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Learn Piano or Keyboard From Scratch

teacher avatar Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction Learn Piano or Keyboard From Scratch Skillshare

    • 2. Learn Piano Skillshare

    • 3. Piano Lessons - Bonus

    • 4. Blues Pattern Exercises - Extra Lesson 1

    • 5. IIm V I Exercise - Chords Progression - Extra Lesson 2

    • 6. I IV V I Exercises Chords Progression For Beginners - Extra Lesson 3

    • 7. Power Chords on the Piano - Extra Lesson 4

    • 8. Sus chords on the keyboard - Extra Lesson 5

    • 9. Major and Minor Scales + Exercises - Extra Lesson 6

    • 10. How to play Seventh Chords - Extra Lesson 7

    • 11. Bruno Mars The Lazy Song Introduction Exercise Level 1 - Extra Lesson 8

    • 12. Bruno Mars The Lazy Song Introduction Exercise Level 2 - Extra Lesson 9

    • 13. Eminem Without Me - Extra Lesson 10

    • 14. Outkast Hey Yah - Extra Lesson 11

    • 15. Billy Joel Vienna introduction level 1 - Extra Lesson 12

    • 16. Billy Joel Vienna introduction Level 2 - Extra Lesson 13

    • 17. Billy Joel Vienna introduction Level 3 - Extra Lesson 14

    • 18. Jurrassic Park - Theme - Extra Lesson 15

    • 19. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams - Extra Lesson 16

    • 20. Final Countdown

    • 21. Take on Me

    • 22. Funkytown

    • 23. Michael Sembello - Maniac

    • 24. Guns And Roses - Sweet Child O Mine

    • 25. Piano Course Final Considerations

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About This Class

Learn Piano or Keyboard From Scratch is the perfect start for any musician. If you or your child has been wanting to learn basic piano/keyboard this is the time to start.

WARNING: This course was developed to beginners.


->The Best Short Cut to Memorize Notes 
->3 Shortcuts To Learning To Play Piano Keyboard
->Easy Rhythm Pattern to Beginners
->Exercises for Right Hand 
->2 Hands - Exercises on the piano
->Mission Impossible
->Iron Man Theme
->The Addams Family Theme
->Star Wars Main Theme
->Major and Minor Scales + Exercises
->Major and Minor Chords
->Smoke on the water
->Jingle Bells
->White Stripes - Seven Nation Army


    • Basic Chords and notes

    • Basic foundations about harmony and rhythm.

    • Keeping track of which videos(lectures) you have already watched is a breeze. 

    • The entire course is organized in step-by-step easy to follow layout.

The more you practice the better you will get. With the Right Practice style you will be able to witness fast results!

Meet the teacher

Gabriel Felix

*Music degree at California College of Music;

*Teaching since 2010;

*More than 20.102 on-line students;

*More than 1 million views on youtube ’’Meio Musical’’;

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and teaching you the beginner steps on how to become a better keyboard player.

WARNING: This course is NOT for the person who thinks by purchasing this course it will then magically give them all your piano skills to you without you having to put the time, effort and practice. It does take practice if you want to see results. :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher


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1. Introduction Learn Piano or Keyboard From Scratch Skillshare: Hey guys. Gave her Felix here. Anjali, I'm going to teach you how to play piano and keyboard from scratch Have more than 10 years off experience teaching music in Brazil and around the world. In 2012 ice dead in music at California College of Music. And before we begin our class, I want to talk a little bit about what we are going to learn in this class and going to talk about several topics to play Puna from scratch. So you feel ready? 200. Please warn our juice songs. This course is not for you to just bought to your piano. Oreo, Tibor A few months ago. Oh, are a few weeks ago this would be perfect for Detroit. How do you plead? Corn skills Base Curie Dems sever Exercise to ride in left hand A little bit off our money in fury and seven easy mallards Triple European. As you can see, I divide our last sins in 14 talks My devices fallen to step by step. Don't keep classes, okay. This that my stack would be very important for you developed Excuse me, the and off. This course will be able to play several songs and developing our money and future knowledge should advance to the next lab. Please let me know if you have any kind of stops. Okay, so it's time to have friends. Let's learn a little bit off keyboard in here. 2. Learn Piano Skillshare: a great charge could to memorize every single keep is divided keyboarding. True parts. Check this out. Group number one is the group. We have two black keys, so C c sharp three sharp and a second group have tree black keys. So F f sharp, G g sharp, A a sharp and right. So two groups group number one and number two. The first note off my group number one. It's gonna be a c. So you need to memorize this group number one seed in my first note off. Group number two is F All right, So we're passages Chew groups. The next step is if you already know how to please see in F to find other notes will be very very. For example, if my see notice right here, the notes gonna be here. All right. So it is very close. Another example. The sharp If my C is right here and my d is here, the sharp use want Blackie. So short, simple like that. Let's think about a second girl. So half is my first note. Sharp. Very easy. Next note right here. Let's see another example. A note. So after his here, f G and a so very easy to find You can do this. Start by stepping every single part off your keyboard. Okay, so in several octaves is the same thing the entire keyboarding, the entire piano. Before we continue, our class I needed should share a little trick about notes. So check this out. So octaves is a little group off keys. So, for example, see, the thing is, is one octave does this another active and it can keep playing the same thing. It's another active keep like this. Have a non productive, usually a stoner piano have Ah, eight octaves. Regular keyboard has just five years six uptick. So pretty much the same thing. But this knowledge is very important and no other shortcut is trash. Ristic the name of the notes in each one off the keys. This will help you a lot in the beginning. Another fingers about middle seat middle C is the see No major off your piano. Classical piano does this scene over four. So I have seen number three C number 45 and six trash memorized his notes because, as you can see on the screen, we have this myth is this C note You ever see right through help? You truly understand My classics. Six. Time to memorize. Ever seen everything? Sharp, Flat. So, uh, the beginning Just tragic. Memorize casino. Now it's time. But you read and battered. So a great example is this one. You complete this pattern Almost every single song. Okay, so we can play vetoes. Burnham are right. House. And if EPA is there any card off I bought rock song or even a gospel simple song with this matter? Right here. So did you hear is very simple. I'm gonna play this report. So seen and and I'm going to divide my core court part in a base for court. Part is, he might right side off my car. And the bass part is my left side off my court. So corn based corn based court based or I so want you want to want to 12 Okay, You cannot a base as well, So check this out. 11 Very nice reader. In the future, we're going to play a few exercise like this. So another, except was f Let's play F major court, so f a c. Okay. Keep doing the same thing, right? So my right bar is recorded in my left side. Off my court is my base. So right, Left, right, left, Just worn. And okay, I can do the same thing with a base. So based court. I watched you What to do? Want you want true? Ok, it's very simple, but really good for beginners. Track practice at least 10 minutes. Every single day. You can choose in court he want for except D cor e major court. You might. So now I'm going to teach a very nice exercise for your right hand. So try to do to get the same fingers. Okay? The same fingers pattern is very important. All right. So once and again I play See meters kill. So from your number one tree want you tree one and true. All right, let's play once and again. 1231 True want chew. So I just play with my finger number one Jew entry to my next example. I'm going to baby finger number 123 and four. All right, so watch, for one thing. The same scale, right? Once again, I want to drink for one tree four. Let's play another exercise with Sharp in flat. So in his example, we're going to play a C minor scale. So C e flat, F G a flat, B flat and C or again. OK, so finger number. What do tree want you? 34 and five. Ok, so born to drink. Want to dream four and five. All right. I could keep my pattern like one tree. Want to treat war into a tree? But it's not comfortable. All right. Where are you going? To play on the piano. You need to think these this way. Should you play that mallard? You are that song. OK, so body like this never single part of my scale. Okay, That's why I choose one Jew DRI and want you 34 and five much better. I can play very fast with his fingers charger, Brax. It's a very nice exercise for beginners are not very nice. Exercise for right and left hand is played. Same note patterns. So check this out. Right. So with my right hand, have warned you for five fingers. Want you 345 in my left hand. I begin with finger number five. So 54 treat you and want. All right. You can deduce And every single note. For example, you can complain like this in the entire piano In the beginning, try to avoid Blackie's When you get a few speed and played his exercise dotting problem. You can play with just sharps and flats. So and so what? Not a great song is mission Impossible. It's a great soundtrack. So check this out. We're going to begin if g true times B flat or a sharp and see this is the first part. Okay. G g b flat or a sharp and see park. No virtue. G g over again in F in G flat or F sharp. Okay, So park no virtue once and again G g f and have sharp or G flat. So we have two parts. Just two parts. Part number one in part. Number two. Simple like that. Try to play with me. Number one. Number two. Number one or number two? Another great song is I don't man from the movie. I know, man. So check this out. This time we're going to play with shower last hands. So thing is the first part. Okay? Once and again part number choo. Just two notes G N f sharp. So I want to treat Okay. Great. You played three times in the last part. Thesis partner over tree Brady is a song, so check this out. Wasn't again going to begin with us g A and B flat or a shark. One park number Choo G A, B and C You're going to repeat Park number two wants in again truth times. Okay. And come back too far. Number one eso the beginning of the song. It's part number one. Bar number. Part number three times. Come back to partner with one of the most difficult part off the song is part number treat . So you're going to play with B flat or a sharp de B flat or e sharp again? June de sharp or e flat and see. Okay, so All right. Don't worry about fingers right now. This is one of your first melon, so don't worry about fingers, but try Travolta plea with just war finger. All right. To develop this skill and be fast on the piano, you need to develop your 10 fingers partner before e c e g b flat or a shark. So in the second movement, we're going to play a part number tree in a partner before part number tree over again. Theme park number four is B flat or a sharp G A B flat or a shop. Okay, so I'm going to play the entire song over again. Part number one. Part number two Chu wants him again. Street time to take in Partners Part number treat part number four Park number Tree and finally, part number five Thin. Come back to the O. Oh, now it's time to learn a few songs. I'm not going to teach you, Adele. Are Elton John difficult songs? They dear. Here, Mr Teacher, a few mallets and a few easy songs That's beginning with Star Wars. It's a great music, So check this out. As you can see, Star Wars, I begin with fear number. I'm going to play with my right hand. Okay. So g f another see another active and g Okay, So park warn is thing is the part of one part number choo. Now we're going to repeat part you so and bark number Tree. Okay. Truck. Memorize part number one when you memorize part number ones buried. Seem toe you, coach. Part number choo. Okay, you're going to be partner or twice. And finally part number tree to learn a major minus case journey, church, fall a few steps. Step number one right. Number one, shoot seven. What for? Thanks. Uh, the second part is the formula, so Oh. Oh, look, those that one more holes that now you have formula off Mayer's ko. So start with war. No. Let's see if I want to do a C major scale. I'm going to start with C in note number one. Okay, but gave her I want to do 1/2 majors k. Okay, so you start number one. I'll give you want to do, like, a d major scale. So start with these. Simple like that. Let's start with Visa is a good note. Does the number one now we need to discover their order notes. Right. You are indeed. Right now you need to check one poll stacked. So don't play. The shark goes to next. One is a whole step as well, so don't play f amply f sharp. All right. Next one is 1/2 statue. You We are in your shop till next stop is much more easy, G. Okay, now we have one more home staff. So Jeep goes to eight more and the last one is sharp. This is the major scale. Okay? When you think about majors K, you first thing you need to do is move to seven numbers and fall always right down right on this. You need to follow D. Former. Okay, It's really simple. Just do this true steps. If I wanna miners ko, I need to change my formula. Right. So it's gonna be like this. All right, hold, stop. Have stopped. Holds that holds ever again. Have step and those that Okay. No, let's try to do, uh, didn't miners no one. Let's see, Let's go with e minor scale 1st 1 Is he all right? And I have a whole staff. So have sharp. Uh, Now we have a whole step and 1/2 step. Rain out. Right, So f sharp goes to Jean One more hole Stop G troop a hold step again. HV beat now tohave step soap were in b Have step. You just play the next note, See? And the last one is hold statue D now you have a minor scale e minor ski So now it's time to play scales on instrument. Ah, let's begin with scare off seem major c major scale, See seven notes. See, Judy is a whole staff De chui is a whole step again Now is e to f half step f She is a whole staff Jui whole step eight to be old step again So my advice for you guys This is one of the most important class off our course. So take a piece of paper and write down average singles gave you need to learn This takes time so you need to practice. Ok, let's play another example d Major ski you so deep one holds that he holds step again f short half step G Hold stat e Hold step again. Be whole step or again See short So sure See? Sure. So announced time to minors Caves are formula will change. Okay, so you have a whole stop Half staff holds that whole staff half step and holds that So check this out. Sees the first no one whole step is half step the sharp or e minor hold staff Hold us that g have stepped sharp or e flat in a whole step again. B flat or a e sharp? Not example. In minor T So D mine. All right, He's the first war. Hold step ahead. Worn half stop. Whole stop, G Whole stab half step. It's a B flat or a sharp. And one holds that seat We have. Ah, very nice complimentary material to this class. So, brains, or put down your computer to fire with all the scales. Okay, so now it's time to exercise and getting a little bit off speed. So let's play C major scale. See? Listen again. See? Okay, so you need to play with your finger number. Right, Hannah? Right. So number Want you for warn you you're not going to to play if your finger number five OK, this first actual size. Don't play with your finger number five. Let's play over again. So I'm gonna count number off the fingers. Right. So I want you 3434 All right, So you're going to play the first note? Less note. See again. Let's play in order. Ski another exercise to June. Prove your speed in your technique. You on a keyboard de f sharp c sharp and finally d again so sparked. We're going to play we finger number one dream. 12345 Okay, so finally we finger number five again five. Okay, It's very important to BRACTs with the right fingers because a few class you're going to play a few songs Few easy, nice songs and we'd be merged more easier if you play with the right fingers. So let's break some minor scale. You will see minors Guo You complete with the same fingers is the less example. Stinger number 135 Once again, 11 Try to play this. Increase your speed, right? So, Theo, it's a very nice exercise for right hand. In a few class, you will find exercise for the left hand. Don't worry about that. You already learn about try it. So cores. The same thing is warn tree and five off each skill. For example, C major court. You need to take notes. Number one C E note number tree and five G. You have a D major court North number one, no number Tree F sharp and North number five de Medio Court. She turns for a major courtroom. Minor chord is exactly the same thing. So instead of steak notes, number one tree and five off major scale, you take notes warn three and five off admired scale. So check this out. Seeing is my number one Deep sharp or E flats. My note number Treat N G is my note number five. So C Minor court A D minor cork. These mild number one f is my note number. Treat mayonnaise. My note. Five. So my court you can do to step by step, which average single core c nd you already learned. Now it's time to E. Major Sharpe in May. It's a major. Try it. Water Major court. A minor court e A little short. Good for you is, uh, take note number. Treat off your skill, then put a flat or 1/2 step below on. You have a minor court major minor. Simple, like that half major. S E C F Meyer A C sharp or e flat and see Jim Major G minor. Be slack for the sharp. A Measure B C shark Any a minor. See que si the last score be measured. De Sharp and F sharp B minor. Be sharp. A little short good for you guys is glue a little stick with the name off each notes on your keyboard is who have a lot in the beginning. Let's learn how to play smoke on the water at least the first part off the sock. Most popular part. So check this out. Once again, we're going to beginning with notes G B flat or a sharp and see this is the first part. Okay, second part is almost the same. So a sharp or B flat D flat or C sharp. So? So I'm gonna play part number one and shoot part number one on now, Partner Virtue. You You can play the last note with your finger number five or four. So after this, we're going to come back to part number one and the last part. It's pretty simple. B flat or a sharp on G. Okay, so have tree parts going to play part number one Chiu, Come back to one entry part number one. Bar number Choo partner one. Once again less Bart Bart tried to play with me Fair, slowly, but now it's time to learn a great Christmas song. Check this out 1st 4 e wasn't again. So seven times that's count. 1234567 This is the first part. Second part G See me? All right, so I'm going to play the first part of the second part eight times. Second part bark number. Tree thing is very simple. So af any the tree times every single No. In the last part e finally get a so I'm going to play everything. Mohsen again varies. Loan. Check this out. 1234567 and second part partner over a treat. I think the less booth. The treachery. Practice this song with your right and left hand. Don't worry about fingers right now. Just try to make everything easier and is moving the movement and please avoid play everything with just one finger. It's possible to play everything for one finger, but for example, that's measuring. You need to go to the bathroom, as so it's possible problem here. Go to run and to you arrive in the bathroom right, so you're going to run with you both lacks lacks number. Water lag, no virtue. It's much more difficult if you just want we want lack, right? So it's the same thing right here. If you want to play fast, you need to To play with your five fingers instead of just one great song is seven charm for a white Stripes. And unfortunately, I cannot play this music with the original song. It's a copyright issue. Should play the platform can remove my class. But don't worry about that. I'm going to teach acceptable the same notes to have fun and apply the son. All right, so the first part is G once and again e trudge Memorize this little race because most of the song you are going to pay his There's a group off notes. All right, So the rhythm is complete with your ride or less hand isn't met E o during diverse is just this part. Okay, so park number choo G popcorn in a park or check this out. G. You can't write times in any power cord off eight, so b times again want you true for five seats. Okay. Simply exactly the same notes. Check this out. You can play with your, uh, your feel right hand and add the base. We shorter laughed. Hands So it's gonna be like this any Okay, so, Thesis, part number choo. And we're going to plate before you go to the cars. And after the cars, new cars, you're going to play pardonable one in a variation off part number one Spark number treat. Check this out. I wasn't again. Okay? Someone going to pleading tire cars for sparked this one. Certain parts part over tree wasn't again on Dan courts on. Come back to part number warns the begin of the A right. It's a pretty nice and easy melon. 3. Piano Lessons - Bonus: Congratulations, you arrive at half of the course. Do remember rank, you start to blame. That person does not exist anymore. And now you have a good Rick, Mickey, and Mulago Foundation and you probably already know how to play seven songs, right? I'm glad that you have trust my musical experience and you are learning leave my class. Now I have a series of bonus class for you. This class will help you develop your precision technique, speeding in Reaper tour even further. Also remember that I'm available just so of your crashes, we just have to send it to me in a plot of former chef, alright. 4. Blues Pattern Exercises - Extra Lesson 1 : Now we are going to learn a very nice actress sizes a blues pattern, GR laugh, ham, right? So don't worry about the right-hand, just the left half, subtract those out. So does blues pattern is very nice for beginners on a piano, sort of first thing you need to do is place seep, e, g. This is the first pattern rack. So C, E, G and a figure number Water, Chiu, our finger number 345. So tragic kip this batter. Eventual repeat this four times. The next batter. You'll will begin with ash notes. So f, a, c, d. So thinking about WAN, some finger, okay, so I think number one, choose r, 345. They're going to blink twice. Okay? And this is the pattern number two. So pattern number 14 times factor number two tries and you come back to batter number one, shoe types. So now it's time to pattern number trees. So g. Then we keep the same fingers. Okay? Just play once. Batter number Chu and batter number one. And pattern number three. We have a C beause batter. I'm going to play averaging Moss and again, try to play with me. There's only four times k. So second batter. Come back to the first pattern, pattern number three, so G. But remember to batter number one and bathymetry and come back over again and again, do the same thing. You can play this example a little bit different. So check this out. It's the same thing, exactly the same thing, but in the end of each pattern a little bit. So C E, G, a G, and come back. So it wasn't again, C, E, G, a Jew. Then come back and do the same thing. Okay, we have a little girls. And you can do the same thing enough. And the same thing in G, E, and D. Okay, so badly. But, but, but, but, but, but, but then it come back to play once and again. It's a very nice exercise, not so easy, so be careful and tragic brags every single day. 5. IIm V I Exercise - Chords Progression - Extra Lesson 2 : So now it's time to play a few chord progressions. The most calm corporate grasses, 2-5-1, you can finding rock, but bossa nova and shares. So we're going to bleed 2-5-1 in his example is going to be in a C major. So is two minor five. You measure N1, C-Major. The first quarter is going to be D minor. So D, f in the second quarter, G-Major, de do. And then the last one, C-major, C and G, are isolette Bragg's with just the ray here. Last quarter you've been four times. So two times, one Choo Choo Choo shoe. For. When you finish with this part, you can add the left here and the bees Corte di, di and see what rank so in, into current, into Q and Chu, Huan, Chu tree and four. Okay, so let's play everything together. Chew, chew, chew. Four. Again, 121234. 6. I IV V I Exercises Chords Progression For Beginners - Extra Lesson 3: Now it's time to 145 to very common core progression. Check this out. So Gabriel, Why do you mean with 145? I'm going to play core number one of the major, core number four of the major scale. In core number five of the meters gate. Ok, So check this out. Right here is D, F sharp. And my last hand, bees in the array. So second quarter is Reagan, is D, g, m, b. This is an issue. Chord, is G major chord. Babies is g. So it can be here or here, doesn't matter. Okay? And then my last score, these C-sharp E, can named as an integral corn. Soy gameplay here. Already. I prefer right here. The Lausanne Wilson better. My advice for you guys is tragically true. Temples and the average single core. One, issue, 1212. And finally, for a scarf. And the major, G major. A major in D-major does is a great chord progression for beginners. 7. Power Chords on the Piano - Extra Lesson 4: While McCarty consists of the tonic, the roots of the court and the fifth note in the scale each makes it to chew note chord dear for the power chords are named with five, such as C5 or defies the power courts are frequently use it in music styles like rock, have metal and punk rock, soil sample AAA, but nevertheless did deliver a foo and intensive psalm. The best result is given when you unplug it idiom, we find electric guitar to an amplifier with distortion. Also, use polymers routing. Bring your coo sound. Power chords can be played with two or three fingers. Check this out. Power quartz is a very simple chord, but, uh, you can bleed a lot in rock and roll and blues are OK. It's most common in a latchkey and acoustic guitar, but sometimes you can find on the piano as well. So instead of play a major chord that is worn or fall scheme, we are going to cut not numbered tree in pledgers one can find. So this is a power or c phi as well. So C5. Let's check another example. D medial core. Instead of really sharp, as my node number three of my scale, I can add this note and play just DNA. So power Core is very simple. It's easy because you can keep doing the same pattern of notes. Just be careful. Refer a B note because my B is not, my power required is going to be, is not going to be our f note. The pattern will change a little bit, so is that sharp? But the other chords is everything the same? 8. Sus chords on the keyboard - Extra Lesson 5: Says means suspended, watch, we are suspending here. He's the third of the chord, so says true war as sues for Accord is essentially a quarter with something else. Turn off the third, which she leads to it being less stable or not defined as major or minor. Does something else. B, the second or the fourth, check a few court shapes. Let's begin with an example of C64. So just remember, you have a major chord, right? So instead of play, E note may not number three off my mirrors key. You are going to briefly note number four. All right, so this is a, C, sus four. So c, f, and g. Don't worry about it. Fingers right now. In the fingers you want. The most important part is understanding this concept. All right, so let's learn another court, instead of bluey CSS for less fleece ceases nine. So 15 in number nine, if you can't, you are scaled trice. You're gonna understand that 90 is think as chew. So 123456789. She was the same thing as nine. Alright, so very weird. Math enemy, Stan Lee, dirt. Gail, you're gonna bleed from 95. So it's a very nice book. You can play it like this. For example. Sounds very nice. Let's check another example. D major chord is D, F-sharp and me. So staff play F-sharp. You're gonna blink. Number 99 is the same thing as two. So okay, so the 69, this was for status play, F-sharp. That was my number, node number three of my ski and going to bleed, not number four. So g, d, m0. He says For sounds very nice to re key. So you should brackets Avar, senior court. You learn or in average single key. Not just as for our 69, but every single car. 9. Major and Minor Scales + Exercises - Extra Lesson 6: To learn a major in the minors caves, you need to follow a few steps. Step number one, right? Number one to 71234567. Second parts as the formula. So Oh, Staph, oh, stack. Stack holds that N11 steps. Now you have formula of mayors K0. So I start with one or let's see if I want to do a C-major scale. I'm gonna start with C in load number one, okay? But giver, I wanted to ask measures K, Okay, so you start number one, F, lawgiver wanna do like a D major scale. So start with these simple later. Let's start with these good note. This the number one. Now we need to discover their other notes, right? You are indeed, right now. We need to check one whole step. So don't play D sharp, E goes to E. Next one is a whole step as well. So downplay f, m, play F Sharp. Alright, next one is a half step to our chart. So next step is much more easy. G, okay? Now we have one more homes stat, so g goes to a Walmart. And the last one is C sharp. This is D major scale. Okay? When you think about majors K, you, first thing you need to do is Buddhist seven numbers and fall. Always ride down right on this page or follow. The farmer is really simple. Just do this Chu steps. If I'm one minors KO, I need to change my formula, right? So it's going to be like guess. Alright, whole step, half step, whole step. Separate again, half-step and holds that. Ok. So let's try to do d minus one. Let's see. Let's go with E minor scale. 0. First 1 is E, alright? And I have a whole staff, so F-sharp. Now we have a whole step and a half-step brain out, right? So F-sharp goes to G. One more whole step. Whole step again, H V. Now it's a half-step, so we are indeed have stab. You just play the next note, C. And the last one is whole stack to d. Now you have a minor scale, E minor scale. So now it's time to play scales on instrument. Let's begin with scale of C major. C major scale. C, D, E, F, G, a, B, seven nodes. C to D is a whole step. D to E is a whole step again. Now is E to F half-step. F z0 is a whole step. Whole step. Whole step again. So my advice for you guys, this is one of the most important class of our course. So take a piece of paper and write down every single scale. You need to learn. This takes time, so you need to practice. Okay, let's play another example, D-major scale. So d, one whole step. Whole step again. F sharp, half step, whole step. Whole step again, be whole step, or again, C-Sharp. So D, E, F sharp, G, a, B, C. So now it's time to minor scales are formula will change. Okay? So you have whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, half step, whole step. So check this out. Sees the first known, one whole step, half step, sharp, or E minor. Whole step. Whole step, half step, sharp, or a flat in a whole step again, B flat or in sharp. Another example, We minor key, so D-minor, right? These the first one, full step ahead. 1.5 step, whole step. Whole step, half step. B flat, or a sharp. And one whole step C. We have a very nice complimentary material to this class. So check Class Number one chapter number worn in bringing to or put down your computer the file if all the scales. Ok, so now it's time to exercise and getting a little bit of speed. So let's play C major scale. C, D E, F, and G, a, B, C, D E, F, G, a, B. Okay. So you need to play with your finger number, right, Hannah, right. So number 12341234. They are not going to play with your finger number five, okay, to this first exercise, don't play with your finger number five. Let's play over again. So I'm going to count the number of the fingers, right? So 12341234. All right, so you're going to play the first note of the last node C again. Let's play another scale, another exercise to June, prove your speed and your technique on a keyboard. D, E, F-sharp, G, a, B, C, and finally D again. So Spark, we're going to play with finger number 12312345. Okay, So finally, we figure number five, again, 12312345. Okay? It's very important. Two brackets with the right fingers. Because a few class, you are going to play a few songs, a few easy nice songs. And we'd be merge more easier if you play with the right fingers. So let's brag some minor scale will see minor scale you complete with the same fingers as the last example. Finger number 12312345. Wasn't again one. Whoops. 12312345. Tried to play this and increase your speed, right. So 4512345 or 3-4-5. It's a very nice exercise for right here in a few class, you will find an exercise for the left-hand. Don't worry about that. 10. How to play Seventh Chords - Extra Lesson 7: Let's begin with a major core, C, E, and G in add a major seventh. So B, 13571357 of my major scale. This is a major chord with major seven. Whoever, if I want a dominant chord or a major chord, a major triad with a minor seven. I'm going to add a flap in my B. So B flat. Very simple. All Gabriel, I wanna minor chord with a minor seven. Alright, so it's a minor triad, one flat 35. Instead of b, you are going to be B flat. So very simple. Let's play another example, a half-diminished chord. So it's a minor triad and a minor seventh. However, I add a flat. He may know five, the fifth note of my scale, so she's going to be G flat. So don't worry about fingers right now. The most important thing is to understand this at the seventh chord, Bart LAS player neither exemple in D, So D major seven, F sharp in C sharp, D major, flood seven, sorts of dominant core. Staff bleed C-sharp indelibly. See. Very easy. Another example, a minor chord with a minor seven. Shaw. He's your. Instead of play C-sharp, you're going to add up flat, so flat and sharp, it's going to play. Just see. In the last quarter is a half-diminished quarts of the minor triad and a minor seven. However, I put up a flat and you may note number five of MySQL. So instead of L0, it's going to be E-Flat. So very nice. 11. Bruno Mars The Lazy Song Introduction Exercise Level 1 - Extra Lesson 8: Now it's time to pracs, right and left hand. From this, I'm going to teach you deem true of lay some Bye Bruno Mars. It's a great son for break's both hands. However, let's start with the manatee. So the right-hand furthest ahead, zap, this sum, it is in front is Mozaffar notes, who'd be, we've sharps. Remember about short Gaddafi? It we'll help you out a lot to memorize this side. So the first bar is, so they're going to play D sharp four times 1234. After D is C Sharp, B. C sharp, D sharp. And G sharp. Check one more time. During this first bark. Plays. Dumb, index, and middle finger, right? Or we shall ring finger like this. After the first bar. Here are going to play C sharp to D sharp and come back. And you're going to play this very fast, check this out. Second part is same ethene re, bar number Tree. B. D sharp, F sharp sharp. Once again, D sharp, F sharp, G sharp. F sharp, and G sharp. Okay, be careful. And this last part, we've shot ring finger and sharpen key. Next bodies, F-sharp, A-sharp, C-sharp, E, B, C sharp, D sharp. And be, so. So let's play this tool as part one more time. And the last part is the same phenotype plane and begin with one or two fingers. Next varies. But you need to develop your, your excuse to play disco songs or a front. His break's very carefully and play with all your fingers. Let's play one more time. Averaging together. There's early. 12. Bruno Mars The Lazy Song Introduction Exercise Level 2 - Extra Lesson 9: Now Stein jus ad bass notes from this. We are going to play with our left half. For us, that is play, she has a baby knows is very easy. Check this out. We have just three notes. F-sharp BY ME. Modifies on his bar, is play with your dog. Think in index finger. So the first note is F sharp. B. Next party stuff, come back to F sharp. You play just be F-sharp. Emi. And the other parts is exactly the same thing being F-Sharp. And now it's time to play with your right and left here, both hands together. I know this looks very difficult, but we need to practice very slowly rank. So Let's play the first bar. So F sharp and a melody. When you played his first node of the malady, your play be NOW together. So rag Homer, time, F sharp, peak. Next part is. So when you play C sharp, normality, your blade, Ashraf and debates. Right now going to play D sharp would have or act. So. Come back exactly the same fee. However, airbase in the first node will be b array, x-bar EUS. When your blade D-sharp, your blade B. And when you play G-sharp, you play F sharp. So now there are going to play at shot. From days. Our base is in E R act, So I spent more time discipline your bar. And the last part is exactly the same feeling of pain, the beginning. So be F-sharp. Any. So guys, I hope you enjoyed a song is just danger, but it is a very nice exercise for brags. Ok, let me know if you have any kind of doubts. And if you want to learn to other parts of the song, just send me a message and a platform, a shadow. Alright. See you later. Bye-bye. 13. Eminem Without Me - Extra Lesson 10: Now it's time to learn emanating endogamy. Let's take a look to the first bar. I have a shortcut before we begin. If you have a keyboard, orangey Zhe Tao piano, you can change the sound little bit to sound like a synthesizer. So in the first bar is a very low range from this might've eyes see is, should put a base seemed sound. However, for our class today, I'm going to keep a day standard piano sound to a branch and play with your left hand. F-sharp and F sharp. So isn't true octaves? With your pinky finger and dumb finger. You're going to repeat this seven times. So 1234567 and C-Sharp, D, NC Sharp, index finger. And that finger, though, this is the first part of the SAR injure inverse. Then x bar, you're going to play F-sharp nutrient different octets in. Keep this note ringing, Okay? If you are playing with a piano, you can play several times. In the next barrios. F sharp, G sharp, a, B, C sharp, D. D sharp, F sharp. In the last node. In the art diverse, you just have one single bar. As you can see, you are going to play as graphene, which are let him. So the first note is D, B flat, a, G. And this part is a little bit more complicated from this, I'm gonna dividing four parts. So the first part is D, B flat, a, G, inane. Advice, play with your pinky finger and Tom Finger. So second part is d, C, D, F, and D. Though. You begin with your middle finger. Bar number three. Redress have three nodes, so d, c, d, c, and b flat. And a part number for B flat, a, F. Now we're going to play all the four parts together. You are going to repeat this during Ding died at South. So guys, I hope you enjoyed this class. Let me know if you have any kind of doubts array, I'm here to help you think of so much. 14. Outkast Hey Yah - Extra Lesson 11: Now it's time to learn out cash. Haha, the songs very simple. Here we just have four cards in one single melody. First quarter is G-Major. Second chord is C major. Core number three. D major. In Coordinator for E minor. You measure is G, B, and D. Second chord is C major. So you keep your finger in gene in change the other fingers. So index finger, c and ring finger E. This is C-Major. Chord number three is D major. So Tom Finger, F-sharp, index finger, a in pink finger, our ring finger. And the last chord is E minor finger, index finger. And the ring finger, or your pinky finger is epsilon2. Okay? So we have this sequence, g, c, d. Any minor? Trivial after Han Yu needs to play G, which are Tom Finger. See if your pinky finger, d, If you are ring finger and middle finger. All right, so simple. Like this. My advice for you guys is follow my fingers. Okay, it's very important to practice with all your fingers. Let's play the indented the right-hand and the left-hand together. For a scar G, back on chord, C major, chord number three, D major in the last chord, a minor. So iterate ideas. As you can see, C major chord, please, a little bit more. So 12341234, d in me. Okay, in the last few cores, the measuring minor is very fast, so it's 121234. Okay. So let's count together. 1234123412341212345678 and comeback. Okay? So you should like this. We can play these chords during the entire song where you can chain the rhythm. And Arabic, for example. It's up to you, okay? And during the course we have a melody. They're going to play various sequence. So we short them finger, index finger, finger, ring finger. And you come back in after this. Your C, B, the last note, G. Okay, so repeat one more time. You complete a course during the entire song, melody during the cars. So guys, I hope you enjoyed his songs and very nice so far beginners. Now it's time to let me know if you have any kind of dots. Thank you so much. 15. Billy Joel Vienna introduction level 1 - Extra Lesson 12: Now it's time to teach you Vienna by being joke. In my growing this class is to teach you the first part thing true? It's a very nice exercise and we can play in different levels. So the first one is second level with base ten, the level number trade is playing the bass and little bits of friend. So let's learn the first-level toe. You have B flat, a a sharp, B, C, C sharp, D. His party place very fast. This might've asked for real gases. Play with short Tom Finger. Here, number one, shoe and tree. Like this. Second part. It plays D, C sharp in C. And we can pay for fee number tree, tree to N1. Okay? So next part, F, You Xi are Pinky. And come back to see. Next part is C. C, B flat. Just reminder, B flat is the same thing as h. Okay, so we are going to pay the entire song from the beginning careers lowly. Next parties, g1 times B sharp, C and B flat. So next part is B flat, C, B flat, a, k. And a to last nodes will be D and D flat, right? So we're going to pay one more time. Bear is loading. Don't worry about your fingers. Munich advice is, don't play with just worn or chew fingers. Those words kind of fear K bar with your fingers is not going to help you to develop your fingers scales, right? So you can copy my fingers. Or you can place your own sequence array. 16. Billy Joel Vienna introduction Level 2 - Extra Lesson 13: Now it's time to learn the second level of villagers songs, Vienna, Stanley, going to add the base. So you've played the first bark. And when you play your play B-flat together, at the same time, after the user play C and a database. So from the beginning. Next parties. However this time, see, you place a flat or C Sharp. Next part is B flat and B flat to gather. So from the beginning of next parties, F sharp or if B flat and F airbase in the last two notes, which the bathing B-flat. So one more time from the beginning. The second level is not easy guys. And it is my advice for you is racks. Racks and racks. Watch this class one more time. You can chain this speed of the class and play with me or with the most important thing is to practice your left and your right hand together. 17. Billy Joel Vienna introduction Level 3 - Extra Lesson 14: Now it's time to level number tree. So I'm going to play the bass like this. If this level number three is very difficult for you, can splint shares the base, okay, like this. Should ever single base. So before we begin, I want to teach a very nice exercise. So the idea here is to play the flag. Or a sharp is the same in O and B flat. Okay? So if you're a left-hand or right-hand, play together. 1234. Okay. It's important to keep cowrie gray. So with my right hand, I'm going to play show time. So OK. Let's come back to the beginning of the two nodes together. Now, if my lab had come back to the beginning, there is load. Okay? Next step is you're going to play four times. So let's come back to the chest on single row. Now it's time to pay four times we fill our left hand. It's exercise, not so easy as you think. So you need to practice a lot before you learned to step number three, does exercise would be great for your left and right-hand. Whether mu, that gave when you're playing a song, sometimes we interplaying one, read em with your left hand and another completely different reading we shall righthand from this is exercise is perfect for developed discount off skill. So let's learn DnaA, level number three. So your plate bar number one. And when you play, your play B-flat, keep playing or a. So uranium play C. You played a two times. K. So for the beginning, ok. So after the, as you play F And come back to C, However, your base changes to a flat, okay? The same base that will play. Number two. However, and this time you're going to play, sure. Right? So next part, and come back to be flat. And K, F sharp, F and B flat. As you can see, it's exactly the same thing. However, I keep my base two times each know terrain. Tells grass sound like this. Where the most important thing is watch this class warmer time, play roughly, and practice with both hands. 18. Jurrassic Park - Theme - Extra Lesson 15: There was time to learn one of my favorite soundtrack should ask Barack. As you can see the songs very easy in the first note is sharp. So you can play with your ring finger or with your pinky. My advice on this song is played juice with your right hand. Or alright, this is the first board. In the next two nodes will be. So if your index finger and your thumb finger, you're going to repeat this a few times, times in, during the third time. So you'll play G-sharp, B, E, three times, G, G sharp AND array. So you can play with your index finger, your ring finger, F-sharp. We show our middle finger. And your thumb feeder. Let's play every field. For a spark. I repeat one more time. Doing the part number tree Institute's Asian sharp n0. Now I have E three times G-sharp, sorry, G, F sharp, E, N D. Now it's time to memorize these notes and practice a lot, okay? As you can see, the sun's very easy is a great exercise for beginners. 19. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams - Extra Lesson 16: Now it's time to brags Sweet dreams. This song's not so easy, but don't worry, I'm here to help you. In the first part, it will be easier if we play with both hands. So first note is C. We shall right-hand, anthem finger, middle finger, D sharp, or E flat. The same nodes come back to C. G-sharp. However, is sharp. Your left hand? At play with my index finger array. So as you can see, every single notes two times. So next bar, C, G-sharp. She so she play with my middle finger and left-hand. Next, notice a sharp on B flat and C. Okay, the last two notes, I play with my right hand, but you can play. We fill our left hand as well. So let's play everything. In this bar is the intro part and averse, they're going to play almost during the entire song. And during the course. She sings tree notes. G sharp or a flat. B flat or a sharp is the same thing in combat to D sharp or a flat array. From this, we are going to play this note, however, in two different octaves and can play with your left hand. So G-sharp in G sharp. G sharp and a sharp income back to the beginning, 014 and cannot put original song in his class just because about copywriting issues, whoever, if you listen to some, you can recognize this part very easily. Nevertheless bars the solid. The first parties. B flats the first note, C, D, and E flat. And I play with my left hand, with my index finger and the last tree nodes. And the next note, I will play with my thumb, index, and middle finger are iso. Come back to D, B flat, and C. So this is the first part, it's very fast. Next part is so E-flat, or having another octave re, F, G, E-flat one more time. And see by device on this bar is blurry. If your middle finger, index finger, finger, middle finger, wartime and you're being finger or act as bar with a BAR left-hand. So let's play every feature. Gather. Second part. Or number three, which are pinky. B-flat. We feel our middle finger, index finger, and see referred Tom Finger or ISO auditor reports. In part number four. You have F sharp or G flat. F E. E flat is the same thing as the shark. K. So in right here between F sharp enough, you can play a kind of role. But be careful is not so fast. So guys, I hope you enjoyed his Class III and let me know. If you have any kind of dots. And remember, you can send me any kind of message for the plot of former Schadt. Thank you so much. 20. Final Countdown: Today we are going to learn the song, the final countdown by Europe. I start playing the MAD for you. So I lacked choose play this song some bars. Let's start with the first one. Speeches, tree nodes, c-sharp, F-sharp. Rios know for you to check this out. Once and again. The second part really seen for as well as you can see, just three notes, D, C-sharp, loss. And again, start bar. Again, tree notes. We have the C-sharp, E and F sharp. Or forget about that. Watson again. Barnum afar. Here I'm playing Trina. It's again, a let a bit bigger spark but nothing Matric. So beef and G-sharp. And yeah, Only for you. After that. Let's repeat this for parts and then you have a little chat or K. So I'm going to play four parts for you to practice with me. Okay? So that's played as far as low as go together. Okay? Talk. After the repetition, we will reach the fifth bar. So it'll be exchanged bar. Okay? So just three notes. We'll have G-sharp, a and B. The tree notes in sequence. Then we'll catch the 60 bark tree, more nodes, SR row, now a, b, and c. So let's play the fifth and the 60 bar should get that. Wasn't again lay off from the UK. It's an artificial praxis. And the Army began to bark number seven. Areas. As you can see, just this far notes be a and sharp, F sharp or a china's stand. Their contacts are 56 and seven. Satellite this to attract you use all your nurse on as bar. Okay. Try Iranian want finger off the Audra. It might help you. Okay. I'm used as far as Lascaux again again, practice very careful there. I usually like to divide my salty several parts. Jess, make his for you. Let's begin. And then we'll come to the last bar. Our pine tree nodes here, to deep, T sharp. We'll play D and C Sharp first. And Dan, as far I here. Okay, so have our future together. There's a load for you. Once again. So proud of fifth bar today and for you trying to center contracts, okay. Memorize each bar or a soft, That's why I divide 8. Bart's make everything. He's afraid. Okay, so now I'm venture play the song One more time. Fears, lonely, far after warned to play along with me. 21. Take on Me: Now we're going to learn how to pleading true. Ha, ha, take on me array before a star less here at all. They're nice isn't? It is injured. So divine is introduction he took for part two, part one is this one denotes or F sharp. Trust the F sharp. D enterprise BI note. Using different fingers to play notes for this park to make much user didn't play, juice one or two fingers. So my recommendation, finger for shoe and one array. So like this, okay, let's play it again, is lowly trash. Follow with me. Once again. The second part is this one. There are four notes, so G sharp, a and B will play D three times. The end. G-sharp tries a, once in B. Once again, try using different fingers in a way that's comfortable for you. Array. For example, fingers 1234. All right, so let's play this very slowly. Once again. For tree is played this way. Denotes our a and D are three times the notes. The notes D. Repeat with me. Okay. Once again, port number for the notes are going to be F sharp in the shoe nodes, three times F sharp. Tries the note. Once again, just wants F-sharp E note played via phone along with me. And listen again. So now it's time to play everything together array. So tragic practice each part separately in dread leap, put it all together. I'm going to play very slowly in tragic play with me. Okay? And after you practice it hard, very hard. Go back to the beginning of the song and try to keep that with me. 22. Funkytown: Now we are going to learn the intrapartum, a song called thank towel. As you can see, it's very easy to play and I divide the intro pouring Chu ports. First bark as node C, D sharp. And it's blade like this, tries to see note was the a sharp node wants C1s and again, and there's one time. And then we are slowly. The second part as the notes G, C and laugh. And it's play like this. Wants the G, C, F, E, and C. Simple like that, is very important. That you use all your fingers to play where this bar, use the thumb finger for Z, index finger, Farsi, little fingers, or F and ring finger for you. That way you'll be able to play bass. So let's press together. Once and again, it's go. Alright, so perhaps the true part separately, the waltz you are at the end. Alter get. So g are shorting to so grateful for x. That's one more time. Press play for me. Okay, let's go. Okay. So, thank you so much and see you next class. Now it's time for breads. 23. Michael Sembello - Maniac: Now we are going to learn the introduction should manic by makers and better to how it simple. And I've added into four parts to make it easier for you. So the first part, we have g0, black and display like this, G-sharp and as you flat beef and F ray, and the last time is B shares was each notes. Okay, so let's play this sequence, 2 times, k once and again. The second part we have denotes G-flat, beef, D-flat, and nav. Display like this was G-flat. These flat and NADPH in the last time you played the flag. Okay, averaging just one single time. So let's play the sequence trace. You can see there's a battery industry reports to use the same fingers and then notes G flat and F as suggesting for and treat. This will help a lot. Again, there's lonely. The third part is similar to the previous one. The only difference is the lowers. Note. He chains to B-flat. See how it turns again. So there's lonely once and again. In bar number four. The idea is similar to the previous bar. Note that we are R is repeated this semi-nude from the bees. In this case, it will be B-flat again, Ricard is Pat Arnold. Check this out. Try to keep the same fingers on G-flat and NADPH. Okay? Jurors had fingered tube or the note E flat. So let's play once and again array. One more time. Remember to practice the parts separately in these tents you gather pleading diary to front the beginning. Play with me. All right. Very nice, isn't it? So hope you enjoyed this lesson now it's time to practice. 24. Guns And Roses - Sweet Child O Mine: Now we're going to see Chido mine by Daniel Pink. I'm going to dividing true part in four parts. In the first part, we'll play the notes. D. Do you want some again? Three twice. F sharp in a sequence like this, right? So I recommend that you use your land and you play the first D in the right hand to play the other nodes. Practice doing this part alone array. It should be repeated in the other parts. So it's important to Brexit. Try to stretch your hand where and use all your fingers will be highs and F-sharp with your alleles. And the Louis XII always report them finger to make everything easier. Practice part, and to learn really comfortable and dangerous. At that first Louis de in, you're going to have the first part. I like that. Let's play again. Play with me. Okay? Once again, remember, you can change the speed of disease and spirit goes low down to a particular. Part. Number 2 is very similar. For number one, the only thing that changes the first note, it changed from D to E naught. The other nodes are the same. Step b2b, you to practice. As you can see, there are simple, isn't it? So it's important to learn the first part and change the first note. And you are going to have the second part, simple like that. Okay? So a spreads very slowly. Once again. The third part is similar to the previous one. The only difference against the first node. Now the first note is going to be right here. See how it looks. Hey, again, there's no really pressing together. To play the entire intro. You'll play in order. One tries or two tries. For tree twice, port number one tries. We do this sequence two times in the end, we'll play part one tries, part shoe tries per three tries in parts or tries. Okay, Before we learn Part 4, Let's play the first sequence. Once again, breaks with me or egg. Let's go. In part number 4, we'll play harder than notes. F-sharp. Finally, notes how we use the AV node as a spark. At least didn't know texts always repeating itself. So among the others, try to use, tried to always play the a with the same fingers and use the other fingers to play the other notes. Again. 25. Piano Course Final Considerations: We arrive at the end of our course. I'm very happy. Then you got to the last class. And if you followed the holes, thereby stamp that I told you about, you'd have learned a lot, right? Try to remember how you played when you start a course. Now, let's compare K. How do you play today? Much better a, but remember that we, as musicians, always have some insure. Did you cesium 100% of the class? Did you manage to play o of the exercise? Did you memorize all the songs? I always this concern when I'm by a course or it's suggested something. I asked myself, if you and was able to seize all the knowledge, anything made investment worthwhile of my time in money alone, off time. We attend a course, but we don't take full advantage fit. So I advice you to not start a new course now with a little bit and watch the most difficult class once and again, to be a great way to review the content and practice with the technique and knowledge you have today. This is the only way you'll be sure learn everything you had to learn. Besides that, I'm always dealing the cores within Uganda. We have new class, average single mom, so stake tomb. Alright, and if you want to learn more with me, take a look at my plot, of course on a platform and several training sessions and we will help you. Thank you very much and see you soon.