and you will be adding unnecessary thickness and emphasis along the line. If we want to create a blind with a single pixel thickness, we have to remove the doubles. Usually, I would just die boy zooming in and out to kind of roughly get a straight line notice. The top section off the line looks pretty good. That's because each part of the line obvious men off nicely till two pixels by the lower section seems to have a random pattern off one pixel and to pick so sections combining together like it's not as consistent as stop per section. In Pixar, they are mismatch segments that kind of break the flow off the line. In some cases, you want to create and frank like that, but most of the time it's because we are trying to draw a curve or just moving outside of a perfectly feet, angles or spacing. So toe clean up this line. We have to ask ourselves two questions. Is this man to be a perfectly straight life, or do we want it to be slightly come? Or is it somewhere in between? Like a simple change in the angle along the line somewhere? If we are making a straight line on an angle, we can do it faster by deciding to slope before dropping and just worked that into the design. If we want to make a roof on a house, we can just start with a two picture section, are placing one section off the roof and frumpy pace it this way before angles and slopes are built. The design right from the start. While we are at this section, let's talk about the top two picks off by keeping the combine section small we have a shop book corner, whereas increasing the distance tends to give it a softer and rounder look case an example . As you can see, the upper roof is shopper because it has less pixel, while there are lower rook looks suffer and round because it has all pixel C. In summary, we pay attention to the lion go. It enables you to create clean looking geometric shapes which will help to construct all kinds of object for Seems off for game. In this section, you have learned how to create a straight line from different angles. You have learned what are doubles picks a lot you have also that's how to make a pixel hot look, Chappelle. And around in the next section you will start to create your own monster. 9. 8. Monster Shape: So now that's create your very own monster. So, like foul. So I knew. Cheers. 80 for the with and 50 for the height. I'm press OK, You want to zooming? Just hold on to the Elke and screw your mountains. So now that's just press the shortcut Key. M for the marquee tool to create a basic ships off the monster. Let's begin growing a big screen amedo, so like black color. Now let's feel it by passing G for the bucket tool. Never click on this is a yeah, name it body that's creating new layer. That's press M for the marquis toe. Create a small screen fun off the body on Let's press G Get up the box. Click on this is again a. Me. Hey, now let's create a new or they yeah, press am. Create a big black vertical rectangular in the front that's name it front right, poor. For now, that's create another new layer. Let's pick their color gray. Press him, and that's fueling it up. That's put it on the back off the body by putting at the front. Okay, since our images what color we can use a quick selection tool by selecting the Holy Image. Make sure you're in this body. Lay Yeah, and trusted me. So make sure, uh, ladies at the back of the body There you go. Let's name me. That's Name it that right call that's creating remaining two course. Create another new layer that's name this layer front left poor. Create a small horizontal rectangle by pressing M and feeling that we are bucket tool by pressing G. There you go. That's create our final call. Great new Leah. That's naming back that call. I removed the front right poor little bit so you can see the back car and we are done with the basic ship off the creature. 10. 9. Monster Art: that's beginning. Carving the monsters Lake. Make sure you are at the body layer that's you. Race this upper section off the body, so you will not look as square as he looks. Now let's move to the front. Right, Paul, A year. And then I'm going to add some lights on the left side of the monster. You don't have to follow. Exactly. Just go with your own feelings with this pot. But just make sure he looks like a Paul. I'm going to erase this section so the monster leg does not look like a black bloc. And there you go. We are done with our first monster. Like now I'm at the back, right? Polio. We are doing the same thing here at some lines and at the fingers for the monsters. Try to erase the square ages of the block. Just try to make sure it looks like a modest early. I'm going to move it out a little bit by pressing the shot. Cocky V. Now I'm at the back, right? Polio. We are doing the same thing here at some lines and at the fingers for the monsters. Try to erase the square ages of the block. Just try to make sure it looks like I'm honest. Only I'm going to move it out a little bit by pressing the shot. Koucky V. I am using great color for the other licks off the monster to emphasize that the monster half a lick on the front and the other legs are in the back. If I color everything like as you can see, everything appears to come together because we are working on pixels here and we have to choose the best approach to bring out the message that we are trying to deliver. So if we put them on stuff slick in gray color, it can express that it has four legs. Instead, off a black Klum under its body. Make sure you are the right layer all the time. At the front paw, Leah treat me and at some fingers on a monster to add some shop fingers on the monster. Trying. Doing it in 123 excels accordingly, so it kind of creates the impression that finger is shop. Now let's go to the final layer. They're back left poll. Let's tree me and at some shop fingers on it And yes, we are done with all four legs on the monster. Now that's quick on the hit layer. Let's stream a little bit off the head, tried to create a hate shape and the jawline. Try adding some extra pixels to connect the body and the hit off the monster. I am going to add some shop tones on the upper body of the monster. As you can see, he can be consistent while making the time it consists off to two or tree tree pixels stacking on each other. Just make sure it looks like some staircase taking on each other, and you will be fine. But we don't want need to be to consistent because it's a monster, not a robot. So try Teoh random me up and okay, we are done with the turns off the monster. Now let's move on to the ice so you can create ice by making two similar squares sticking on each other just like the red color and create to similares grass for pixel, each stacking on each other. And we have ah, right, I I will create a Dina I on the left side to create a perspective image It's because the I is usually Dina from the other side and we are done with red eyes. Now we have all the body parts that start dropping the mouth off the monster. There are a few colors I have selected for the mouth. I have a texture PSD image off the monster in this section of the cost. Just in case you want to get the same collapse. I do. I will end you, Misha. Resource is so you can download it and get the colors you want with the eyedropper too. Now, just in case you forget what is the eyedropper too? I will show you again. So this is the eyedropper too. You can press the out button for the shortcut. It helps you to select the color you one right away. Now I will begin carving them up off the monster. Let's at the teeth of the monster outline. I'm going toe wide in the jaw a little bit so it can have a big mouth. Just create a basic outline using white color. - Now that's created you 90 shoes off the mom. - I will create a tongue using the selectable color. Now I will use a different like gray color to replace the white teeth off the monster. So it helps to show that he has cook a teeth. The I seems a little out of place. I would just used a select tool by pressing M as a short cut key and highlight the ice moving a little lower on color them, he spots sweet black color. No, just cuffed of face a little bit trying to have some Dr Bull lines on the tongue off the monster to show to show the depth off the tongue. And lastly, add a little bit off blood red color on the model of the monster. Now guess what you have created your very first speaks a lot. If you would like to add some stuff on your monster, you can just go ahead and shame in a Q and A section. Once you have done, we did and show the world what you have created to safe that you make just go to fall so that safest so like the former PNG, make sure the safe s name is don't PNG instead of dark PSD and saving. No, I'm going to my desktop. Okay, very this. Remember to show you are the Q and A section that's move on to the next section 11. 10. Game Character Shape: Now we are going to begin to create our first game character. Once we are done creating our game character, we are going toe enemy, our game character in different states. We are going to animate it in idle state run state and jump state. Then we are going to place all the animations in a spreadsheet in photo shop. I will also show you how to place the sprite in the game. It is very important because if you do not have the precise coordinates off your game character, your game character will jump around the game engine and you will look really freaky in a bad way. So I have created a foul, which is 60 by 60 pixels. I am adding a new layer, and I'm going to disable the background. I will name it hate, and we are going to create a basic dude. Oh, for our game character. I will create around shit using a marquee tool just like the round shape for the marquee tool. Create a So go and that's feeling with our bucket, too. And I'm going toe clear the sites off the round shape. Okay, once we are done with the wrong shit. Add a new layer. Name is body. Now I'm going to create a body for the game character that's like the marquee tool. So, like a square, use the Marquis to create a scrap, and that's filling it up with a bucket tool by pressing G. So right now he looks like a block. Now, don't worry. We'll coffee it up later at a newly year. Name it, Leslie. I am going to move the head and the body. Alito. Hyah! Now I will add some lakes. Really Looks like a lake. I can just copy my legs and pace it to create a new layer. Make sure you are the rightly year. Sometimes you need to move the pace lady around to find out where this by pressing we shot Cut. Now I got my late. Now we all had two hands for the game. Character, left hand and right hand. Let's draw the hand in a different color. I will use this color as the skin color. I will give you a copy off the image, and the resource is section. You can just go be and put it on the top right corner off your catalysts and get the color of the skin in for the shop using the eyedropper, too. Now let's finish with our right feast at a new layer. Name it right hand. Use the marquis too. Great a scrap. Fuel it up with the bucket, too, and we are done with the basic ship off our feast. Now let's go to the left hand. I will usedto marquee to create an extra small rectangle and fill it up with the skin color . Press em again and left click toe untempered. The marquee tool pressed the for the brush. Just create two lines in between the last hand and you have got a fist. Now let's do the right hand at and Hope a Z L on the feast and you a some of the bottom parts off the square. He raised some off the other part of the scraps well, and just create an outline for the rest off the square, and you have got a face. I decided to go toe my left hand and recites my lefties by adding some mosque in color and extending the outlying off the park. And now we are done with the feast off the game character. Next, let's start adding the cull after game. Character skin. We will use the Feast Cutlass, a reference, and that's stop painting the game character. Since the game character is in a full body suit, I will just pain the face off the game character. You can do it one by one pick so increased the size of the brush. But I prefer to use the marquee tool to select everything. And once I saw, like everything, I'll just pin you with the bucket to and I'm done with painting the kid off the character. Now the game character is just about guy that's at some hair for the game character. I will use a black color to create a rough outlying off the head shape. I also create a small rectangle for the year off the game character. Then I will use a dark purple to create a separation line with the face of the character. No, I had a dark purple on the bottom side of the head. Once we are done with the basic headship, let's begin to use the like trouble to create another layer on top off the duck couple. - Now let's take the brown colon at all over the game. Characters hit once we are done. That's at a day in the year off light brown. So he forms a ship on the game character. Try to add some separation line, using the doc purple color on the characters. Hate so the hair does not look like a child block. - Now that's at some off the shiny brown, that zipping hair. - It seems like I have make a big mistake by drawing on the roller. Yeah, I should have dried on the hit lawyer. Instead, I have been drawing on the right candle a year to fix this problem. I will highlight using the Marquis, too, and copy my hit from the right hand layer and face it, You're my hit, Leah. Then go to the right hand Lydia and delete the hit. Lastly, just much. My the year one hit with the Hitler Year. Make sure that the year one hit is above the Hitler. Yes, so it is not cower by the Black Hills earlier. Then just rename it as Hey, I have the same issue for my left hand and right hand, so I will just much both lay Yes, and we name it as hands. The headship looks pretty weird, so I decided to fix it by using the Marquis, too. I like the hit up apart off the hit and move it a little higher. All I have to do is recover the middle section. The back off the hit seems kind of small, so I want to extend it. So I want to extend it by a little toe, make it looks much normal. - And we are done with our hair, so he looks pretty good to me. For now, this section is getting a little long, so I'm going to just an it here in the next section, we will begin to create the face and the body off our game character. 12. 11. Game Character Skin: in this section, we will begin to draw the face off our would give character. Now that's at some white to the face, and the white section will represent the ice. And that's at some black on the game characters ice, and I'm going to add some light grey for the ice to create a shadowy fact. Once we are done, let's move on to the nose lips and the Yes, I'm going to use a light brown for the nose, just darkness enough to represent a nose and tree pixel se see enough to represent Imo. Now that's at some high Bextra again character. Us ice. Now that's at some shed. We effect on the scheme. Use the same brown like brown s all hair. Use the same cover and just create the shadowy Frank since the light is coming from this direction. So the shadow will be on the opposite side, just some dark brown on the ages and some light brown on the remaining out of the year off the skin. I'm also going to use the color to create some year hole. Let's create a same shadowy fact on our fees as well, just at some shadow color on the face by using a brow in a light brown. And I want to just rece ice my left face just of it. Toby. Okay, so now we are done with our game character's skin color. I also want to treat my face a little bit because the each of the face looks kind of weird . So that's ticket of It'll be just together. You met you one. Sometimes you just got toe play, relate a little bit. Oh, I almost forgot to add some shadows on the forehead off the character. And there you go. We are all done with the face and the face that's began to draw the body off our game character. I will go to the body layer and stopped to come. Our game characters him by creating an elbow on it. The rule of thumb of connecting ahead is creating a staircase like pixel on the hand like this. I'm going to move out my hands on the head, Ilya with Marty, too. As you can see, once I'm moving up, some of the outlying is gone, so I've decided to much both layers by selecting the hen layer and whole Koeman for Mac or control for windows to select the body layer, right click and much both. Lee. Yes, by selecting emotionally Yes. Now I can use my marquee to to select the right fish and moving a little. I would just connect the hand and the fish by painting me black. Now let's move on to the left like a layer. I will use my marquee to toe Highlight it. And we have a little on a movie, A little by little to form something like a stair case Lee, As you can see at the site off the lady looks like a staircase. I have a moving up a little higher and just remove for a couple of pixels to make a shot. The and we are done with the left leg. It is the same for the right leg. Just go to the right Lately, yeah, used a marquee to make it shorter by highlighting it and do the by pressing the backspace button. Once we are done, I will switch to the razor to by pressing the shop cup tea. I will use that. You raise it to two coffee. As you can see, I'm trying to Catholic ship from the block and I'm done with the right way. There are rightly look straighter because it's elite, like for our character, while the left leg is a sex stempfley. So you have to pay attention to wish is the length of your character. I will get the suit color painted at the site s reference. Let's begin to paint this off our character. I'm going to rename the body and hand Liya as body and hands. Yes, you can see it's sticking. Too much work to do it one by one pick. So So I will get the marquis, too. Press em high like and just press G for the bucket, too. To feel out the suit, I will highlight the rest off the suit. Just make sure there's a black outline. When you highlight the part, you want to feel you. I will just remove some of the remaining black cover in the middle. Now I'm going to create the ally off the suit and some separation life for the body of the game character. - Next , we can begin to draw the shadowy fact on the game character. Super. - We are almost done with this suit to add some more perspective. Fund again character. For example, Where is that me, the elbow or the waistline? Off the game character, I was at a white color and blue color like me on the suit next by the line waistline showed the lie and the elbow lie. - I will, at some shadow near the prior part of the game characters row, and lastly, I will at some thickness to the sightly to make it almost a stick as the lake. Okay, all right, hands looking creature yet because it is position for the out than it should be. I'm going to move in a little and just teamed up. And just like the monsters I in the previous section, the arm should be Dina. If it's on the other side now, I would just delete the cover reference. So you have just created your very own human game character on for the shop. In the next section, we are going to start to any make our game character 13. 12. Idle Animation: the first animation stay we are going to create ist either animation. Now the first thing we have to do is group our yes, so let's select the top of the year by clicking on the site. Hold down the shift button on your keyboard and so, like the layer at the bottom to select orderly Yes, press control G for window or command G format to group it together. Now let's go to the group player. Yes, you can see Ali is our group one right now. Now let's go to the timeline. If you do not have the timeline, just goto windows. And so, like time line, it's right over here. Once the timeline has appear, just click on the first frame and set the time at 0.1 2nd of frame and select forever. So our friend will look true over and over. Now let's create a new frame over here. Okay, let's disable the group of your one. As for I will frame to That's the break in Group one by pressing control G. That's name the duplicate Leia Ask Group to and enable the group player to make sure the group that you're one is on kneeling to frame one, and the group player to is only link to frame to. The first thing I want to do is much the body and hands layer. We both the legs layer together. So like those tree frames and just right click and much it now, the next thing I'm going to do is move the head to the site off the suit, but make sure it's really in a suit. Now I'm going to move to the right arm slightly higher, and we draw the arm slightly higher by adding a couple off pixels on the side. Now let's move to the other hand. I'm going to draw the elbow a bit lower, so he creates the impression that the whole body's movie now that's at some extra shadow on the feast. So it indicates the feces moving as well. Now let's move on to delay. We will lower down the white likes section off the left leg and at some extra shadow on the site that's move onto the next late let's cut some pics on foot and add some pig. So on the sign of the me finally moved like section a little lower. Now we have to do something with the likes Off the game characters both es row in order to get a movie impression. So that's extend our like some time off the neck by a few picks. So as well. Finally, I would like to move the like a bit higher to the stomach and reduce a few pixels to make it look slightly smaller. And we are done with our second free. Let's move on to our final frame, creating a new friend, the savor the group to From the inference, just click on Group one Duplicate Group one again. That's rename the new Group Group Tree. Just make sure friend Tree is only available for group tree. That's a neighbor group tree. The first thing I want to change is the face, so I'm going to leave one exulting at the bottom. So like the hate with the Marquis to and more feet up by one pig soul. Now let's recover the empty layer. You can recover it pixel by pixel. Oh, but I'm going to show you are faster way just like one pixel Tick off layer Press Command T or on Mac or Control TR window. Now, as you can see, it's being selected. Just drank the sign of the Bob. I wouldn't think so. Once you are done, press end uh, and left click on the mouse to go back to your normal screen. And there you have it. It's much faster than painting in pixel by pixel. No, I'm going to add some movement to my characters hair by drawing me in low on both sacks. The front end of back. Let's check whether you works by pressing play or the space button on your keyboard. I'm going to move this path, the hair further out by a pixel. Then let's recover the M D section. I'm going to remove some of the shadowy pots your shadow should be moving. Arise well, since the characters hey is moving. I usually go to the previous frame and check out whether changing a certain parts of the body works. That's much orderly. Yes, except the head. Now let's move both off the arms slightly inside the body. You can use your arrow keys on the keyboard or your mouths to move the selected areas. You can use your arrow keys on the keyboard or your mouse to move the selected areas around . I'm going to read or the left arm by thickening the like section. I will also try to add some extra pixels on the neck like us. Well, as for the right home, just we draw the upper right arm by pinning it a little bit. Now for the lights at the stomach. That's just move. It's like me closer together and recover them thes section. The last part is the knee. Let's just go to that section and move. Both likes to Western in a part of the knee, - and we are done unless Jew me our little this is the moment of truth that's press the play. But the Netrokona oppressed the space Baki that seem to have a wrong things on that frame that's correctly. And yes, our character is finally moving on. Its worry on That's savy by pressing control s common has Mac, so we are done for the Idol animation. In the next section, we will learn how to create the running animation for our game character 14. 13. Run Animation Part 1: when it comes to the running animation. A simple run. The animation cycle can be understood. Intrigue, key frames. Then you just repeat everything with the other, like you can make the animation more fluid by making morning between frames. But for now, we will be focusing, making six dreams treaty frames on each site, off the running animation, so that's get started. So let's begin. So like farm. So, like new. Just create an a D by 80 pixel image. So, like the new layer and they say, Build a background. I'm going to copy my first frame off Idol animation over to my new layer. Make sure, although they yes are much before you got be into a new layer. Then I'm going to sleep and just cut off the legs by using the marquis, too. Used a shortcut, T M. And so, like the lakes. Press Control X are common X to cut and then press control. We are commanded me to paste the lake. I'm going to disable the legs for now. Next, I'm going to select the right hand and press the backspace button or the delete button to remove fee. Now let's go to the right hand. Let's do the same thing again. Contracts and control we for new. They Yeah. Now I'm going to just redraw the hand longer by adding extra picks source at the back off the hand. Then that's creating another hand, as if it's moving at the back. When the game character is running. Now, I'm going to just create a lex. Make sure both legs are there. Make sure that arms are always on the other side of the lake. I will draw the basic movement in simple colors so you could understand it much easier. Now let's just color the other side of the lake dark blue color and we are done with the first frame. That's just much both layers and removed the remaining Lee for the previous frame that's renamed the licks Lydia and rename me into frame one. Let's create another frame in the opposite direction that's create a new frame. Duplicate the frame one layer that's disabled from one layer and only enable frame to lay year. I'm going to just reach the color in the opposite direction, which is the white and blue color. Let's recover the white cover, then I will recover the blue color. Now, once you have done calorie, that's select the front. Don't boo him by pressing him using the marquee tool Press Control X or common X to cut it on press control. Your comment. We to pace it that make sure to move the dark blue hand below the frame to layer because the hand should be coward by the body. Now that's just pain. The rest of the characters body. If our hand appears on frame one, just disable lead by pressing the I icon. Then that's just much the hand would frame to, and we are done with the frame number two. So we are done with our first springs in different sites. Let me explain something. It is very important that at the first running frame, both legs are up above the ground. Both arms are in a different direction. You may know this. I have sped up the drawing time because I do not want to waste your precious time by just drawing. We don't explaining anything. If you want to just draw the worry. I have a PSD file attached to the resource section of the cost. You can just trace it picks up. I pick so for now, because you still did not have the old style. Yet. In the future, I suggest you to train yourself by redrawing the pixel. You adjust your foul, I practice. That's continue. We will create a new frame and duplicate our frame to layer. So for each frame we will just duplicate it and redraw the Lincoln arm in the doorframe, make the character fall a little, lower the arms Alito and make the bodies like me Lower s row. First, let's lower the hand by pressing M using the marquee tool to Solangi and then moving, I'm going to lower the back and Israel, that's move the back. Can our talk and recover the M D section. Once we are done, let's lower the hit. Okay, we are that Let's move on to the lakes. The thing about the time frame is you got to make sure the legs are the widest in this spring. So just use the marquee tool to select Alex. Move it up and we cover the empty Section two from a back way. - We are doing the same thing for the front leg s role. If it's too long like mine. I would just use the Marquis Du two off the lead closer to that guy, Then just color the late. Once we are done, we'll just create a new frame and just duplicate our frame tree that's renamed the New Layer as frame fall. And all we have to do is just reached the leg color and I'm colors again. Let's switch the color on the legs first. Next, let's move on to the arm. So, like the front out by pressing M the marquis, too, cut it using Cut it by pressing the shot. Can key control axel Common X on pace it by pressing control, We or can we pacing us a new layer That's recall a and movie below the body layer. Just recover the body and white and the back Army in white as well. I'm going to create a different thinks ally in the body so it does not look like just a street line, and we are done with our foot frame. This video is getting a little long, so I'm going to speak this section into two parts, so that's move on to Part two 15. 14. Run Animation Part 2: So this is the final frame. The contact frame. This is, well, characters. Food will contact the floor. The character is in the snow was kind compared to the other frames. This is also that Dina Stream, compared to the other frames, create a new frame. Then that's duplicate frame one by pressing control, jail comin G and rename e frame. Five. His friend. The game character is getting ready, so let's begin to draw a basic outline. Like she I will just use some simple colors to show you enough game character. Then you just have to refer to the previous frame to determine whether the legs are too long to shop. Let's move the hands likely lower by using the marquee tool. Then that's cut it by pressing control. X are common X and then face it by pressing control. We are come on me and just at the lines together to form a front hand. Once we are done with the hand, remember too much the frame FIFA. Yeah, the handler. Yeah, that's colored body as well and remove the backhand and this is no what a hit. For now, let's create a new frame and get our layer free advice that's name a new late year from six . Once we have done, cut the front hand using the marquee tool by pressing an and just cut it by pressing control X or common next to cut it, then just pace it, then just feel the rest of the lies and color to form a hand. So we have just created us like handle money. This ring now that's just reached link Ally, and we are done, so that's switched frames. The first tree frames should be all white pence and that blue lake at the front. The last three frames should be all black can at the front, a white legs at the front. The first room should be Jumron, and then the next frame should be the widest frame. And then you will be full up with Dina Spring. By following this consistency, I have created a running animation. I have also attach a PSD file for you to refer if you get confused. For now, we have conflicted the running animation. If you want to recover the game character, you can go ahead and just recover it and use it in your own game. by four animation explanation Purpose. I have decided to use some simple color to explain the animation movement, and we are done with the run animation. In the next section, we will start creating the jump animation for our game character. 16. 15. Jump Animation Part 1: So let's begin with our jump animation. I prefer having a squeeze down kind of star when it comes to the jump animation. First try to extend the game character open to the site. By doing this, we will widen. I would give a character. The reason we are doing this is because we want to create anticipation for game character. It's as if the game character is moving downwards when it's charging the energy in. It's like I'm going to just copy our first frame from our idol finish before you got be. Make sure you're much older and they yes, like I do. If you did, not much fatherly. Yes, you wanted to copy. It will not work. Press M two. So light on press See to copy. Then let's go toe you. I'm going toe. Create a with as 50 and the high as 150 so we can have more space to let our getting character juM. So like, OK, now just press control we to pace the character that's create a frame for our later. That's create a frame for weird that you won, and another for with a year to just disabled layer one for him, too, on a press controlled G or command you to duplicate layer one. Let's rename the new layer asked there, too. Now, instead of redrawing the ham, I'm just going to select the head using the moxie tool and just right, click it and select Rotate 90 degrees angle once you are okay. We did press sender to go back to the select state. Then that's press control. Extra curry on press control. We'd to pace it to create a new handler. Yeah, just press me to move the position off the hand to the right height off the show, though, and that's rename this layer left hand so we don't get confused. I will just delete the other hand. Since it's easier to read, Roy used a marquee tool to select and delete it. No, let's select the hen and the neck, so likely Lloyd by one or two pick. So then let's smooth the lower picks off the left like slightly closer to the other leg. Then we will just re color or the have the spots. Now, once we are done, let's create the other hand. We an outline for us and just repaint a fist using the other hand, as as a reference. Once we are done, that's much the left hand and the layer to that's much both lay yes together and make sure to rename it us layer to. If you go to frame one, you might see that the layer to will appear on free one. You can just disable a year to bypassing the I icon, then just click on frame tool and enable layer to They would go from one for layer one and free to fall a year to. I'm just going to clean up the lax on the suit by a little and just remove the white sites off the suit scenes. It's squeezed us together when a character is trying to kneel down. That's creating a new frame frame number tree. It's a bill out later to by pressing the I icon, the clicking Layer two and renamed the New Layer Astley a tree for this room. It's pretty easy. We are just going to sleep. The characters, like wider Why did in a previous frame by using the marquee tool that's most the characters bore the low last row. Then that's just color and the section off the crutch by the characters. On that frame, steel looks too high compared to the second free. So I'm going to just away down by selecting the hit to the need part of the character there . It's much better for now. You should often China current frame with your previous frames to find out, and the or Katsina Pixar. Once we are done, that's move to the hem. I'm going to just off the fists like me higher to create an opening motion. Then that's just recover the empty spots on the face if he seems a little big, so I'm going to reduce the size now. I also tried Dean out yet a hand by reducing it's stick less by one. Think so, so that that frame looks pretty good for now. I know that some pixels him this part off the body because it looks to art and squarish. If you have ever encounter sections like this, just at some staircase pixels, you win it out there. He looks much about that now by the characters on that frame. Steel looks too high compared to the second free, so going to just so I'm going to just away down by selecting the hit to the need part of the character there. It's much better for now. You should often check your currents. You should often check your current frame with your previous frames to find out any or Katsina Pixar. Now let's create our frame phone. Disable the entry on Let's Duplicate like a tree that's renamed new Lawyer s later for I'm going to move the hand down here. So in this frame I won the prepare to take off motion on my character. I'm going to move, on the other hand, a little west well, so it kind of creates the motion. No, that's not what the head of the character by one or two big source and feel of the D section that's a little over the back near. Little more to create attention on the way. Fill up them the space that's right on the foot by a little B by pulling the leg out and adding some pixels in empty space. So I decided to extend a frame a little toe. Better explain the motion so they will be clear to see what we are trying to achieve. Try to imagine our game character is like a box. When the box is pressed down, it widens and its lower part as it is being pressed down, it goes lighter on the site, and that gives the audience the anticipation popped that the character is creating tension on its lower body parts. Now that's just save our animation. For now, just go to farm, Select safe and that's Namie. Jump on press safe, so we are done for this part for now. 17. 16. Jump Animation Part 2: next we will most of going up frame. After charging our character, we will need to dean our character with just two friends to create a shooting motion. Imagine the box. When the character jumps, he tends to squeezing. Once the Mo Mentum reaches the highest point, it will extend back into its original thickness, and then he will slowly land on its feet. So let's create the jump frame, like always, create a new frame, just disabled. Therefore, I'll try to check which layer looks the best so I can duplicate it. It seems like you're one is the best, so that's doing duplicate layer one and rename the new layer in tow. Your five. Make sure you disabled the new layer by pressing on the high icon on free one on Let's go to Frame five and remember to enable a new layer by pressing on eye icon there. Remember to rename it into Layer five, and then I would just transform it by pressing control T or commodity. Once we are in the transform stick, let's rotate the corner off the lakes. Okay, sweetie, looks nice. Now that's press. And so we are done with the Transform I want to just remove both legs so it's easier for me to see what soft like motion I want. So I would just cut the legs and Pacey as a new layer. As you can see, I could not select the image. Why step? Because the selected area is empty and I'm in the wrong earlier. Just press okay? And that's move to the correctly. Yeah, now I have cut both flicks. That's name it, left leg and rightly now on the right. Likely? Yeah, that's just like it with the marquee tool on press control T and from anti to transform me and just rotate it by a little looks good. It's not completely done. I just need a rough estimation off the motion off the regularly. Now that's much both off the Lexx layer together, and I will start to color the empty spots and we are done with the legs. I will suggest you to post at this section instead off following along, because I don't want to spend too much time just coloring in the entire radio. Once we are done with the legs, that's just much it. With the Orangina layer rename it lay a five. I'm going to just like the game characters hand. Then let's just transform me by pressing control T orca Monte and rotated by a little to the left. Well, we further out with the most to by pressing we. Once we are done, that's coming and patient as a new layer. It looks pretty really by. That's normal. Just trim it down a little, and I would just recover the empty spots. That's move the hits like rehire because I want to create a hit if motion and just recovered empty spots, I'm going to reduce the black part of the eye to one pick. So and then, just like me, extend the ice by one pixel. As you can see, our freshly much layer is on the frame one again. If I went counter this problem, just disable a five on 31 then on Friend five. Just enable a yellow five by clicking on the icon. Now we have a simple jump motion, but the right hand seems kind of weird, so I would just move it slightly lower, closer to the body. Once we are done with their going up motion, let's move to the four motion that's creating a new frame I'm going to check, which really is the best for duplication. Let's duplicate layer one again and rename the new layer to the Year six. I'm going to just copy my Alex in a previous lawyer to put it into the newly Essex. Let's select the election. Let your five using the Marquis to copy and paste it as a new layer. There we have our legs. That's just the like the licks in our Lasix and re movie by pressing the delete or backspace key, then just combined the links to the character. By using the most to, I have decided to move the legs layer to the back so you can just do it by dragging it below Yes, six and moving around until you are satisfied by using the move to by pressing week. Now I'm pretty satisfied we my character, so I'm going to just much both lay. Yes, let's move on to the hands that's like the left hand can be on pace it in a new layer. No, just like the whole thing and right click to rotate counterclockwise. Once we are done, just press enter on depressed a wiki to move it. What's the hay? Then? I'm going to just at the outline, tow us the heat off the character. Just move the hands likely closer to what's the body? Then I will just recover the empty spots. When we are done, that's much both off the Harms ray here and the body layer together. I'm going to just delete the other hand by selecting it, using the market to and press, delete or backspace key on, just duplicate the finish hand on pace it as a new layer. If he does not have enough, I just painted with the color black, just like before. We just like the whole thing again and just flip it horizontally and press Endo and we are done. Now Let's move for the hand. It seems kind of weird. The hand should be at the back of the hate, so let's move the hand to the back after hit by lowering by lowering the handler year or whether hit lier seems pretty OK. Now I will just do some coloring on the hand. If the much layer show up on frame one. Just go to Freeman and disable it done back to our current Freeman and neighborhood, and we are done with our landing frame. That's test, you know, It seems OK, so let's move on to the recovering frames. 18. 17. Jump Animation Part 3: now I would just create the recovering friends. Just press the duplicate button to duplicate frame for then let's just draw key to the last frame. We are going to do the same thing for our frame tree. Then that's movie to the last frame again. Same thing for frame to just duplicated on a rocket to the last train. But we do not need to duplicate frame one. Just leave it alone. Make sure all frames are set to zero by one second. But I'm going to just send the first frame to one second, and we are almost done with some animation to add some kick in it. I will at some squeeze motion on the tick off free and some dust on the game Characters feet. Don't worry. It's actually pretty easy, but it makes a lot of difference without this little kicks in our Pixar animation, let's create a new frame after our frame. Five. Make sure we are the right frame. Then let's just duplicate the layer five and rename it layer 5.1. It seems likely your five boring when he saw that reframe. Just go to the first frame and disable E and enabling again in the correct frame You know your size. That's transform out our game character by pressing control de oca Manti. Now just like the movie to the site. By doing so, it will make our character looks Tina when it takes off, let me just repaint the nose and the mom make sure that game character have all the outlying as well. Now we'll just create the highest fire off our game. Characters reach. Just create a new frame and disable the currently. Yeah, I'm going to just duplicate later one and rename it your 5.2 That's left, click and drag key to the top and neighborly with the I icon and move it to the top by using the most tool. I'm going to copy the licks on my way, a 5.1 just like it and copy. Now just go back to our layer fight by two. So like the licks and the really then that's paste those new legs on this friend. Make sure matched by moving with the move toe. Once we are done, just right, click and much both layers and rename it backed away. If I try to again. I know it's annoying to keep on renaming it, but it does have us to keep track on which frame we are working on. Let's go to the first room and disabled a layer 5.2 and back to our M D frame and they believe again. There you have it. Let's test it up. It seems kind of really, because it only has one frame when he lands, but it has two frames when it reaches the highest point. So I'm going to just add another Freeman. Free me. Now we have created a new frame. Frame lie. Disable. Yes, I want that frame. Nine. Then that's duplicate Lee. Yes, everyone and rename it Lee. Yes, I 1.1 and a neighborly at free night at Freeman I. Let's just move the game character lower. I'm just going to make sure that it's aligned together When the game character drops and we are done with a game character. I'm just going toe. Make sure that it's a lie together when give character drops and we have done with characters. Look, it looks much smoother now to add some dust, let's create a new layer. Just name it dust. I'm going to just choose the dark brown color. You can choose whatever color you prefer. Then I'm just going to drop a couple of dust that looks kind of like a square across this. I'm just going to duplicate that dust and cross us and square s by selecting it with the Marquis to And then you suppress the duplicate key control Jail Command J Once we are done , that's so like all the way, Yes, and much it together. And we name it this one. I'm just gonna trim it down because it seems to think Let's go to our next frame on duplicate the dust one layer and rename it thus to on this dust to layer I'm going to just trim down the dust particles once we are done dreaming, let's move the dust particles by selecting it with a marking too and movie to the site. Let's do the same thing again. Move to the next frame. Duplicate that dust to a year on renaming Industri. Let's play with the position off the particles like me movie closer together as he ghosts that the US particles is getting smaller and moving higher now let's move to the landing motion that's just duplicate thus tree and rename the new layer dust. For now, I'm just gonna extend the size off the dust to something like a splash motion. Let's move to the next free Once we are done and don't get dust, fall a year and we name it just five. Now we have to do is just treat that us into smaller particles. I'm going to have some dust that looks like a comma sign, just for fun. Let's move to our last friend duplicate. Thus five million. Rename it That's six and renaming dust six. Now just treated us particle You in smaller and movie higher, just like we did before. I realize I have duplicate an extra jump cream. I hope you have not done the same thing like I did, if you do just removing because we only need to jump frames to reach the highest point and to lend friends to reach the ground. So I don't know. French should be around 12 offerings. That's an immediate. As you can see, our player is jumping right now. The dust frame should be place in frame 567 and 10 11 12. If you still don't get it, don't worry. That's a PSD file. A touch. Just open the fall and you can't just refer to it by adding that dust. It's much better, right, because it creates the jumping and landing impact on the ground. So we had done with this section. Let's move on to the next section.